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Posted by Shippo on February 24, 2014
Remember "Every Heart"? Remember Boa?

I'm sure you do. This is my favourite Inuyasha Ending song.

If you like Boa, you will be happy to know that Boa is going to star in a new American movie! Learn more here

Posted by Shippo on February 23, 2014
Inuyasha fans cheering for Winter Olympics

Cheering for the Olympics?! Smile for your country, smile for your gold medals. :)

Now a true fan question: If Inuyasha participated in the Olympics, which sport do you think he will excel at? Would it be skiing, speed skating? Do you think he will be able to gang up with the rest of the characters to play ice hockey?!

Be imaginative. Let us know your thoughts!

Posted by Shippo on February 20, 2014
Great news for Inuyasha fans!

Anime director Hayao Miyazaki, manga artist Rumiko Takahashi nominated for Eisner Hall of Fame!

Proud of Inuyasha, proud of our beloved Takahashi Sensei. ***salute!

Read more at Japan Daily Express

Posted by Shippo on Friday, February 14 ,2014
Happy Valentine's day! Inuyasha & Kagome. Forever celebrating our beloved couple.

Inuyasha related news from Spain!

Cosplay Triumphs Over Winter At Japan Chibi Weekend In Madrid. Learn more at

Posted by Shippo on Wednesday January 1 ,2014
Happy 2014!! Inuyasha World is now 10 years old!

This is really really really old. :) We appreciate all the fans supporting us all these years. Go Inuyasha! Always!

Posted by Shippo on 2011-12-27
Happy Holidays!


Stay warm, eat lots of good food and watch lots of IY!

Posted by Shippo on 2011-07-15
Mobile edition of InuYasha World now live!

I'm very happy to bring you the mobile edition of Specially tailored for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I believe it works great on Android devices as well but would like you guys to check it out and let me know. ;)

If you're accessing this website through a mobile device, you should be directed to the mobile site instantly. If you're using a desktop version, you can check out the mobile site at

We're very excited. Hope to hear feedback from you soon.

Winner for Ultimate Fan Contest!

We've already selected a winner for the Ultimate Fan Contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted. I will be personally emailing each and everyone of you once the results are posted.



Posted by Jade Da-Blade on 2011-05-29
Heeyyy everyone, ready for the summer?!
Hehe, so aside from the usual excuses of how I've been busy, I'd like to first & foremost apologize for the lack of updates~!

However, I'll have some wallpapers and e-cards up and ready-once some minor inconveniences are worked out, because things are running a little slow at the moment :P I'd like to thank you loyal Inu fans out there for your patience((:
Okayy, so word on the street is... Both American actors of Sesshomaru and Kagome are being replaced on Inuyasha: The Final Act! Even David Kaye has comfirmed that he isn't dubbing Sesshomaru's voice )': Wahhh....
He's being replaced by Michael Daingerfield. As for Kagome, Kira Tozer will be taking over. (Some of you may know her as the voice of "Viveca" from Barbie: Three Musketeers.)

Here are some sample voices of the replacements...

Hm.. Personally, I don't think it's much of a difference. They are pretty similar to the original voices.

**Here is another sample of Kira (Kagome) from when she was in Barbie: Three Musketeers: [SKIP TO 05:23]

(Turns out David Kaye was in the same movie o__o He played the horse!) [SKIP TO 03:05]

That's all the news I've gathered so far. But feel free to email me at if you have any further regards to my update. GOOOD DAYYY~!((:
Posted by Jade Da-Blade on 2011-03-17
2 New Wallpapers + 2 New E-Cards wheeeee~!
Okay, so it's been a while since I've last updated, but I finally got around and designed a few wallpapers & e-cards for you guys- which will be up and ready in a short moment.
Hope you guys enjoy & Happy St. Patty's Day :D


Posted by Kagome on 2011-03-08
New InuYasha the Final Act Episode Summary

Just a quick post regarding that there is a new episode summary for InuYasha the FInal Act- Episode 9- Sesshomaru in the Underworld in the Episodes Summary section.

Go check it out!

The summaries will continue to be posted up regularly until they are done.

Kagome :)

Posted by Kagome on 2011-03-07
Regarding Inuyasha the Final Act English Dub

Hey there!

Regarding the earlier feedback I looked around on the internet and seemed to find that this may NOT be the final dub. I found out that it was the Animax version, and according to one of the fan's e-mails the credits at the end were not translated, which could mean it is a fan dub.

Sorry for any dissppointment I caused, as of now no body is fairly sure if this dub is official or not (most likely not), because Viz media was not credited for it, as it should have been.

Regular posts will continually be added for any further news!

The e-mailing is still open for you all to send in your point of view on the matter.


Posted by Kagome on 2011-03-06
InuYasha the Final Act English Dub

Regarding my earlier post about the new english dubbed episodes of Inuyasha the Final Act, I would like to say this: (because i apparently forgot to include it in my post earlier) I hae no idea what happened with the voices. It sounds like every character has been re-cast, when really it was stated that only Kagome and Sesshomaru were. I am disspappointed with the new voices, but everyone has their own opinions.

Please e-mail me to give me your take on these "new" actors.

Whether you enjoy it (or not) the dubbed episodes criteria is all up to you. Please giveme your feedback, i would love to read it, because I know that I'm pretty disappointed myself.



Posted by Kagome on 2011-03-06

Hello there my fellow InuYasha lovers!

I have some very exciting news for all of you! Just this morning I stumbled accross a link to InuYasha the Final Act Episode 1-English Dubbed. So i clicked it and it brought me to the real Animax Dubbed version of InuYasha the Final Act!

Check it out! Episodes 1-5 are already English Dubbed on this website. The most recent episode was added yesterday! Here is the link:

That is the link for episode1. You will be able to watch episoded 2-5 there in english as well! Happy watching! :)

Posted by Shippo on 2011-03-05
Welcome new admin: Jade Da-Blade!

Hi folks, I'm very excited to introduce you guys to our new admin.

Let's all give Jade Da-Blade a super big hug! WELCOME!

Posted by Jade Da-Blade on 2011-03-05
Bwahahaa, Newbie Alert~! My name's Jade and as an anticipated fan of Inuyasha for over several years now, I am more than excited to announce that I'm officially part of the IYWorld team!(: Yayyyyy... Since I'll be in charge of the graphics, I'll make sure to kick it up a notch, and give you guys some heads up on the latest wallpapers, e-cards, etc. - some of which I'll be providing myself, of course. Heheeee, I'm hoping to continue spreading the love of our favorite "dog demon" once more, so stay tuned you guyyys~!!!
Posted by Shippo on 2011-02-14
Happy Valentine's Day!!

I love you guys.

Posted by Shippo on 2011-01-24
Mobile edition of Inuyasha World

What do you guys think of a mobile version of IYWorld, I'm not sure how many of you have iPhones and other smart phones. Can you email me if you think this is a good idea? If we go with the mobile idea, our first launch will be tailored toward the iPhone devices.

Update on the Ultimate Fan Contest

You guys are really funny. So far, I have received 12 volunteers to judge the contest and only one quality entry! Haha If this continues, we are going to have a sure winner without any need for judges. Come'on, send your entries in!!

Posted by Shippo on 2011-01-05
Happy New Year!!

Did you notice the new holiday logo? This is created by our admin, Rin. Pretty neat, eh. As we celebrate the arrival of 2011, we also want to celebrate the 8th birthday of Inuyasha World. *feels so old*

Ultimate Fan Contest

This morning, someone emailed me this awesome idea for a new contest. 500 words describing why you love inuyasha. Please be creative, submissions can be sent directly to me at shippo@inuyashaworld. I'm also looking for someone to help judge the contest, if you are interested, let me know.

Posted by Shippo on 2010-12-22
Happy holidays!!

On behalf of the entire Inuyasha World admin team, we wish all Inuyasha fans a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday!!

Please keep visiting and supporting us in 2011! ;)


Posted by Kagome on 2010-10-09
Anniversary of InuYasha the Final Act!

Hey there! This month is the one year anniversary of when InuYasha the Final Act first aired on tv in japan, and on Hulu for those who couldn't be there too see it! On October the 3rd is the exact one year anniversary date! Happy 1 year anniversary to inuYasha the Final Act! :)

Kagome :)

Posted by Kagome on 2010-09-16
More Quick News About the Final Act!

Hi there InuYasha lovers! Just another quick bit of news for those of you who didn't hear this yet. I recently picked up information that, sadly, Kagome and Sesshomaru's voice actors will not be dubbing their characters for the Final Act. This is a tentative statement and may or may not actually take place, but this is just what I heard. I can't wait to hear the voice actors though! Keep on watching InuYasha! Kagome :)

Posted by Kagome on 2010-08-08
Hey there fellow InuYasha fans!!!

I have just aquired information that an english dub of InuYasha the Final Act is now finally in progress!! Yay!! :) On May 14 Kelley Sheridan (Sango) confirmed on her facebook that the final act dub has already started and that she has already started voice acting for Sango! Which also means that the original english cast will return for the dub! This is all great news and VIZ should be almost done with the dubbing so as I said before, we must all be patient, hopeful, and keep our fingers crossed!!! :)

Kagome :)

Posted by Kagome on 2010-06-12
The Final Act English Dub Release Date

Alothough many rumours are going around, I have recenly acquired information about when the Final Act will be english dubbed. VIZ has picked up rights for the english dub a while ago, and adult swin has said they will be airing new animes in the fall. The final act should be dubbed around the month of September, because it lines up perfectly for when the dub is expected to be completed!!! We all just have to wait a little while longer and keep our fingers crossed!!! :)

Kagome :)

Posted by Kagome on 2010-06-08
New Final Act Episodes

Hey everyone! There are lots of new Final Act episode summaries and tons more to come! If you want a look at what's been going on in InuYasha's world go take a look in the Episode Summaries section and click the link to the Final Act episodes! Go check them out! :)

Posted by Rin on 2010-05-12
Hello fellow Inuyasha Fans!! Alot of fans out there are talking about the final act and how it seems to be rushed and are wanting a bit more from Inuyasha. So for maybe a new series or movie maybe, they have put a petition online. I need your help, it would be nice to have lots of fans to sign it! Here is the Address (Click on it or copy and paste it into your Browser): Fingers Crossed, Rin (P.S It is absolutely free to sign the petition although a name and email would be acquired! :D)
Posted by Shippo on 2010-05-07
Happy Friday everyone! Once again, I would like to welcome our two new admins, Kagome and Rin. So great to have you two join us.:)
Posted by Rin on 2010-05-07
Hi Everyone! Just to let you know there are new eCards popping in on some I have made and loads of others aswell! There are tons of Inuyasha ones out there so why not send one to your friends and brighten up their mood? Check 'em out! ^.^ Rin x
Posted by Shippo on 2010-04-25
Welcome new admin, Rin

We have a talented new admin joining us today. She will go with the admin nickname Rin and will be managing the graphics sections including ecards and wallpapers! Welcome, Rin!

Posted by Shippo on 2010-04-22
Final Act Episode 3 Summary

My fellow IYWorld admin, Kagome, brings you another detailed and captivating Final Act summary for

  • Episode 3 - Meido Zangetsuha


  • Posted by Kagome on 2010-04-09
    Hi there! I have found some rumors about Inuyasha the Final Act coming to Canada! Here are some of them: Adult Swim has made an announcement that they accquired three new anime titles, two of which are still a mystery. Word on the anime message boards is that one of the remaining titles is InuYasha: The Final Act. And that's a well founded guess, as Viz has already announced that they've accquired the anime and are probably dubbing it. After that, [as] will probably air it on TV, as other Viz titles have done. Also, Inuyasha: The Final Act English Dubbed is to be released April 20, 2010 (so this month). Assuming it's being released on that day (which is a Tuesday) I would hazard a guess and say that it will air the following weekend on Saturday night, as all anime is. Surely April 20 it'll be all over the net though. But, I would check Adult Swim that weekend to make sure. I'm hoping it'll be up there These are tentative statements and nobody is exactly sure, but these our everyone's assumptions.
    Posted by Shippo on Friday April 9, 2010
    To Inuyasha and Kikyo

    Let us take a moment away from celebrating our favorite couple to give space to Inuyasha & Kikyo. A love that is sad and beautiful. These two episodes from Final Act are dedicated to them:

    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday March 31, 2010
    Our new admin, Kagome brings to you Detailed summary for Final Act Episode 1 - Naraku's Heart

    We also added more Final Act screen captures

  • Final Act Episode 6 The End of Moryomaru

    Enjoy everyone!

  • Posted by Shippo on 2010-03-30
    Last�Episode�of�Inuyasha�Final�Act out!

    Posted by Kagome on 2010-03-24
    Hi! I found some episode of the final act on youtube, here is the link to them if your interested! :) The link is: Copy and paste it into your searchbar, I hope you enjoy them! :)
    Posted by Shippo on 2010-03-22
    Hi!�I�would�like�all�visitors�to�join�me�in�welcoming�our�new�admin,�Kagome!!��:) So nice to have you aboard!!
    Posted by Shippo on Sat March 20, 2010
    New final act images ;)

  • Final Act Episode 4 Dragon Scaled Tetsusaiga
  • Final Act Episode 5 The Great Holy Demon Spirit's Test

    We also have two new admins who are working on episode summaries, stay tuned!

  • Posted by Shippo on Monday March 15, 2010
    More Inuyasha Final Act episodes!

    I have been able to find quite a bit of episodes on Youtube, very neat. I added another episode into our final act collections. Enjoy!

    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday March 9, 2010
    Inuyasha Final Act episode screen captures now available!

    We are working hard at getting images of more episodes. For fans interested in helping out, you may do so by applying as a new admin.

    Monthly Fan Art Contest Relaunches!

    We are happy to announce the reopening of the Monthly Inuyasha World Fan Art Contest. The submission rules have been updated along with a surprise prize. ;) Take me to the new Fanarts section

    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday February 24, 2010
    Gallery for Inuyasha Final Act

    Yes the day you have been waiting for has finally arrived!!

    We are now opening new inuyasha image galleries for the Final Act sequel.

  • Final Act Gallery I

    Tons more coming soon, stayed tuned!

  • Posted by Shippo on Tuesday, February 9, 2010
    The 2010 Recruit

    The gallery, wallpapers and episodes sections are now recruiting for new managers. We are especially in need of fans with awesome writing or graphics skills. Knowledge of html or programming is not required.

    Interested fans please submit applications to

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday February 4, 2010
    Where to find Inuyasha Final Act episodes?

    The following are segments of emails I received from visitors with top secret sites for watching the new inuyasha episodes, enjoy!

    And to the guys and gals who sent these links: you rock!! Thanks!!
    Posted by Shippo on Thursday February 4, 2010
    New season of Inuyasha

    According to Weekly Shounen Sunday vol.34, a new season of Inu Yasha was announced to be aired from this autumn. It is the final chapter of the series titled Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen and the original staff and cast will animate the manga volumes 36 - 56.

    This news was just emailed in by a fan, we want to express our thanks, and hope you all continue to support us by sending in new ideas for the site and any exciting news to share with fellow fans!

    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday, February 3, 2010
    Happy new year! we are seven years old!! Thanks, fans!!

    More fans are sending me links to the new inuyasha series, here is my latest tip: "I know a site that has all the streaming episodes and new ones are released every Saturday." thanks, buddy ;)

    Posted by Shippo on Sunday, October 18, 2009
    New Inuyasha Series: Inuyasha - The Final Act now airing in Japan!!

    This new series started airing in early October. I haven't been able to find much information about it on the net. Can someone kindly send me some series summary or screen captures to share on this website? THANKS!

    So far, all I have is this link to Hulu. Might not work for all fans, but they're suppose to be streaming the first three episodes.

    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday, May 13, 2009
    Release of Inuyasha manga

    Hey manga fans, VIZ recently changed the release schedule for Inu-Yasha. Beginning in July with the release of InuYasha Volume 38, new volumes will be released monthly instead of quarterly. Yipeee~ To read more about this news, check out this article.

    Inuyasha Email Service It's almost our 2 months anniversary since the launch of the Inuyasha Email Service. We are looking to hear feedbacks from fans.

    I received a notice that one account set up was delayed, I'm very sorry and would like to make sure everyone else are happy with our service. Please email feedbacks to me at

    keep rock'in!

    Posted by Shippo on Friday March 20, 2009
    InuYasha related music article

    Hi. A write from LA contacted me about an interview she just conducted with BOA. The famous singer for one of Inuyasha's best ending theme songs - "Every Heart".

    BOA is launching her career in the US! If you're interested, check out the writer's article on the interview at

    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday February 24 ,2009, Introducing New Email Service. Plus new polls!

    • Hey there, for all you crazy fans, we now offer another way for you to enhance your fan identity. Get your very own Email. ;) sssssh....the user ids are offered on a first come, first serve basis, so reserve your favorites before it's gone.

    • New poll!

      My friends and I were talking the other day and a great poll idea came up. What do you want to be when you grow up?'s not another one of those cheesy career surverys. This one's Inuyasha style with an ordinary twist. Check it out!.

    Peace out~

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday Feb 5, 2009
    Thanks for the emails and the donations

    I just want to say thank you for your encouraging emails. And we really appreciate the donations sent in by generous visitors.

    Thanks from the entire team

    Posted by Shippo on January 28, 2009
    New Polls and New Anime Alumni Network

    • Here's an interesting question for you: If you were given a million dollars to spend on something Inuyasha related, what would you do? Cast your vote now!.
    • New Anime Alumni Network - Okay this one's for the really old fans, this translates into anyone older than say...25. But if you're 22-24, you're still old! Anyhow, if you're out of school, you qualify. Send me an email to join this network. I plan on organizing events where we share our career interests, job hunting tips, work life rants, etc.
    • Oh and Happy Year of the Ox for those of you that celebrate Chinese New Year.
    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday January 27 ,2009
    Inuyasha Fan Chat

    Hey, lately, I received lots of emails with suggestions on how to improve this site. Someone suggested that a fan chat application would be a nice addition.

    I added one for testing here. It's only a few days old, but people seem to like it so far. Check it out.

    Posted by Shippo on Friday January 23 ,2009
    The polls are back!

    Hi guys, the Inuyasha polls are active again. I also refreshed the existing counts so we can start the statistics anew in 2009! So there's almost a hundred polls waiting for you to vote on.

    It's Friday, try to be happy and have a good weekend!

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday January 22, 2009
    Inuyasha Games

    Hiya, I've been working hard at restoring our online games.

    I managed to make Lord Sesshomaru's Magic Chamber work. heheh It's fun, if you've never tried it, check it out!.

    So currently, our active games are:

    Enjoy. I'm working on one more. Stay tuned.

    Oh thanks for the emails with the kind messages. Keep in touch.

    Posted by Shippo on Monday January 19, 2009
    New layout

    Hey, it's been exactly six years since I posted the very first announcement on this site. For those old fans, you can check the first messages in the announcements archive.

    Over the weekend, I put up this new layout. What do you all think? I've been getting a lot of positive/mixed/negative feedbacks since last Friday when the layout was first uploaded. If you have an opinion, I will be glad to hear you out - Thanks!

    Posted by Shippo on Monday, January 12, 2009

    Happy 2009!

    I don't know what to say this year. It's the 6th birthday of this website and we have gone through so much that at times, I find it hard to believe what this website has achieved!

    For this year, I want to add to our excellent archive of character profiles, episode summaries and spoilers as well as our media gallery.

    I'm working this year so it will be hard to update as often as I'd like but I will try.



    Posted by Shippo on Friday, July 11, 2008
    Hi guys. It's been awhile since I posted an announcement. The web admins have been monitoring the performance of this site and noticed there have been a few hiccups with connections here and there these past couple of days. I'd like to apologize on behalf of our team if you had experienced problems lately.

    There are a couple of changes with different sections of this website:

    • Poll is going to be upgraded. In the mean time, the old polls will not be active.
    • We were informed that, the host of our fanarts contest, has closed down. So we're talking with them to slowly migrate over our fan art submissions. No new submissions are accepted right now.
    • Youtube channel. We're going to establish our own youtube channel. This will be fun. Look forward to it!

    Enjoy the summer, everyone!


    Posted by Shippo on December 24, 2007

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    A winner has been selected for the Christmas 2007 fanart contest, congratulations to the artist, Y2Jen. You can check out the winning art work from the display show case on the left of this web site.

    Once again, as the webmaster of, I'd like to thank all the visitors and sponsors for supporting this website this year. As one of the largest and the most original inuyasha fan sites, I hope to improve the website content by adding more media, more detailed character analysis profiles and more games in the next year. :) GO INUYASHA!

    Posted by Shippo on November 8, 2007
    Return of Daa^3 Gallery, Christmas 2007 Inuyasha Fanart Contest!
    • I just received notice that IYWORLD's fan art host, Daa^3 Anime Gallery is complete with their recent upgrade and is up back again. I'd like to ask all artists to double check to make sure your art works are still properly posted and re-upload anything that is missing. Especially for artists who participated in the recent Halloween Fan Art Contest, please upload your entries into the Daa Gallery's Inuyasha Fan art section. (Be sure to properly label it with "Inuyasha Halloween Fanart Contest" in the description)
    • Christmas 2007 Fan Art Contest Christmas is still more than a month away, but we would like to get a head start and open up for fan art submissions. Over the years, our Christmas fanart contests have always collected some of the most amazing entries! We hope this trend continues as we move forward into 2008! Please follow the submissions guide lines in the fanart contest section. The winner will be honored in's main page announcement, winning art work will be displayed on the side bar page for hundreds of thousands of viewers. Thank you.
    Posted by Shippo on October 31, 2007
    Halloween Fan Art Contest winner! Congratulations, Cherubicwindigo!

    Happy Halloween!!I bring you the winner of the Halloween 2007 Inuyasha fan art contest: Cherubicwindigo!

    Her beautiful art work featuring multiple inuyasha characters exchanging costumes is hilariously fun and smart! We loved it here at IYWorld. Congrats, Cherubicwindigo!

    To all the other fans who submitted your art works, we appreciate all your submissions and truly think many of you are very talented artists. Once Daa^3 site is up, we encourage you to upload them to the gallery so they can be displayed and rated by our visitors. Thank you.

    Posted by Shippo on October 21, 2007
    Halloween Fan Art Contest, Daa^3 Image Gallery Servicing Update

    Hello, all my favorite inuyasha fans. This is a small update to let you know that Daa^3 gallery, the gallery we use to host our monthly fanart contest, is currently experiencing some upgrade problems. We have to wait patiently until the issue is resolved, until then, the pictures will sometimes not show up properly.

    Here is the exciting part of this announcement. As soon as Daa^3 image gallery is back up, Inuyasha World is going to run a fanart contest for Halloween!! I realize Halloween is less than 10 days away and I'm not sure how long it will take Daa^3 to come up, so in the meantime, please submit your fan art entries by email to iyworldteam ((at)) yahoo ((dot)) com. Sorry for the email disguise, we've been running into a lot of spam emails lately. Remember to follow the same fanart contest submission guidelines as usual. For your email submission, please send in as an attachment, with your email and name in the email content. Email Subject - Halloween Fanart Contest - InuyashaWorld. Thanks!

    Posted by Shippo on March 05, 2007
    Happy Chinese New Year!

    May all Inuyasha fans who celebrate the Chinese New Year have a safe and joyrous new year! (Go, year of the golden pig!)

    We would like to request more submissions for our monthly fan art contests.

    Unfortunately, our judges didn't like any of the January and February 2007 submissions. Instead, we will be selecting the best art work of the year for 2006 to honor as the feature art work of March 2007.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO SUMI! Brotherly Bond has won the art work of the year for 2006! Keep up the good work, Sumi, we hope to see more submissions from you in the new year too!

    Posted by Shippo on Monday, January 22, 2007
    Posted by Shippo on Friday, November 17, 2006
    Three Fan Art Contest Winners: August, September and October!

    Are you ready? The IYWorld Fan Art Contest Winners for the past three months are about to be unveiled:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Talented artists!

    A side note on the Playstation 3 and the Wii....In case you've been hiding under a rock, today is the grand release day for Playstation 3. Was anyone crazy enough to line up at the mall for the ever so popular PS3? I was tempted...yes, very much tempted to. Well, to any lucky gamers who is now the proud owner of a PS3, congratulations! =)

    Posted by Shippo on Saturday August 19,2006
    Month of July Fanart Contest Winner


    Posted by Shippo on Saturday July 8,2006
    Month of June Fanart Winner, Partnership with, would you like to be a PollMaster?
      • It's time to announce last month's fanart contest winner: congratulations to Jen for her Emotional Kikyo piece. It's very cute, we love it~
      • We also want to let everyone know that has kindly offered us a good sponsorship to support IYWorld's insanely high hosting cost. As a partner of AnimeBookStore, we will be carrying out a series of promotional events for their biggest sale of the year: Purchase any book/tarot and get two more items for FREE!. My favorite item in the store is their jumbo sticker bundle, you get a giant stack of 40 sheets and you can pick two more art books to add to it, all for a total of 15 bucks. =)
      • We're looking for poll masters! If you would like to take charge of our new fan poll system, please send an email to with a list of 5 new poll ideas and a description of how well you can do the job!
    Posted by Shippo on Saturday June 3, 2006
    Month of May fanart winner! New Inuyasha Polls!

      • Everyone, it's time to pick out another talented artist to honor as the winner of our May 2006 fanart contest! Please give congratulations to Sakura-chan for the beautiful art work All Hail Mini Lord Sesshomaru. It's super cute! We love it and hope you do too! Don't forget to leave good feedbacks for the artists. As always, if you're interested in entering for our monthly inuyasha fanart contest, please visit the contest section for more details.
      • New Polls! We have recently archived our hundreds of old inuyasha polls. Along with the archived inuyasha poll results, we have also introduced a brand new poll system. Watch out for a new Daily Inuyasha Poll section in the forum, you will be invited to suggest new ideas for our official Inuyasha World fan polls. =)
    That's all for this update!

    Love xoxo~

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday May 11 ,2006
    April, 2006 Fanart contest Winner!

      • April's fanart winning piece is super adorable! Check out the cute inuyasha sleeping art work!. We hope you like it as much as we did! Make sure to leave the artist with lots of encouraging comments and meaningful feedbacks. =)
      • Problems accessing this site? If you have had issues loading this website or encountered any error messages, please send an email to with your error message. Thanks!
    Posted by Shippo on Monday February 13 ,2006
    Valentine Day Inuyasha e-cards, New Polls, January Fanart Contest Winner.

      • Happy Valentines, everyone!. Don't forget to send a special e-card to your loved ones, check out's huge collection of Inuyasha Valentine Cards.
      • We have two new polls. Wooohoo! In the spirit of the season, who would you choose to be your Valentine? Vote here!.
      • We're going to design a new Inuyasha game bot. Now we already have Kikyo and Bankotsu, who would be our next character to base the game bot design on?
      • January, 2006 fanart contest winner: Congratulations to Sakura-chan for winning the first Fanart Contest in the year 2006!. Her winning art work is Cry Baby Naraku. This is our fourth year running this contest!! If you think you're up to the challenge, make sure to get your submission in by the end of this month to enter for the February contest. :)
    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday January 04 ,2006


    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday November 30 ,2005
    October and November Fanart Contest Winners!

      • I want to congratulate two very talented artists on their win for Inuyasha World's monthly Fan Art Contest.
        • Month of October Winner: mairzy's Beautiful Kikyo.
        • Month of November Winner: sara haefele's Kiss.
      • Inuyasha World Holiday Plans: As we approach another New Year, Inuyasha World will be turning 3 years old! We will be holding holiday celebrations with new sections and new game releases! So don't forget to visit during this busy holiday season. *We will also be giving away free Inuyasha related presents, don't miss out*
    Posted by Shippo on Saturday September 24 ,2005
    New Bot Features: Chat Log and New bot characters!

      • BOT CHAT LOGS: We have just UPGRADED our game bots! Now you can log what your visitors say to your bot and how your bot replied! This is only available in the bot control panel and only the bot owners can see the chat log of their own bots. You can use this to improve the conversation intelligence level of your new pet! :)
      • New Bot Characters: We'd like to welcome the three newest characters to the bot kingdom: Kikyo, Bankotsu and Renkotsu. Please treat them nicely, fellow bot owners.
      • Special Perks and Bonus: There's a $5 coupon/gift certificate you can get to waiting for you in the control panel. Just a special gift from the Iyworld team to all the cool bot trainers! You guys rule!
      • Still haven't signed up for a bot yet? GET ONE NOW! It's tons of fun, you will fall in love with your very own inuyasha pet bot...yup, literally.
    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday September 20 ,2005
    NEW GAME: Lord Sesshomaru's Magic Chamber; NEW BOT FEATURE: Mood Selector

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday September 15 ,2005
    NEW GALLERY: Inuyasha Doujinshi Arts

      • We have a Inuyasha gallery. This one features art works for Inuyasha done by other artists. This type of art work is called Doujinshi in Japan. Check it out, I think you guys, especially the fans who are not familiar with this type of drawing will find the gallery different and refreshing compared to the traditional Inuyasha gallery. Now....PROCEED TO THE GALLERY!
    Posted by Shippo on Saturday September 10 ,2005
    THE BOTS ARE BACK!! August Fanart Contest Winner

    Posted by Shippo on Friday August 26 ,2005
    Inuyasha movie 4 summary now available, 2nd movie to air on Cartoon Network AUG 27
    • Movie 4 summary: Please see movies info section. We appreciate all submissions. If you wish to donate additional movie 4 summary, please send them to THANKS!
    • 2nd InuYasha Movie: Castle Beyond the Looking Glass is scheduled to run on the Cartoon Network at midnight on Saturday, August 27th (11:00 pm CT). It will follow Episode 115, Lured by the Black Light (which is also new for the network). - SPECIAL THANKS to Cathy for the news update.
    Posted by Shippo on Monday August 15 ,2005
    Inuyasha movie 4 summaries WANTED!

    • If anyone wants to donate a detailed summary of the latest Inuyasha movie released (Crimson Horai Island. Please send the summary to We will give the author full credit. If you would like to participate, please submit it as soon as possible. We will posting the most detailed and accurate summary received.
    • FEEDBACKS: The IY world mail server has been acting weird lately, if you would like to send us feedbacks, please direct them to the yahoo mail at
    • MOVIE 4 SCREENCAPS: Once again, enjoy the newly posted movie 4 screencaps. :)
    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday April 13 ,2005
    Inuyasha movie to air on Adult Swim, New Episodes, March Fanart Contest, Inuyasha Movie 4

    • ADULT SWIM SCHEDULE: "Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (Saturday May 14, 12:00am)" - source: animenewnetwork. It's time to get excited. :)
    • New IY episodes in June? - well�that's what the rumors have been saying�We have our fingers and toes crossed.
    • March, 2005 Fanart Contest: Congrats to Little Kikyo for winning our fanart contest for the THIRD TIME! :) Check out the winning art work: Happy Easter! featuring a cute Kirara in bunny uniform. We want to send out a friendly reminder to everyone who plan on submitting art works for the Contest, please sign your name on the art work before you submit, otherwise, we wouldn't be able to credit you as the real artist. :)
    • Movie 4: The fourth Inuyasha movie is titled "Inuyasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Island ". We're working on getting screencaps for you guys, stay tuned~
    • Good deal on art books: is having a clearance on their art books, basically you get to grab any five artbooks for only $15. I think it's a real good deal, so if you're in the mood for shopping....dig in.
    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday March 09 ,2005
    February fanart contest winner~ Valentine's Day - It's the season of Love~

    Posted by Shippo on Monday February 21 ,2005
    Hello, guys. The third raffle draw has ended. The winner will be announced tonight. :) Stay tuned~
    Posted by Shippo on Sunday February 6 ,2005
    New Polls, January Fanart Contest Winner, Inuyasha e-cards and brand new Raffle contest!

    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday January 11 ,2005
    Brand new raffle draw: Sesshomaru vs. Inuyasha

    • Hey all, our last raffle had so much success that fans have demanded us to put out another raffle draw!!! Our nice sponsor Anime Book Store has agreed to sponsor another round. To keep the popularity format, we have kept everything the same as the original Inuyasha vs. Kagome raffle but with a brand new exciting prize! See details on the new raffle.

    • Again, I want to remind the participants of the last round of raffle draw of the winning character: inuyasha. Please expect your prize to arrive within a week, but give it up to 10 days before you send emails to the contact email you receive in your raffle ticket receipt. :)
    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday January 11 ,2005
    Inuyasha vs. Kagome Raffle Draw ends

    • To see the winner and prize delivery details, see the Raffle page.
    • Congrats to all the winners! ^_^
    Posted by Shippo on Monday January 10 ,2005
    Last Day to buy Raffle Tickets!

    • Hey guys, today (Jan. 10th) is the very LAST day you can participate in the Inuyasha vs. Kagome Raffle Draw. Take your pick between these two Inuyasha anime stars, the winner character will be announced tomorrow. If you guessed the right one out of the two, you win! The prizes will be sent out tomorrow (Jan. 11th) to all the participants with a winning raffle ticket. Please expect your prize to be delivered within 10 business days (My guess is most of you guys should get it within 3 to 5 business days, well...depending on the distance, it might take longer)Good luck, all!
    • We're working on releasing more Inuyasha Games, look out for them in the upcoming couple of days. Stay tuned!
    Posted by Shippo on Sunday January 02 ,2005
    Happy New Year, December Fanart Contest Winner, Inuyasha vs. Kagome Raffle.

    • Wow...we're finally in the new year! Happy 2005, Inuyasha fans!
    • December Fanart Contest Winner: While we're still in the holiday season, we bring you a wonderful piece of art work from Stephanie, check out her winning art work: Merry Christmas!. I want to remind contestants to please sign your artwork before Fanart Contest submission. :)
    • Inuyasha vs. Kagome Raffle Ticket now on sale!
        In order to celebrate the new year, we're holding a raffle ticket event! The players will get to select between Inuyasha or Kagome. So your chance of winning is one out of two! :) Of course...if you get one of each, hehe, it's a sure win! We want to give lots thanks to this raffle contest's sponsor, Anime Book Store, who provided us with the raffle prizes. See more raffle details here.

      Have a happy new year, everyone! ^_^
    Posted by Shippo on Friday December 24 ,2004
    Happy Holidays, IYWorld Renovations, Fanart Contest Winners, New Anime Sites!

    • I hope everyone is enjoying a great holiday! (hehe, life sure is good when is there is no school) ^^
    • Some parts of is still not operating normally, as you probably noticed from the fanclubs and petition sections. Unfortunately, we've gotten too popular again and our nice host company has warned us to reduce our usage. We are attempting to transfer some of our heavy bandwidth usage elsewhere, if you want to help out by sponsoring a small donation, we would be deeply grateful. (All sponsors will receive a personalized inuyasha edition ecard with a special greeting message~) ^_^
    • November Fanart Contest Winner. Congratulations to SesshySama for winning our November Fan Art Contest. The Winning Artwork: a chibi style Inuyasha and Kagome Couple is incredibly cute! We loved it! Keep on submitting the artworks, the December winner will be selected in the upcoming week, keep your fingers crossed, contestants!
    • We have some lovely new affiliates including some on the newest anime on Cartoon Network, please pay them a visit, I bet they will become one your favorite sites.
    Posted by Shippo on Saturday October 09 ,2004
    Inuyasha ends at episode 167; September Fanart Winner selected

    Posted by Shippo on Sunday September 12 ,2004
    August Fanart Winner, New Episode Screencaps, the very LAST episode of InuYasha.

    • August Fanart Contest Winner: Congratulations to Captain Stitch for winning the August fanart contest! Check out the winning art work: Meet the Family.
    • New Episode Screencaps:
    • The Last Episode: After the anime's initial release in Japan on October 16, 2000, fans have travelled with Inuyasha and the gang through many hundreds of exciting adventures. We loved the characters and stories and waited eagerly for the new episodes.'s time to say goodbye. The last episode of Inuyasha will air in Japan on September 13th, 2004. This episode is the second part of a two-episode ending sequel titled "The Two's Bond ~ Use the Shikon Shard!". Currently, we do not have further information on the episode. Rest assured, the IYWORLD crew will do everything we can to bring you detailed screencaps and summaries for this precious episode that all fans have been waiting for. STAY TUNED~
    Posted by Shippo on Thursday August 12 ,2004
    MOVIE 4 info, movie 3 screencaps, July fanart winner and more episode screencaps!

    Posted by Shippo on Sunday July 11 ,2004
    New wallpapers, new screencaps, fanart winner for June, website round one results!
    • Have a fear for a stampede of mice? Well�then, I'm sure you will be looking forward to watch this newest episode of Inuyasha :
      • Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice
      • NEW WALLPAPERS! - 20 new wallpapers have been added to the wallpaper section. This time, our favorite is a pretty Kagome Wallpaper! Keep sending in the wallpapers, if you've got the talent, we will definitely post up your work. ^-^
      • Fanart Winner for the month of June is Isis Katz! We loved the creative comic strip style presented in the artwork. Be sure to check the winner piece. Interested in sending in your own work? See here for instructions.
      • We are #1 on Google! Thanks to all you guys who continues to support IYWORLD by coming back to visit, we have finally climbed up to number one for the search term, "Inuyasha", on the Google search engine! As of this moment, is #1 in the search results returned.
      • Nominations for the first round of the IY Fansite Survivor contest have been published.
    Posted by Shippo on Sunday June 27 ,2004
    New screencaps, fansite contest updates and IY rumors.
    • We finally got our paws on the second half of the "Inuyasha & Kikyo Love Story" episodes. Check out
    • We also brought you screencaps from the very latest Inuyasha episode released in Japan:
    • We already received a large number of nominations for the upcoming Inuyasha Website Survivor Contest. Some sites are beautiful, others are plain horrible. We will unveil the good and the bad on July 1st. Meanwhile, if you have more sites you want to nominate, go right ahead!.
    • Inuyasha rumors or facts? We have been hearing similar things from various sources: Is it possible that our beloved Inuyasha series will end in September/2004, are we getting another Inuyasha movie at the end of this year? At the current time, no official sources have confirmed these rumors yet. So keep your ears perked, if anything comes up, we will be sure to keep you updated. ^-^
    Posted by Shippo on Saturday June 19 ,2004
    Inuyasha Fansite Survivor Contest round #1 launched; More screencaps; Free webhosts reviews posted; New affiliate!

    • Alrighty, we've all waited long enough for this. The highly anticipated Inuyasha Fansite Survivor Contest is now launched! We want to select the best Inuyasha websites and we want you to nominate them!
    • Here are some more screencaps for your enjoyment, again, lots of thanks goes to the kind hearted fans who continues to send these screencaps to us. ^^
    • I'm sure fellow webmasters have headaches as well when it comes to selecting a good and affordable webhosts. Check out inuyasha fans' personal reviews of FREE web hosting services. Hehe.. While you're at it, don't forget to enter your IY sites into our contest!
    • Are you a fan of Kiddy Grade? If you are, definitely give a visit to IYWORLD's newest affiliate:
    Posted by Shippo on Thursday June 10 ,2004
    New Screencaps and New Polls!

    Posted by Shippo on Sunday June 06 ,2004
    May/2004 Fanart Contest Winner Out!

    • Congratulations to Ilsa for winning the Month of May Fanart contest! Check out her beautiful art work of Inuyasha.
    • Honorable mentions: We loved a bunch of other GREAT artworks. Some of the must-sees include Captain Stitch's "People Who Need People" and Wyt Tiger's my new kimono!!!.
    • Keep the good art works coming in for the month of June contest! Submission guidelines for the fanart contest can be found in the fan art section. Don't forget to write your name on your art work (pen or pencil on the actual art work recommended.)
    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday June 01 ,2004
    New Wallpaper Gallery now up!

    • Check out the re-designed wallpaper section. Over 110 Inuyasha wallpapers submitted have been reviewed and uploaded. :) Enjoy!
    • Due to limited space and bandwidth, only the most creative and best designed wallpapers were accepted, a bunch of other cool wallpapers submitted didn't make the top list mostly due to incorrect wallpaper dimensions Be sure to review the submission guidelines if you plan to submit your own inuyasha wallpaper into IYWORLD's gallery.
    • Our favorite submissions: Kagome and Inuyasha Square Piece, Inuyasha and the globe!, The many faces of Inuyasha. Keep the good ones coming in!
    • For more Inuyasha fanarts and images, check out daa^3's Inuyasha Gallery. ^_^
    Posted by Shippo on Monday May 31 ,2004
    Coming Soons, New Screencaps, Fanart News, Inuyasha Web Contests!

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday April 15 ,2004
    New Screencaps and March/04 Fanart Contest Winner!

    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday February 25 ,2004
    New Screencaps, Fanart Contest Updates, More IY Lyrics.

    Posted by Shippo on Sunday February 08 ,2004
    More Screencaps! is here! New Inuyasha Episodes!

    Posted by Shippo on Friday January 23 ,2004
    New screencaps; New wallpapers; New series coming to AS!

  • Get a screencap preview of the newest Inuyasha episode released in Japan:
  • A BUNCH of newly submitted wallpapers are now published in the Wallpapers section. Keep sending the new ones in, everyone!
  • We received a very interesting poll idea: "What breed of dog is InuYasha?" Put in your vote in the Inuyasha Poll!
  • If you're planning to submit a fanart for this month's Fan Art Contest, be sure to write your name with a pen on the fanart paper before you scan it in. If the judge is unable to clearly identify your name on the fanart, your fanart will not be entered. This contest rule will be strictly enforced from now on to ensure the authenticity of the submitted fanarts. :D
  • Guess what new series are coming to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim?
    • The latest rumor has it that other than the definite arrival of Witch Hunter Robin, we will also be seeing Detective Conan and Wolf's Rain in the AS line ups this spring. (fingers crossed ^_^)
  • Posted by Shippo on Tuesday January 13 ,2004
    LOTS more Inuyasha Screencaps and new IY polls!

    Posted by Shippo on Sunday January 04 ,2004
    Year 2003 Fanart Winners, Become a fanart judge and vote on the fanarts!

      • Displayed on the left hand bar of the site are a rotation of the different fanart winners for the months in 2003. The fanarts include all the contest winners from Feb. 2003 to Oct. 2003. For entries from the November and December months, we have received some disputes regarding the selected contest winners. In order to maintain the fairness of the contests, we have decided to let you guys vote on them!

      • To judge the fanart entries by originality, technique, skill and overall art presentations, you will be able to place ratings for fanarts in each of these categories.

      • Vote on December entries.

      • Vote on November entries.
      • broke its daily visitor record yet again with 180042 unique visitors on Wednesday, December 30th, 2003. We love you guys! Thank you so much for your continuing support. We want to give a big hug to all our sponsors, without you, this site wouldn't be here. Thanks all!
    Posted by Shippo on Saturday January 03 ,2004
    December Fanart Contest Results, Inuyasha Movie 3 Preview and Summaries

      • Congratulations to ~*~Kagome~*~ ( for winning the December fanart contest! View all December entries

      • The third Inuyasha movie titled The Sword of World Conquest was released on Christmas day in Japan. We have a short preview in screencap form for you guys to check out in the movies section.

      • Thanks much to everyone to submitted movie summaries to us. We ended up selecting 1 new summary for movie 1, 2 new summaries for movie 2 and 1 new summary for movie 3. They're now available in the movies section.
    Posted by Shippo on Saturday December 27 ,2003
    New Episode Screencaps!

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday December 25 ,2003

    • Believe it or not, we've managed to bring back the bots. However, we still don't have enough server space to operate the bots in FULL power yet, so they're currently in empty state, meaning you will have to sign up for a new bot and retrain them! We still have the old bot data backed up, and when we are ready, we will restore them. :) ......and after that's said, Have fun with the bots!
    • New Inuyasha Polls now available in the Poll Section, thanks for the new poll ideas, everyone.
    • Special thanks goes to Zoe Germano for sending us the English edition of the inuyasha titles for episode 1 to 52. Thanks much!
    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday December 23 ,2003
    New Wallpapers, New Sections!

      • 20 MORE new wallpapers now available in the Wallpaper section. Check out our favorite Christmas inuyasha wallpaper here :)

        • FAQ Archive - Let's work together to compile the BIGGEST Inuyasha information database on the net!!! All the submissions are now reviewed, sorry for the glitch yesterday.
        • News Flash - got news that might interest inuyasha fans? Share them here!
        • Fanfictions - we have partnered up with Anime Spiral to provide you guys with a super neat fanfiction area! Check them out, you can register and post your fanfics instantly!
        • Media Designers! - IYWORLD's looking for submissions of inuyasha winamp skins, if you're interested in submitting your designs, check out the details here
      • Have a super holiday, everyone!
    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday December 17 ,2003
    Episode 133 Screencap ready; New Wallpapers up; First IY Movie to Premiere at Anime Expo!

    • I bet you've been waiting for this! Check out what's going on in episode 133 of Inuyasha: The Woman Who Loved Sessho-maru (the first part)!

    • 20 ultra cool new inuyasha wallpapers have been added. Check them out in the Wallpapers Section. Meanwhile, keep the submissions coming in, for details on how to send in your own wallpaper, please see the Wallpaper Submission Memo

    • "IY movie will premiere at AX in July '04, and Toshi had said that they hoped to be in the studio for it this January, and that right now it all came down to haggling over the price for the rights to the first movie." - source: The Rumic World Messageboard. Credit goes to GgBg for sending this information to us.
    Posted by Shippo on Monday December 15 ,2003
    November Fanart Contest Results OUT!

    • Thanks to all the supporters of IYWORLD! The November fanart results are finally out! To all the eager fans who emailed us, we're very sorry for the delay in the results, we had to switch fanart admins. Please give a a big welcome to our new fanart admin: Yohoho!
    • Submissions for December will be judged according to the regular monthly schedule and the results will come out in early January, 2004.
    • As we scroll near the end of 2003, the fanart team will be putting up a special page dedicated all the winner fanart submissions we've received during the year of 2003. The YEAR OF 2003 ARTIST will be selected from these elite submissions! You guys will be the judge for these fanarts! So don't forget to check up often for updates on the ARTIST OF YEAR 2003 contest.
    • Congratulations to Linda Jones for her winning artwork for the month of November fanart contest!
    • Interested in joining the fanart contests? IYWORLD hold these contests monthly, for submission details, please visit the Fanarts Section!
    ** Special thanks to all the visitors who donated to us! We really appreciate your support!
    Posted by Shippo on Thursday December 04 ,2003
    Bots updates, Nov. Fanart contest info and wallpapers.

  • Sorry, it looks like we need to collect some additional funds before we can afford a server space large enough to support the IYbots! We will be working to get that done by Christmas. Meanwhile, If you can, we would really appreciate some Donation Supports from fans. :)
  • November Fanart contest results will be out in a couple of days! Stay tuned!
  • A small sidenote on the wallpapers submitted, please keep on sending them in! Check in the new Wallpaper section to see if yours have been added.
  • Posted by Shippo on Saturday November 15,2003
    New Screencaps! :D Enjoy!

      Additional song lyrics added! A few new lyrics including both the ending and openning of the 2nd movie are now available in the Lyrics Section

      Are you any good at designing wallpapers?

      IYWORLD is now taking donation of fan made Inuyasha wallpapers!

      Wallpaper submission guidelines:

      • Wallpaper must contain InuYasha characters.
      • Wallpaper must be in the dimension of 1024x768 or greater.
      • Wallpaper must contain branding of "". This can be at the edge of the wallpaper, but please be sure to include it. You may also credit you (the designer) on the wallpaper as well.
      • Please email submission as attachments to
      • Please make the subject of the email "Wallpaper contribution"
      - Accepted wallpapers will be displayed on the IYWORLD site. :)

      **Special thanks to Samantha Christian for contributing the episode title for episode 137.

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday November 13 ,2003
    October Fanart Contest Results, Miroku voice actor email and IY Virtual Bot updates.

  • Congrats to Enjoli for winning IYWORLD's October Fanart Contest!. See All October Entries
  • The bots are coming back soon! For all the loyal fans who are waiting for the virtual bot games to come back, we hear your calls! The bots will be back around Thanksgiving, stay tuned!
  • Miroku fan news! "Dear IY World Staff, I know that fan address for Kirby Morrow, the dude who does Miroku's voice. It's You might want to try and put it on the site for the fans. -Staff Member Amanda- For more info on Kirby Morrow, please visit
  • Posted by Shippo on Sunday November 02 ,2003
    Adult Swim News for Fans:

    -Ranma and Evangelion will not ever be coming to Adult Swim. -52 new episodes of Inuyasha in 2004. -Big O Season 2 "exceeding expectations -Then the subject of Harry Goz (Captain Murphy) was brought up. They said AS was facing several different options. Finding a replacement, canceling show and what they have done so far is writing new scripts w/o the role of Captain Murphy. -Saturday nights: Adult Swim is very interested in re-gaining Saturday night, and that Saturday could possibly be the movie night, they also mentioned showing the Inuyasha movies. -New action shows will be coming, but no names were mentioned. -FLCL did excellent, and Adult Swim was very happy on how it did. -It is nearly impossible for them to make new Family Guy Episodes

    Thanks for sending these information to us, Tamra Fulgium

    Posted by Shippo on Sunday October 26 ,2003
    New InuYasha Screencaps ready!

  • In episode 128, Inuyasha makes himself a hero in Kagome's school festival! Get a sneak preview from the screencaps below! The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival

  • Thank you for the many applications to our call for help in the previous announcement. We have set up an administration panel, and if you're accepted into the admin team, you will receive an email with the details on how you go about review summaries/spoilers shortly.
  • Posted by Shippo on Friday October 17 ,2003

    Frequent IYWORLD visitors, if you would like to help out by reviewing some episode summaries and series spoilers, please send an application email to We need someone for the job asap (just check out the mess on the unreviewed spoiler section @.@''). Recent episode summaries have been updated. Thanks again to Inutiki-dude, who donated episode titles to us. Arigatou!

    Posted by Shippo on Friday October 03 ,2003
    September fanart contest winner, new episode screencaps and inuyasha spoilers!

    We would like to thank the nice people who donated to us in the past week! To protect your privacy, we will not be listing your name here, but we want to let you know, we really appreciate your donations, thank you!!

    Posted by Shippo on Monday September 29 ,2003
    And so you wondered��.and wondered�..

    Why was IYWorld closed during the weekend?

    Answer: Since we're getting 10000+ visitors DAILY, this site's been using too much of our server's resource, so we got shut down. Finally, after 2 day's rest, our merciful host has allowed us to come back live again! I'm sure IYWorld's daily visitor rates will continue to go up, so we really got to work hard to save our resources to stay with the current host. As a result of this, the Virtual Bot Game have to be temporarily shut down. This will NOT be a permanent shut down, we are working at this time to purchase a new server JUST for the bots alone. I know you guys love them, so the bots will return soon!

    Shameless Fund Raising: Be it one or two dollars, if you have some extra change and would like to help out by making a donation, we would appreciate it SOOOO very much! We will need a large amount of fund to be able to afford a new server, so every bit help out. Thanks in advance everyone. :D

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday September 25 ,2003
    InuYasha Virtual Bot Game Updates.

    The IY Bots are now fully back in operation. We had to adjust the program a bit last night, sorry for the Bot Outage in the past 12 hours. Special thanks to Linda who brought the bot prob to our attention, and thank you very much for your sponsor donation as well. :) Inutiki-dude, you rock! thx again for the episode titles.

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday September 18 ,2003
    New Episode on CN and InuYasha Movie News " On the IY movies. There is no authorized USA distributor for any of the Inu movies yet, but Viz reportedly is in negotiations to get them. Neither of the first 2 movies has been dubbed in English yet. English-subbed versions exist and can be found online and on DVD. The 3rd movie won't be released in Japan until Dec. 21. Trailers and promos for that movie can be found online, in Japanese. It's about the rivalry between Inu and Sessho as they try to keep a 3rd power sword left behind by their doggy daddy (the sword to rule the world) from falling into villainous hands. As to when more new Inu may appear on Adult Swim, the answer right now is that I don't know. There's been rumors of another new 16-episode block in Nov., but I've not seen any solid official or unofficial confirmation of that yet so it remains just a rumor, not fact. We do know that the entire midnite-1 a.m. prime action hour on AS will open up for possible new anime in early Nov. as the reruns of Inu, FLCL and Blue Gender all will have ended around Halloween. So look for some word soon on what AS plans to be running as of Nov. 3 in the 12.5-1 slot and Nov. 10 for the 12-12.5 slot. They may just choose more reruns of something, but since they'll have gone to 6 hours nightly at that point, I think the odds are good that we'll see something new in there. (^_*)" Source: InuYasha Forum - herbkir
    Posted by Shippo on Monday September 15 ,2003
    August Fanart Results out!

    Congratulations to Kelly Jennings for winning IYWORLD'S August Fanart Contest!

  • Check out all the August fanart entries!
  • See info on how to enter the fanart contest..
  • Posted by Shippo on Saturday September 13 ,2003
    InuYasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass I'm sure you've heard of the news by now. In the second IY Movie: InuYasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, InuYasha and Kagome kisses and Miroku's airhole disappeared (well....for a little while). Now you can check out the screencaps for this movie. Enjoy! Side note: Screencaps for episode 121 and 126 are now ready too. :)
    Posted by Shippo on Monday September 08 ,2003
    New Screencaps and news concerning InuYasha on Canadian Television!

    Are Inu Yasha and the gangs finally able to catch up with Naraku? Check out the previews in screencaps!

    Thanks to inu-tikidude for sending in the new episode titles

    InuYasha will be appearing in Canada on YTV Sept. 5!

  • Episode 1 will be on at 10:00pm Eastern/Pacific
  • Episode 2 will be on at 10:30pm Eastern/Pacific For more info concerning Canadian airing of InuYasha, please visit

    *Special thanks to Jackie P. for sending this information to us.

  • Posted by Shippo on Sunday September 07 ,2003
    Delays in the August fanart contest results

    The results will come out sometime next week. Thanks for the patience, everyone. Meanwhile, we are now starting to accept entries for the month of September.

    YAY for IYWORLD as we breaks into a record of 12818 unique visitors in a single day!

    Posted by Shippo on Saturday August 23 ,2003
    Urgent InuYasha New Episode Back on CN Update!

    InuYasha will come back on Adult Swim on Monday, August 25th, 2003. My last update wasn't the latest up to date news, thanks to the MILLIONS of people to emailed me regarding this matter.

    Posted by Shippo on Monday August 18 ,2003
    New InuYasha episodes on CN in a week!

    • Be sure to sit yourself in front of the tv on August 24th, since that's when InuYasha will return to Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, they will start airing from episode 37. Stay tuned! :D
    • While we're trying to catch on what's going on with Kouga and Kagome here in the States, over at Japan, over 119 InuYasha episodes have been released. Check out episode 119's screencaps below: 119 A Divine and Malicious Saint.
    Posted by Shippo on Monday August 04 ,2003
    New Screencaps

    Episode screencaps now available for episode:

  • 16. The air void in the right hand of the delinquent monk Miroku
  • 20. The wild thief: Onigumo's secret

    * Special thanks to Andrea Galindo for donating these screencaps to us.

  • Posted by Shippo on Thursday July 31 ,2003
    New Screencaps & July Fanart Contest results!

  • Check out some cool Inuyasha screen caps for episode 117 and 118!

    117 Inuysasha Disappears into a River of Flames 118 The Heart of Mt. Hakurei

  • Let's say congrats to Rachel Jensen for winning this month's IYWORLD Fan Art Contest! Special thanks to Lord Rishtar for managing and judging this month's contest.
  • IYWORLD's visitor stats hits 10720 in a single day! THANKS TO ALL YOU GUYS WHO KEEP ON SUPPORTING US!
  • Posted by Shippo on Wednesday July 16 ,2003
    Game Bot Updates & Fanarts Contest Reminder!

    • Episode 116 screencap now ready: The Real Face: Exposed
    • 1108 visitors have signed up their own InuYasha Online Bots! Get yours too!
    • Please NOTE change in fanarts submission email, please send your entry to, if you already sent in your entry to the old address, please resend to the new one. Thanks
    Posted by Shippo on Friday July 11 ,2003
    NEW Inuyasha Game: Virtual BOTS!

  • We now have another popular inuyasha game for ya all to play: Character Bots!. Special thanks to Milop from Anime Slam Dunk dot com for helping us programming this neat little game for IY Fans! If you don't already own one, GO GRAB ONE NOW!

    Update on July Fanart Contest

  • For the contestants who submited their artworks before July 11th, please resubmit your work to Sorry for the change in email address. All the entries will be posted on the web by the end of July.
  • Posted by shippo on Wednesday July 02 ,2003
    New Episode Screencaps & winner for June Fanart contest!

    Get a screencap preview of what goes on in InuYasha episode 113 and 114:

    Congratulation to the June fanart contest winner: Patches! The fanart currently displayed on IYWORLD'S index page features Patches lovely IY fanart: Jaken!

    And guys...I tried to enter several times trying to fetch the August IY schedules, but my browser crashes every single time! Can someone please go get inuyasha's schedule and email it to me? thanks!

    Posted by Shippo on Sunday June 29 ,2003
    NEW InuYasha Character Galleries!

    Surprise! We suddenly got a donation of 1000+ InuYasha pictures from the webmaster at ! As a result of that, IYWorld now has an additional 14 image galleries each dedicated to individual characters in InuYasha including InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kouga, Naraku and Ayame. There's also a special couple's gallery for InuYasha & Kagome. Check them out!

    IYWORLD visitor stats has yet again broke it's old record with a new 7200+ unique visitors in one day! Yay!

    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday June 24 ,2003
    June Fanart Entries & update on new Inuyasha episodes on CN
    • Thanks for all the great entries, the fanarts for the June month contest have been posted up, Check them out!. If you wish to participate in the June contest, there's still about a week left to submit entries. Good luck all!
    • I got a bunch of emails from fans who are unsure of when the new Inuyasha episodes (ep 37+) will be aired on Cartoon Network. Here's a clarification: new IY will start Aug. 25 at midnight.
    Posted by Shippo on Friday June 20 ,2003
    New on IYWorld: InuYasha TOP SITES

  • Do you own a InuYasha web page? Come partipate in the TOP SITE contest, get visitors to vote for you and make your site more popular!
  • A better renovated Fan Club member listing page is now available. We now have 1500+ members!
  • Posted by Shippo on Thursday June 19 ,2003
    Screencaps for episode 110 and 111 added!

    here ya go all, enjoy the little preview of InuYasha episode 111 and 112 in screencap form:

    Find out how won the sword war? InuYasha or the leader of the bad gang: Bankotsu...

    ***For Trigun Fans?! Check out IYWorld's buddy site: Trigun World!

    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday June 18 ,2003
    • "Adult Swim decided to switch the premiere dates for the new IY episodes and its new Blue Gender anime. Now, the new IY will start Aug. 25 at midnight, while Blue Gender will start Aug. 4 at 12:30 a.m. Not sure why the switch, but it is official news. (^_*) " (thanks again for the info, herbir)
    • Yesterday, IY World had it's most number of visitor in our site history - 4589 visitors in one day! InuYasha's getting popular!
    Posted by Shippo on Friday June 06 ,2003
    Screencaps for Episode 107, 108 and 109 now ready!

  • 107 - The First Time We Saw InuYasha's Tears
  • 108 - The Secret of the Unpolluted Aura
  • 109 - Approaching the misty Mount Hakurei

    *Special thanks to PlueGurl for contributing the screencaps. ^_^

  • Posted by Shippo on Wednesday June 04 ,2003
    Episode Summaries for new IY eps posted

  • Sorry for the delay all, but if you are waiting for the episode summary for ep 107, The First Time We See InuYasha Cry..., it is now out! thanks to the guys and gals to contributed, we now have several very detailed summaries for this episode, plz visit the episode summary section for more detail.
  • Congrats to the May fanart contest winner, Okashira Misao! We got a whole bunch of entries this time, it was really hard to pick the best. I also liked the Inuyasha and Fluffy drawing by Nanda. Nice work, everyone! ^_^
  • Posted by Shippo on Wednesday May 28 ,2003
    A note about the fanart entries

    Some of the fan arts didn't have their names on the artwork itself. If you don't see your name associated with your art book, sent me an email along with your art work number (right click on image for the address url). Thanks!

    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday May 28 ,2003
    News obout InuYasha in July & more fanarts added!
    • There have been sayings floating around about how IY will be taken off Adult Swim in July, here are some semi-official news from the IY Forum: "Relax, looks like IY will be absent only for the month of July and then will return in its usual AS time slot Aug. 4. A hiatus isn't a cancellation. It's just a pause, probably done to give the other new shows they're running this summer a fair chance to find their own audiences, and to give Viz/Ocean a chance to finish dubbing the next batch of IY episodes. (^_*)" (thx, herbkir, for constantly keeping us updated with IY news)

    • 21 entries have been received for the May fanart contest! Check them out!
    • Thanks for all the episode summaries contributions, they will be posted up shortly.
    Posted by Shippo on Friday May 16 ,2003
    Episode Summaries added & future updates

  • All the episode summaries & new character profiles you guys helped add in the past week are now officially available for public view.
  • InuYasha episode 108 is out in Japan! I will be posting up the screencaps to both 107 and 108 soon!
  • Special thanks to gamegirl who contributed screencaps and many episode summaries. ^_^
  • Posted by Shippo on Wednesday May 07 ,2003
    Announcement about

    Guys, I just received an email from the webmaster of the popular InuYasha Fan Site, Kagome's Well, regarding the site's closedown. I know from the forum that lots of fans are not sure what's going on with the site, please visit, there's a note posted there regarding the closedown. To Shmanda, the webmaster of, I hope and I'm sure lots of other IY fans do too that the site will eventually be able to come back again. ^_^ Best wishes on everything!

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday May 01 ,2003
    IY Episode 106 screencaps & April fanart contest winner!

  • The long awaited InuYasha episode 106 has finally aired in Japan. As always, the previews are ready in the Screencaps section. how i wish we have them on US TVs :(
  • Congrats goes to Dax for winning the April Fan Art Contest. All the submissions were cool, but we can only choose one winner, so the other artists, please submit again for May's contest. ^_^
  • Oh....stay tuned for IY ep 107, where we first get to see InuYasha cry.......
  • Posted by Shippo on Thursday May 01 ,2003
    Updates coming soon....

    As the april fanart contest draws to an end, I will be posting up the reminder of the entries along with the winner up this weekend.

    Screencaps for Inuyasha episode 106 will be updated on the weekend as well, stay tuned...

    Posted by Shippo on Saturday April 19 ,2003
    New InuYasha Episodes?!?

    We may be seeing new Inuyasha episodes this summer. The April 18 Answerman column on Anime News Network reports that new Inuyasha episodes will be run THIS SUMMER. The columnist, Zac Bertschy, was quite adament about that but he didn't give the exact start date nor reveal how many new episodes there will be. Since the May rerun of the "CN 36" will end July 3, we may be seeing new episodes July 7. That would mean promos for new episodes should be running on CN/AS in June. This comes from a hard news-media source so perhaps we can start getting excited again. - source (fan email: Herb Kirchhoff) received 3151 unique visitors yesterday, our highest visitors per day yet! GO IYWORLD! ^_~

    Posted by Shippo on Friday April 18 ,2003
    More Fanart contest entries & IY Forum !

  • 8 More fan arts have been entered into the April contest. Check them out!
  • The IY forum seem to be getting more and more popular. Here's an encouraging fan email from Herb Kirchhoff:

    Hey Shippo, Did you know that the Inuyasha forum you link to is now the most active forum of any on Anime Chains Network, including their big forum for non-anime discussions. The IY forum took over the top spot last night (April 14) with a post by Sword Obsessor at 10:48 p.m. Total posts to the IY forum have doubled since Feb. 5. Right now, the IY forum has seen over 11,400 total posts. More proof of exploding interest in Inuyasha. Thought you'd like to know. (^_*)

  • Posted by Shippo on Friday April 11 ,2003
    New April Fanart entries & New InuYasha fan POLLS!

    New InuYasha polls!

    As demanded through email, the following IY polls have been added:

    ^_^ hope minna san's having fun watching IY!

    Posted by Shippo on Saturday April 05 ,2003
    InuYasha Episode 104 & 105 screencaps up!

  • Bad guy tries to marry Kagome in Episode 104 - The Poison Using Stalker, Mukotsu!
  • InuYasha and the gang in trouble - episode 105 - The Ghastly Steel-Plated Warrior

    Special arigatou to SDOU-Hanyou for sending these screencaps to us. ^_^

  • Posted by Shippo on Thursday April 03 ,2003
    No New InuYasha episodes in May....

    Guys & Gals, although there have been tons of news and rumours floating around regarding Cartoon Network obtaining new episodes of InuYasha, apparently, none of them are scheduled to air in May.

    Let's pray they will come on air in June or July. ^_^

    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday April 01 ,2003
    March Fanart Contest, Shopping guide addition & IY Episodes update

  • The last 3 entries for the March fanart contest were added, we also selected our winner, congrats, Marie Lu!
  • A slight addition on where to get InuYasha DVDs were added in IY Shopping Guide.
  • 105 episodes of IY have been aired in Japan, episode 106 will be aired on April 14th. (Source: fan email - Clair)
  • Posted by Shippo on Sunday March 30 ,2003
    InuYasha Shopping Guide

    Are you searching to buy yourself a InuYasha doll/game or just curious what kind of IY merchandise are out there? InuYasha World brings you THE SHOPPING GUIDE that includes everything IY that I'm come across. Special thanks to Matt who contributed 75% of the products in the guide!

    Posted by Shippo on Friday March 28 ,2003
    New Movie Summary, more fanart contest entries & IY game updates

    Inu Fujin sama has contributed new movie summary - Inuyasha: Love that Transcends Time. It's much more detailed than the original one we have, check it out, minna.

    2 new fan art entries have been added for the March contest. Time is running out......get your entries in now!

    A correction to the game info I posted yesterday, it looks like "the game is called InuYasha: a feudal fairy tale and it will be in stores starting april 8th of this year." Source : Snowwolf the pretector.

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday March 27 ,2003
    InuYasha Game News

    Bandai is planning to release the PSone fighting game Inu Yasha: Sengoku Otogi Gassen in US in March, the US version will simply named Inu Yasha, based on Rumiko Takahashi's hit anime of the same name. (source: fan email)

    March fan art contest will end in less than a week, get your entries in soon if you plan to participate. ^_^

    Posted by shippo on Tuesday March 25 ,2003
    Episode 103 screencap added!

    Ever wonder who else likes InuYasha other than Kagome and Kikyo? Find out in episode 103 - The Shichinintai, Resurrected!

    A side note to Hana Yori Dango fans, looks like the anime's been licensed, we can look forward to it being put on US store shelf soon.

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday March 20 ,2003
    InuYasha Movie Trailers & Music Videos

    InuYasha Movie Addition

  • Inu Yasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass - Trailer 1 New!
  • Inu Yasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass - Trailer 2 New! Media Downloads Addition
  • Music Video Screencap - From InuYasha to Kagome
  • Music Video Screencap - Movie Theme - No More Words
  • Posted by Shippo on Sunday March 16 ,2003
    InuYasha episode 102 screencap added!

    The wolf tribe gets attacked by an oni, Kouga comes to rescue. See Screencap section.....

    IY Time Change(contributed by: Herb Kirchhoff) Adult Swim's Web site has confirmed the upcoming time change for Inuyasha. It will be moved up by a half hour the evening of Monday March 31, to 12:30 a.m. instead of 1 a.m. (Technically, for those who program their VCRs to time-shift IY, that would be 12:30 a.m. the morning of Tuesday April 1).

    Posted by Shippo on Friday March 14 ,2003
    More Fan Connections things added..

    More proof of IY's Strength (contributed by:Herb Kirchhoff), the Web site for a trade newsletter in the pop culture retailing industry (comic stores etc.) reported this week that its Feb. retailer survey of the hottest-selling pop culture items showed an Inuyasha DVD, Vol. 2 "A girl's Best Friend" was the third largest selling anime DVD in that retail channel during Feb. It came in third behind 2 Robotech episode compilations. Considering how many other anime DVDs are out there, that's very impressive.

    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday March 11 ,2003
    New IYWorld section: "Fan Connections"

    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday March 11 ,2003
    Add IY Spoilers & Adult Swim info

    Visitors can now contribute to the IY spoiler Section. Come add in your fav InuYasha Spoiler!

    Some more possible reasons for why IY is in danger of being taken off Adult Swim. Read more about it.....

    Posted by Shippo on Monday March 10 ,2003
    Interesting InuYasha Stats - contributed by Herb Kirchhoff

    Here�s an indicator of Inuyasha�s popularity relative to the other series running in the weeknight Adult Swim block.  Everybody knows how you can use Google search-engine hit counts as a rough analytical tool for spotting patterns and trends perhaps worth more sophisticated analysis, by noting how many hits you get on each search string.  I ran a Google hit analysis on the

    Adult Swim shows by searching the anime show name, then adding the word fan to the string and finally adding the words Adult Swim to the string.    Here�s the results as of March 5:

    anime Cowboy Bebop 133,000 hits   +fan 43,000 hits   +Adult Swim 2,060 hits

    anime Inuyasha             58,100          +fan 13,500          +Adult Swim 1,350

    anime �Home Movies� 36,300          +fan   2,750          +Adult Swim    270

    anime Lupin 3rd              6,620           +fan   2,680         +Adult Swim     225

    anime Reign Conqueror    595           +fan      200         +Adult Swim     129

    anime Futurama           52,500           +fan   6,940         +Adult Swim      284

    Futurama                   433,000           +fan 42,700         +Adult Swim      811

    Posted by Shippo on Saturday March 08 ,2003
    More Screencaps & IY Petition info

    InuYasha screen shots for episode 101, 97, 90, 89, 85, 84, 83 and 82 are now available in Screencaps section.

    Public viewing of InuYasha Petition is ready as well.

    Posted by Shippo on Friday March 07 ,2003
    Movie Summaries & March Fan Art Entries

    The first IY movie is now available. thanks to Alex for contributing it! Contrats goes to Olivia for winning the February Fan Art Contest. The March one is now live, check out the current entries so far.

    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday March 04 ,2003
    New IY Wallpapers & Tips from IY fans

    2 new wallpapers added - arigatou, Kagura ^_^.

    Tips from Herbert Kirchhoff "Tell the fans that if they want to program their VCRs to catch IY episodes, they should make sure their VCR clock is set correctly, and then set their machines to record every Tues., Wed., Thurs. and Fri. from 1 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. eastern time, or whatever local time IY is run in their part of the country. Make sure there's a tape in the machine and the satellite or cable box is on and set to the Cartoon Network channel before going to bed. IY is worth learning how to program the VCR for. Do a trial run to make sure things work correctly. I set my VCR up and it worked perfectly. Just remember to keep watch on CN's times since the IY World schedule info indicates they may run IY earlier starting in April. And watch for power glitches that could erase the program or stop the clock."

    Posted by Shippo on Saturday, March 01,2003
    More Screencaps Available

    The screencaps for episode 100, 99, 98, 96, 95, 94, 91, 88, 87, 86 and 74 are now available in the Episode Screencap section.

    Enjoy, all!

    Posted by Shippo on Friday February 28 ,2003
    We want more InuYasha!

    It's time we take some action toward getting North American fans more IY episodes on TV. See how you can help out here.

    2 more fanarts entries have been added. We will start judging the February contest in the forum, join in!

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday February 27 ,2003
    InuYasha Icons & Avatars Added!

    Looking for a neat IY icon for your forum avatar or aims buddy icon? We now have a bunch ready for ya here!

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday February 27 ,2003
    New IY Episodes will be aired in May!

    It looks like we may get to see more InuYasha episodes beyond the 36 eps aired previously on Adult Swim. Please visit the TV Schedules section for more info.

    Special thanks goes to Coolboyman for providing the info in the Forum.

    Posted by Shippo on Sunday February 23 ,2003
    More InuYasha FanArts

    Two more fanart submissions added in Fan Arts Contest Section.

    If you plan to enter the February contest, please get your entries in before March. ^_^

    Posted by Shippo on Monday February 17 ,2003
    InuYasha Movies

    We have added in a new InuYasha Movies Section. If you haven't seen the first movie, "Love that Transcends Time", we have made available a screencap preview for you.

    Posted by Shippo on Monday February 17 ,2003
    More words on Cartoon Network Airing Schedules

    Cartoon Network has announced that, starting in March, Toonami is adding Yu Yu Hakusho as well as the final episodes for Dragonball Z. The programming block will also once again be shortened to a two hour programming block. Toonami was once before shortened to 2 hours in May of 2001. The third hour returned in June 2002. Also in March, Inu Yasha will be returning to Adult Swim. Trigun, meanwhile, has been pushed to an April debut.  

    News Source: Anime News Network (
    Posted by Shippo on Saturday February 15 ,2003
    We are officially moving to!

    After this site's daily traffic peaked at 1080 visitors a couple of days ago, I have decided to get the site officially hosted at The pages at, of course, will remain accessable and updated at the same time as IYWorld, it will be used as a mirror site. ^_^

    I like to thank my sponsor,, who provided the financial support to get this site hosted! If anyone interested in sponsoring IYWorld through advertisement, please email me. The hosting fee I will need to pay is very expensive. ^^''''

    Posted by Shippo on Friday February 14 ,2003
    Inuyasha Airing Changes again...

    Guys, we just got the new schedule for IY, it will now start on March 03, airing at 1:00am. See more info in TV Schedules

    Posted by Shippo on Thursday February 13 ,2003
    Screencaps for episode 80, 92, 93, 96 are now available!

    For the guys who can't wait for adult swim to air the future episodes, you can get a brief glance at the episodes in the Screen Caps section.

    Posted by Shippo on Tuesday February 11 ,2003
    Inuyasha will be back on air in March!

    Guys, after receiving a number of fan emails regarding adult swim switching IY's schedules around, I think there are some confusions about the official airing schedule. Please visit The TV Schedules section for more info on this.

    More IY Support from fans: Here's another email from Herbert Kirchhoff on ways to contact Cartoon Network and demand more IY:

    Found another way to contact Cartoon Network folks, via the Web. There's a page on their Web site where you can post feedback about their programming.  Web address is: It's easy to do.  But be polite and to the point -- avoid ranting. And if you use the Wab portal, give 'em a way to get back in touch with you like your e-mail address 'cause that adds credibility. These are businesspeople you're talking to and they won't respect us and listen to us if we come across as offensive.  Remember, they won't know we're out here until we tell them.  I'll be hunting up more ways for contacting CN and Adult Swim folks and will let you know as I find them. Tell 'em nicely how much Inuyasha means to us.  And spread the word to other Inuyasha fan sites on how to reach these folks!

    Posted by Shippo on Monday February 10 ,2003
    We want more Inuyasha! Guys, I received a fan email from Herbert Kirchhoff who kindly provided us with the information we need to get in touch with Cartoon Network, the US TV network that airs Inuyasha. Below is a copy of the email in it's original form:

    We should help make sure Adult Swim brings Inuyasha back and gets more episodes beyond Eps. 36.  We should write to them and to their parent Cartoon Network to let them know our desire.  You might want to put these postal addresses on your site with suggestion to write.  Yes, I know snail mail is lots of trouble to do, but that's why business execs pay attention to it where they ignore e-mails.  They figure that if someone's gone to the trouble of writing a real letter, they must really be concerned! Addresses are: Adult Swim    1065 Williams Street NW    Atlanta, GA 30309 Cartoon Network   1050 Techwood Drive NW    Atlanta, GA 30318 They won't know we're out here unless we tell them.  

    If you guys get any replies from them and wish to let other fans know about it, please email me.

    The second piece of news is the addition of a new profile editor to our IY World team. Please welcome Sango44!

    If you would like to help in the site development of IY World, please email ^_^

    Posted by Shippo on Saturday February 08 ,2003
    The entries received for the February Fan Art Contest has been posted up. Check them out! They are all really nice. We will begin to judge the contest when a few more entries are received. ^_^
    Posted by Shippo on Thursday February 06 ,2003
    The 1st edition of Inuyasha Fan Club Newsletter is now out!
    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday February 05 ,2003
    The Inuyasha schedules shown on Adult Swim are now up in the "TV Schedules" section. More will be updated as they become available.
    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday February 05 ,2003
    Taking InuYasha off Adult Swim!

    Guys, Inuyasha will be taken off Adult Swim for about a month, but don't worry, it will be put back on air on March 10th!

    Thanks to Derek&Anime for contributing this piece of news.

    More information is available in the forum.

    Posted by Shippo on Sunday January 26 ,2003
    The Inuyasha Fan Club member listing is now available, go check out who's everybody's fav character and where everyone's from in the Fan Clubs section!
    Posted by Shippo on Sunday January 19 ,2003
    The inuyasha screencaps have finally been loaded up. Check them out in the Screen Caps section. There are around 70 episodes currently available. We need help on the missing episodes, it would be great if you can contribute them. Please email if you would like to help! Thanks in advance!