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Things to Do to Jaken

Squish, stomp, split, smash, and bop him until there's nothing left to squish, stomp, etc.
Throw him into the spring of drowned mouse and feed him to shampoo.
Tell Inu-yasha that he has a shard imbedded deep inside his body.
Put him in a strait jacket, lock him in a small room and make him watch reruns of pokemon
Rip his head off and use it as a bowling ball.
Stick him in the microwave and fry him until he blows up.
Steal the stupid two-headed staff thingie, raise it above your head, scream bloody murder and chase him down the road, scaring him sh**less.
Light him on fire and watch him run around screaming.
Sic Rin on him.
Tell Sesshou-maru that Jaken called him "fluffy"
Tell Inu-yasha that Jaken dissed his mom.
Throw him in the middle of a fight between Inu-yasha, Sango, and Miroku vs. Naraku.
Give Shippou cappuccino and lock him in a room with Jaken.
Make him baby-sit Rin
Ambush him in a dark alley, bop him over the head and while he's unconscious put a sailor scout uniform on him and mail him back to Sess.
Steal the staff of heads and tell Sess that Jaken lost it again.
Put handcuffs on him and lock him in a Tupperware container.

Here's a big one from me

Replace Tenseiga with a real sword and tell Sesshoumaru that Jaken needs another demonstration

*Special thanks to xXMystrssNarakuXx for contributing these.

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