NameKagome Higurashi
RolesGood Guys
PersonalityKagome is a happy-go-lucky girl. she is fun, and high-spirited, but when it has to do with protecting her friends, she is serious.
WeaponBow and Arrows
First Appeared InVol. 1 Episode 1
DescriptionWhile helping her younger brother, Souta, search for their cat, Buyo, Kagome is pulled into a well by a centipede-demon. Being Kikyo's reincarnation, she had the Shikon no tama, jewel of four souls, inside of her stomach. She meets Inuyasha on the sacred God Tree, pinned against it by Kikyo's sacred Miko arrow. Kagome pulls it out, in a desperate attempt to stay alive, being that she was pinned to the tree, against IY, by the centipede demon. IY saves her, but wants to Shikon jewel, that came out of Kagome. But, Lady Kaede, Kikyo's younger sister, put prayer beads around his neck, causing IY to fall to the ground whenever Kagome says "Osawri!" (sit.) In an attempt to get the jewel back from a crow demon, Kagome shoots an arrow at it, and it bursts into a bunch of shards. So, IY and Kagome search for the jewel shards together. Kagome has intimate feelings for IY, but he likes Kikyo, whom I hate very, very, very, very much. Kagome and IY still stay together 'til the end, duh.