RolesBad Guys
DescriptionOnigumo was a bandit, that had suffered severe burn wounds. Because of the severeness of his wounds Onigumo was paralized and could no longer move. He was found by Kikyo and a young *cough* Kaede. They placed him inside a cave so that they could tend to jhis wounds and try their best to heal him. So everyday Kikyo would come and tend to Onigumo, and tell him about the hanyou, Inu-Yasha (for whom she had great desires for at the time). Everyday Onigumo lusted for Kikyo more and more, and everyday his anger for Inu-Yasha also grew. This coninued pattern continued untill Kikyo mentioned the Shikon no Tama. then after the next few days Onigumo would call forth a few demons, and after a while he had called so many that Kikyo could no longer fend the off. Onigumo was angry,adn calleda ll of hte demons in the area to him. He said "Feast upon my flesh and give me a body that I can use to take the Shikon no Tama from Kikyo and make it better." The demons ate away his flesh and gave him a bod, that was very powerful. The only catch was that he still ahd a human heart, so no matter how hard he tried he could still be won over by pety human emotions.

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