RolesGood Guys
AgeThought to be atleast 70+
PersonalitySesshomaru is very cold hearted towards his enemies and is usually very quiet and only speaks when he makes a point. He feels healing hatred towards his half brother, Inuyasha, who has the Tessuiga, a blade that can eliminate 100 demons in a single stroke, that actually belongs to him from his father. He shows pitty towards Inuyasha because he cares for humans. The only human Sesshomaru cares for is a young orphan girl named Rin because she had tried to save him when he was injured by the Tessuigas wind scar. Sesshomaru also gives a bit of remorse towards his servent and friend, Jaken, who is an imp.
WeaponTokijin, Tenseiga, Light whips, Tail, Dokasso.
First Appeared InThe Phantom Sword
DescriptionSesshomaru is among the most powerful demons in the fuedal era. He is the ruler of the Western lands and inherited all of his fathers wealth and respect. His blade, the Tenseiga, is a sword of healing that cannot harm flesh, but can save lives. If it is used at its maximum power it can save 100 lives in a single stroke. His other sword, the Tokijin, was forged by the fangs of a demon named Goshinki, who broke the Tessuiga with its fangs. Tokijin's most powerful attack is called "Sooryuha", which translates into "Azure Dragon Blast". Tokijin is a bit more powerful then the Tessuiga when in sesshomarus hands. Sesshomarus basic attack is the Dokasso, a poison strike that melts the victem. Another is his light whips that extend from his fingers and last his tail. Sesshomarus nature hides his most demonic form, a giant demon dog nick named "Fluffy". When in this form, he stands atleast 40 feet tall and has acid like breath. Sesshomaru rarely uses this form unless he is up against a strong opponent. Sesshomaru has a very common enemy like Inuyasha, Naraku. Naraku once tried to steal Sesshomarus energy to become a ful fledged demon by using plant like body parts. It looked like Naraku was winning when the roots wrapped around Sesshomaru completely but it turned out that Sesshomaru used Narakus body to sheild himself from the Kaza No Kizu. Naraku often flees from Sesshomaru because no matter what form, body, or power he gains, Sesshomaru always defeats him.