RolesBad Guys
PersonalityCold, stoic, and uncaring (mostly). He almost never shows emotion and hates Inuyasha and company.
WeaponClaws, Poison, Tensaiga, Tokigen, His True Form
First Appeared InBetween episodes 5 and 10
DescriptionThe tall, white-haired, regal, full-blooded older half-brother of Inuyasha, Sesshomaru is the the Lord of the Western Lands. He appears early on in the series when he tricks and attacks Inuyasha to find out where their father, Lord Inutaisho's grave is. Sesshomaru finds the key to finding it hidden in Inuyasha's eye, and takes it to travel to the grave to retrieve the legendary sword, Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha ends up defeating him and, with the help of Kagome, gets the sword. Sesshomaru loses his left arm in the battle which follows, and he flies off, wounded. We see glimpses of him throughout the series, traveling around with his two-headed dragon, Ah-Un, and his loyal retainer Jaken. He ends up with the life-giving sword, Tensaiga. The next time he makes another major appearance is when he is approached by Naraku. Naraku gives him a Shard of the Shikon No Tama and a human arm so he can weild the Tetsusaiga. Naraku screws with the plan and Sesshomaru goes off without the arm and returns to his own affairs. One of the biggest, most surprising events happens right after Sesshomaru's and Inuyasha's fight (it happens in the same episode as when the Inu-gang meet Kouga). Sesshomaru got blasted by the Wind-Scar, saved by the Tensaiga, and transported to a clearing by the village terrorized by Kouga's wolves. He wakes up and is visited by Rin, a mute village child. She tries to give him some food and water, but he refuses. Later, Rin is chased by the wolves and tries to run to Sesshomaru, but is caught and killed on the path. Sesshomaru finds her body and he feels his sword pulse with life, and he correctly deciphers it as wanting to save Rin. He brings her back to life with his sword and she tags along with him. She ends up as a permanent member of the group and stays with Jaken and the two-headed dragon while Sesshomaru is fighting and/or dealing. After that, Sesshomaru does quite a few things to enhance the anime plot, including getting a new sword (Tokigen), investigating the doings of Inuyasha (and fighting him), making deals with Kagura, etc. He is counted as a bad guy, but he is not a major threat to Inuyasha because he has the healing sword and, in certain episodes, he shows a strange sort of caring for Inuyasha, by trying to bring out the best in him.