RolesBad Guys
WeaponTenseiga, Tokijin; Dokkasou, ki whip
First Appeared In5 (?)
Description**WARNING Contains some spoilers** Sesshoumaru is Inuyasha's elder half-brother. Elegant, sophisticated and deadly, he is the result of the past marriage of Inuyasha's illustrious father (the Dog-demon Lord of the Western Lands) and a high-powered youkai female. Powerful in his own right, he is considered to be the youkai (demon) equivalent of a royalty, and has a legion of lesser demons (essentially Jaken's entire race) that serve his every command. Initially Sesshoumaru enters the story intent on finding his father's grave in order to steal the sword Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha's inheritance from their dead father. Sesshoumaru is an accomplished fighter and almost constantly defeats Inuyasha when they quarrel. In the first few battles, Sesshoumaru uses nothing but hand-to-hand combat (incl. the Toxic Flower Claw) to defeat his opponents. He also has the use of the Tenseiga and Tokijin, but never uses the former due to complications (it cannot kill). He begins to favor sword work more after he gains access to the Tokijin. Even Naraku fears to fight Sesshoumaru directly. Unlike other demons, however, Sesshoumaru does not often kill for enjoyment. Usually the only humans he murders are those he percieves as being in his way (like the samurai from episode 5, whose camp stood on one of his father's potential grave sites). Still, he does not appear to care for human life of any type, save that of Rin's. Sesshoumaru almost always appears in a basically human form. His true form, a massive traditional dog demon with red eyes, is very similar to that of his father. While not being a main character in Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru is still a notable and influential member of the series.