RolesBad Guys
AgeAppears 20, but is several hundred years old
PersonalitySesshomaru is Inuyasha's full demon brother. He is the son of one of the most powerful demons to have ever existed, a blood line he shares with his brother Inuyasha. Despite the fact that he hates Inuyasha, he will openly admit that he is is brother. He despises his half-breed brother and all humans (except Rin). He is the lord of the western lands (a title left to him by his father) and regularly roams them fighting off any enemy. Sesshomaru has an amazingly cold disposition, he never shows emotion (except anger). He only shows pain in extreme cases (ex: severed arm and a direct blow from the wind scar). Sesshomaru is a very vengeful individual and shows no mercy to those who stand against him. Once Sesshomaru has made up his mind to kill an individual then there is usually only a chance of survival if the individual is very very powerful. Personality wise, Sesshomaru is not actually evil. He does no evil acts in order to simply do them, there is always a motive behind them that is actually very logical. Sesshomaru simply does what he wants and when he wants in order to make a personnal gain, rather that action is benevolent or malevolent is purly consequential and does not concern him.
WeaponTenseiga, Tokijin, Body, and occasional magic
First Appeared InThe Aristocratic Assasin, Sesshomaru
DescriptionSesshomaru is a very powerful demon. Unlike his brother, he is a full-blooded demon. In all actuality he is the most powerful character to appear in the series, if one only counts birth given abilities. Sesshomaru is incredibly strong. Where others struggle in a battle with Inuyasha, Sesshomaru usually defeats his younger brother with relative ease. He is very beautiful and is often mistaken for a fragile noble (something that bandits often do not live to regret). Sesshomaru is also proficient in use of magics. He can fly, create a cloud on which he can float, and he can engulf himself in a white ball which transports him. His primary weapons are his claws, which can inject poison. His swords are the tenseiga (which can not cut a person, but only heal or remove death) and the tokijin (a sword that can only destroy). While in human form, Sesshomaru has incredible speed, in fact he moves so fast that most enemies (including Inuyasha) have trouble just following his movements. Sesshomaru is also capable of transforming into a 20 ft. canine, which has acidic saliva that creates toxic fumes.