RolesBad Guys
AgeUnknown, at least 10-20 years older than InuYasha
WeaponTokijin, Tensega, poison claws, and whip
DescriptionAs InuYasha's older bother, Sesshoumaru is the opposite of everything InuYasha is. Cold, calm and ruthless,Sesshoumaru is one of the most powerful and feared demons in all of Japan, having fought alongside his father countless battles before InuYasha was born. When he's first introduced, he's searching out his father's sword, Tetsusaiga. Even though he loses the sword to InuYasha, he tries(and sometimes succeeds)to steal it back, unleashing the hidden technique Wind Scar as though he'd wielded the blade countless times before. His desire to obtain Tetsusagia is put on hold when he realizes that the sword binds InuYasha's frightfully powerful demon side, and instead decides to hunt down Naraku and his associates. Considering his hatred of humans, his reasons for bringing the young girl Rin back to life and then allowing her to travel with him are still unclear. He always leaves Jaken behind to protect her while he fights, and is determined to kill Kohaku after the boy kidnaps and threatens Rin's life. His name means Perfect Killer, or Destroyer of Life.

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