RolesBad Guys
AgeUm...probably a couple of centuries old
PersonalityIn the beginning of the series Sesshoumaru is cold-hearted, arrogant, indifferent, silent and shows no mercy. As the story progresses he is arrogant, indifferent, silent and shows no mercy. Yup, he basically remains the strong, silent type throughout the show. *HOWEVER*, note that I did not repeat 'cold-hearted' because, though he still tries to kill Inuyasha and does do away with those who are in his way, he does show that he can care for something, namely Rin. Sesshoumaru is a youkai of few words and even fewer emotions. Next to his usual indifferent )and sometimes bored) expression he does get angry (mainly when dealing with Inuyasha or Naraku) but that's about it. When he *does* smile (it only happens about three times in the series...but he had a *GORGEOUS* smile!!) it is something to be afraid of because that means either someone is going to die or will end up seriously crippled. *SPOILER* In the 3rd Inuyasha movie Sesshoumaru actually saved Inuyasha from being blown to pieces by the enemy's power by pushing him out of the way, taking the brunt of the blast himself. Some may argue that Inuyasha was simply in his way of attacking but that was clearly not the case. Even Miroku commented on that and Sango agreed with him. So it would appear that, though a big brotherly hug ain't coming up anytime soon, Sesshoumaru does care for his little brother, despite how much he denies it.
WeaponTenseiga, Toukijin, poison, claws, transformation
First Appeared InEpisode 5
DescriptionSesshoumaru is Inuyasha's half-brother and a full youkai; infact, he is often referred to as the Perfect Youkai. While the two brothers share the same father Sesshoumaru's mother was a full demon too but she is never mentioned in the series or manga. It is revealed in the third Inuyasha movie that the relationship between Inutaisho (their father) and Sesshoumaru was rather strained as Sesshoumaru could not come to terms with his father's love for humans. Another thing shown in the movie is that Sesshoumaru was already an adult by the time Inuyasha was born and it appears that the two had no contact with each other until Inuyasha got older. When he died Inutaicho left his two swords behind, one for each son. Inuyasha inherited Tetsusaiga, the sword which can slay one hundred demons in one swing. Sesshoumaru received Tenseiga, the sword which can bring one hundred dead people back to life in one swing. Being one who craves power it is understandible that Sesshoumaru was angered that his father gave him a healing sword while his half-breed half-brother got the mighty Tetsusaiga. Throughout most of the series he tries to kill Inuyasha in hopes of getting Tetsusaiga (though the sword can not be held by a full youkai; a barier placed on it by their father before his death). Sesshoumaru's appearance is one you would expect from a lord (He is the Lord of the Western Lands) and is best described as elegant and graceful in everything he does, whether simply wandering or in the heat of the battle. Being a full youkai means that Sesshoumaru's human-like appearance isn't his true form. When transformed he becomes a huge, white dog with large red eyes with the ability to spew poison from his mouth. Still, compared to the size from his father's skeleton, it can be concluded that Sesshoumaru is still young for a youkai.