RolesBad Guys
AgeAs shown in the third movie, he's older than 200**
PersonalitySesshoumaru on the outside seems indifferent, arrogant, cool, calm, and collected. Sesshoumaru never hesitates in whatever he does, and either gives it his all or doesn't even bother. He also has a strong sense of pride and honour. Sesshoumaru doesn't talk unless he has something to say, most of the sentences that we hear are taunts to Inu Yasha. When he does talk, his words are blunt and get straight to the heart of the matter. He seems to have great patience with things, one of which is his ward- Rin. Although he seems cold on the outside, Sesshoumaru is an enigma for he not only brought a human girl back to life; he also allows her to travel with him. He dislikes human, and sees them as insects- Rin seems to be the exception though. He exudes a sense of superiority, and his every movement is refined and controlled. When fighting, it seems like he relies on his instincts a lot. Sesshoumaru seems to be a loner, preferring to stay away from others. Unlike other demons, Sesshoumaru has no use for the Shikon no Tama, he would rather earn power than gain it through false means. He strives to be as powerful as his father was, wanting to surpass his father in all things. Even though Sesshoumaru is termed as a villain, he is more like an anti-hero in certain aspects.
WeaponToukijin, Tenseiga, Dokkasou, Light Whip *
First Appeared InAristocratic Assassin, Sesshoumaru
DescriptionHe is a full-blooded demon and very powerful, being the Lord of the Western Lands. Sesshoumaru would look almost human were it not for his facial markings, such as a Prussian blue crescent moon, and magenta stripes on both cheeks. His golden eyes rarely reveal any emotion, and have red markings on the eyelids. Sesshoumaru has pointed ears and silver-white hair that flows to his knees or so. He also has magenta stripes on his wrists; and where blunt fingernails should be, he has claws, as well as fangs for his canine teeth. As for his physique, Sesshoumaru is well built although he looks to be of a slim build. He has bone armor over his very adorned outfit. His clothing is white, that occasionally sports ***red patches with flower decorations in certain places; a yellow and blue sash also holds his swords. He also has a furry wrap around his right shoulder, what this fluffy thing is exactly is not known. He also has black boots. This demon has an appearance that can almost be mistaken as being feminine. Sesshoumaru's greatest feature is that he is missing his left arm.