RolesGood Guys
Ageat least 70
Personalitycold, calm, unemotional, too cool to care attitude, hate being played around by other.(sesshoumaru is my favorite male character).
Weapontensaiga, tokijin, his energy whip from his claws
DescriptionSesshoumaru is Inuyasha's older, half brother. He first appeared when he was looking for his father's grave. He created a fake image of Inuyasha's mother in order to trick him into revealing where the grave is. Inuyasha didn't know where it was, but Sesshoumaru figured it out. He took the black pearl out of Inuyasha's eye. Their father hided his grave inside Inuyasha's eye! Inside the portal, he couldn't pulled out the Tetsusaiga because of the barrier. The barrier didn't affect Inuyasha, but he couldn't pulled it out either. After Kagome pulled out the sword and gave it to Inuyasha, he transformed into his true form, a giant dog. Inuyasha cut of his left arm with the transformed Tetsusaiga. He later teamed up with Naraku. Naraku offered him a human arm with a jewel shard in it so he could use Tetsusaiga. He took Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha and showed him the real power of the sword. It could kill a hundred demons in one move. When a very seriously injured Inuyasha took the sword back, he left. After he got his new sword, Toukijin, he lost interest in Tetsusaiga. His new mission in life is to destroy Naraku, because he kidnapped Rin and tried to absorb him into his body. Sesshoumaru is also the owner of Tenseiga, the sword of healing.