RolesGood Guys
PersonalityQuiet, deadly, doesn't talk much and pretty much shows no emmotion.
WeaponPoison claws, Energy whip, Tenseiga and Toukijin,
DescriptionSesshoumaru is Lord of the West who tavels with his servent Jacken, who looks to be a toad demon of some kind, a two head dragan, and a young human girl by the name of Rin. Un-like his half-brother Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru is a full demon who shares the same father with Inuyasha. The two brothers are always fighting. When they meet and the first time they do in the Anime/Manga Sesshoumaru's left arm is cut off. The main and maybe only real reason he fights with his brother is because he wants inuyasha's sword the Tetsusaiga, a sword which could kill a 100 demon in one swipe. But there's one problem. He can't touch it. There is some kind of spell on the Tetsusaiga that doesn't let full demon touch it and lets humans, and Inuyasha. So Sesshoumaru for some time stole the arms of humans but none lasted lone enough and he gave up on the whole 'lets play sleat the human's arm' game. Fun, fun. Even though Sesshoumaru seems cold-hearted there are some rare moments when he can be...'nice'. A few times he has saved Rin, like from being killed by means of Naraku or falling off the side of a cliff. He even lets the human travil with him even though he hates humans...