RolesVery Bad Guys
PersonalityEVIL, Evil and evil, he also loves Kikyo.
First Appeared In20
DescriptionThis is the first Naraku. Onigumo was cared for by Keade and Kikyo,( when you see him in the episode he looks kinda like a mummy) because he was severly injured he could not move But he was hungry for power he could not get, so he let demons take over his body to gain more strenth, when a fire started in Onigumo's cave it was thought that he had died, consumed by flame. but there was a spot in the cave (Inu and gang found out) that no moss or grass would grow. The spot that Onigumo once lay. So I guess that Onigumo came back as Naraku to kill Inu and get Kikyo.

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