RolesExtremely Bad Guys
Personalityrather unique and varies depending on the situation. He can go from cute and innocent to sadistic and violent if the right "cute guy" happens to walk his way. He seems to have no problem flaunting his homosexuality- wearing a hiked-up pink yukata, lipstick and openly hitting on anyone he finds worthwhile.
First Appeared In episode 120
DescriptionJakotsu is third in command of the Shichinin-tai, a group of seven warriors-for-hire who were once the scourge of the Northeastern provinces. Because of their grotesque methods of murder (hacking people into pieces and burning them to ashes), the Daimyou of the area sent out warriors to kill them. The warriors chased the Shichinin-tai through the mountains to a deserted village in the north. Then the seven Shichinin-tai warriors were decapitated and buried in the Shichinin Graves. Ten years after the reappearance of the Shikon no Tama, Naraku placed seven of the shards he possessed in the dead mercenaries' throats, bringing them to life as zombies. Jakotsu hates women, and he kills them first. Before he kills the men, he either rapes them or just plays around with them (if they're cute). But, strangely enough, he likes kids, although his appearance is disturbing to them.