RolesBad Guys
Age varies
PersonalityDespite the fact they survive by devouring another's soul, they amazingly still possess traits of a/the true mother. They possess all memories of the mother they look like and are surprisingly willing to protect the real mother's offspring or other love ones, even though they are not the real mother.
Weapon creates illusions and sucks out victims' souls
First Appeared In6-7
DescriptionBy means of trying to discover the whereabouts of his father's shrine, Sesshomaru used an un-mother that looked liked Inuyasha's mother, thinking his younger half-brother might know where it is, discover it, or provide a clue. Un-mothers are either a desceased mother's lost soul fueled by evil, or an apparation that bears a dead mother's resemblance.It sorrowfully searches for the mother's children and/or wanders aimlessly out of grief if the children are to have perished, possibly sucking out the souls of those that look almost like to the deceased offspring. When Sesshomaru tried to kill Inuyasha after he dicovered the location of their father's tomb, the un-mother threw itself in between the two, sacrificing its' life out of love for Inuyasha.