NameKagome Higurashi
RolesGood Guys
PersonalityKagome is a very strong, compassionate, charming girl. She cares deeply for everyone around her and likes to help people. She doesn't give up easily and is a very brave girl. GO KAGOME!
WeaponBow and arrows
First Appeared In#1
DescriptionKagome Higurashi lives in modern Tokyo in the year 1997.She lives in a japanese temple. It just so happens that this temple is a means of transportation to fuedal Japan! On her 15th birthday, Kagome is deliberately transported to the "sengoku jidai" (fuedal era) by a centipede demon. She is the reincarnation of an ancient miko(priestess)by the name of Kikyo.There she meets the hanyou(half demon) Inuyasha who was sealed to a tree for 50 years. Later on, the jewel shatters when Kagome hits a bird demon with her arrow.Now Inuyasha and Kagome must team up to uncover the shards before someone evil gets a hold of them all....then they will be in real trouble!