NamePriestess Midoriko
RolesGood Guys
PersonalityNot much is known about the Priestess Midoriko.From the stories about her she seems to be couragous,pure of heart,and very strong.
DescriptionMidoriko is a Powerfull Priestess who forged the Skikon no tama(a.k.a. jewel of the four souls.She was reveared by the Demon exterminators and was feared by all demons for her great power and her ability to purify the souls of any living thing.Soon enough the demons had enough and decided to put an end to Midoriko.One day hundreds of demons gathered near the exterminators village and fused becoming one mighty demon.Priestess Midoriko fought the creature for 7 days and 7 nights keeping it at bay in a near by cave.The battle was long and Midoriko grew weak.Just as the Demon was about to devour her she clutched her chest and ripped the shikon no tama from it.Using the last of her strength she subdued the beast.Unfortunately she didin't survive and somehow in the attempt to purify the beast,both the demon and Midorikos souls were sealed within the Shikon jewel.After the demon exterminators discovered the cave of the big battle they sealed it and Made it into a memorial/armory where they made weapons and armor.As for the jewel it was intrusted to a young priestess named Kikyo for safe keeping. priestess Midoriko is considered to be the greatest priestess of the feudal era.