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Get your very own email address at! Defend your fan identity!

How does this work?

Your email address at will act as a forwarder and automatically redirect all your emails to your current mail box. There's no need to configure anything, you can check your emails from your current service providers as usual. But instead of a boring Yahoo! or Hotmail email, you will have a new neat and unique email address such as!

So I can have any address I want?

Yes, as long as the address you're requesting is not yet taken. We assign the emails on a first come first serve basis.

Is this free? is a reputable website and we want your email address to carry the same good reputation. To prevent spammers from abusing our servers, there's a $5 sign up fee to activate a new email address. Each activation includes one year of forwarding service.*

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Only letters and numbers are allowed in the email address, no special characters or spaces.**

I want

*Renewal service fee is $5 per year.
**Please respect this service and do not select any email user name that others may find offensive. reserves the right to cancel service if we receive reports of you abusing the usage of the email address in any way such as sending spams, virus or illegal files.

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