Episode 102 - The Wolf Tribe is Attacked by Zoombies Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 102 - The Wolf Tribe is Attacked by Zoombies. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kouga clashes with Kyoukotsu, the first of the Shichinintai who has been killing off demons in the area occupied by Ayame's tribe. He manages to kill Kyoukotsu by ripping the Shikone jewel shard from his forehead which sustained his life.
Episode Summary for Episode 102 - The Wolf Tribe is Attacked by Zoombies. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

its nighttime. in a village, beams of light begin to shine
from the botom of a grave. the grave cracks in half and the
crypt collapse. kohaku slowly walks over to the destroyed
gravesite with 7 shards in his right hand. the sun is
beaming through the trees. miroku is trying to find a path
to get them to the northeast (naraku evil energy was going
that way) miroku is far ahead of the rest. kagome thinks
about the monkeys gods words about an evil energy passing
toward the northeast. it was very strong. she comes to the
conclusion that only naraku couldve had such a strong evil
aura. inu yasha get very frustrated and wonder where that
b@stard naraku couldve went to. sango tells him he probably
went into hiding since he broke his barrier. shippo call
naraku a coward and says all he ever does is hide. inu
yasha stop abruptly. everyone is curios of his sudden
actions. inu being smart for once says, what if naraku
anticpated us following him and he has a trap waiting for
us. they all discuss that naraku has set trap for them b4
and everytime they do follow him they end up fighting some
kind of challenge. they all stop talking and look outward.
kagome wonders where in the world could naraku have gone
to. ayame is running through the forest with her white
wolves. in the sky there are several strips of dark energy
flying away. ayame wonders why these demons are fleeing.
she and her wolves jump off the cliff, land, and continue
running. there is purple mist over a specific section of
the forest. grandpa wolf, (a white talking wolf the leader
of the wolf tribes) sniff around and picks up a scent. to
more wolves tell him that the valley strongholds have been
completely anihilated and also the caves in the valley as
well. another wolf with a scar on its right eye says that
this evil energy devours everything in its path, half of
the mountain has been engulfed by it. 4 injured wolf demons
tell the elder that they cant make a dent in it at all,(two
of the wolves collapse to the groud) they cant beat it
useless they have shikon shards. ayame arrives and tell him
that its approaching this way. one wolf demon says that
they cant do anything to help, they need kouga. the other
wold demon gets very frustrated and is angered that ayame
couldnt convince kouga to marry her and join them. ayame
becomes breathless for a second then a growl comes from
behind them all. several demons attack. they all run for
their lives. the demons are gaining on the elder wolf and
ayame. ayame tell him to split up just b4 the demon make
their move. the wolves, wolf demons begin to fight as much
as they can. ayame wonders why in the world these demons
are doing this. the elder tell her that they r starving
since the ogre has eaten there usual prey. to of the wolf
demons get devoured and the demon move on to the others.
ayame throws her leaves and nails 3 demons in teh skull.
ayame tells everyone to cross the river b4 the demons
devour them all. ayame punch the ground with several leaves
on it. she makes a tonadoe and it hits al the demons. the
tornadoe disappears. back to kouga. he and his wolves are
drinking soe water when hakkaku and ginta ell him about an
evil presence that has been around these parts and then
just vanished. kouga asks where did this evil vanish at.
hakkaku and ginta tell him that no one knows where. kouga
becomes frustrated and looks outward to the purple mist
over the land. he thinks that the evil presence must be
near ayames territory. *flashback of ayame trying to
convince kouga to marry her* kouga says that he wouldve
gone with her if she told him an ogre was the cause of all
this uproar. kouga get worried and thinks to himself that
he has a bad feeling about this. kouga sniffs the air and
finds a disturbing scent. the blue waterfall turns purplish
brown with blood. ayame and the rst of the wolves and wolf
demons are still running. the elder trips. ayame rushes
over to him with concern. the elder in a sorta pained voice
tell her that he is jst tired, nothing more. he tries to
stand up again cries out in agony and collapses again.
ayame is even more concerned and tell him to hang in there.
the demons growl can be heard now. one wolf demon tell
everyone that the demons are coming closer. one wolf tell
everyone about his plan to buy the some time. ayame yell to
him that he cant do that or else he will die. he tell her
in a determined tone to protect the elder and find kouga.
thats all thta matters now. they must get away from this
zombie. ayame tries to stop him, but he has aleady jumped
down the cliff setting his plan into motion. ayame begins
to tear as she thinks uncle (the wolf who is sacrificing
himself right now) wont make it since he is already
injured. one wolf demon tell ayame to go. they dont have
time and not let his sacrifice go to waste. uncle is begins
to slow down and is breathing heavily as he runs. just then
several demons find him and attack. one bites through his
back. another through his head another through his
stomache. uncle scream out in agony. just then kouga comes
and beat up the demons. pieces of demon fall to the ground.
back at the river the wolves ginta hakkaku and kouga
surround uncle. uncle thanks kouga for saving him. kouga is
surprised that the wolf can talk. uncle tell him he took
such a great risk but all his efforts were for naught. its
too late. the wolfs vision begins to blur. kouga gazes at
him and asks if he is from the elders tribe.hakkaku tell
uncle that ayame tried to bring kouga to help. uncle
interrupts him and weakly asks where kouga is and looks
around. kouga comes closer to him and introduces himself.
uncle manages to muster a smile and says he is glad he
could meet him and tell him that they abandoned the
northern mountains and fled for their lives. hakkaku asks
him what they r running from. he weakly tell them they are
running from a zombie. he explains that it came form
someplace further up north than them, (image of a huge
zombie surrounded by purple fire) it isnt a demon or a
human and its body give off the stench of corpses and
graves, and then its started eating all the demons in teh
area. (kouga starts gritting his teeth while uncle cries
out in pain) they all bury him. ginta and hakkaku ask what
they will do now. kouga a bit tear eyed tells them that
they are going. they wonder why they are going since this
has nothing to do with naraku. kouga stands up looking
determined as he says, i dont know, but i am going to find
out, you think i will leave be someone who killed our
comrades, besides dogsh1t is headed this way, there is no
mistaking that disgusting scent. lol. kouga says he refuses
to have inu yasha beat him there. he turns into a tornadoe
and rushes off. they all run after him. back with inu
yasha. inu yasha is carrying shippo, kagome and her bike
O_o while the rest are on kirara. inu smells the scent of
wolves and that stuck up scent can only be kouga. lol.
miroku wonders why kouga is going toward the northeast as
well. sango gets hopeful and says maybe kouga found
something out about naraku. ayame voice comes from the sky
saying, did u just say kouga? her tornadoe appears infront
of them. inu yasha stop abruptly which send shippo flying,
but ayame catches him. everyone is surprised to see her.
ayame hands back shippo over to kagome and kagome asks her
if she did return to the northern mountains. she tell them
all that they had to flee because of an ogre thats after
them all. and that its an ogre that eats its own kind.
everyone is shocked by her words. there are 2 men walking
in the forest. thunders booms overhead and eerie looking
birds fly over them. the student tells his master in a
terrified voice to stop and if they continue to travel
through these mountains, they will be forced to sleep
outside tonight and they should return to town. the master
says, what r u afraid of, COME. the student tell him about
the ogre that has been in this area. the master has a
determind look and says he will take care of the ogre with
his buddha powers. he then laughs as another burst of
thunder sounds overhead. they then stop. more birds fly
overhead and the whoel sky darkens and pruple is added to
it. loud thunderous footstep approach them. the student is
scared and begins to shake. the ground begins to shakea tre
falls down almost crashing onto them. the master looks
toward the sky with terror in his eyes. a HUGE mountainous
figure can be seen. its begins to growl. its tongue is
sticking out as is devours the demons. the ogre notices
them. the master is petrfied and shaking while the student
starts to mumble and stutter. when he finally manages to
talk he tell master to use his powers on the ogre. the
master holds up a small chain in the air, his hand shaking,
he gives up and runs for his life abandoning his student.
the student quickly follows him as the ogres eyes glow
bright red. back at the cave with the wolf demons. inu
yasha and ayames group are there and ayame is caring for
the elder wolf. kagome asks her about the zombie. ayame
tells her its not human or demon. the grandfather weakly
tell them that the zombie came from far northeast. ayame
tell them that it devoured all teh demons in the area and
then it came to there territory. grandfather wolf tell them
that most of there kin were devoured. sango wonders why
this happended and asks ayame that they are very strong
arent they. ayame tells her that the ogre is stronger.
shippo on mirokus shoulder asks them if such a thing
exists. miroku explains that if one bears a grudge and
never release the resentment, it is possible to turn into
an ogre but... sango continues, but an ogre with the
abiliyt to devour demons... what could give life to such a
perposterous creature. inu and kagome says only naraku
couldve. ayame tells kagome that she has to lead the elder
and the rest of her tribe away from her. kagome smiles, she
says she understands and will let kouga know that they are
all safe. ayame thanks her. outside the cave, kagome waves
goodbye to them all and tells them to be careful. ayame
yell back to them that the ogre gives off a scent of
corpses and burial soil. in a dark forest u can here
chomping noises. kohaku is on a tree branch and calls out
to kyoukotsu. the ogre looks up. kohaku warns the ogre that
"he" will be here soon, the one with the shikon shards. the
ogre is very creepy looking. he laughs and says, oh? the
one for whom i was brought here b4 my bothers? kohaku or
w/e u r called u can go now. (his eyes bulge and veins
bulge from his from them) but first GIVE ME THE SHARDS IN
UR BACK. the ogre attacks but kohaku is quick, uses hi
sickle and slices his hand off. 2 of narakus bees are
watching them. kyoukotsu picks up his hands and says he
values his life. he reconnects his hand and a purple glow
comes from it and fuses it back together. there is a shikon
shards in his forehead. there are wolves running up a
mountain and a HUGE hands attacks which sends some wolves
flying. kouga saves them and demands for it not to mess
with his wolves. kyoukotsu just laughs and recognizes kouga
as the one with the shards. kouga is shocked. kyoukotsu
demands that kouga hand them over along with his life.
ginta and hakkaku are shaking in fear syaing that he is so
HUGE. kouga angrily asks kyoukotsu if he is the zombie/
ogre killing everyone. kouga yell at him that he stinks and
smells of rotting corpses. kyoukotsu just laughs and says
it has been a while since he rose from the grave, i have
got to eat more flesh to add to my body. (there is a
closeup os kyoukotsus left eye and kouga is in it)
kyoutkotsu attack and misses. kouga jumps into the air and
kick him in the face knocking him to thte ground. kouga
angrily says, U REEK OF THE BLOOD OF MY KINSMEN. kyoukotsu
slowly get up and realizes the shards are in kougas legs.
kouga glares at him and says, kyoukotsu or w/e ur name is,
WTF r u? there is a closeup of kougas enraged expression
as he wonder why kyoukotsu doesnt smell like naraku at all
and that he is certainly not one of narakus spawn.
kyoukotsu cracks his chin and grits his teeth and ell kouga
that he is a human. hakkaku and ginta are thinking that
that is totally impossible. kouga says how can a human come
back form the grave. kyoukotsu points to his forhead and
says its because of the shikon shard and that he feel
better now than he did b4 when he was alive. kouga demands
to know how kyoukotsu got his hands on that shard.
kyoukotsu refuses to tell him since kouga will be killed by
him anyways. he attack kouga with his hand again. kouga
easily dodges and tell him he better have some quicker
moves to beat him. kyoukotsu reaches into the ground and
pulls out a ball and chain. he begins swinging it but kouga
is too fast. the next time it barely misses kouga. kouga
falls to the ground but quickly gets back up. kyoukotsu
swings the ball and chain over his head while kouga becomes
a tonadoe and starts moving around him. kyoukotsu tries to
follow him with his eyes but misses again. the ball almost
hits kouga but kouga dodges jumps into the air and kicks
the chains breaking it. (go kouga go ^_^) kyoukotsu fall to
the ground. kouga jumps up yelling, I WILL SEND U BACK TO
UR GRAVE. kouga kicks his jewel shard. and beams of purple
lit emit from his head. shippo notices it and tells kagome
about it. they all recognizes it as the shikons light and
wonder if kouga met with naraku. inu tell them that he cant
detect naraku anywhere. back with ayames group. they notice
it as well. ayame rushes over to help kouga. kyoukotsu
attacks with his large hand kouga dodges but lands on his
other hand and kyoukotsu puts kouga to his mouth, but kouga
is on his shoulder. kouga twists his head upside down. and
kyoukots falls to the ground again. hakkaku and ginta r
very impressed. kouga smiles and says, serves u right. he
then turns the other way and leaves.but kyoukotsu fist
comes straight toward him and hits kouga in the back. kouga
cries out in pain and is shaking on the ground. kyoukotsu
gets back up with his head still upside down. he then takes
whats left of his chains and whips it at kouga. koug gets
hits anf manages to dodge the next oncoming attack. ayame
comes and tell kouga to watc out. kyoukotsu grabs kouga and
squeezes him. everyone else stands up and yel out his name.
kouga tries his best to get out of his grip. kyoukotsu
twists his head back to normal. kyoukotsu says that he will
eat him and the shikon shards (kyoukotsu puts kouga closer
to his mouth). kouga yells, DONT MAKE ME LAUGH @SSHOLE. he
punches kyoukotsu were the shards is and takes it out.
kougas bloody hand is holding the shard. kyoukotsu begins
to melt as he turns back into bones. the bones fall ontop
of kouga and teh ball and chains turn back into narakus
bees. ayame, ginta, and hakkaku yell to him asksing if he
ok and alive. kouga reaches for the shard but one of
narkaus bees takes it.kouga recognizes the bees and
realizes that naraku was behind this. the sun is setting.
they all check out the bones of kyoukotsu. kouga is sitting
down on a rock breathing heavily. ayame walks over to him
thanking him for gets revenge for her tribesmen. kouga asks
her about narakus presence moving to the northeast. ayame
confirms and tell him kagome told her that. ayame slowly
walks by him. kouga tells her to be careful. ayame turns
back and smiles saying that kagome said the same thing. she
turns into a tornadoe and leaves. kouga smiles and thinks
about kagomes words. jankotsu asks kohaku about kyoukotsu
dying again. jankotsu sighs and says that kyoukotsu was the
weakest out of all of them. sooo kohaku, i am supposed to
fight this inu yasha guy, is he hot? lol. kohaku repsonds,
i will let u be the just of that. jankotsu clasps his hands
together gets all daydreamy eyed and says, aaaah inu yasha
i want to meet u soon. LOL

Episode Summary for Episode 102 - The Wolf Tribe is Attacked by Zoombies. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The wolf clan of Ayame is being attacked by youki fleeing a super goast in the hills. The wolf clan flees looking for Konga to fight this Zombie. This Zombie is eating all the youki he can find and is pursuing the wolf clan and the fleeing youki. Ayame runs into our heroes and disscuss the problem but then contiunes to look for Konga. Konga is found and goes to advenge his commards and friends. Behold the Zombie (who is a resureded super-human) has a Shikon shard (one guess who gave it to him) and a huge fight takes place.

Konga wins (i wont spoil it how he did it) and kills(how can you kill something already dead?) the Zombie and saves the day. Something is resurecting bad humans and they are after Inuyahsa.