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Episode Summary for Episode 103 - The Shichinintai, Resurrected!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
EP.103 Starting with birds eating off the ground. Jakotsu ask Kohaku if InuYasha was handsome. Jakotsu wants Inu. badly. Inu. and the gang were walking through a village and overheard a few men speaking about the Shichinintai. Miroku wanted to learn more so they went to talk to them. One of the village men says," it happend over a decade ago, The Shichinintai is a mercenary seven of men. They didnt want to be bossed over by anyone, they wanted to do there own thing. Its said that they lived by going around everywhere to join wars.Their war fighting skills equal to one hundred men. Their way of war fighting is too cruel. Its just a hobby to them. They were so cruel that the Kings were affraid of them. A crusade was sent against them. They excaped to the mountains, but later were caught by the gangsters and they were beheaded. The town has built a grave to console their souls. Their grave site was broken in half and the souls excaped." Kiara transforms and Sango gets on her and flies off. She see's Naraku's bee's and spots Kahaku. She knows Kohaku is still under Naraku's spell. Jakotsu killed the marching army men, just with one swing of his snake sword. Inu. smells fresh blood and goes to see whats going on. Jakotsu says," are you Inu.- He's so cute and the ears, I like them so much, give them to me." Inu. knows he's one of the Shichinintai's. Kagome notices that Jakotsu has a jewel shard in his neck. Jakotsu says," you look good Inu. when you are angry." Inu. demands where he got that jewel shard from. Jakotsu keeps attacking and Inu. keeps dodging. Jakotsu says in a horny way," Inu's. face looks sooo attractive." Sango comes and blocks the attack. Jakotsu says in a very mean way," Darn woman, don't disturb me and Inu." Inu. socks Jakotsu in the face. Jakotsu says in a sad way," you're so cruel." Sango tells them that the jewel shards must be from Naraku. Jakotsu blushes. Mukotsu shows up at the top of the cliff.
Episode Summary for Episode 103 - The Shichinintai, Resurrected!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The Inuyasha gang learn of the Shichinintai, a gang of seven extremely powerful warriors who were merciless in their attacks. Inuyasha faces off with Jakotsu, a Shichinintai member who seems to have an obsession with Inuyasha. Naraku has apparently resurrected the group and during the fight, a mysterious figure is watching the battle.
Episode Summary for Episode 103 - The Shichinintai, Resurrected!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

jankotsu asks kohaku how hot inu yasha is. kohaku tell him
he better find that out himself. jankotsu clasps hi hands
together gets all dreamy eyed and says, aaah inu yasha i
cant wait to meet u, i wonder what color ur blood is. inu
yasha group continues on their journey. a horse neigh in
the backround and it catches kagomes attention. inu yasha
and kaogme both look outward toward a far away village.
there are several soldiers on horses. inu asks if there is
a war going on. miroku says he doesnt sense any signs of
war. kagome wonders if they are going off to exterminate
something. in a forests somewhere narakus bees are flying
overhead while kohaku follows them by jumping on branches.
kohaku stops and has a sad look on his face. the student
and master from b4 are catching their breathe by a tree.
the student comments on how horrible that was. the master
screams. the student is confused about his sudden action.
the master comments that it mustve been a test from buddha
and they saw what their hearts feared. the student notices
a temple behind him. he gets all excited and says that they
have been saved from hell by buddha. the master screams out
shaking his fist into the air, U FOOL, u always try to rely
on others with only a moments notice, its because u have
such a weak heart that u see such illusions. the student
just stares at him with his mouth opened. they leave and
msater says that they should go asks for tonights lodgings.
the student comments that he is such a hypocrite and relys
on others too. inu yashas group continue on their journey.
a villager nearby says that a border guard has been
completely wiped out and its was so horrible it couldnt
possibly be done by a human. another villager wonders if te
rumors are true that they are cursed by the ghosts of teh
shichinintai. miroku interrupts them and runs down the hill
asks if he could talk to them for a second. inu gets pissed
that miroku is bothering to ask. kagome tell him they cant
ignore this. the villagers explain to him that the
shichinin grave was made to appease the shichinintai. the
shichinintai came here from the eastern provinces. they
were a group of seven soldiers out for hire. the wandered
from war to war taking up work. (images of a village
burning to the ground) those 7 soldiers could do what 100
soldiers could . but their killing methods were too cruel.
those who were attacked by them were cut into pieces and
reduced into ashes. (the villager becomes to shake and
cringe because of the thought) they seemed to deeply enjoy
killing people. shippos face turns bright red and look as
if he is about to throw up. the villagers continue, so
after they had done so many horrible things, many people
feared them and rode out to subdue the shichinintai (they
show the 7 shichinintais attacks, suikotsu with claws,
jankotsu with his snake sword, ginkotsu with blades and
guns, mukotsu with poison, kyoukotsu eating them, renkotsu
with flames, bankotsu with his huge haleboard) the
shichinintai made their escape to the mountains. they were
outnumbered. after a long struggle they were finally
captured in an abandoned village in the north. all their
heads were chopped off and they were buried. but the locals
feared a curse and wanted to appease the souls of the
shichinintai. (image of mount hakurei, the purifying
mountain) so they erected their grave at the base of teh
sacred mountain. kagome asks them about being cursed by
their ghosts. the villagers look at each other in fear and
disgust. they heard of a rumor that the shichinintai grave
was broken in 2. they dont think that lightning was
possible of doing that so they think the ghosts of the
shichinintai escaped. sango asks miroku about his thoughts
on the infomation they just heard. miroku says, with
narakus evil energy gone, to think that all this craziness
would come out but... inu yasha says he doenst know if its
a ghost or demon but... they are heading in that direction
anyway, if we meet any i will just wipe them out. (oh
please) kagome just stares at him then stops and looks up.
inu asks her whats wrong. she tells them that she senses a
single jewel shard. kirara jumps off of sangos shoulder and
runs ahead of everyone. sango asks if she is ok. kirara
transforms and flies off. sango is shocked by her actions
and chases after kirara. sango catches up jumps onto kirara
and they fly off into the sky. sango asks kirara if she
felt kohakus presence. kirara gives a soft meow/purr. sango
thinks that kohaku would be somewhere in these mountains.
sango looks outward and notices narakus bees. looking down
further she notices kohaku resting on a branch. kohaku
slowly turns his head and gazes up at her. sango has a
sad/worried look in her eyes as she calls out her name.
kirara and sango lands and kohaku jumps off the branch.
there is silence as they gaze at each other for a while.
kohaku thinks to himself that he thought he forgot about
her face but he didnt. kohaku steps back and reaches for
his sickle. sango asks him if he is still under narakus
spell. kohaku puts his hand over his face and begins to
wobble around like he is dizzy getting a bit frustrated
wondering why her face wont disappear from his mind.
*flashback of ep 49 when sango put his arms around him,
saying that they will always be like this and its ok if he
doesnt remember just take it a bit at a time. kohaku
blushes. flashback of ep 50 when sango was going to kill
kohaku and herself so that she can free him from naraku and
they can die together. sangos face is dripping with tears.*
kohaku attacks sango. narakus bees are watching his every
move. it barely misses her. sango tells him to stop. kohaku
pulls his chains back and catches the sickle ready to
attack. he has a very determined look as he tells her to
die. he begins to swing the sickle in circles above his
head. sango demands that he opens his eyes. sango uses her
boomerang to dodge hi attack. his sickle hits her bommerang
and several tear fall down from her eyes. sango gazes at
him curiously while he glares at her with determined eyes.
smoke begins to cover teh forest floor. kirara is starting
to fell uneasy. kirara moves b4 the smoke reach her and
puts sango on her back and they fly off. kohaku jumps into
the air and lands on a branch. looking down the whole
forest is covered with the smoke. sango worries about him
and cries into kiraras fur. kohaku says to someone that
they are being watched. mukotsu starts laughing spreading
his poison all over the place. he tells kohaku since he was
late he came to find him and asks him if something happened
in the past b/t him and that woman. kohaku just looks down.
then watching sango in the air as sh flies by. jankotsu is
walking while the soldiers on there horses quickly approach
him. the leader tells jankotsu to make way. he looks up at
them kinda scatter brained. the leader tell everyone to
stop the horses. jankotsu asks if they said something and
tell them that if they plan to continue they better be
careful because there is a ghost lurking about. the leader
laughs and tells them that they are all clueless about what
kinda ghost it is.the leader asks if he knows. jankotsu
laughs again. the soldiers are confused. jankotsu explains
that he IS that ghost. they all gasps. when the leadr
composes himeslf he tell the first wave to attack. they all
get there guns ready. jankotsu is confused about this
techonology. the leader laughs and tell the first wave to
fire. jankotsu gets hit. bak with inu yasha. shippo wonders
what that exploding sound just was. kagome says it might be
gunshot. inu is curious about what a gun is. blood gushes
from jankotsus left shoulder and he touches it wit his
finger and licks it. the leader tell teh second wave to get
ready. jankotsu take out his sword and the blade slithers
like a snake. a lot of blood gushes from the soldiers as
they all scream in agony. miroku and inu smell blood. inu
says it didnt come from just a few people either. inu goes
off. the soldiers are shocked that jankotsu killed all the
waves from that far away just by swinging his sword. blood
drips for his sword, he smiles and think about how this
bring back old memories. the leader is disgusted and
commands that the rest surround him and not be afraid. they
all think jankotsu is using weird magic. jankotsu laughs
and says he isnt using anything like that. jankotsu attacks
again. inu is running and even though the scent is faint he
can smell grave soil. inu arrives and stares open mouthed.
kagome asked him if anything happened. inu yells, STAY
BACK. kagome stops and is shocked by the force of his
words. jankotsu is in teh middle of the ring of dead
soldiers. jankotsu is kneeling down looking through the
mouth of the gun. he plans to take it back to renkotsu.
miroku recognizes the villagers they spoke to earlier.
kagome is shocked that this guy defeated them all by
himself. jankotsu notices them and looks up (man i luv this
part, i can never get enough of it ^_^) and asks if that
could be inu yasha (jankotsu smiles). inu demands to know
why he knows his name. jankotsu is all starry eyed and can
barely contain himself as he yells with the biggest smile
on his face, OMG HOW CUUUUUUUUUUTE. inu and miroku have
these hilarious expressions. jankotsu continues in a
somewhat horny voice, omg and i luuuuuuuv the ears, give
them to me (jankotsu licks his lips). LMFAO. (hey he got
good taste ^_^) inu wonders what up with this @sshole and
asks him what the hell he is because he doesnt smell like a
human but a dead person of grave soil. jankotsu still
looking like the happiest guy on earth just goes
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. miroku asks inu if he thinks thats the
ghost. inu says there is no mistaking it. miroku comments
about the shichinintais past and demands that jankotsu tell
him if he is one of the shichinintai. jankotsu just stares
at him. miroku demands that he answer him. (heres my line
^_^) jankotsu is starry eyed again and responds, inu yasha
is cute but the monk is damn sexy. LMFAO LMFAO. (if i was
kagome i would be bustin up laughing) kagome and shippo
back away while inu and miroku have this freaky
expressions. LMFAO. miroku asks if its ok to suck this guy
up. inu rolls his eyes and tell him to go for it. kagome
lets them know that jankotsu has a shikon shard and thinks
that the shards power revived him. inu demands to know
where jankotsu got his shard from. the shards in his neck
begins to glow. jankotsu laughs and says, aaaaaah ur angry
face is cute too. LOL. inu tell him to shut the f*ck up and
takes out his sword. inu says that no matter what he will
force him to tell them what he knows. jankotsu still has a
smile on his face and comments on what a nice sword he has
and (slow motion sequence os jankotsu getting his sword
ready. when the sequence ends inus reflection in his
jankotsus sword) asks whos is better his or inus. jankotsu
attack with his slithering blade, which freaks inu out a
bit but he blocks it. kagome is worried about him but
miroku tells her to stay back. inu thinks that it was
strange how all the soldiers were killed and wiped out in a
single blow and they didnt even have time to fight back he
thought he might have been using some kinda switch blade
but its more than that. he readies his sword again.
jankotsu attack blocks most of the blade but the blade
twists around and slices inu across the chest. jankotsu
demands to know what inu thinks about his snake bending
sword. he attacks again but inu knock the blade back. the
blade is twisting every which way about jankotsus head.
miroku is surprised that even after the blade bounced it
came back. jankotsu has an insideously evil glare in his
eyes. inu just keeps dodging. this keep going on for a long
time. jankotsu is having the time of his life and comments
on how much fun this is. inu is getting frustrated and keep
dodging until he gets slashed on his right arms and left
cheeck. inu is angrered that he cant tell from where the
blade is coming from. jankotsu is breathing heavily looking
like a total psychopath right now and luv inus expression
and says its so thrilling and he wants to see some more.
the blade comes right at inu but sango arrives and throws
her boomerang at the slithering sword stopping it in its
tracks. the sword wraps aroung her boomerang and sango asks
inu if hes alright. jankotsu fun expression changes
complete to an expression of such rage and jealously.
jankotsu enraged says, A WOMAN?!?!?!?! jankotsu attacks
sango more forcefully than how she was attacking inu yasha.
he manages to slices sangos left arm. jankotsu turns
psychopath again and yells at the top of his lungs, GET
but its too late inu yasha punches jankotsu in the face
tell him that he freakin creeps him out. LOL. jankotsu
does 3 flips in one second and lands. jankotsu rubs where
inu punched him and whines, ooooh how cold. lol inu yells,
AND CONFESS. kagome and miroku run over to sango, who is
holding the spot where she got cut, and asks if she is ok.
she says its just a scratch and that the shard probably
came from naraku and the shikon shard presence was from
kohaku and around him were the poisonous bugs. miroku asks
her if he is still controlled by naraku. sango sadly nods.
kagome feels bad for her. inu yasha is growling with rage
at jankotsu. jankotsu smiles and blushes. mukotsu watches
from a cliff looking over them. he laughs and says thta
jankotsu hasnt changed a bit.

Episode Summary for Episode 103 - The Shichinintai, Resurrected!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The group meets up with Jakostu,a member of the Shinchinitai who has a special interest in Inuyasha.He has a very hard time fighting Jakostu because of his sword.