Episode 104 - The Poison Using Stalker, Mukotsu! Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 104 - The Poison Using Stalker, Mukotsu!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
EP.104 Starting off with a flashback of ep.103. Mukotsu shows up at the top of the cliff. Mukotsu spreads poison towards where Jakotsu and InuYasha is. Jakotsu knows where the poison came from and tells Inu.," You'd better escape first, see you later Inu." Sesshomaru smells Kahaku, knowing that Naraku is near by. Inu. knows that Mukotsu is also a member of the Shichinintai. Jakotsu confronted Muktsu about poisoning him, when he was fighting Inu. Renkotsu enters a temple and killed everyone there. Mukotsu poison's Kagome and becomes paralyzed , Mukotsu poisoned Miroku and Sango. Mukotsu kidnapped Kagome. Shippo went off to look for Inu. Inu. went to look for Jakotsu and finds him. Jakotsu says with a very happy face," Hi, Inu., did you come to look at me? It's okay for you to look, here look, look."(at that same time Jakotsu was opening and closing his shirt.) Mukotsu is forcing Kagome to merry him. She is still paralyzed. Jakotsu and Inu. fights, Shippo comes and tells Inu. that Kagome is in trouble. Inu. leaves. Sango and Miroku arrives. Mukotsu poisons them again. Kagome stabs Mukotsu in the neck because that is where the jewel shard is. Mukotsu starts strangling her. Sesshomaru arrives and strikes Mukotsu. Mukotsu's poison's does not work on Sess. Sess. kills Mukotsu. One of Naraku's bee's takes off with Mukotsu jewel shard. Inu. arrives, he thought it was Sess. that did this thing. Kagome tells Inu. that Sess. saved them. Sess. asks Inu. if he new where Naraku was. Inu. tells Sess. he does not know but he knows he's near by because of the jewel shards that the Shichinintai's have. Sess. leaves. Renkotsu and Jakotsu meet up. All Renkotsu knows is that there boss has met Naraku. Naraku gave there boss 7 jewel shards. One goes to each one of the Shichinintai's. They could keep it if they kill his enemies. Thats the promise. Renkotsu realizes that Inu's. gang has been poisoned. Inu. goes find a safe place for them. Renkotsu tells Jakotsu that Ginkotsu is looking for Inu.-- TO BE CONTINUED ON EP. 105
Episode Summary for Episode 104 - The Poison Using Stalker, Mukotsu!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
While Jakotsu occupies Inuyasha, Mukotsu attacks Kagome and the others by poisoning them as well as attempting a ridiculous wedding with Kagome (different from the manga slightly.) Sesshomaru shows up and kills Mukotsu easily unaffected by Mukotsu's poisons.
Episode Summary for Episode 104 - The Poison Using Stalker, Mukotsu!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

mukotsu laughs at jakotsus behavior toward inu yasha and
realizes this is his chance. he takes one container of
poison sips some and unleashes it towards their direction.
inu angrily tells jakotsu that he mustve gotten that jewel
chard from narkau. jakotsu looking as if his brain is
somewhere else while scartching his chin says, hmmmmm how
should i know i never met him. the she in his neck begins
to glow. inu calls him a b@stards and demands that jakotsu
stop making lame excuses. a huge cloud of black smoke comes
toward there way. they all suddenly turn around. inu
wonders what this smoke could possibly be. jakotsu gets
annoyed and says that mukotsu is interferring again. he
then tells inu to run, smiles, and says that thtey will
meet again. inu demands to know what he meant but the smoke
touches his feet and they begins to singe. inu jumps out of
the way his feet are smoking as he is hopping aorund madly.
inu asks them what that smoke was. sango tells them it was
poison. miroku wonders where this smoke could be coming
from. through the smoke mukotsu can be seen retreating.
back with jaken. he says angrily, DAMN THAT NARAKU, just
you wait, he'd better watch out and i will give him what
for. just then sesshoumaru stops sensing kohakus scent.
*flashback of when kohaku was about to kill rin, but
sesshoumaru spared his life* rin riding on ah un asks
sesshoumaru why he is chasing naraku. jaken tells her its
because he is furious that naraku kidnapped her. rin has a
big smile on her face and is overjoyed that sesshoumaru is
doing all this for her. jaken looks back at her and
responds, dont think to much into it idiot, its because
sesshoumaru is proud. he seems calm on the outside but i
am sure he is seething since naraku made him jump through
many hoops... jaken doesnt look to where he is going and
crashes into sesshoumaru. sesshoumaru stops and glares at
him more evily than usual. jaken looks up ad comments on
his scary eyes. sesshoumaru punches jaken in the head. LOL.
jaken with a big bump on his head lying on the ground asks
himself if he is really that detestable. rin is right next
to him and asks if he is ok. one of narakus bees is flying
in teh sky and watches inu yashas progress. kagome is
trying to help sango. she got cut on her arm by jakotsus
blade. kagome asks if she is hurting her. sango says she is
fine. inu gets very frustrated and wonders where jakotsu
couldve gone too. he couldnt have gone far. they all lok up
at inu yasha and miroku asks if he is going after him. inu
says, of course i am, but he didnt leave a single trace
that would point me in the right direction. miroku asks inu
about his thoughts on the poisonous cloud. inu is confused.
miroku says that it looked like jakotsu knew something
about it. inu yasha assumes that its another one of the
shichinintai. inu tells miroku to stay here and protect
sango and kagome while he goes off to find him. (u will
regret that inu yasha ;_; ) somewhere lurking in the forest
mukotsu is making more poison. jakotsu shows up behind him.
mukotsu says that it has been a while. jakotsu step on his
head and calls him a d1ck. LOL. he then takes his foot off
him, gazes into his eyes and puts his hand on his head
asksing if mukotsu was planning to melt him also. jakotsu
pushes his head back. mukotsu laughs and says, no way, not
when we have just been reunited. jakotsu goes KEH and looks
away. mukotsu asks him about the rest of teh shichinintai.
jakotsu tell him that renkotsu is taking care of ginkotsu.
(jakotsu pick of a piece of a plant and puts the stem in
his mouth) mukotsu asks him whats wrong with ginkotsu. he
responds, well theres THAT thing of course, u know what
happens when they dont replace all teh gunpowder and stuff.
mukotsu laughs again as he continues to mix his poison and
says, yea and a good greasing too right? they both stop and
look up. one of narakus bees has be watching them. jakotsu
wonders what it is but then gets excited and says, OMG U
laughs evily and says, that means their group is reduced to
that fox child and the humans. and that kagome girl has
shikon shards. jakotsu says he will leave them to
him.mukotsu is sorta suprised and remind ihm that he will
take the shards for himself. jakotsu says he doesnt mind
since he will get inu yasha. lol. jakotsu walks off.
mukotsu asks him if he can take the woman. jakotsu says,
yea do w/e i dont want them. lol. mukotsu has finished
making his poison and pours it into a container. renkotsu i
walking up a huge flight of stairs going towards the
temple. there are a couple of people there cleaning and
sweeping. renkotsu distracts them when he enters. one of
them approaches renkotsu and asks if he has business here.
renkotsu looks around and says that this temple is the
perfect place and is what he has been looking for. the man
is confused. renkotsu claims this temple for the
shichinintai. the man steps back terrified stuttering, u u
ur one of those zombies? renkotsu stares at him and says
that his robes will look good on him. (renkotsu smiles
mischiveously as the man runs for his life) renkotsu jumps
into the air and there is a loud scream of agony. back with
kagome riding her bike. shippo notices a well annd kagome
agrees to stop for some water. but the well is covered in
some dark mist. kagome stops and they notice that someone
has collasped at the well. kagome runs over to her with
shippo on her shoulder and asks if she is ok. but kagome
finds her dead. kagome and shippo look around. birds are
dropping dead from the sky. everyone is dead lying on the
ground. they all wonder what has happened here. shippo
tells her that they must get out of her. kagome backs away
just as mukotsu laughs. there is a huge explosion os
poisonous smoke. kagome covers her nose and mouth. mukotsu
says evily that they cant runs from his poisons. kagome
begins to collapse. she is on her hands and knees now.
shippo is worried and tell her to pul herself together.
mukotsu asks her if she is the girl with the shikon shards.
kaogme looks very sick as she breathes heavily. she tells
shippo in a very weak voice to run. shippo yells, NO WAY.
mukotsu tell her that he wont kill her yet, this poison
paralyzes but she wont lose conciousness til the very end.
its a special batch he made himself an dit doesnt work on
demons. shippo attacks and his huge spinning top lands on
mukotsus head. mukotsu puts his hand to his mouth and spits
out spoke and nails shippo. he begins to shake and struggle
on the ground coughing. his top returns to normal size and
falls off mukotsus head. mukotsu laughs evily and kicks
shippo launching him away form kagome. he then picks her up
but just then sangos boomerang cuts the container the
poison was in. she is wearing her mask that blocks poison
and tell miorku to stay back. miroku covers his mouth and
realizes that this is the same poison from earlier. kagome
is completely on the ground now looking sick and upset. she
being to think, dont come any closer, sango... miroku.
mukotso laughs at her pain. shippo tell her that he will
get inu yasha. shippo then runs off. miroku says, B@STARD,
u r one of the shichinintai arent u? mukotsu laughs again
(he does that all the time, annoying punk, stop laughing)
and says he is correct and introduces himself as the poison
user. miroku responds, NARKAU BROUGHT U BACK TO LIFE DIDNT
HE? mukotsu laugh evily and scratches his head saying he
doesnt know and he should ask his brothers, if he survives
that is. (he pulls out some more poison) kagome thikns,
RUN! a large stream of poison head in miroku and sangos
direction. sango tries to block as much as she can with her
boomerang. the poison spreads more making it harder for
sango to block it. mukotsu laughs evily saying, this should
take care of u. the poison stops flowing. kagome weakly
says, sango.....mi..ro..ku the poison mits disappears and
sango and miroku arent there. mukotsu brags that he has
disposed of all teh obstacles, now its just u and me. (he
laughs again) shippo is riding on his horse he made from
his fox magic. as he rides in the sky he calls out to inu
yasha looking around fratically. inu yasha is running
through the forest. he feels he is getting closer because
he can sense jakotsu scent better. he reaches an opening in
the forest and jakotsu is there. jakotsu smiles and
welcomes him. jakotsu is fixing up his shirt saying, aaah u
followed my scent eh. i thought i would spread my scent
around giving u something to work with. jakotsu opens and
closes his shirt like he is pretending to flash inu. LOL.
inu yashs gets his sword ready yelling, U R SO DEAD. (no
pun intended). In a building there is poison smoke coming
from all directions. kagome is lying down on the floor.
mukotsu says, u r surrounded by my toxins, no one can help
u, aaaah what a nice catch u r, i am thrilled ill be taking
the plunge (he touches kagomes face) with such a pretty
lady. kagome wonders what he is talking about. mukotsu
takes of the clothe that has been blocking his face this
whole time. he says that he has never been able to get a
decent woman. mukotsu laughs more loudly than usual and
says, i'll dress u up like my bride and then we can
coninue the ceremony. kagome gets worried and hopes he
doesnt mean a wedding. mukotsu puts a veil on her. back
with inu and jakotsu. inu keeps dodging the slithering
sword. jakotsu look very psychotic and says, HAHAHA YES
RUN. inu knock his sword back and gets ready to do the
wound of wind. jakotsu says he luvs his angry face. jakotsu
attacks again. inu keeps blocking but gets very frustrated
that jakotsu sword keeps hammering tessaiga, disrupting the
winds. jakotsu attacks again but inu dodges and does a flip
and lands behind jakotsu. inu frustrated tell jakotsu, if i
stop ur blades movements then it would all be over. jakotso
is a bit confused and replies, heeeeeeeh so u think u can
stop my serpent sword? they both ready their sword as
shippo flies over them shouting down to inu yasha. shippo
tells inu from the sky that one of the shichinintai took
kagome and everyone is in trouble. inu is shocked but
jakotsu attacks inu blocks some but the blade slithers and
slices his left leg. jakotsu tell inu that he is his
opponent. inu yasha throws back jakotsu sword and runs.
shippo throws his horse at jakotsu and it hits him and
explodes into several mushrooms burying jakotsu. jakotsu
looks depressed waves his sword around telling inu to come
back here. back with kagome. she is kneeling down with a
veil on her head and mukotsu has his arm around her. he
says, i am inexperienced but i kindly beg for ur assistance
fron here on out. (he laughs again and couldnt look more
happier) thats all settled, now we shall share a dance in
celebration. mukotsu straightens her out lifts her a bit,
grabs her left arm and begins to dance moving her arm from
side to side. kagome is too weak to do anything and wonders
what he is planning to do with her. kaogme looks back at
him and sees the shard in his neck and plans to take it
out.muoktsu grabs both of her arms and continues dancing
with her. after that he gently lays her down on the floor.
mukotsu says in an excited tone, what a wonderful bride, a
wonderful one indeed. just as mukotsu is about to pour
something into a bowl sango and miroku burst through the
roof riding on kirara. they imediately get off to check on
kagome. mukotsu furiously says, how DARE u interrupt my
wedding, (he unleashes more poison) sango gets her
boomerang ready to block and tells miroku that she will
handle this. all of a sudden all sango can see is red. she
is shocked. mukotsu laughs and says that her mask wont help
her because this poison seeps through the skin and
eyes.sango collapses onto the ground. miroku shouts out her
name while covering his mouth. but then he collapses
himself. kirara attacks him but mukotsu spits poison into
her eyes and she transforms back, and moans when she drops
to the ground. mukotsu brags that he is unaffected since
his body is used to teh toxins. just then he moans in
agony. kagome has just stabbed his neck. muoktsu drops the
empty container he was holding and is frozen stiff. kagome
starts to breath heavily again as she weakly stares up at
him. she thinks, i did it. but mukotsu punches her in the
face and she drops down to the ground. mukotsu still has
that spike sticking out of his neck sa he calls her a
fridgid b1tch. he pulls it out and kagome looking up at him
gets worried. mukotsu sounds very depressed and angry with
tears pouring out of his eyes when he says, you also reject
me... because of this horrible face. kagome is suprised and
tells him that wasnt the problem. mukotsu still crying
says, i wil never forgive u, u BROKE MY HEART. I DONT NEED
A BRIDE LIKE U. mukotsu lifts up his hand and strangles
kagome. miroku is watching and gets frustrated becaus this
poison wont allow his body to move. mukotsu continues the
strangle her saying he will just settle for the jewel
shards. kagome thinks about inu yasha and hopes he will
save her. mukotsu strangles her move vigoursly now telling
her to die. three is a flash of green light and mukotsu
gets hit and releases his grip on kagome. kagome looks to
see who has saved her. another blast of green energy hits
mukotsu. mukotsu drops to the ground and behind him is
sesshoumaru (:O omg) with his hand up from using his
poisonous claw attack. kagome is shocked to see that sess
has saved her. mukotsu is staring up at him and realizes
that there were more opponents than just inu and kouga.
sesshoumaru asks if inu yasha is around. mukotsu asks him
who the hell he is. sess replies, i could ask the same.
mukotsu gets up touching his wound on his chest saying, you
dont know who i am? ...and sitll you? mukotsu grabs his
poisons and runs out of the building. sess is surprised and
wonder why mukotsu is still able to move after his poison
claws went right through him. sesshoumaru slowly follows
him outside. mukotsu laughs again and says, EAT THIS (he
unleashes 2 containers of poison this time) but when the
cloud clears sesshoumaru is unaffected continues to
approach him. mukotsu back up siting on the ground telling
sesshoumaru to stop and that it was his fault and he was
wrong.mukotsu shaking wit fear begs sesshoumaru to fogive
him and spare him. mukotsu quickly turns around covering
his eyes , still shaking,and cant bare to watch. mukotsu
say in a terrified voice, i am sorry i shouldnt have
opposed u. he turns around with a HUGE container of poison
and says with his normal voice, ok thats enough time to
die. mukotsu explains that it will work whether u r human
or demon. again the smoke clears and sesshoumaru isnt
affected. mukotsu is shocked that sesshoumaru didnt melt
and why his toxins arent working. sesshoumaru sends another
blast at mukotsu taking out his jewel turning him back into
a corpse. the corpse and the jewel falls behind the bushes.
as sess puts his sword away his says, hmph like i
sesshoumaru would be sesceptable to a humans poisons. inu
yasha with shippo on his shoulder screams out,
and inu stops when he sees him there. inu yasha looks
around and finds kagome sango and miroku unconcious. inu
turns toward sesshoumaru with his fists ready and yells,
interrrupts him and weakly tells inu that sesshoumaru saved
them all. sess responds, i didnt save u, i just simply took
care of something that got in the way of my conversation.
that is all. inu asks what he means by"your conversation"
sesshoumaru explains, that brat kohakus scent is all over
this place. (sesshoumaru glares behind him at inu yasha) is
naraku nearby? jakotsu lurking in the trees near them
thinks, damn that jerk inu yasha nlowing me off like that,
but whats up with poker-face? i hadnt heard there was
anyone like that. whoever he is he swatted mukotsu like a
bug. (close up mukotsus corpse and one of narakus bees
taking the jewel shard) well no need for me to stick around
any longer. and jakotsu runs off. sesshoumaru demands that
inu yasha answer him and asks him again where is naraku?
inu yasha stares down at kagome telling him that they
havent found him either, but these zombies with shikon
shards have been coming after them,(inu takes his gaze off
kagome and looks at sesshoumaru) so naraku must be nearby.
sesshoumaru says thats all he wanted to ask and walks away.
inu yells after him. shippo is still with kagome sango and
miroku. he calls out there names hoping for an answer, but
they are all unconious. he goes over to miroku and starts
shaking him tell ing him to wake up. shippo tells inu that
they have all been poisoned. inu yasha takes kagome and
holds her in his arms trying to wake her up. kagome
whispers, i am ok ok since miroku and sango protected me,
there are some herbs in my first aid kit (kagome closes her
eyes and is now unconious) inu feels giulty and wishes that
he had been there to protect her. jaken and rin are sitting
on a log waiting for sesshoumaru to return. rin kicks her
feet and says it has been a long time and wishes that she
had gone with him. jaken looks back at her and calls her an
idiot, he explains that sesshoumaru went to a place where
he sensed poison and if she went with him she wouldve died.
rin is bored but she finds kohaku walking behind the trees.
kohaku raises his hand and the bees carrying the shard with
mukotsu jewel lands and give it to him. rin wonders what
kohaku is doing here. jaken asks what she is doing. rin
turns to him and says that it was nothing. rin turns toward
the forest but kohaku has disappeared. she becomes worried
and think that is sesshoumaru find him that he would kill
him. in the temple renkotsu get information that both
kyoukotsu and mukotsu are dead. jakotsu confirms it.
renkotsu asks him if he knows anything about the guy who
killed mukotsu. jakotsu has a pondering look and says, um
well he had cold eyes, u could say he is handsome but.. me
i'd take someone with the innocent beauty of inu yasha
anyday (LMFAO) renkotsu respons, who asked u about ur taste
in men? jakotsu asks if there is alot of information about
this that they dont know about. renkotsu looks up at his
curiosly. jakotsu continues, for one, this guy who revived
us, narkau, just who the hell is he? did u meet him
brother? renkotsu looks outside and explains that the only
person who met naraku is their leader. naraku gave the
shards to big brother, both his and ours, if we wipe out
all teh people following naraku promised to let us keep the
shards. jakotsu responds, a promise? but u know 2 of us
are alrady dead, our group of 7 is reduced to 4 (stupid@ss
LOL) renkotsu explains that 7-2=5. LOL jakotsu takes his
fingers and begins to count. lol. renkotsu smiles and asks,
so u say that inus companions were hit with the poison?
jakotsu confirms and says that the poison should take
effect soon. (jakotsu looks outside) not much longer, they
wont last past sunset. at a waterfall inu yasha has placed
kagome sango and miroku on teh ground. him, shippo and
kirara arent watching over them. shippo says they gave
everyone the antidote but if they dont rest, they'aa be
done 4. inu says that they need to find a safe place.
renktso laughs and comments that is now more interesting
since ginkotsu is headed their way and that he isnt an easy
opponent even for demons. the ground shakes in teh center
of the forest. ginkotsu slowly approaches them. (ginktsu is
made out of metal)

Episode Summary for Episode 104 - The Poison Using Stalker, Mukotsu!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inu-Yasha and Jakotsu are battling it out when a short stocky figure appears on the ridge above them. Suddenly the area is filled with smoke and as soon as it touches Inu-Yasha his foot begins to burn. Jakotsu immediately flees as do Inu-Yasha and the others. In another part of the forest Sessho-maru, Rin, and Jaken are on the trail of Naraku, as they recall how Kohaku almost killed Rin. Shippo and Kagome head for a nearby well to refill their water supply when they come across a group of villagers that have died from the poison cloud that has appeared. Mukotsu, the poison user of the Shichinin-tai appears and captures Kagome when she falls to his poison. He manages to hold Miroku and Sango off, but Shippo escapes to go find Inu-Yasha who is off chasing Jakotsu. As this happens a peaceful Buddhist temple has a strangely dressed guest arrive. It is Renkotsu, another member of the Shichinin-tai. He immediately proceeds to kill all the monks living there. Deep in the woods Inu-Yasha is battling it out with Jakotsu. Shippo arrives and tells him Kagome is in trouble. Inu-Yasha heads back immediately, but Jakotsu tries to pursue him. Shippo crashes his flying toy horse into Jakotsu covering him in tiny screaming mushrooms. Meanwhile Mukotsu has taken Kagome into a village hut. She is semi-concious and he draps a cloth over her head and pretends that they are getting married. He dances around with her a bit and Kagome notices the shard in his throat. Miroku and Sango come crashing through the roof with Kirara, but Mukotsu makes quick work of them with his poison. Suddenly Kagome stabs him in the throat with pincers from the fire place and he bursts into tears over her betrayal. He punches her hard in the face and then starts to choke her to death when the back wall explodes revealing... Sessho-maru. Mukotsu tries to fight off Sessho-maru but his poisons are completely useless on the powerful demon. Sessho-maru kills him without batting an eye just as Inu-Yasha arrives. Unnoticed one of Naraku's wasps carries off Mukotsu's Shikon shard. Back at the temple Jakotsu and Renkotsu meet up to discuss what has happened and if either one of them has actually met Naraku. Renkotsu points out that only "elder brother Bankotsu" has met him. Jakotsu comments that only 4 of the Shichinin-tai are alive still and Renkotsu corrects him telling him there are still five (Jakotsu starts counting on his fingers to be sure). Deep in the forest the next killer from the Shichinin-tai arrives... Ginkotsu the machine man.