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Episode Summary for Episode 105 - The Ghastly Steel-Plated Warrior. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
EP.105 Starting off with a flashback of ep.104. Ginkotsu is heading for InuYasha. Jakotsu whining because he wants to fight Inu. Renkotsu gave Jakotsu another task. Inu. is still looking for a safe place. Jakotsu day dreams of Inu. Ginkotsu attacks Inu. and the gang. They start running, Ginkotsu attacks agian. They keep running. Shippo spots a cave, they go in. Inu. leaves Kagome, Sango, and Miroku in Shippo's hands. Inu. finds out it was a trap. Runs back to Kagome and the rest. Ginkotsu attacks the cave that Kagome and the rest are in. Kiara attacks him. Ginkotsu strikes back. Inu. arrives. Ginkotsu tells Inu. that his friends will die at sunset. Ginkotsu and Inu. fights. Shippo takes Kagome, Sango, Miruku on Kiara and flies away, to find a safer place for them. They spot a temple. They go and meet Renkotsu, who disguises himself as a monk. He lets Kagome, Sango, and Miroku rest there for a while. Kagome opens her eyes, still can't move or speak. Renkotsu shows up and tells them to rest. kagome notices a jewel shard in his neck. She notices him as being one of the Shichinintai. Renkotsu puts a sleeping potion near Kagome. Shippo, Kiara and Kagome falls asleep. Miroku and Sango were still asleep. Inu. still fighting Ginkotsu. Inu. flies on top and uses wind scar. Ginkotsu is defeated. Inu. notices it's going to be sundown soon. TO BE CONTINUED ON EP.106
Episode Summary for Episode 105 - The Ghastly Steel-Plated Warrior. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha is forced to clash with Ginkotsu as he orders Kirara and Shippo to get the poisoned Miroku, Kagome, and Sango to safety. They make it to a monk holy grounds, unaware that Suikotsu has taken over the place. Inuyasha manages to knock out Ginkotsu and bury him in a bunch of rocks with the Kaze no Kizu. He then rushes to find Kagome and the others.
Episode Summary for Episode 105 - The Ghastly Steel-Plated Warrior. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
back in the temple jakotsu is whining and complaining to
renkotsu that HE has dibs on inu yasha. renkotsu tells him
not to whine because he has been given another task.
jakotsu starts throwing a tempurtantrum saying, NOT FAIR
NOT FAIR NOT FAIR. (what a big baby LOL) renkotsu
repsponds, oh come on u are not a baby. jakotsu continues
to that he shouldve gotten inu yasha. renkotsu turns away
from him looking outside saying, dont be selfish, you
should go and take care of your own job. jakotsu sighs and
pouts. LOL. renkotsu looks back at him smiling mischevously
telling him that if he gets the job done quickly he could
make it in time. just in time to see inu yasha die. back
with inu yasha. there are walking near a river. inu is
carrying unconcious kagome and kirara is carrying
unconcious sango and miroku on her back. inu yasha looks
back at her and asks if it hurts and tells her to hang in
there. shippo says the same thing to miroku and sango. inu
is worried and hopes to get them all to a safe resting
place soon. now back with shouji and his master. shouji
looks up to the sky wiht a smile and comments on what a
wonderful day it is. the master enjoy the weather also
because thhe doesnt have to worry about any ogres or
zombies on this beautiful day. shouji says, i dont
understand the logic behind that but it is easier to be
brave when the sun is shining. master glares at him and
tell them to hurry up and get out of this hellish place.
they are about to walk over a bridge next to a waterfall
when they see pink light from behind the waterfall. the
wonder what it could be. from the light a larger shadow can
now be see nd it makes a sound like a robot laughing in a
deep voice. from the waterfall several blades burst out and
destroy the bridge. a metal legs comes from behind the
waterfall. shouji and his master are on the ground staring
at it, completely terrifed as the metal figure walks toward
them. its left eye glows red as it begins to laugh. shouji
and his master run away flaining their arms in the air.
jakotsu is leaning up against a tree with a flower in his
hand. as he pulls of a petal he says, he dies, he dies not
he dies he dies not. when he gets to the last petal he ends
up with "he dies not" and a smile comes to his face b4 he
sighs in relief. he tosses away the flower and says with a
disappointed expression, aaaaaaah maaaaaaan and i just met
inu yasha, (he sighs again) why is renkotsu being such a
pain in the @ss? jakotsu stare up into the sky and thinks
about inu yasha. he then stands up saying that he cant
avoid it and might as well completely his job b4 ginkotsu
takes care of inu yasha and (say ina daydreamy voice) how
is would be great until inu hold off dying til he gets
there. (he says angrily) well not much of a chance since he
is fighting ginkotsu (back to daydreaming again) but on the
other hand. (man this guy cracks me up LOL) back with inu
and shippo. shippo tell them that they shouldnt move them
for much longer since the poison will spread faster. inu
looks back at him and says he knows and thats why he is
trying to find a place as quickly as possible. he then
thinks about how the shichinintai took the opportunity to
poison them while he went off to figth jakotsu. shippo just
stares at him. inu says that if the shichinintai knew how
weak his friends are from teh poison they would surely
attack soon. shippo whines to inu that at this rate the
poison would just spread quicker. inu starts to get ticked
SO THEY CAN REST. just then inu stops and looks over the
river. shippo asks him whats wrong. inu doesnt responds and
doesnt take his eyes off that spot. shippo asks him again.
there are flickers of blue light and then 3 blades comes
after them sliding on the river. inu tell shippo and kirara
to duck. the blades go over there heads and slice down
several trees adn then fly back over the river. inu wonders
if this is another one fo the shichinintai and says that
they cant fight them in this condition. inu tells kirara
him and they runs off into the forest. inu says in a
braggin voice that the shichinintai cant use those eird
flying thing while they are in the forest with this tree
cover. ginkotsu laughs and readies his missle launcher and
fires. inu heres the blast and stops. they look up and the
missle blows up in the sky like a firework and several more
missles come crashing down from teh explosion. inu totally
freaks out and the missles pratically blow up everything in
the forest. a forest fire begins to start and spreads.inu
is angry and frustrated saying, D@MMIT they are trying to
blow up this whole d@mn forest trying to root us out.
shippo says his name in a worried tone. inu interrupts him
RANDOMLY. inu gets worried and think that he has to do
something with kagome and everyone else or they will die.
renkotsu is burying mukotsu corpse at the temple. he turns
around, smiles and comments that it as started. jakotsu
sees the explosions also and begins to run saying he must
hurry up. ginkotsu unleashes more of those missles. inu and
kirara try there best to avoid them and run as fast as they
can through the forest which is almost completely on fire.
inu stops looks around and directs kirara to go to the
right.they escape the fire and shippo points out a small
cave. inu yasha gently puts kagomes down and watches over
her. shippo watches over miroku and kirara watches over
sango. inu is upset that a lot of poison has already
spread. shippo calls out to miroku kagome and sango and
tears begin to fill his eyes. inu stands up and walks
toward teh exit of the small cave and tells shippo to
protect them and never let his eyes off of them for a
second. shippo asks inu what he is planning to do. inu
repsonds. what am i going to do? KEH isnt it obvious. inu
runs off. kirara watches him leave as shippo says in a
determined tone while tears fall from his eyes that inu can
count on him. kirara mones as she licks sango trying to
wake her up. b4 inu sets off he puts his hands into fists
he says, I AM DEFINATELY GOING TO DEFEAT HIM. a bird passes
overhead and myouga is riding on it. he is shocked that inu
has traveled this far after he only left them for a short
time and wonders what inu could be doing this far north.
myouga beings to wonder if they had gone to recuperate at
the hot springs. myouga begins to imagine them all in the
spring. sango and kagome are holding up a sign advertising
sulfer springs. they says that its the ideal treatment
colds and stiff shoulders and even atheletes foot. LOL.
tears begin to poor out from his eyes and he begins to
wihnes that they went on such a great trip and didnt invite
him. lol. (myouga starts punching the bird still crying)
myouga stands up and sticks his fist in the air saying that
this is the last straw. the bird begins to bobble and
myouga tells it to cool it because it might dorp him. back
with inu yasha. he is still running trying to find
ginkotsu. he wonders where all those attacks couldve
possibly come from. inu stops and is frustrated because all
he can smell is gunpowder and cant tell where he is.
through the destroyed forest he notices a bright light and
says that must be him. smoke rises into the air. ginkotsu
looks around and finds the small cave that everyone is
resting at. (u think from the last ep inu would learn to
stay with them instead of run off.) shippo sees him and
gawks at him terrified wondering what it could possibly be.
inu yashs runs toward the light but its not ginkotsu just a
glowing weapon. inu realizes that it was luring him and
that everyone else must be in serious danger (uh duh.)
ginkotsu is launching missles at the cave. the cave begins
to rumble and bolders drop down starting to block the cave.
shippo notices and start feakin out that they will be
buried alive. kirara gets a determined and angry look in
her eyes and charges after ginkotsu. kirara glares at him
and growls. ginkotsu just laughs. ginkotus launches a spear
on a chain at kirara. kirara dodges it but then the spear
opens up into a claw and grabs her. ginkotus laughs and
throws kirara up against wall. kirara collapses. shippo is
looking even more terrified. ginkotsu gets his blades ready
to attack and they begin to spin. he launches five of them.
shippo is so scared he cant look and closes his eyes. just
then inu comes and uses wound of wind to save them. shippo
runs over to injured kirara and inu asks if they are all
ok. inu turns back over to ginkotsu and yells, HOW DARE U
PULL A TRICK LIKE THAT. the smoke finally clears and
ginkotsu is finally exposed. (his right arm is human and
his left is made out of metal. he has a blade and missle
launcher in his back. and both legs are made fomr metal.
his face is completely covered with metal plates except
from this left eye) smoke comes from his hips and he resets
his blades. ginkotus laughs and call out inus name. inu
says, sheesh u dont even look human. ginkotsu introduces
himself. inu says, I have a bunch of questions for you but
this is not the time and place for conversation. (inu
charges at him ready to attack) PREPARE TO BE TAKEN DOWN
B1TCH. ginkotsu laughs and says, oh so you want me to end
your poisonous friends life quickly, dont u? if u leave
them like this they will die by sunset. inu is shocked by
the info. ginkotsu responds, dont worry, b4 they die from
the poison, i will make all of them a thing of the past.
ginkotsu launches his 5 blades again. inu hits one away
jumps over 2 of them and knocks the others away. inu yells
back at kirara, who is now standing up feeling a bit
better, to hurry up and get them all out of here. inus
sword clashes with ginktsus metal arm. shippo calls down to
him from the sky. inu looks up at shippo thinking, i am
counting on u shippo. (again leaving them alone while he
goes off to fight. when will he ever learn) shippo looks
back at kaogme sango and miroku and tells kirara to hurry
up or they wont make it. shippo looks down trying to find a
safe place then he just explodes with tears forming in his
HERE!???!! just then they spot a temple down below. shippo
tell her to go towards it. kirara lands at the temple and
shippo gets off her and looks around. just then renkotsu
approaches them with the robes the man b4 was wearing and
the purple marks on his face all washed off. kirara and
shippo stare up at him. renkotsu smiles evily. back with
inu yasha. trees collaspe. inu blocks 2 blades and dodges
the others. but the other blades slice down trees. a blade
almost hits inus feet but inu jumps in the air in time b4 a
tree falls down on him. the blades return to ginkotsu and
he launches them again. the blades hit a rock that inu was
just at and the baldes return to ginkotsu. ginkotsu says
that even though he let his friends escape he wont do the
same for him. the blades continue to spin in ginkotsu back
b4 he launches them again. the blades circle inu yasha and
inu looks around very alert to try to find where they will
strike next. the blads comes after him inu knocks most of
them back but one slices his shoulder. blood begins to fill
up his shirt at that spot. ginkotsu cracks up and tells inu
to be patient and let death come. inu responds, i was just
going to say the same about u. inu lifts up his sword to
attack but it is stuck in wires. shippo begins to blur and
clear as kagome opens her eyes. shippo tells her that they
are at a temple to rest and that there is a monk here to
protect them.shippo explains that miroku and sango are
still unconcious. kirara in her small form is sitting right
next to sango. kagome wonders where inu yasha could be. jut
then renkotsu comes in and tells them all to rest. kagome
sees the jewel shard in his neck and realizes he must be
one of the shichinintai. back with inu yasha, he is
frustrated that tessaiga wont move. inu tries to pull it
out but the steal thread are holding it back. ginkotsu
laughs and says, me brother warned me not to let u wave
that sword. inu realizes that all the time ginktsu was
using those blades he was spreading this thread. the thread
is everywhere and ginkotsu laughs at his frustration. back
with kagome. kagome realizes that she cant move or speak.
she tries to warn shippo but not words are coming out of
her mouth. renkotsu says, such a pity, i heard that all of
u were poisoned, and shortly after u became imobile and
everyone has become much weaker. kagome thinks, please
shippo notice me, please. but shippo is watching over
miroku and sango. kagome looks up at him. renkotsu walks
over to kagome and kneels down next to her. kagome looks
terrified at him. he is holding a small container in his
hand and reaches over to her. kagome closees her eyes and
hopes for the best but renkotsu just moves her hair back.
kagome opens one eye and gazes at him. renkotsu smiles
places the container on the ground and tells her that she
should sleep a little longer. a mist starts to come from
the container and he leaves. kagome tries to think of a way
to get out of here. shippo collapses ontop of her asleep.
kagome realizes taht this scent puts people to sleep. she
tries to hold her eyes open for as long as she can but the
scent overpowers her and she falls asleep. renkotsu stares
evily at them and thinks, dont worry i wont kill u right
away. if inu yasha arrives to find them dead (renkotsu
glares at them and then smiles evily again) i wont be able
to have a civilized conversation with him. back with inu
yasha. he has goteen more control of his sword now. but he
cant dodge and the blades slice him up a bit. one blade
comes right after him and he becomes very frustrated and
ducks down b4 it hits him. 2 more blades circle him
spreading more thread. one blade hits tessaida and tries to
cut through it but its wraps more thread around it and
pulls it away causing inu to fall down just as another
blade just slices his back. inu doesnt know what to do
because he cant use wound of wind with all these steal
threads around. inu untransmforms his sword and puts it
away. ginkotu laughs louder tha b4 asking inu if he is
giving up. inu stands up with his fist in the air saying,
charges after him growling and jumping over the threads,
ginkotsu sends a bomb after him inu jumps over it. ginkotsu
launches his blades again, inu dodges most of them but gtes
sliced on his right cheeck. ginkotsu gets frustrated and
unleashes his spear/claw again. but inu jumps off of it.
ginkotsu takes out his sword and swings it, but he cant
find inu yasha anywhere. inu from teh sky says, UP HERE
MONSTER (inu gets tessaiga ready) inu being totally awesome
sends a wound of wind attack straight at ginkotsu.ginkotsu
gets hit, falls to the ground and several boulders fall
ontop of him. inu lands and looks at the rubble but then
realizes the sun is about to set and runs off to find them
all wondering how they are doing without him. the mist in
the temple has spread and reknotsu is digging in the back.
jakotsu is still going to his job, myouga is still looking
for them. inu is trying to catch up thinking, kagome...
hold on.
Episode Summary for Episode 105 - The Ghastly Steel-Plated Warrior. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
^_^ Naraku's name means hell in japanezz, inu-yasha's means dog demon, and such. I am rlly bored!!!! I wanna c this 1!
Episode Summary for Episode 105 - The Ghastly Steel-Plated Warrior. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well, in this episode, Inuyasha and Shippou have to take care of the badly poisoned Miroku, Sango, and Kagome. Inuyasha is obviouly wrung up over Kagome a bit, and he and Shippou and Kiara are trying to find a safe place to take them.

Soon enough though, they're found by one of the seven warrior zombies, **I keep forgetting their group's name..**, a metal plated beast with spinning blades and LOTS of explosives. He smokes Inuyasha and the others into a cave in the forest, and then Inuyasha runs off to find the beast. The beast finds the cave though, and Inuyasha just makes it back in time. Shippou and Kiara take Miroku, Sango, and Kagome away while Inuyasha fights the monster. They accidentally land though, at the temple that had been taken over by one of the other seven zombies.

Inuyasha manages to make it out of his fight by using the Tetsusaiga and resizing it to get out of some binding cords. He then runs off to locate where Shippou and Kiara went with the others.