Episode 106 - Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: A Desperate Situation Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 106 - Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: A Desperate Situation. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome, Mikrou, and Sango were sleeping. Inuyasha was in a battle outside of the room they were staying in.

The demon said that he would made Inuyasha sad forever!!! He said the sadest thing that can happen is kagome died.

That second he knew what was going to happen, so he ran back and saw Shippo crying. He asked what happened and Shippo said that somebody lit fire and burn the room, with Kagome, Mikrou, and Sango sleeping in it.

Inuyasha picked up kagome and asked her if she was okay? but she didn't answer.

The demon came into the room and asked Inuyasha if he was sad now. He
gain stregh from madless and sadless to kill the demon
Episode Summary for Episode 106 - Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: A Desperate Situation. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
EP.106 *flashback of episode 105* Starting with InuYasha running through the woods. Inu. enters a temple, meets Renkotsu who is in his disguise. Renkotsu burying the dead. Inu. goes into the room where Kagome and the rest are. They all are still asleep. Renkotsu tells Inu. that he's the master of the monks of this temple. He heard the local people say that the Shichinintai that have died are alive again. And there the ones that killed the people here. He was afraid of them and hid, he was lucky that he survived. Renkotsu wanted to learn more about Naraku and ask's Inu. who is he? Inu. tells Renkotsu that Naraku is a demon but not a full demon completely. He's hiding somewhere right now. He regenerates himself all the time, to get stronger and to save his power. Naraku is using the Shichinintai's at this time. Ginkotsu is still alive. Ginkotsu arrives and attacks. Renkotsu doesnot trust Naraku. Renkotsu takes Kagome's jewel shards. Starts the room on fire. Ginkotsu and Inu. fight. Inu. takes down Ginkotsu. Renkotsu shows up in his true form. Inu. could'nt smell the corps or graveyard sent from Renkotsu because the sent was all around and about in the temple. The room is burning where Kagome, Sango, and Miroku are in. They are all still poisoned and asleep. Myouga arrives. He tries to wake them up. Myouga sucks Shippo's blood and he wakes up. Shippo is also tring to wake them up. *flashback of ep.104* Shippo going through everything he has, tring to see what he could use to save them. He spots his top, throws it down, it spins and gets big. Lots of wind is coming from it and makes the fire spread faster. Kiara awakes. Ginkotsu still alive attacks Inu. Renkotsu also attacks inu. Jakotsu finds Kouga and attacks him. Kouga notices him as being one of the Shichinintai. Kiara holding off a burning log. Shippo saying he needs to protect them intell Inu. arrives. Inu. still fighting Renkotsu and Ginkotsu. Inu. defeats Ginkotsu and flies over Renkotsu and goes to rescue Kagome and the rest. Naraku's bee's take Ginkotsu's head peice, part away. Kouga attacks Jakotsu and then runs away, to save Kagome. Inu. arrives in the burning room, spots Kiara and Shippo. Shippo using tod fire to save them. Shippo is cring, say's that they all died and cries even more. Ends with Inu. in shock...TO BE CONTINUED ON EP.107
Episode Summary for Episode 106 - Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: A Desperate Situation. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha clashes with both Ginkotsu and Renkotsu as Renkotsu has set fire to the building containing Kagome and the others. Shippo protects them with a Fox Fire. Inuyasha totally tears apart Ginkotsu and heads to the building. He learns from Shippo that Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango have stopped breathing.
Episode Summary for Episode 106 - Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: A Desperate Situation. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

in the last ep inu, shippo and kirara tried to find a safe
place to have unconcious kagome miroku and sango est. if
they moved to much the poison would spread.but ginkotsu
atack them. kirara took them to a temple while inu
fought.but at the temple renkotsu was there. kagome was
awake briefly. he put a sleeping gas in the room kagome
tried to alert them but she couldnt move or talk and then
fell asleep. ginkotsu told inu that his friends would die
at sunset with the poison. inu defeated him and rushed to
the rescue. inu is running with the bright orange sky
behind him. he smells burial soil and corpse again. he
assume that one of the shichinintai must be nearby as he
enters the temple. inu looks around and he see sticks in
the back of the temple. inu runs around to find renkotsu
who just finished burying something. renkotsu turns around
and says innocently, oh are u inu yasha i was expecting u.
inu makes his way to the room where everyone is sleeping.
inu walks over to kagome and kneels down beside her looking
concerned. renkotsu comes in behind him and says, u are on
the run, correct? inu looks shocked and turns around
glaring at him demanding to know who he is. renkotsu calmly
responds, just as i look, i am a member of this temple.
there is a strange rumor among the villagers these days,
they says that the shichinintai have been revived and have
been causing havoc in this area, the men i buried earlier
seemed to be burned to death by them. inu asks accusingly,
and u happened to be the only one spared? renkotsu
continues, it was so horrible to watch i hid myself in the
shadows untli it was over. (inu grits his teeth and glares
at him) speaking of which.... i heard you r being hunted by
them. inu explodes and yells, HEY MONK GET IT STRAIGHT WE
ARE HUNTING THEM. renkotsu asks, well if u know can u tell
me why the shichinintai were resurrected? inu turns around
to face his burning with rage and asks, and what's it to
u? renkotsu responds, for me, a servant of buddha, to sit
by and watch destruction of life and unable to do anything,
(renkotsu puts his right hand on his heart closes his eyes
ad puts his head down) at least i can attempt to put these
zombies at rest. the wind blows and inu picks up that scent
again but he brushes it aside (stupid :B) and says, just
forget it this aint a job for u monk. inu turns around
still looking at him and think that he must not be one of
the shichinintai, he smells like a living human being
(stupid stupid stupid dog :B) a black bird soars through
the sky. its the one with myouga on it. he looks down and
notices something and tells the bird to dive down. after a
closer look myouga recognizes the markings on the ground as
the aftermath of inus wound of wind. he says, oh i guess
they didnt come to the north to have fun at the hot springs
after all (he smiles). but just then, something emerges
from teh ground. rock and boulders are flying into the air,
myouga tells the bird to fly higher but he gets knocked
off. a small rock hits him and he plunges to the ground but
the bird swoops down and catches him in its beak. ginkotsu
slowly stands up with scars on the human parts of his body.
back with kouga, kouga in his tornadoe is still on the
search, hakkaku and ginta are out of breathe trying to
catch up to him. ginta says breathlessly, sheesh whenever
he here that kaogme is around we have to do double time.
kouga is running trying to pick up inus scent but then pick
up the smell of dead bodies. the sky is dark except for the
golden sun which has just about set. back at the temple
renkotsu says, so this...narkau.. brought them back to
life. what exactly is he? he and inu yasha are sitting
down in the room where everyone is resting. inu responds,
somewhat like a demon. renkotsu is totally confused and
asks what he means by that. (crickets chirp in the
backround) inu explains that naraku is not a pure demon and
it looks like he has held up good this time, he must
beredesigning his body and building his strength back up.
he is probably using the shichinintai to buy him time to
recover. renkotsu senses something and inu turns around.
ginkotsu fires up a missle at them. ginkotsu is at the base
of the temples stairs. inu is surprised that he is still
alive after teh wound of wind attack. inu yasha runs over
to ginkotsu but warns renkotsu that if he wants to keep on
living he should take cover (man inu u r so gullable)
renkotsu glares mischevously at inu and slowly closes the
door. renkotsu is kneeling next to kagome thinking, dammit
ginkotsu, u couldve taken ur time getting here, well at
least i learned this "naraku" cant be trusted. he reaches
into kagomes shirt and takes her jewel shards. with the
jewels light shining on his face his markings come back as
he thinks, you all can die now. inu jumps into the air with
his hand on his sword yelling, YOU STILL WANNA FIGHT B1TCH?
ginktsu unleashes his claw which inu easily slices in 2.
then ginkotsu attacks with several spears on metal wire.its
wraps around tessaiga and his hands and legs making it very
hard for inu to move. ginktsu laughs and says, got yah. inu
responds, what are u stupid? like this is gonna... (inu
struggles to get free) inu escapes from its clutches which
shocks ginkotsu and he slices him. inu in a bragging voice
says, HA serves u right. but then he stops when he smells
smoke. he turns around looking at the temple and sees smoke
comgin from teh room where everyone is. inu rushes off to
help but is stopped by renkotsu. renkotsu cackles evily and
introduces himself as renkotsu of the shichinintai. inu
wonders wtf is going on here he smells like a regular
human. renkotsu asks inu whats wrong because he looks
confused. renkotsu continues, u have a sharp nose i thought
u might see through it but.... well couldnt u smell the
burial soil and corpses on me? inu is furious and says, so
thats it,damn him, its this place. renkotsu laughs and
says, it was a good idea using this temple, we are
completely surrounded by graves. my zombie scent blends
right in. all i had to do was put someone on that smelled
like a living monk. you blindly trusted ur nose and let ur
guard down when u caught wind of his scent. inu responds,
B@SATARD, the ur the one who killed all those monks.
renkotsu glares at inu and responds, didnt u just see me
burying them? inu is angyr at himeslf since he didnt
realize his trick earlier. sparks begins to fly around the
rooms where everyone else is. the bird that myouga is
traveling on flies overhead and he sees the smoke. the bird
drops him and he bounces and rolls down the roof. he
catches himself on the edge and sees everyone inside.
myouga jumps aorund them screaming there names trying to
wake them up. myouga suck blood out of shippos cheech
which finally gets him up. when he wakes up all he can
remember is the monk and incense that made him sleepy.
myouga after being smacks floats to the ground. boards
engulfed by flames collapse and shippo notices. he becomes
very frantic and runs over to miroku sango and kagome
trying desperately to wake them up. *flashback of when
kaogme was poisoned* sparks fly to the ground as shippo
becomes very upset and frustrated. he whines, we gave them
the antidote, why are they still down? shippo keeps his
cools and is determined to put this fire out. shippo takes
out all his magical toys and places them on the sheet. he
looks at his top with relief and hopes that the whirlwinds
from the top will put it out. he unleashes the top. is
grows and grows but the whirlwind spread the fire quicker.
there are more sparks floating around and that wakes up
kirara. a board of flames is about to fall ontop of her and
she looks up at it terrified, shippo senses she is in
trouble and sceam out her name. back with inu yasha, he
readies his sword and blames renkotsu for lighting the
temple on fire. renkotsu laughs and responds, just a little
bonfire to help with their demise, they are going to die
from poison anyway. just as inu is about to attack renkotsu
an axe on a chains and steel wire wraps itself around his
sword stopping inu is his tracks. ginkots on his last leg
managed to get out that attack. renkotsu grabs the steel
wire and lights it on flames and the flames move down the
wire hitting inu. renkotsu laughs evily and says, i am
afraid i can not let u pass.back with kouga. he just
emerged from his tornadoe and notices that the scent of
corpses is all around this area and tries ot find the
zombie. just then jakotsu snake sword slithers at him but
he jumps into the air in time. jakotsu asks if he is kouga
from then wolf tribe. hakkaku and ginta have these funny
terrified expression while ginta says, oh god not another
weirdo. LOL. kouga asks if he is in the league with
kyoukotsu cuz he smells the same. you didnt come for
revenge or some sh1t did you? jakotsu bends half way to try
to get a better look at kouga and says, hmmmm those short
shorts are a nice look but.... strangely u just dont do it
for me. LOL. kouga turns to hakkaku and ginta asking them
what up with jakotsu. hakkaku and ginta says in unision, no
clue. LOL. jakotsu says, let just get this over with. he
attacks kouga again but kouga easily dodges. after dodging
for a bit kouga is freaked out by jakotsu sword. jakotsu
says in an exasperated tone, stop struggling, i am in a
hurry, you are keeping me from seeing inu yasha die. kouga
asks him what that is supposed to mean and what he wants
with inu yasha. jakotsu asks, so what are u to inu yasha?
kouga yells, I DONT GIVE A SH1T ABOUT INU YASHA, but he has
a fiiine woman traveling with him.(kouga suddenly becomes
worried) omg what if she is in danger. jakotsu gets very
annoyed and responds, oh knock it off, your little "woman"
probably bit it already (jakotsu readies his sword and
strikes) kouga easily dodges again and demands that jakotsu
explain. back with kagome and the others the temple is
engulfed by the flames now. kirara is in her larger form
and is growling in pain. shippo looks up at her concerned
and tell her to hang in there. *flashback of when ginkotsu
attacked kirara* a flaimng board collapsed ontop of kirara
and shippo tries to move it (idiot) shippo tries with all
his might but nothing happens (well duh) as he uses all his
strength he yell for everyone to wake up. bt its no use,
they are still unconcious. shippo gives up and kirara
growls some more. the support beams are collapsing. shippo
pulls himself together and hold his fits up saying, this is
no time to be a cry baby, i have got to be strong. (shippo
wipes teas from his eyes and puts his fits at his side) i
HAVE to protect them until inu yasha gets here. but i'll
have to drag them outta her myself. (shippo beats himself
in the head several times and moves around in circles)
think shippo think there has got to be a way. inu yasha
cant move his sword and flames surround him as he says,
kagome hang in there! i am coming for u! renkotsu laughs at
his pain and says, give up inu yasha, your little friends
are as good as dead. whether they burn to death or die from
poison u cant do anything about it. inu yasha gets more
strength back and pushes himself and the sword toward
renkotsu as he yells, SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP. ginkotsu
notices this and tugs his axe chain more which pulls inu
back and almost loses his balace. inside the temple flames
are all over the place . shippo is standing with his arms
out to prtoect everyone saying, i must be strong, i must be
strong, i must be strong. inu turns back to face ginkotsu
and says his name in a frustrated tone. ginktsu laughs at
his frustration and says he has other plans for him.
ginkotso opens up the machine part on his stomache and out
appears a drill. ginkotsu laughs and says, time for puppy
cabobs. inu responds, yea right like YOU can take me. a
river of tears drips from shippos face. inu yasha begins to
growl. just ten gikntsu pulls the chains back more sending
inu closer to the drill. but inu catches himself throws his
sword and pierces ginkotsu chest the chain goes back and
gets tied in the spinning drill. ginkotsu laughs and says,
u lost the moment u threw away ur sword. inu uses iron
reaver to untie himself for the metal strings. this shock
renkotsu so much he takes several steps bakc. inu charges
after ginkotsu growling. ginkotsu unleashes his 5 blades
again inu dodges 2 of them easily saying, i have no time to
mess with u METAL HEAD. inu jumps pulls out his sword and
the last 3 blades land on ginkotsu stomache and arms
slicing him up. inu sends a wound of wind blast straight
at him. (GO INU GO *does cheer*) ginkotsu screams in agony
just b4 he explodes. inu just looks up and notices the
temple is engulfed in flames. inu yasha goes to the rescues
and jumps right over renkotsu. renkotsu sighs and says, and
u dont even take the time to kill me? (renkotsu glares back
at inu and says angrily) how insulting. (renkotsu smiles)
but i did get to hear a little more about this naraku
character and i got some shikon shards. (he looks at
kagomes bottle of shards) well i guess that god enough for
now. just then 5 of narakus bees come and carry what is
left of ginkotsu. inu yasha screams out kagomes name as he
enters the flaming temple. back with kouga, he is up in te
air right about to punch jakotsu. jakotsu he a weird bored
expression but dodges just in time and sends his slithering
sword at him again. jakotsu gets very frustrated and thikn
about how he never met anyone who could outmanuever his
blade and that kougais such a pain in the ass. LOL. just
then kouga turns back into his tornadoe and runs away.
jakotsu tells him to wait up but kouga says he doesnt have
time for him but next time he sees him he will kick his
ass. LOL. hakkaku and ginta run away him commenting on how
quick he was to retreat. inu yasha enters the room and
yells out kagome name again just as a board crashes down to
the ground. there is a view of the sky. the sky is complete
dark except for a tiny glimpse of the sun sinking behind
the trees. kouga goes if off to the rescue also screaming
kagomes name. inu yasha tries to find them but there are
flaming boards blocking his path. in the backround he heres
kiraras wimpers coming from under some boards. he look
through a hole and find her. kirara opens her eyes to look
at him as he starts taking the boards off her. kirara gets
up and then collapses again. inu becomes worried but kirara
motions of him to look back. behind them shippo is using
his foxfire to create a shield around them. when shippo
sees him he takes a break and lookd back at inu yasha with
the most depressed and exausted expressed. inu yasha asks
if he is alright. shippo says through his tears and small
cries, i.. i.. knew i had to be strong, so i tried my best.
inu comments that shippo shielded them with his fox fire.
shippo still crying with tears pouring down his face
responds, yes.... but .... even though i tried so hard....
(shippo closes his eyes hard to try to block his tears as
inu yasha looks at sango miroku and kagome shocked) THEY
ALL JUST STOPS BREATHING. shippo begins to cry very loudly
and inu looks very concerned and is in shock. he stares
down at kagomes body with the sparks falling ontop of her

Episode Summary for Episode 106 - Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: A Desperate Situation. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Everyone is at a temple, except Inuyasha. Shippou and Kirara found this place so the others could rest because they were still weak from the poison. Kagome wakes up and sees a monk. She senses a shard and realizes that it's coming from him, and finds out that he's one of the Shichinintai, Renkotsu, but he's disguised as a priest. He tells Kagome to go back to sleep and she does. Meanwhile, Inuyasha finishes the fight with Ginkotsu and finds his friends, inc. Renkotsu and can smell the smell of a corpse. But his smell, he says to Inuyasha, is coming from the people that he just buried, tricking Inuyasha. Inuyasha wonders if he should trust this guy to take care of them and does. Ginkotsu is still alive and comes to the temple. Inuyasha tells the "priest" to stay back and fights Ginkotsu. Meanwhile, Renkotsu sees Kagome with 4 shikon fragments with her and steals them. Renkotsu then burns the temple, leaving Kagome, Sango, and Miroku there to suffer. Inuyasha cuts Ginkotsu badly and leaves to the temple again because he can smell smoke coming from it and realizes that Kagome is in danger. He finds Renkotsu and finds out who he really is and what he had done to the priests before. Shippou awakes. Meanwhile, Kouga smells smoke and other smells and findsout what it is but meets up with Jakotsu on the way. After Renkotsu and Ginkotsu leave, Inuyasha goes in the temple and tries to find them.
Episode Summary for Episode 106 - Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: A Desperate Situation. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
the gang is till trapped (asleep) in the temple of one of the evil brothers but is actually not his temple , it belonged to priests monks. which he killed and buried them there too. and to top that, all around it is a buriel ground. so inuyasha can't know that he smells like a corpes like the rest of his brothers because he is wearing one of the monks clothes that he killed . the steele brother comes back and attacks and thats when he finds out that so called monk in the temple is really one of the brothers . inuyasha kills the metal beast and doesnt bother with the other brother to save the gang which were stilled posioned and were about to burn in the flamed temple. when he gets there is too late kagome , sango , and miroku had stopped breathing.
Episode Summary for Episode 106 - Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: A Desperate Situation. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In Inuyasha episode 106 Inuyasha has finally found everybody at the temple. When he avrrives he believe the the monk is one of the seven zombies. So they started to talk about Naraku. after their coversation was almost finished the gastly steel plated guy shows up and startes to blow up the place. So Inuyasha live the place to fight the guy and the other zombie with everybody else. So the set fire to the place where everybody was.After a while Shippou had finally woke up and realized the place so he tried it, but in the end he only made it worst. So he decide to them with his fox fire. After his battle with the steel guy Inu yasha went into the shrine to find everyone. And that is when he saw Shippou protecting everyone. He told Shippou that he had did a good job, but Shippou wouldn't stop crying. So Inu yasha asked Shippou what was wrong and Shippou said they all stop breathing.