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Episode Summary for Episode 108 - The Secret of the Unpolluted Aura. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

its nighttime and kikyou (who is surrounded by white light)
is standing beside a river thinking, to live is to die, to
die is to live, (her soul snatchers carrying souls drift
toward her) i am kikyou, a priestess associated with holy
things. no i am priestess in name only, i am one of the
dead wandering this earth in an artificial vessel. i do
what i can to help people i meet, and use the souls of the
dead to keep going, that is my existance. (her soul
snatchers are continually refilling her on souls) the pure
are soiled, the soiled are purified, (the white light
disappears when she full of her souls) what is good is
evil, what is evil is good...right? (kikyou turns away from
the river and begins to walk through the forest) good and
evil both coexist in a persons heart since birth. a person
can become good or evil depending.. but somehow that
suikotsu is one of the dead like me. he has found a place
caring for orphaned children and treating sick viallgers.
(flashback of her time with suikotsu and helping to care
for the kids and villagers) he must be using the shikon
shard to stay alive, and yet its radiant aura shows no sign
of corruption. he holds only good in his heart, his entire
soul is pure. can a person really be that good? i will
keep an eye on him for a little longer. back with inu yasha
everyone but him and miroku are sleping next to a campfire.
miroku tell inu that he will stand watch so that inu can
get some sleep also. inu says hes fine and tell miroku to
go back to sleep. miroku says he is feeling better now
after being poisoned and he doubts the shichinintai would
come after them soon. inu hopes so as well. miroku
reminaces about how the other 2 shichininitai died and they
show flashbacks of those times(kyoukotsu by kouga and
mukotsu by sesshoumaru) he then asks inu if he killed
ginkotsu. inu doesnt respnond. miroku explains the
shichinintai have taken some hard blows they lost 3
already. inu is sitting by the fire with tessaiga resting
on his shoulder saying, yea that why i will attaack them b4
they regroup and come after us. miroku asks, oh you will?
inu says he has to. miroku smiles and says, aaah i see
thats definately ur style. inu replies, no matter where
they they leave a trail behind they reek like the grave and
they have shikon shards as well. (inu gazes back at miorku)
there is no way i am letting them get away. i'll find them
and make them pay (ooo inu can rhyme now im impresssed lol)
back with suikouts and the children. they are all sleeping.
suikotsu set up a fire near him to keep him warm. but there
is something wrong with suikotsu. in his dream there is
fire all over the place and he promises someone he will
save them. the man responds in a terrified tone, DOC THE
KID'S A GONER. they are attacking, we have to get out.
suikouts is over the man shouting, DONT BE RIDICULOUS THERE
IS STILL HOPE. the mans voice is still shaky with terror as
WILL DIE. sweat begins to appear on suikotsu face as he
then someone slash the man and blood splurts everywhere.
the wind begins to quicken snow flies all over the place
and someone begins to talk in suikotsu's head. his image
takes up the whole screen behind suikotsu and he has a
wicked smile with huge long claws. suikotsu freezes with
terror when the voice pops into his head saying evily,
whatcha think u r doing dumbass? (suikotsu turns around adn
recognizes the man) how about u drop the nice guy act
already? you really aint that type of person who saves
people. (suikotsu gasps) u really want to sink ur claws
into them dont u? (there are scars on suikotsus face)
suikotsu replies with his voice shaking, of course not i
am..... just hten someone inturrupts him saying they have
come to get him. its the shadows of the shchinintai.
jakotsu says in an annoyed tone, man u were a pain to find.
suikotsu screams and begins to run for his life trying to
escape them. they just taunt him saying, STUPID u cant run
from us. images of the shichinintais head fly around him
cackling wickedly. suikotsu wakes up screaming (somehow all
of the kids are still sleeping after that scream) and
starts to breath heavily saying, good it was just a dream.
the fire next to him is almost gone. suikotsu puts his hand
up against his head. he is still freakin out thinking about
the dream saying, what kind of dream was that i was.....
kikyous voice interrupts his thoughts. she is at the door
asking how he is.seeing her puts a smile on his face. the
both wish each other a good morning. rays of sunlight shine
on his face as he comments that this will be a great day.
kikyou is puzzled by the fact she keep observing him and
still cant find one trace of evil all she can see is a
virtuous doctor. suikotsu shard in his neck shines as he
gazes happily towards the sky. kikyou wonders why his soul
is clinging to this world. inus group is on the move.
kirara is carrying shippo sango and miroku while inu is
carrying kagome. kagome points in a direction infront of
inu saying she can sense a faint shikon aura. myouga is on
inus hair asking about the shichinintai if there are more
like the one he saw (ginkotsu). inu tells him yes and asks
why. myouga puts on his scarf and hat, jumps into the sky
and the crow catches him. his lame excuse for leaving is
that he has some errands to to take care of. inu shouts for
him to wait, glares up toward myouga and calls him a
spineless wimp. myouga flies off on the bird wishing them
good luck. kagome smiles and tells inu to let him be
because myouga was the one that saved their lives just now.
miroku and sango smile appreciatively. the kids are finally
awake and are around kikyou. a villager has comes asking
where suikotsu could be. kikyou is kneeling down outside
infront of the open door and explains suikotsu went out to
gether herbs and asks if she can treat him instead. back
with kagome. kagome alerts inu to someting very strange.
with all of the shichinintai they met their shards were
corrupted but this one is completely pure. ( there are
balls of the shikon light shining ahead of them) inu asks
if she thinks this might not be one of the shichinintai.
kagome tells him she is not sure. back with suikouts. he
and 2 kids are picking herbs. on of teh children finds one
and alerts suikotsu. suikotsu explains that particular herb
is called the gentian and its good for the stomache. the
kids smiles back at him. suikotsu tells them they should
pick some of these and head home. the kid and suikotsu both
gasp when inu yashas group arrives. inu glares at him
demanding to know if he is one of teh shichiinintai. one of
the kids is scared and clings onto suikotsu. suikotsu gazes
at him bewildered and says, huh? back with kikyou and the
villager, while kikyou is wrapping his arm the villager
explains that suikotsu showed up about the same time the
shichinintai's grave split open. kikyou is shocked by the
information. the villger tell her that he also assumed
suikotsu was one of the shichiinintai at first since one of
their names was suikotsu. kikyou is baffled by the
infomation but the villager abruptly interrupts her and
says he is nothing like that even though they have the same
name. the old villager explain he saw them die even though
it was a long time ago he remebers it well. he remembers
that it was 10-20 years ago and teh shichinintai came
around tearing up the eastern lands. (image of the
shichinintais shadows surrounded by fire) even though they
had an army hot on their tail the slaughtered everyone like
it was nothing (images of people being blown away screaming
in agony) but the shichinintai fell into a trap and they
all got beheaded. the one called suikotsu was frightening
and powerful and had a face like a bezerker, worlds apart
for our beloved doctor, he is a saint. kikyou finished
wrapping his arm and he complements her on a job well done
he cant feel the pain anymore. kikyou explains its all
thanks to the herbs in teh area. he thanks him and tells
her to send his greeting to suikotsu. kikyou smiles and
nods her head but suddenly her expression changes and she
looks behind her. the old villager asks whats wrong. kikyou
sense 3 shikon shards approaching this area. back with inu
yasha and suikotsu. suikotsu demands to know who they are.
inu tells his to stop BS-ing and admit he is one of the
shichinintai. suikotsu desperately explains that he is a
doctor and not one of them. the two kids are clinging onto
his legs in fright. inu doest believe his at all and
angrily accuses him of being one of the shichinintai
because he smells like corpse from the grave.suikotsu says
in disbelief, i'm dead? dead? inu charges toward him.
suikotsu pushes the children out of his way. miroku and
kaogme begs inu not to hurt the children. inu yell to them
that he know that already. inu attacks and misses. suikotsu
jumps in time but falls down the hill. one of the kids
kicks inu yasha for being so mean and suikotsu is
struggling to get up from the ground while the children
rush to his aid. suikotsu quietly tells him he is ok and
instructs them to leave. but the kids refuse to abandon
him. one of the kids glares upward towards inu yasha.
miroku walks over to inu and says, no matter how u look at
it, it seems like u r picking on an innocent man. inu
demands to know why. miroku explains it just doesnt feel
right compared to the rest of the shichinintai. inu is
convince this is just an act just like how he was tricked
by renkotsu earlier. approaching in the distance is a
tank. inu yasha enraged raises his right fist says, I'LL
FORCE THE TRUTH OUT OF U IF I HAVE TO!!!! suikotsu is still
on the ground with the 2 kids around him gazes fearfully up
at inu yasha. suddenly in the distance there is an
explosion and thick black smoke begins to rise from a
nearby village. suikotsu and the kids realizes in horror
that hte smoke is coming from their village and they rush
off. inu demands that suikotsu get back here. back in the
village, 2 cannons causing the village to go up in flames.
the villagers panick and run for their lives. kikyou rushes
into the village. a panicking villager tell her to escape
also but kikyou is confident and says she will be fine.
another explosion goes off spreading the flames and thick
black smoke. there is a clanging on the ground as shadowy
figures approaces her. kikyou stands firm with her bow in
her hand. when the smoke finally clears the figures can be
identified as jakoutsu, renkotsu riding on the new and
improved ginkotsu. (ginkotsu is now a huge tank with metal
claws on the bottom) kikyou glares at them and observes
that these must be the shichinintai. jus then suikotsu
calls out to her. suikotsu runs up next to her and asks
what is going on here. the shichinintai greet him and tell
him he was a pain in teh @ss to find. renkotsu has an evil
smiles when he says, come suikotsu u should be thankful we
bothered to find u, it took us forever to track u down.
suddenly suikotsu'd dream flashes into his mind. suikotsu
is horried by the images and realizes the evil dmeons in
his dream are the same men infront of him now. he shakes
his head trying to get the dream out of his mind, opens his
eyes and asks them who they are. kikyou looks at suikotsu,
she thinks he is telling the truth and that he doesnt
recognize them at all, and wonders what is going on here.
there are several holes in teh ground from the missles taht
weer shot. smoke is still surrounding the area when inu
yashas group arrives on teh scene. they stop in there
tracks and look around horrified. sango comments that she
has never seen warfare like this before. kagome is
confident that this is the work of the shichinintai because
she can also sense shikon shards nearby. inu agrees saying
this whole area reeks of them. inu and kagome run over to
them but they both stop in their tracks when they find
kikyou. kikyou says in a forceful voice, oh inu yasha so u
have also made ur way up north. sango and miroku catch up
to them. inu calmly asks her what she is doing here. kikyou
interrupts him and yells, SAVE IT! WE'LL TALK LATER.
renkotsu is surprised to see kagome, miroku and sango alive
after being poisoned. jakotsu has a big smile on his face
as he says in the happiest tone while waving, HI INU YASHA.
(lol) inu says this is good because he can kill 2 birds
with one stone. renkotsu has an eivl confident smile when
he says, so u survived the poison only to run into us, you
have some mighty bad luck there. sango replies, HMPH i
could say the same for u. miroku is frustrated that if they
didnt have those shards he could suck them up right now.
inu demands that they stay out of this (he cracks his
nuckles) and tell them he will handle this by himself (sure
u will buddy *rolls eyes* ) renkotsu orders jakotsu to take
care of suikotsu and tell him that HE will take care of inu
yasha. jakotsu is very disappointed starts whining again
saying, awwwwwwwwwwwwwe what gives brother? are u puposely
trying to keep me and inu yasha apart? (suikotsu wonders if
they are planning to kill him) what's that? are u trying
to move in on my territory? reknotsu says that if he keeps
whining he will rip his tongue out. inu pulls out his
sword. renkotsu laughs evily and drinks from hi bottle.
just as inu yasha charges at renkotsu renkotsu blows flames
at him. inu brags that he is unaffected (fire rat
clothing). just then renkotsu unleashes steel cables out of
each of his fingers. this shocks everyone. he then lights
all the cables on fire creating a net of fire around inus
group. inu tries to cut the cables but to no avail. kagome
and shippo scream. renkotsu laughs maniacally and taunts
inu that his weakness is that he cares for those people.
renkotsu pulls the steal cables and traps tessaiga and
pulls it again. jakotsu sighs several times and walks over
to suikotsu and tell him to stop being a pain. suikotsu is
totally baffled about why they attacked the village and why
they spared his life. jakotsu exasperated, says, how long
are u gonna stay half asleep? (he becomes annoyed) wake the
hell up already. (suikotsu gapes at him) if u cant i will
just have to kill you. jakotsu attacks with his slithering
sword and laughs with great satisfaction. kikyou steps
infront of suikotsu and launches a purity arrow which
barely misses jakotsu who bent back so much to dodge it and
caused him to fall to the ground. ginkotsu turns around and
renkotsu orders him to fire. the explosion knocks inu yasha
backward releasing his sword which goes flying landing far
away from his grasp. tessaiga transforms back to its rusty
state. inu becomes frustrated. renkotsu notices jakotsu
slipped up and he points ginkotsu towards suikotsu. the
explosion hits kikyou. she scream as she goes flying back.
inu concerned screams out her name. renkotsu reminds inu
that if he turns his back his friends in the fire net will
die. inu yasha ignores kikyou and leaps towards the net of
fire, and he slashes the wires with his claws. kikyou lies
motionless as her souls begin to escape from her body. she
realizes this and as each soul leaves she hurts more.
suikotsu gets up and rushes to kikyou's aid. kikyou is now
unconcious. the 2 kids run toward suikotsu and he demands
that they all stay back. the kids dont listen and continue
to run toward him, he urgently demands that they stay away.
jakotsu is back on his feet and attack the children.
suikotsu jumps infront of them and gets hit in his right
shoulder. suikotsu falls to the ground and lands on his
knees. blood gushes from his shoulder and some land on his
face. inu yasha is beside kagome wondering what is
happening. kagome is shocked and thinks that suikotsu must
not be one of the shichinintai. the 2 kids run over to
suikotsu and hug him anxiously aksing if he is ok. suikotsu
in a feeble voice tries to reassure them that he is
alright. just then suikotsu begins to pulse and his sihkon
shards glows brightly. the song is now playing in teh
backround (the pure are soiled the soiled are purified,
what is good is evil, what is evil is good, etc..) the
psychotic looking man from suikotsus dream appears in his
head. the shikon shard in his neck begins to glow black and
kagome notices this and is horrified. the kids are
concerned about him. suikotsu ponytail is gone and his hair
stands wildly, (both children gasp) suikotsu grabs one of
the kids by the throat and lifts him from the ground (the
shichinintai are glad that he has finally woken up)
suikotsu begins to laugh in a deep evil tone, while the kid
in his grasp demands that he stop. kagome orders inu to
rescue the kid and inu goes off on his new task. a red
energy surrounds suikotsu. inu does his iron reaver attack
misses but catches the kid b4 it hits the ground. inu
demands to know who suikotsu is. suikotsu has an evil
menacing lokk and now has green marks on his face as he
introduces himself as suikotsu of the shichinintai.

Episode Summary for Episode 108 - The Secret of the Unpolluted Aura. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyo continues to watch the mysterious doctor that she meets up with until the Shichinintai attack his village hoping to awaken Suikotsu's soul inside him. Inuyasha arrives to clash with them, despite a net of fire being spread on the others. Suikotsu reveals himself when the doctor gets in the way of the Shichinintai's attack on two children.
Episode Summary for Episode 108 - The Secret of the Unpolluted Aura. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
ok you see after shippo told kagome that inuyasha cried when he thought they had died.kagome wonders if inyu has feelings for her and she decides that shes kinda in love with him. just as she was about to tell him sesshmoro appears and tells inuyasha to transform into his full demon. inyu refuses and they fight rin told them to quit it and they do. kikyo asppears with naroko and sesshmoro says him and naroko must fight and they do. sesshmo does good but cant finish the job. inu helps and naroko flees but kikyo says inu and the gang will die soon. sessmo leaves with just stating that hell kill inu one day. oh yeah koga meets up with inu and the gang.