Episode 109 - Approaching the misty Mount Hakurei Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 109 - Approaching the misty Mount Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Suikotsu clashes with Inuyasha but faces an inner battle with his good personality making the Shichinintai depart. The Inuyasha gang, despite Kagome's depression, bring Kikyo out of the town's barrier so she can have souls to live on. Before departing, Kikyo explains that Mount Hakurei's aura can purify corrupted souls thus Suikotsu could live in the town with his good personality. The next day, Kagome is still depressed and Miroku tells Inuyasha not to bother her for a little while. As stubborn as he is, Inuyasha asks Kagome what her problem was. She tries to hold in her anger by telling Inuyasha about how she once told him that she'd always be by his side. Eventually, she gets angry accusing Inuyasha of bothering her and sits him about 15 times (Really painful, yet funny!!) Meanwhile, the Shichinintai are heading off to the tomb of their leader, Bankotsu, to resurrect him.
Episode Summary for Episode 109 - Approaching the misty Mount Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

inu the previous ep suikotsu finally awakened. and he wasnt
the sweet pure doctor anymore. kagome sango and miroku were
trapped in a ring of fire while inu yasha fought him.
kikyou got hit by missles. the final scene was kikyou lying
on the ground unconious about to be run over by the metal
shichiinintai. it starts out with inu yasha and suikotsu
exchanging angered glances. inu yasha does not have his
sword. inu yasha calls him a b@stard. all suikotsu does is
laugh and says, that goodie goodie loser sealed me away for
a long time. (he is talking about his purified self).
kagome mieoku and sagno are still surrounded by fire. sango
is wondering what suikotsu trnasformation is about. its
like he is a totally different person. miroku wonders if
there are 2 differnet minds inside suikotsu's body. kagome
agrees. she says she has heard of it. its called multiple
personailty disorder. the personality that has be hiddne
til now is showing itself. inu yasha yells well i dont get
it but i know one thing u r one of the shichiinintai.
renkotsu throws suikotsu metal claws. suikotsu puts them on
and tightens them. he muffles to inu yasha u little punk u
want to fight me huh. how about i grant u ur wish. inu
yasha just grits his teeth and looks at how far tessaiga is
from him. suikotsu says whats wrong? u too scared to fight
without ur sword? inu goes yeah right do u really think u
can hurt me with those. I DARE U TO SCRATCH ME U LYING SACK
OF SH1T. suikotsu gets angry and clutches onto his claws
tighter saying u betta learn to watch ur mouth kid. he then
quickly attacks inu yasha. but inu yasha dodged and is in
the air. inu uses iron reaver but suikotsu dodged. suikotsi
smiles and say oooooooh so u do know something about
fighting. inu smiles cracks his knuckles and says i'll
shread u to bits. (yeah right) they both starts to move
never taking their eye off each other. they atack at the
same time. inu yasha came close but suikotsu dodges. he
tells inu u swing too hard. inu maek a say what kinda face.
suikotsu says THIS is how u fight in close quarters.
suikotsu almost slashs inu stomache and head off. but inu
dodges. just as inu moves back he is slashed in the
stomache. suikotsu keeps attacking inu yasha. but all inu
is doing is dodging. suikotsu teases inu about it. inu
tells him to shut up and he grabs on of suikotsu claws.
then a large ball of light come out from bothe there hands.
inu goes WTF. and suikotsu slash inu hard in the stomache.
kagome and shippo call out inus name. the 2 kids are
terrified and cant watch. inu clutches his chest and call
him an @sshole. suikotsu licks the blood on his claws and
yells DIIIIIIIIE. he atacks inu yasha again quicker than
last time. inu just dodges again. suikotsu laugh and
strikes inu feet knocking inu off balance and he falls.
suikotsu puts his claws on inu yashs neck saying its all
over for u. the kids yell STOP, suikotsu whats wrong with
u? PLEASE GO BACK TO NORMAL. inu look nervously at the kids
then suikotsu. suikotsu begins to grunt. he take his claw
away from inu neck touches his head as if he is trying to
hold something back. he yells stop it. stop it. inu yasha
gets up looking curious. inu thinks to himself what is with
this guy? renkotsu goes he stil hasnt fully awakened yet?
if thats the case FORWARD GINKOTSU (ginkotsu is the metal
one he has a new powerful body now. more like a tank. )
ginkotsu starts up. inu yasha is still looking curiously at
suikotsu. inu yasha notices that ginkotsu is about to run
over kikyou. inu yasha runs to help but siukotsu attacks
him again saying dont u turn ur back on me. inu growls.
kagome goes NO kikyou is in trouble. shippo says i dont
think inu yahsa can get to her. kagome goes we have to save
her and tries to run through the fire but almost gets
burned. miroku says i'll go. sango reminds him that he
cant use his wind tunnel. mrioku says we have no time to
worry about that. sango stay hree with kagome make a path
for me with ur boomerang. sango launches her boomerang
splitting the fire miroku runs through unscathed. renkotsu
blows fire at mriou saying not so fast. i cant let u do
that. i'll be ur opponent. renkotsu wipes his mouth. inu
yasha and suikotsu are still fighting. suikotsu tell him to
take his best shot. in the backround ginkotsu is moving
faster by the second. inu thinks to himeslf sh1t if i could
only reach tessaiga. ginkotsu is closing in on her. inu
yells KIKYOU. kikyou lies there unconious. miorku goes for
kikyou again and renkotsu blows fire at him. renkotsu take
another drink form his bottle and spits fire again. miroku
blocks with his staff. kirara goes over to attack
renkotsu.kirara roars and miroku thanks kirara and runs for
kikyou. ginkotsu is closing in. miroku is charging.
everyone is lookin in suspense. just when ginkotsu is about
to hit her miroku grabs her and rolls to the side bringing
her to safety. inu yasha is terrified he wouldnt make it in
time. shippo sango and kagome have a moment of celebration.
inu ysaha and suikotsu are still fighting inu yasha knocks
suikotsu aside. inu trying to catch his breath says kikyous
safe. renkotsu says she wasnt the real target moron.
jankotsu 9the gay one that luvs inu yasah LMAO) shows up
through the darkness behind the kids. jankotsu says gee
this doesnt feel very satisfying. lol. renkotsu says if we
kill those kids there will be no one out there to bring
back suikotsu pure side. the kids are terrified and look
behind the m to find jankotsu. jankotsu says dont worry
it'll be over soon. just as jankotsu is about to attack
with his bending sword suikotsu yells STOOOOOOP. seeming as
if he is in more pain. suikotsu says i am begging u please
dont kill him. it is harder for him to block his other
personality now. suikotsus lines on his face start to
disappear. jankotsu and renkotsu are angered that his
presonaliyt hasnt stabilized yet. inu yahsa leave suikotsu.
renkotsu says if we kill those brats infront of him he will
shatter completely. is mount harukei causing this? inu
yasha grabs his sword and transforms it. he says I'LL be
the last thing u will ever see. renkotsu take another drink
and blows fire at kirara. the shichinintai retreat.
jankotsu carries suikotsu over to ginkotsu and they ride
off. inu yasha charges at them all. just as inu is about to
use wound of wind ginkotsu shoot to missles at him. inu
jumps into the air and dodges. jankotsu says with the
biggest smile on his face iiiinuyaaaashaaaa we will meet
again. jankotsu waves. lol.the kids is worried about
kikyou. mrioku is by her side. inu automatically forgets
abou the shichinintai and worries about kikyou. he slowly
walks up to her kneeling down beside her. inu gazes at her
with sad worried eyes wondering if her souls r leaving
her.kagome sango and shipo are out of the fire. kagome
looks depressed an dlooks to the ground. they hear a slight
explosoin. they see kikyous soul snatchers coming for
kikyou but getting destroyed by the barrier. inu says it
dissolved? miroku wonders what is going on. kagome looks at
kikyou then her soul snatchers woth the saddest look on hre
face. she clutches her fist and tell inu yasha to take
kikyou to a safer place. i dont think she will wake up
otherwise. inu yasha looks up at kagome kinda surprised by
her words. mrioku and sango have the same reaction. mrioku
asks what should we do? would it be better if i took her
instead? kagome looking as if htis is the hardest time of
her life says noo it has to be inu yasha right? inu yasha
gently puts his hands under kikyou and carries her away.
kagomes eyes widen she sighs and look down. she htikns to
herself i really don twan to see them like this but theres
nothin else we can do. while she is saying that they show
inu carrying kikyou off with the soul snatchers and souls
behind the barrier. (its actually a very pretty scene)
sango whispers to miroku does this mean that inu yasha is
still hung up on her? miroku responds really i am
continually amazed that kagome is kindhearted enough 2 put
up with this. kagome says hey. she turns around with sad
eyes and looks at them. she coninues, do we really needs
to talk about his now? sango and miroku makes the funiest
expressions and gte hyper and so. NO NO MA'AM OUR
APOLOGIES. shippo hides behind miroku saying i'm scared.
lmao.there is a sweatdrop next to kagome right eye as she
says i didnt mean it like that. outside the village in an
opening at in the forest. kikyou head is rested up against
a tree, inu yasha kneeling by her side. everyone else is
standing a couple feet away from them. the soul snatches
can finally bring her souls to her and are filling her up
now. inu yasha anxiously stares at kikyou hoping she will
be ok. when kikyou slowly opens her eyes inu yasha gasps.
kikyou and inu yasha says each others names. kagome becomes
even more upset and looks away. kikyou asks where they are.
inu yasha tells her just outside the village. kikyou says
just as i thought. my soul snatches couldnt reach me. she
ask inu what happened to those men? inu says u mean the
shichinintai? kikyou says yeah those men with the polluted
shards. inu says they retreated and took suikotsu with
them. kikyou looks at kagome and calls her. kagome is
shocked for a second then slumps and get upset again.
kikyou says u saw it too? the way suikotsu shard changed.
kagome says in an upset voice slowly uh yeah its pure aura
became corrupted. kikyou agrees and says and then he lost
control of himself. its all because of this area. inu yasha
gazes deeply inu kikyou eyes and thinks to himself kikyou
what r u trying to tell us? kikyou explains that there r
lands here that ward against evil and those with demonic
powers. thats because mount harukei purifes everything
surrounding it. inu yasha aska mt. harukei? miroku says he
has heard of it. they say is it a holy mountain that
cleanses all sin. kikyou agrees and says suikotsu was only
able to survive because on of his personalities was
completely pure. kagome says but once his other presonlaity
surfaced he had to leace the area. inu asks if this
mountain is the reason they had to retreat. (he is so slow
:B) kikyou repeats the song hte kids sang in ep 107.

the pure are soiled, the soiled are purified

what is good is evil, what is evil is good

to live is to die, to die is to live

she continues, there is no longer a distinction because
moutn harukei is too pure. sango walks up to miroku and
asks what he is thinking about. miroku says we should check
it out. it worries him. inu ysha leans closer to kikyou and
asks her what she is going to do. kagome looks as if she is
about to cry and turns her whole body away from them.
kikyou stares at kagome for a while and then notices kids
behind them. inu yasha turns arounds to c what kikyou has
noticed. she tell inu to leave her behind she will take
care of these children for now. besides..... if i wanted to
go i couldnt. inu yasha is hoskce by her words and kikyou
continues u saw what happened with my soul snatchers. inu
yasha and kikyou both gaze deeply and lovingly into each
others eyes never looking away. kagome still facing the
opposite direction looking to the sky thinks to herself inu
yasha .... u really wanted to ... (LMFAO HERE IT IS I LUV
THIS PART LMFAO) it is daytime now and the gang is going
back on there journey. miroku with shippo on his shoulder
and inu yasha are running. sango and kagome are on kirara.
inu yasha being a clueless idiot asks miroku why kagome is
riding kirara today. miroku says probably cuz she didnt
want U to carry her. inu being a stupid and clueless again
aska why? what did i do? miroku makes a u r so stupid
expression and answers, what did i do? give me a break.
that atmosphere b/t u and kikyou last night... girls notice
these tings u know. it hurts kagome feeling knowing u r
still hung up on kikyou, better tread softly around her for
a while until she cools off.inu speeds off until he catches
up with kirara. miroku go WAIT. shippo says he doesnt
listen and shakes his head. lol. inu yasha yells next to
IGNORING ME D@MMIT? KA GO ME? kagoe looks at him with sad
eyes and says what? (she really looked like a pale zombi
lol) inu freaks out slows down and hides behind miroku.
LMAO. now everyone is sitting down. inu and kagome ae
together. inu yasha has the funniest angered expression on
his face. lol. inu very angry says if u got a problem with
me spit it out already. kagome says sadly i am fine. inu
responds then why r u mad at me? kagome turns her head away
from him and says i am not mad. inu says u know this isnt
the time to be fighting. kagome doesnt say anything. inu
get feels bad and says u know.... kagome interrupts him and
says, we've talked about it b4 how i want to stay with u,
i understand the strong ties u have with kikyou that why i
cant tell u to forget about her. but even knowing that i
still wanted to be by ur side, i decided that on my own.
inu yasha looks sad. kagome says that why i am not going to
worry about what happened last night. (LMFAO HERE IT COMS
LMFAO) inu yasha is shocked and cant speak, he just stares
at her. kagome turns into a scary pyschopath and yells, WHY
stands up. inu yasha looks terrified for a sec then says i
knew u were mad at me kagome goes. SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT
LMFAO LMFAO. (it seems that stupid sits him also LMFAO)
miroku with his eyes lcosed said i told him to stay away
from her. shippo says look like she took it down a notch.
inu yasha yells at the top of his lungs STOOOOOOOP IT FOR
to the shichinintai. jankotsu asks renkotsu where they r
going. he doesnt repsond and looks to the sky. jankotsu
looks into the distance and sees kohaku. renkotsu says that
kohaku has come to pick us up. time to meet up with big
brother the shichinintai will be reunited at last. he
smiles. then we see the leader of the shichinintai look
outward to a distant castle. the leader laughs evily.