Episode 110 - The leader of the Shichinintai, Bankotsu, makes his appearance Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 110 - The leader of the Shichinintai, Bankotsu, makes his appearance. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
We see the figure of a man with a long black braid wearing white clothing and sitting on the edge of a cliff. He's trying to write something but it doesn't seem to be coming out right since we also see a bunch of paper balls strewn about all over the place. We don't see his face. The wind blows the paper balls off the side of the cliff. Kohaku appears and addresses the man as "Bankotsu." He tells him that he's brought the rest of his group. Then we see Renkotsu, Jakotsu, and Suikotsu riding towards them on Ginkotsu. Jakotsu addresses the man as "Banktosu-ooaniki!"
Renkotsu tells Bankotsu that Kyuokotsu and Mukotsu (what's with the "kotsu"?) are dead but Bankotsu already knew that. Bankotsu asks Renkotsu to write a threatening letter to the castle across from the cliff since he's smart. "We'll be paying a visit to settle an old score. Wash your necks and wait." (If you don't know what "wash your necks and wait" means it's a threat of decapitation. Fitting since that's how the Shichinintai died the first time. This also seems to be Bankotsu favorite threat...oh and by the way...we still haven't seen Bankotsu's face.) Jakotsu seems very excited about revenge. We finally see Bankotsu's face. He's rather good looking with a purple cross-shaped mark on his forehead (like the other Shichinintai have marks on their faces as well). He has long black hair that he has braided and we can see the shikon shards glowing in his neck.

-Flashback- All the Shichinintai are walking down a path in the forest (Including Kyoukotsu and Mukotsu) They're talking about a battle they just fought. They're looking forward to a new job and ask Bankotsu about it. He points them to the castle (this is the same castle that they want to get revenge on). They go to the castle and talk to the leader of the castle's warriors. Jakotsu wonders why they don't get to talk to the lord of the castle himself. The leader of the warriors wanted them to be in the front line. If they got the job done the lord would pay them as much as they wanted. -End of Flashback-

It turns out that the castle still has Bankotsu's "baby" (his halberd). Renkotsu comes back with the note written. Bankotsu reads it and calls on Kohaku to deliver it since he's a spy. Kohaku tells him he's not a spy but delivers it anyway.

A butterfly flies past Ginkotsu and he looks at it with interest. Suddenly something shoots in front of him and the bu tterfly is gone. Next to him Bankotsu appears, holding the butterfly. He hands it to him. Ginkotsu seems mad so Bankotsu lets the butterfly go. Renkotsu asks if they should storm the castle but Bankotsu wants to wait and watch the reaction to the note he sent.

View of Mount Hakurei. Inuyasha and Company are just kind of standing there. Miroku says that it's just as Kikyo described. Kagome thinks about how serene it is there. Kirara shrinks into little Kirara and whimpers while Shippo is slung over Miroku's shoulder, barely concious. Miroku says that it must be the mountain's purifying energy and since Shippo and Kirara are full demons, they're feeling the effects of it pretty hard. Inuyasha begins to walk forward but is surrounded by what look like electric bolts or something like that. He's says that there's a barrier. Miroku says that it's so strong that it could probably purify any amount of demonic or evil energy. Then he goes on to say that the barrier is so intense that it even makes humans uncomfortable. Sango and Kagome seem fine. Inuyasha: "I think YOU'RE just impure" Sango takes Miroku's left hand while Kagome takes his right. Together they begin to lead him towards the barrier and Miroku begins to panic. He breaks free of them and runs away. "Yup. Totally impure. And you call yourself a monk!" said by Inuyasha. While Sango and Kagome talk about the "amazing" barrier, Miroku and Inuyasha talk about how there's no way Naraku could have hidden there because he would have become purified in an instant. Their next course of action is to capture the Shichinintai and force them to tell where Naraku is hiding. With that settled Miroku decides to get off the mountain fast because "poor Kirara and Shippo are suffering" Kagome: "Oh, I don't know about that..." Sango: "Yeah, he's just worried about himself" Inuyasha: "He's really THAT impure?"

A villager is walking down a path and he calls out to Inuyasha and Company. He tells them that they better not get caught even though they're travelers because the leader of the warriors of the castle is going around collecting all young men, even if they're travelers. He tells them about a rumor he heard that a threat was sent to the castle. Somebody saying they were going to take the castle's treasure. The sound of horses is heard in the background. The leader of the warriors rides up to them and asks them where they're from. Miroku tells him that they're just travelers passing by. After threatening Inuyasha, the leader decides to let them go. The villager tells Inuyasha that the leader probably thought he was part of the Shichinintai. Hearing about the Shichinintai, the gang gets excited and asks the villager what he knows. He told them that that leader was the man that lead the attack against them. Kagome says, "Inuyasha..."

We see the Shichinintai all riding on Ginkotsu towards the castle. Jakotsu says that it makes him sick just looking at it.

-Flashback- The castle is burning and we see the outlined figures of the Shichinintai against it. Jakotsu whips out his snake sword and kills a bunch of people. Mukotsu kills with his poison. Kyoukotsu punches. Ginkotsu shoots them and Suikotsu shreds them. Renkotsu's breathing fire at them. After the battle all of them are sitting under a cliff talking about nothing really. How easy the battle was, and how Bankotsu should be declared the leader. But Bankotsu thinks it's too much work.

Suddenly they hear the cheers of more soldiers. The Shichinintai get up to fight but behind them they hear more battle cries. The soldiers behind them are lead by the leader Bankotsu talked to in the previous flashback. It starts to snow as another army comes in to fight and a fourth comes in as well. Bankotsu tells them to run. The leader gives the signal and hundreds of arrows start to fly right at the Shichinintai. -End of Flashback-

Bankotsu says that before he died he took down 999 men. He'll finally get to kill his 1000th. He tells the rest of the gang not to screw this job up and then runs on ahead.

Tow men are standing at the front gate talking about how they want to go back to the village. A man yells at them to get back to their posts and they do so quickly.

A man is talking to the leader (not of the warriors but the main leader) about how they've collected all the men they could find and how reinforcements were going to show up in the morning. Their defenses will be flawless. The leader thinks the man is making too big a deal out of the situation.

The villagers who are now soldiers see somebody approaching the front gate.

The man talking to the leader says that it could have been the Shichinintai who sent the letter. And since their castles houses the Banryuu, (Nakotsu's halberd)...

We see Bankotsu step forward. "I'm here to get my baby back" The soldiers stand their ground.

The leader says that because they have the Banryuu, it is proof that they were able to kill the Shichinintai once before. And since they were able to kill them before they can kill them again. He hears a great crashing noise.

Smoke clears and we see a bunch of soldiers coughing. They look up to see the rest of the Shichinintai approach. Suikotsu attacks, then Jakotsu and Ginkotsu.

The room the leader is in begins to shake and dust falls from the ceiling. He says that there's no way the Shichinintai could have penetrated the castle yet. And then Bankotsu opens the door. He asks if the lord read his letter. The lord asks where the guards are and we see a room of people all hanging from the ceiling because their heads have been knocked through. Bankotsu sees his Banryuu and seems very excited about it. The lord tells him that they'll give it back "so please don't..." Bankotsu picks up the halberd with one hand and shocks the lord who remembers that it took three men to carry it inside "and that pipsqueak wield it with one hand?!" Bankotsu slides the cloth off the blade and is excited that it's so shiny. "You guys polished it for me, didn't you!" The lrod tells him that he doesn't care if he's a zombie and then asks Bankotsu to work for him. Bankotsu asks him if he had read the letter correctly. He mentions the neck. "Wash your neck and wait." "And this makes it one thousand!" He swings.

Ginkotsu shoots a house and then goes back to the rest of the Shichinintai. They think they're pretty much done when the reinforcements start coming in. Bankotsu tells them to get out of the way as he comes forward, carrying his Banryuu. The leader of the warriors rides closer and Bankotsu smiles. "Long time, no see." The leader asks what happened to the lord and Bankotsu tells him that he just returned the favor since the Shichinintai had their heads chopped off. He asks if the leader remembered to wash his neck and then a butterfly flies by. Bankotsu seems distracted by it. He watches it, the swings the Banryuu around a few times and we see the butterfly destroyed. "I'm better now than before I died!" He jumps out of the way as the troops reach him twirling the Banryuu over his head, and then he strikes.

Kagome tells Inuyasha that she senses shikon shards. Inuyasha smells a lot of blood and gunpowder on the wind. The Shichinintai (that is so fun to type) must be up ahead. *commercials*

We see the mask that the leader of the warriors used to wear broken on the ground. A bunch of bodies lie on the ground. The castle is smoking. Bankotsu's surprised that they're all dead. He asks Jakotsu why he couldn't have left even one woman to pour them drinks. Jakotsu wants to find Inuyasha. Renkotsu tells Jakotsu not to be so impatient. Inuyasha will smell them out soon enough. Renkotsu begins to question Bankotsu about Naraku, like why he revived them. Bankotsu tells him that Naraku wants them to take care of Inuyasha, Kouga, and anyone else bothering him. Renkotsu keeps asking about Naraku but Bankotsu tells him that they're alive and that should be enough.

A tornado approaches them from the distance. It's Kouga. Bankotsu is mildly surprised that the wolf showed up before the dog did. Kouga asks where Naraku is and Bankotsu notices that Naraku sure makes a lot of enemies. Bankotsu asks Jakotsu if they can trust Naraku and Jakotsu counters with a "You're the only one who's met him!" Kouga's angry. He attacks. Jakotsu uses his snake sword against Kouga. Ginkotsu shoots but Kouga dodges. Bankotsu says that he's probably just quick because of the shikon shards in his legs. Bankotsu swings his Banryuu at Kouga but Kouga dodges. Kouga notices that Bankotsu isn't like the others at all. Bankotsu tells the rest of the Shichinintai not to let Kouga get away. Ginkotsu keeps shooting at Kouga and Suikotsu slashes at him. Jakotsu uses his sword and Bankotsu uses his halberd. Just then, with a yell of "Outta the way, wimpy wolf!!" Inuyasha hits the Banryuu with the Tetsusaiga. Electricity flies and then Inuyasha jumps back and points the Tetsusaiga at Bankotsu. "Found ya, Shichinintai!"

Episode Summary for Episode 110 - The leader of the Shichinintai, Bankotsu, makes his appearance. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Bankotsu leads the Shichinintai to attack a castle where his old sword is being kept. The Shichinintai kill off everyone at the castle where Kouga later shows up to fight with all five of them. Afterward, Inuyasha stepts into the battle to clash with Bankotsu.
Episode Summary for Episode 110 - The leader of the Shichinintai, Bankotsu, makes his appearance. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode begins with Bankotsu trying to write a threatening letter atop some cliff, facing a castle on another cliff. Kohaku appears, and announces that he has brought the rest of the Shichinin-tai, who appear riding up on Ginkotsu. Bankotsu gets Renkotsu to write the letter to the castle, explaining that the people there were the ones who decapitated the Shichinin-tai 10 yrs. earlier.
In a flashback, the Shichinin-tai are walking down a dirt road towards a castle, talking of their last victorious job. Upon reaching the castle, the commander of the troops there ( who wears a mask over his face ) explains that if they kill his master's enemies, and lead his troops into battle, they will recieve as much pay as they want.
End of flashback, with Bankotsu explaining to Jakotsu how the castle still has his "baby", the halberd Banryuu. Renkotsu appears with the finished letter, and gives it to Bankotsu who gives it to Kohaku to deliver. The Shichinin-tai then lay back to see the reaction of the castle to the threatening letter.
We move on to see Inuyasha and his group standing near the barrier at Mt. Harukei. Inuyasha tries, and fails, to pass through the barrier, as does Miroku, who is actually pulled towards it by Sango and Kagome against his will.
The group heads down the mountain to a village, where an old farmer warns them of the commander of the castle’s troops, who has been drafting young people and villagers. The commander himself happens to show up then, and after a near-fight with Inuyasha, says that the group can go. Once he’s gone, the farmer proceeds to explain that that commander was the very one who led the attack against the Shichinin-tai 10 yrs. earlier.

Back to the Shichinin-tai, who are travelling down a dirt road on Ginkotsu towards the castle. Another flashback, with Jakotsu, Mukotsu, Kyoukutso, Suikutso, and Renkotsu fighting against the castle’s enemies, and winning. The scene switches ( still flashback ) to the Shichinin-tai sitting beneath a low cliff and laughing, when the castle’s enemy troops show up, appearing to circle them against the cliff. The commander of the castle’s troops shows up on the cliff with his soldiers, and Bankotsu gets angry, since the Shichinin-tai were supposed to lead the attack. As it turns out, the commander and his enemies had formed an alliance against the Shichinin-tai, and had completely circled them. The Shichinin-tai start to run, when the commander gives the signal and tons of arrows are shot at them from all directions.
End of flashback, with Bankotsu telling the rest of the Shichinin-tai not to screw up the fight, and then running on ahead to the castle.
The leader of the castle is inside the same room as the Banryuu with his aid, saying of how they can kill Bankotsu again. Outside, Ginkotsu fires a missile at the front doors, and the rest of the Shichinin-tai attack. Meanwhile, Bankotsu finds the leader and his aid, and when the leader asks where all the guards are, it shows them in another room, their heads stuck up into the ceiling. Bankotsu retrieves the Banryuu, and proceeds to chop off the masters head.
Back outside, the rest of the Shichinin-tai have killed nearly everyone, when reinforcements ( including the commander ) show up. Bankotsu comes outside with the Banryuu, and orders the other Shichinin-tai to leave the reinforcements to him, and attacks the commander.
Kagome is riding on Inuyasha’s back, with the others on Kirara. She says she senses the Shikon shards up ahead, and Inuyasha says he can smell blood and gunpowder on the wind. They run on, figuring out that the Shichinin-tai must be ahead.
Back at the castle, the commander’s broken mask is on the ground, with dead soldiers all over and outside the castle. Bankotsu and Jakotsu are sitting on a porch, drinking sake, with Bankotsu complaining how Jakotsu could have left at least one woman to pour them all drinks. Renkotsu is riding by on Ginkotsu, and Suikotsu is outside keeping guard when a “tornado” appears. This is actually Kouga, who asks Bankotsu angrily where Naraku is. Bankotsu doesn’t tell, and Kouga tries to attack them, but is only able to dodge all their attacks. Bankotsu is about to bring the Banryuu down on Kouga, when Inuyasha appears and blocks Bankotsu’s attack, and says that he has found them.