Episode 111 - Showdown! Banryuu versus Kaza no Kizu! Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 111 - Showdown! Banryuu versus Kaza no Kizu!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Jakotsu is overjoyed to see Inuyasha. Bankotsu is impressed with the power of Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga. Bankotsu introduces himself and says that he is the leader of the Shichinintai. Inuyasha insults Kouga and gets hit in the head. They start arguing. The rest of the Gang shows up. Bankotsu seems glad that everyone has now arrived. They threaten each other. Miroku tells the rest of the Gang that it looks like Bankotsu's the leader and Sango makes a comment about how young he looks. Kagome gasps. She tells Inuyasha that Bankotsu has three shikon shards in his neck. They're the shards that were in Kyoukotsu and Mukotsu. Shippo says that the shards came directly from Naraku and Bankotsu GLAAAAAARES at him, causing him to hide behind Kagome. Inuyasha and Bankotsu fight. It seems to be an even match.
Ginkotsu, with Renkotsu controlling him fires at the Gang. Miroku and Sango dodge but don't know what happened to Kagome. But Kouga got to her first and picked her up. Inuyasha actually thanks Kouga for saving Kagome. Kagome looks at Renkotsu and sees that he still has the shikon shards that he stole from her. Renkotsu seems to realize that Kagome can see the shikon shards.

Inuyasha and Bankotsu are still fighting.

Renkotsu knows that if Bankotsu finds out that he's hiding the shards from him, he'll get into a world of trouble. He decides to kill Kagome. He tells Ginkotsu to aim for her. Kouga distracts Ginkotsu and Ginkotsu shoots at Kouga instead of Kagome. Kouga jumps at Renkotsu from above but Renkotsu dodges.

Kagome tells Miroku that they have to get the shikon shards Renkotsu stole from her back. Miroku goes to help Kouga out but Suikotsu jumps in front of him. Miroku and Suikotsu start fighting.

Jakotsu is disappointed that he has to fight Sango because she's a woman. He attacks with his sword and Sango blocks it with her Hiraikotsu. Then she takes her sword out and attacks.

Kirara is fighting with Ginkotsu.

Inuyasha and Bankotsu are still fighting. Bankotsu is insulting Inuyasha while Inuyasha is questioning Bankotsu about Naraku.

Rin and Jaken are at the foot of Mt. Hakurei. Rin is in awe of the size of the mountain while Jaken is suffering because of the barrier. Rin asks him what's wrong and he tells her that it hurts. She has no idea what he's talking about. Ah-Un also seems to be in pain because he's lying on the ground and groaning. Jaken tells her that since the mountain is sacred, when a demon gets too close it's hard to stand the purifying energy. He tells her that since she's human she doesn't feel but for him it's like somebody's dragging the life out of him. At this point he begins to move backwards. We see that Rin is dragging him towards the mountain. He realizes what's happening. Rin wants to go exploring. They start to get closer and closer to the barrier and Jaken begins to spazz. He pulls free of Rin and runs away. Rin is slightly surprised. Jaken wonders why Sesshoumaru brought them there since there's no way that Naraku could be hiding inside a barrier like that.

Sesshoumaru is walking through the mist around the mountain. He stops walking and something like electricity surrounds him. It's the barrier. He can't go any further. He smells Kohaku all over the place and then the trail just breaks off.

Rin is sitting on the ground waiting for Sesshoumaru, wondering what's taking him so long. Jaken is silently willing Sesshoumaru to come back. In the mist ahead Rin sees the figure of Kohaku. She gets up and runs towards him. Jaken runs after her yelling for her to come back because Sesshoumaru will scold him. Then Jaken hits the barrier and almost gets purified. When he gets back up Rin is gone.

Kohaku jumps off a ledge and goes into a cave. Rin follows him in, calling after him. Kohaku grabs his sword and then sees that it's just Rin. She wants to talk to him some more because she was worried about him and he asks her what she's doing there. Kohaku tells her to leave and behind him demons stir. He stands in front of her and tells her to be quiet. He tells her to back out slowly before the demons notice her. If they see her they'll rip her to shreds. He tells her that the demons won't bother him so she should just leave. She nods and runs out. She looks behind her to see Kohaku standing there, a bunch of demons with glowing red eyes looking at him.

Miroku is still fighting Suikotsu.

Sango is still fighting Jakotsu except that now their fight has moved onto the roof of the castle.

Renkotsu and Kouga are still fighting. Renkotsu's holding something that looks like a giant flaming lasso.

Ginkotsu keeps firing at Kirara who has taken to the air but he keeps missing.

Inuyasha and Bankotsu are still pretty evenly matched. Naraku's Saimyoushou fly in. They are telling the Shichinintai to withdraw. Bankotsu tells them that he's going to finish Inuyasha off right now. Inuyasha uses the Kaze no Kizu. Ginkotsu tries to stop him by shooting steel wires at him and tangling him up but he's too late. Bankotsu seems shocked at the power of the Kaze no Kizu. The rest of the castle is destroyed. After the smoke clears we see Bankotsu's Banryuu stuck in the ground. Bankotsu emerges from behind his Banryuu, complaining that Inuyasha cracked it. And, indeed there is a huge crack in Banryuu. The Saimyoushou are still telling Bankotsu to leave. This time, Bankotsu listens.

Renkotsu still wants to kill Kagome. He steers Ginkotsu towards her and then tells him to fire. Kirara picked her up before the blast made contact. She put her down and Kagome aims her bow at Renkotsu. The arrow flies right past Renkotsu's ear. Before she has a chance to fire another one, the ground begins to shake. It cracks right under Kagome but Inuyasha catches her. The Shichinintai leave on Ginkotsu. Inuyasha is about to follow but a Naraku puppet pops up out of the ground in front of him. It looks more massive than the other Naraku puppets. *commercials*

Jaken is apologizing to Sesshoumaru for letting Rin run away like that. Since Rin is inside the barrier Sesshoumaru begins to walk towards it. Jaken begs Sesshoumaru not to go one because if he does even he will be purified. He even goes so far as to put himself in front of Sesshoumaru, practically sitting on his feet. Sesshoumaru says, "Enough! Look behind you." Jaken turns around and sees Rin running towards them in her little Rin way (that is, arms spread apart like an airplane). Rin is happy to see Sesshoumaru. She runs towards him and immediately Sesshoumaru says, "Kohaku's in there, isn't he" That stops Rin. Sesshoumaru is looking down at her, not quite angry but not very happy either. Jaken tells Rin to tell the truth since she can't keep it from Sesshoumaru. Rin's afraid that Sesshoumaru wants to kill Kohaku. She tells Sesshoumaru that Kohaku helped her out when she was in a cave full of demons. Sesshoumaru is surprised. He narrows his eyes at Rin. "What?" "Demons she says..." he thinks. Rin keeps going. She tells him that Kohaku saved her so she was hoping that he wouldn't... her voice kind of trails off as Sesshoumaru looks into the barrier. "Demons inside the sacred grounds...I think I've figured out Naraku's trick."

The Gang is facing the Naraku puppet. Kagome is getting a weird feeling from the puppet. She wonders if it really is just a puppet. Kouga attacks. The puppet Naraku sprouts those weird tentacle-like things. Inuyasha attacks. Naraku-puppet doesn't want to let them pass. this puppet is definitely larger than the other Naraku puppets. Inuyasha uses the Kaze no Kizu on it. The puppet breaks apart but with it, a bunch of flower petals fall and the disappear. Kouga jumps up and goes after the Shichinintai.

Inuyasha is about to go after him but Kagome stops him. Kagome tells Inuyasha that this puppet felt pure. She tells him that it reminded her of Mount Hakurei. Shippo notices that the puppet smells nice. It smells like water and flowers.

Kouga is running, looking for the Shichinintai. He hits the barrier and can't go any further.

The Shichinintai are near Mount Hakurei but they feel pretty bad because of the barrier. Bankotsu tells Jakotsu that there's a barrier so Inuyasha and Kouga shouldn't be able to follow them. Jakotsu wonders why they feel so bad since they're human. Suddenly Kanna appears in the mist. Beside her is Kohaku. Bankotsu asks Kohaku who "the pale chick" is. They look into Kanna's mirror and see Sesshoumaru and Rin. Jakotsu recognizes him and tells Bankotsu that he's the guy who killed Mukotsu. Kohaku tells them that it's Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshoumaru. Bankotsu asks Kohaku what he wants them to do and Kohaku tells them that he wants them to hunt him down and kill him. Bankotsu gets upset that they were stopped in the middle of a fight with Inuyasha just to tell them that they have to kill Sesshoumaru. Kanna tells them that if they had gone on fighting they would have died. She tells Bankotsu that his Banryuu is not match for the Tetsusaiga. That pisses Bankotsu off. He slams the Banryuu into the ground in front of her and shows her the scratch. She runs her hand over the scratch and tells him that the Banryuu can be strengthened. Then she looks at Renkotsu. Bankotsu seems to realize something. He tells him to give him the shikon shards he has. Renkotsu's playing dumb so he gets Banryuu pointed at him. Bankotsu threatens Renkotsu and Renkotsu hands the shards over but we can see that he's bitter about it. Bankotsu smashes the bottle that they were in just by squeezing his hand and tells Renkotsu that he won't forgive him next time. Bankotsu tells Suikotsu and Jakotsu to dispose of Sesshoumaru. Jakotsu seems upset. "I thought you'd be happy...don't you like the pretty boys?" he says to Jakotsu. Jakotsu tells him that he wants Inuyasha. Bankotsu tells him that he has Sesshoumaru now. He then takes the four shikon shards and puts them into the crack in Banryuu. Kohaku tells him that he knows where Inuyasha is.

Inuyasha and the Gang are standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out at the landscape. They're looking for water.

Episode Summary for Episode 111 - Showdown! Banryuu versus Kaza no Kizu!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The Inuyasha gang clash with the Shichinintai. Inuyasha does battle with Bankotsu and is about to be killed by the Kaze no Kizu. However, Ginkotsu deflects the attack and the Shichinintai depart. A Naraku fake shows up to occupy the gang which Inuyasha destroys with the Kaze no Kizu. The fake was purified from Mount Harukei's barrier. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru, Jaken, and Rin are over at Mount Harukei where Rin meets up with Kohaku as she finds a cave full of demons. Sesshomaru learns of this and seems to understand Naraku's plot. A bit later, Kanna and Kohaku meet with the Shichinintai as Kanna informs Bankotsu about the Shikone jewel shards that Renkotsu snatched from Kagome. Renkotsu gives Bankotsu the shards reluctantly as Bankotsu fuses the shards with his sword to give it enough power to equal the Tetsusaiga.
Episode Summary for Episode 111 - Showdown! Banryuu versus Kaza no Kizu!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
in the previous ep we first meet bankotsu the leader of the
shichinintai. they rest of the shichinintai meet pu with
him and they get revenge on the people who killed them.
bankotsu gets his haleboard back and is ready to fight.
jakorsu becomes very impatient and wants to fight with inu
yasha again. lol. kouga finds them and they all fight.
kouga does all them awesome moves dodging all there attacks
but bankotsu was just about to kill him when inu saves
kouga (O_O O_o) at the start of this ep jakotsu is all
starry eyed with a huge smile on his face saying, yaaaaaaay
inu yasha. inu has his fist in the air and tells him to
shut up. bankotsu tells says, oh so ur inu yasha the one
with the strange powers i have been hearing about. inu
points at bankotsu saying that he must be the last of the
shichinintai. bankotsu introduces himself as the leader.
inu responds, figures since u were pickin on that wimpy
wolf. kouga punches inu in the head saying, who says they
were picking on ME DOGSH1T? inu is gritting his teeth with
rage burning in his eyes. he quickly turns around and yells
SHARDS MORON. kouga yells in his face that he is not THAT
stupid. kagome and everyone else finally arrive. the anger
from kougas face disappears when he sees kagome. bankotsu
interrupts their greeting and says he is happy now that
everyone is here. there are several shots of all the
shichinintai and then inus group and kouga. inu threatens
them saying, i have let u get away with a lot of sh1t so
far, now ima kick ur asses back to the graves. bankotsu
says he will get his revenge for kyoukotsu and mukotsu.
miroku assumes that bankotsu is the leader.kagome looks at
bankotsus neck and gasps in shock. sango turns to her and
asks whats wrong. kagome warns inu that bankotsu has 3
shards in his neck. bankotsu explains that the other 2
shards were from mukotsu and kyoukotsu. shippo shouts out
that those shard must have come from naraku. bankotsu calm
expressoin fades away and he glares at him and grits his
teeth. inu says, reviving a bunch of killers like u? sound
like naraku to me. bankotsu walks forward and points his
large shiny haleboard at inu yasha and confirms and says
that naraku told them (shichinintai) to use the shards to
defeat them. there is a long silence as inu and bankotsu
get ready to fight. inu says, ima slice u into pieces.
bankotsu tell shim to bring it on and show him what he's
got. their swords meet and they glare and growl at each
other. sango says that they are pretty even. renkotsu is on
ginkotsu and fires missles at sango kagome and miroku.
miroku and sango makes it out of the explosion just fine.
but kagome isnt there. they yell out her name but there is
not answer. inu looks back worriedyelling out her name
hoping for a response. bankotsu uses this opportunity to
attack inu. inu realizes just in time and blocks bankotsu
from slicing him in half. kouga lands with kagome and
shippo in his arms asking her is she is alright. inu is
glad she is safe and actually complements kouga on a job
well done. kouga responds, "good work" who died and made u
king. (lol) inu yasha gets more strength and pushes
bankotsu haleboard back. bankotsu jumps backwards and inu
swings but misses. kagome thanks kouga for saving her.
kouga puts his arm infront of her telling her to find a
safe place to hide since the shichinintai are after his
shards. just then ginkotsu with renkotsu riding him,
approach them all. kagome gets angry when he sees renkotsu
remembering that time he stole her shards. kagome looks at
him and realizes that renkotsu is still caryying them.
renkotsu figures out that she has the power to sense and
see shards. inu and bankotsu are still fighting, they are
equally matched.renkotsu is nervous that bankitsu will find
out he is hiding these shards, he demands ginkotsu to
attack kagome. shippo yells in kagomes ear to run. but
kagome just stands there like an idiot. kouga says that
there is no way he will let them hurt kagome. ginkotsu
begins to shoot missles at him kouga dodges them all. kouga
jumps inot the air surprising renkotsu. kouga gets ready to
strike renkotsu from above but renkotsu dodges just in
time. kagome tells miroku that they must get those shards.
mrioku is confused by her words. she explains that renkotsu
stole her shards. miroku charges after renkotsu but
suikotsu stops infront of him. suikotsu attacks with his
claws but miroku blocks it with his staff. suikotsu say
angrily, i hate u D@MNED monks and doctors. suikotsu
attacks again miroku jumps back just in time saying, i
thought u WERE a doctor. jakotsu holding his sword on his
shoulder begins to pout and whine. he is upset that
everyone started fighting without him. lol. jakotsu looks
at sango saying, awwwwwe and they didnt leave anything good
for me (LOL) sango responds forcefully, oh sorry to
disappoint u. jakotsu responds, i cant take my time and
enjoy it with a woman(LMFAO)..... JUST DIE SO WE CAN GET
THIS OVER WITH. jakotsu attack with his snake sword. sango
blocks it with her boomerang taking out her sword and
charging after him. kirara glares at ginkts and begins t
growl.bankotsu taughts inu yasha that he is only a half
demon and doesnt respond that much faster than a human. and
asks why couldnt naraku defeat him. inu demands bankotsu to
tell him where naraku is hiding already. inu attacks again
but bankotsu blocks him. bankotsu says he is sick of all
these d@mned questions and attacks inu. inu dodges by doing
a backflip. inu readies his sword to attack. bankotsu tells
him that if he REALLY wants to know where naraku is he
should ask his banryuu (haleboard). back at mount hakurei.
rin comments on what a beautiful mountain it is. jaken is
on the ground feeling totally exausted and horrible. jaken
regrets coming here out of all places. rin turns back and
asks jaken whats wrong. jaken yells, IT HURTS IDIOT. lol
rin is still totally confused and asks, what does? jaken is
barely able to get up. ah uh is exhausted and pained on the
ground next to them. jaken pacing around explains that this
mountain must be sacred and when demons get close to it,
its hard to stand the purifying energy. since she is human
she cant feel anything. rin is draa=gging jaken. she smiles
and says that they should go exploring together. sweating
is driiping from his face as he wonders if rin heard a word
he said. jaken begins to scream out in agony the closer he
get to the barrier and begs rin not to take him any closer.
jaken escapes rins grip and runs for his life. jaken is
breathing heavily as he rest up against ah un thinking
there is no way naraku could be here and wonders why
sesshoumaru brought them here. sesshoumaru arrives and
notices the holy barrier. he realizes that he cant go any
farther and sense kohaku nearby. kohakus scent is all
around but it then it suddnely disappears. sesshoumaru
turns around and walks the other way. rin is getting very
impatient and waits for his arival. jaken is lying down on
a rock looking extremely sick. he keeps thinking,
sesshoumaru get here, save me from this torment. just then
through the mist rin spots kohaku. jaken notices rin
running off. he barely has the strength to get up and jogs
after her saying he will get in big trouble if he lets her
run off. but jaken gets fried when he crashes into the
barrier. jaken is relieved that he didnt get completely
purified by the barried but his spirit drops when he cant
see rin anymore. kohaku jumps off a cliff and runs into a
small cave. rin is right behind calling out his name.
kohaku gets ready to strike but recognizes her. rin is glad
they met so they can talk some more. kohaku wants to know
why she is here. rin explains that she was worried about
him. kohaku tells her politely to leave this place. there
are several growling demons behind kohaku with glowing
blood red eyes. rin asks what that sound was. koahku
becomes defensive and tells her to be quiet. rin gasps when
she sees the demons. kohaku quietly tells her to escape
slowly so they wont notice her. but rin just stands behind
him. he whispers more forcefully to her to escpae b4 she
gets ripped into shreds. rin holding his arm responds, but
what about u kohaku? kohaku explains that they wont bother
him and tells her to escape again.she jogs out of them cave
and looks back to see if he is alright. back with the
shichinintai. suikotsu is still attacking miroku. but
miorku blocks every strike. sango is on the roof and cals
out to him. jakotsu attack sango while she isnt looking but
sango blocks it just in time and sends her boomerang his
way. jakotsu dodges. kouga is still fighting with renkotsu.
renkotsu is twirling around a whip of fire over his head.
but he misses kouga completely. ginkotsu is trying to shoot
down kirara whos in the air. and inu is still fighting with
bankotsu. just then several of narakus bees come toward
them and everyone stops fighting. the shichinintai get the
message to retreat. bankotsu refuses and want to finish off
inu yasha first. inu sends of a wound of wind blast toward
bankotsu. bankotsu stops in shock. ginkotsu unleashes his
metal wire to stop inu yasha but he is too late. bankotsu
uses his haleboard to block it. but it goes threw it
destroying the buildings behind him. the shichinintai look
around hoping their leader is alive. all that is left in
the ground is his haleboard. inu says with a victorious
laugh, HAH serves u right b1tch. just then bankotsu comes
out from behind his weapon. he scolds inu yasha for
scarring up his beautiful haleboard and thanks ginkotsu for
saving him. the bees hover over bankotsu head.bankotsu says
in an annoyed tone, i know i know. he takes his haleboard
out of the ground. renkotsu drinks from his bottle and
blows out fire toward kouga. kouga jumps into the sky to
dodge it. renkouts jumps back onto ginkotsu. he is
determined to get rid of kagome. ginkotsu sends 2 missles
coming her way. she doesnt move she just gasps (she is so
stupid -.-) kirara saved her. kagome jumps off and kneels
down with her arrow ready. its just misses his head by an
inch. just then the ground under kagome begins to crumble.
inu yash runs over and saves her b4 she falls. bankotsu is
really pissed off that naraku is rushing them to retreat.
inu yasha runs after them saying he wont let them escape.
just then something comes out of the ground blocking his
way. the earth around it begins to crumble and its another
one of narakus puppets. back at mount hakurei. jaken is
begging sesshoumaru to forgive him and that he couldnt do
anything to stop rin. sess asks if rin is inside the
barrier and walks over to check. jaken grabs his leg
telling him he will be purified if he goes any closer. sess
tells him to shut up and look behind him. its rin. she runs
over to him with a big smile on her face. sess stops her
when he asks if kohaku was inside. there is tension b/t
them. jaken breaks the silence by demanding irn to at least
answer sesshoumarus question. rin becomes upset and thinks,
sesshoumaru really does want to kill kohaku. rin tells
sess, kohaku helped me get out of there alive, there were
many demons in the cave. since kohaku protected me i was
hoping u wouldnt.... sesshoumaru stops paying attention to
her and looks toward the mountain wondering about demons
being in the sacred mountain. he htink he has just figured
out narakus trick. back with inu yasha, inu is furious that
he (the puppet) was buying time for the shichinintai to
escape. the puppet just laughs. kagome is confused and asks
sango if this is one of narakus puppets. snago tells her it
si. shippo is curious to why kagome would ask such a
question. kagome wonders why this puppet is differnet from
all the rest. kouga rushes over to attack it. tentacles
come form the bottom of the puppet totally blocking their
exit. inu sends a wound of wind blast at the puppet. but as
the puppet get destroyed flowers explode from it. kouga
leaves. inu demands that kouga get back here and not get
ahead of him. kouga responds, SHUT UP DOGSH1T, if i take ur
dumb@ss with me u will mess things up (lol) inu demands
that kouga get back here again and starts to run after him
when kagome stops him. she explains that this puppet was
completely pure. inu is confused by her words. kagome tells
him that it reminds her of mount hakurei. shippo smells its
remains. it has a sweet smell like flowers and water. inu
tries to figure out why i would smell like that. kouga
makes it to the mountain demanding the shichinintai show
themselves but he crashes into the barrier. back with the
shichinintai. jakotsu asks what is up with the air in this
mountain, he always feels like sh1t when he breathes it in.
bankotsu explains that there is a holy warding here setting
up a barrier so inu and kouga wont be able to follow them.
jakouts responds, but why do WE feel like sh1t we are
human? just then they all stop. its kanna and kohaku.
bankotsu walks over to greet kohaku and asks him who the
pale chick is. (lol) kohaku introdues kanna. jakotsu and
bankotsu gazes into her mirror. the mirror shows there
reflection but then glows brightly and shows sesshoumaru
whereabouts. jakotsu recognizes him and explains that that
the guy who killed mukotsu. kanna tells him that this is
inus older brother. bankotsu asks kohaku what their next
task is. kohaku wants them to hunt down and kill
sesshoumaru. bankotsu grabs him by the neck glares into his
eyes and says angrily, WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!? u dragged us here
to tell us THAT?!!? we were in the middle of a fight with
inu yasha. kanna quietly responds, if u had proceeded to
fight u would have died. bankotsu pushes back kohaku and
demands kanna to explain herself. kanna responds, u are no
match for inu yashas sword. bankotsu shakes with rage. he
then sticks his haleboard in the ground right in her face
showing her the scratch it has. kanna slowly moves her hand
across his haleboard saying it can be strengthened.
bankotsu is confused. he turns around and looks toward
renkotsu and ginkotsu. he demands renkotsu to give them up
already and that he knows his little secret. renkotsu
pretend to be dumb. bankotsu shoves the point of his sword
so that its just touching renkotsu neck. bankotsu says more
angrily that he KNOWS renkotsu is keeping kagomes shards
and threatens to cut them out of him with the one in his
neck. renkotsu pushes down his haleboard and says in a
disappointed tone that he was planning on giving them to
him anyway. he reaches into his chest, pulls htem out and
thwos it to him. renkotsu turns around looking furious.
bankotsu commends renkotsu on his decision. he squeezes the
bottle in his hands breakin the glass. bankotsu tell
suikotsu and jakotsu to find and kill sesshoumaru. jakotsu
gets very angry and begins to whine. bankotsu is confused
and asks, i thought u'd be happy... dont u like pretty
boys? (LMFAO) jakotsu responds, how many time do i have to
say it. i want inu yasha I WANT INU YASHA. bankotsu tell
him to get over and go do his task already. bankotsu says
that HE will fight inu yasha. jakotsu sighs. bankotsu takes
the four shards in his hand and puts them in his haleboard.
the haleboard shines red turns back to silver again and
begins to pulse with energy. kohaku tell him that he has
pinpointed inus location. bankotsu complemnt kohaku on
being a good little spy. kohaku turns around telling him he
is not a spy and he and kanna leave. bankotsu think, that
d@mn half demon mutt, wash ur neck and wait for me (the
wash ur neck thing is something bankotsu uses, the
shichinintai died from being beheaded and that where he
gets that saying from) back with inu. the all plan to
search around rivers hoping to find that flower scent.
shippo says that he has not smelled flowers like that b4.
miroku asks about the shichinintai. inu says as long as
they are on narkaus trail they will show up. he vows that
he will find naraku.
Episode Summary for Episode 111 - Showdown! Banryuu versus Kaza no Kizu!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
the Ep starts out with Kouga fighting the shichnintai by inself, as Bankosu was about to kill Kouga, or hurt him very bad, Inuyasha jumps in and blocks the attack, Kouga and Inuyasha have an argument, everyone paried off in a fight, Inuyasha had a short fight with Bankosu, after a while inuyasha used his Kaza no Kizu on the Banryuu(halbert) it dents it, then Naraku Comes, first apperence in a while, inuyasha kills it, turns out to be a puppet, and Kouga chases the Shinchnintai, Inuyasha and Kagome noticed the different scent. the ep ends kanna and kokohu commnig, then Bankosu taking Renkotsu, extra shards he stole from Kagome elaryer in the series, and places them in his Banryuu strenghting it