Episode 113 - The holy dokko and the secret of the mummy Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 113 - The holy dokko and the secret of the mummy. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kirara is back on her feet and Sango picks Shippo up.
Inuyasha is at a disadvantage even though his demonic power has returned he's still wounded in the left arm and Bankotsu has two shikon shards in his Banryuu.

Bankotsu tells Inuyasha to use his Kaze no Kizu on him. Inuyasha is happy to comply. Bankotsu uses something he calls the Banryuusen. A great wind starts to blow and Bankotsu blocks the Kaze no Kizu. Inuyasha wants to use that Bakuryuuha but he can't sense any demonic energy coming from Bankotsu so he can't use it since Bakuryuuha turns the victim's own demonic energy against them. Bankotsu attacks.

Shippo wakes up. He feels a whole lot better. Sango tells him about the barrier. Shippo asks about Inuyasha and Sango tells him that he's fighting Bankotsu right now.

The smoke from Bankotsu's previous attack clears and we see Inuyasha standing up and using the Tetsusaiga as support.

Shippo yells at Inuyasha to fight and Sango tells him that his arm is wounded. Kirara growls, runs forward, and transforms. Sango encourages Kirara to back Inuyasha up since he's wounded.

We see blood dripping off Inuyasha's hand from the wound he has in his arm. He's thinking that even though Bankotsu is a zombie he started out human but his sword is so powerful that there has to be some demonic energy behind it.

Kagome notices that the shards in Banryuu are corrupt. Then she yells to Inuyasha that he can use the demonic energy from the shikon shards in the Banryuu to back up his Bakuryuuha.

Inuyasha begins to power up the Tetsusaiga. Bankotsu slams the point of the Banryuu into the ground and then jumps into the air, pulling the Banryuu out with him so now he's upside down in mid-air with his sword pointing towards the ground. He does a flip in midair so now the point of the Banryuu is pointed to the sky. Dark storm clouds gather around him. It's like a giant swirling and the center is right above Bankotsu. In the center, lightning forms. The Banryuu begins to glow with the power of the lightning. Bankotsu calls the attack Ryuuraisen. Lightning splits the sky and tens of lightning bolts hit the island in various random areas. Inuyasha is knocked backwards. Kagome runs out of the barrier that Miroku set up and runs after Shintarou. Miroku yells after her but she doesn't listen. She grabs Shintarou and pulls him to her just as lightning hits the ground in front of them. Then it hits the ground in front of Miroku. It hits the temple behind Sango, knocking her and Shippo to the ground. It hits right next to Kirara.

We see the aftermath of the lightning. Several spots are on fire aroung the island. Inuyasha is face down on the ground. He gets on his hands and knees and coughs out blood. He looks around and sees Sango, Shippo, and Kirara lying on the ground, seemingly unconcious. He looks around for Kagome and sees her lying on the ground, Shintarou a few feet away. Kagome stirs very slightly and Inuyasha tries to drag himself towards her but can't. "How dare you -- hurt Kagome --" Bankotsu stands right in front of Inuyasha. He tells him that he warned him. "You can't tell where my lightning will strike next!" He raises Banryuu and begins to twirl it above his head. He begins to bring it down. Then we see a shot of the island. A single bolt of lightning hits the ground and we hear Inuyasha yell out. When we see a shot of Inuyasha, he has pulled out the Tetsusaiga and blocked Bankotsu's attack.

With his newfound strength, Inuyasha hits Bankotsu repeatedly but Bankotsu blocks. Inuyasha is yelling about Bankotsu hurting Kagome and the others. Bankotsu replies with "What kind of mushy bullis that?" He jumps away, raises Bankotsu over his head and something like the Kaze no Kizu comes out. Inuyasha uses his Kaze no Kizu too. The two turn into a giant glowing ball thing and then explode. They keep attacking like this.

As Bankotsu and Inuyasha keep attacking each other, Houshin's dokko stirs. As Inuyasha is about to deal the death blow, it flies at him. The point of it hits the Tetsusaiga. Lights (yes, plural) from the dokko falls all over the island. As it falls on Kagome, she stirs and wakes up and sees the dokko fighting Tetsusaiga. Miroku also wakes up. His fears are confirmed. Tetsusaiga transforms into little Tetsusaiga. Miroku tells Inuyasha that the Great Priest is on Bankotsu's side. Shintarou can't believe it.

Bankotsu lunges at Inuyasha, prepared to deliver the final blow. Suddenly, an arrow flies and pierces Bankotsu's sword arm. Kagome shot her bow. Bankotsu turns around and glares at Kagome, calling her some nasty names and she calls him a coward. Bankotsu's forearm turned into bone. The arrow falls out. Bankotsu realizes that it must have been a purifying arrow and then realizes that Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo.

The dokko begins to pulse. Lights appear around Bankotsu. He doesn't seem to know what's going on exactly. Then he starts to disappear. Inuyasha lunges at him but there's a barrier around him. Inuyasha is only able to get his hand in. *commercials*

Bankotsu disappears and so does the barrier. Inuyasha falls to the ground. Kagome runs to him. Miroku notices that the dokko disappeared along with Bankotsu. It helped Bankotsu escape.

Bankotsu appears somewhere. He's coughing and he doesn't look too good. He says he feels bad and then wonders where he is. He seems to be in some sort of building, but there's mist everywhere. Kohaku walks towards him with Kanna right beside him. Bankotsu asks Kohaku where they are. Kohaku tells him that it's a place where humans with evil in their hearts can feel comfortable. Bankotsu notices that it doesn't bother Kohaku. (I forgot to mention that Bankotsu keeps calling Kohaku a ninja and Kohaku keeps telling him that he's not a ninja...this might be important later on or it might not be. I honestly have no idea but since it's been happening since episode 110 i decided to mention it). Bankotsu looks down at Kanna who is picking up the dokko. She walks away with it and Bankotsu follows her. She places it on an altar in front of...that's right...Hakushin Shounin, or rather his remains.

Shintarou is telling his sisters what happened to their father. He gives one of his sisters the remains of his father. Miroku says that they'll give him a proper burial.

Hakkaku and Ginta are at a waterfall, looking for Kouga. Kouga is behind the waterfall so he calls out to them. Kouga killed a giant boar so now they have food. Kouga tells them about the barrier around Mount Hakurei. He tells them to finish eating because they're leaving.

Kagome is yelling "goodbye" to Shintarou and his sisters. Miroku yells something perverted and Sango grabs his ear and pulls him away.

Sesshoumaru, Rin, and Jaken are standing at the edge of a cliff in front of Mount Hakurei. Rin is on Ah-Un and Jaken seems to be in a lot of pain because of the barrier. Sesshoumaru doesn't seem affected. But, we know that he is affected because he thinks, The purifying energy affects demon this far away from the mountain? Putting the finishing touches on your little plan, eh Naraku? Then, without a word he jumps off the cliff. "Woooow, he's so cooooool!!!!" Jaken says. Sesshoumaru disappears into the mist. Rin makes Ah-Un go after Sesshoumaru leaving Jaken behind. But Jaken won't be left behind. He jumps onto Ah-Un and holds onto his tail.

The children Suikotsu was taking care of ask Kikyo if she really has to go and she tells them that she would like to stay longer but she can't. Chiyo tells her that he was hoping she'd stay with them until Suikotsu returned and she's surprised that they're still waiting for him, even after what happened. Yuuta tells Kikyo to tell Suikotsu that they're waiting for him to come home, if she sees him.

Kikyo is walking along a cliff thinking. Suddenly she stops and looks back at Mount Hakurei. The barrier is stronger now than it was before.

Inuyasha also notices that the barrier is getting stronger. Shippo is in Kagome's arms, whimpering. The Gang is talking about Naraku and how Mount Hakurei seems to be the safest place for him because so many demons are after him. Miroku and Sango prepare to go to the mountain to scout it out. Miroku makes a perverted comment about Sango's rear. He gets hit in the head with the Hiraikotsu. Then they leave to go to Mount Hakurei.

Episode Summary for Episode 113 - The holy dokko and the secret of the mummy. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Using the power of the Shikone shard in his sword, Bankotsu creates a massive lightning attack which does serious damage to everyone but Inuyasha. Both continue to engage in battle appearing equal in combat. Suddenly, the item which created the barrier activates itself. It recovers everyone wounded by Bankotsu's attack, but causes the Tetsusaiga to change back to its original form. The item then makes Bankotsu vanish as he later meets up with Kanna and Kohaku. On their quest to find Naraku on Mount Hirakei, the Inuyasha gang decide to split up trekking up the mountain.
Episode Summary for Episode 113 - The holy dokko and the secret of the mummy. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and the gangs are still stuck in the island. While they were trying to help a young boy save his father since the father didn't return 2 weeks. in the last eposiode they found him when the little boy triped on his father's bones. "Father,FATHER!" Cried the boy Suddenley they reconized that there was flowers in the field the boy said that there was no flowers before. In this epoisode Banouysky (that person with the big sword) came out of nowhere and attacked Inuyasha the boy went to the temple and said "Holy one help Inuyasha." When he entered the temple there was nothing only his father's staff was there. He thought that the holy one was stolen. Before Miroku came also Kagome they all went to the place where they had to break the barrier. Miroku found it with his magic scrolls the boy said to do it together to break it so they did. At first Inuyasha couldn't do Kaze no Kizu ,but when the barrier was broken it came back. Banouysky was still happy because he put Shikon shards in his sword. When he did a lighting attack everybody except Inuyasha almost died. Inuyasha tried Kaze Kizu ,but the dokko protected Banouysky.
So he got away with it and Kagome and the others returned back to normal Kagome figured out that the holy one was lending his powers to Naruku. Inuyasha and the gangs went to the moutain and tried to find Naruku in their very long everlasting maybe jorney.