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Episode Summary for Episode 115 - The Swallowed Black Light. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The story starts off with Kikyo walking in the woods. "Hakureizan! There is no question that Naraku is there," she says, " But, why there?" In another place, Bankotsu says, "Kyoukotsu, Mukotsu...How does it feel to be dead again?" "Bull! Once you're dead, you're finished. There's no such thing as an afterlife." He draws his sword and leaves. He heads for the woods where Kikyo is walking. Kikyo sees him up ahead and as they walked past each other, she asked why is he not going to kill her? Bankotsu then says that he wasn't told to kill her but she aims her arrow at him and thus he said he will not back down. She talks on about how he should be a better person now that he's dead but he ignored her and walked away. Kikyo can sense that the shard in him is very dark...

In another scene, Sesshoumaru is seen fighting Jakotsu. Sesshou. then tells Jaken to take Rin to somewhere safer when Jakotsu strikes them with his sword. As Rin and Jaken run across a really long suspension bridge they see someone in all the fog...it's Suikotsu! Sesshou. turns to see who it is and Jakotsu seized the chance to hit Tokijin away from Sesshou.'s hands causing it to land between some rocks on a cliff. Then, Jaken says, "Rin, you get out of here...(but...what's going on in his mind is... "If anything happens to Rin, Sesshoumaru-sama will kill me!" hehe...And so...he uses Nintoujyou to burn Suikotsu. Being a strong fighter, Suikotsu hangs on under the bridge with his long claws. As the bridge begins to fall apart, Jaken tells Rin to run quick. All of a sudden, Suikotsu punches through the planks. "He survived?" says Jaken in shock. Jaken tells Rin to run!! But, the bridge falls apart and Jaken, Rin and Suikotsu all fall into the dark fog and land in a river. To Jakotsu's surprise (but not to ours...), Sesshou. turns and attempts to rescue Rin and Jaken. Jakotsu strikes him with his sword but misses as Sesshou. darts to his left very quickly and flies up to the rocks to retrieve his sword (Go Sesshoumaru!). As he continues 'flying in the air' after taking his sword, Jakotsu (was feeling very confident that he could defeat Sesshou.....as if!) strikes again and envelopes Sesshou. with his sword. "Got him!" Jakotsu said. Wrong! Sesshou. breaks free from the tangles of the sword and even deflects it back to Jakotsu slicing his shirt and only missing him by a hair's breadth as quoted by Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru jumps into the immediate blackness of the fog to rescue his mates and Jakotsu slumps down saying, "How could I live with myself if I got killed by Inuyasha's brother before I got to kill Inuyasha?.....Isn't that right Inuyasha?"

Somewhere else...Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Kirara are taking Kouga and two of his wolf friends away to safety. Inuyasha is carrying Kouga on his back as Kouga has been badly hurt by some demons who had tried to take the shikon shards from his body. His two other wolf friends are also hurt and they are seen lying on Kirara's back. (You go Inuyasha!!) Sesshoumaru arrives at the foot of the cliff where the river flows only to find Jaken who might have been pretending to lie dead there as Rin has been captured by someone. Sesshoumaru told Jaken that they have to go look for Rin. In another place, Rin finds herself in the arms of a man who happens to be a doctor (he said) who rescued her. He offered her shelter in his village and told her to wait there until her friends came back for her. (By the way, he looks really cute~~)

Miroku and Sango are seen climbing a hill in a fog too as they try to search for Naraku. They can't sense any jyaki there and said that they really missed Inuyasha as he would be able to sniff anything out almost immediately. Suddenly, they see a cave up above. While all this is happening, Kohaku is shown eyeing them through Kanna's mirror and in him, he thought, "That person...(referring to Sango) I want her to go back without finding anything. I don't want to fight her." Back to Rin, the doctor took her to his village located at the base of Hakureizan. And Kikyo is seen saying that a shikon shard is approaching the village but it was not the same as the one from the man before (Bankotsu). Then she says, "This is....(thinks deeply) Suikotsu. But, this presence...."

A song is heard sang by a some kids in the village, "Clean is dirty, as dirty is clean. Good is bad..." The doctor arrives and says, "I'm home." "Suikotsu-sama!" one of the children called out. Suikotsu apologizes for leaving them and a little boy cmae up and asked, "Are you really Suikotsu-sama?" Suikotsu says, "That's right. What's the matter?" The children shook their heads feeling a little bit fearful. Suikotsu then introduces Rin to them and tells them to get along with her. Jakotsu is seen hiding in some bushes and is quite mad that Suikotsu has reverted from his demon form. As he was about to interrupt, some villagers arrived, one of them who came on a horse approached Suikotsu and begged him to leave. They said that it was because of him the Shinchinintai attacked their village and that his face at that time was like that of a demon's. Suikotsu laughs softly and all of a sudden uses his claws to kill the village man. The children gasp and as the other villagers tried to run, Suikotsu leapt into the air and attacked them. Rin realizes that he was the same man who attacked Jaken and her on the bridge and tries to run only to be picked up literally by Jakotsu. Sesshoumaru is seen flying with Jaken hanging onto his fur towards the village. Kikyo is also heading towards the village to help. Jakotsu then asked Suikotsu which Suikotsu is he now. Suikotsu said that before, he didn't know when he would transform and all but now he did. One of the kids said, "Suikotsu-sama..." but another said, "That is not Suikotsu-sama! His face...his face is the same but..." Suikotsu turns towards the children and Rin shouts out, "Everybody, run!"

Kikyo approaches the village but as she does, her spirit-carrying dragons vaporized because of the barrier. She apologizes and quickly moves on. Suikotsu attacks the children only to find that when he tried to sink his claws into them, he can't! All of a sudden he hears the "Clean is dirty, as dirty is clean..." song in his head and he can't move! Then, an image of Kikyo flashes in his mind and he said, "Why am I seeing that woman's face now?" and the show ends with him shouting out loud, "Don't screw with me!" Great episode.
Episode Summary for Episode 115 - The Swallowed Black Light. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyo is walking through the woods thinking about Mount Hakurei and how Naraku is hiding out.
Bankotsu's Banryuu is stuck in the ground, point first. He's drinking something (I assume it's Sake) talking to Kyoukotsu and Mukotsu (not literally). He's asking them what it's like to be dead. (Forgot to mention that he's sitting in front of a grave and I assume it's their grave). Suddenly, he throws the bowl he was drinking from at the grave and it shatters. He seems angry with himself and at them. He picks his Banryuu up out of the ground and rests it on his shoulder. Then he walks away.

Kikyo is still walking, bow in hand. She looks slightly surprised about something. In the distance, we see Bankotsu walking towards her. She stops walking. Bankotsu walks right by her without even looking up. She looks back at him and still, without looking at her, he recognizes her as Kikyo. She recognizes him as one of the Shichinintai. He keeps walking. But she calls after him and asks him if it's safe to let her live. He laughs and for the first time looks at her, telling her that Naraku hasn't told them to kill her. Kikyo aims her bow at him so Bankotsu points his Banryuu at her. Kikyo notices that Bankotsu's shards, unlike Suikotsu's shard it is exuding a completely impure aura. She asks him why he continues to kill people even after he's been brought back to life. He tells her that he doesn't need a reason to kill. It's what he's always done. Before death and after. He says he's a mercenary by nature. It's fun. He says that heven and hell are just places people believe in. He doesn't care about the afterlife. He just does what he wants when he's alive. He then tells her that they (dead people) all have the same end coming to them so she should stop worrying about him and worry about herself. "I guess it doesn't matter either way. At best, we can hope to stay alive for a while longer." Then he turns around and walks away.

Rin and Jaken are standing to the side as Sesshoumaru and Jakotsu are facing each other. Sesshoumaru recognizes Jakotsu as one of Naraku's men and Jakotsu laughs. They exchange a few more words (but not many) and then Jakotsu attacks. Sesshoumaru easily stops the blade and then attacks Jakotsu, not only surprising him but knocking him a few feet back. "Holy!" is Jakotsu's reply as he crawls away on hands an knees. Jaken laughs at Jakotsu so Jakotsu attacks the ground right in front of him and Rin. Sesshoumaru comes from behind. As he strikes Jakotsu's blade aside, he yells at Jaken. Jaken immediately grabs Rin and they begin to run across the bridge. Sesshoumaru stands in front of the entrance to the bridge defending it from Jakotsu as Jaken leads Rin across it. He tells Rin that they're in Sesshoumaru's way. Jakotsu makes fun of Sesshoumaru for him not wanting Rin to get hurt. Little note: not a good idea to mock Sesshoumaru. Jakotsu attacks and Sesshoumaru dodges.

Rin and Jaken are still running across the bridge. The whole place is shrouded in mist and from a distance they see a human form approaching. We see the tip of Suikotsu's steel claws. Then we see Suikotsu himself, stopping right in front of them. He lifts his steel claws.

As soon as Sesshoumaru hears the soft clattering made by Suikotsu's claws he jerks his head behind him. Jakotsu tries to take this opportunity to kill him. Although he doesn't succeed in killing him, he does succeed in knocking Toukijin out of his hand. The sword flies through the air and goes point first into the mountain. Jakotsu keeps attacking but Sesshoumaru easily dodges.

Suikotsu slashes weakly at Rin but she falls backwards and avoids getting cut. Jaken lifts his staff of heads and tells Rin to stay back. As he fights Suikotsu, he thinks: If something happens to Rin, Sesshoumaru-sama will kill ME! That's why I have to... He makes the staff breath out fire at Suikotsu. After the flames die down, there's no sign of Suikotsu but the bridge has also been burned. Rin informs Jaken of this. He tells her to run. They turn around, Rin running in front of Jaken. Then, right in front of Jaken, steel claws burst through the wood of the bridge. Suikotsu is hanging onto the side. Jaken yells at Rin to keep running but as she turns around to get back on her feet, the bridge collapses and she screams.

Sesshoumaru's head turns. He looks at Rin and Jaken falling along with bits of bridge to their inevitable death. He jumps after them, turning his back on Jakotsu. Jakotsu sees this as another opportunity to kill him. He attacks with his snake sword but Sesshoumaru goes to the side. He attacks again and we see that Sesshoumaru was headed to the cliff where Toukijin was embedded. He grabs Toukijin and pushes himself off the cliff just as Jakotsu's sword hits right where he had been only a split second before. Jakotsu attacks at his back. His sword surrounds Sesshoumaru and it looks like he's going to be a goner. But, with several quick slashes, Sesshoumaru, without turning around, changes the route of the sword so that it goes back at Jakotsu. So close, in fact, that it slashes Jakotsu's clothing. Jakotsu is very VERY surprised. Damn, just missed him thinks Sesshoumaru, his eyes looking back but his face straight ahead, his body still going after Rin. He disappears into the mist as Jakotsu falls to his knees, still shocked. "Holy..."

Inuyasha is carrying the unconcious Kouga as Kagome flies on Kirara with Ginta and Hakkaku. Inuyasha is annoyed at carrying Kouga.

There's a river at the very bottom of the ravine over which the bridge was. Sesshoumaru jumps from boulder to boulder until he reaches the ground. He wonders if the river took her since her scent's fading into the water. He walks away, still looking at the river.

Jaken is sprawled across a boulder, hidden from view as Sesshoumaru walks by. He opens his eyes a crack and looks at Sesshoumaru's back. Sesshoumaru calls out to him and Jaken shuts his eyes tight. "Quit playing possum," Sesshoumaru says and Jaken jumps out from behind the boulders and starts apologizing to Sesshoumaru on his hands and knees, bowing down to him and telling him that he'll scour the earth in search of Rin. He looks up to see Sesshoumaru walking away without a word in response. Jaken runs after him. "I knew it! He's pissed" Jaken says when Sesshoumaru still doesn't say a word.

Rin wakes up and notices that she's being carried by a man. She pushes away from him and then backs up against a tree. She looks thoroughly scared. He asks her what's wrong and why she's running and she seems to calm down a little bit. He tells her to calm down, he's a doctor. Now we see his face. It's the face of the kind doctor, Suikotsu, not the Shichinintai Suikotsu. Rin walks with the doctor and tells him that they (Sesshoumaru and Jaken) are probably looking for her so she should stay put. Suikotsu tells her that it's not a good idea for her to be by herself in the woods so she should stick with him for a while until they come to get her. She agrees. *commercials*

Miroku and Sango are still on Mount Hakurei. They don't sense a trace of evil. Sango wonders if Naraku is really up there. They look up, see a cave, and decide to go check it out. Kanna is holding a mirror in which Miroku and Sango are reflected. Kohaku is looking into it. He recognizes Sango but doesn't know that she's his sister. He hopes she doesn't notice anything and just leavesbecause he doesn't want to fight her.

Suikotsu and Rin are still walking. He points out his village to her.

Kikyo is standing on the edge of a cliff, looking at Mount Hakurei. She can sense a shikon shard approaching the village. The aura isn't the same as Bankotsu's shard so it must be Suikotsu. But...

The kids that Suikotsu was taking care of earlier are singing the song they always sing. ("The pure are soiled...") Suddenly they stop and look behind them to see Suikotsu with Rin. He apologizes for disappearing and the kids ask if he's really Suikotsu. Then he introduces Rin to them. Jakotsu is hiding in the brush. "Ugh, this sucks" he says. Probably because Suikotsu turned all goody-goody on him. He decides it's time for a little wake-up call and grabs his sword. But before he has a chance to whip it out, several villagers come towards Suikotsu, one of them on a horse. They ask Suikotsu to leave the village because because of him they were attacked by the Shichinintai. Suikotsu looks at them pleassantly and then grins. Suddenly he slashes at a villager with his steel claws, killing him. Everyone, including Jakotsu, are surprised. It's still the evil Suikotsu it's just that he has the good doctor Suikotsu's face. Weird. The other villagers try to run away but with a smile still on his face, Suikotsu goes after them and kills them all. Rin starts to back away slowly, then turns around to run but is caught by Jakotsu.

Sesshoumaru is gliding a few feet over the ground with Jaken hanging onto his fluffy boa. He can smell the Shichinintai. They're at the base of Mount Hakurei. Jaken is trying to talk to Sesshoumaru but recieves no answer. Sesshoumaru's still pissed.

Kikyo is walking through the forest, her soul snatchers following her.

The bodies of the villagers are lying on the bloodied grass. Jakotsu walks over to Suikotsu, holding Rin by the back of her kimono with one hand. Jakotsu asks him which Suikotsu he is but even Suikotsu doesn't know. It turns out that Suikotsu may look like the good doctor when he's near the barrier of the mountain, but he's still the evil Suikotsu so it's ok. The kids seem to realize that Suikotsu only looks like Suikotsu but is still evil Suikotsu. Suikotsu turns around and walks over to them. Rin yells at them to run. Suikotsu lifts his steel claws. "And here's a parting gift for you. Go to hell!" And then he brings the claws down as the kids screan.

Kikyo is still walking. He soul snatchers are dying off, one by one, killed by the barrier. She knows that if she doesn't hurry, Suikotsu's shikon shards will be completely enshrouded in darkness and if that happens, Suikotsu will probably go after the children.

Suikotsu brings down the steel claws. But suddenly, he's stopped. He's trying really hard to force his claws down but it won't move.

The pure are soiled and the soiled are purified

Suikotsu wonders why he can't move.

What is good is evil and what is evil is good

They're just brats, so why can't he kill them? He sees Kikyo's face and wonders why. "You gotta beting me!!!" he yells out.

Episode Summary for Episode 115 - The Swallowed Black Light. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and his friends run from Sessh. because thye need to find a safe place to put Kouga. Kougas friends lead Inuyasha to their cave. Afterwords; someone trys to kidnap Rin. And I dont know the rest because I fell asleep, so read a different summary.
Episode Summary for Episode 115 - The Swallowed Black Light. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Jakotsu attacks Sesshomaru while Suikotsu kidnaps Rin. However, Suikotsu's good alter ego takes over temporarily as he takes Rin to the village where he tended to children. When villagers ask for Suikotsu to leave, his evil alter ego takes over and kills one of the villagers. Jakotsu then shows up from hiding. Meanwhile, Kikyo and Sesshomaru head off to go after the three despite the barrier on the town.
Episode Summary for Episode 115 - The Swallowed Black Light. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyo and Bankotsu run into each other but donít end up fighting.They talk about Naraku and the Shikon shards.

On the mountain,Jakotsu and Sesshomaru starts to fight and Sesshomaru orders Jaken to leave with Rin.Jaken and Rin run across a bridge but gets interrupted by Suikotsu.He wants to get across but Jaken and Rin are in the way so he tries to kill them.Sesshomaru sense this but is busy fighting Jakotsu.Jaken tries to save Rin but ends up burning the bridge and all three fall down.Jakotsu realises that Rin is Sesshomaru weakness so she continues to fight him.Sesshomaru gets his sword back and gives a shot on Jakotsu but only end up hurting her,not killing her.Sesshomaru jumps down where he finds only Jaken,he can no longer smell Rin anymore.

Rin wakes up and sees Suikotsu carrying her.She is confused cause he no longer looks like a killer.They end up at the village where he practised medicine(before he turned into the killer),and he introduces Rin to the other children.But this was all deciet and he ends up killing some village-men.Jakotsu shows up and graps Rin.Suikotsu's two personalities start to struggle so Jakotsu takes him back to the mountain.

Episode Summary for Episode 115 - The Swallowed Black Light. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshomaru meets up with Jakotsu. When they are fighting Rin falls off from a bridge, but is saved? by suikotsu (the docter side) but is in danger because he is also the shichintai side trying to kidnapp Rin, for sesshomaru's weakness.
Episode Summary for Episode 115 - The Swallowed Black Light. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
At the beginning of the episode, Kikyo is walking in the forest and wondering why Naraku is on Mt.Hakureizan. At the same time, Bankotsu of the Shichinintai is visiting the graves of the dead memebers and questioning how it feels to be dead once again. He then gets up and walks into the forest. Kikyo is again shown walking in the forest and she sees Bankotsu...they walk right past eachother at first. Then he stops and asks if she's Kikyo and she asks if he is one of the Shichinintai. She then aims an arrow at him and he says he wouldn't mind fighting her for fun. Kikyo asks him why he doesn't try to change his life to be better,but he says he likes being a mercenary.He then says he doesnt wish to be dead because there is no heaven or hell and he doesnt want to just end existing.He then walks away and tells Kikyo that the dead will all meet the same fate and they should both try to live as long as possible.We now see Sesshoumaru who starts to fight with Jakotsu of the Shichinintai.
Jakotsu thinks it is dangerous and attempts to go after Jaken and Rin but Sessh. stops him and tells Jaken to take Rin and run.They begin to run across the bridge until they meet with Suikotsu of the Shichinintai who immediately attacks and Sessh. turns when he hears them.Jakotsu takes advantage and knocks the sword out of Sessh.'s hand.Jaken shoots fire at Suikotsu and the bridge starts to give way.All three of them fall with the bridge.Sessh. retrieves his sword and escapes Jakotsu in order to go after Jaken and Rin.Now we see Inu carrying
Kouga with Kagome,Shippou,& Kirara behind him. He
tells them they need to find a safe place for Kouga.Sessh. is now at knows that Rin was carried away through the river with Suikotsu and Jaken joins with him again.Rin awakens with the kind personality of Suikotsu and they are going to the village he was once a doctor in.Miroku and Sango are still climbing the mountain when they notice a cave and decide to explore.Kohaku watches in Kanna's mirror hoping they don't find anything because he doen't want to find Sango.Kikyo senses Suikotsu and goes towards the village because the shard he has is corrupted.Rin
and Suikotsu arrive in the village and he greets the other children while Jakotsu is spying through the tall grass.Men from the village come telling Suikotsu he should leave because of what happend when he was last in the village.Suikotsu replies by killing them all brutelly in front of the kids.Jakotsu comes out and Suikotsu tells him
that he can kill now even at the base of the mountain.Rin tries to run but Jakotsu grabs her.
Suikotsu rounds on the orphans and is about to kill.Kikyo is still coming closer as her soul catchers start to die in from the barrier.
Suikotsu has stopped he cant kill the children. He yells, "stop screwing with me!". Ep. is over.