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Episode Summary for Episode 116 - The Real Face: Exposed. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha drops Kouga, Hakkaku, and Ginta off at a cave. Quite literally, drops.
Suikotsu can't move. He's poised with his steel claws right over the kids but he can't kill them. A Saimyoushou flies in, hovers next to Jakotsu, and then flies away. Jakotsu tells Suikotsu that Sesshoumaru's coming. Rin's overjoyed. They go to lure Sesshoumaru closer to the barrier.

Sesshoumaru is close to Mount Hakurei. There's mist everywhere and electricity around him. He smells the Shichinintai and knows that they're just a little bit further in. Jaken is running after him, begging him to wait. Sesshoumaru doesn't. Jaken is really struggling with the barrier. He gets stopped by the electricity every few steps. He yells after Sesshoumaru, telling him that the Shichinintai are just using Rin to lure him closer to the barrier. Sesshoumaru doesn't listen to him, just keeps on going, leaving Jaken behind, wondering whether or not the barrier affects him at all.

The bodies of the villagers are lying around and the children are all huddled together. Jakotsu and Suikotsu are gone. Kikyo comes over to them, using her bow for support. She seems to know that Suikotsu was the one who killed the villagers.

Jakotsu and Suikotsu are walking next to the mountain (but I actually think they're on the mountain). Suikotsu has Rin under his arm and Jakotsu wonders if the barrier got too strong for Sesshoumaru, since he's still not there. Suikotsu doesn't think so. Jakotsu looks up and in the mist above them sees Sesshoumaru. Rin is overjoyed. Jakotsu is surprised that the barrier doesn't seem to be affecting Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru draws Toukijin and Jakotsu rushes forward with his snake-sword drawn. He slashes as Sesshoumaru but Sesshoumaru dodges it easily. He keeps slashing and Sesshoumaru keeps dodging. Then he turns around and knocks it aside with Toukijin, but, a thing red line of blood appears on his forearm. Rin cries out for Sesshoumaru as Suikotsu holds his steel claws to her. Jakotsu laughs and realizes that the barrier does affect Sesshoumaru because his movements have slowed significantly.

Kikyo is on the horse the villagers brought. She tells the children to get out of the village and then she rides away, Bankotsu's words still ringing in her head. She is riding towards Mount Hakurei.

Sango and Miroku are lost in the cave. Suddenly, something up ahead glows green. We see that it's a person wearing a luminescent cape. It looks like he wants them to follow. It may be a trap but they decide to follow anyway.

It's Kohaku wearing the cape. He doesn't want them to keep snooping around. He really hopes they follow him.

Rin is crying out for Sesshoumaru so Suikotsu presses his stell claws closer to her and tells her to quiet down.

Jakotsu is impressed with the show Sesshoumaru has put on but it's about the only thing he can do to stay on his feet inside the barrier. Then he attacks Sesshoumaru with his snake sword. Sesshoumaru stops the attack with Toukijin and Jakotsu is thrown a few feet into the air and lands behind Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru doesn't lose any time. He slashes at Jakotsu but since his movements are slowed Jakotsu can dodge. Barely, but he can still dodge. (You know, if it wasn't for the barrier Jakotsu would have died...oh I'd say about eight or nine times by now) Jakotsu does a bunch of flips and lands several feet away. Jakotsu is annoyed. He realizes that Sesshoumaru is trying to force him out of the barrier so he warns Suikotsu not to leave it (the barrier). Suikotsu tells him to hurry up and kill Sesshoumaru because he really wants to kill Rin. He presses the claws still closer to Rin's neck. Rin calls out to Sesshoumaru, her voice cracking badly. She's scared and near tears.

Jakotsu warns Sesshoumaru that if he can't do any better, Rin is going to die. But then again she's going to die eventually anyway... Sesshoumaru is amused that Jakotsu is about to use the same attack. He laughs and REALLY pisses off Jakotsu. Jakotsu attacks. Sesshoumaru springs forward, throws his sword away. Jakotsu is surprised but then we see that Toukijin flew straight back, right into Suikotsu's chest. Jakotsu's sword slashes at Sesshoumaru, spraying Sesshoumaru's blood, but Sesshoumaru attacks anyway, burying his claws into Jakotsu's chest. Jakotsu falls forward, leaning his head against Sesshoumaru's...I guess it's his tail...let's just call it his boa. Suikotsu falls to the ground and Rin tries to get away from him, calling out to Sesshoumaru, but Suikotsu slams a hand down on top of her so that she can't run away. Sesshoumaru looks back at Rin. Jakotsu pulls himself up a little bit and says to Sesshoumaru, "Now that I've gotten a closer look...you really are handsome." He lifts his head up and smiles, a thin line of blood coming from his mouth. "Too bad for you, but we don't die this easily."

Suikotsu pulls the sword out of his chest. He asks Jakotsu if he can kill Rin. Rin is scared. Really scared as Suikotsu says that he wants to kill her with all his heart. He gets poised with his steel claws. Sesshoumaru rips his claws out of Jakotsu with lightning quick speed and heads for Rin as Jakotsu laughs that it's too late. Suikotsu brings his claws down and Rin looks away, closing her eyes. Out of nowhere, a purity arrow flies and hits Suikotsu in the neck, right where his shard is. In the background we see Kikyo, holding her bow. Suikotsu falls backwards and Rin gets up and runs to Sesshoumaru, "Sesshoumaru-sama!" in a panicked, scared voice. Kikyo gets off her horse and has a hard time walking without the support of her bow. Jakotsu decides that Kikyo is the scariest one of the lot and runs away, clutching his chest.

Kikyo walks over to Suikotsu and kneels down next to him. His shard has been pruified by her arrow so he is the good doctor once again. Suikotsu asks Kikyo to remove the shikon shard in his neck because he remembers that he's already died once. *commercials*

*Flashback* The pure are soiled and the soiled are purified
What is evil is good and what is good is evil

Suikotsu is telling Kikyo his story of how he became evil. A village was being attacked and he was trying to save a little girl (just like in his nightmare) while another villager was telling him that it was useless and he should run away. Then, an attacking soldier killed the little girl with his spear right before Suikotsu's eyes. Then the soldier tried to kill him but Suikotsu, a doctor who lived to save people's lives, killed him. After that an evil voice woke within him. He listened to the voice and began to kill. Then he met Bankotsu and became a part of the Shichinintai. *End of Flashback*

The other him killed many people and the doctor still inside could do nothing. Kikyo tells him that good and evil have always been a part of the human heart, and that he mustn't lose to his evil side. But Suikotsu knows that he would just go back to his evil self, and he doesn't want that. Never again. (I have to mention that everyone is listening very intently. Kikyo, Rin, AND SESSHOUMARU) Suikotsu (now crying) again asks Kikyo to take his shard out and put his soul to rest. Kikyo reaches for it, but can't seem to bring herself to take it out as Bankotsu's words sound in her head. She reaches for it again, hesitates, but then Jakotsu's sword cuts into Suikotsu's neck, taking the shard out. He runs away with the shikon shard and Kikyo calls out to Suikotsu, who seems happy that someone took the shard out since it's what he wanted. His skin melts away, leaving behind a skeleton. Rin gasps and steps back towards Sesshoumaru.

Rin slightly shyly walks up to Kikyo and thanks her for saving her. Kikyo asks her if she's hurt but she isn't. She seems sad about Suikotsu, though. She notices that Sesshoumaru is walking away. She bows to Kikyo, says "sayonara" and runs after Sesshoumaru.

Kikyo stands up and decides to get out of there before all her souls are gone and she's unable to move.

Sesshoumaru stops walking. He turns his head slightly to look at Kikyo with narrowed eyes so it's almost like a glare. So that's the priestess that sealed Inuyasha. She is one of the dead, just like those others...made of bones and grave soil. Did he show you how you'll end up? He thinks as he looks at her with narrowed eyes. Rin walks up to him. "Sesshoumaru-sama?" He replies, "Rin. We're leaving." She smiles. "Yessir!" and runs after him. They disappear into the mist.

Kohaku reaches the exit of the cave and his cape stops glowing. He takes it off and throws it to the side. He looks into the cave and hopes that they make it out because he doesn't want to fight them. Kanna's voice sounds behind him. She tells him not to let them escape.

Sango and Miroku make it out of the cave. They realize that they've walked all night following the whatever-it-was. Sango walks around as Miroku wonders why it helped them. She notices the cape on the ground and recognizes is as a luminescent cape that demon hunters use in night attacks. She knows that Kohaku was there.

Kouga is lying on the ground with Kagome, Hakkaku, and Ginta sitting around him telling him not to die.

Inuyasha is floating in the water, arms crossed staring up at the sky. Shippo wonders what he's thinking and Kirara replies with what could only be described as a shrug. "Nice day." Inuyasha says.

Kikyo is walking away from Mount Hakurei.

Episode Summary for Episode 116 - The Real Face: Exposed. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshomaru does battle with Jakotsu on Mount Hakurei while Rin is held captive by Suikotsu. As Suikotsu is about to kill Rin, Kikyo fires an arrow at Suikotsu's neck making him revert to his good counterpart. The counterpart wishes for Kikyo to remove the Shikone shard from his neck so he won't have to suffer the thought of killing anymore because of his evil alter ego. Jakotsu removes the Shikone shard and Suikotsu is reduced to a skeleton.
Episode Summary for Episode 116 - The Real Face: Exposed. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Suikotsu and Jakotsu(with Rin) tries to lure Sesshomaru into the mountain's barrier,thus making Sesshomaru weak.Jaken tells Sesshomaru not to go cause he'll only get weaker,but Sesshomaru wont listen.

Meanwhile,Inuyasha carries Kouga on his back to get him in a safe place,like a cave near a river.Inuyasha tells everybody that he only did it cause it would be wrong to let a wounded person fight.

On the mountain,Sesshomaru catches up with Suikotsu and Jakotsu.Jakotsu tries to fight Sesshomaru but he's still fast,but gets slower.And this gives Jakotsu advantage.Suikotsu is eager to kill Rin and tells Jakotsu to finish "joker-face" at once.Sesshomaru ends up being in the middle(Suikotsu & Rin behind him,and Jakotsu infront of him).As Jakotsu is waiting for Sesshomaru's attack,Rin yells out for Sesshomaru.This makes him run towards Jakotsu (and Jakotsu is about to strike when..)Sesshomaru suddenly throws his sword backwords(hitting Suikotsu)and even though Sesshomaru is hit by Jakotsu,he manages to cut through Jakotsu's heart.Suikotsu(not dead yet)tries to kill Rin when suddenly Kikyo shoots an arrow into his throuth,leaving the Shikon purified.He then asks Kikyo to take off the Shikon cause he's alredy dead and wants to be in peace.Jakotsu finishes him off and runs away with the Shikon.

Episode Summary for Episode 116 - The Real Face: Exposed. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Brief Summary

The story is mostly based on Suikotsu (something like that) and why he changes himself or has skytzo..There is a fight between Sessuhmaru (can't spell it)Jakotsu continuing from 115. People who were involved in this fight were (Rin, Kikyo, and Suikotsu..

Oh yeah, Kouga was injured from the fight in ep 115 with the 2 Shichinintai Renkotsu Ginkotsu.

Kikyo meets with Bankotsu and talk about life.

The others (Inuyasha Kagome i think trying to find Naraku or Miroku, Sango)
Sango, Miroku go inside this cave..i forgot the reason but encounter Kohaku sort of..to try to find Naraku I guess..*it has to do a with a cloak Kohaku wears*