Episode 117 - Inuyasha Disappears into a River of Flames Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 117 - Inuyasha Disappears into a River of Flames. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
(continue of the other unfinished episode)
(Renkotsu fires the cannon.)(The light and the shock-wave from the explosion hits Inuyasha.)Inuyasha:Wha!?Cannon barrel!?(Kagome and Shippou look on in shock.)Kagome:Inuyasha-a!Kagome:Inuyasha,Inuyasha.[View of the two wolf men.] wolf-man spike: They shouldn't have been washed this far. wolf-man patch: Yeah, because that Renkotsu guy did damn up the river down-stream. [Closeup side view of Kouga.]Kouga: That's only if that dog-turd hasn't been blown to pieces though. [The two wolf-men look a bit shocked.] wolf-man spike:Ko... wolf-man patch:Kouga...[View of Kouga.]
Kouga: It's probably true. For a start, that idiot is...[Kouga suddenly stops as he notices Kagome. Can't see her face but she's holding up Inuyasha's clothes, and seems to be shaking.]Kagome: ...... [Closeup of Kagome, with pools of tears in her eyes.] Kagome: Inuyasha... wasn't wearing these clothes... Though it's as good as armour... [Kouga is nervously talking to Kagome, while the two wolf-men look on.] wolf-man spike:Ah-aaah, you made her cry.
KougaS, stop crying, Kagome. [Closeup of Kagome, holding Inuyasha's jacket over her face.] Kagome: It's my fault isn't it. Because he let me wear these clothes...[Kouga continues talking to Kagome, but she doesn't really seem to notice him.]Kouga:It's not your fault Kagome! I saw it. That dog-turd jerk, forcibly pressed those clothes onto you, against your will...[Inuyasha, looking somewhat singed, has appeared behind Kouga and angrily bopped him on the head. Inuyasha: You bastard. Who did it against her will. [Kagome looks up with tears in her eyes, but otherwise doesn't react. Shippou looks happy, the two wolf-men look a bit relieved, while Kouga looks slightly annoyed.] wolf-man spike: I, Inuyasha... Shippou: You're were okay!?

Inuyasha: Bah! What do you think my body is made of.
[Drawing of when Inuyasha and Renkotsu fell into the river, with Renkotsu first.] [View of Inuyasha.] Inuyasha: Besides, that Renkotsu bastard certainly wanted to live, it seems, as he threw away the Explosive Thunder-rods just before iting exploded.
[Kouga glares derisively at Inuyasha who looks angry.] Kouga: Heh, I thought it'd be something like that. That "idiots won't die". Inuyasha: You bastard, you don't know when to stop. [Kouga and Inuyasha glare at each other.]Kouga: Come and get it bastard. Inuyasha: Today's the day I'll slaughter you! [Kagome suddenly appears, burying her head in Inuyasha's chest, and clasping him. Inuyasha and Kouga both look a bit surprised (one way to stop a fight)] Kagome:Inuyasha! [Closeup of Kagome, with her eyes closed, and tears running down her cheeks.] Kagome: I'm so glad. You're not injured are you? You okay? [Closeup side view of Inuyasha with a gentle look.] Inuyasha: Kagome... [Kagome looks up at Inuyasha.]Inuyasha: I'm sorry, that I made you worry. Kagome: Are you really, really okay? [Inuyasha and Kagome are in their own private world. Kouga is walking off, looking subdued.] Kouga: Humph...wolf-man patch: Kouga... wolf-man spike: You're going to ignore that?[Closeup side view of Kouga, looking off into the distance.]

Kouga: I'll overlook it this one time. Kagome's feelings were also shocked. [Closeup of Kouga looking back at Inuyasha.]Kouga: However, dog-turd. [Kouga speaks angrily at Inuyasha.]Kouga:Don't think that you've won here. There is no way that I'm going to give up on Kagome.Inuyasha:Bah! [Closeup of Inuyasha responding angrily.]
Inuyasha: You've lost. Can't you see eh, sto-o-opid.[Kouga and Inuyasha continue.]Kouga: Heh, don't get elated over just a hug, sto-o-opid.Inuyasha:Bah, mortified eh. Howing pitiful, sto-o-opid.
Kagome: Somehow... my tears have stopped pretty quickly.[The others look on, somewhat dejectedly.]Shippou: Those who call others stupid, are stupid themselves.wolf-man patch: Well, both of them are pretty stupid...

And sango and miroku is struggling though thing they've never struggled before, can they make it?

Episode Summary for Episode 117 - Inuyasha Disappears into a River of Flames. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
this episode starts with Inuyasha and Renkotsu fighting, and Inuyasha says something...

Inuyasha: Renkotsu, you bastard...Renkotsu: There's plenty of oil floating in the river. You have no escape!Kagome: Inuyasha, he...is using two shikon fragments!wolf-man spike: T, the smoke's coming inside! Kouga: Ugh... wolf-man patch: Kouga, it's dangerous here.Kouga: That baldy...This time for sure I'll waste him!wolf-man patch: Kouga...

Kagome: Don't Kouga-kun, you're badly injured...Kouga:
Don't stop me, Kagome!Kouga: The guy's after theing Shikon fragments in my legs!Kagome: Then, once you're better...(Kagome finds Inuyasha's coat draped over her.)(Kagome turns in surprise to Inuyasha, who's looking out the entrance.)Inuyasha: Only I can go, can't I.Kagome: Inuyasha...Kagome: Then go wearing this. This is strong against fire, isn't it.Inuyasha: Wear it. That wimpy wolf's no use, is he!

Kouga: Dog-turd, you bastard...(Side view of Kouga shouting.)Kouga: Don't get involved! He and I have still to settle...(Closeup of Inuyasha responding angrily.)Inuyasha: shut up, you couldn't even die properly! If your fragments get taken, it'll be annoying for me!(View of Renkotsu, outside.)Renkotsu: What's up. Do you want to be smoke-grilled huh?Inuyasha: Shut up. I'm coming righting now![Inuyasha has jumped up to a level of Renkotsu (15-20 feet up) having drawn Tetsusaiga.](The two wolf-men look on in amazement.)wolf-man spike: I, incredible.wolf-man patch: With one jump...[Renkotsu holds up what looks like a cannon or something. (what no recoil?)]

Renkotsu: Heh.
(sorry I couldn't finish the whole thing...it takes me a lot of time and words to type it...and only 500 word for max...it will continue!I promise!)
Episode Summary for Episode 117 - Inuyasha Disappears into a River of Flames. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode begins with Renkotsu loading what look like cannons or something onto a cart. He sees the armor that Ginkotsu was wearing when he died. This causes him to think back to Ginkotsu's last fight with Kouga. We go back to the moment when Renkotsu was lying down, very injured by Kouga. He still has Ginkotsu's shikon shard. He thinks that if he keeps it, Bankotsu will swipe it, but sees no reason to give it to that "brat". He puts the shard into his wound and it closes up. End of flashback. Renkotsu drags the cart out of the cave he was in when a Saimyoushou flies up to him. It seems to have found Inuyasha and Kouga and Company. Renkotsu tells it to go make his report to Bankotsu, but he has another job for it.
Kouga wakes up to find Shippo, Kagome, and the tear-filled eyes of Hakkaku and Ginta on him. He asks what happened and they tell him that he was caught in Ginkotsu's blast. Suddenly...he realizes that he smells like Inuyasha and starts spazzing out. Kagome tells him that Inuyasha had to carry him. Kouga looks horrified and then yells at Hakkaku and Ginta for not carrying him. But they were out cold as well. Then Inuyasha's voice comes in. He's all wet, and saying that he wasn't expecting Kouga to be grateful. He then proceeds to shake the water off himself - like a dog. Then he wants to leave. Kouga grabs Kagome's hand and thanks her and Inuyasha gets pissed. Inuyasha reminds Kagome about Miroku and Sango and that they should be getting back pretty soon. He turns around to leave and sees a Saimyoushou. He rushes out to kill it before it rats on them.

As Inuysasha is being lured away by the Saimyoushou, Renkotsu waits behind the trees until he's gone.

Kagome, Hakkakum and Ginta make smalltalk. Suddenly, Shippo smells something and Kagome walks to the entrance of the cave. Shippo asks her if she smelled the same thing he did: gunpowder. No, she sensed a shikon shard. Suddenly, an explosion is heard and the rocks resulting from the explosion block off the river. Then, a raft spreading oil floats by. It has flaming logs on it so when it hits the dam of rocks it shatters and spreads fire over the entire river (because of the oil)

Inuyasha is still going after the Saimyoushou. He destroys it and then looks back at the river to see smoke.

Kagome knows that it's the Shichinintai. She sees Renkotsu at the top. Kagome rushes back into the cave and tells Kouga not to do anything since he's still injured. She grabs her bow and arrows and runs back outside and aims at Renkotsu. He shoots a cannon thing at her but Inuyasha arrives just in time to block it and save her. He takes her into the cave and wraps his fire rat fur around her. Inuyasha and Kouga argue some and then Kagome warns Inuyasha that Renkotsu has two shikon shards. "That's less than Bankotsu," Inuyasha says and then dashes off.

Renkotsu is pissed that Inuyasha is back so soon. They begin to fight. Kirara transforms and goes to help Inuyasha. Renkotsu keeps firing at Inuyasha and thinks he's taken care of him.

Hakkaku and Ginta tell Kagome to get into the cave and then Renkotsu fires.

He goes into the cave and sees all five of them lying. He thinks he's killed them and then goes for Kouga's shikon shards. But Kouga kicks him. They were just pretending to be unconcious. Renkotsu takes out what looks like dynamite. Kagome tells him that if he uses it in the cave he'll kill himself too. Renkotsu begins to think, knowing very well that if Bankotsu finds out that he's taken Ginkotsu's shikon shard for himself, he'll kill him. *Flashback to when Bankotsu was telling him that if he keeps any more shards from him, he'll kill him* He decides that with Kouga's shards he'll be able to stand up to Bankotsu. Then he lights a something that I previously thought was a stick of dynamite, but it's not, convinced that he won't die in the blast because of his shikon shards. Kouga kicks the cannon at him but Renkotsu dodges. Renkotsu lights both sticks of dynamite when Inuyasha shows up. While he distracts Renkotsu with his presence, Kouga attacks, then passes Renkotsu off to Inuyasha. Inuyasha tackles Renkotsu and throws him into the flaming river along with the sticks of dynamite. But, Renkotsu takes Inuyasha with him. Kagome screams out, "INUYASHA!" as there's a huge explosion. *commercials*

Kagome is running alongside the river looking for Inuyasha. Kouga stupidly does NOT comfort her by telling her that they won't find a body if he was blown to bits. Kagome stops running. When Hakkaku and Ginta tell Kouga that that was a harsh thing to say, Kouga turns around yelling at them that it was the truth, when his eyes get HUGE at the site of Kagome. She has her face buried in Inuyasha's fire rat fur. When she lifts her face her eyes are full of tears. Kouga tries to comfort her awkwardly as Kagome blames herself. As he's comforting her, he gets hit in the head from behind. It's Inuyasha. Kagome lifts her face slightly, still crying. Inuyasha tells them that Renkotsu survived too. Inuyasha and Kouga start arguing when suddenly Kagome screams out, "Inuyasha~" Her tears hit Kouga in the face, surprising him as she throws herself at Inuyasha, hugging him. Inuyasha is surprised as Kagome cries into him. Then he apologizes for worrying her and hugs her. Hakkau and Ginta are surprised that Kouga is letting them be. Inuyasha and Kouga start arguing and Kagome finds it hard to keep crying.

At Mount Hakurei, Sango and Miroku decide to head to the summit. Miroku is angry that even though he and Sango are completely alone, he can't make a move.

Renkotsu is walking slowly through the river, angry with himself that he couldn't steal Kouga's shards, and knowing very well that if Bankotsu finds out that he has Ginkotsu's shard, he's dead. A Saimyoushou flies overhead and he sees Bankotsu on the riverbank. Bankotsu knows that Ginkotsu is dead. He's glad that Renkotsu is alive though. Then he tells Renkotsu that Suikotsu died while confronting Sesshoumaru. That just leaves Bankotsu, Renkotsu, and Jakotsu. (By the way Bankotsu is short...and i mean SHORT) Renkotsu is relieved that Bankotsu doesn't know that he has Ginkotsu's shard.

Miroku and Sango have hit a dead end. Somebody has gotten rid of the path that used to lead up to a cave. Sango, using her demon exterminating skills, easily gets to the other side and then helps Miroku do the same. The cave leads into the heart of the mountain, and Miroku senses evil energy inside. No doubt Naraku is inside.

Inside the cave, Kagura sits, wondering how long Naraku is going to keep her cooped up. Kanna appears and Kagura is jealous of her because since she doesn't have any demonic power she can go outside without getting purified. Kanna shows her that Sango and Miroku are coming. Behind Kagura, hundreds of demons appear.

Episode Summary for Episode 117 - Inuyasha Disappears into a River of Flames. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode begins in a dark cave, where Renkotsu is loading up cannons. *Flashback of Kouga killing Ginkotsu, resulting in a gigantic explosion with Renkotsu left lying on the ground with 3 deep gashes on his left shoulder. Knowing that Bankotsu would take the shard away if he finds out, Renkotsu puts the shard in his cuts, healing them.* Renkotsu walks out of the cave with a cartful of cannons and guns, sending Naraku’s bee to lure Inuyasha off while he heads off to steal Kouga’s shards.

In a small cave next to a river, we see Kouga lying on the ground with scars all over him. Opening his eyes, he sees Kagome, Shippou, Ginta and Hakkaku smiling at him. They tell him that he was caught in the blast when Ginkotsu exploded. Kouga gets pissed off when finds out he smells like a dog. ^^ He beats up Ginta and Hakkaku after he discovers that he was carried to the cave by Inuyasha. “Why didn’t you idiots do it?!” Inuyasha tells Kagome that they should have left Kouga, since he’s so ungrateful. After drying himself doggy style (lol ^^;;) Inuyasha tells Kagome that they should go, whether Kouga lives or dies doesn’t matter. Kagome lectures him on being impolite, and he snaps back that she should talk to Kouga instead of lecturing him all the time. Instead of thanking Inuyasha, Kouga turns to Kagome and thanks her instead, telling Inuyasha that he only carried him. ~.~;;

Their argument is disrupted by the appearance of one of Naraku’s bees. Inuyasha follows it, realising that if the bee gets away, the location of the cave would be given away. Little did he know that Renkotsu was waiting for him to leave, so that he could attack the others. Meanwhile, Kagome senses a Shikon shard, while Shippou smells gunpowder, so they walk out to the opening of the cave. All of a sudden, there’s a huge explosion which causes boulders to crash down into the river. Containers filled with oil rushed down the river, exploding and covering the river in flames. When Inuyasha realises that Kagome is in danger, he rushes back, just in time to save Kagome from Renkotsu’s flamethrower. He gives Kagome his fire rat’s robe, telling them that they should wear it since they can’t depend on the wimpy wolf for protection.

Inuyasha leaps out of the cave, but Renkotsu fires his cannons, knowing that Inuyasha cannot dodge in midair. Kirara transforms and saves Inuyasha just in time as he falls back from the impact of the exploding cannon. Riding Kirara, he prepares to slash Renkotsu with his sword, but Renkotsu fires his machine gun just in time. Inuyasha is sent crashing into the opposite Cliffside as Kagome screams his name. Renkotsu turns his attention to Kagome and the others and fires a missile into their cave, hoping he’s finished them off. He walks into the cave, and assumes that everyone died from the blast when he sees them covered with scars and burns.

Just as Renkotsu was about to slice the two Shikon shards out of Kouga’s legs, Kouga kicks him in the face, knocking him back, his cannon flying out of reach. Renkotsu refuses to give up, so he pulls out 2 sticks of dynamite. He is adamant, even when Kagome warns him that he will die also, that he would get Kouga’s shards. Lighting the dynamites, he prepared to blast the cave up. Kouga kicks the cannon at Renkotsu’s feet, hoping to trip him up. Renkotsu jumps just in time and laughs like a maniac. Inuyasha enters the cave, distracting Renkotsu. Inuyasha screams, “Now, wimpy wolf!!” Before Renkotsu can turn back, Kouga kicks him out of the cave. Inuyasha crashes into Renkotsu, sending both over the edge of the cliff and into the river of flames.

Kagome, Kouga, Ginta and Hakkaku runs alongside the river, hoping to find Inuyasha alive. Kouga mutters that they would find Inuyasha, that is, if he isn’t blown into millions of pieces. Kagome stops, bursting into tears as Ginta and Hakkaku shakes their head over Kouga’s denseness. Kouga, when he finally realises that he made Kagome cry, tries to convince her that it’s not her fault, that Inuyasha forced her to wear his robe. Suddenly, Kouga gets punched upside the head. He turns around to see Inuyasha looking rather ticked off, saying, “Idiot… I forced it on her, eh..?” Everyone is surprised that he is ok, and Kouga and Inuyasha starts another one of their arguments.

Abruptly Kagome throws herself at Inuyasha, crying, “Inuyasha, I’m so glad… Are you really ok?” Inuyasha apologizes for making her worry and reassures her that he is fine, putting his arm around her gently. (Aww… ^^) Kouga sticks his nose in the air and turns away, saying that he will leave them alone for now, but only because Kagome was upset. Inuyasha and Kouga starts arguing again, calling each other stupid ~.~;; Kagome, still hugging Inuyasha, thinks that it’s sort of hard to keep crying, while Shippou, Ginta and Hakkaku comments on how stupid both Kouga and Inuyasha are.

The scene cuts to Sango and Miroku, who continue to travel up Mount Hakurei. Miroku mourns the fact that the priest is aiding Naraku by creating a purifying barrier, which prevents him from feeling Sango up ^^;; The scene changes to Renkotsu, who is walking through the river, angry that he was unable to steal Kouga’s shards. He sees a Saimyoshou (Naraku’s poison bees). Following it with his eyes, he discovers that it is reporting to Bankotsu, who was standing just off shore. He was relieved to find that Bankotsu has yet to discover that he took Ginkotsu’s shard, and that he is still needed. He follows the leader of the Shichinintai off, glad that he has evaded death, for now.

Sango and Miroku are halted in their steps by a huge gap in the mountain path that almost looks like it was chopped off. Using her Hiraikotsu and some rope, Sango manages to transport both Miroku and herself across to the other side, where they find a cave filled with jyaki (evil energy), and enters. Kagura was sitting inside, annoyed that she is stuck in this cave. Her elder sister Kanna appears and tells her that she would not be able to go outside the cave, since the purifying energy of the priest’s barrier is too strong for her to endure. Kagura envies the fact that Kanna is lacking in demonic powers, which enables her to move around. She sees Miroku and Sango coming closer through Kanna’s mirror, and she fills the room with demons, determined to have some fun with them.
Episode Summary for Episode 117 - Inuyasha Disappears into a River of Flames. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In another attempt to get Kouga's Shikone shards, Renkotsu uses a Saimyoshou to occupy Inuyasha out of the cave containing Kagome, Shippo, the injured Kouga, and his comrades. Renkotsu sets the nearby river on fire and starts firing a bazooka at the five. Inuyasha arrives back at the cave and deflects one of Renkotsu's bazooka shots with his kimono. Inuyasha gives his kimono to Kagome and goes into battle with Renkotsu. Renkotsu fires a bazooka shot knocking Inuyasha into the side of a cliff. He then fires a shot at the cave. Assuming everyone is dead, Renkotsu attempts to take Kouga's Shikone shards, but Inuyasha's kimono had protected everyone. He then takes out some dynamite and is about to detonate it. However, Inuyasha appears out of nowhere and knocks himself and Renkotsu into the river as the dynamite explodes. Kagome and the others rush for the river as Kagome starts crying over thought that Inuyasha was dead because he lent her his kimono. Thick-headed Kouga tries to get Kagome to stop crying saying that Inuyasha forced her to take it. Kouga gets bashed in the head from Inuyasha from behind as Renkotsu was desperate in keeping his life as he threw aside the sticks of dynamite. As Kouga and Inuyasha are about to start a fight, Kagome runs in and hugs Inuyasha. He apologizes for making her worry. An annoyed Kouga says that he would allow this to happen just once, but it doesn't stop him in attempting to woo Kagome. Inuyasha then starts taunting Kouga over not having Kagome. Meanwhile, Renkotsu is concerned about what would happen if Bankotsu learned that he was using Ginkotsu's Shikone shard. Bankotsu isn't aware of it as he's glad that Renkotsu is still alive. At Mount Harukei, Sango and Miroku have approached a cave with Kagura and Kanna inside. Kanna informs Kagura of their presence as Kagura decides to greet Miroku and Sango with a bunch of demons.
Episode Summary for Episode 117 - Inuyasha Disappears into a River of Flames. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

in a dark cave renkotsu is loading up cannons. he is
overcome with anger when he remembers kouga killing
ginkotsu. *flash of kouga killing with ginkotsu, there is a
gigantic explosion and renkotsu is lying on the ground with
3 large gashes in the left side of his chest. he tries to
move with great difficulty. he gazes at ginkotsu shard
thinking about how to use it. he knows bankotsu would most
likely take it away, he doesnt want ot give it back to
kohaku and decides to put it into his wounds. the wounds
disappear and he is healed.* renkotsu walks out of the cave
with a cart full of cannons and explosives when one of
narakus bees flies toward him. he gets teh message and
knows where inu and kouga are now he then tells the be to
go back to the leader but he has a job for it first. the
bees flies off and renkotsu glares into the sky and is
determined to steal kougas shards even if its the last
thing he does. in a small cave next to a river, kouga has
scars all over his body when he finally opens his eyes.
kagome, shippo, ginta and hakkaku smile with relief. ginta
adnd hakkaku have tears in their eyes. kagome is thankful
he is awake because he was out all night. ginta asks if he
can remember anything about him being caught in a blast
when ginkotsu exploded. kouga replies yes when kagome asks
how he feels. kouga calmly says that he is pissed off (he
sniffs the air) then he becomes frantic, screaming and
crazily moving around saying, AAAAAAAAAAACK WHY DO I SMELL
LIKE DOG!!!?? kagome explains that inu yasha carried him
here since she asked him too. kouga looks completely
horrified at the thought and beats ginta and hakkaku in the
head saying, AND U DIDNT STOP HIM??????!?!?WHY DIDNT U
IDIOTS DO IT1?!??! one large bump appears on each other
their heads when they explain that they were also
unconcious. inu interrupts his rage and comes into the cave
saying, KEH that why i said we should have left that idiot.
not like i expected u to be GRATEFUL or anything. inu is
sopping wet and kagome asks why. inu repsonds, WELL ISNT IT
kneels down doggy style and start shaking vigorously. he is
drying himself like a dog would. LOL. everyone else puts
their hands up trying to block the water flying all over
the place. inu gets up completely dry and tell kagome that
they are leaving and whether kouga lives or dies doesnt
matter to him. kagome yell at inu for not being polite. inu
turns around angrily yelling, D@MMIT WOMAN!! U R ALWAYS
LECTURING ME. (he points at kouga) WHY DONT U TALK TO THAT
INGRATE OVER THERE? kouga yells back that he IS grateful.
kougas anger disappears as he grabs kagome hand gazes into
her eyes and says passionately, thank u so much kagome, i
wouldnt be here if not for u. inu rushes over trying to
break kougas grip and says yells, DONT U MEAN ME?!?!. kouga
repsonds in a deep calm tone, you are just her pack mule.
kouga and inu are in each others faces growlingfor a while.
kagome just rolls her eyes. lol. inu stands back up and
looks away saying, KEH if u r feeling good enough to argue,
we will be on our way. kagome is still concerned and says
that kouga doesnt look like he can walk yet. inu asks how
miroku and sangos mission is going. (they are exploring
mount hakurei) inu assumse that they will be getting back
soon so they should go. outside looking into the cave is
one of narakus bees. inu follows it while the rest stay in
the cave. inu jumps through the trees following it but
lurking behind hte trees is renkotsu. kagome asks ginta and
hakkaku if they are ok. they say they will be fine if they
just rest for a while. kagome apologizes that she cant help
them more since her first aid kit got destroyed. hakkaku
puts his hands up saying its not necessary for her to
apologize. ginta rubs his head embarrassed that they made
her worry alot already. shippo sighs and comments that
unlike kouga ginta and hakkaku have manners. just hen
shippo kirara and kagome sense something. shippo jumps on
kagome shoulder as she walks out to the opening of the
small cave. shippo tells her that he smells gunpowders
while kagome explains she sense a jewel shard. the look
around the river and suddenly there is a huge explosion
which cause several boulders to crash down into the river
causing a whirpool. on the other side of the river are
seven large containers filled with oil. they crach into the
rocks and explode causing the whole river to be covered
with flames. kagome and shippo scream kouga demands to know
what happens. back with inu he has destroyed the bee and
sees smoke in the distance. he rushes back over to save
kagome. kagome says this must be the shichinintais doing.
renkotsu appears on the top of the cliff telling them he
filled the whole river with oil so they can not escape.
even though kouga is severly injured and has trouble
getting up but he is determined to fight renkotsu. kagome
runs over to him telling him to stay put. she kneels down
and grabs her arrows and run back to the mouth of the cave.
she aim an dis about to fire. renkotsu 2 shards glow. b4
kagome fires her arrow renkotsu sends a wave of fire right
at her. kagome again doesnt move like a total idiot but inu
yasha comes through the wave of fire punches it back and
saves her. he then takes off his shirt and gently place it
around her. (aaah he just looks so much better in white
^_^) kagome is shocked by his genorosity and feel bad
telling him that he should use it. ( the robe of the fire
rat, excellent for blocking fire attacks) inu tells them
they should use it since they cant depend on that wimpy
he is after my jewel shards I AM going to finish him. inu
responds, SHUT UP U CANT EVEN DIE RIGHT. if he steals ur
shards then it'll be another pain in the @ss for me to
deal with. kagome stnads up and tells inu to be careful
since renkotsu is using 2 jewel shards now. inu responds
calmly that he will be alright its less shards than
bankotsu has. renkotsu face is full of rage that inu yasha
returned so quickly and throws down one of his cannons. inu
takes out his sword and jumps up after him. renkotsu grabs
another cannons and fire it off. teh cannon bal just misses
inus face by an inch. renkotsu fires again. inu uses his
sword to block it but the force knocks him down. he is
about to plunge into the river of fire but kirara
transforms and catches him. (kirara is fireproof also) inu
orders her to fly him up to renkotsu. renkotsu aims, fires
and just misses the both. he rushes to grab another cannon
but kirara and inu just make it to the cliff he is on. inu
gets ready for the wound of wind. but renkotsu tkaes out
his machine gun just in time. it hits inu and knock him to
the opposite cliff. inu gets up growling but it is too late
renkotsu hits him with another missle. renkotsu has an
insane vicotious smile as he aims for the cave. kagome is
outside screaming inus name. but there is no reply. ginta
and hakkaku notice renkotsu is now aiming for them and
alerts kagome to come inside the cave. renkotsu lauches a
huge firey missle toward them. it explodes in the cave and
rnekotsu hopes he has finished them off. he walks down to
the cave with his cannon on his shoulder. he looks around.
everyone if covered with scars and burns. reknotsu has a
pround smile as he walks over to kouga to slice out his
shards. he takes out a sword just as he is sbout to slice
up his legs kouga kick him in the face knocking him back
and the cannon flies next to kougas feet. kouga calls him
an idiot for believing that they were dead. shippo thanks
kouga for pulling inu shirt over them just in time. kouga
says in a ticked off tone that he didnt want to use
dogsh1ts stuff. lol. but renkotsu refuses to give up and
pulls out 2 sticks of dynamite. kagome alerts him that if
he sets them off in this cave HE will die also. renkotsu
responds, SHUT UP i cant back out now. even is shocked by
his response. renkotsu begins to think taht when bankotsu
would kill him if he found out he was using giknotsu shard.
*flashback of when bankotsu realizes renkotsu was hiding
kagomes shards. bankouts had the tip of his haleboard to
renkotsu neck and threatened to kill him if he didnt hand
over the shards. renkotsu reluctantly gives him the shards*
renkotsu doesnt care the cost he WILL steal kougas shards
because if he has those he might be able to stand against
banktso (bankotsu has 3 shards if renkotsu had kougas he
would have 4 shards) with a snap of renkotsu fingers a
flames lights on his thumb. ginta and hakkaku are very
terrifed suddenly hug each other tightly making small
scream. they all cant believe that renkotsu is still going
through with this. kouga kick the cannon to renkotsu trying
to trip him. renkotsu jumps up in time but kougakick him
back. kagome yells over to renkotsu, U WILL NEVER SURVIVE.
renkotsu tell them he refuses to die and (a sweatdrop falls
down his cheeck) hopes that having these 2 shards he will
survive the blast. renkotsu lights the dynamite and laughs
maniacally. ginta and hakkaku hug each more tightly and
close their eyes and cant bear to watch. just then inu
yasha comes into the cave all scarred up. kagome smiles
when she calls out his name. kouga is just in shock.
renkotsu turns around to face inu. inu screams, NOW WIMPY
WOLF. b4 renkotsu has a chance to react kouga kicks him out
of the cave. kouga yells back, IT NOT OVER YET DOGSH1T.
renkotsu si about to throw the dynamite but inu crashes
into him. they are just over the middle of teh river of
flames when the dynamite explodes. kagome screams at the
top of her lungs,
AAAAAAAAA. the explosion causes all the fire to disappear
from teh river and water shoot up high into the sky. kagome
anxiously searches teh river hoping inu isnt dead. ginta
and hakkaku try to make her feel better saying that inu
must have floated downstream. kouga is ahead of them all
walking along the river and tell her that inu must have
blown to bits. kagome stops in her tracks. ginta and
hakkaku also stop and are shocked about kougas heartless
comment. kouga responds, ITS THE TRUTH especially since
that idiot...(kouga abruptly stops talking when he notices
he made kagome cry) kagome is crying into inus shirt. she
blames herself for accepting his shirt if she hadnt he
wouldve had his armor and he would be ok. kouga runs over
to her trying anxiously trying to explain himself and make
her feel better. ginta and hakkaku are very embarrassed
about his behavior and hakkaku says, now u have done it, u
made her cry. kouga begins to feel worse and tries even
more to stop her tears. kagome burries her face in inus
shirt still blaming herself. kouga anxiously says, it wasnt
ur fault, i saw u refuse it, he cruelly forced it upon
u.... just then kouga gets punched in the head. its inu
more scarred up than b4 as he says in a ticked off tone,
dumbass. so i forced it on her eh? shippo jumps on kagomes
shoulder and says happily, inu yasha ur ok. kagome raises
her head slightly out of his shirt so that u can only see
her eyes full of tears. kouga glares at inu with the most
annoyed look. inu says, KEH i am made up of stronger stuff
than that. he explains that renkotsu must value his life as
well because he threw away teh dynamite just in time. kouga
repsonds, i figured as much, you know what they say idiots
die hard. LOL. inu yasha has a the funniest angry
expression when he says, u just cant leave well alone can
you? kouga responds, OH U WANT TO RUMBLE EH. inu repsonds,
this is hte day u draw ur last breathe. inu and kouga are
in each others faces again. kouga argues, oh like u cant
take me all banged up like that. just then kagome runs over
to inu and gives him a big hig. kouga stops and has this
expression as if he came to a realization. kagome cries on
inu chest and says relived, thank god.. were u hurt? are u
ok? inu smiles and says passiontely, kagome i am sorry i
worried u. kagome gzaes up excitedly at him saying, are u
really ok? inu puts his arm around her closes his eyes and
says he is fine. (awe ^_^) kouga walks away from them and
goes "hmph" ginta and hakkaku and shocked and asks if he
will just let them be. kouga looks up into the sky and says
he will allow it just this once, kagome was shook up and
all. (my fave part ^_^) kouga turns around to face inu and
kagome saying, but dont think this means u have won, i am
still not giving up on kagome. (again ima use the word baka
instead of moron) inu opens his eyes,glares at him and
responds, you just dont know when u have lost (inu has the
most hilarious victorious expression. LMFAO)
is about to explode with rage but calms himself down and
responds, your just letting that hug go to ur head
hilarious expression when he taunts kouga saying, oh
jealous are we? serves u right (inu overexaggerates the
next word)
kagome still hugging inu thinks that is kinda hard to keep
crying. LOL. shippo, hakkaku, and ginta are all rollin
their eyes. shippo calls kouga and inu idiots. ginta and
hakkaku say, well u know, they DID say it themselves.
shippo begins nodding his head. kouga abruptly turns around
and inu sticks his fist in the air as they yell in unision,
WHAT WAS THAT!?!?1?1? LMAO. back with sango and miroku on
mount hakurei. neither of them sense any evil energy.
miroku syas, well we do know the shichinintai, naraku and
the great priest is protecting them. sango wonders why this
priest is aiding naraku. (naraku used the great priests
corpse to create a powerful purifying barrier) miroku says
that they should get moving if the turn back inu will never
let them hear the end of it. miroku thinks about the
barrier and the last time he tried to touch sangos ass.
LOL. he is very frustrated and says, as long as the barrier
is here, even though we are completely alone i cant make a
move. (miroku wiggles his fingers around looking at her
ass) at this rate, i'll probably just..... miroku stops,
sighs, and looks serious again as he follows her. back with
renkotsu. he is walking through the river. he is so mad at
himself that he messed everything all up and didnt steal
kougas shards. renkotsu places his hand where ginkotsu
shard is in his chest and thikns about what bankotsu would
do to him if he finds out and wonders what could he do.
just the a saimyoushou (narakus bees) flies overhead. he is
shocked to find the bees was going to bankotsu who is very
close by. another bees flies over to bankotsu. renkotsu
walks over to him. bankotsu says he got the message from
the bees that ginkotsu died. a sweatdrop drips down from
renkotsu face. bankotsu says its such a shame when reknotsu
worked so hard beefing up ginkotsu too. renkotsu touches
his neck where the shard is. bankotsu looks at him and says
he is thankful that he is alive. renkotsu gasps and looks
at bankotsu in shock. bankotsu tell him that suikotsu died
also in a fight with sesshoumaru. bankotsu looks sad and
walks over to renkotsu and pats him on teh should saying
its just hte 3 of them now (bankotsu renkotsu and jakotsu)
and that he needs him more now. bankotsu tells them they
should go. renkotsu just stands there in shock and wonders
if bankotsu knew he had ginkotsu shard. he follows bankotsu
and thinks, i guess i still have options then, escaped that
one by the skin of my teeth though. back with miroku and
sango.miroku stops and looks down. sango asks him what
wrong. it turns out they cant continue there is a huge gap
in the mountain. sango looks up and notices another cave.
sango asks if they should go up there. miroku looks at her
in disbelief saying, oh we can? sango launche her boomerang
it gets stuck on the other side of the gap. she then takes
out some rope with a hook at the end of it.she throws it
onto the other side and pull it to see if it in there
tightly and swing over to the other side using her
boomerang to jump up. miroku is impressed. sango throws her
rope to him and he swings over. the both look into the cave
and say this must be the heart of the mountain. they begins
to sense some evil energy inside. sango grabs her boomerang
and the both run inside. inside there are several huge
circular levels and0 kagura is there. she is pissed off
wondering why naraku cooped her up in here. kanna shows up
behind her and explains that if she went out there she
wouldnt be able to take the purifying energy of the
barrier. kagura is jealous that kanna doesnt have any
demonic powers and can walk freely wherever she wants.
kannas mirror begins to shine and it shows miroku and sango
approaching them. kagura looks into the mirror, stands up
with a evil smile on her face saying this would be a chance
for her to have fun in a long time. she lifts up her fan
and the whole room if filled with demons.

Episode Summary for Episode 117 - Inuyasha Disappears into a River of Flames. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Renkotsu has blocked the river in the ravine below and dumped oil into it. Now it is a firey inferno, and the smoke is wafting into the cave, as he tries to smoke them out. Inu-Yasha gives Kagome his outer kimono because it is very protective against fire. Outside he jumps across to Renkotsu, but get shot point blank with the cannon Renkotsu is holding. He plummets into the flames but Kirara flies out and grabs him. Renkotsu fires another blast into the cave this time and then goes in to claim his the shards in Koga's legs. As he approaches Koga seems unconcious but springs into action and kicks the cannon away from Renkotsu. As a last resort Renkotsu pulls out two crude sticks of dynamite planning on killing everyone if he can't have the shards for himself. Inu-Yasha arrives in the cave just in time and drags Renkotsu out of the cave with him. Suddenly the explosion shakes the cave and no sign of Inu-Yasha or Renkotsu is visible.
Episode Summary for Episode 117 - Inuyasha Disappears into a River of Flames. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Renkotsu manages to track down where Kouga is hiding. He surrounds the whole area with flamable liquid and demands Kouga's shikon shards to be handed over. If not, he'll burn the whole place down. Inuyasha fights with him and both of them end up into the river, which is surrounded by flames.