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Episode Summary for Episode 118 - The Heart of Mt. Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Miroku and Sango are running through the cave. Miroku notices that the evil energy is getting stronger. It's as he suspected: the barrier was put up around the mountain to hide the evil energy in the mountain's center. They arrive at a giant cavern. The evil energy is extremely thick, Sango notices as she puts on her poison mask. They look up and see hundreds of demons coming at them: Naraku's minions. Miroku uncovers his Kazaana to suck them in but Sango notices that Naraku's Saimyoushou are there too so if he sucks the demons in, he'll be poisoned. Sango throws her Hiraikotsu and kills a bunch of demons. Miroku throws his scroll thingies and kills some demons as well. That's when Kagura speaks up. She's surprised that they made it this far. She opens her fan and throws blades at them. Sango and Miroku keep fighting the demons. Kagura throws more blades, separating Sango from Miroku by destroying the stairs that they were running on. Sango tries to jump the gap but can't. Sango throws her Hiraikotsu at Kagura, but Kagura can control the wind and knocks the Hiraikotsu off course. Sango looks up at her Hiraikotsu and sees Kohaku, watching the fight. Kagura creates wind that causes the Hiraikotsu to hit Sango, knocking her out. Miroku jumps the gap created by Kagura in order to get to the injured Sango. He tries to wake Sango up, but can't. Kagura tells Miroku that if he had left her behind, he would have lived longer, and Miroku gets a very determined look on his face. Kagura sends the demons on him. Very gently Miroku lays Sango down, stands up, and prepares to open his Kazaana. "Don't you remember? The bugs are here, you can't use your Kazaana," Kagura reminds him. "Just who do you think I am? If it means the girl I care for will live a little longer...Then it doesn't matter what happens to me!" He opens his Kazaana and sucks the demons in, Saimyoushou and all. He feels the poison beginning to spread but doesn't stop sucking the demons in.
Kagome and Inuyasha are waiting for Sango and Miroku to return. She wonders if something happened to them since they're taking so long to get back. Inuyasha tells Kagome to stay there while he goes to check the mountain out (remember he's half demon and there's a very powerful purifying aura up). Kagome reminds him of this fact but Inuyasha tells her that he's only half demon so the barrier can't purify all of him. Inuyasha then tells Kouga that he knows he's there. Hakkaku, Ginta, and Kouga come out of hiding. Inuyasha tells Kouga to stay there and protect Kagome. Kouga puts his arm around Kagome, pulls her close and says, "Okay, no problem. See ya later" Inuyasha leaves a threat for Kouga and then runs off towards the mountain.

Inuyasha is running towards the mountain. There's energy all around him. It's getting harder and harder for him to go on but he does it anyway.

Miroku puts Hiraikotsu across the gap. He begins to cross it very carefully. His Kazaana is not open but he doesn't have the sealing prayer beads on his hand, so he's ready to use it if anything happens. Sango is slung over his left shoulder, still unconcious. The demons are waiting, but they see that he has his Kazaana ready. Kagura is amazed that Miroku is still standing since he took so many Saimyoushou in. Meanwhile Miroku hooks Hiraikotsu onto his right arm and with his Kazaana still ready, he begins to run. The demons come at him so he opens his Kazaana again and sucks more in, along with more Saimyoushou. Kagura is thinking to herself and among her thoughts is one, "Sorry to break it to you, monk, but Naraku isn't up there" Miroku has closed his Kazaana and is still running with Sango on his shoulder. Demons are following. Please, don't come...any closer... he thinks. If I open the Kazaana again, I won't be able to... He collapses. He lifts his head to look behind him and sees the demons, still coming. Sango...I'm sorry... Then he passes out, hundreds of demons still behind him.

Jakotsu sneezes. He's walking with his arms wrapped around himself, apparently freezing cold. His Kimono...or whatever he was wearing got all ripped up in the fight with Sesshoumaru so he could use some clothes. He sees a bunch of men traveling towards him. As Jakotsu stands in the middle of the road, blocking their path, a couple of men run towards him, ready to draw their swords. They tell him to get off the road. "And what if I don't?" The men draw their swords. Jakotsu grabs the hilt of his sword. The view is changed to a bunny rabbit in the grass as we hear the sounds of Jakotsu's sword. The next thing we see is Jakotsu's sword going back to Jakotsu and the men, horses and all fall to the ground.

Jakotsu goes through one of the chests the men were carrying and sees a nice piece of yellow cloth. Then he hears Bankotsu's voice calling out to him. He sees Bankotsu walking towards him, Saimyoushou flying around him.

The sun is setting and Bankotsu and Jakotsu are talking. They seem to be sitting on the porch of some sort of hut. Jakotsu is telling Bankotsu that Suikotsu is dead. Then Jakotsu seems to remember something and searches his "pockets" He hands Bankotsu a shikon shard. It was Suikotsu's. Bankotsu seems very surprised. "Is it for me?" "Why so shocked? You told us to hand 'em over if we got any." Bankotsu looks down. We see the glimmer of a tear in his hooded eyes. (How poetic) He looks up at Jakotsu, tears filling his eyes. "Jakotsu you're...The greatest guy ever!!!!" He says and wraps his right arm around Jakotsu's shoulders, pulling him closer "You're the only one I can trust in the whole wide world! Kinda weird though..." He says as he's smiling a huge smile and patting the slightly confused Jakotsu's back. "Think so?" Jakotsu says and smiles. Then they both start laughing.

Renkotsu is walking. The moon shines above. Inuyasha is still struggling through the barrier towards the mountain. Just as he's convincing himself that the barrier isn't purifying him and he's okay, he falls to his knees. He can't seem to move anymore. He wonders what to do as Renkotsu's voice sounds behind him. He has one of those cannon things under his arm and he seems slightly surprised that he was trailing Inuyasha for so long and he didn't notice anything. Inuyasha stands up and makes a slightly threatening/insulting comment at Renkotsu. Renkotsu chuckles lightly. There's electricity all around Inuyasha (from the barrier). Renkotsu aims the cannon thing at Inuyasha. Then he fires. Inuyasha dodges but it sends him further into the barrier. He hits the limit and the screen goes white with electricity and sound is filled with Inuyasha's yells. *commercials*

Renkotsu has to shield his eyes as the electricity gets brighter and brighter until there's a sudden flash as Inuyasha's yells continue. Then the yells stop and a whole bunch of glittery things (I don't know how else to describe them) come from the place where Inuyasha disappeared. As the glittery things and the light disappears, smoke comes from the spot. Renkotsu wonders if Inuyasha is gone. He's surprised. There's a crater where Inuyasha was and a few feet away, Inuyasha is lying sprawled on his stomach. He clenches his hand, which now has no claws. Then we see his hair fall near his hand, and it is not black. Inuyasha is in his human form, and he is very very surprised. His demonic powers have disappeared, even though it's not time yet. Renkotsu is surprised. He had thought that Inuyasha had disccolved in the barrier but it was just his demonic powers. Renkotsu aims the cannon at Inuyasha and fires. Inuyasha dodges and begins to run away. Renkotsu runs after him.

Sango begins to come to. She looks to the side and sees Miroku next to her, and slightly on her. She slides out from under him and blushes. She makes a move to wake him and then looks up only to see hundreds of demons still hovering over them. She grabs her sword and winces. Then she remembers what happened. (She and Miroku are surrounded by a faint bluish light - forgot to mention that). Sango begins to shake Miroku, trying to get him to wake up. Miroku doesn't move and Sango looks at him with tear-filled eyes, a hand at her mouth. She keeps trying to wake Miroku up, getting more desperate and panicked by the minute. Tears stream down her face and fall on Miroku's face. Miroku stirs and then opens his eyes. He's glad that Sango regained conciousness, and then looks to see all the demons trying to get at them. He tells her to keep going by herself. "No! I won't leave without you!" Miroku chuckles. "Please, survive this for me," he says. "NO! If you can't come with me...Then at least let me die with you!!" Sango says and then throws herself onto Miroku. Miroku hugs her back as best he can as the demons keep trying to get at them. Then Miroku realizes that he's feeling better by the second. He gets up, still holding Sango. He wondering aloud why the demons aren't attacking. Sango seems to realize this for the first time. One of the demons stretches its tentacles out and Miroku moves to protect Sango. But when the tentacles reach a certain point, they are purified. Miroku realizes that they are on sacred ground holy enough to purify the poison he sucked in. He gets up to leave, telling Sango that there must be something ahead of them. Sango asks him if he's really ok and he says, "Yes. Looks like we won't have to die together after all." Sango blushes and while still red says, "D-did I say something?" (Keep in mind that she's looking around nervously as she says this...adorable) You forgot, eh? Miroku thinks, a sneaky smile on his face.

Inuyasha is still running away. Behind him we see explosions as Renkotsu fires and misses. Inuyasha tries to run up this steep embankment thingy but slides off. Renkotsu fires and Inuyasha goes over the embankment and rolls down. He hits the side of the mountain. Slowly he raises himself and sees Renkotsu on top of the embankment thingy (don't know what else to call it) Inuyasha realizes that he's in for it, and then sees a small entrance to a cave on his right. Renkotsu fires. When the smoke clears there's a huge crater. Renkotsu walks over to it but can't seem to find a body. Then he sees the cave. (Okay...he just called it a "crevice" so let's stick with "crevice") Jakotsu's voice sounds behind Renkotsu and he turns around. Jakotsu is walking towards him.

Jakotsu seems to have told Renkotsu that there's only three of them left. Jakotsu seems concerned about something. "We've got a big problem on our hands" "What's wrong?" Renkotsu asks, worried. "We can't be the 'seven man army' (Shichinintai) without seven men! We gotta come up with a new name!" He looks down at Renkotsu, perfectly serious, as Renkotsu looks up at him, speechless. Then he asks about Suikotsu's shikon shard. Jakotsu tells him that he gave it to Bankotsu. He's remarkably selfless Renkotsu thinks of Jakotsu. Then he thinks about the amount of shikon shards Bankotsu has. While he's thinking about this, Jakotsu is trying to think of a new name. Renkotsu interrupts Jakotsu to tell him that he has something fun for him. This interests Jakotsu.

Sango and Miroku are running towards a white light at the end of the tunnel (pardon the clich?

Inuyasha is inside the "crevice" (except that he calls it a "cavern"...i'm gonna stick with "cavern" cause Inuyasha is so much cooler than Renkotsu) He wonders whether or not the cavern leads all the way into the center of the mountain. Suddenly he senses something behind him. Jakotsu's sword is travelling towards him. He barely dodges it in time. Jakotsu walks towards him. He thinks Inuyasha's human form is adorable as well. Jakotsu is very happy. He's been waiting to kill Inuyasha for a looong time. Inuyasha takes out the sheathed Tetsusaiga and backs against a wall of the cavern.

Kagome is standing, waiting for Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku as Kouga, Hakkaku, and Ginta sleep.

Inuyasha's cornered by Jakotsu. Jakotsu steps forward. Inuyasha holds the sheathed Tetsusaiga in front of him and Jakotsu raises his sword. He runs forward, laughing.

Episode Summary for Episode 118 - The Heart of Mt. Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Miroku and Sango run into Kagura and a horde of demons inside a cave. Sango is knocked unconscious when her Hiraikotsu is deflected towards her by Kagura. Despite the poison, Miroku sucks in all the demons with his Air Void. He manages to get her back towards the barrier where the demons couldn't enter. Plus, the poison in his body was purified as well. Sango was assuming that both were going to die together (proof that Sango and Miroku are getting more closer in their relationship.) Meanwhile, Inuyasha decides to trek up Mount Harukei to find Sango and Miroku only to run into Renkotsu. Harukei's barrier renders Inuyasha human as he is forced to flee. Later on, Jakotsu joins in on the chase to find Inuyasha.
Episode Summary for Episode 118 - The Heart of Mt. Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
miroku and sango are running through the cave. he senses
the demon energy getting stronger and was right about the
barrier concealing the evil energy in the center of the
mountain. they both have a detremined look on theur faces
as the run toward the light. they enter a large circular
cavern with several floors. sango puts on her mask as she
comments about how thick the evil energy is in here. they
both gasps as they look upward and see a huge swarm of
demons. they recognize it as narakus demons and miroku taks
out his wind tunnel. but b4 he uses it sango alerts him to
the numerous amount of bees that are in the swarm. she
demands that he stop and doesnt want him to get poisoned.
sango unleashes her boomerang and miroku throws his
spiritual paper charms which destroys several demons. as
the remains of demons fall kagura exposes herself and says,
i didnt hink it was possible for u puny humans to make it
this far. i suppose inu yasha couldnt come, am i right.
(mirokus and sango glare at her and kagura gives them a
menacing looke) i must say, u'v got guts. (she wuickly
opens her fan and launches several wind blades at them) but
dont htink u will get out of her alive >D miroku and sango
run dodging the attack but the swarm of demons fly infront
of them. sango hits one snakelike demon with her boomerang
and miroku destroys one using his staff and the demons head
bursts into several glittering sparks of light. miroku and
sango continue to make their way closer by destroying hte
demons that block their way. ahead is a flight of stairs
and miroku yell for sango to hurry up. but kagura destroys
part of the stairs leaving a huge gap. sango almost falls
to her death but catches herself. sango tells miroku to go
on without her. he runs over to the edge of the stairs and
refuses. sango tells him to stop worrying about her and
finding naraku is more important. she glares at kagura and
lauches her boomerang at her. kagura taunts her saying, oh?
u r aiming that at me? i control wind thank u veyr must.
kagura using wind power redirects teh boomerang. the
boomerang hovers the other way and sango notices kohaku
gazing down at her from above as the boomerang flies past
him. with sango distracted kagura uses wind and sends the
boomerang at sango. its hits her and pushes her back. she
gasps in agony as the falls to the ground. her mask fall
off. miroku becomes very concerned and manages to jump over
the large gap in the stairs as he call out to her (go
miroku go ^_^) he runs over to her, hold her in his arms,
and begins to shake her hoping she would wake up. he call
out her name anxiously several times. but still get no
reply. sweat form on his face as he becomes more concerned
for her. kagura interrupts them and taunts him saying,
awwwwe how touching, dont it bring a tear to ur eye. what a
shame. (kagura is sitting on the railing as bees hover next
to her) u could have lived longer if u left her behind.
miroku viciously glares back at her as he gently places
sango on the ground. the demons evil faces glow as they
approach him. miroku looking extremely determined and
furious pulls out his wind tunnel. kagura smiles wickedly
and taunts him again saying he cant use that with those
bugs around. miroku glares at her and says with anger
growing with every word, what do u think i am? if it means
the girl i care for will live a bit longer THEN IT DOESNT
MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO ME. (awwwwwwe ^_^ more miroku and
sango moments coming up. enjoy mir/san fans ^_^) he swiftly
puts his fist in teh air and unleashes his wind tunnel. the
demons scream in agony as each one gets sucked in. kagura
is shocked that he actually went through with it. he keep
drawing in more and more poison. with each bee thatgoes in
theer is a burst of red electricity around his hand and he
begins to pulse. more sweat appears in his face as he
desperately tried to surpress that pain. (closeup of sango
lying motionless) back with kagome look outward to the
mountain. she becomes very concerned wondering why miroku
and sango havent come back yet and hopes they are ok.
kagome is holding shippo in her arms and inu walks over to
her interrupting hre thoughts. kirara is on his shoulder
and he tells them he will go into the mountain to see what
is happening. kagome demands that he shouldnt go there and
reminds him he cant walk on those holy grounds. he glares
at her and explains, i am only HALF DEMON it can purify
all of me. kagome tries desperate to change his mind. but
inu yasha ignores her requests and says, just shut up and
sit tight, this isnt the time to be quibbling about the
details, HEY WIMPY WOLF I KNOW U R OUT THERE, (hakkaku and
ginta pop up behind them disappointed that inu knew they
were there) kouga stnads up asking what inu wants. inu
tells him to protect kagome while he gos into the mountain.
kagome still looking concerned explains to kouga that
miroku and sango are still out there and havent come back
yet. inu says to himself , i am the only one who can go.
compare to a full demon teh barrier shouldnt effect me THAT
badly. kouga salutes him, grabs kagome and hgs her on the
right sid eof him. inu has and hilarious furious expression
and demands that kouga let go of her and reminds him if
anything happens to her he will rip his lungs out. kagome
calls out to inu. he jumps into the sky and runs towards
the mountain disappearing in teh white mist. hakkaku hopes
inu will be ok. ginta thinks that it would be painful for
inu even though he is a half demon. kagome gazes into the
mist where inu was last seen. she becomes evem more
concerned and hopes he doesnt push himself. back with inu
yasha, as he runs and jumps through the mountain
electricity surrounds him. the closer he get the more
eletricy surrounds him. he think to himself that barrier is
stronger than he thought (uh duh *rolls eyes*) back with
miroku and sango. he places her boomerang on the gasp and
slowly walks on it to the other side as he holds sango on
his left should and her his right hand closed but ready to
use if anything dare attacks him. miroku shouts out, ANY
AFTER ME NOW. the demons grumble and back off. kagura gazes
down at miroku in shock that he is still able to stand even
when he drew in SOO much poison. miroku finally makes it to
the other side. he puts her boomerang on his back and runs
carrying both of them (sango and her weapons) the swarm of
demons attack him again. miroku quickly turns around opens
his fist an unleashes his wind tunnel. more bees fly into
it poisoning even more. its becoming harder for him to
supress the pain and effect of the poison. kagura leaning
on the railing is looking very bored and annoying as she
watches thinking, it must be sheer desperation i guess, i
dont want to be pulled into the wind tunnel so i guess i
cant join the fun. i hate to break it to monk but naraku is
not up there. (mirokus comtinues to run up the stairs
carrying them) miroku gazes back at the large swarm of
demons flying towards him. he begins to think,
please....dont come...any closer... if i open wind tunnel
again i wont be able to........... (miroku collapse onto
the ground) he barely gets up. sango is right under him.
the demons come closer and closer. he winces with pain he
vision is messin pu. he looks downat sango and says in a
weak tone, sango.... i'm.... sorry.... miroku collapse
again but this time doesnt get back up. for some reason teh
demons arent getting any closer to them. back with jakotsu.
his shirt got ripped to shred when fighing sesshoumaru and
now he is walking around shivering, sneezing and sniffling.
he has the funniest "i cant take this anymore" expression
as he crosses his arms around his body trying to warm
himself up. as he comtinues to walk he says, i could use
some (he teeeth begin to chatter) clothes about now. but
just then a small arm yof soldiers approach him and he
smiles. the soldiers spot him, get off there horse and run
over to him demanding to know who he is. jakotsu responds,
oh and what would i do if i dont? all the soldiers pull
out their swords. jakotsu pulls out his sword and with one
simple flick of his wrist his slithering sword attacks and
all the soldiers and horses drop dead (he is so cool ^_^)
jakotsu reaches into the supplies and pulls out some
clothing. just then bankotsu calls out to him. jakotsu
holds up his new clothes and turns bewilderdly at bankotsu.
bankotsu waves back with 3 of the bees flying around him
saying he was looking all over for jakotsu. the sun is
setting and the sky is golden with some pink. jakotsu and
bnkotsu sit down on some steps. bankotsu says that he heard
from the bees that suikotsu died. jakotsu looks down and
says it was tragic but then he suddenly looks up and
remebers somthing. he reaches into his shirt and pulls ou
suikotsus shard and gives it to him. bankotsu looks at him
and shock and asks in disbelief if this is really for him.
jakotsu is surprised by his reaction and says, why are u so
shocked. u told us to hand them over if we got any.
bankotsu looks down and jakotsu gazes closely at him
wondering what is going on. bankotsu lifts up his head and
his eyes begins to twinkle and tears fom in his eyes as he
says, jakotsu....you're.... (bankotsu sudenly give jakotsu
a big hug) THAT GREATEST GUY EVER (bankotsu has the
craziest exstatic epression as he begins to pat jakotsu on
the back. jakotsu is still in shock) you are the only one
that i can trust in the whole wide world, kinda weird
though.... jakotsu and banktsu begins to laugh like total
nutballs (nutcase/goofball) back with inu yasha. its
nighttime now and inu is struggling to get through this
barrier. inu tries with all his might to keep moving
forward as he thinks, KEH i told them so. see i aint
getting purified. IM FINE. suddenly inu drops to the
ground and is unable to move. teh electricty is still
flowing around him. he begins to wonder if he will be in
danger if he keeps going (DUH) and wonder what he should
do. just then renkotsus voice comes from behind saying,
whats wrong inu yasha? ur legs stop working on you. (inu
yaha looks behind him and gasps when he see renkotsu
approaching him carrying a cannon) seems u have gotten
weaker since we last met. i was traliing u and u didnt
notice. that is not like u. inu ysha stands up and says in
an annyed tone, uhh not YOU again. you shichinintai must be
shorthanded. renkotsu laughs at him and taunts him saying,
hehehehe it seems ur mouth still works. (closeup of inus
face. they are blocking his eyes with his bangs again
*grrrrrrrrrrrrrr* and electricity flows past his face) say
inu yasha? werent u in a hurry? or have u discovered that
even half demons can be purified past this point. renkotsu
lauches explosives out of his cannon. inu dodges and jumps
into the air but as he falls he lands in the barrier. teh
electricty overwhelms him and he screams at the top of hi
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. a burst of white light appears and
pink sparks fly into the air. as teh light disappears
reknotsu wonders if that was the last of inu yasha but is
shocked to find him still their. inu is lying motionless on
the ground. as he gets up there is a closeup of his nails,
his claws are gone. he is human again. inu looks at himself
in shock and looks up at the moon (here is my line ^_^) and
says, WHAAAAT?!?!?! its not even that time of the month yet
(i know he didnt mean it that way but i cant help but crack
up LMFAO LMFAO) renkotsu approaches him and says, i thought
u had dissolved in teh barrier but it was only ur demon
energy. (renkotsu smiles menacingly) you half breeds are
remarkably versatile. human inu yasha stands back up and
says, thanks to you my body feels lighter now. renkotsu
becomes enraged and shoot more explosives out of his
cannon. inu runs for his life and renkotsu misses. renotsu
refuses to let inu yasha escape again. as inu runs he
thinkd about how he has no time to fight renkotsu and must
hurry to get through this mountain. back with miroku and
sango. sango finally opens her eyes and sees miroku
motionless ontop of her. she back away until he isnt ontop
of her anymoe and begins to blush. she looks at him again
then notices the large swarm of demons infront of her. but
still the demons arent getting any closer. sango reaches
for her sword and winces in pain. she remembers that she
was hit by her boomerang and then looks at miroku again but
this time she is concerned. she notices that he opened his
wind tunnel. tears swell up in her eyes and she shakes him
pleading that he wakes up. sango begins to htink this is
all her fault and her tears are more visable. she
desperately tries to wake miroku again but still there is
not response. she begins crying and her teas fall onto his
face and he opens his eyes and smiles saying, sango.. thank
god... you came to. miroku turns until he is on his back.
he looks at the demons and tells sango she will have to
continue alone. she rigorously shakes her head and refuses
to leave without him. miroku looks at his hand with the
wind tunnel and says, heh i think i over did it a bit 9he
smiles and turns to her) sango please survive this for me.
tears keep falling from her eyes and yells, NO if u cant
come with me (she falls ontop of him and hugs him) then at
least let me die with u (awwwwe ;_;) miroku closes his eyes
and returns the hug. miroku opens his eyes and wonders why
he is feeling better by the second ( miroku gets up and is
still embracing snago in his arms) and why the demons arent
coming closer to them. sango also ealizes this and gazes at
the demons. the demons begin to becomes frustrated and
growl louder. miroku and sango begin to hug each othe rmore
tightly. one demon tries to attack but it turns out there
is a barrier blocking it. miroku realizes they are on the
holy ground and its purifying the poison w/i him. miroku
and sango get up and she asks if he is really ok. he smiles
and says, i guess we dont have to die together after all.
sango turns away form his and begins to blush again turning
her head from side to side saying in an embarrassed tone,
huh what? uh? did i say anything? miroku thinks, oh you
forgot alreadu huh (he sighs) lol. inu yasha is still on
the run with renkotsu chasing him. there are several
explosions coming from behind inu but he is out running
them. renkotsu keep reloading his ammo and cackles wickedly
behind him. inu tries to walk up a small steep hill but he
trips and renkotsu hits him with a blast and inu yasha
starts rolling down the hill on the other side until he
hits the side of a mountain. renkotsu has a wicked smile.
its a dead end and inu yasha is trapped. inu begins to
looks aorund and finds something but an explosive lands
right where inu yasha was. renkotsu has a victorious smile
as he walks over to check if inu is dead. there is a huge
crater in the ground but there is no body there. rekotsu
notices a small crevice in the mountain and assumes inu is
in there. just then jakotsu comes. through the white mist
jakotsu apporaches him and asks what he is doing her. the
sit down next to each other and dicuss how there are only
thre of them left (the shichinintai) jakotsu begins to
grumble and bite his thumbnail saying they have a HUGE
problem. renkotsu is confused and asks what. jakotsu
explains, we cant be the seven men army without seven men.
we need a new name. (LOL) jakotsu begins to ponder and
renkotsu is baffled for a second then ask him what happened
to suikotsus shard. jakotsu explains he gave it to
bankotsu. renkotsu is amazed at how selfless jakotso is and
worries about how bankotsu has obtained several shards.
while renkotsu is pondering about the shikon shards jakotsu
keeps blabbering to himself about their new name. he thinks
about several names like:"the triumvirate""the 3 men army"
"the black trio" "the ban-ren-ja" (o_O) renkotsu smiles
evily and tell jakotsu he has something fun for him.
jakotsu finally stop blabbering to himself and stares
curiously at renkotsu. back with miroku and sango. they
continue to make their way through the cave. back with
human inu yasha. he is in a very large cavern and wonders
if it goes to teh center of the mountain. just then
jakotsus slithering sword attack him but inu moves just in
time. (here it comes ^_^ my lines ^_^) when jakotsu
approaches inu yasha his eyes widen and he looks at inu
yasha with a smile saying, is that u inu yasha? your human
form is adorable too, i am so happy ^_^ (licks lips) i ahve
been waiting to do you for a looooong time. (LMFAO LMFAO)
inu is freaked by his words and slowly back away until he
hits a wall. kagome is still gazing up at the mountain
hoping everyone is alright. inu yasha has tessaiga out. (in
its rusty state is doesnt transform when he is human)
jakotsu has a horny expression as he looks at inu yasha. he
raises his sword and attacks and laughs meniacally.
Episode Summary for Episode 118 - The Heart of Mt. Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
after what you read above, inuyasha leaves kagome with kouga to go to the mountain himself. as he goes up, he is attacked by renkotsu(sp?) and is blasted by a connon charge into the barrier, it looks like inuyasha hits a huge bug zapper when this happens, but he wakes up on the ground, human. he then runs away from renkotsu, becaues he is not armed with anything useful. he is eventually cornered and shot at, he manages to escape into a crack in the clif he was next to, and into a large cavern. renkotsu finds jakotsu and sends him into the cave to get inuyasha. when jakotsu finds inuyasha, he comments on how his human for is cute too, licks lips, and says a line that will forever haunt me:

JAKOTSU: your human form is cute too! *licks lips* now i will do to you what i have always wanted...

Episode Summary for Episode 118 - The Heart of Mt. Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Miroko and Sango are deep in Mt. Hakurei when a horde of demons attack. Miroku is about to use his Kazaana but notices there are poison bees in the demon mix. They being to kill the demons and notice Kagura is there. Sango attacks Kagura, Kagura uses wind to fling Sango's boomerang back at her, and Sango is knocked out, right after she sees Kohaku. Miroku uses his Kazaana to save Sango. Meanwhile, Kagome is wondering why Sango and Miroku are taking so long. Inuyasha says he is going to find them. Kagome protests, but Inuyasha leaves anyway, telling Kouga to stay to protect Kagome. Inside the mountain Miroku carries the still unconscious Sango, keeping the demons at bay with his Kazaana. Kagura does nothing, not wanting to be sucked into the air void and mentions in her thoughts about how Naraku isn't up there anyway. Miroku keeps running, but the poison becomes too much, and apologizing to the still knocked out Sango, he passes out with the demons right behind. Meanwhile Jakotsu gives Bankotsu Suikotsu's old shikon shard. Back to Inuyasha who can suddenly not move any further into the barrier. Renkotsu appears behind him and begins to fire on him with a small shoulder cannon. Inuyasha jumps further into the barrier to avoid the shot, but is purified to his human form. Inside the mountain Sango wakes up, with the demons right behind her and Miroku, but the demons are not attacking. Miroku wakes up and quickly recovers. They realize the reason for the quick recovery and the demons not attacking is because they made it to holy ground. They head deeper in. Back to Inuyasha, who escapes into a cave. Jakotsu catches up with Renkotsu, telling Renkotsu there are only three Shichinintai left and that he gave Suikotsu's shard to Bankotsu. Renkotsu wonders how he can obtain more shikon shards. Jakotsu catches up with Inuyasha, who is moving deeper into the cave. The episode ends with Jakotsu about to attack the human Inuyasha.
Episode Summary for Episode 118 - The Heart of Mt. Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome blames herself when she thinks Inu-Yasha has been killed. Because she took his kimono she thinks he did not have enough protection to survive the blast. Inu-Yasha walks up though, relatively unharmed. He tells them that Renkotsu didn't want to die so he threw the dynamite away at the last second. Downstream Renkotsu is worried that he will not be able to defeat Bankotsu since he was not able to get Koga's shards. Bankotsu walks up to greet him and gives him the bad news... he heard about Ginkotsu's death and Suikotsu has also died as well. Now the Shichinin-tai are only the two of them and Jakotsu. On Mount Hakurei Sango and Miroku find a suspicious cave. From inside Miroku senses evil and thinks Naraku must be inside. Kagura and a horde of demons await as Kanna tells her Miroku and Sango are on their way in.