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Episode Summary for Episode 119 - A Divine and Malicious Saint. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sango and Miroku are running down a tunnel towards a bright light. They run on to discover a weird place in the heart of the mountain. It's a mountain temple. They keep running and stop in front of a mummy. Miroku recognizes them as the remains of Hakushin Shounin. Suddenly, a pair of yellow, bloodshot eyes appear in the once empty eye sockets and the mummy takes on an angry look.
Miroku and Sango are shocked. The mummy confirms Miroku's beliefs that he is Hakushin Shounin. Miroku asks Hakushin Shounin why he's working for Naraku now, since he was such a revered monk before. The monk is aware of what Naraku is, but he doesn't care whether he's an evil demon or not since he's doing what he wants to do.

Kagome, Kouga, Hakkaku, and Ginta are still waiting for Inuyasha to return with Miroku and Sango. Shippo is barely able to walk a few steps before he collapses. Kagome hopes that Inuyasha gives up and heads back if it becomes to hard for him to continue. Hakkaku and Ginta wonder aloud whether or not Inuyasha is dead, both receiving punches from Kouga. Shippo assures Kagome that Inuyasha is just fine.

Jakotsu's snake sword comes after Inuyasha, who barely dodges it. He runs and the sword comes after him. Then he takes the sheathed Tetsusaiga and knocks the sword aside but it comes right back at him. Jakotsu keeps hitting on Inuyasha even as he's trying to kill him. The sword slashes at Inuyasha's arm, injuring him (his fire rat cloth has lost its demonic powers as well so it doesn't work as armor anymore). Jakotsu attacks again and again, making Inuyasha run. Inuyasha gets another injury on his leg.

Miroku asks Hakushin Shounin how it's possible that he's put up a holy barrier to protect the evil Naraku.

*Flashback* Before he died, Hakushin Shounin saved people without a shred of hesistation. We see him give food to starving, crying children. The year he died, the countryside was devastated by famine and plague. There were corpses lying everywhere. No matter who it was though, he saved them because he believed that in the heart of every evil man lies some shred of good. Everyone came to him for help. But, while he was tending to the sick, he became sick as well. The villagers didn't know what to do. Who would deliver them if he were to die? Hakushin Shounin told them that he would become a living Buddha and protect them for all eternity. He let himself be entombed within the earth. *End Flashback*

Sango asks him if that's how he became a mummy. The priest continues. His only connection to the outside world was a slender ventilation pipe made of bamboo.

*Flashback* There's a small pipe of bamboo sticking up out of the ground and a bell is heard. When he was inside, he rang a small bell over and over. When it ceased to ring, the people outside would know that he had died. The people outside were praying for him to enter Nirvana peacefully. They were praying for him to die.

What is good is evil, and what is evil is good

When he began to die, he felt pangs of regret. He wanted to live and the darkness was terrifying.

To live is to die and to die is to live

He had devoted his entire life, body, and soul to helping people so why did he have to die?

The Sacred One lies in the earth. Salvation is at hand...

*End Flashback*

And then, he died. His remains were enshrined as a Living Buddha.

*Flashback* However, his soul was consumed by a great darkness...A long time passed. And then, he heard a man's voice. "Resent them" it said. "Resent them! It's okay to hate them." Naraku appears by the priest, his hand on the priest's back. The priest looks up at him, shocked. Naraku said the things that he could not. Naraku tells him to follow him, to LIVE with him. *End Flashback*

Miroku tells the priest that he doesn't claim to be a saint and he's not intending to pass judgement on him, but he can't leave the barrier be while it protects Naraku. Miroku comes at the priest with his staff, but the priest put a powerful barrier up, protecting himself. Mrioku gets thrown back.

Kagome is still waiting for Inuyasha. Kouga stands up. He's decided to go see what Inuyasha is up to since he's taking so long. Kagome asks him not to. They should wait for Inuyasha a little longer.

Inuyasha and Jakotsu are facing each other. Jakotsu attacks and Inuyasha tries to knock the sword aside with the Tetsusaiga but it's no use and he gets another injury. Renkotsu is secretly watching, willing Inuyasha to take a chunk out of Jakotsu before he gets killed. Jakotsu walks towards Inuyasha and Inuyasha backs away. His vision is beginning to fade. When Jakotsu gets close enough, Inuyasha sees his chance and tries to slash Jakotsu's neck with the Tetsusaiga to get the shikon shard out, but he misses. Jakotsu hits Inuyasha in the stomach and Inuyasha falls to the ground. Jakotsu picks Inuyasha up by his hair and lifts his sword.

Sango tries to hit the priest with her Hiraikotsu, but it doesn't get past the barrier. She asks Miroku to put some charm on her Hiraikotsu. He does so and Sango throws it again. It gets a little bit inside the barrier, but then the charms disappear and it flies out. *commercials*

Sango and Miroku have to jump to the sides to avoid Hiraikotsu. Hakushin Shounin tells them that their weak holy powers cannot hope to break the barrier. "My apologies, but you'll have to disappear!" Miroku says and unleashes his Kazaana. The priest begins to clow and the barrier crackles around him. The barrier is getting pulled closer and closer to Miroku. The priest begins to growl. Then the priest sacred beads break up and shoot out in all different directions. The barrier begins to disappear inside Miroku's Kazaana.

Inuyasha tells Jakotsu that if he's going to kill him, he should just do it. Inuyasha hears a howling, wind-like noise. "Miroku...Sango..."

Kagome notices that Mount Hakurei is howling. She wonders what's going on.

The barrier surrounding the priest falls. The rest of the priest's temple breaks up and gets sucked in to Miroku's Kazaana. The great priest himself gets lifted into the air. Then he begins to glow and strange turquoise light. Saimyoushou suddenly appear and fly towards Miroku. He is forced to close his Kazaana.

Turquoise light swirls around Mount Hakurei.

Kikyo looks up. She notices that the sacred energy around Mount Hakurei is disappearing. She gets up and sees a glowing orb flee Mount Hakurei.

Jakotsu is about to deliver the final blow. Behind Renkotsu, demons appear. They're coming closer and closer. Jakotsu also sees the demons appear behind Inuyasha. He's surprised since they shouldn't be able to leave with the holy barrier up. He kills some demons with his snake sword but not enough. There are a hundred demons to take the place of one dead one. He sees that the battle is pointless and throws Inuyasha at the demons. The demons take no notice of Inuyasha and keep coming. Jakotsu runs. He dodges behind a wall and the demons leave the mountain. Jakotsu feels the barrier fading. He returns to Inuyasha who is lying face down in the cave. Suddenly, Inuyasha's entire body begins to pulse. Claws appear on his hand. His hair turns white, his ears appear and his eyes go amber. He thanks Miroku and Sango for breaking the barrier. He was going to save them but instead, they saved HIM. He transforms the Tetsusaiga and points it at Jakotsu. Jakotsu hits on Inuyasha some more. Demons appear behind Jakotsu as he's saying that it's gotten a little crazy in there so their fun will have to stop. He attacks and his sword surrounds Inuyasha. If he moves, he dies.

Episode Summary for Episode 119 - A Divine and Malicious Saint. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha struggles to stay alive with Jakotsu after him. When Miroku and Sango destroy the barrier of the great priest's dead body, Inuyasha regains his demon power and does battle with Jakotsu despite a few hordes of demons.
Episode Summary for Episode 119 - A Divine and Malicious Saint. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
in the last ep inu yasha turned human b/c of the barrier.
he managed to excape from renkotsu but now jakotsu has
found him. miroku and sango have gotten past the demons and
kagura and are making their way through the mountain. at
the start of this ep miroku and sango make their way
through the cave and enter a temple in the middle of the
mountain. miroki sense an aura of purifty and wonders if
they have made it to the center of the moutain. as they
continue to make their way through the temple they find a
corpse of the great priest in a sitting position, praying (
in the previous eps the found out hte the corpse of the
holy priest was missing and that it must be working for
naraku to make the barrier) just then eyes appear in the
corpses sockets and it begins to talk. miroku and sango are
horrified and gasp. the corpse demands to know who they
are. sango is still in shock that the corpse is alive.
miroku assumes that it is the corpse of the great priest.
the corpse says he is correct and introduces himself as
hakushin. sango glares at him and says, so naraku breathed
new life into u eh? miroku says angrily, great priest in ur
previous life you were a revered monk who lived to save the
masses, why are u working for naraku now? *flashback on how
shippo, kirara , and inu yasha were effected when they
first got to the mountain.* with holy powers as strong as
yours... if u can sustain a barrier this pure, i find it
difficult to believe that u didnt sense narakus true nature
(hakushin glares at him and says he is aware of this fact
and that he could care less if he is a evil demon or not
and that he is doing this because he wants to) back with
kouga and kagome. kagome is still gazing up at the mountain
waiting for everyones safe return. she is holding kirara in
her arms and kouga is next to her. they both get distract
when shippo is panting and looking very sick as he
collapses to the ground. everyone except kouga gasps and
runs over to him. kirara jumps out of kagomes arms run over
to him and meows in his face. shippo asks kirara in a weak
voice if the barrier is hard on her too. kirara nods and
meows. kaogme thinks about inu yasha when he first went off
into the mountain. she hopes that he will give up and come
back if it too hard for him (kagome u should know inu
better than that *rolls eyes*) hakkaku has his amrs crossed
and is looking very pensive wondering if inu yasha is ok.
ginta ponders that the barrier must be hard on half breeds
also and wonders if he died. hakkaku kagome gasp as his
comment and kouga enraged, get ready to punch him for being
so harsh. (u did that too kouga *rolls eyes) kagome becomes
sad and hopes he is ok. kouga punches hakkaku and ginta
and huge bumps form on the top of their heads. they demands
to know why he did such a thing and was only worrying about
him. kouga glares at them and says, THEN DONT. shippo still
looking sickly, smiles and whispers to kagome that inu
yasha is just fine. kagome smles back and thanks him. back
with human inu yasha and jakotsu. jakotsu slithering sword
attacks inu. inu barely get out of the way as he runs
through an opening in the cavern and hides on the other
side. he quickly peeks to see what happening but turn back
in time b4 jakotsu sword hits his face. inu yasha continues
to run through the cavern and knocks the sword back with
tessaiga in its sheath. the sword twist back for a moment
and goes after inu yasha again. inu barely dodges again,
trips, and slides until he hits a wall. as he slowly gets
up jakotsu begins to laugh as he says (more of my fave
lines ^_^), i will milk this for all its worth, you dont
know long ive dreamed of mangling ur flesh. (inu becomes
defensive and grits his teeth as jakotsu looks at him witha
sick horny gaze) you were adorable with those dog ears, but
ur human form is so adorable too that i just want to huggle
u to death. inu glares at him and responds, u d@mn pervert
the more u talk the creepier u get. jakotsu attack again
and inu right shoulder gets sliced. inu realizes that his
fire rat shirt lost its powers also. (here is jakotsu best
line folks. IMO ^_^) jakotsu slither blade returns to
normal. jakotsu licks inus blood on the blade and says,
hehehe if i keep chipping away at u like this, you will
eventually break no matter how strong u are, at the end u
will fall to ur knees weeping, begging me to embrace u
"master jakotsu please hold me gently" u would say
(ROFLMFAO) inu yasha holds tessaiga (still in its sheath)
infront of him defensively and repsonds, if u dont stop
saying weird sh1t I WILL HAVE TO CUT UR HEAD OFF. inu
begins to attack him. jakotsu smiles and says, OOOOOOO i
luv that fighting spirit, i cant wait to see u crying
infront of me. jakotsu attack and inu knocks it away again
but the sword begins to attack again. inu realizes that if
he doesnt keep moving, he will get sliced into pieces (duh)
jakotsu looks like he is getting so much pleasure from this
and encourages inu yasha to run. its only good if there is
a good chases. inu tries to knock the sword away again but
get sliced in this right leg and kneels down still with
tessaiga infront of him. he becomes very frustrated as
jakotsu licks his lips still looking at inu witha horny
gaze. back with miroku and sango. miroku is digusted that
even though hakushin knew naraku is evil he still is
protecting him. hakushin explains that during his lifetime
he saved people one after the other without hesitation. we
are taken into his memories. there is a sound of a bell
ringing as he makes his way through the down. there are
kids crying and he reaches out to them and hands them some
food. the kid grabs the fod and wolfs it down *hakushin
explains that the year he died was one of the many famine
stricken years, and plague devastated the countryside.* the
other feels as if he was left out and hakushin gives him
food also. *hakushin explains that there were corpses all
around the place* one villager is sitting beside a corpses
mourning it. the villagers call out to him saying they have
found an evil man that attacked the village and that
hakushin cant possibly save him. the man is lying down on
the floor looking as if he had taken serious damage.
hakushin kneels down beside him and tell the villagers he
cant find evil within this man. the man begins to cry and
begs for forgiveness. as the tears fall down his face after
saying his final words he dies. hakushin begins to pray and
hopes he will rest in peace. the villagers surround
hakushin explaining that there is no food left and beg him
to help them. hakushin looks up into the sun, rays of light
shine on his face as he collapses. all the villagers are
horrified. *he explains that while tending to the sick he
became sick as well* hakushin is resting and all the
vllagers filled with sorrow kneel down beside him. one
villager is worried that if the holy one dies who else will
help them. hakushin tells them, do not fear my people, i
shall become a living buddha and protect u for all
eternity. so as [romised he had himself entombed in teh
earth the villagers watched and began to pray for him.
hakushin began to pray as the tomb closed surrounding him
in darkness. back with sango and miroku. sango glares at
him and says, so thats how u became a mummy. hakushin
explains that his only connection to the outside world was
a slender ventalation pip made out of bamboo. going back
into his memories again. while he was inside the tomb he
rang a small bell over and over again. *hakushin explains
that when the bell stopped ringing the villagers would know
he was dead. as he was inside all the villagers was
fervently praying around him asking for him to enter
nirvana peacfully.* inside the tomb hakushin drops the
bells and becomes overwhelmed with sadness and regret. in
the backround children begin to sing this song. the words
in () arent from the song

what is good is evil, what is evil is good
(the darkness surrounding him begins to take effect and he
hunches over and becomes terrfied)

to live is to die, to die is to live
(he places his hand over his face and begins moaning. he
doesnt want to die after deovting his whole life to these

the sacred one lies in the earth, salvation is at his hand

back with miroku and sango hakushin explains that at that
moment he died and his physical remains were enshrined as a
living buddha but his soul was consumed by a great darkness
b4 he could reach enlightenment. a long time passed and
thats when "he" came. just then light fills his tomb. and
naraku appears next to him and places his hand on hakushins
back saying, resent them, its ok to hate them. (hakushin
looks up at naraku suprised by his presence) how pitiful,
they worship u as their savior, so u cant allow urself any
doubt or self pity. but there is not a single person out
there thinking about u. (the light surrounding naraku
begins to shine brighter and tears fall down hakushins
face. they both gaze deeply into each others eyes) dont lie
to urself, u wanted to live. come, follow me come LIVE with
me. back with hakushin the corpse he says, now can u blame
me? can u possibly balme me? miroku repsonds, i dont claim
to be a saint, i dont intend to pass judgement on u. but i
cant leave that barrier be. not while it protects naraku.
hakushin tells miroku he cant break this barrier and his
barrier become visible now and spreads out more. miroku
attacks it but is knocked backwards. sango runs over to his
aid, he tells her he is fine. hakushins eyes glow bright
blue. back with kagome. kagome is still watching the
moutain while everyone else is watching her. kouga says to
hakkaku and ginta, that @sshole, how dare he make kagome
worry like that. just what the hell is he doing? kouga
stnads up and hakkaku and ginta wonder what he plans to do.
kouga explains that "dogsh1t" is taking to long and wants
to see what he is up to. they tell him to stop. kagome
walks over to him and says, please dont kouga, why dont we
wait and believe in inu yasha a little longer. back with
inu ysaha and jakotsu. inu is seriously messed up. there ae
sevreal blood slotches all over him. jakotsu smiles and
attacks as he says, HAHA LETS SEE IF U CAN STILL MOVE. inu
tries to knock back the slithering sword but gets sliced up
again. jakotsu smiles at him and says, htis is boring why
dont u be a good boy and cry for me? inu blocks the sword
and gets knocked back against the wall and begins panting.
jakotsu sees and says, oooo ur panting ... i like that.
(LOL) renkotsu is hiding in the shadows watching them as he
thinks, stupid inu yasha, i thought u would at least take
out a chunk of jakotsu for me. (inu continues to pant and
becomes very frustrated) but u cant even get one good shot
in, looks like jakotsu will just toy with u until u die.
jakotsu says, mmmmmmm looks like we are getting closer to
our special hug. u r drenched in ur blood.. inu yasha
begins to back away as jakotsu slowly approaches him. as he
moves he realizes his vision is fading. jakotsu tells inu,
give it up inu yasha, i will kill u nice an slow since u
are so veeery lovely. inu stops walking, when jakotsu gets
close to him he attacks with tessaiga barely missing
jakotsus neck. jakotsu thinks, that damned brat he was
aiming for my shikon shard. inu yasha shouts at him, I DONT
HAVE TIME OT PLAY WITH U. jakotsu laughs and taunts inu for
threating him with that beat up sword. jakotsu takes the
end of his sword and jabs it into the wound on inus
stomache. inu winces in agony and fall to the ground.
jakotsu steps on his sword and lifts inu up by his hair
saying, in-u-ya-sha dont pass out on me here, i want ot
hear u scream, (jakotsu lifts up his sword and has it
beside inus head. inu is upset that he had a chance back
there but wrecked it) (jakotsu gazes deeply into inus eyes
and smiles) come on, cry for me. its no fun if u dont cry.
back with miroku and sango. sango throws her boomerang at
the barrier but it gets reflected back and she catches it.
sango asks miroku to place his spiritual paper charms all
over her boomerang. sango attacks again and the tips of the
boomerang goes through the barrier this time but the papers
disentigrate. hakushin tease them that AMATUERS cant
possibly defeat him and his barrier. miroku and sango gasp
and dodge her boomerang that got reflected again. miroku
rushes over to hakushin and takes out his wind tunnel. he
continue to use it for a VERY long time b4 the beads in
hakushins hand disperse and the barrier begins to act
strangely. back with inu yasha. inu says in a weak tone, if
u are going to kill me just do it @sshole. jakotsu tell him
to stop being impatient. there is a gust of wind and
narakus demons attack them from both sides. inu hears the
howling of the wind and whispers miroku and sangos name.
kagome still watching the mountain notices that mount
hakurei is starting to howl and the purifying energy is
dispersing. back with miroku he is still using his wind
tunnel and teh barrier get destroyed (*does cheer* go
miroku go ^_^) miroku and sango sango gasp. the temple
begins to collapse and hakushins corpse rises into the air
and several of narakus bees fly out from behind him. miokru
quickly closes his wind tunnel. there is a view of mount
hakurei and the purifying energy conintues to disperse
until it is completely gone. kikyou is resting up against a
tree and notices the change. darkness and mist spread
across the mountain. a huge ball of light soars through the
sky and kikyou wonders what is escaping. back with inu and
jakotsu. jakotsu lifts inu by his head even higher than b4
and says, as u begged i will end you life now, at least
give me a cute death cry now k. jakotsu raises his sword
and renotsu is still lurking in the shadows. just then
several demons with glowing red eyes fly toward him.
renkotsu turns around abruptly and wonders why the demons
are doing this. jakotsu sees the demons the are coming form
behind inu yasha and wonders why they are escaping they
cant do that with the barrier up. jakotsu easily slices up
several demons with his slithering sword. jakotsu gets
frustated and comments on this endless wave of demon. he
throws inu into the swarm. in yell in agony and drops
lifelessly to the ground as the demons fly over him.
jakotsu runs out of the cave and lets the demons fly past
him. when he is outside he feels the barrier fading.
jakotsu is angry and goes back inside the cavern and looks
at inus lifeless body. just then inus body begins to pulse
and he is back to normal again and he slowly gets back up
saying, miroku, sango guess ur ok then. you broke the d@mn
barrier. here is was going to save u but u saved MY ass
instead (lol) inu transforms tessaiga and calls jakotsu a
complete idiot for not killing him when he had the chance.
jakotsu responds, dont balme me i like to drag things out,
besides i was dead, i only got revived by chance (jakotsu
tone becomes horny again) and hey i got to meet a hotty
like u. good deal i figure. inu glares at him and comments
that jakotsu is still talking nonsense all teh way to the
end. the demons show up behind jakotsu again and he is
upset that they have wrecked his fun. he lifts up his sword
and plans to slice off inus ears so he can remember him.
lol. jakotsu attack and inu knocks the slithreing sword
upward. it starts moving again and wraps itself around inu
yasha and blood gushes out of him. jakotsu laughs evily
saying, with one flick of this sword ur dead. (inu glares
at him and begins to growl) goodbye inu yasha, out of all
the men i have killed i luved u the most.
Episode Summary for Episode 119 - A Divine and Malicious Saint. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Last eppisode we see jakotsu attack human inuyasha because of mount hakurei.of couse jakotsu thinks inuyasha is cute still.inuyasha trys to run away but has a hard time and they both ended up in a cave.jakotsu throws is sword and damange inuyasha badly.

We then see kagome worrying about inuyasha.then kouga's 2 ally friends who saying that inuyasha might be dead and it shock kagome.then kouga went and punch the 2 in the head (lol).then kouga said that he is going up the mountains but kagome stop him.

Then we go to Sango and Miroku.They made it to the heart of mount hakurei.they see the mummy priest there.then they tried to breck down the barrior but fail.then miroku had no choice but opens his wind tunnel.trying all his might trying to suck up everything but still no luck.he trys longer and longer and soon brecks the barrior but before he could suck up the mummy priest,something send by naraku came and took him to safety.Then we see mount hakurei barrior woring down.

Ok now we're back to inuyasha.Jakotsu grips him hard in the shirt with his sword on top of his shoulder.inuyasha tells him to just hurry and kill him.jakotsu then says that out of all the mens he kill,he love inuyasha the most (LMFAO).he then holds off his sword and swings it down and inuyasha dies.. :(.NOT.lol.LOTS AND LOTS demons starts to run over jakotsu and inuyasha.jakotsu just left inuyasha behind and ran out of the cave to cover.after the demons were gone,he went back inside.he holds out his sword again and looks over at inuyasha.inuyasha thens slowly turns back to a half demon again.inuyasha told jakotsu he should have kill him when he was human and takes out tetsaiga.inuyasha also said that he was there to save sango and miroku but they were there to save his ass (lol).Then jakotsu and inuyasha starts to fight again.

Episode Summary for Episode 119 - A Divine and Malicious Saint. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
well it goes like this. miroku and sango find the budda person and talk with him. he gives his life story on how he saved ppl and how he got turned into a livin budda and how his sole darkened before he reached nervana. so his sole met naraku and they joined up cuz naraku gave him life. meantime inuyasha is fighting jakosu and is getin his butt wooped. inuyasha is bleeding all over and is about to die. but jakosu keeps up the fight for he wants inuyasha to cry and begg for his life. well back at where sango and miroku are, they try to fight the priest person and they dont do good. his barior is superior to what they dish out. then miroku unraps his kazzana and sucks up the barrier. the priest guy is amazed and makes a run for it by unleashing the poison insects. now back to inuyasha. he is about to get his head choped off by jakosu, but suddenly the barrier around the place falls and the demons inside the mountain make a run for it. jakosu throughs inuyasha at them and fights them for a while then runs around the corner watching them leave. then he goes back to inuyasha just in time to see him transform into a half-deamon again. inuyasha attack, but jakosu raps his snake sword around inuyasha and if jakosu moves the sword, inuyasha will be choped to pieces. renkosu is watching this from a far with no one knowing he is there. that is the end of the episode.