Episode 122 - Powerful Banryu! The Mortal Combat in Mt. Hakurei Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 122 - Powerful Banryu! The Mortal Combat in Mt. Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Down in the precipice, Sango is holding on to a rope. On the end of the rope hangs Miroku. Miroku looks down at the bottom of the hole and sees bodies of dead youkai. He wonders if it's Naraku's doing.
Inuyasha slashes at Bankotuse who, still smiling, just punches Inuyasha away. Inuyasha hits the wall of the cave. One of his eyes is closed. Bankotsu tells him that he was the leader of the Shichinintai for a reason. He punches at Inuyasha but Inuyasha dodges and a new hole is created in the wall of the cave. But Inuyasha doesn't get a way for long. Bankotsu punches Inuyasha two more times. The third time Inuyasha ducks but not the fourth. He falls to the ground. Inuyasha realizes that Bankotsu put a shikon shard in his left arm, too. He gets up painfully but still manages to insult Bankotsu. Bankotsu threatens Inuyasha and then attacks.

Sesshoumaru kills a lot more demons with Toukijin. Jaken goes crazy with his staff. Rin draws his attention to all the demons escaping from the mountain. Jaken tells Sesshoumaru that the demons are on the run. Sesshoumaru looks up at the mountain while sheathing Toukijin. "These aren't just random minions," Sesshoumaru says.

Kikyo keeps shooting demons with her arrows. She wonders if Naraku sent them out on purpose or if he's through with them. She decides to check it out.

Kagome and Kouga have made it to the mountain. Kouga asks Kagome if she's sure that Naraku is inside. She can sense his shards inside. Shippo is reluctant to go inside but they go in anyway. Kagome knows that they have to hurry since the shard's aura is getting more tainted by the minute.

Sango and Miroku have made it to the bottom of the hole. They look around at all the bodies of the demons. Naraku must have been rearranging his body there. Suddenly, thousands of weird white things start coming out from between the demons. I know what they are but I don't want to spoil it but it's difficult to describe them without spoiling it. OH! I KNOW! They look like the pillsbury dough boy minus the hat or thousands of tiny snowmen. There. That's the best I can do. Sango describes them as lumps of flesh. Miroku says that it looks like he was trying to make something. Sango wonders what. Then Miroku wonders where Naraku went.

Bankotsu comes at Inuyasha. Inuyasha slashes but Bankotsu punches his hand down. He smirks, whirls around and punches Inuyasha's cheek, again knocking Inuyasha into the wall. Inuyasha slides down and Bankotsu grabs him by the neck. Then he punches Inuyasha in the stomach. Inuyasha falls to the ground. Bankotsu picks him up by his shirt front. "Don't worry, Inuyasha. It's not my hobby to pick on weaklings. I have no interest in them. Die." He thrusts his hand towards Inuyasha when suddenly, he stops. "You little..." Inuyasha has plunged two claws into Bankotsu's neck. "I'm not like the poor saps you're used to killing..." he says. "I can take a punch or two!" He takes out three shards from Bankotsu's neck. Bankotsu drops him and Inuyasha kicks him backwards. He slams into the wall and stays down. Now Bankotsu only has two shards left. Bankotsu tells him that he can just kill him and take his shards back. Inuyasha reminds him that he can just run away, but there's no way Naraku will let Bankotsu live with the shikon shards. Bankotsu tells him that Naraku wants Inuyasha dead. Inuyasha diverts Bankotsu's direction to all the tunnels leading out of the cave. There are demons in each one. "They're waiting to see who loses and they'll go after whoever's left" "Naraku, you two-faced little..." Bankotsu's angry. Bankotsu remembers when Naraku brought him back to life. "Work for me, and this life shall be yours forever," Naraku had said. Inuyasha tells Bankotsu that Naraku had used them only as a shield while he went undercover. "Your point?" Bankotsu tells him the the daimyou had used them to do their dirty work all the time. But when they got too strong, the chopped off their heads. He never trusted Naraku to begin with but he's alive now and that's all that matters. Bankotsu stands up. "I will kill anyone who gets in my way, even Naraku!" "You dead people should just stay dead" Inuyasha says. But Bankotsu has a different take on the whole thing. Inuyasha was revived too when his seal was broken. "It's not the same." "Oh yeah? It's called a 'desire to live' Inuyasha. A lot of people have it." The priest that escaped death, Kikyo, and Inuyasha was reanimated as well. They all clung to life even though they should have died. "Don't tell me I have any less of a right to live!" Inuyasha reminds him that he's been going around killing people. Bankotsu confirms that but adds that he's killed plenty of demons too.

Then Bankotsu rushes to the side and grabs his Banryuu. Inuyasha forgot that there was a shikon shard in Banryuu. He goes and pulls his Tetsusaiga out of the cave wall. He runs at Bankotsu but Bankotsu runs right past Inuyasha without even looking at him. Inuyasha is shocked. Bankotsu kills a demon. "991!" He kills another one. "992! 993!" Inuyasha asks him what he's doing. "Bring it on!" Bankotsu yells at the oncoming demons. "994! 995! 996!" Inuyasha swings the Tetsusaiga and kills a lot of demons with one swing. "997! 998! 999!" He comes upon a particularly nasty-looking demon. "1000!" He slices the demon in half. Banryuu begins to pulse. Then it glows and eerie red light. He jumps up and twirls the Banryuu over his head. He then sends an attack at Inuyasha but Inuyasha blocks it with the Tetsusaiga. While the attack didn't kill Inuyasha, it killed all the demons in the cave. He tells Bankotsu that if he wants to get out of there, he won't stop him. Bankotsu refuses. He wants to kill Inuyasha for revenge over his men. Bankotsu says that he originally wanted to end things by cutting off Inuyasha's head but since he's a half demon he'll have to go a different route. He brings Banryuu down on Inuyasha who blocks it with the Tetsusaiga. Then he takes Tetsusaiga back as he himself moves back. He recognizes Banryuu's aura to be the same aura as Sesshoumaru's Toukijin. As Bankotsu attacks him, he talks to Inuyasha. Back when he first met Naraku, he told him all about the shikon no tama. It grants powers to demon.s But since Bankotsu was a human with no demonic powers, and since he wasn't one for the priesthood it wouldn't do him any good. He slams Inuyasha into the wall of the cave (how many times has this happened now?) Bankotsu didn't think there was any way to become stronger without making yourself stronger, but he was wrong. You can give your weapons power. So he asked his Banryuu to help him and he beheaded 1000 humans as a sacrifice to it. "Kaze no Kizu!" Inuyasha yells. "And now I've killed a thousand demons!!" Bankotsu yells as he brings Banryuu back and then swings it, countering the Kaze no Kizu attack. And Banryuu still has shikon shards. 1000 men and 1000 demons. The blade absorbed all their hatred and bloodlust. He attacks. Inuyasha tells Bankotsu that he may have been ressurrected but he's still human so he should ditch that evil sword as soon as possible. The reply? "Bull!" He slashes, slamming Inuyasha into the wall. "Is it that demons don't get it?" Bankotsu asks. "Maybe you can understand HALF breed" At this point Bankotsu is raged. His faced is contorted with anger. He slashes at Inuyasha, hitting the Tetsusaiga. "Only the strongest survive!" He knocks Inuyasha back, this time destroying part of the wall. He points Banryuu at Inuyasha and then lifts it above his head and begins to spin it. A red ball begins to appear above Banryuu. It gets bigger and bigger. Inuyasha is shocked to see that it's a ball of demonic energy. Bankotsu sends the giant ball of demonic energy at Inuyasha. Bankotsu doesn't have demonic energy but Banryuu does so he can hit it with the Bakuryuuha! He sends the Bakuryuuha at the ball and it sends it back at Bankotsu. Bankotsu looks horrified as the ball comes at him. He tries to block it with his Banryuu but it breaks. He yells out in fear (and probably pain) as the ball hits him. *commercials*

As the smoke clears we see the handle of Banryuu broken in the ground and a skeletal hand next to it. Inuyasha breathes heavily as he looks at Bankotsu in the rubble. "How...?" Bankotsu asks weakly. Inuyasha steps forward and Bankotsu shifts his gaze to look at him, unable to really move his head. "You were too greedy, Bankotsu" He tells him that he had plenty of power with his bare hands. Bankotsu turns his gaze away and laughs weakly. Then his head falls to the side. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake. The rubble shifts, sucking Bankotsu's body up. Inuyasha begins to sink into the ground.

Miroku and Sango are surrounded by the thousands of snowball-like lumps of flesh. The mountain begins to move under them. They run.

As Kouga and Kagome run, the ground under their feet beats. With every beat it glows green.

Kikyo notices that Naraku's demonic powers are growing rapidly.

Sesshoumaru tells Rin to take Ah-Un and get off the mountain. "What about you, Sesshoumaru-sama?" "Naraku has revealed himself" Sesshoumaru says. Jaken asks Sesshoumaru if he might voice a concern. "What?" Jaken tells Sesshoumaru that Naraku has hidden himself to regain his strength and build himself up. "And...?" Sesshoumaru asks as he glares down at Jaken. Jaken bows down in front of Sesshoumaru, begging for forgiveness. Sesshoumaru walks towards the mountain. "Sesshoumaru-sama!" Rin calls after him desperately. Sesshoumaru turns around to look at her. "Please take care," she says. He pauses a second and then continues towards the mountain.

Inuyasha is trying to jump around as the ground continues to suck him up. It's like the whole cave is made of flesh. Tentacle-like things lift up out of the floor and wrap themselves around Inuyasha. Bankotsu's body completely disappears. Inuyasha can't move as the tentacles take him somewhere.

Kouga stops running. He tells Kagome that they should hurry when suddenly, something pulls him down. The ground is sucking him up like Inuyasha. Kagome runs over to him and holds her hand out for him to take it. She grabs his hand and tries to pull him out. Kouga asks Kagome to let him go. He gets completely sucked up by the...floor. Kagome realizes that the whole tunnel is made of the stuff that sucked Kouga up. It's like they're inside something living. Shippo asks Kagome if they're going to get eaten up too but Kagome thinks that if it wanted to it would have already done so. Kagome runs down the tunnel, determined to find Kouga. Kirara follows with Shippo on her back. Kagome can sense the shikon shards in Kouga's legs. They're headed straight towards Naraku's tainted shards.

Inuyasha still can't get free as the tentacles pull them somewhere.

Kagome keeps running. They make it out of the tunnel but can't seem to be able to go any further. Shippo draws Kagome's attention to a giant ... glob ... of the snowball things. Shippo wonders if they're youkai. Suddenly, Miroku's voice is heard. He recognized the voices of Kagome and Shippo. Hiraikotsu cuts the glob of snowballs and Kagome sees Miroku and Sango. Kagome asks them where Inuyasha is but they haven't seen him - they thought he was with her. Kagome tells them that he came looking for them a while ago. Kagome gets worried. Then, the flesh of the cave pulses. Everything begins to shake. The snowball things fall but Kirara catches Miroku and Sango before they fall too. Kagome and Shippo fall but Shippo transforms into the pink ball thing and catches Kagome. Tentacles come from below them. They fly past them but Kagome sees Inuyasha wrapped up in them. She calls out to him but he doesn't hear her. He looks unconscious. "INUYASHA!!!!"

Episode Summary for Episode 122 - Powerful Banryu! The Mortal Combat in Mt. Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
back with miroku and sango. sango is holding onto a rope
trying to pull miroku up from falling into the pit. sango
asks if he is ok. as he swings slightly on the rope below
he says he is good for the most part. miroku looks down to
see remains of demons. he then tells sango that they should
go down and take a look as he wonders if this is naraku
doing. back with bankotsu and inu yasha. bankotsu punches
inu in teh face which sends him lfyign backward until he
hits the wall. bankotsu brag that he didnt become the
leader fot eh shichinintai for fun and attacks again. inu
dodges just in time. but bankotsu punches him in the face
several times (very graphic images of inu getting beaten to
a pulp) inu dodges bankotsu next blow but bankotsu hits him
witha very forceful punch smushing inus face and inu goes
sliding backward. bankotsu calls him pathetic. when teh
smoke clears there are several scars on inus face as he
says, you have shikon shards in ur left arm too (inu get
back up) teh way u r using teh shikon shards is
surprisingly straitghforward, in comparison with ur twisted
personailty. bankotsu taunts him saying, did u delibrately
get knocked down so u could find that out? (bankotsu puts
both fists up) you taking my shikon shards or me ripping ur
head off (bankotsu charges at inu) I WONDER WHICH WILL
HAPPEN FIRST. cool trasition b/t bankotsu attacks and
sesshoumaru slaughtering moer demons. sesshoumaru continues
to kill the demons while jaken is swinging his staff around
using its fire attack saying, TAKE THAT TAKE THAT TAKE
THAT. rin alerts jaken to look at the sky. jaken sees that
the demons flying in teh sky are running away and alerts
sesshoumaru. sesshoumaru puts his sword away and jaken is
surprised he isnt going to pursue them. sesshoumaru
explains he wont waste his time with insignificant demons.
sesshoumaru looks at teh mountain and all teh demons are
pouring out of it frome very direction. back with kikyou.
she continues to kill demons hovering around her with her
arrows. she wonders if naraku freed them on purpose or if
he had no more use for them. she decides to go check it
out. back with kouga and kagome. kouga has come to a
crevous in the mountain and tell kagome that they can enter
through here. kogua asks is naraku could be here. kagome
riding on kirara comes into the picture and says naraku is
there becuase she can feel the presence of shikon shards.
shippo is reluctant to go inside and asks if this is really
neccessary. kagome explains that they must go. shippo
suddenly remember hakkaku and ginta and asks if they should
wait for them. kouga tell shippo to forget about them,
kagome agrees, and they rush inside. shippo begins whining
THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. sweat forms on kagome face she looks
very impatient as she thinks that they must hurry becuase
the shards a rapidly becoming polluted. back with miroku
and sango, they are at the bottom of the pit where all the
demon remains are. miroku say his assumtion was right that
this is where naraku was reconstructing his body using
these demon parts. just then both of them gasp. a tiny
little white creature comes out from the demo remains (they
look like cute little marshmellow creatures ^_^) sango and
miroku are shocked and wonder what these things could
possibly be. just then more of the little white creature
begin to appear. more more and keep appearign until the
floor looking like its moving and completely white. sango
assumes that they arent demons but small lumps of flesh.
miroku agrees with her and says it looks like they
creatures are trying to give birth to something. sango
asks, give birth to? what does that mean. miroku explains
that he doesnt know. he then gasps and look upward
wondering where naraku couldve gone off to. back with inu
yasha and bankotsu. bankotsu charges after him. inu blocks
teh punch using one hand but then bankotsu continues his
attack smushing inus hand. bankotsu spins and punches inu
in the face with another forceful punch. inu goes flying
backwards and gags when he hits the wall. bankotsu taunts
inu yasha again saying it should be easier for him to take
the shards especially with hand he is punching him wiht. as
inu slides to the ground bankotsu grabs his neck and
punches inu in the stomache which cause inu to gag again (
not my inu *cries* ) and collapse to teh ground. bankotsu
says, sheesh ur depressing me *he walks over to inu adn
kneels beside him* i thought u would be stronger than this.
(bankotsu looking very confident grabs inu by his neck adn
lifts him up) dont worry inu yasha i have no interest in
weaklings. die. bankotsu uses his hand with the shards in
it to attack and there is a burst of blood. bankotsu begins
to sweat and looks in pain. it turns out inu attacked first
adn stuck 2 of his fingers into bankotsu neck. inu says in
a weak voice, i am different from thsoe who u have killing
b4, i can take a punch. inu takes hi fingers out of
bankotsus neck pulling out 3 shards and catches them.
bankotsu and inu fall, inu lands on his side and kicks
bankotsu. bankotsu goes sliding back til he hits the wall.
inu stansd up and pockets teh 3 shards saying, i have taken
5 shards from u now all i have to do is take the ones from
ur left arm and its over. as teh smoke clears bankotsu gets
back up and grumbles with rage in his tone, SHUT IT I WONT
inu yasha and bankotsu in the reflection of bankotsu
haleboard) inu responds, ITS USELESS, if by soem chance u
struggled out of here, there is no wat naraku would let u
live and keep teh shards. bankotsu says with rage, the one
naraku wants to kill you, ISNT IT? inu turns and tell
bankotsu to look. there are several demons with glowing red
eyes at all sides of the cave. inu explains that these
demons arent keeping guard but they will go after teh
survivor. bankotsu is still mad and calls naraku a b@stard.
inu turns to bankotsu and says, i dont know what kind of
promise u made with him.... *flashback of naraku awakening
bankotsu explaining he has given him another chance with
life. he tell bankotsu to work for him and if he does he
will give him life for all eternity. naraku holds out 7
shards and drops them to the ground telling him to go with
his companions. bankouts picks them up and realizes taht
naraku suddenly disappeared. naraku voice still echoes
telling him to kill his enemies.* seems like naraku was
using u shichinintai as a makeshift shield. bankotsu smiles
confidently and says, what is wrong with that? (image of
inu and bankotsu in the reflection of bankotsus halboard)
we shichinintai originally were soldiers for hire used by
terrible daimyou, in teh end we became to strong and
dangerous. *flashbakc of a large army sent out to kill the
shichinintai* so they chased after us. i never trsuted
naraku. even so, now that i have been resurrected, i am my
own person, anybody who get in my way INCLUDING NARAKU WILL
BE KILLED. (inu says, sheesh naraku awakend one hell of a
guy) SHUT IT. if thats teh case then why did u awaken from
ur seal? (inu becomes angry and says its none of his
business) you're greedy for life. inu yasha you guys are
also the same. that dea priestess, you who awakened it was
ur desire to live that made u survive. we are not the only
ones who are villians here. inu becomes enraged and
ARENT U. bankotsu says proudly that they have murdered
servel people and demons to. just then bankotsu suddenly
leaps reaching for his banryuu(haleboard). inu realzies
there are shards in his banryuu also and rushes to get his
sword. inu get his sword adn rushes after bankotsu but
bankotsu just runs right past him. bankotsu goes after the
demons slicing there heads off counting up from 991 til he
gets to 1000. inu demands to know what he is doing and
decides to kill some of the demons on his side. on teh
1000th demon bankotsu jumps into teh air attacks from the
middle of the centipede like demons head slicing it
vertically in 2. just then his banryuu pulses and a red
orange glow surrounds it. bankotsu smiles evily and spins
his banryuu over his head saying, I DONT NEED ANYMORE. inu
looks at him in shock just when bankotsu sends a extremely
powerful red blast of energy towards him. inu blocks the
blast with his sword and teh demons behind him get
destroyed. inu says if u want to withdraw i will let u go.
bankotsu he will only after he kills him and avenges his
brothers. inu says that the only thing that changed was his
(bankotsus) blade slightly. bankotsu smiles confidently and
says he wanted to slice inus head off to complete banryuus
transition though being a half demon u wouldnt be enough.
inu becomes enraged and demands to know what THAT means.
bankotsu forget about explaining and attacks inu. inu holds
up his swor dtoo block it but when teh swords meet there
is a huge explosion of energy and red electrcity swirls
around them. inu begins to growl, pushes bankotsu banryuu
back and attacks. bankotsu dodges and quickly attacks inu
but he dodges. inu begins to wonder what if up with the
force of bankotsus attacks and its almost like dealing with
sesshoumarus toukijin. as bankotsu charges at inu he says
attacking but inu dodges by jumping into the air) HE TOLD
(image of bankotsu attacking again sending a wave of red
energy toward inu but inu dodges by jumping backward)
EITHER (bankotsu charges towards inu, inu yasha gets caught
in the wave of red energy and flies backward til he hits
the wall of the cavern and slides to the ground) i used to
think that in order to become strong there was no other way
than becoming stronger urself. i only had one way to do
that, (image of inu using his sword to get back up in teh
reflection of bankotsu banryuu) put power into an object.
so i made a wish on this banryuu an, to this point, and
have to cut off the heads of 100 warlords (inu sends a
wound of wind blast towards bankotsu) NAD NOW I HAVE KILLED
1000 DEMONS. (bankotsu sends his red wave attack when it
collides with wound of wind they both disperse and the red
glow around bankotsus banryuu appears surrounding it again
and its disappears. inu si shocked) in addition to my wish
my banryuu has shikon shards. (image of inu ready to attack
with his sword in the reflection of bankotsu banryuu) 1000
people 1000 demons, a demon sword with the power of 2000
lives. your sword maybe a demon sword, (bankotsu looking
very confident again) but do u think u can prevail over my
banryuu? bankotsu quickly attacks and inu dodges. inu
taunts bankotsu saying, even if you were still revived by
sharsd u are still human, the sword is covered in demon
energy u should throw it away for ur own good. bankotsu
tell inu not to say such stupid things and sends another
powerful red energy attack toward inu which the force is so
strong it pushes inu back until he hit the wall. bankotsu
SAYING U UNDERSTAND, HALF DEMON? (again their sword collide
and a large amount of energy erleases from the collision)
NOTHING UNLESS U ARE STRONG?!!(the energy from the last
attack is still shinging and the light embraces bankostus
face just as he sends inu yasha flying back again but inu
catches himself.) ITS OVER .bankotsu points his weapon at
inu yasha and then begins to spin it at the top of his palm
as he does a small ball of red orange energy appears and
begins to grow. inu suddnely realizes that bankotsu has
just created demopn energy. bankotsu then releases teh
energy towards inu. inu begin to think that bankotsu
himself doenst have any demon energy but his sword does and
that means he can use bakuryuuha (an attack taht sends
demon energy back at its opponent with the power of wound
of wind. makes severla tornadoes. cool stuff
^_^)(YAAAAAAAAAY) inu unleashes bakuryuuha which sends
bankotsu energy ball back at him with a HUGE tonadoe.
bankotsu is in total shock and lifts up his banryuu to
block teh attack but teh several tornadoe berak his weapon
and bankotus lets out a loud long scream. just when the
attack hits him the red orange glow shines on his face
tehere is a huge explosion. when teh smoke clears bankotsu
left hand has turned back into bones. inu is panting for
some reason *rolls eyes* bankotsu is in teh rubbles saying
in a weak tone, why? why? why? inu walks over to him and
tell him taht he was to greedy for his own good and that
his bare hands were strong enough. bankotsu chuckles weakly
turns his head and lies motionless. just then teh cave
begins shaking. the floor becomes like quicksand and inu
and bankotsu begin to get sucked in. back with miroku and
sango teh continue to watch teh creatures as tehy all begin
to pulse together. just then the ground begins to shake and
teh run for their lives. back with kouga and kagome. the
ground continues to shake and glows a bright green tehn
turns back to normal. kagome wonders what is going on,
kouga tells her that if tehy keep going they will find out.
the whole cave begins to glow bring green tehn back to
normal. kikyou watchign form outside feel that teh amount
of evil energy is increasing. back with sesshoumaru he
looks up at the mountain and alerts rin attention and order
her to leave the mountain with aun (the 2 headed demon) but
rin si worried about him. sess explains that he is going
since naraku is in there. jaken walks over to sess and get
his attention. ses turns his gaze away from the mountain to
jaken. jaken looking concerned says, up until now naraku
has hidden himself for sake of fortifying his strength, he
should now be many times stronger than b4. sess glares at
him adn goes, what about it? jaken throws hi staff into the
air and gets on his knees saying, oh oh nothing nothing i
just became weak fora second. sesshoumaru continues to walk
on until rin calls out to him and wishes him good luck.
sess continues through thr mountain. back with inu yasha
and bankotsu the cave floors have turned green and mushy
inu keeps jumping so he wont get sucked in and wonder what
in teh world happened to the ground. he realizes that this
is not only happenening to teh ground btu teh hole cave and
it just look like walls of flesh. just then then in teh
mushy ground parts of it begin to go upward like vines and
take hold of inus body. bankotsu gets sucked in while the
flesh like tentacles carry inu yasha upward. back with
kouga and kagome. kouga stop running and looks around and
wonder why it has gotten noisier all of a sudden. just as
kouga is about to rush off again teh floor suddenly suck
him in. kouga tries to get free and kagome rushes to his
aide and reaches out her hand and grabs his arm. she begins
trying to pull him back. kouga smiles and tells her to let
go since he doesnt want to risk pulling her in. kagome yell
out his name. kouga tell her to forget about but b4 he can
finish his message he gets completely sucked in. kagome
reaches for his hand a second late b4 he gets completely
suck in. kagome feels teh ground and its soft adn squishy.
suddenly teh walls glow bright green again. shipop feels
uncomfortable and says it feel like they are in teh
stomache of a living being. sudden the walls begin beating
like a heart and shippo asks if they have be eaten. kagome
says she is unsure but if they were going to be eaten it
wouldve happened awhlile ago.kagome begins runnign saying
they MUST go find kouga. shippo tells her that they dont
know where he was buried. kagome explains she can feel his
shikon shards moving toward the presence of narakus
polluted jewel. inu yasha is still struggling to get free
from the fleshes grasp. kagome and shippo reach teh end of
teh tunnel. shippo notices something and alerts kagome to
look up. they see those little lumps of flesh on teh
ceiling and wonder if they are demon. just then from above
the ceiling miroku voice echoes saying, are those the voice
of kagome and shippo? sango makes a hole through the little
lumps of flesh and they are all excited to see each other.
kagome asks about inu. miroku and sango look at each other
confused and ask her the same thing. kagome explains that
inu came into the mountain to search for them. miroku and
sango explain that they havent met up with him at all.
kagome beomce concerned but then the cave begins to quake
again and thelumps of flesh collapse which send miroku and
sango falling. shippo order kirara to go after them and she
sets off and catches them. then the place where kagome and
shippo wwas standing straightens out leaving them no place
to stand. miroku wonders what happened to them. shippo has
kagome ontop of him in his balloon form. shippo looks like
he is struggling to hold her and is sweating alot. sango
lookd downward into the darkness and senses something
coming fomr there. its the tentacles of flesh carrying inu
yasha. kagome calls out his name several times getting
loudr and louder each time bu t there is no response.
kagome become very concerned and wonders what happened to
Episode Summary for Episode 122 - Powerful Banryu! The Mortal Combat in Mt. Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha defeats Bankotsu using the Bakuryuha when Bankotsu tries using demonic energy on Inuyasha. However, Mount Harukei starts to shift into the form of a stomach as Miroku learns that Naraku is using the mountain to create a new body for himself as the entire Inuyasha gang is right in the middle of its final phases.
Episode Summary for Episode 122 - Powerful Banryu! The Mortal Combat in Mt. Hakurei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and Bankotsu are in an all out combat inside Mt. Hakurei. Inuyasha is really taking a beating, but manages to tell Bankotsu "did he really think that Naraku would let him (Bankotsu) escape alive?". Inuyasha points to 3 different cave openings, showing Bankotsu that, even if he does defeat IY, Naraku has many demons waiting to kill Bankotsu when their combat ended. Bankotsu turns on the demons and starts killing them and counting down how many of them he has destroyed. When he has killed 1000 demons, his Banryuu becomes even more powerful. While Inu and Bankotsu are battling again, scenes shift to Kagome and Koga running through the mountain still looking for the jewel shards. Miroku and Sango had fallen down into the opening where they saw Naraku, and now are only dead demon parts. The demon parts start changing to what looks like white fish eggs, and the entire mountain starts changing around all of them. Koga is sucked into the floor of the mountain, pushing Kagome back when she tries to save him. He was afraid that she would be dragged in behind him. As she is looking for him, she runs into Miroku and Sango, who cut through an opening in the "fish egg" stuff. Inu and Bankotsu are still fighting, but just when things looked really bad for Inuyasha, he managed to destroy Bankotsu with Bakuryuuha. The mountain continues to change around Inuyasha, and he is also captured by tentacles (from Naraku) that come up from below the mountain and drag him down inside of Hakurei. It seems that Hakurei wants to absorb Inu, Koga and the remains of Bankotsu. This episode ends with Inu shown held in the tentacles unconscious, and Kagome (screaming for Inuyasha to wake up), Miroku and Sango watching helplessly.