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Episode Summary for Episode 123 - Regenerate Naraku Beyond Darkness. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome calls out to Inuyasha and finally his ears prick up and he opens his eyes. Kagome is very glad to see him alive but he chews her out for coming to Mount Hakurei. He told her to wait outside the barrier. Kagome climbs over to him and tries to free him from the...tentacle-things. But it's no use. She came because she was worried about him. Inuyasha begins his customary "wimpy wolf" spiel - only to see that Kouga is nowhere to be seen. Shippo tells Inuyasha that Kouga got sucked into the wall of flesh. Inuyasha is shocked. Both Kagome and Inuyasha now try to free him from the tentacles (which are no longer moving, by the way) but it's no use. They don't move. Suddenly, Inuyasha seems to sense something. He yells at Kagome to leave. She looks up as evil laughter sounds through the cavern - mountain - whatever you want to call it. Naraku! The laughter gets louder. Miroku is shocked. If Naraku is the one releasing such an evil aura...Kagome and Shippo try even harder to free Inuyasha. The tentacles only tighten. Naraku continues to laugh and then tells Inuyasha that he doubts that Inuyasha will be able to move. They look up again and Naraku's face appears from the darkness. Just his face. Inuyasha begins to growl. He congratulates them on surviving this far but...It's all over now. They are all imprisoned within him. This is the end. Inuyasha yells back at Naraku that it's not over. It'll be over when he rips Naraku's throat out. Kagome takes out her bow and arrows. She aims and lets the arrow fly. Sango throws her Hiraikotsu. Naraku just smiles. Kagome's arrow flies past him and Hiraikotsu cuts through several tentacles, releasing a sort of yellow liquid. It sprays everywhere. When it touches the gang they find out it's acid. One of the tentacles hits Kirara, Miroku, and Sango, and pins them to a wall of the inside of the mountain. Another one wraps around the transformed Shippo. He isn't able to maintain the transformation and returns to regular Shippo. The tentacle wraps around both him and Kagome. Inuyasha calls out but is unable to do anything. Naraku tells them that all of Mount Hakurei has become his body. They are all inside of him. Shippo asks Kagome if Naraku's going to eat them like he did Kouga. Naraku laughs at this. "I have no intention of eating garbage" They would only weaken him he says as one of the tentacles lifts up Bankotsu's body. The pieces of Banryuu are there too. Naraku says that Bankotsu should have taken the seven shikon shards and run, not have tried to avenge his men. But he chose to remain. Inuyasha growls. The tentacles wrap around Bankotsu's hand as another one comes in and takes out the shikon shards. Immediately, Bankotsu turns to bone. The bones scatter and fall to the bottom of the mountain leaving only the empty shell of Bankotsu's clothes and armor. Then, even that falls. Inuyasha is now severely pissed. He says that Bankotsu may have been a low-life but he still had more honor than Naraku ever will. *Bankotsu's last fight with Inuyasha is recapped at this point* Naraku reminds Inuyasha that he was the one that killed Bankotsu. The tentacles remove the shikon shards from Banryuu and then come around and take them from Inuyasha. Naraku is now surrounded by nine shards. They come together to form a clump.
Kikyo's sacred arrows keep destroying demons. She can feel the shikon shards fuse together.

Sesshoumaru is walking along the mountain. He looks up and recognizes the demonic aura as Naraku's. Jaken comes up behind him and asks him if he had said anything. No answer as Sesshoumaru walks away. You've shown yourself then, Naraku Jaken looks up at the mountain, clearly not looking forward to whatever will come. He notices that besides Sesshoumaru's this is the most powerful demonic presence he's ever been around. He could very well die. "Sesshoumaru-sama!" Sesshoumaru stops walking and turns around to look at Jaken. Silence. Jaken's eyes get huge and tears stream down his face. "Please take care--" he says, just like Rin. We have a nice view of the mountain as we hear the sound of a pounding. Jaken is sporting a huge lump as Sesshoumaru walks away. "Come," he says. "Yessir."

Kanna looks up. "It has begun" she says in that creepy voice of hers. Kohaku looks at her. "It has?" "But it shall soon be over" she says as she walks away. Kohaku asks her if they shouldn't wait but Kanna tells him that Kagura has already left. Kohaku nods. He remembers Sango's face. "Farewell." Then he follows Kanna.

Sango notices that the shikon shards are coming together. There's a blinding flash of light (as ominous music plays in the background) We see Naraku's body come into shape, part by part. But now, he has some additions. There are spikes on his shoulders and forearms, tentacles coming out of his back, and a giant red eye in the middle of his chest. Naraku has a new body. Inside of his pink ball (don't ask) Naraku floats down to Inuyasha. He laughs at the irony of the situation. Inuyasha has been chasing him for so long, and now that he's finally caught up, he can't do a thing. Inuyasha tells him that Naraku had to hide behind a barrier and become a giant monster before he got the guts to face him. That's not it. Naraku has... Miroku yells to Inuyasha that Naraku's demonic aura is so strong now that his former self was nothing compared to it. "All that means is that his twisted personality got even worse!" Inuyasha yells out as Naraku smirks. Inuyasha breaks free of the tentacles despite the acid. He tries to use his claws on Naraku but can't break through his barrier with them. Naraku laughs at Inuyasha's attempts to oppose him without even a sword. Inuyasha takes out Tetsusaiga's sheath. "Come, Tetsusaiga!" Tetsusaiga flies out of the mountain and into Inuyasha's waiting hand. Inuyasha uses the Kaze no Kizu. Naraku smirks. "Baka" (For those of you not familiar with the word "baka" it means "fool" or "idiot" something along those lines. I think you get the picture. Anyway, because "baka" sounds better - I'm just going to be using that) Her raises his hand and we see a red eye like the one on his chest on the back of his hand (eeeeeeew) A spike grows outwardly from his wrist reaching outside the barrier. He moves his hand to the side and the kaze no kizu attack flies to the sides. But instead of just flying to the side and destroying the wall or something, it bounces from the walls, not dispersing. It nearly kills Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo. Inuyasha catches Kagome as she falls while Sango lifts the Hiraikotsu in order to protect Miroku, Kirara, and herself. Naraku laughs in his pink bubble. He tells them that the kaze no kizu will keep circulating until they are all killed. "Inuyasha, you are about to see your own attack take your own comrades' lives" *commercials*

Kikyo stands outside the mountain. She feels a funnel of demonic energy inside the mountain. She looks to the side and sees something escaping Mount Hakurei. It's Kagura, and she's carrying something. It's something wrapped in a white fur. Kikyo reaches for an arrow. She aims at Kagura and lets the arrow fly. Kagura narrowly avoids the arrow. She opens her fan to attack when the thing wrapped in white tells her to hold it. Kikyo is not hers to deal with. This thing can talk? Kagura decides to leave Kikyo alone. She disappears, leaving Kikyo standing there. Naraku...was that the thing you were trying to save?

Naraku senses Kikyo. The kaze no kizu is still circulating. Kagome knows that they have to do something about the kaze no kizu. Naraku thinks about how Inuyasha and his friends will die there and he's obtained a new body. There is only one thing left He has a vision of Kikyo. Kagome has a face that says that she's thought of something. She sees shikon shards at the bottom of Naraku's pink bubble. She tells Inuyasha to go after Naraku. "Hunt Naraku down!" She's coming with him. She might be able to dispel Naraku's evil energy that's creating the winds fueling the kaze no kizu. Besides, she can see two shikon shards at Naraku's feet. Kouga. Since Kouga's a full demon, Naraku might be planning to add him to his body. They have to save him. (Heroic determined music plays) Kagome gets on Inuyasha's back with the fire rat cloth on her. They head towards Naraku, Kagome with her bow in hand. Naraku notices. He thinks Inuyasha's lost his mind to be jumping around in the middle of the kaze no kizu. Then he sees Kagome aim her bow and looks surprised. She lets the arrow fly. It cuts through the kaze no kizu and directly into Naraku's pink bubble of safety. From the bottom of the pink bubble comes a gray bubble. Inside is Kouga. Naraku laughs. "You're still worrying about your little friends? I am simply dumbfounded by the extent of your stupidity." The kaze no kizu is no longer circling and attacking. In fact, it's gone. "If your companions are really that important to you..." he moves his hand as if to signal the start of something. The walls begin to shake and crumble. Kouga's gray bubble falls. Inuyasha tries to go after it as shouki escapes from the walls. "I shall take pity on you. I will let you all rot together in the same grave." Naraku smirks. Kouga's bubble drops further. Inuyasha is still going after it. Naraku and his bubble rise. He looks up, smiling.

Kikyo stands outside the mountain, hair blowing back in the wind. A very determined look on her face. Evil laughter is heard. "Kikyo. I will be with you soon."

Episode Summary for Episode 123 - Regenerate Naraku Beyond Darkness. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
kagome continues to scream inu yashas name as he is rises
up being squeezed by narakus intestines. but he doesnt
respond. kagome tries again and his ears twitch and he
finally opens his eyes, turns to her and says her name
softly. kagome rises up to him on shippo in his balloon
form. she smiles widely and is great he is ok. inu yasha
calls her an idiot and demands to know why she is here and
reminds her that he told her to wait outside. kagome crawls
over to him and tries to pull apart the intestine with no
luck as she explains she was worried about him. inu looks
at her a bit surprised and turn away with a smile telling
her not to worry so much. inu turns back saying, hey wimpy
wolf, i knew it you... (inu gasps and turns to face kagome
again) what happened to that wimpy wold b@stard? shippo
explains that kouga was swallowed by these walls of flesh.
inu is shocked and worries about kouga (worried? wtf? maybe
the stench of naraku insides messed with his head LOL)
kagome plant her face infront of his and demands that he
save kouga. inu agree and tries to escape the intestines
grip on him while kagome tries to pull it apart again. inu
becomes very frustrated then he suddenly stops, gasps and
and tells kagome to get back. they both look upward and
narakus mencaing laugh fills the area. sango and miroku are
riding on kirara. miroku senses the evil energy around him
and cant believe this incredible evil energy is narakus.
inu is still struggling to get free. naraku titghens his
grip around inu yasha and laughs menacingly again and says,
you are unable to move, inu yasha *narakus face suddenly
appears out of the darkness* (kagome miroku and sango gasp
when they see him and inu glares at him gritting his teeth
and starts growling) you have done well to make it this
far. or so i'd like to say but u are already to late.
*closeup of narakus wicked smile* u are already entwined in
my intestines its all over 4 u. inu responds, over u say?
RIP OUT UR THROAT (sure u will its been 103 eps buddy and u
still havent kicked his ass) kagome suddenly stands up and
quickly readies her arrow and shoots while sango launches
her boomerang. naraku smiles confidently. kagomes arrow
chips off a bit of his intestines as sangos boomerang
slices several of them. as they get destroyed acid begins
to flow out of them. miroku tells sango to be careful as
the acid begins to burn them both. the acid begins to
shippo kagome and inu yasha. one of narakus intestine whack
miroku sango and kirara and presses them against a way.
shippo screams as he tries to escape but naraku intestine
wraps around him breaking his balloon transformation. it
catches shippo and kagome squeezes them. inu becomes very
concerned for the both of them and tries extra hard to
escape. naraku looking confident says, do u still not
understand? (image of a part of naraku beatign, like a
heart beat) the whole of hakureizan is now part of my body
(sheesh the whole freakin mountain O_o) in other words, you
are inside my body. everyone is in shock. shippo is very
concerned and asks kagome if tehy will be eaten like kouga
was. naraku smiles wickedly again and says, think not so
highly of yourseves, there is not value in eating any of u,
there is none in a feeble little demon (shippo makes a
hilarious angry expression) none in a half demon like inu
yasha (inu begins growling again) much less than none in
humans, doing so would only weaken my powers (bankotsu
rises upward also being squeezed by narakus
intestines,everyone is shocked to see him and miroku
realizes he is dead.) indeed teh foolishness of humans
makes me ill. even a villian like this bankotsu, he
remained here for the sake of avenging his comrades.
(images of the shoadows of the shichinintai, one by one,
surrounded in flames with their shkon shards shining) and
he fought with u inu yasha, to the shichinintai i gave 7
shards, once he possessed all of tehm he shouldve escaped
and forgotten about revenge. however... (inu growls once
more while naraku laughs mencaingly) humans vertably are
fools. narakus tentacles wrap around bankotsus arm, on
reaches into his wrist (it moves around in his wrist like
its searching for something) and takes out 2 shikon shards.
bankotsu turns back into a corpse and his body drop to the
ground. naraku chuckles and suddenly inu screams, NARAKU U
B@STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD.that guy might have been a
villian, *flashback of bankotsu and inus awesome fight^_^*
however he was hundreds of time MORE DECENT THAN U. *more
images of bankotsu and inus fight* AND YET U CALL HIM
FOOLISH NARAKU?!?! naraku repsonds, HMM what got u so angry
inu yasha u r the one who took bankotsu down. inu tells
him to shut up. another one of narakus tentacles reaches
into bankotsus haleboard and pulls out 2 shards. one comes
toward into yasha pierces him in the chest and grabs 5
shards. the nine shards surround naraku as he boast he has
collected all the shards of teh jewel.the shards move so
that they are all together. back outside teh mountain,
kikyou is still fighting demons, she stops when she senses
that the shards have all gathered into one and realizes
naraku is making his move. back with sesshoumaru, he
continues to climb teh mountain but stops when he senses
narkaus evil energy. jaken ask him if he said anything.
sesshoumaru just ignores him and continues walking
thinking, you have materialized naraku? jaken looks upward
and sweat appears on his face as he sighs thinking, other
than sesshoumarui have never felt such a strong evil
energy, (jaken turns to face sesshoumaru) if i recklessly
follow him i might die (jaken speaks teh next parts)
SESSHOUMARU (sess stops to look at jaken) (jakens eye
become black and tears pour out of his eyes like 2
waterfalls as he waves goodbye) GOOD LUCK. sesshoumaru
punches him and a large smoknig bump appears on jakens head
and tell jaken that they are going. jaken says in an upset
tone, yes sir. back with kanna and kohaku. kanna says in
her usual creepy whisper, it has begun (kohaku questions
her) but it will end. kanna continue to walk away holding
her mirror. kohaku asks if its ok if they dont wait. kanna
continues walking away and explains that kagura isnt
here.kohaku nods and sango flashes inside his mind once
more as he says goodbye. kohaku runs after kanna. back with
naraku they all watch as teh shards gather into one. as
they do they create a large amount of light blinding
everyone. just then naraku begins to materialize starting
with his arm. very tiny pieces of skin begin to gather as
they form his legs his body his arms. naraku is in a new
outfit (new clothes new body and still his hair looks like
crap. he shouldve thought about that part too :P) there are
large pointy bone like part protruding from his body and
hard octpus looking tentacles protruding form his back. in
the middle of his chest there is a small opening and a red
eyeball shines inside. everyone is in shock when they see
the new completed naraku. a barrier surrounds naraku as he
smiles confidently and says, you all who hate me so much,
you have finally made it here and u cant even lay one
finger on me. inu yells, SHEESH WHAT A DISAPPOINTEMENT,
HAD BECOME THIS AMAZING MONSTER. (inu yasha is so stupid
*rolls eyes*) miroku begins to think, u r wrong inu yasha
naraku is..... (miroku yells to inu yasha) INU YASHA
refuses to believe his words and sasy that naraku twisted
narture has just gotten worse and nothing more. inu frees
himself and acid sqirts out everwhere. inu punches away the
acid jumps into the air kicks off the wall (if u want to
call it that :P) and uses iron reaver on narakus barrier.
the barrier just repells him and he lands on another one of
narakus intestines. naraku taunts inu for coming at him
with his bare hands. inu takes out his sheath and calls
tessaiga. the sheath pulses in his hands and tessaiga flies
out of naraku intestine where he was trapped spins into the
air inu jumps up and catches it. inu transforms it and
unleashes wound of wind (of course like a total idiot he
didnt make it red first :P) naraku calls him an idiot and
squeezes his hand into a fist and another red eyeball shows
up in the hold in his hand. that causes the pionty bone
like thing to extend and he deflects the attack. inu is
surpised (again such an idiot what did u expect) but for
some reason the attack doesnt disperse and it continue to
swirl around. the wound of wind hits the intestines that
entrapped kagome shippo and miroku and sango and tehy are
cut free. kagome and shippo scream as they begin to plunge.
inu yasha grabs them just in time b4 the attack hits them.
sango holds up her boomerage and tell miroku to get behind
it. the wound of wind flies toward them and her boomerang
pritects them. narakus laughs more menacinly than b4 and
explains that he entangled the wound of wind in his evil
energy. inu holds kagome in his arms and asks if she is ok.
she nods while shippo is panting like crazy and screams,
OF WIND. (see everyone agrees with me inu is the universal
moron of the show LOL) inu glares at him and demands he
shut up. shippo yell for them to watch out cuz the woundof
wind is coming at them again. inu jumps out in time while
naraku explains that the attack will continue to circulate
until they are all sliced up into little pieces. (naraku in
his barrier continue to rise) naraku taunts inu that his
attack will destroy all his companions. back with kiykou
she sense evil energy swirling around inside the mountain.
just then she notice a circle or white light moving in teh
sky. it is kagura carrying someone wrapped in her arms.
kikyou fires an arrow at her kagura notices in time to
dodge it. kagura get ready to attack back but just then the
the thing wrapped in her arm tell her not to adn that the
one to finish off kikyou isnt her. its a kid and kagura is
suprised that it can talk. kagura closes up her fan and
smiles evily at kikyou and flies off. kikyou watches her
escape and wonders what in the world kagura is carrying.
back with naraku, he glares as he senses kikyou nearby. inu
kagome and shippo are cruntched in a corner and inu holds
his sword infront of him to protect them all from any more
blasts. inu asks is she is ok and she nods. kagome tries to
think of a way to disperse this wind. naraku in his barrier
continues to rise as he thinks, inu and his friends will
die here, and i have obtained a new body, only one thing
remains... (kikyou flashes inside his mind) inu yells out,
NARAKU ARE U ESCPAING U B@STARD. just then kagome gasps as
she notices shikon light coming from narakus feet. kagome
scream to inu that he should go after naraku. inu agree
and asks about her. she explains she will come with him.
inu gasps. kagome looking determined explains that she
think she can get rid of this swirling energy and that she
sees 2 distinct shard at narakus feet. inu looks back at
her and asks, you mean those wimpy wolfs shards? kagome
says she is sure of it and that naraku could be planning to
absorb kouga since he is a full demon. she tell inu that
they MUST save him. inu responds, eay if he is still alive.
jsut then another wound of wind balst flies past them. inu
wrap his fire rat shirt around kagome and jumps into the
air after naraku. shippo is in b/t the two of them. inu
kick off from another part of narakus body and soar toward
him. naraku realizes they are right behind him as he soar
higher and higher and think that thye have lost their
minds. kagome looking determined again readies her arrow
and fear can be seen in narakus eyes. inu tells her not to
worry about the energy swirling around naraku. as she fires
off her arrow a HUGE vortex of pink light follows the path
of the arrow. naraku looks enraged as the arrow moves
dispersing the wound of wind energy. the arrow hit his
barrier and pink sparkles fall down from the blast. just
then the bottom of teh barrier weakens and kouga in a
bubble falls out from the bottom. naraku laughs and says, u
r worried about ur friend even at a time like this? i am
quite disgusted with ur foolishness. (miroku and sango are
impressed by kagomes powers) if ur friends are that
important to u... (naraku raises hi right hand up and the
place begins to collapse) kouga continues to fall. inu
kicks off another part of naraku and tries to catch up to
kouga. next to miroku sango and kirara poison emits. naraku
smiles evily and says, thisis the least i can do out of
compassion. sleep together in teh same grave as your
friends. inu catches up to kouga in his bubble. naraku
continues to rise and light embraces his face. kikyou is
standing outside looking at the mountain. naraku laughs
mencainly and says, kikyou i will be meeting u soon
Episode Summary for Episode 123 - Regenerate Naraku Beyond Darkness. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
it starts off with kagome shouting "inuyasha" a few times.then inuyasha hears her and woke up.then shippo brought kagome closer to inuyasha to try to get him free out of the flesh walls.kagome pulls while inuyasha stuggles and still could not get free.then naraku's head appears and kagome shoots an arrow at him while sango uses hiraikotsu (boomerang) at him.they both miss but hit the wall of flesh cuasing acid to fall all over the place.then the wall of flesh trap all of them to the wall while tighting inuyasha.then bankotsu appers trap in the wall of flesh as well.naraku then pulls out the last 2 remains shikon shards in bankotsu leaving him into dust ( CUSS NARAKU!! Bankotsu is my 2nd fave male!!!).after he took the shards that inuyasha had leaving him a hold in the body again :(. then inuyasha was angry and broke free and uses iron reva soul stealer (not sure of the name) but got reflected by the barrior around him.then he calls tetsusaiga to come to him and he uses kaze no kizu (wouls of winds) but still got relected but this time it flys all over the place freeing sango,miroku,kirara,kagome,shippo.sango,miroku and kirara landed safly but kagome and shippo went flying down and was caught by inuyasha (bridal stlye now).the kaze no kizu was still flying everywhere so sango,miroku,kirara hides behind hiraikotsu while inuyasha,shippo,and kagome hides behind tetsusaiga.then kagome sences 2 shikon shards seperate from naraku's shard.she thinks that its kouga.she tells inuyasha to go after naraku and tell him to take her with him.inuyasha gives kagome his outer fire shirt and jumps out with kagome on his back.kagome gets her arrow ready to fly and then shoots it,hitting the 2 shards,freeing kouga out in this brown bubble.

outside of the moutains:

we see kagura flying out with this baby in her arms all cover up.kikyo then shoots an arrow at her but kagura douges it.she was about to send her winds out but was stop by the baby and just flew away.

back inside of the moutain:

the whole moutain starts to collapes so naraku makes his escape.inuyasha and kagome goes down to reach kouga and then....

Episode Summary for Episode 123 - Regenerate Naraku Beyond Darkness. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku has everyone tied up in Harukei's sides as he shows off his new form. Inuyasha breaks free from this after Naraku steals Bankotsu's Shikone shard. He attempts to use the Kaze no Kizu on Naraku but he deflects the attack and it scatters around throughout the area freeing everyone. Kagome notices Kouga trapped in Naraku's barrier as Naraku plans to absorb him. With Inuyasha's help, Kagome fires off an arrow at Naraku's barrier as it stops the Kaze no Kizu and frees Kouga. Getting annoyed with this, Naraku makes the cave start to cave in as Inuyasha and Kagome are going after Kouga as Naraku flees. Meanwhile, Kikyo encounters Kagura taking a talking baby out of Mount Harukei during these events and Naraku decides to go after Kikyo.