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Episode Summary for Episode 124 - Farewell, My Lovely Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
124-Fareweel, My lovely Kikyo. It starts out as the gang( Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo) saves Kouga from this slimy gooy purple disoving (i have to add a lot of details as learned in school) goo in this volcano of this slimy thing. Inuyasha tells Kagome to go back up to the surfce when he's halfway there becuz its too "dangerous" he goes down and get Kouga(halfly desolved) and gets out. When their (Inuyasha with Kouga on his back) are coming out, Inuyasha sees Kikyo at the mouth of the volcano.(not really her)(hes seeing thihngs). Then he sees Kikyo when its really Kagome.

Episode Summary for Episode 124 - Farewell, My Lovely Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Maraku finally splits the side of him that loves Kikyo(not really)so he goes to kill her while their battteling they have many flashbacks and they have hurtful feelings(maybe)but in the end Naraku prevails and kills Kikyo but he knows this will not ease his eternal pain that has doubled now (but you will see her again)until he becomes a full fledge demon.(just a guess)
Episode Summary for Episode 124 - Farewell, My Lovely Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kouga's bubble plummets downward as Inuyasha goes after it with Kagome still on his back. But, the collapsing mountain hinders him as pieces of Naraku's flesh block his path. Kouga spirals downward and Inuyasha lands on a ledge with Kagome. Miroku and Sango come down towards them on Kirara, warning them that they have to get out since there's miasma at the bottom. Shippo tells Kagome that there's nothing they can do. They have to let Kouga go. Kagome has a flashback to when Kouga told her to let him go when he was sinking into Naraku's flesh. Inuyasha asks Shippo if he could fly Kagome out of there. "Take care of her, great youkai Shippo" Kagome gets off Inuyasha's back with Inuyasha's fire rat jacket still on her. Shippo transforms into the big pink ball. Miroku and Sango urge her to move faster. Inuyasha assures her that he'll bring Kouga, or rather, "the flea bag" back safe and sound. He places Kagome onto Shippo and jumps down after Kouga. As he disappears, Kagome yells for him to be careful and makes him promise to come back. "I promise!" he yells out as he disappears into the crumbling mountain. Kikyo stands outside, wondering if the evil aura she feels is Naraku since it feels a little bit off. She narrows her eyes suddenly. The mountain is crumbling to pieces. Out of the crumbling mountain comes a dark smoke-like shape. It spins and then like a tornado, races towards Kikyo. She doesn't move as it gets closer. The ground around her cracks open. The spinning thing of smoke (with a purple light in the center) stops in front of Kikyo. As the smoke clears, Naraku stands in front of Kikyo, smiling. "Kikyo. Long time no see."
Inuyasha tries to get down to the bottom of the mountain where Kouga fell. The air is getting extremely noxious. At the bottom of the mountain is something that I can only describe as a pool of shouki. Anything that falls into it melts. Inuyasha looks around and finds Kouga in the bubble lying on a little island in the shouki. He slashes at it with his claws, grabs Kouga and when he puts his hand on Kouga's skin, he realizes that Kouga had begun to melt. He jumps up right as the island collapses and melts in the shouki. Inuyasha realizes that Naraku didn't just want Kouga's shikon shards, he wanted Kouga's demon power as well. He jumps up using the falling pieces of flesh to propel himself higher. Kouga coughs and opens his eyes. After calling Inuyasha "Dog crap" he immediately asks about Naraku. Inuyasha tells him that he'll explain later but first they have to get out of here.

Sango, Miroku, Kagome, Shippo, and Kirara are still trying to get out. But there's no way out. The top of the mountain has caved in, blocking all exits. Miroku decides that if there's no way out, they'll have to make one. He opens his air void and sucks up all the falling rubble. Finally, light shines down on them from an opening at the top of the mountain. They move up to get out, finally making it out. They fly around the mountain, wondering if Inuyasha has come out yet. Kagome assures them that he'll make it since it'll take more than that to kill him.

Inuyasha is still moving upwards with Kouga. He wonders how to get out and Kouga yells at him for being an idiot and not remembering the way out. Inuyasha informs him that it caved in. Inuyasha slashes at some fallen rubble and then sees the exit that Miroku had made with his Kazaana. He looks up into the light and sees a vision of Kikyo. He's absolutely shocked and wonders why he's seeing visions of her now.

Kikyo and Naraku are standing across from each other. Kikyo asks him what he is now and he tells her that he's made a new body (as if THAT wasn't blatantly obvious) She tells him she's not stupid. The new body is flashy and impressive but what was he REALLY doing inside of Mount Hakurei? He seems impressed that she noticed. Kikyo mentions Kagura escaping with something from the mountain right before it started to collapse. She fits an arrow into her bow and aims at Naraku. "Speak! What is your true objective here?" Naraku says nothing. *commercials*

Kagome watches the mountain crumble as she waits for Inuyasha. Suddenly, she senses two shikon shards. They look at the mountain and see Inuyasha emerge. Kagome is extremely relieved. Inuyasha sees another vision of Kikyo, standing on the cliff. When he focuses he sees that it's Kagome. A huge boulder begins to fall on them when Kouga pushes off it with his legs, using it to propel himself and Inuyasha to safety. The mountain completely crumbles. Kagome runs over to Inuyasha and Kouga grabs her hand. Inuyasha hits him in the head and reminds him exactly how he got out of the mountain. Shippo tells Kouga that he COULD thank Inuyasha. Kouga is surprised, especially when Kagome tells him that Inuyasha saved him of his own will without her having to tell him to. Inuyasha tells hem that he just didn't want Naraku getting Kouga's shikon shards. They end up growling at each other.

Kikyo's arrow is still pointed at Naraku. She lets it fly but misses. She aims another. "Naraku. What is your real objective?" Naraku does his trademark chuckle and asks her if she really came over here just to ask him that. Then he informs her that it wasn't a conincidence that she met the old bandit (See Kikyo's Solitary Voyage or Journey or something like that) Kikyo is shocked. Naraku narrows his eyes. "I had it all planned out from the start" He suggested a proper burial place for the bandit. He told him about Mount Hakurei and then planted him on a road that Kikyo was traveling. "You didn't choose to come here...I called you to me!" "'Fate' is only a delusion of the weak. For those with true power, there is no such thing. We CONTROL fate!" He'll be happy to show her his true objective. He lifts up his right arm and one of the spikes grows. "There is one thing that I absolutely must accomplish." The spike shoots out at Kikyo, breaking her bow in half. It also wounds Kikyo in the shoulder. The wound emits a glowy purple light as Naraku laughs. Kikyo can't bleed since her body is made of clay and bones. Kikyo falls to one knee and narrows here eyes. Kikyo came up to the mountain feeling perfectly safe since she knew Naraku couldn't hurt her because he still had Onigumo's heart within him that loved Kikyo. But now he can crush her and not feel a thing. He got rid of his human half. The thing Kagura was fleeing with was his human half. Naraku informs Kikyo that the crevice below is filled with his toxins. Not even Kikyo's clay body can withstand them. His hand grows to be rather large and clawed. "Kikyo. That hole is your grave!" he says with a smile on his face. His hand-claw lashes out. Kikyo remembers the past. Inuyasha and her in the boat when they kissed. Naraku's claw goes completely through her. She gasps out in pain and then falls backwards into the crevice as Naraku's hand returns to him. As she falls she remembers more of the past. When she pinned Inuyasha to a tree by his clothing. When she sat with Inuyasha while he glared at her. As Inuyasha watched her while it was snowing. Inuyasha watching her play with the children. Inuyasha watching her from a tree (is there a trend developing here?) Inuyasha hanging off the cliff by one arm as she fell (episode 15) Inuyasha and Kikyo as they kissed in episode...22? (Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss) Inuyasha hugging her. Inuyasha...

Inuyasha turns around. Why do I feel like something horrible is happening? He runs off, leaving Kagome yelling after him.

Naraku's hand returns to normal as he looks down into the shouki. Sesshoumaru steps forward. "How pathetic, Naraku. You dispose of one puny woman and you think you're something special?" Naraku turns around to see Jaken and Sesshoumaru (looking particularly good I must say). Jaken is furious when Naraku refers to Sesshoumaru without a title. Sesshoumaru tells Jaken to stand back. Jaken scoots away backwards. Naraku asks Sesshoumaru if the reason he kept chasing after him was because he was so intrigued by him. Jaken runs back and starts yelling at Naraku that he was the one who meddled in "my master's" affairs and-- "That was an order, Jaken!" Sesshoumaru says rather firmly. Jaken moves back without a word. Sesshoumaru says that since Naraku feels confident enough to leave his barrier, he must have gained a bit of power. "Would you like to find out?" Sesshoumaru puts his hand on Toukijin. He narrows his eyes with a "hmph" and then with lightning speed draws Toukijin. Blue energy rushes at Naraku. It hits him. "Nailed him!" Jaken yells out but Sesshoumaru narrows his eyes. Naraku's body looks destroyed but Naraku laughs. He encased himself along with his pieces of flesh in another pink bubble. Out of the bubble comes a blue ball of energy - Sesshoumaru's power back at him. (Do we see a resemblance to the Bakuryuuha?) Sesshoumaru lifts Toukijin up, blocking the attack, but to Jaken's shock he gets pushed back by the sheer force of the attack. Suddenly he jumps up and slashes at Naraku, seemingly cutting him in half. But Naraku just laughs. He tells Sesshoumaru that he won't die and then disappears in his little tornado of smoke, laughing. Sesshoumaru realizes that Naraku was just using him to test the power of his new body.

Sesshoumaru sheathes Toukijin when Inuyasha arrives. "Oh, Inuyasha. You're still alive?" Sesshoumaru says. Inuyasha asks him what happened. "Seems like Naraku hated that woman more than he hated you." Sesshoumaru says. Inuyasha looks shocked. He looks to the side and sees Kikyo's bow, broken on the ground. "Kikyo's bow? Kikyo!" He runs past Sesshoumaru to the bow. Inuyasha picks up a piece of the bow. The wind begins to blow. Inuyasha remembers how Kikyo told him that Naraku couldn't kill her, so it's impossible that he did. He looks into the crevice and sees a piece of white cloth with a soul snatcher flying around it. The cloth gets picked up by the wind and falls into the shouki, immediately burning up. The soul snatcher follows it and also burns up. (Sotsugyou by Tackey and Tsubasa begins to play in the background) "I lost you again. You died again, and I still couldn't..." Jaken looks into the crevice and says that there's no hope for the girl now since there's too much poison. Sesshoumaru begins to walk away and Jaken follows. "Dammit, Sesshoumaru, get back here!!!!" Inuyasha yells out. Sesshoumaru stops walking and turns around. Inuyasha's holding Kikyo's bow, his entire body shaking. "What did you do, just stand by and watch?! Did you just sit there and watch her die?!" He asks, facing Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru turns around and begins to walks away again. "I told you to WAIT!" Inuyasha practically screams and grabs Tetsusaiga's handle. "I don't know or care exactly what ties you had to that woman..." Sesshoumaru stops walking and turns around to face Inuyasha. "But I didn't kill your 'Kikyo.' Naraku did. And you were the one who failed to save her, Inuyasha." Inuyasha straightens up. Sesshoumaru turns around and begins walking away again. "If I were you, I'd save my grief for later and go after Naraku instead." "He's right," Jaken says and follows his master. They both disappear into the smoke as the background song gets louder. Inuyasha is left behind, holding Tetsusaiga's handle as the light breeze gently moves his hair. He falls to the ground. "Kikyo...I..." The rest of the gang are running towards him. "Inuyasha!" Miroku calls out. Kagome jumps off Kirara and runs towards Inuyasha as he straightens up, fists clenched. She looks down at the ground and sees the broken bow. She asks if something happened to Kikyo. Miroku, Sango, and Shippo look at her, shocked. "Naraku...What Naraku really wanted...was Kikyo's life" Inuyasha says, his back to the gang. Everyone is shocked as the wind picks up.

Kagura sits in a tree. She can't believe that Naraku wants her to "look after this stupid thing" The thing tells her that Kikyo has died. Then we see "it." It's a baby with very light - almost white purple hair and lavender eyes. However, it has an evil look to it. "Naraku killed her."
Episode Summary for Episode 124 - Farewell, My Lovely Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku finally split himself so that he no longer has any romantic towards Kikyo (no offense to Inu, but u'd have to b blind and deaf 2 luv Kikyo!!) anyway, he then battles with Kikyo, talking about fate and all that. he then points to a large hole and says it's kikyo's grave. Kikyo is then killed (agian) and has a flash back of all the times she had with Inu. I don't know if she fell in the grave, but that would b kool if she did. but she is definitily dead!!! Sess. supposidily comes along and battles Naraku, for whatever reason he has....i don't know y. then Naraku runs off, and Inu comes. Inu picks up what is left of kikyo's bow and asks Sess. if he killed Kikyo. Sess. says no, and that it was Naraku that killed her. inu then grevies Kikyos death and the rest of his group catches up.
Episode Summary for Episode 124 - Farewell, My Lovely Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inu-Yasha and Kagome chase the unconscious Koga as he plunges towards Naraku’s caustic lake of shoukai. As the mountain collapses around them, Shippo begs Kagome to abandon Koga, but she can’t. Sensing her distress, Inu-Yasha entrusts Kagome’s safety to Shippo and follows Koga alone. Tearfully, Kagome implores Inu-Yasha to be careful as he vanishes into the darkness. Outside, Kikyo watches the mountain erupt, spewing a tornado of evil. The malevolent maelstrom rolls down the slope towards her, cracking opening steaming fissures of shoukai. The evil swirl halts in front of Kikyo revealing Naraku. Inu-Yasha struggles through a putrid rain of viscera and boulders towards the reservoir of shoukai, finally locating Koga.

He plucks Koga from the deadly, reeking lake and sprints for an exit. Higher in the cavern, all openings have vanished but Miroku creates an escape using his wind tunnel. The group reaches safety where they wait for signs of Inu-Yasha and Koga. Inside the decaying bowels of Mt. Hakurei, Inu-Yasha also searches for an opening, amid the hail of demon guts and rocks. Koga regains consciousness and complains he doesn’t want to die with Inu-Yasha. For once, Inu-Yasha agrees ... neither does he! Slashing through the debris, Inu-Yasha sees the way out, but in the portal he sees a brief, disturbing vision of Kikyo. Meanwhile, Kagome waits for Inu-Yasha’s safe return and is relieved when she senses Koga’s jewel shards on their way up. Leaping to safety, Inu-Yasha has another vision of Kikyo. Reunited with Kagome, Kagome proudly tells Koga that Inu-Yasha rescued him without her asking. Koga’s lack of appreciation sets off a new round of quarrels with Inu-Yasha.

If Inu-Yasha knew what was happening elsewhere on Mt. Hakurei’s slopes, he’d ignore Koga’s antics: Inu-Yasha’s visions were a warning about the showdown-taking place between Kikyo and Naraku. Naraku struts his powerful new ‘body’ with smug confidence while Kikyo seethes at his audacity. Kikyo tells him she knows Kagura’s escaped with something from the mountain, and demands to know what it was and what Naraku’s real intentions are. Naraku toys with Kikyo, telling her how he manipulated her into coming to Mt. Hakurei. Naraku then savagely slashes Kikyo, severing her bow and slicing deep into her body. Kikyo collapses to her knees as her life force gushes out as Naraku tells her he is no longer controlled by Onigumo’s heart and can now destroy her. Kikyo realizes it must have been Naraku’s human heart Kagura carried away from the mountain. Naraku delivers his deathblow impaling Kikyo on his cruel claws. He propels her over the edge of the fissure and into the torrent of shoukai below. Plummeting to her death, Kikyo’s final thoughts turn to Inu-Yasha and she calls his name one last time. At that moment, Inu-Yasha is seized by a dreadful feeling and he races off abandoning a bewildered Kagome. Naraku gloats over his victory but his celebration is interrupted by Sessho-maru.

Sessho-maru is eager to settle his own score with Naraku and attacks with Toukijin, but its power is repelled and blasted back at him. The arrogant Naraku is undaunted by the assault, and retreats, leaving Sessho-maru angry and frustrated. Bad timing delivers Inu-Yasha into his older brother’s company. Sessho-maru tells Inu-Yasha about Kikyo as he spots the poignant remains of Kikyo’s broken bow on the ground near the fissure. Peering into the chasm, Inu-Yasha’s desperate denial is replaced by profound sorrow as he watches a lone soul skimmer chase the tatters of Kikyo’s sleeve into the shoukai, vaporizing itself. Tortured by guilt, Inu-Yasha blames himself for failing to protect Kikyo. He lashes out angrily at Sessho-maru, accusing him of allowing Kikyo to be killed. Sessho-maru’s icy response is that Naraku killed Kikyo “and the one who wasn’t able to save her was you, Inu-Yasha. If you have the time to snarl at me, you would do better to spend it chasing Naraku”.

Sessho-maru turns and walks away leaving Inu-Yasha alone and heartbroken. He falls to his knees, unable to bear his grief. When Kagome and the others arrive, Inu-Yasha composes himself enough to tell them Naraku achieved is goal - taking Kikyo’s life. Far from Mt. Hakurei, Kagura rests from her flight, irritated at the burden Naraku assigned to her. Suddenly, a voice from the bundle tells her Kikyo is dead. Astonished, Kagura looks at her cargo: it’s a baby, a precocious, evil baby!
Episode Summary for Episode 124 - Farewell, My Lovely Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
kouga in his bubble continues to plunge. inu yasha and
kagome catch up with him. just as inu reaches out his hand
to grab kouga on of the parts of naraku get in his way and
another almost hits him. but inu leans away dodging it in
time. kaogme calls out to kouga and inu lands on a surface
that hasnt collapsed yet. the whole place conitnues to
quake and just then miroku calls out to them from above.
sango swings hre boomerang above her head destroying all
the parts of naraku b4 they fall ontop of them. sango says
in a worried tone, if we dont get out of here soon the
poison will kill us. kagome is looking very sad and shippo
says, kagome i understand how u feel but we cant do
anything else. you cant save kouga give up. *flashback of
when kouga was sinking into the ground and kagome tried to
pull him out. but he let go of her hand not wanting to risk
her getting sucked in as well* just then inu yasha says
shippo name. shippo scoots over closer to inus head while
on inu his shoulder. inu calmly tells him to take kagome
and leave. shippo is in shock for a bit. inu smiles (aaah i
luv when he does that ^_^) and says, take care of kagome
great demon shippo. inu kneels down and lets them both
off. kagome says his name in a "are you sure about this"
tone. inu replies, you want to save that wimpy wolf right?
i cant move freely while carrying both of u. GO. shippo
flips off inus shoulder, becomes his balloon form and tells
kaogme to get on. miroku reaches his hand out ready to pull
her on telling kaogme to hurry up. inu tells her not to
worry cuz he will be back with that wimpy wolf for sure.
kagome gives an understanding nod. the pieces of narakus
are still collapsing around them. inu picks her up and
places her ontop of shippo then umps down after kouga. as
kagome rises she tells inu to be careful. kaogme, looking
very concerned, watches him as he disappears in the pit.
back outside with kikyou.the mountain is quaking still
surrounded in evil energy. kikyou senses energy hurtling
towards and wonders if THAT could possibly be naraku. the
mountain begins to crumble and splits into thirds and
naraku burst out of the top. while in the air he pause and
looks like a tornadoe with a red ball at the top. his
energy then makes a sideways ring and he then launches
himself with a large amount of force towards kick as he
barrels down the mountain. (he looks like a tornadoe with a
red ball in the middle but more like a spinning top) the
ground around kikyou splits. when naraku reaches her he
comes to an abrupt stop. teh swirling energy disappears
and all is left is naraku standing infront of her. there is
a harsh breeze that blows there hair around. kikyou glares
at him and says his name angrily. naraku replies in an evil
tone, kikyou its been a long time. back with inu yasha he
continues to kick off the walls so he can catch up with
kouga again. just then he covers his mouth and nose looking
disgusted as he comments on how strong the poison is. teh
camera show more parts deteriorating and they plunge into a
pool of poison. inu yasha makes note that if he falls into
that there will be no way for him to save kouga. inu still
has his hand over his nose and mouth as he looks around.
again teh camera shows more parts of naraku falling into
the pool of poison but then they show kouga in his bubble.
he is ontop of one of a floating piece. inu yasha spots
him, speeds up and uses iron reaver to cut the bubble open.
poison splashes all around them. inu looks around again, as
he puts kouga arm around his shoulders to carry him, and
figures out that kouga was about to be dissolved. inu jumps
into the air just as the surface they were on dissolves.
inu becomes again and thinks, naraku that b@stard was he
really planning on dissolving kouga including his shikon
shards? inu yasha continues to moves upward kicking off the
falling pieces. just then kouga coughs out a bunch of
liquid from the bubble and opens his eyes. inu says, oh u
survived wimpy wolf. kouga says calmly, dogsh1t (kouga
shouts in a demanding tone and starts to look angry) WHAT
HAPPENED TO NARAKU? inu dodges a piece that wouldve fallen
ontop of them and says that he will explain later right now
he HAS to get him and kouga out of here.inu yasha continues
to jump off the falling pieces soaring up higher and
higher. back with shippo, miroku, sango, and kagome. sango
has become concerned because all of the openings in the
mountain have become sealed. miroku refuses to give up and
says he will make one himself. he unleashes his wind tunnel
and hold his arms upward above his head. suddenly teh rocks
from the mountain get sucked in and an opening is created
and light peaks through the top. sango says excitedly that
miroku is amazing. there is a view of the mountain and u
can see a small light dots coming out of the top of it
(miroku, kaogme, sango, shippo) sango says concerned again,
the mountain is crumbling. shippo wonders how inu yasha is
doing since he hasnt come out yet. miroku wonders if inu
yasha was too late. kagome says confidently, no he is ok,
there is no was something like that could kill him. there
is a closeup of her face. she looks worried and in her mind
she thinks, be safe, inu yasha, you promised me u would
come back. inu yasha continues to jump higher and higher
into the air and wonders where an exit is. kouga gasps
turns to inu and says, YOU MORON OYU DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE
THE EXIT IS? inu tries to explain that the exits just got
blocked recently. kouga replies, you have got to be kidding
me. there is no way i am gonna die here with u (lol i luv
those 2) inu continues to looks searching for a way out. he
looks at kouga, smiles and says, me neither we actually
agree for once. a boulder is about to crush them but inu
uses his claws to break it apart. just then light shines
through and inu finds the exit. just then inu gasps and
there is a close up of his eyes. in teh exit kikyou image
appears in the middle and he wonders why he is thinking
about kikyou at a time like this. (figures) back with
kikyou and narkau. u can feel the intenseness around them.
kikyou asks him what is the meaning of this new form he
has. smoke continues to swirl around them as naraku
replies, isnt it obvious? this is my new body. kiykou still
looking angered replies, dont make me laugh i am not blind.
however gaudily nu may dress urself its nothing more thana
facade. you ran into hakureizan to conceal urself, and u
even went through the trouble of making a sacred barrier.
(kikyou adds more emotion to this next line) WHAT HAVE U
DONE? naraku has a mischevious smile as he says, you are
indeed impressive kikyou, you noticed? kikyou has such
hatred in her eyes as she says, as hakureizan began to
crumble, your offspring kagura left hakureizan carrying
something, *flashback os kagura soaring through the sky
carrying the kid in a grey cover) (kikyou readies her
arrow and aims it at him.) anger fills her voice as she
says, tell me what ur true objective is. there is an
intense silince between them. back with kagome the mountain
continues to crumble as she watches anxiously awaiting inu
yasha and kougas return. there is a close up of kagome
looking v ery concerned but just then she sees 2 jewel
shards coming form teh mountain. she alerts everyone else
thta she can feel the presence of the shards. miroku asks
if that is kouga. kagome explains that its coming this way.
miroku gasps and everyone looks toward the mountain. just
then inu yasha and kouga come out of the mountain and
kirara rushes over to them. inu gasps when he looks at
kagome but only sees kikyous image. inu wonders why this
happened AGAIN. just then the image fades and kagome is
there clutching his red shirt. when the image fades inu is
suprised says her in in such shock. LOL. the sound of
kagomes name suddenly bring kouga back to life. lol. sango
tells them to watch out. a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE BOULD
(pratically the size of half the mountain) is about to fall
ontop of then. just tehn kouga kick off from it just in
time to save them both. but he gets so much speed. inu has
the funniest expression as he looks like he is holding on
for dear life. LOL. kouga lands just as the whole mountain
crumbles. kagome excited calls out to both of them as she
runs towards them. kouga looks back, there is a bunch of
smoke and inu yasha is no where to be found. kouga says as
if he could care less, oh that was pretty careless of me.
he suddnely turns to kaogme grabs her hands, looks deeply
into her eyes and says passionately, i am sorry kaogme you
must have been sacred when we got seperated. just then inu
punches kouga in the head. OMG they both have the most
hilarious expressions LOL (their eyes take up there whole
face practically). inu says angrily, B@STARD DONT ACT LIKE
U GOT OUT OF HERE ALL BBY UR D@MN SELF. kouga has a large
red bimp on his head as he turns to inu saying, SHUT UP
DOGSH1T. shippo suggests to kouga that he should at least
thank inu yasha. inu is shaking with rage and has his hands
in fists glaring at kouga. kouga looks at shippo like he
was insane. kaogme explains that inu went to save him even
b4 she asked him. *flashback of inu diving down to save
kouga* kouga looks a bit guilty. inu looks over his
shoulder at them, looking annoyed saying, dont get the
wrong idea. i just didnt want to hand over the wimpy wolfs
shards to naraku. kouga turns to inu and syas that if that
was the case teh he WONT thank him then. inu comes into
kouga face and demands that kouga thank him. (inu has
another funny expression this time with a funny tone too
LOL. u jst gotta luv these too ^_^) kouga demands that inu
make up his mind. kouga and inu are face o face growling at
each other. shippo comments that inu really did want kouga
to say it. back with naraku and kikyou. narkau is still
smiling confidently. kikyou shoots her arrow chopping off a
small piece of his hair. she readies another one demanding
that he tell her what his objective is. naraku replies,
kikyou, did u come all this way to ask me that question?
kikyou gets angrier and says that SHE will be the only one
to ask the questions here. naraku laughs evily and
responds, as teh wheels of fate turn, they spin a red
thread. (kikyou glares at him even more) it wasnt a
coincidence u met rasetsu and kansuke.(the old man that
gave kikyou patr of his hair in ep 87) (kikyou gasps) it
was all planned by me. (man this guy is smart O_o) (kikyou
gasps again and cant get over the shock) it was a simple
matter to use his desire for a place to die to further my
own ends. all i needed to do was put a rumor about
hakureizan into that dying old mans head and put him in ur
path. *flashback of kikyou walking to the mountain with
rasetsu hair clutched in her hand, her soul snatcher follow
here but get destroyed by the barriers power* now do u
understand? you did not come here of your own will. i lured
u here. you fools call this sort of thing "fate" or
"destiny" *flahsback of ep 47 when kikyou just left inu
yasha after telling him her plans to destroy naraku* this
is nothing more than nonsense spouted by the weak. for the
truly powerful, fate and destiny are things u create
urself. kikyou still has her arrow aimed at him as she
says, THIS IS NONSENSE NARAKU. naraku replies, thats right
u asked me about my true objective. (thunder booms in the
backround) you want to know? then i'll tell u. (naraku
holds up his right arm and the spike on it extends) i will
tell what it is i absolutely must do here. and that is (the
spike attacks like jakotsus slither sword and within less
than a second slices her bow in half and part of her
shoulder. instead of blood a red smoke and what looks like
small souls comes out of her.) kikyou is shocked and falls
to the ground. naraku laughs at her pain and says, ur body
is fake, made of bones and soil, so u dont bleed? (sweat
appears on kikyous face as she says in a bit weak tone,
damn you naraku. ) u underestimated me kikyou. (kikyou
turns to her wound on her shoulder and narkau smiles again)
you came here with no suspicion thinking there was no i
could kill you did you not? *flashback of shirtless naraku
looking angrily at the scar on his back.* as long as i had
the worthless human heart that was still insdie me,
*flashback of onigumo in the cave* teh heart of onigumo the
heart that cared for u, i could not hurt you. (narkau
raises his right arm slightly) but even now, as i crush
you, i do not feel a thing. (no wonder he is so happy X_x)
kikyou takes in his words and wonder if he lost his human
heart. just then she figured out the thing kagura was
carrying was that. *flashback of kagura flying through the
ksy carrying it* narkau slowly walks up to her and
continues, the bottom of this fisher is awash in my poison.
your false body will melt with ease. just then his right
hand sudden begins to grow eerily.(about 3 times its normal
size) (it looks like the bottom of a rake sorta. that big)
kikyou looks at her wound again with her left hand just
below it. naraku attack. but just then her memories of her
and inu yasha flash into her mind and she wonder why this
is happening now. *flashback of her and inu with teh boat.
as she gets out she trips on the dock and inu catches her
and gives her a big hug* (d@mn alot of flashbacks in this
one O_o) narakus hand extends (like jakotsu slithering
sword again) pierces right through her chest. it quicly
slither back out of her (each finger was like a seperate
tentacle, sheeesh thats a hard word to type without it
ending up being nasty ^_^) and kikyou get knocked abck and
is about to fall into teh river of poison. again another
memory of her and inu yasha flashes i her mind. *end of ep
33 the free to luv free to hate thing. from ep 87 when inu
was on the roof watching over her as she carried a basket
on her head. when kikyou pinned inu to a tree using several
arrows, when inu and kikyou were alking about using the
jewel to make him human* as kikyou continues to fall she
reaches her hand out *flash of kikyou putting a spell on
inu and their kiss* back with inu yasha, he has his red
shirt back on (d@mn) he suddenly turn away and wonder what
this awful feeling he has and runs away to find out. kikyou
is now gone. she has completely disppeared in the poison.
narkau walks to the edge and his hand goes back to normal,
naraku couldnt look and more happy and evil as he says, you
understnad now kikyou? this is the new body that i desired.
just then behind narak is the sound of footsteps. its
sesshoumaru (ur too late sessy ) as he slowly walks over to
narkau saying, you were quite thourough considering you
only needed to kill a mere woman. narkau looks at sess fro
ove rhis shoulder and says sess name as if he was nothing
to worry about. jaken becomes angry about the way naraku
talked to sesshoumaru that way. sess looks down a jaken and
tells him to get back. jaken obeys. narkau says he is
surprised that he is following as well and asks, do i
interest u that much? jaken runs back up shaking his fist
in the air shouting, WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE THE ONE WHO KEEP
sesshoumaru stops jaken and says with rage in his voice,
GET BACK JAKEN. jaken obeys once more. sess asks narkau
that since he has come out of his power that his power has
grown some. naraku turns to face sesshoumaru and asks with
confident smile, do u want to find out for urself? there is
a long intense silence and sess puts his hand on his sword
ans wuickly sends a blue energy blast towards naraku. its a
direct hit and naraku looks worried for a second. but just
then his barrier shows up again and he chuckles even though
the bottom half of his body is in pieces. naraku says,
sesshoumaru, i shall send the power of ur sword back to u.
narkau takes teh energyy makes it into a huge ball and
sends is back at him. sess uses his swor d to block some if
it. jaken is surprised that sesshoumaru is getting pushed
back. by the force. sesshoumaru jumps into teh air and
slices naraku. now naraku is just a head and a neck and a
chunk of his hair ahs been cut. naraku laughs mencaingly
again. jus then the swiring energy from b4 surrounds naraku
and we get to see for a short glimpse that he is
regenerating pretty fast in there. naraku in teh tornadoe
of energy disappears (figure *rolls eyes*) sess continues
to look up into teh sky as he thinks, impudent did he use
me to test the power of his new body? sess flicks his sword
to teh side and puts it away just as inu yasha arrives. inu
looks very angry and demands to know what happened. sess
explains that naraku was more interested in that girl than
him (inu) sess turns away for inu and looks at the broken
bow on teh gorund. inu gasps when he sees it as well. inu
runs over to the bow and picks it up as he wonders if this
means naraku killed her. but inu yasha grits his teeth and
refuses to believe it. just then her words flash into his
mind "naraku cant kill me as long as he has onigumos heart
within him" inu starts to look both angry and upset as he
looks into the river of poison. a piece o her clothes is
blowing on a roc as one of her soul snatchers flies around
it. the clothe blows into the river and teh soul snatcher
follows it and instantly gets destroyed. ok for the next
part what in () are whats happening in teh anime. while the
regular words are the words to the song that plays at this

if there was no one (kikyous image appears over the river
of poison and shatters into pieces)
just one wish (when it shatters a small blue flame is left
and that disappears)
that could be granted (inu is angry and upset again as he
says, i did it again. one again u were the only one i
failed to protect)
what would i wish for?
where could u be right now? (jaken covers his nose as he
talks about how strong this poison is)
who are u with right now? (jaken says there is no way she
couldve survived)
looking up at the blue sky (sess leaves and jaken tells him
to wait up)
i whisper these questions (sess stops and turns to watch
his brother )
with you-- you who were right at my side(inu clutches half
of the broken bow in his hand and demands that sess tell
him if he just watched as kikyou got killed)
are no longer (sess walks away again. inu clutches his swod
and demands that he wait. sess says that he doesnt want to
know what connection inu has with that woman. sess turns to
look at inu and explains that narkau killed her)
with you--- i promised u i would never change ( inu snarls
at him and looks like he would explode with rage. sess says
that the one who was not able to save her was him(inu)
even if we are apart but...( sess walks away an suggests
inu stop snarling at him and chase after naraku.)
if we become memories( sess and jaken disappear behind the
even memories cannot contend with the warmth at ur side (
inu lets go of his swor dna d falls to the ground pounding
it as he wimpers her name.he sounds like is is trying with
all his might to hol dback his saddness)
so a wistful sigh unerringly welled forth (everyone else
arrives to find inu on teh ground)
may it take flight and go so far that it reaches u ( kagome
calls to inu in a concerned voice just as inu gets up she
notices kikyous arrow)

(awe what a pretty song ^_^)

kagome asks if anything happened to kikyou. there is
another breezes as it sways inus hair gently. inu explains
that narakus goal was to destroy her.miroku and sango
gasps. kagome also looks very sad. back in teh middle of a
forest. only the sound of birds break teh silnce. its
kagura with the child. kagura is annoyed that naraku gave
ehr this job. just then the kid tells her that kikyou is
dead. this is the first time we get to see its face. its
very pale and has purple eyes. and light purple hair(sorta
like trunks from dbz) and it looks very evil. the baby
explains that naraku killed her.
Episode Summary for Episode 124 - Farewell, My Lovely Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha has Shippo take Kagome out of Mount Hakurei to rescue Kouga. As he gets Kouga out of the mountain, he has a bed feeling about something happening to Kikyo. Meanwhile, Kikyo confronts Naraku. She questions Naraku about his new body. Naraku explains this by stabbing Kikyo in the shoulder with his claws explaining that he no longer has Onigumo's heart. Kikyo realizes that the object that Kagura was taking out of Mount Hakurei was Onigumo's heart. Then, Naraku proceeds to stab Kikyo again in the chest as the impact of the attack knocks Kikyo off a cliff into Naraku's shouki. Before falling into the shouki, Kikyo recalls all the moments she had with Inuyasha. Sesshomaru shows up and tries to attack Naraku with Toukijin, but his attack is deflected back towards him. Sesshomaru launches another attack which cuts off half of Naraku's body, but Naraku boasts that he will never be killed so esaily. Inuyasha later arrives at the cliff as Sesshomaru explains to Inuyasha about Kikyo's supposed death. This really devastates Inuyasha. He angrily asks Sesshomaru why he didn't save her, but Sesshomaru proclaims that Inuyasha's affairs are none of his concern. A devsatated Inuyasha tells the rest of the gumi about Kikyo's supposed death. Meanwhile, Kagura is watching after a talking baby (Everyone meet Naraku Jr.)
Episode Summary for Episode 124 - Farewell, My Lovely Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Picking up where the last episode left off, Kagome shoots her holy arrow at Naraku's barrier, freeing Kouga. Mount Hakurei begins to collapse, and Kouga, still unconscious, falls to the center of the mountain, with Kagome and Inuyasha in pursuit. Inuyasha tells Kagome and the others to leave while he goes after Kouga. Kagome agrees and rides away on balloon-Shippou while Miroku and Sango ride Kirara.

Meanwhile, Naraku emerges from the mountain and makes a beeline for Kikyou, who is standing at its base. His movement opens fissures in the ground, which are all filled with his poisonous miasma.

Inuyasha descends completely into the mountain and finds Kouga perched above the lake of poison there. He grabs Kouga and makes a run for it before the entire mountain collapses on him.

Higher up, Kagome and the others can't find a way out of the mountain with pieces of it falling all around them. Miroku solves this problem using his Kazaana, sucking up all the falling debris and opening a passage out.

At the same time, Inuyasha also finds an opening in the mountain, but as he heads towards it, he has a vision of Kikyou, and gets a foreboding feeling.

Back at Kikyou and Naraku, Kikyou questions Naraku's true intentions, and demands to know what Kagura was carrying when she escaped the mountain earlier (in the previous episode).

Inuyasha leaps through the debris of the mountain, still carrying Kouga, but through the dust, he momentarily mistakes Kagome for Kikyou. During this moment of confusion, they're about to be crushed by a falling rock, but Kouga uses his legs to propel both him and Inuyasha to safety (while dragging Inuyasha along ^_^*). Kagome tells Kouga to thank Inuyasha, since Inuyasha saved him without her having to tell him to. Inuyasha says Kouga would never thank him, so Kouga doesn't. ^_^*

Kikyou fires a warning shot at Naraku, again asking what his real objective is. Naraku replies that Kikyou may think that fate brought her to confront him, but it was actually all part of his plan to lure her to Mount Hakurei. As to his real objective... "Why don't I show you" At that, Naraku slices through Kikyou's shoulder, destroying her bow and knocking her to the ground. Naraku says he now feels nothing when he attacks her. Kikyou realizes that this must mean that the object Kagura was carrying was Naraku's human heart.

Naraku extends his hand into a giant claw. "Kikyou... this is your grave." He lashes out at her, and at that moment, Kikyou suddenly flashes back to her life with Inuyasha. Why, at a time like this, is she thinking of him?

Naraku's claw strikes, impaling Kikyou through the chest. She is thrown backwards into the fissure behind her, where the river of miasma flows. Again, as she falls, she recalls her life, and again, recalls...


Inuyasha has a sudden foreboding feeling again, and runs off.

Naraku gloats over his success at finally killing Kikyou, but Sesshoumaru appears to spoil the party. He berates Naraku at going through so much trouble just to kill one woman.

"Sesshoumaru... huh."

Naraku has become more bold, and no longer addresses Sesshoumaru with the feigned respect that he used to. Sesshoumaru reasons that since Naraku has come out of hiding, he must have gotten stronger. Naraku bids him to attack, and Sesshoumaru complies, releasing a blast from Toukijin. However, just like before with Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu, Naraku absorbs the blow and hurls it back at Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru is able to block, but is also pushed back, unable to stand his ground against the attack. Irate, Sesshoumaru leaps over the blast and cuts Naraku in half, but Naraku simply regenerates himself, floating away and gloating that he won't die. It seems that Naraku merely wanted to use Sesshoumaru as a test for his new power.

Once Naraku is gone, Inuyasha appears on the scene. Sesshoumaru takes note that Inuyasha is still alive, and also mentions that Naraku seemed to want to kill THAT woman more than anything. Inuyasha sees Kikyou's broken bow lying next to the fissure. Naraku has killed Kikyou?! But... he thought she said Naraku couldn't kill her so long as Onigumo's heart still longed for her.

Inuyasha sees a Shinidamachuu and a shred of Kikyou's clothing floating in the river of poison, but they are quickly dissolved into nothingness by the miasma.

Sesshoumaru loses interest and begins to walk away. Inuyasha angrily calls after him, accusing Sesshoumaru of idly standing by while Kikyou was killed. Sesshoumaru is unfazed by this accusation, and simply replies, "The one who killed Kikyou was Naraku. And the one who couldn't save her, Inuyasha, was you." At that, Sesshoumaru turns and leaves, leaving Inuyasha to wallow in his own misery.

The rest of the party plus Kouga arrive on the scene a moment later. Kagome sees the broken bow and wonders if something happened to Kikyou. Inuyasha replies that Naraku's true objective... was Kikyou's life.

Elsewhere, Kagura is lamenting over her new apparent babysitting job. Because that's exactly what she's holding. "Kikyou is dead," says the white-haired baby in her arms. "Naraku killed her."