Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome's friends make her do extra activities at school.Home ec.,
Choir,and be in the school play!!!!Romeo and Juliet!!

Kagome went to the Feudal Era .She picks some mysterious mushrooms for Grandpa and left two days before the play to get ready.

During her home ec. class she went to get an ingredient that she had just bought,but it was GONE!!!

Choir.Nothing wrong,but okay.

On the day of the play during lunch Inuyasha came!(with a cap on)
He went to the play with Kagome,and Grandpa brought the pot and
the mushrooms.

The play was nice until Youkai* started hatching out of the mushrooms!
Tring to cause panic,but the audience was convinced it was only part
of the show.Inuyasha pulled out his Tesuiga and warded the Youkai away.The croud applauds!!!
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome has Inuyasha deal with the himono demons who have sprong about at her school's culture festival, while she does triple duty cooking food, singing in a choir, and being the head of a play for the festival. Meanwhile, Mimisenri informs Naraku that the final Shikon shard can be found in the other world.
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
this ep starts out with yuka making an ear spliting scream.
kagome gasps and rushes into the classes with yuka is.
kagome burst through teh door demanding to know whats going
on. she gapss again as she sees the entire home economics
room with ALL the dishes that they prepared are completely
destroyed. food is scattered all over the place. the room
is a complete mess. all the students who made the platters
are all whispering in disbelief, this is horrible. one
girl is covering her eyes. 2 other girl have their eyes
opened widely just staring at this disaster. kagome asks
what happened. yuka says calmly, i just turned away for a
second, and... kagome walks over to one of the destroyed
platters,places her hand close to it as if she was about to
touch the food, and looks at it sadly saying, this is
horrible. who would do such a thing? just then one of the
girls suddenly turns to yuka and shouts, THIS IS NOT THE
pensive as she says, at this rate we wont even have a
presentation. it's unfortunate but..... kagome says in a
determined voice, it's too early to give up. every turns
to kagome a bit surprised by her sudden determination and
asks her, how? kagome abruptly turn around to face them. u
can see her confident smiles as she says, dont worry i have
an idea. back in teh supermarket a man is at the register
paying for his food. the cashier tell him it comes to 1360
yen. the old man is taking forever to get out the
appropriate cash. just then the whole supermarket begins to
quake and the cashier is curious to what could be causing
this. just then we see kagome yuka and 3 other girl from
teh cooking team barge into the store.(dang they arent in
too much of a rush are they O_o) (kagome is in front and
yuka is slightly farther back on kagomes right. all five of
them have made a V formation. the sorta look like the
charlie's angels but 5 of them :P) kagome points straight
infront of her and says in a determined tone, THERE'S NO
TIME HURRY UP. just hten they all rush form the entrance
into the store all splitting up in different directions.
they hurriedly take almost all the groceries off the
shelves. first u see a shelf full then witha pop grocies
are gone and with another "pop" its empty. they are all
quickly asking each other. how many did u get? do we need
these? the old man and the cashier just stare at them as
if they are all nuts. back at school kagome is happy that
they did it just in time. but yuka is not satisfied for
some reason. she has her hands on her hips as she takes a
closer look at the groceries and says, that's fine and all
but... what is all of this? kagome explains each of the
dishes, lightly pickled potatoe chips (u can barely see
that dish its in the corner), sweet dumpling stewed in corn
pattage ( in the top center of the screen u see6 dumpling
in a bowl covered in a yellow sauce), precooked hamburger
with yorgurt sauce (u see a large burger *no buns* with a
line of yogurt sauce going down the middle with 2 sausages,
lettuce and tomatoes)(the screen moves to the left slowly
showing all the dishes), chocolate fondue with takuan
(pickled horseraddish). all 5 of them are standing around
the table with all the dishes on it. yuka straightens
herself up for bending to see the dishes and says, kagome
you're so tough .... rather. strong under pressure. kagome
smiles and put her index finger in her left cheeck and
says, well, i guess u can say i have been through alot of
tough situations. yuka looks worried as she turns to kagome
and asks, and all of this is edible? kagome says
innocently, who knows? the other foour girls suddenly
become very nervous. yuka has a funny expressiona s she
asks, what do oyu mean "who knows". kagome responds
innocently sounding pensive, well (kagome smiles) i think
it would be better if u didnt eat it. huge sweatdrops
appear on the other four girls' heads. kagome walks out of
the classroom thinking that things are ok for now but
wonders who caused that disaster in the first place. just
then something comes through the wall right behind kagome.
its a himono, a kurotenmudake (mushroom headed himono) it
begins to follow her. its footsteps make a squishy sound on
the floor as it continues its pursuit. kagome is still
walking looking pensive not noticing anything. just then a
himonos shadows begins to cover her. the himono begins to
growl right behind her. but still she doesnt notice a thing
but just the she finally looks up when grandpa calls out to
her. grandpa is in front waving then souta and her mom are
behind him, then inu wearing his ADORABLE hat is behind
them ^_^ (yaaaaaay another ep wth him in his hat *sigh*)
souta looks at hre in fright he points right infront of him
and asks, WHATS THAT? inu recognizes it as a kurotenmudake.
kagome is confused and the himono is RIGHT behind her with
its mouth wide open ready to eat her. inu yasha rushes over
to her and uses iron reaver on it. the kurotenmudake
disentigrates. inu lands and gets back up saying, that was
dangerous. just the kagome yells at teh top of her lungs
(kagome has the most hilarious angry expression),
HEEEEEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (so much
air was comig out of her mouth by scream his hat almost
blew off) inu yasha yells back at her (he also has a
hilarious angry expression) SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT
UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP. (he calms down slightly but still
sounds angry and has his hands on his hips) regardless (wow
big word for an idiot) what are u doing kagome? kagome asks
what he means by that. inu says in an acusing tone, you
brought those himono here didnt u? kagome makes a funny
nervous expression and says, oooops. there is a view of
the culture festival from outside. back with kagome she is
shocked to find out that if u boil the himono htey turn
back into demons. she is eating one of the dumplings they
made. inu yasha quickly slirps up a string of spaghetti and
says in a ticked off tone, u brought them without knowing
that?!?! inu yasha has more spaghetti in his chopsticks.
kagome repsonds, well if i DID know i wouldnt have brought
them. inu is speaking as he is stuffing more spaghetti in
his more, well i guess its too late now. how many did u
bring? (the view goes back and u can see inu, her mom,
grandpa, kagome, and souta sitting on the same bench
eating. kagome says, well including that one four i
think.... grandpa freaks out shouting, WHAAAAAAAT?!?!
FOOOUUUUR!?!?! no wonder they disappeared so quickly. inu
yasha suddenly stands up takes off his hat exposing his
cute ears ^--^, begins stretching and cracking his
shoulders and arms, smiles, saying in an exciting tone, KEH
i'll have to take care of teh demons in this world too.
how bothersome ^_^ just then grandpa holds up a paper
charm (teh ones that miroku uses) infront of him. he looks
very determined as he says, dont worry i will take these
demons down with this fuda fromt eh higurashi shrine. just
then kagome touches his should and he turns to look at her.
she tells him no since it's too dangerous. she suggests
that he just leave it to her and inu yasha. just then her
mother places a hand on HER shoulder. kagome has a funny
expression as she looks back at her. her mother looks very
serious, reminds of her all the presentations she has to do
and that she has no time to fight. just then u can see
chopsticks with food in between them rasie onto the bottom
right of the screen. its souta. and he says he wants to
help as well. then they show a view of grandpa in teh
middle with his fist in the air and souta on the left in a
weird pose and kagomes mah giggling on the left. grandpa
says with excitement, yes this is kagomes once in a
lifetime moment, leave this to us!!! her mom is even more
excited. she lift her fist into the air and says, LETS DO
OUR BEST ^_^ then grandpa and souta join her by lifting
their fist into the air again and chanting with excitement.
2 large sweatdrops appear on the back of kagomes head. lol
inu yashas left ear twitches (what a cutie eh ^_^) and
kagome suddenly grabs it. he whisper into his ear that they
should take care of this quickly by themselves before it
gets anymore complicated. inu yasha just goes, o o o ok.
just then ayumi voice can be heard calling out to her. both
inu and kagome turn to were the voice is coming from and
see ayumi jogging over to kagome waving her hand. kagome
suddenly turns to inu yasha and makes the most hilarious
nervous expression yet. inu just stares at ayumi coming
over to them without a care in teh world. suddenly kagome
faces him and starts waving her arms frantically in his
face yelling, HEY YOU... BE MORE CAREFUL. inu is freaked
by her actions and asks her what she is doing. just then
kagome loses her balance and crushes into inu still waving
her arms in his face and they both fall to the ground. in
the backround her mom is covering her mouth so her giggling
wont be noticed. and grandpa covers souta eyes saying that
little children shouldnt watch this. (u know after that
comment u would think kagome and inu would be gettin it on
but nooooooooo j/k) souta cant see and asks kagome what she
is doing. mother is simply enjoying all of this and
comments that they are so energetic. kagome is thinking, oh
no what am i going to do, his appearance makes him stand
out as it is. but with his ears showing she would be able
to tell right away that he is a half demon O_o ayumi is
coming closer and closer. kagome is kneeling on teh floor
right next to him and is frantically waving her hands all
around looking for something. she finds his hat and grab it
as fast as she can but by that time ayumi reaches her and
kagome quickly stands up and places his hat behind her
back. ayumi asks what she is doing. kagome just laughs very
nervously. just then inu yasha gets up rubing his head
saying, ooouch that hurt. kagome eyes suddenly take up her
whole face as she looks at him. inu yasha and ayumi looks
at each other curiously for a while. and then the view
showing kagome (her hands are on her head her eyes take up
half her face she looks as if she about to die) she is
spinning in a dark vortex thinking, oh no i am finished X_X
ayumi grabs her hand and tell kagome to prepare to sing
since its about to start. ayumi pulls her away and act as
inus appearance didnt matter at all. inu is still on the
floor rubbing his head looking confused. as kagome is being
pulled away by ayumi she drops his hat and start yelling
"nooooooooooooo". her mom, souta and grandpa start
cheering, BANZAI BANZAI BANZAI (banzai means 3 cheers good
luck etc etc) BANZAI BANZAI BANZAI (u start hunched over
and raise ur hands over ur head, repeat, repeat) (inu did
"the banzai" betterin ep 90 LMFAO) inu yasha is still on
teh ground looking confused as ever. as kagome is still
being pulled by ayumi down teh stair she wonder why ayumi
didnt make a fuss about inu yasha's appearance. they then
reach the hallway on the lower floor and EVERYONE is in
these weird costumes. kagome has a weird expression on her
face as she now understands why ayumi didnt make a fuss,
inu yasha actually blends right in. kagome smiles and sighs
with relief and a tear appears i her left eye. just then
ayumi turns to her and points an acusing finger telling her
to save those words until the recital has finished
sucessfully. ayumi reminds her forcefully that her solo is
very important. kagome smiles nervous and says, eh ok. then
while ayumi isnt looking sweat appears on her face. she has
a freaked out expression as she covers her mouth thinking,
oh no i completely forget X_X ayumi tell kagome to hurry
up. kagome runs after her. back with inu yasha he is
outside looking for the himono. his arms are crossed and
says he will find and destroy these weak himono without
kagomes help. inu yasha stops walking in between the stands
of food games etc.. and wonder where the other 3 are
hiding. inu yasha tries to pick up on their scents but all
he can smell is all the food in the stands. sweat appears
on his face and he has the funniest annoyed expression
saying, i guess i cant sniff them out. LOL. he then notices
someone passing out curry (remeber ep 82 and 98 LOL) he
begins thinking, iiiiiiiiick that stuff burns my tongue.
inu yasha turns and runs in the other direction b4 the man
carrying the curry catches up to him. (moron LOL) kagome is
in line in her choir outfit ready to come onto stage. she
ponders about leaving to fight but then feels bad and
thinks that with her gone it would mean everyones hard work
would have been for naught. ayumi is the first in line
looking very excited. kagome looks up to the sky wondering
what she should do. inu yasha is runnig through the grass
wondering where that himono went to. he continues running
and looking around. back with kagome's family grandpa is
very focused also looking for where the himono wentto.
souta starts doing "iron reaver" in a VERY pathetic way.
LOL. the mother is cant seem to get enough os souta and
covers her mouth again about to giggle. the view moves back
and u can see all 3 of them sitting at a table. souta being
an idiot is still doing "iron reaver". the waitress comes
and their drinks and comment on how cute souta is. grandpa
just looks annoyed. now back with kagome. she is on stage
right infront because she is a soloist. grandpa fins a
place to stand so he can watch her. he then calls mom and
souta over to his spot. ayumi raise her arms about to start
conducting. there is a view of the whole choir and they all
look ready to perform. ayumi lowers her hands and begins
the recital. ok the words in )( 's are whats happening
and the regular words are what they are singing.

that which can be seen over there.
is in the light of the shikon (they show individual member
of the choir singing their hearts out)
even in pieces
its power is still the same (still showing individual
member singing)
even on humans and demons
its power gradually works (view of kagome singing)
even through the ages (kagome gasps)
it illuminates the land (she notices a flower-like himono
rustling through the bushes in the backround)
even on humans and on demons (kagome ponders what she
should do. just then her solo comes and her singing she
sounds good, she has a funny expression on her face think
this isnt the time to be singing)
its power gradually works (kagome thinks that if hse leave
now ayumi and the rest of the choir will get in trouble)
even through the ages (ayumi is happily conducting)
it illuminates the land (kagome thinks and if that happens
they will never lend her notes ever again. *oh yeah and
thats the end of the world. rolls eyes* )
that which can be seen over there (view of hte demon and
kagome thnking she just cant let it roam free)
is in the light of the shikon (ayumi happliy conducts while
kagome thinks, notes... or demon notes... or demon)
in order to become one (kagome cant take it anymore and
jump up to go after the demon but just then inu yasha find
it manipulates fate (inu uses iron reaver on it which
disentigrates it)
now, hte last shard, shine in peace ( u can see inu yasha
in the backround and yellos sparkles around him rising into
the air. kagome watches.)
in order to become one (inu yasha stands up smiles and
watches kagome proudly. awwwwwwwwe)
it manipulates faith (tears on the tips of kagomes eyes and
she is so happy that he destroyed it ad happy to seehim)
now the last shard--- shine in peace (kagome thinks, thank
you ^_^)

the recital is over and kagome is back in her school
clothes. she is running beside inu yasha. they are both
determined to find ad destroy the others. inu yasha says
that this owuld be easier if there werent so many scents.
just then eri calls out to her. inu and kagome comes to an
abrupt stop and turn around. but b4 kagome can react to
anything she is being dragged to the stage by eri and other
girl. inu yasha is just standing there, blinking, and
looking awfully confused. back with kagome she is in hre
escargot pudding costume (light pink dress with golden
crown) sitting on the floor. there is a close up of her
face and she looks both anxious and pensive. she has the
tip of her thumb at her mouth as she thinks, now that it
has come to tihs i guess i have to finish the play early.
eri walks up to her (she is in a green dress) and smiles.
she tell kagome that its alright and that she shouldnt be
so nervous. kagome tells her that she isnt nervous. eri
spread her arms (here we go with her acting over dramatic
again) and tell kagome that once the curtain rises she will
no longer be kagome anymore but escargot pudding. a
sweatdrop appears on the back of kagomes head. eri grasps
kagome hands and looks forcefully into her eyes telling her
that if she pretend to be the character the line will come
out naturally and for her to have more faith in herself.
another sweatdrop appears on kagomes face as she smiles
nervously saying, thanks. eri says innocently, oh and..
(kagome looks up at her confused and eri now has a
vengefull tone as she glares with kagome with such hatred)
if u mess up i will NEVER forgive u. (kagome now has beedy
eyes, 2 large swetadrops and a freaked out expression. now
eri sounds all innocent again) ok then good luck ^_^ eri
waves to her as she leaves to get ready. just then houjou
calls out to her from behind. he is in his blue costume
holding a pumkin. he smiles and waves to her as he hands
her the pumkin. kagome is confused by the gift. he tlel her
that he heard that if u dont want to get nervous on stage u
should eat this. kagome is confused as she thinks, instead
of eating this are u sure i am not supposed to think of the
audience as pumkins. houjou runs away waving goodbye. she
reaches her hand out to him and says his name softly. he
continues to leave as she thinks, houjou i cant eat this
raw. back with iu yashe he is running outside teh school
running and looking for the demon. back with the rest of
kagomes family grandpa has his paper charms out ready to
strike the demon. souta is still doing "iron reaver" in a
very pathetic way. the mom isjust giggling at them as she
watches. teh view moves back and it turns out they are
fighting people in costumes. back in the audience where
kagomes performance is about to start they show kagoes
family sitting in the audience and ayumi and yuka. they are
all excited to see her. the lights dim and the audience is
in complete darkness as the curtain raises up. the fisrst
set is aliving room. kagome walks in from the right calling
follows her as she walks to the middle of the set. eri runs
out and says hurriedly, oh here i am miss escargot pudding.
eri has such a nervous expression and is thinking, what is
kagome doing? she is skipping 7 pages of dialogue from teh
get go..... kagome has a fan in her right hand. she
extends her right arm as she says with emotion, what do u
mean to do? i don't mean to be abrupt about this but i
want ot get married now!!! (kagoem abruptly turns
completely away from eri aka josephine) you will find me a
suitor yes? there is a closeup of kagomes face. her fan
is covering some of it. but u can see sweatdrops near her
right eye. and in the backround u can see eri looking
completely confused. kagome is thinking to herself, sorry
but i have no choice. eri (josephine) repsonds nervously,
ewll, yes, but... cant isnt that something that can be
taken care of later? just then kagome abruptly turn back
THAT U CANT CARRY OUT MY ORDERS?!!!! eri suddenly begins
to run off stage saying loudly, O-OF COURSE NOT I'LL TAKE
CARE OF IT RIGHT AWAY. as eri runs offstage she trips and
the whole audience laughs at her. ayumi is cracking up and
yuka asks her, uuuh ist this supposed to be a tear filled
luv story? ayumi ponders for a bit and tells her, who
cares, it's really funny. yuka looks up and says, yea i
guess ur right. ayumi comments on how wonderfully kagome is
doing. now the set has changed. it takes place in a forest
and houjou has joined her on stage. houjou says with
feelings, ESCARGOT PUDDING (he opens his arms) TO ME U ARE
A MEUNIERE (a way to prepare seafood u would usually roll
the food in flour) A TSUBOYAKI (a shellfish cooked in their
own shells) (houjou closes his eyes and makes a fist and
swings it infront of him) OR EVEN A SASHIMI (a thinly
sliced raw fish) (houjou opens his eyes and arms again)
*ok this play is really messed up LMFAO* kagoem clasps her
hands together and look at him wit luv i her eyes and says
LO.... houjou(pierre) interrupts his eyes are closed again
he has his hands i a fist and says, wait no dont say it (he
opens his arms again *man is that all he can do* ) NOW COME
INTO MY ARMS. *slow motion starts* pierre and escargot run
to each other with open arms saying each others name.
sparkles fly all around them. the jumps into the ari about
to fall into each other arms when *slow motion done* inu
yasha bursts onto stage saying he found the demon and just
as quick as a flash of light punches the stage and smoke
flies everywhere. houjou and kagome get knocked back and
eri is watching form backstage completely horried wondering
that is happening to her play. the smoke raises and the
disappears. inu yasha gets up growling and kagome is
surprised to see inu yasha standing between her and houjou.
inu ysaha glares at houjou and demands to know who he is
(well at least they finally met ^_^) by this time a
spotlight is over inu yasha now. houjou is still on the
ground freaked out and is lost for words of how to responds
to this. kagome thinks to herself that she MUST do
something. she quickly gets up and grasps inu yashas arm
saying with emotion, STOP IT. (she softens her tone and
looks away from inu) please dont fight over me. (she looks
into inus yashas eyes and says forcefully) PLEASE STOP IT.
inu yasha is looking so confused and asks her, uh *blink
blink* what are u saying? kagome looks forcefully at
houjou and inu yasha and whispers to both of them to just
go along with it. inu yasha is still confused. houjou gets
up and tells her that he undestands. kagome pleads, oh
please hannabart pekopon (inu yasha) (kagome turns away
sadly) i am the one at fault (she turns back to him) SO
PLEASE DONT BLAME HIM. inu is still confused and says,
han....? pekopon...? kagome suddenly reaches her hand out
and says in a pleading voice, PLEASE LEAVE PIERRE. (inu
suddenly turn around to houjou and has an even more
hilarious confused expression) I CAN'T GET U INVOVLED IN
THIS. (kgaome looks determined as she thinks that this is
going well and all she has to do is make up so more lines
adn finish this) houjou looks determined as well and says
forcefully, NO I WON'T RUN AWAY. (kagome makes a hilarious
"say what" expression) GET AWAY FROM ESCARGOT (kagome has
her hands up to her left side and has another funny "say
OFF OF HER HANNABART (houjou has hands open as he thrust
his arms out to his sides. then he makes fists.) i
challenge u to a duel to determine who is the better man
for escargot. (houjou thrusts out his sword and holds it
defensively infront of him. inu yasha also takes out his
sword. (kagome makes a funny nervous expression and wonders
how things turned out like this) just then the stage
begins to rumble under there feel and a biting watermelon
himono slowly raises from undreneath the stage. inu is glad
that the himono finally showed itself. kagome has that "oh
no i am ruined" look again. she thinks about all her hard
work and thinks that now everyone knows about the demons.
but hte whole audience is very excited the are cheering and
are very impresses with the "special effects". (kagome is
surprised that they didnt figure it out yet) souta cheers
for inu yasha as the rest of the audience wonders how the
did those "special effects" . houjou smiles and says, hmph
it seems as though our fight has postponed to another day.
(he faces teh demon defensively) inu yasha also turns to
the demon defensively smiles and says, heh you have been
saved. houjou charges after the demon about to strike it.
kagome clasps her hands to her cheecks and makes another
hilarious worried expression thinking, what are u doing
houjou? thats real? (kagome begins to yell) INU YASHA, I
MEAN PEKOPON DO SOMEHTING. inu yasha readies to strike and
tells her that he is waaay ahead of hre. he uleashes a
wound of wind attack onto the demon and kagome has an
embarrassed smile, tear droplets on teh edge of her eyesand
her hands out infront of her as she thinks, why... why did
u have to do such a flashy move. there is an explosion ad a
large hole is created in the rooftop of the stage. the
wound of wind attack hits the demon and it disentigrates.
houjou looks up at the hole in shock. kagome has a funy
embarrassed expression and inu yasha is looking pretty damn
proud od himself. just then kagome grasps inus yashas arm
and pleads, Pekopon please take me and run. (she points to
the hole in the roof) take me to the other side of those
skies. inu yasha makes a funny confused expression. his
eyes twitch as he says, are u sure ur ok? kagome eyes
suddenly take up half her face as she glares at him
demanding him to listne to her. a large sweatdrop appears
on teh back of inu yashas face as he agrees. inu yasha
jumps up into the air carrying kagome. as she soar higher
and higher she waves down to the audience with a smile and
says, goodbye everyone, i , escargot pudding, am freed of
all constraints and will live happily. goooooood
byyyyyyyyyyye. there is a very long pause. houjou is just
standing on stage staring at the hole in teh roof. the
audience is also in shock, then one girl stads up and
applauds. after that eveyrone stands up and does the same
thing. the play gets a standing ovation. they are all quite
impressed. one says in shock? wow and this was a play done
by middle schoolers? other people say they cant wait for
the next one. eri is backstage in tears and says as if she
was very touched, that was wonderful kagome. it's a total
success. back outside with inu yasha and kagome, they are
running. kagome is catching her breathe saying that she was
scared at one point but feels that it all worked out. the
ground begins to shake right undre them. inu yasha says
that there is no doubt and it must be a demon. he then
smiles and says, if this one can cause a natural disaster
(he looks up) then this one's gotta be better than all the
others. there is something on the rooftop. kagome asks if
he can see it. inu points to it and tell her he can. the
runs after it but when they finally reach it they both have
hilarious "say what" expressions. somehow they forgot to
draw inu yashas nose in this part. inu yasha just keeps
blinking as he looks at it. kagome is likes, uh this is a
demon?? its a large fish demon it jsut keeps wiggling like
a regular fish does out of water. back in the school
everyone has very shocked and confused expressions. inu and
kagome are standing behind the fish demon. the fish demon
is chopped up and has be served to eat. the demon is still
wiggling. everyone is creeped out and wonders if its still
alive. yuka says sarcastically, well i guess we have our
main dish. grandpa comments on what an amazing culture
festival it has been. her mom tell her she did a great job.
souta is still doing "iron reaver" in a very pathetic way.
its sunset now , inu and kagome are walking beside each
other on the sidewalk. inu yahsa is wearing his hat again.
kagome sighs and whines as she looks up into the sunset,
aaaaah this day way too long. (she rests her head) i am so
tired. inu yasha has his arms crossed and says in a
surprised ticked off tone, what are u talking about, that
was nothing compared to dealing with naraku and the
shichinintai. a sweatdrop appears on her face and she
makes a weird smile and thinks, i meant something else too
but... inu yasha looks at her and asks if she is done with
hre errands now. kagome repsonds, well, yes, but... inu
quickly tells her that they should get going. kagome being
stupid asks where. inu explains that they have to get back
and look for shikon shards. inu yasha makes a fist and
looks determined saying that they cant keep letting naraku
have his way. kagome smiles and syas, yes ^_^.
after the credits we see naraku hovering over the swamp.
juts then water in a smal circle begins to bubble. the
bubbles rise higher and higher until we see mimsenri (the
guy withteh long ears). he tells naraku that he heard it
(the last jewel shard) it was very faint but he did hear
it. he alerts him that it is too dangerous just to reach
and grab. naraku being very blunt says, dont keep me
waiting or i will kill u. (he has a vicious look in his
eyes) tell me where is the last shard. mimisenri tells him
that the last shard is in between this world and the
afterlife. (the view begins to get really really close to
mimisenri) naraku is shocked by his words and ponders it
for a bit.
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Ok this is actually what happens I saw it. The pot boils over and 4 demons are around the school. Kagome is not of much help in killing the demons because her friends keep dragging her away to get ready to sing and act. Yes they do see Inuyasha but they think hes just in costume. But yea so there are some funny parts but I’m only going to describe one of them, and that’s when Kagome is acting as the heroine in the play and Hojo is the hero. Inuyasha sees them going together and jumps on stage and starts yelling at Hojo!! Kagome is having a mini freak out on stage but since theres nothing she can do she acts like this was supposed to happen. It takes Inuyasha a while to figure out what Kagome is doing but Hojo gets it and he pulls out his sword and is saying stuff like he should back away from Kagome! Inuyasha pulls out his sword and then another demon comes on stage! Hojo goes to kill it but inuyasha uses Kazi no Kiza and kills it. Everyone in the audience starts clapping at the “special effects”, Inuyasha makes fun of Hojo because Inuyasha killed the monster, and Kagome freaks out because now there is a hile in the roof. With one last line she tells inuyasha to carry her out through the roof and the whole audience is happy because of the good ending. Kagome and Inuyasha find the last demon, a pathetic fish demon who can do nothing but flop on the ground. So they cut it up and serve it for the school to eat as part of the Home Economic section.

This episode is hilarious there are so many funny parts you should watch it if you can!
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
i dont think that kikyo and inuyasha was making out and i really dont think that sesshumaru would give that "BROTHERLY" ADVICE

the reall thing is that when dried yokies started pumping around school inuyasha hurried back (offcourse worried about kagome )
and started getting rid of them until he ran into one of the above the school roof and ............................ well you know the rest from the above summeries .

Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The dried youkai are on the rampage around the school. Kagome still has her duties with the choir and drama production, so Inuyasha has to take care of the youkai himself. Thankfully, since it's a festival and half the people are in costume, his appearance does little to attract attention. Plus, the youkai are weak and relatively harmless. However, benign or not, Inuyasha goes all-out when fighting them, and ends up doing more property damage than is really necessary. But, all's well that ends well, so he and Kagome make plans to, well, use the well. Meanwhile, Naraku discovers the location of the final jewel shard.
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
okay... i just saw inuyasha episode 128 so here's the real summary!

first, they demons are accuring since the "food" got touched my the

boiling water. now kagome's at school and the demon walks up behind

her and she doesnt notice...den inuyasha and her family visits the

school and inuyasha sees kagome and behind her is the youkai. he kill

s the youkai. then kagome seems to have to sing and inuyasha once

agen saves the day by killing the youkai b4 being noticed. now kagome

is in a play. she and houjo is about to hug wen inuyasha appears.

i have no idea wut he says but he seems to be pissed. kagome, afraid

the play would be ruined, continues the play in a diffrent way. den

the youkai appears den inuyasha kills the youkai. the audince thinks

it's all part of the play so ..they're clapping like crazy..so

everything goes alright. den there is another youkai and it's a huge

fish so...it didnt cus much trouble. kagome and inuyasha walks on

the side walk..and basically dat's it.
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I don't know much japanese- well, Everything is being set up and when they enter the home Ec room to find it distroyed...So they raid a groccery stare. The family comes to school, so does Inuyasha which I caight Kagome yelling, "What are you doing here!" But Inuyasha is wearing his famous baseball cap, but as he takes it off, Ayumi comes to kidnapp Kagome to go sing. In a panic to try to think of how to hide Inuyasha, she falls on him and they crash to the ground. Ayumi sees his ears, but think nothing of it. Kagome finds out that many are dressed up in costumes. Inuyasha walks about, watching out for youkai, when he smells food. I think he paniced because he ran off. At first I thought to ask Kagome for money, but Kagome and the choir sing a Japanese randition of, "Joyful Joyful" When she see's a youkai in the bushes, she is torn between going to the Youkai or sing. When she's about to leave, Inuyasha slashed it from behind and In a dreamy frame, Kagome sees Inuyasha as her hero and yells, "Arigato Inuyasha!" Then it's time for the play... Eri, and anothet girl drag Kagome from a sad and confussed Inuyasha, (it's kinda sad :(( ) But Kagome proceeds with the play. Then the part where Hojou and Kagome run to eachother, but right when they are about to embrace, Inuyasha busts in, sees Hojou and growls, "Teme..." And I didn't catch the rest :( But Kagome starts to act and tries to get Inuyasha to play along. Houjou starts to act then he draws his sword...resulting in Inuyasha drawing testaiga. Kagome is seriousl freaking out, The guys in the crowd are cheering, but then a youkai bardges in. Hojou tries to attack it, but fails, so Inuyasha getsy and does, "Kaze no Kizu" which puts a hole in the roof! But Kagome has Inuyasha end the play by carrying her off through the roof. The crowd stands up and roars after a moment of confused silence. As Kagome and Inuyasha make their exit, they see a youkai on the roof. They go to check it out and they stand with comical, confused faces as it turns out to be a gaigantic fish. They serve it up at the festival and...Thats about all I remember. I can't wait till I see it subbed!
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well in this episode is a continuation of episode 124. You see that Kagome took home with her some dried demon pieces that turn into a live demon when you cook it. (Thankfully the demon is not very strong at all). At Kagome's school, they're having a cultural festival and sadly Kagome got stuck with hard tasks for her constant absents: The lead singer of the choir, cooking all the food, and the star of the play. She had no choice but to agree to do all this.

Kagome took the dried demon pieces to her school to cook it since she needed to bring in something unique for the festival. Kagome left them to cook and she nor other people noticed anything strange with the dried up food since they were way too busy preparing for the big night.

Inuyasha (With Shippou and Sango's help ^_^) finds out that Kagome took those dried demon pieces to her school and he goes quickly to her time since he knows what happens when you cook them. He doesn't find her at home so she goes to her school (Knowing she's doing the play and all). As he runs to Kagome's side, he gets seen by A LOT of people. When Kagome's performing in the play, the demons come in to attack anyone they see. Thankfully, Inuyasha crashes in and saves the day while still being seen by even more people!

This episode is really funny because many people see him and stare at his ears while trying to touch them (And we all know how Inuyasha doesn't like that). Kagome's friends start to think Inuyasha is Kagome's boy friend....
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I am pretty sure that the summary previously given is incorrect. Episode 128 does not even come on in Japan until October 13th. The part about Kikyo cannot be right because it would disregard about 20 chapters in the manga. These chapters deal with the group moving on until they have a run in with Naraku which is ended by an unknown arrow. Everyone suspects that it is Kikyo, who is still alive, but very injured. The only person who can save her is Kagome, which is a very important choice she will have to make.
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
[[okay i just read the 2 episode summaries about KIKYO and inuyasha making out and kagome seeing that..AND that SO does not happen in ep. 128.. i mean inuyasha kinda think kikyo's dead]]

WELL in this episodeInuyasha is in kagomes time! and if you watched episode 124, u see that kagome took home with her some dried demon pieces that turn into a live demon when you cook it. (its not a strong tho) At kagome's school, there having a festival sorta like thing and kagome's the lead singer of the choir, cooking all this food, and the star of the play (haha wow). Well kagome took the dried demon pieces to her school to cook it for the carnival and stuff. and they started to cook them, but no one paid attention to it cuz they were busy i guess. AND so inuyasha finds out that kagome took those dried demon pieces to her school (and he knows what happens when you cook them) so he goes to her school~ >_< and he gets seen by A LOT of ppl. Also, when kagomes performing the play, the demons come in so inuyasha crashes in and saves the day..^-^
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
(WAZ UP? OKAY PREPARE OF THIS)Inuyasha is making out with KIKYO!!!(I thought she was dead!?) Kagome sees and she runs back 2 the well. Inuyasha hurries and puts on his clothes and runs after her, he grabs her at the well, she continues crying and says" I hate u Inuyasha! I never want to see you again!" Kagome jumps in the well and Inuyasha has a sad look. Kikyo says"arnt u glad shes gone and now u and i can be together without pests hanging around.." (big time b1tch right here!!)Inuyasha sits down on a rock.Bak with Kagome, she is getting ready to go to the fighting school festival, she leaves and her freinds ask her wats wrong. Sesshomoru begins talking, Inuyasha says "wat do u want?" Inuyasha tells Sesshomoru what happened with Kagome and that he pissed her off more than ever. (u shouldn't have been kissing a b1tch) Sesshomoru tells Inuyasha to let her think about it and let her calm down before he goes to say soryy cause if he doesn't then he'll have to take the full blow... Inuyahsa asks y sesshomoru is helping him, Sesshomoru says he just feels like it. Bak with Kagome, shes with her friends at the festival and her friends ask her whats wrong and she runs off crying...(this is sooo weird) she runs into Inuysha.(inuyasha in the human world, what a sight that'd be to see LOL)
Just as she turns around, he grabs and says sorry in a calm passionate way.(he dont mean it he just gonna turn around and do it again!!)He says that she can't expect to forget about Kikyo, adn he asks her to come bak to his time with him. Of course she says yes!?(she is stupid! this is suppose to be where u slap him!!)
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
^^^ These reviews are obviously false because Inu Yasha just found out that Kikyo "died". He doesn't realize she is alive until later on. Read the Manga, I know anime is different but it's not that different. Think about it
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku has vanished with most of the Shikon Jewel but the whereabouts of the last missing shard eludes him and everyone else. Taking advantage of the lull, Kagome returns home with a gift for the family: a package of 'hoshimono' (dried food) gathered back in the feudal era. Kagome settles back quickly into the comforts of home but she’s preoccupied with thoughts of Inu-Yasha. When she left him, he was acting too nice and it worries her. Her troubled thoughts evaporate when Kagome arrives at school the next morning. The school is in a turmoil preparing for a cultural festival. Kagome's three friends, Eri, Yuka & Ayumi, browbeat Kagome into joining their festival committees: chorus, refreshments and the class play. Kagome is quickly over-whelmed by her new commitments. On the other side of the well, Inu-Yasha and the others wonder why Naraku kidnapped Kagome, and conclude that he can't find the last missing shard without her help. In a dank swamp, Naraku visits Mimiseri, a demon with powerful hearing. Naraku orders Mimiseri to listen for information about the jewel shard and keep him advised. While Naraku enlists another ally, Inu-Yasha, Miroku and Sango dolefully ponder their own options. It's a depressing scenario: Naraku has most of the jewel, Koga has two shards, and then there is the jewel shard that keeps Kohaku alive. Sango is troubled by Kohaku's fate if Naraku gets the last shard, but Inu-Yasha reassures her they'll succeed. Inu-Yasha then notices Shippo munching on something strange. It also draws Sango's attention. Disgusted, Sango snatches the snack away from Shippo, telling him it's bad for him and eating it may make him sick. Back in Tokyo, festival preparations are in full swing when tragedy strikes: the soloist for the chorus gets sick and Kagome is recruited to take her part. The school play's leading lady injures herself and Kagome must take on her role. Last, but not least, Kagome's kitchen chores become challenging. Pushed to the brink by stress, Kagome hides out on school's roof where she bumps into Hojo. As they chat Hojo confesses his crush on Kagome, but his declaration falls on non-existent ears -- Kagome left, abandoning Hojo as usual. After her break, Kagome resumes her festival duties with new enthusiasm, even sharing her special hoshimono with the refreshment committee. Meanwhile, Inu-Yasha runs out of patience and goes to pick up Kagome. At the Higurashi house, Grandpa is finding the hoshimono tough to chew and decides to boil it to make it tender. As the hoshimono bubbles away a hideous steam demon is released. Grandpa continues to read his paper, blissfully unaware of the threat. Inu-Yasha arrives in the kitchen just as the creature is about to pounce, clobbering the vaporous ghoul. Peace is restored to the Higurashi home until Kagome arrives from school and finds Inu-Yasha waiting for her. They pick up the threads of their usual argument and Kagome is relieved, happy Inu-Yasha is back to normal. Waiting back at the well, Shippo prepares to snack on hoshimono he's hidden from Sango. He heats it when the hoshimono explodes into a demon. Sango rescues Shippo from being eaten by his own snack, and confiscates the remainder of the hoshimono. Shippo confesses he got the stuff from Kagome: it was part of the dried food she took home with her. Sango, Miroku and Shippo peer down the well, wondering if Inu-Yasha will encounter hoshimono-related problems. In Tokyo, the school festival begins. The food is cooked, rehearsals are finished and kids are in costume. In the Home Economics room, a lone pot boils over, splattering hot water on Kagome's package of hoshimono. As the festival events heat up, so do the demon sealed within the hoshimono!
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this ep.(hold your breath !) you will see inuyasha and thewitch kikou MAKING OUT!that is so stupid! kaome see's the horrible scene and runs away,inuyasha puts on his clothes.then he runs after her!(why bother!you did all that stuff infront of your future girl friend!)then it shows kagome at the well with inuyasha running after her.Inuyasha says please kagame..stop,kagome turns around and says "i hate you i don't ever want to see you again!"then she jumps down the well.thewitch come and says"aren't you glad she's gone? now we can live together forever!"(yeah you wish!)inuyasha jumps off.kikou stands there alone laughing evilly.(geesh what a slut!)now it show inuyasha.somehow sesshomaru's voice comes along.inuyasha says,"what do you want?!" inuyasha tells him about kagome and how she saw something she was not suppose to see. His bro tells him about letting kagome cool down then go talk to her.inuyasha in a wierd way tells him that why is he helping him. sessy(ha ha!i always laugh when i write or say that!)says that because he feels like it.and leaves.then now they show kagome with her friends.and some fightng festival.kagome's friends asks her what's wrong? she then turn and run away. the wierd part was she bumped into inuysha.he tells her that she can't expect him to forget about kikou and asks her to go back to his time.(don't asy yes kagome!)the sad thing is that she said yes.of couse! (sniff sniff *cries softly*)I REALLY HATE KIKOU AND INUYASHA IN THIS EP. AND FEEL SOOOO... SORRY FOR KAGOME!
Episode Summary for Episode 128 - The Dried Youkai and The Fighting School Festival. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
in this episode (brace yourselfs) you see inuyasha and kikyo making out!!! and kagome watches in horror and runs back to her time.inuyasha sees her trew a mirror in the room and puts on his clothes and runs after her kikyo gets very angry at this.inuyasha catches kagome by the well and tells her to stop in a kinda sad voice.kagome stops and turns around and stares very saddly at inuyasha and yells,"i hate you,i never want to see you again!!!" she jumps into the well and crying very very badly.inuyasha stands there very upset.kikyo apears and inuyasha stares at her and kikyo says,"arnt you happy shes gone? now we can spend are lifes together." inuyasha turns and jumps away and kikyo smiles evily.inuyasha sits on a rock and thinks and says, "that was a huge mistake." you here sesshomaru voice saying,"What was a huge mistake? you. inuyasha says,"yay,me." sadly sesshomaru is very confused (There going to have brotherly moment.) sesshomaru says,Whats the real reason?" inuyasha says, "you know kagome, shes angery at me." sesshomaru says, "so what." "She saw somthing she really shouldnt of."said inuyasha. sesshomaru says, 'I wont ask you what she saw, but if its as bad as i think it is let her calm down then talk to her and dont yell or get mad." inuyasha says, "why are you helping me!" "maybe i feel like it." and sesshomaru leaves. inuyasha goes of and a demon appears and inuyasha defeats the dried demon eaisly.to kagome shes going to school and their going to have a fighting festival with another school kagomes freinds ask her whats wrong? she runs away and runs into inuyasha shes about to turn back but inuyasha grabs her and tells her to wait in a calm voice.kagome stops and is crying inuyasha says,"im very sorry you saw that but you cant expect me to forget kikyo can you?" kagome says, "i can exept that and i do forgive you i know i cant change your feelings for kikyo." inuyasha says, "so will you come back with me." kagome says, "yes."