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Episode Summary for Episode 129 - Cho Kyukai and A Plundered Bride. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
the sky is swirling with dark energy. there are several male villagers waiting in anticipation down below, holding their weapons defensively. inside one of the building a mother and daughter are hugging each other as if this was the last time they would see each other. the father is kneeling defensively infront of them ready to strike if necessary. the girl sounds slightly sad and scared as she says, father....mother.... tonight we must part. the mother tries to reassure her daughter as she says in her ear, don't worry, everyone is protecting you. the father turn to them and says in a determined tone, we wont let a demon who transforms people, take you away. just then a villager from outside alerts everyone that the demon has arrived. the view shows the clouds over the building where the family is. the sky darkens and the clouds begin to swirl as if forming a tornado the villagers gasp and get their weapons ready. just then a tornado comes down. one villager gasps and steps back as he sees it coming closer to the ground. the second the tornado reaches the ground a loud booming voice says, WHERE IS MY BRIDE? the mother gasps and the daughters eyes swell with fear as they look towards the tornado within the tornado 3 figures can be seen. one is small and all you can see is its outline and glowing yellow eyes, one is very large and all you can see is its outline and glowing red eyes, one is tiny, all you can see is its outline resting upon the left shoulder of the largest one, and you can only see its glowing white eyes. the larger one demands to know where his bride is and slams his weapon onto the ground. the ground begins to quake and the villagers scatter running in terror. the larger demon raises his weapon and then forcefully slams it down which causes an earthquake attack. the earthquake attack moves forward until it collides with the building with the family inside. the building collapses. the mother and father are lying unconscious on top of the wrecked building. the daughter is on her knees, she has her hands over her eyes as she cries. she lifts up her hands and looks slightly confused. the demon comments on how beautiful she is and a tiara falls on top of her head. suddenly its as if the fear disappears from her eyes, her eyelids fall until they are in a resting position. the view moves to the large demon in the center of the swirling tornado, he eyes still blazing red as he says, you lady, wont you bear my child? (LMFAO). she slowly stands up and says in a soft tone, yes master. the tornado swirls towards her until she is engulfed inside. the demon has just claimed her as his new wife. he laughs wickedly and tornado rises. her parents finally awaken. they rub their heads looking confused as they look up at the tornado. the demon is still laughing wickedly. the tornado continues to rise higher and higher into the sky until it disappears completely. the evil laughter stops and the sky clears up. the clouds become white and the sky turns back to blue. all of the villagers were hiding behind trees and bushes. they finally peak out to see what happened (some protection *rolls eyes* such cowards.) after the title screen you can here birds tweet in the background. the view shows kaede's place. her voice interrupts the tweets of the birds as she says in a shocked voice, WHAT?!!? A DEMON THAT STEALS YOUNG GIRLS?. the whole group is sitting down. kaede is facing a familiar villager from before. the view slowly moves closer to him. he looks as if he has been drained of all hope as he explains, the shrine was broken by a demon who came flying by suddenly. (the view becomes blurry and we are taken into a flashback) *flashback of a large swarm of demons flying around the shrine* the demons trapped inside were released. *after the demons are released a large amount of purple energy rises into the sky towards a specific part with swirling clouds* whenever one of those demons sees a beautiful girl , it asks her to bear his child ( LMFAO THIS IS SO STUPID) *the purple/pink energy rises up to the center of the swirling void and the 3 demons from last time are there* and he takes her away, forcing her to become his wife (image of the large demon about to attack. the villagers around the tornado are terrified). kagome comments on how horrible this is. miroku grumbles as he says in a "how could they do such a thing" tone, hmmm how vulgar, he wants them to bear his children.....how sinful. (such a hypocrite.. isn't he *rolls eyes* ). sango glares at him and responds, and you're in a position to condemn that? the villager continues to explain that the people who refused to hand over their women, their village would get destroyed. kaede comments on how unfortunate that is. miroku, speaking on behalf of the group says, we would like to help you, but we must find the remaining shards first. kagome turns to miroku and says that they just cant abandon the situation and this must relate to the demons that appeared during the hakureizan incident. kaede looks around and asks if there is no one else that can help. inu sighs and gets up. he begins to put his sword away as he says in an "oh well" tone, i guess it's up to me then, i will take care of these weaklings in no time. miroku looks amused, he has his eyes closed and his arms crossed as he says, if inu yasha goes, there wont be any problems. the villagers is grateful and says in a joyful tone, its getting harder and harder to keep the remaining girls in the caves. miroku opens his left eye and sudden becomes interested. the villager continues, we've gathered all the young women from neighboring villages, (miroku has both eyes open now and turn to the villager) and relocated to the mountain caves where they are hidden from the demon's view. miroku then stands up, he closes his eyes and says, i will go with you, it doesnt feel right leaving this up to inu yasha alone (perv *rolls eyes*). just then sango stands up straight and closes her eyes. kagome is confused that sango is coming as well. (baka -_-) sango just like miroku is standing up straight and tall as she replies in slightly harsh tone, i'll go too, (her head is facing infront and her eyes look to the side of her where miroku is) since i am also worried about the girls, (she closes her eyes again) but for a different reason than kitsuke (the villager). they all leave. kagome stop to wave goodbye to kaede while the rest of the group continues to walk on. kagome start walking to catch up to everyone. kaede is surprised that everyone is going. the group is walking in a rocky area by the forest. kitsuke explains that the demon only pursues single young women to be his bride. miroku grumbles, closes his eyes and says, only young single women eh? kagome and sango are walking next to each other. kagome turns to her and says that they cant let their guard down. sango tell her that she wont. inu yasha being the moron that he is, is completely confused to why sango is so uptight. kirara is walking infront of shippo and gazes up at him. shippo is walking beside inu, he has his arms crossed and and eyes close with an angry expression saying, you are clueless as always. kirara meows. kagome sighs. kisuke tells them that the cave is just ahead. kagome looks up. there is a small cave in the middle oc the mountain. inside the cave the only noise heard is the crackling of the fire torches on the wall. they all make their way through the cave until a young woman comes out and sees kisuke. kitsuke smiles widely. the girl excitedly tells everyone to come out since kisuke has returned. a LARGE amount of pretty young women comes out. they are all very happy and exicted that kisuke has come back. inu is watching all these girls and is very confused. kisuke smiles and tell the women they can rest easy because he brought experts on demon extermination. all the girls look overjoyed and excited as they talk among themselves. kisuke assures the girls that they can trust these people the view moves to the right from kisuke to sango and then , dun dun dun, miroku. miroku looks like he died and went to heaven. he has the biggest smile on his face, you will never see him so happy. shippou smiles and says, just look at their personalities. inu grumpily asks shippou what he is talking about. shippo glares up at inu and says he was about miroku. sango is glaring and scowling at miroku. miroku puts his fist to his mouth and clears his throat and then says, now on my way over, i was thinking of a way for all of you to avoid being targeted by the demon, but..... one girl takes a step towards miroku and asks if there is a way. miroku takes a step towards her, looks very serious and says, yes.. just one.... (all the girls gaze happily towards miroku awaiting anxiously for his idea) i heard that the demon goes after single women only, in that case (he has a mischevious smile, and grabs one of the girl's hands and gazes deeply into her eyes) you should bear my child before the demon's Miss, after that he will no longer be a threat. the girl smiles as she gazes up at him saying, aaaah i see. just then sango breaks the mood by saying mirokus name in a slightly angry tone. fear engulfs miroku as he looks back at her. sango bangs just HAVE TO cover her eyes. her fist is shaking with rage as she says in a tone like she is about to explode any moment, you are taking this joke a little too far. miroku laughs in the most hilarious nervous way. a large sweatdropp falls down his head. just then the sky darkens outside. acircular void of demonic energy is swirling in the sky. inu senses it right away and aburptly turns to see what is going on. kisuke is afraid the demons have found their hideout. inu sees that this is the demonic energy he has been sensing lately, it reeks of a wild beast. inu yasha and kagome walk off together to check this out. sango sees them leave and turns to miroku, she then scowls once she sees what he is doing. the girl that he is holding her hand tells him to hurry. other girls in the back say , ME NEXT. miroku has a very mischevious smile and replies, aaah and this is for safe childbirth.... *add pained noise here*. his expression suddenly changes as you hear a "thud" noise. his eyes widen, his pupils become tiny, he looks pissed off. the view back away and you can see sango has hit miroku in the head with her boomerang ( GO GIRL). a large red bump appears on the top of his head. sango demands all the girls to never believe everything they here. they girls looks up at her in a confused way. there is another view of teh void in the sky. inu demands kisuke not let the girls outside. kisuke alerts them that this is a fearsome demon that uses a spear. inu yasha smiles confidently and says he cant wait to see this demon. inu yasha gets a head start running out of the cave, kagome is behind him, and sango, miroku, and shippo on kirara are behind her. there is a closeup of inu yashas face as he runs ahead. he plans to get as far away from teh cave as he can when they meet the demon. kagome looks very determined running behind him. miroku says that if this is a wild beast he (inu) should be able to sniff him out and worries if the girls will be alright. inu smiles and says that if that is the case then the demon will be attracted to kagomes scent. kagome speeds up so that she is running beside inu and looks bashful as she says, i guess i will let this one slide since he supposedly likes young pretty girls. inu replies in a confused tone, young and pretty? (he looks away from kagome) where could one be? kagome glares at him and says, SIT. the view suddenly shows shippou riding on kirara. as they fly you see inu plastered on the ground for a brief second. shippou glares at inu as he passes and says in a ticked off tone, idiots never give up. kirara rolls her eyes and growls in an agreeing tone. kagome runs ahead and stands up on a rock gazes in a very focused way into the sky full of swilrling demonic energy. the wind is blowing her hair slightly. everyone else in the group is hiding behind the bushes watching. a tornado comes down from the void and the same 3 demons are inside, just like before you can only see their onlines and eyes. the larger one says evilly, so did you finally give up bring forth a bride? kagome looks on, she is covering the bottom of her face with her wrist. the dark energy disperses and kagome puts down her arm. there is a closeup of kagome face. her expression went from confused to a funny "SAY WHAT" expression. we finally get to see the 3 mysterious demons. there is a closeup of each one. one looks like a green bird (it has a small golden tiara on its head), the other is a tiny monkey (again with a small golden tiara on its head) and what seems to be a the leader is a gigantic pig (with a tiara on his head. the pig demon chuckles, he is holsing a spear in his right hand. kagome makes a confused sound and calls out to the demons asking them if they are the demons who are looking for brides. the pig demon smiles proudly and asks her to bear his child (*rolls eyes* ). kagome is smiling in a nervous/embarrassed way as she thinks to herself, "now where have i heard that before? " (lol this is so stupid :P) inu says "hey hey" from behind. the pig demon opens his eyes widely as if he just woke up, and stares all the way back to where inu is. inu has his arms crossed and tells the demon that he disappoints him. the pig demon demands to know who he is (his other smaller allies are standing infront of him) . inu yasha begins to whine saying that he expected to fight a fearsome demon and was hoping to kick some ass for a change. miroku closes his eyes and turns downward towards his right. he sighs and says in a dissappointed tone, a pig demon eh? the pig demon suddenly starts charging toward them dragging his allies behind yelling, I AM NOT A PIG!!! I AM A BOAR!!! (he stops right infront of miroku and inu). miroku and inu close their eyes and and drop their heads down slightly. miroku still sounding disappointed walks away slowly telling inu to take care of this demon. inu yasha also sounding disappointed follows miroku telling the rest of the group that they can do whatever they want with this demon. miroku and inu walk away side by side. miroku calls out to sango telling her to take care of teh demon. sango says aggresively, YOU TWO!!! they both stop in the tracks and miroku innocently says, yes? the boar demon taunts them and says, HA, fearing my power you run away with your tail between your legs!!! HOW PITIFUL!! just then shippo steps in. kirara is right behind shippo gazing up at the demon. shippou shouts back defensively, YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S PITIFUL!!! the bird and monkey demon charge towards them. the monkey demon and kirara are eye to eye growling at each other while shippou is having a speedy fist fight with the bird demon. they both back off and glare at each other. the boar demon demands them not to underestimate this chokyuukai. kagome begins to walks towards tha boar, thinking about the name chokyuukai. it seems to sound vaguely familiar to her. this catches miroku and inus attention. they look over their shoulders towards her looking very surious and confused. inu asks if she knows him. kagome shouts back in an annoyed tone towards them, I LIKE PORK CUTLETS BUT I DONT KNOW ANY PIGS!!! the boar demon pulls on his rope which sends his allies flying , falling to the ground as he excliams, I AM NOT A PIG!!! I AM A BOAR!!! NOW LISTEN UP!!! (they show a closeup of the bird demon) thishere is sagojou, a direct descendant of the kenrentaishou who is well known from the saiyuuki!!! (the view switches to the monkey) Over here is a descendant of the honorable seitentaisei, Songokuu!!! (the view switches to him) And, I am Choyuukai, a direct descendant of chohakkai, General of the Milky Way Army!!! In unision, miroku and inu's jaws drop (they have another hilarious expresion) as they both say in an overly confused tone, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?! the boar demon taunts them again saying, (the view shows the back of inu and miroku looking towards the demons) you're all so surprised that you are speechless!!! (the boars tone sounds proud now) i've decided to to follow my great ancestor's footsteps by taking a human bride!!!! ( a big sweatdrop falls appears on inus hair). inu says in a deep funny confused tone, what is this pig saying? the boar does a half anime fall and asks if they have heard of the saiyuuki. just then kagome makes an "i remeber now" sound which cause the demons, miroku and inu to suddenly look towards her. she begins to speak in a tone that sounds like she has come to a realization, so you're the descendant of the chohakkai from teh saiyuuki. there is a closeup of inu and miroku. inu looks at miroku and asks, in a confused tone, if he knows what the heck kagome is talking about. miroku has a funny confused expression and replies, nope. the view switches to shippo. he has his eyes closed and his arms crossed as he also exclaims that he doesnt know what they are talking about. he then looks up towards kagome and smiles saying that he is impressed that she knows so much.. the boar is happy to see that kagome knows about his ancestry. kagome as she gazes at the boar, smiles proudly and begins to explain, the sayuuki is a famous story from china (she closes her eyes, still looking quite proud of herself) in which Sanzou Houshi makes disciples (she opens her eyes. she continues to smile but not proudly this time) out of a monkey, a kappa, and a pig demon. They journey to Tenjiku(India) to retrieve the holy mantras. inu yasha has his arms crossed and he is quite impressed with kagome and says, aaah so you're friends with him? kagome responds in an angry annoyed tone, i like pokr cutlets but i DONT know him!!! the boar demon is very pleased and says happily, you know my ancestry very well, (his tone becomes more horny) and you're very cute. yound lady rejoice!!! i shall make you my bride!!! kagome abruptly responds forcefully, NO WAY. this just makes the boar happier as he says with glee, "no" can also mean "yes" ^_^ i'll make you like me in no time. kagome closes her eyes, put her hands on her hips, turns away and repsonds angrily, i like pork with eggs but NO MEANS NO. inu yasha is scratching his head looking extremely frustrated complaining that he doesnt know what they are talking about. the boar laughs heartily and takes off his thins golden tiara. is suddenly rises from his hand and jets towards kagome. kagome looks frightened and gasps. inu yasha charges to her rescue calling out her name alerting her to watch out. *slow motion* inu yasha leaps and pushes her away kagome falls to the ground while the tiara falls on HIS head. the look in his eyes changes and become very mysterious *slow motion over* (here is my fave part. LMFAO). the instant kagome lands on the ground she leans up and calls out inus name in a worried/concerned tone. inu is hunched over, his hands on the ground. he grunts. but just as he gets up his expression and tone change O_O. inu yasha's tone now sounds like a girl O_O. he looks like he has fallen in love as he gazes up at the boar (i knew he wasnt right in the head O_O). shippo leaps onto of sangos shoulder wondering what is wrong with inu. sango is holding her boomerang looking slightly worried as she calls out to him.(view of inu gazing at the boar) miroku asks inu what is wrong. inu is standing up now, he starts laughing like a giddie school girl, his lovestruck gaze never leaving the boar demon. he begins walking towards the boar demon with his arm reaching towards him saying in a lovestruck girlie tone, maaaaaaasteeeeer. (close up of inu). kagome eyes widen as she looks completely shocked and freaked out as she says in an "ok i think you need some therapy" tone, inu yasha!!! i didnt know you liked guys like him !???!! (he is not gay stupid *rolls eyes*. maybe she was afraid she would have to compete with not only a clay zombie but also a pig for his love. LOL) miroku and sango(with shippou on her shoulder) run to the rescue. shippou says that is not the issue, miroku continues his thought saying it must be the ring on inus head. they tackle inu throwing him to the ground. miroku and sango are on opposite sides on inu as they try with all their might to pull off the ring from his head. they finally get it off. there is a close up of inu, he looks like he just woke up from a dream looking very confused. he looks around wondering what happened. kagome walks over to him and explains that he was trying to be chokyuukai's (boar demon) wife. inu yasha looks comepletely disgusted. miroku picks up the ring, looking very serious and ponders its ability. he assumes that whoever wears it will make them fall in love with the person who put it on their head. miroku suddenly becomes extremely excited and says the he can make any random woman he wants, fall in love with him. sango looks irritated and snatches it from his hand demanding that he not get any strange ideas. she then places it on HIS head. her expression switches from angry to a freaked look. miroku suddenly gets up, his hands are clasped together over his heart (kagome gasps also looking freaked out), chokyuukai's image appears in both of his eyes. miroku also says in a girlie lovestruck tone, maaaaasteeeeeeeeeeeer. inus is still lying on the ground, resting his head upon he fist, looking up at miroku saying sarcastically, oh so it DOESNT make them fall in love with whomever put it on them. kagome is horrified when she figures out that is only makes people fall in love with chokyuukai. miroku starts walking over to chokyuukai. sango runs over to miroku trying to stop him. inu yasha stands up. chokyuukai is sick of all this and tells them that playtime is over. he opens his palm, the ring glows and lifts off mirokus head. it soars over to inu and kagome. kagome gives out a small scream and tries to cover her head. inu yasha chases after the ring. it dodges inus grip the whole time, swooping and soaring all around them. kagome runs behind inu, inu clasps his but misses. the ring goes between his legs and lands on kagomes head. inu looks back and is in shock that it reached kagome and yells, OH SH1T!! chokyuukai extends his right arm in a welcoming manner and tells kagome to come to him. her eyes twinkle, her hands are clasped together over her heart as she says in a lovestruck tone, yes master ^_^ inu yasha is standing infront of her and spreads his right arm infront to block her. he refuses to let such a thing happen. chokyuukai laughs at inu and wicked tells inu that he wont let him interfere. chokuyuukai points up towards the sky. the sky darkens, lighting strikes around him, and a tornado around inu and kagome. we see inu yasha within the tornado he covers his face from teh swirling wind, looks around, and calls out to her. just then the tornadoe lifts up and kagome has disappeared. inu yasha anxiously looks around for her calling out to her louder this time. miroku's stance becomes defensive. chokyuukai is laughing evilly as he hugs kagome. kagome gazes up at chokyuukai and calls him "master" once again. inu yasha has become furious a he shakes his fist. his mouth has taken up half his face as he says in a tone full of rage, YOU B@STARD!!! (inu starts snarling). chokuyuukai is amused and taunts inu saying, you dare interfere?!! (he calls out to his allies as the view switches from him to them) SONGOKUU !!! SAGOJOU!!!(they instantly stand up) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! songokuu (the kappa) and sagojou (the monkey) charge after inu yasha. they abruptly stop when inu give out a roar. terror engulfs them as they look up at inu yasha. inu starts snarling, for quite a while i might add, and then inu barks. INU BARKS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN !!!! songokuu and sagojou scream. sagojou is on songokuu shoulder. songokuu runs back to chokyuukai flailing his arms still screaming. chokyuukai is amused and says, aah so ..... the mutt does have some skill. songoku agrees and nods. kagome is not in his arms anymore. she is beside him gazing up at him looking as if life with him is heavenly. inu yasha has the same expression of rage as b4 as he thrusts out tessaiga, calling chokyuukai a joking b@stard. he smiles confidently as he tells them that he will blow all of them to china. chokyuukai sounds like he is insulted and responds angrily, you should hurry and run off with your tail between your legs!!!! inu yasha charges after him yelling, SHUT UP PIG DEMON. chokyuuai holds his spear ready to striek as he shouts back, I TOLD YOU I AM A BOAR. chokuyuuai strike, but inu blocks. chokyuukai then aims for inus feet, inu jumps just in time and attacks from the air. chokyuukai blocks it and knocks inu back. chokyuukai threatens to hack inu to bits, as he strikes once again. inu blocks it. there is a look of vicious insanity in chokyuukais eyes as he glares at inu. both songokuu and sagojou look on nervously. kagome wishes her "master" good luck, her eyes are still twinkling. inu is surprised by her words. chokyuukai strike while inu is distracted and inu goes flying backwards. chokyuukai spins his spear over his head ready to make his finishing move. just then sango calls out to inu and unleashes her boomerang attack. chokyuukai dodges by jumping backwards and lands behind his allies and kagome. he says that since he has found his bride he is done. wind begins to stir at their feet. chokuyuukai smiles at kagome and tells her happily that they are leaving. kagome obeys and says, yes master ^_^. the wind swirling at their feet rises engulfing them into another tornado. inu yasha runs after them but it is too late, the have already disappeared within the tornado. inu covers part of his face trying to block the wind as he looks up into the sky where the tornado disappears. you can hear chokyuukais laughter echoing from above. inu is pissed at himself for not saving her and yells out to the sky, KAAAAAAAGOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! the view switches to the sky swirling with dark energy but this time it is over a temple. in teh void of swirling energy the tornado come forth and lands infront of the temple. kagome, chokyuukai, songokuu and sagojou all appear. the tornado disperses. inside, on the right there are 4 girls, onthe right side of teh room, kneeling down on a platform,they all have golden rings on their heads, as the joyfully welcome their master, in unision (the bow their head down). teh same happens with four girls on the left side of the room. chokyuukai laughs in a "its good to be a pimp" tone and tells all his women that they will be joined by a new comrade. he is hugging kagome with his right arm. they view moves back, you see the back of chokyuukai, his allies, and kagome, but there are 4 platforms coming out of the wall, each filled with four women. all the girls raise up from bowing to him. chokyuukai turns to kagome and tells her that she will sit at the head of the table since she is a woman worthy of honor. kagome smiles and responds, yes master ^_^. back with inu yasha, he thrusts his sword into the ground. the sky over there is bright and all the dark energy has disappeared. shippou walks over to him and innocently asks if he is ok. inu says in a tone as if he is trying to prevent his anger from escaping into his voice, sh1t..... right now (inu shakes with rage)(close up of inus face, he has an expression that looks like he is engulfed in all the emotions surgin through his body) ....kagome is.....(image of kagome and chokyuukai looking like they are deeply in love as tehy embrace each other, smiling. roses surround them) (back with another close up of inu yasha, rage fills his face and his voice) I LET MY GUARD DOWN!!!! (he snarls). sango walks over to miroku and tells into to calm down. miroku sounding pensive says, i heard he came from the mainland (china). We might not be able to defeat him with our country's extermination methods. (he reaches into his robes and pulls out a paper charm and gazes at it) i have a sacred fuda from the mainland with mantras written upon it.... (close up of the paper charm) if we use this we might be able to.... sango asks in an slightly concerned tone if they can find his hideout. inu has finally calmed down and says that they can if they follow his scent. inu turns to miroku and alerts him that since kagome is there they cant do anything rash. sango agrees. (close up of miroku) miroku tells them that he has an idea. he has a mischevious smile as he says, shippou, lend me your ear. shippou jumps onto mirokus shoulder. miroku starts whispering something into his ear. we cant understand it at all. everyone is curiously staring at them. the view shows inu with his back facing us onthe left. sango looking at miroku on the right, and miroku and shippou in the center. shippou sounds as if he just came to a realization and says, aaaah so there is such a way.... i never realized it. miroku looks over at inu and then sango, he smiles as he tells them that this plan will involve them as well. there is a closeup os shippou, he looks very determined and says that he will do his best. back with kagome, she is sitting a the head of the table, in the center of the room with chokyuukai. all the other girls on the platforms have turned to see him. kagome is holding a vase like container, chokyuukai drinks from a large red bowl. after he finishes he has a refreshed expression as if like cant get any better. kagome has her eyes closed and is smiling. chokyuukai smiles and asks one of the girls to dance for him. he laughs in another "its good to be a pimp" tone. just then a distance voice grasps his attention. the young female voice asks "i beg your pardon" once again. chokyuukai looks every excited to hear such a lovely voice. he and kagome runs outside to see who it is. standing outside is a young women, she is wearing a hat with a long veil (sorta like a small curtain) going around its edges. chokyuukai asks her what is wrong. she sweetly responds, i am lost and in a slight bind. (close up of her face but you can only see her lips*with red lipstick on them* because of the veil blocking the rest) i would like to request a place to stay for the night. chokyuukai does another "its good to be a pimp" laugh and says in an excited horny tone, instead of one night, why not 1000? he jumps off the ledge and lands one level done, right infront of her. he looks at her from different angels trying to get a peak at her face. he then demands that she show him her face. now there is another close up of the mysterious girl, but this time her veil isnt blocking her face. its shippou in female form!!! (he looks better ass a girl O_O) shippou says in a bashful tone, my... i'm embarrassed. (the view switches to his/her ass and shippous tale appears). chokyuukai brings his head back looking slightly confused. inu is hiding behind a tree and sighs as he says this plan wont work. chokyuukai seems not to notice shippous tail pop out of nowhere and says in an excited tone, i like you!! will your bear my children? shippou smiles and says in a bashful tone, my...... back with inu yasha, miroku and sango. they are all peaking at shippou and chokyuukai from behind trees (inu and sango) and behind bushes (miroku). miroku is in shock that chokyuukai hasnt figured it out yet. sango stops peaking from behind the tree, closes her eyes and says, well either that or he is a sick pervert. (LOL) inu yasha looks at kagome watching chokyuukai from above. inu yasha leaves the tree and and sneaks off to save her. chokyuukai rubs his hands together in anticpation, he has an expression as if he is gonna take his first bite of a thanksgiving turkey, saying excitedly, now, now... enough small talk (he extend his arm towards his hideout in a welcoming manner) let us move inside. there is a close up of shippou, something is horrib
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The Inuyasha gumi deal with Chokyukai, a Chinese boar demon who has been freed in Japan and is taking control of the young women in a village to be his wives. He even takes control of Kagome.
Episode Summary for Episode 129 - Cho Kyukai and A Plundered Bride. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Village women are being abducted by a boar youkai called Chokyuukai, who was released by the youkai who escaped Mount Hakurei. A man named Kisuke comes to Kaede for help, and Miroku jumps at the chance to rescue women in peril. However, Chokyuukai uses enchanted headbands to make women fall in love with him, and ends up ensnaring Kagome. In order to get her back, Shippou disguises himself as a prospective bride to gain access to Chokyuukai's fortress. Inuyasha removes Kagome's headband and has her shoot Chokyuukai with a sealing arrow, returning him to imprisonment.
Episode Summary for Episode 129 - Cho Kyukai and A Plundered Bride. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
ok, I don't know much Japanese, so bare with me. Ok breif summary. Young girls from villages have been disappearing. Inuyasha's group found this guy that tells them the situation. Miroku is in heaven when they go to a cave that is filled with women I think the guy is hiding them from the kidnapper. The group goes off, I want to know what he says, but when they are running, inuyasha says something and Kagome "sit"s him...But they find out it's a boar-youkai that is taking young girls to be his bride and he controls them with gold headband terra things. When he tries to put it on Kagome, Inuyasha knocks her out of the way and gets crowned. He gets starry eyed and this scene becomes very 65-ish. Inuyasha is all starry eyed and flaunty over the boar guy calling him Master...LOL...They get it off him but then Sango accidently puts it on Miroku, so he's all starry eyed for the boar youkai. Finally it flies around and gets on Kagome. Oh, I forgot to mention, this guy uses whirlwinds to travel and steal stuf...like Kagome. Kagome is standing by the boar guy and flaunty over him, calling him master. When Inuyasha threatens him, The boar sends his two minions...a turtle/bird thing and a monkey. When they run toward Inuyasha, He makes a quick sound to stop them, them he growls and...

INUYASHA BARKS! HE ACTUALLY BARKS! I almost fell out of my chair!

But they run, the boar fights Inuyasha, Inuyasha gets caught off guard by Kagome cheering the boar on... The baor runs for it with Kagome, Inuyasha is mad beyond belief. Then Shippou becomes a big part of the plan.

At the guy's castle, he has lots and lots of women. Shippou transforms himself into a women and tries to destract The boar while they get Kagome. The boar gets a bit valgur, making Shippou freak out and untransform. Finally they get the thing off Kagome and oh yah, they have one of those spells on a paper...ack I can't remember what they are called, But with that and one of Kagome's arrows, they defeat him, free the women, whom Miroku is being...**clears thrat** Poor Sango. But the women actually show dislike to Miroku.LOL, but the guy from the begining shows up, all the girls run to him and ther is a last gag with Miroku...

That was a very poor summary...but you'll just have to see it yourself..but...

INUYASHA BARKS! AFTER ALMOST 130 EPISODES HE ACTUALLY BARKS! It's not like a real dog bark, but it's a bark....lol
Episode Summary for Episode 129 - Cho Kyukai and A Plundered Bride. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
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