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Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
InuYasha,Kagome,Shippo and Myoga are travelling in a boat on a river. Suddenly,a young girl named Nazuna falls off a cliff by the river,and InuYasha goes and catches her. Nazuna doesn't like the fact that InuYasha is a demon. She tells Kagome and Shippo about the demon who attacked her,a SpiderHead. Kagome suggests that they should help destroy the demons,but InuYasha refuses. Kagome finds this odd since he is usually willing to check things out. Nazuna says that she doesn't wish to recieve a demon's help,and she starts to climb up the cliff to leave. She falls.

They assist Nazuna back to her home,a temple run by her foster father who is a monk. Nazuna tells him that she is sorry for bringing a demon home. InuYasha wants to leave,but the priest convinces them to stay the night.

Kagome is really curious about InuYasha's strange behavior. She asks if he's afraid of spiders,and he says no. Suddenly,a bunch of SpiderHeads attack the temple! They captured the monk,who tells Nazuna to save herself. InuYasha tells Kagome and Shippo to run away,and he'll be right behind them. Kagome notices that the Tetsuiga hasn't transformed! The SpiderHeads get an upperhand on InuYasha. Shippo uses fox fire to burn away the spiderwebs and they run away.

They find a safe place in the forest. Kagome asks what is going on with InuYasha,and he removes the spiderwebs to reveal him with black hair! Everyone is shocked. InuYasha was human! Myoga explains that all half demons lose their powers every now and then,and that InuYasha's time was when there was a new moon. The bushes start to rustle,and Nazuna comes out panting. She asks InuYasha to go save the monk. He first refuses,and Nazuna notices his countered appearance. Kagome then realizes that she left her pack with the jewel shards back at the temple. InuYasha tells Kagome and Nazuna to stay put,and hands Kagome the Tetsuiga. He and Shippo go back to the temple.

InuYasha and Shippo go back to the temple to find that the monk was a SpiderHead all along. The battle between InuYasha and the SpiderHead begins. Shippo tries to gather the jewel shards,but some of them are swallowed by the demon. The demon then poisons InuYasha. Kagome and Nazuna come back to the temple. Nazuna is shocked that her kind master was a demon all along. Kagome goes to save the poisoned InuYasha. She saves him,and they all retreat to a small room. Myoga tells Kagome to thrust the Tetsuiga in the door,which keeps the demons out for a while.

InuYasha is suffering from all the poison. Myoga sucks out the poison,allowing him to live. InuYasha asks Kagome why she was crying and she told him that she was afraid that she was going to lose him. He asks if she could lend him his lap,and tells Kagome that she smells nice (aww). Suddenly the demon broke into the small room and got the remaining shards,and grew much more powerful. The sun rises,and InuYasha regains his powers and slays the demon with his powered up Tetsuiga. They retrieve the jewel shards,which fused inside the demons body.

They drop Nazuna close to her village. InuYasha and the others leave. Kagome wonders if what InuYasha said to her was just her imagaination. She wants to ask him,but decides not to.

Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts out with Kagome in her time at school. The school boy (that her friends seem to like) comes up and askeees her if she will gto out with her. She doesn't want to really but her friends convince her to. So then she goes back in the well. Then Inuyash,Kigome,and Shippo on a boat(Shippo is very sea sick by the way). Meanwhile Inuyasha spotts a girl falling so he goes to save her. When she finds out that inuyasha id part demond she freaks. She brings Inuyasha,Kagome,and Shippo to her "master". So he envited them in and makes the girl make the some food. Then he suggests that they stay for the night. Inuyasha doesn't like the idea but Kagome preasures him into it so they stay. Then the man mentions poisonouse spider heads around that area. So Inuyasha goes outside and sits there. Then Kagome comes out there and says "I know whats wrong". Then Inuyasha says "You do"(now he's nerviouse). So she says your afraid of spiders. Inuyasha declairs that he is not. Then he sees spider heads and trys to fight them off, but his tetsiga won't transform so they cover him. When he pulls the spider webs off his hair is Black. Then his little "friend" comes out of nowhere saying that every half human half demon goes through a point in there life where they turn into a full human. So Kagome fake crys wondering why he didn't tell her. He says because yall wouldn't of come with me if you would of known. Then Kagome comes to shocking discovery that she left her bag back at the place. So Inuyasha is like just get a new one. Then she says (in a frightened because she knows how inuyasha is)the jewl shards are in it. And ofcorse his reaction is WWWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT!!! So he gives the tetsiga to Kagome and takes Shippo with him to go back and get the jewels(even though he isn't as powerful because he is now a full human). So they go back to find A GIANT SPIDERHEAD. Which is also known as "master". So the girls is upset to find that her "master" is a spider head. Also since Inuyasha doesn't have much power he is kinda defenceless. But he still has alot of power. o the spider head takes shippo and turns him upsidedown shaking him of his shards and then eats them. The giand spiderhead also ate Kagome's shards too. So he tries to get them back but the spiderhead gets him and poisens him. Meanwhile Kagome comes and slices Inuyasha free with tears flying off her face. So inuyashas little "friend" sucked the poisen out of inuyaha by his neck and says that the rest is up to Inuyasha. So Inuyasha asks in a faint voice "why did you shead tears for me" and she says "because i was afraid i was going to lose you."(Awwwwwwwwwww) So then he says "if it's not too much trouble may I lay on your lap. So she says "yes". So then he says "your scent is nice", and thats when she gets freaked out. She says "I thought you hated my scent." Then he says "I lied." Then he gets his powers back by the sunset and defeats the spiderhead. Plus the shards that the spiderhead took from them are now molded into a 1 bigger shard.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
ok so inuyasha,kagome and shippo r on dis boat in dis river the camera views in to the group and it shows kagome. u can hear kaogme is enjoying da sceen.she's just like wow look at the view look a fish!inuyasha said we don't have time time to look at this we'll never find the jewel fragments if u guys keep this up.kagome's like aye aye mon-cappy-chan,on the look out for the shards of the shikon jewel!then u can see shippo is at the back of the boat being sea sick with swirly eyes and stuff like dat.inuyasha sees shippo and is like shippo,u call ur self a demon?shippo's like i'm not trying to.then they all see spider webs kagome:r those spider webs and shippo is as u know useless so he is and inuyasha is standing up on the boat now and slashes at the webs and look at it at his hand.myoga sum how got on inuyahsa's shouder and says master inuyahsa,what matter on spider webs r these inuyahsa said:nothing to be too conserned about.

then da group hears the sounds of bushes so they look up above the cliff dats above dem and they see a girl and some thing thats attacking her.inuyasha's just like is that a demon?
then the girl says keep away from me and falls off the cliff.
inuyasha beening the hero,jumps up from the boat and catches the girl,kagome says good catch inuyasha and snaps her fingers.
the girl says thank u,u saved me from certin death. she looks up and sees his ears and freaks out and smacks inuyasha while saying,un-hand me demon!by this time inuyasha landed and since the girl smacked the "demon" and they both end up in the river.

after the group is sitting down by the bank by the river,inuyasha is mumbling sumthing doing sum arm exersie to dry off while the girl ,kagome and shippo r sitting more father away from inuyasha.
kagome says to the girl think of this as preserved herb for ill-ness
while spraying some kind off healing stuff on the girls arm.the girl says her name is nuzuna(i'm not too sure and srry bout the spelling...)and that the spider heads are visious demon that parilize humans in their webs and devor them alive it's terrible!several villages have already been attacked.kagome is like u can say that again... then she says inuyasha we've gotto help.inuyasha's hair
is still web and he says any sigh of the jewel fragmeants?kagome said no i didn't think of that until now.inuyasha is jsut like well i wanna cross these mountains before night fall.
nuzuna said thank u for reminding me y i detest demons good bye and she walks up to the nearest cliff and grabs the vine and start to climb.the vine snaps and nuzuna falls to the ground.when she dose,kagome put her hand toghether and she said why not showing that old fashoin shillery?

it shows the group climbing up stairs to a temple and they reach teh top and nuzuna is on inuyasha's back he's piggi backing her and there's a preist standing and he said nuzuna r u injurd?
nuzuna elbows inuyasha in teh face and runns to the priest and said yes master,the spider heads attacked me while i was attending to the
grave sites.then the "master" tells the group to stay over for the night and nuzuna is like no master! he tells her to make dinner for the kind guests she goses and the preist says dat nuzuna's parents were attacked and that her parents were killed by them.
the group stays in at the temple.

it at evening and every one is eating shippo is useing kagomes back pack to lay his head then kagome said hey inuyasha,wats the matter?inuysha is saying it's nothng,then kagomes like hey i know wats going on...
inuyasha has this so u do know and is like hmm...
then kagome is like i know ur afaid of spiders! shippo is like hey whos afraid of the big bad spider?and pops into a spider inuyasha pounds him to the ground and says i'm not afaid of spiders..
he gose out and comfirms he's staying-sleeping out side tonight
and then he looks out side and says damn!,we're sourronded and the spider heads attck inuyasha pulls put tetsauiga and attacks.

inuyasha was covered in webs and kagome pulled him out of there and he saids damn leave me along kagome wat has gotten into u?
they pull out the webs and they figure out that he transformed in to human myoga explained and then kagome forgot her back pack so inuyasha went to go w=get it on the accont that she left the shards in there so they find out that the master was a spider head leader and then the group came they hidd in a room and inuyasha asked to lay on kagome's lap she agreed and inuyasha said she smelled good and that he was lying saying she smellt bad they beat the spider go happy happy joy joy and inuyasha changed back and said bye th nuzuna and went on the boat one more...
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts with Inuyasha,Kagome,and shippou on a boat Shippou is very seasick swirly eyes and everything,anyway they see this girl falling off a cliff inuyasha jumps and saves her she yells somthing and pushes inuyasha into the water.Later they are walking with the girl and they(Kagome and Shippou)are talking to her.The girl sees her orphan father and apologises that she brought back a demon.He says that it is ok and asks if they want to spend the night.Kagome begs until Inuyasha says yes, by this time Inuyasha is acting very restless.They appear in a little hut and are talking to the girl again.She tells them thet spider heads killed her real parents.Now Inuyasha is acting VERY strange.Inuyasha says he will sleep in the woods.Kagome gets up and says I know what is wrong with you.Inuyasha gets a oh crap she knows look on his face,and responds by saying you do!?She says yeah........your afraid of spiders!Inuyash falls over and declairs he is not afraid of spiders.He looks out the window and notices there are a crap load of spider webs all over the place outside.Just then the girl comes running and there is a huge spider behind her Inuyasha jumps to save her and gats sprayed with web on the head(convenient)Kagome and SHippou grab inuyasha and flee to the forest.they set him down kagome tries to get the web off of inuyasha's head.He moves back and tells them to leave him alone.When inuyasha takes off the web they notice that he doesn't have his fangs,claws,or his adorible ears,and his hair is black.Totally shocked by the new appearance kagome asks what happened.Myoga comes out of nowhere and says that every half-demon goes through the process of becoming a human once every full moon.Shippou lumps on his head and starts to play around.Inuyasha says he is lucky he doesn't have his fangs and claws.Anyway Inuyasha goes back to save the girl.he gets sprayed with poisen and Kagome yells noooooooo(pretty dramatic scene)and starts to cry.They bring him into a hut and start to help him.Whaen inuyasha wakes up he asks if he can lye on kagomes lap.Kagome really freaked out says ok.He then tells her thet she smells good kagome is freaking out and remembers that he said he couldn't stand her smell earlier.He told her he was lieing when he said that.Later inuyasha asks why she was crying earlier,and she says she was afraid she would lose him.He told her not to shed tears for him.Just then a spider comes in and drops the tetsuiga and inuyasha catches it.I fell asleep after that so sorry all I say was the end when Kagome was staring at half-damon inuyasha and he says she is really ticking him off.Kagome wonders if inuyasha ment what he said.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome is at school when she starts to talk to her friends.She says she has to leave,and her friends suspect that it is another guy.Kagome runs off,and runs into hojou.He insists he take her out Kagome says yes.Then she runs off to the well and leaves.Later Kagome,Inuyasha,and Shippou are sailing on a boat.Shippou is seasick and inuyasha is making fun of him.Then they see a girl fighting off a demon,and she falls off the cliff.Inuyasha jumps and saves her she opens her eyes and sees inuyasha and yells spiderdemon.(i can't remember the girls name so I will call her little girl)anyway she knocks inuyasha into the lake.Later they start to talk to the little girl and she tells them that her parents were killed by spiderdemons and now she lives with her master.it starts to turn sunset and inuyasha is getting a little restless.Kagome thinks that inuyasha loves fighting demons when he gets the chance.Then they see the little girls master,he invites them to stay the night,but inuyasha says no,and the little girl isn't complaining.Kagome and Shippou beg and inuyasha says yes.Night falls and inuyasha is more restless then ever kagome is really suspicious.Inuyasha gives his tetsuiga to Kagome and she sets it down.Inuyasha gets up and tells Kagome he will sleep in the forest.She stands up and says she knows what is wrong with inuyasha.He gets worried and says you do?She says yeah...........YOUR AFRAID OF SPIDERS!Inuyasha has the most rediculous look on his face and says I am not(lol)just then inuyasha sees alot of spider webs and wonders why he didn't notice them before.The little girl comes running when her master is a spider.Inuyasha is about to do iron rever soul stealer when he gets blasted with web on the head(covering his hair)Kagome picks him up and flees to the forest.She is about to take the web off of inuyasha's head when he backs up and yells DON'T TOUCH ME!Inuyasha takes off the web and they realize he doesn't have his fangs and claws.Myoga appears and says that every half-demon goes through the process.Shippou jumps on his head and giggles.Inuyasha says your lucky I don't have my fangs and claws(lol)Inuyahsa goes back to the castle.The spider demon poisens him.Kagome started to cry.and dragged inuyasha into the hut,myoga sucked up most of the poisen.Inuyasha Started to gain conciousness.he asked Kagome if he could lay on herlap and she said sure.Inuyasha said that she smelled good then kagome remembered when inuyasha said she hated her smell,and she reminded him he said he was lieing(AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW)Inuyasha asked why she was crying back there she said she was afraid she lost him.He told her not to shed tears for him.And he passed out.She started to call his name.(by the way shippou was unconcious at this time)Just then the spider demon came in and dropped th tetsuiga Inuyasha still unconcious caught it.Then the monster takes inuyasha and says he will devour him.Inuyasha starts to become half-demon again and defeats the monster.Later you see inuyasha,Kagome,and Sippou on th boat again waving bye to the little girl.The little girl tells inuyasha that not all demons are bad but inuyasha says that all of them are bad.Kagome stares at inuyasha and wonders if inuyasha ment what he said.He turns around and tells her she is really ticking him off.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome, Inuyasha, and Shippo rescue a girl whose village is being terrorized by a vicious spider demon. Taking the girl home, they meet her foster father, a priest who has taken care of her since the spider demon killed her family. The priest urges them to stay the night, but Inuyasha looks worried, though no one knows why.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts with Kagome and her friends. Kagome says she has to leave her friends suspect its a boy. Then Kagome runs into Hojou. And he insists he takes her on a date she says yes. Then Inuyasha goes to get Kagome and she asks if they will be back by Saturday (the day of her date)Inuyasha says yeah and asks what a Saturday is. Later they go on a boat, and Shippou is very seasick Inuyasha starts making fun of him. Then they see a young girl fighting off a demon. Then she falls back and Inuyasha leaps and saves her. She says thanks and then yells spiderhead and knocks Inuyasha into the river.Then they start walking to the girls house. When they got there the girl's trainer says they can spend the night Inuyasha is acting very strange. Kagome asks Inuyasha if they can, he finally says yes. Later that night Inuyasha asks Kagome to watch his sword she says sure and sets it down. Kagome talked to the girl about the spiderhead she tells them that the spiderheads killed her parents. Then Kagome notices Inuyasha's strange behavior. Then Inuyasha says he will sleep in the forest.Then Kagome says she knows what is wrong with him Inuyasha gets nervous and says ''you do'' Kagome replys back yeah... your afraid of spiders. Inuyasha yells back 'I AM NOT'! then sees a whole bunch of spider webs. Then CRASH a huge spider comes out. Inuyasha tries to fight it but it sprays him with web(all over his head)Kagome and Shippou take Inuyasha to the forest. Kagome tries to take the web off of his head Inuyasha moves forward and yells don't touch me'! Then Inuyasha takes off the web and his hair changed from silver to black He doesn't have his fangs or claws his ears are like Kagome's. He is a humane said Kagome then myoga came out and said that every Half demon turns into a mortal. Then Shippou jumps on Inuyasha's head Inuyasha picks up Shippou and says 'your lucky I don't have my fangs and claws and throws shippou on the floor.After they head back to the castle to get the tetsuiga mortal Inuyasha, Kagome,and Shippou try to defeat the spider head then the spider shot poisen at Inuyasha he passed out Kagome started to cry then her and Shippou grabed Inuyasha and ran into the hut. Inuyasha was sweating and woke up he asked Kagome if he could lye on her lap.kagome said yes. She asked if that felt better. he said much. Then Inuyasha said that she smelled good then kagome said, 'earlier you said you hated my smell'. Inuyasha said he was lieing.Then he asked why she was crying earlier she said she was afraid she would lose him.Then Inuyasha fell uncosious again. Then the spider ripped off the roof and had the Tetsuiga in his mouth,he dropped in and Inuyasha(still uncosious) caught it.then the sun started comeing up and humane Inuyasha turned back into Halfdemon Inuyasha. Then he quickly sleighed the demon.Kagome kept looking at Inuyasha, and he asked what. Kagome said he told her she smelled good. Then Inuyasha said he was lieing. THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode starts out with the school bell ringing, and then Kagome getting her backpack off her desk. Her friends yell at her, saying she is on cleaning duty also. She promises them she will make it up to them, and then runs for the door. She runs into Hojo, who asks her on a date. Her friends grab her into a huddle and make her say yes. He tells her he will pick her up at half past 6, and she remembers the past. Then, shes standing next to Inu at the well and asks him if they could be back by Saturday, and he says the chances are fair to moderate if they are lucky. He then asks her what a Saturday was, and she sighs.(lol)

Now Inu, Kagome, and Shippo are in a boat. Shippo is seasick, which makes InuYasha mad, and he tells him to act like a demon. InuYasha also tells Kagome to stop goofing off, and she salutes him. They soon see spiderwebs, and InuYasha grabs some with his hand and looks at it. A girl is falling, and InuYasha jumps from the boat and grabs her. She tells him thanks, but then sees his doggy ears. She screams, and tells him to unhand her.(lol) They both fall into water, and now Inu is really ticked. Nazuna (sp?) tells them that there are Spiderheads that roam the mountains, and they attack villages. Kagome seems a little freaked, and asks Inuyasha if they could go after them. He replies if they dont have a shard, no.

InuYasha ends up carrying Nazuna to her Priest guy, and he asks her if the spiderheads got her. She tells him no, that she had to rely on these demons. InuYasha turns his head. The priest, or her "master" asks them to stay the night. InuYasha is a little reluctant, but agrees. They are soon eating dinner, which Shippo enjoys. InuYasha is staring outside, and Kagome comes up to him, wondering whats the matter. She tells him she knows whats wrong, and he gets a funny face. "You`re afraid of spiders!" She yells. Shippo comes up and turns into a spider, and says "Woah whos afraid of the big bad spider?" and InuYasha crushes him to the ground. (its sooo funny!)
InuYasha gets up an walks outside, where he sees spiderheads. They come up, and he starts to fight them, but the Tetsiega wont transform.
InuYasha gets covered in spider webs, and Kagome drags him off into the forest.

There, she pulls the webs off, and discovers he has black hair. Shippo jumps on him, looking for his ears. Myoga tells Kagome that every half demon has a time where they lose their powers. Myoga asks Inu why he didnt tell them, and Inu says they would have left him. (awww) Kagome says what about me, and he yells at her and tells her he cant trust anyone, and its not her its just the way he lives. Kagome starts crying, and says, "So much for being able to lean on close friends." InuYasha tells her to stop crying, she calls him a dohead, and they start arguing. Nazuna shows up, saying that her master has been taken. Kagome remembers that she left her backpack there, and InuYasha tells her to get another one when she goes home. She tells him the jewel shards are in there, and he screams. He gives her the Tetsiega and tells her to stay there with Nazuna. He grabs Shippo and heads back to the masters place. Back there, the master has turned into a half spider thing, and is going through Kagome`s backpack. He finds the jewel shards, but an arrow hits the glass and they go everywhere. Shippo grabs some, but the master gets more. He shoots web everywhere, and InuYasha is stuck to a pole thing. Kagome and Nazuna show up, and Nazuna is shocked. The master bits InuYasha, infecting him with poison. Kagome starts climbing the web, and cries. InuYasha tells her to save herself, and she says no way. He sees her tears, and then she grabs him, and falls to the ground. They run into another room, and jam the tetsiega into the door.

Myoga runs up to InuYasha and sucks the poison out. Everyone is asleep except Kagome and InuYasha. InuYasha wakes up when Kagome wipes his face. He turns to her and asks her why she was crying. She tells him she thought she was going to lose him. He replies, "you shed tears for me..." he then asks her if he could lay in her lap. She looks surprised, but says yes. (I WOULD TOO!) He then tells her she smells good, and Kagome is confused. She tells him he told her that he hated her smell. InuYasha agrees, but he tells her he lied. She looks freaked, but he is asleep. Next thing, the big spider master is attacking the house. She grabs Shippo and turns into this huge spider. Nazuna gets mad and starts hitting him. He grabs her, and calls her a fool. Then we hear InuYasha say that she is strong, for a human. Spider master guy grabs InuYasha, and tells him he will eat him. InuYasha starts to transform back, (which is really cool) and attacks the spider guy and kills him.

InuYasha, Kagome and Shippo are back at their boat, and are telling Nazuna bye. She tells InuYasha that not all demons are bad, and he says all demons are bad. She tells him he will be in her prayers, and he says whatever. Kagome stares at him, and starts to wonder if he meant what he said. InuYasha turned around, and told her she was ticking him off. She half rolls her eyes, and Shippo once again, is seasick. It shows the sky, and you hear Shippo throwup on InuYasha and Inu screams really loudly.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
They rescue a girl then they stay at there house for the night even thou inuyasha disapproves than during the night inuyasha opens the door and sees giant spider demons. So they run for it while inuyasha is fighting but he is about to turn human so he cant smell as good or be as strong as he usably is so really is a human at that moment with half demon looks. But kagome relies inuyasha is not transforming tedsiga. Inuyasha gets trapped by a web so kagome pulls him free but he is COVERD in spider webs so you CANT SEE his face or HAIR. Then when they get to the safety of the forest kagome tries to pull the webbing of his hair and he said “DON’T TOUCH ME!” so ksgome says what’s wrong and inuyasha says “SHUT UP!” then he pulls the webbing of his head his hair I black so kagome says :inuyasha your hair, its black.” And inuyasha says “I KNOW OK” then meoga talks about that every half demon turns into a human one in a while and that inuyasha turns every time there is no moon. Kagome figures out that is the first of every month. She asks him why he did not tell her and he says “Because I’ve never told none if one of my inimees fund out they could attack me when I’m most venerable I can’t trust none.” So kagome cries because she thinks inuyasha can’t trust her so inuyasha makes this weird face and tells her it’s just how he lived. Then kagome goes my backpack I left it at the temple so inuyasha says so get a new one then kagome says its not that the jewel shards are in it I’m sorry I’ll make it up to you. Then inuyasha freaks out he gives her the tedsiga and says” here take this it will protect you it wound do me enemy good now.” And he runs into the night to get the jewel shards from the temple than they find out that the man that owned the place was the spider demons in discussed so he tries to fight it but kagome walks in the door as some as inuyasha was pined up agents a pillar and the spider demon was going to eat the jewel shards so the spider demon injected poison into inuyasha while shippo gathered the jewel shards that lay on the floor then the spider demon he shot poison web at her inuyasha screamed but the tedsiga protected her from the web and she jumped to cut inuyasha free and in slow mo you see tears come from kagome. She cuts him loose and they run into a room where the little girl showed them and meoga told them to wedge the tedsiga into the door so kagome did and the spider demon was looked out but inuyasha was not breathing so meoga sucked out the poison and got as fat and big as shippo! Inuyasha is still lying on the ground but he is breathing. Then he says “kagome?” and she replays “yes what is it inuyasha?” he says” can I ask you a favor… may I lay on your lap?” she is stand but answers yes so you see them with inuyasha’s head on kagomes lap then he ask why she was crying and she says it was because she thought she was going to loose him then he’s like you shed tears for me kagome no one before has done that for me then he’s like you smell good so she’s like wait day ago you said I had a terrible scent, and this is so sweat he says I was lying then she is shocked and looks down but he is asleep. Then it is the next morning and the tedsiga falls out of the door so the spider demon cruses the building and inuyasha gets up and is like fight me and everyone ells s like shocked so the spider demon is like ok I’ll devour you human and inuyasha says don’t be so shore he turns half demon and kills home then they find the jewel shards fused together then they are at the river and the girl is like thank you inuyasha you will be in my prayers and inuasha is like what ever so they are flouting down stream and kagome is behind inuyasha and she wonders if last night was a dream then she thinks about asking him when he says watt are you staring at me for because its really ticking me off and ,and in her head she says then aging some things are better left unsaid then it ends.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
basically kagome is in her time going back to inu's time. inu,kagome, and shippo are on a boat and find big spider webs and then hear a scream. inu saves a girl from a demon and the demon slapped him into the water. inu and friends go to the temple where a old monk lives that takes care of the girl. the monk asks the girl to make dinner. he apologizes for the girl she had lost her family by spider demons and is afraid. at night while eating dinner inu finds spider demons and tries to kik their ass but tetsusaiga wont transform. they run into the forest and inu is pissed he takes off some webs on him and his hair is black. myoga tells kagome half demons turn human once a month.inu turns human at the new moon and kagome gets pissed that inu didnt tell her. suddenly the girl comes and begs them to save the monk and kagome says she left the shards in her bakpak and inu has to get im back.he goes with shippo and it turns out the monk is the leader and he poisons inu suddenly kagome and the girl come. kagome rescues inu and they all hide in a room. myoga suks the poison out and while everyones asleep inu asks kagome if he could lie in her lap. she says yes and while laying down inu says he likes kagomes smell. suddenly the monk attacks and swallows the shards. everyones scared but inu as he transforms back (its morning) he kicks the dam spider big ugly ass. then they get back on the boat and sail away. the end
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First, it starts out with Kagome at school. Her friends tell her not to leave because she has clean up duty. she tells them she'll make it up to them later. just as she's walking out, she bumps into HOJO (OOooOoooooOO They got it goin ON! heheheehehehhehehe) as she bumps into him, a bamboo thigy pops out of a package (Hojo's Package ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo) (IM Nuts.) Hojo then asks Kagome out to a movie. her friends tell her that she absolutely MUST go. She then remenbers that she has to go back to the feudal age.

She then asks Inuyasha if they can be back by saturday. Inuyasha says that its likeley. He then asks Kagome what Saturday is. Then he drops her down the well

They are riding down a river in a small boat. Kagome is having a lot of fun and Inu tells here that there not there to have fun. And Then Kagome gives him an "Aye Aye capitan" And says she'll look out for shards of the sacred shikon jewel. And Shippo is seasick. Inu tells shippo to act more like a demon and stop being seasick. Then inu gets ally and tells both of them to snap to it and look for shards. After that inu sees Spider webs. Kagome is really freaking out. He tears one down and sniffs the air. Myoga jumps up and asks him what kind of web it is. They see a girl dressed in green on th etop of a cliff get pushed off by an unknown thing with eyes... She is all screaming in stuff cuz she's falling. Inu catches her. SHe thanks him for saving her from the demon the she realizez inu's ears. She gets all freaked out and stuff and yells DEMON BEGONE!!!!! She smacks him across the face. And he lands in the water.

Kagome sprays some stuff on the girls cuts and tells her that its preserved herbs for ailments. Inu is pissed and is drying himself off. The girl explians that it was a demon spider that knocked her off and it also killed her parents and destroyed all her village. Kagome tells inuyasha that they should help get rid of all the demons. Inu asks her if she sensed any shikon shards and kagome said no. Inu then refused to hel explaining that he wnated to get through the mountains before nightfall. The girl, Nazura, tells them that it wouldn't sit well with her if she was left in the hands of demons. SHippo tells her it would sit better with them if she showed them some gratitude. She the get an attitude and calls shippo an insolent beast. She climbs up a vine and it breaks. She lands on he rhead in the bushes.

They take her to the temple where she lives. Inu is carrying Nazura on his back and they both look as if they detest eachother and have disgusted faces. An old monk comes out and asks Nazura if she is ok. Nazura smacks inu again and runs to him. Nazura falls down and the monk tells her he was afraid spider heads would get her.

they stay the night the monk is realy the lord of the spider heads and takes the jewle shards and turnes into a big ugly monster inu becomes human because of the new moon int the end inu bocomes normal again they beet the living crap out of the monster and the jewl shards fuse together to become one. and then they leave.
----------------------------the end-------------------------------
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well, when taking a gurl named nazuna home the old dude knew inuyasha's darkest secert.inuyasha,kagome,and shippo along with the temple were attacked by spider heads. inuyasha tried to fight them off but for some reason the tetsiaga wouldnt transform. then inuyasha lost so they had to run and when they found a safe place to rest inuyasha was a human!!! but he had to go back to get the shikon jewel shards kagome left in her backpack and to save the old guy. but he was the leader of the spider heads and inuyasha was poisoned. so shippo called for help and kagome saved inuyasha becuase the tetsiaga's aura protected her. inuyasha and kagome got all lovey dovey with each other after myouga(cant spell)sucked all the poison out and everyone went to sleep. inuyasha was asking kagpme why was she crying for him and if he can lay on her lap. and he also said to her," you smell good" but worse came to worse nazuna pulled tetsiaga from the door and the swords aura went away and it wasnt able to protect the gang anymore. but things got better when inuyasha became a demon agian(half-demon) and saved the day.
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Kagome is in her world and she is about to leave but her friends stop

her she says she'll make it up to them and that she has to meet

someone .Her friends start whispering and ask her if she has a

boyfriend and she says"no , I'll make it up to you I promise!"She's

about to leave when she runs into Houjou andhe asks her out she says

yes(stupid what about Inuyasha)she goes home and before going in the

well asks him if they'll be back by Saturday he asks her

when Saturday was.Next they're in a boat Shippo gets seasick and

Inuyasha makes fun of him then a girl falls of a cliff and Inuyasha

catches her she sees his ears and tries to get away and knocks them

both into the water she says she was being chased by spider demons.

they take her back to where she lives .The preist who takes care of

her asks for them to stay the night they do and later on they're attacked by spider demons (they call them spiderheads so I'll just call them that)Inuyasha starts fighting them off but the Tetsusaiga
doesn't transform.Inuyasha gets covered in webs Kagome takes him out
and they run away .the girl goes to see the preist was caught .Kagome ,Shippo ,and Inuyashaare somewhere away from the place Inuyasha still has webs on his head Kagome tries to take them off butInuyasha tells her to back off he takes off the webs and his hair is black and he doesn't have ears Myouga explains that he turns human every new moon .the girl comes and asks for help and Kagome remembers that she left the jewel shardes at the place.Inuyasha gives Kagome the Tetsusaiga and leaves to get the shareds.He go and takes Shippo.Inuyasha gets caught by the spiderhead that disguise himself as a old man.He gets bitten and poisoned and Kagome comes with the Tetssusaiga.She climbs up his legs to save him the tetsusaiga protects her from the webs.She jumps to save him and tears are coming from her eyes he sees this and gets confused.they fall to the ground the demon eats the restof the shards(he ate some sorry I missed it)he turns black and goes after them they go into a small room and Kagome blames herself for what happened to him.Myouga goes and sucks up the poison out of him.he starts groaning Kagome starts to wipe his head with a cloth he wakes up.he asks why she was crying she said that she thought she was going to lose him.he asks her if he could lay in her lap(awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)she says yes and after she lays him on her lap he says he likes her scent she gets freaked out.then the spiderhead breaks through the barrier and is surprised to see Inu yasha up he picks him up and he transforms back to his regular self and kills the demon.
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Pt.1 The ep. starts with kagome shippo and inu on a boat. Inu yasha tells kagome to stop messin around (she is only enjoying the water) (shippo gets sea sick LOL *hehe* a funny part) they then (while on da boat) come across a girl ( sorry i forgot her name i tink it starts wit k or somthing like that) whos escaping from the spider heads. She falls from a small cliff and falls in the water.Shippo and kagome scream because she is going to fall in the boat and they could capsize. Inu yasha catches her Nice catch kagome says. The girl is about to thank inu yasha but she then sees his dog ears ( i wouldnt be afraid his ears are so * cute* so is he *wink*) then she slaps him ans he falls in the water. Then the screen focuses on kagome and the girl she is spraying a dis infectant on her arm for her. She then wants to set off without thanking inu for saving her. Then shippo speaks up and says shes ignorant just because inus a half demon that he should at least be thanked. She ignores him and climbs up a near by vine but then falls. Then they go with the girl to were she lives(with her master) but since she fell it was hard for her to walk i guess so inu has to carry her on his back they look at each other disgusted. Master she yells and gets off of inuyashas back she stumbles and kneels on her foot below her master ( an old gezer inu would have probably said) *heheheheh* K***** i dont know her name remember he calls her go get dinner yes master she pouts and walks off. This is only the first part of the ep. there isnt actuallly 2 parts to it i just seperated the ep in to for myself heheheh stay tund 4 pt. 2
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In this episode Kagome andInuyasha are sailing down a river and all of a sudden a girl comes running and falls off the cliff.Inuyasha jumps off the raft and saves her.When he gats to land she struggles to getout and she says that she hates all demons because they killed her mother and father.So Kagome and Inuyasha take her home and a preist comes out and asks Kagome and Inuyasha if they would like to stay for the night.Kagome is really happy and replies yes but Inuyasha is a little shakey and doesn't really want to stay the night.Kagome finally talks him into it.Later that night Inuyasha goes outside for a minute abd gets attaked by spider heads (a type of demon)Kagome and Inuyasha run into the forest to get away from them and they escape.Well Kagome soon sees that Inuyasha's hair has turned black and his claws and dog ears are gone.Meoga soon comes out and sees that Inuyasha has turned all human.Kagome asks him why he didn't tell her and he said that he couldn't trust anyone.So Kagome starts to cry and Inuyasha gets upset and tells her that she shouldn't be crying.A few minutes later Kagome remembers that she left the jewel shards in the temple.Inuyasha gives Kagome the tesigia and takes Shippou to the temple with him.A few minutes later Kagome decides to go in and help Inuyasha but she sees him tied up in a spider web.The grand spider has already injected his poison into Inuyasha so that he could kill Inuyasha.Kagome starts to climb up the webs and Inuyasha tells her to leave and save herself (how unselfish of him).All of a sudden the spider head tries to get Kagome and she jumps out of the way crying and cuts Inuyasha out.They both fall to the ground.Kagome asks the girl if there is any place where they can hide and she takes them into a small room.Meoga tells Kagome to wedge the tetsigia into the door to ward off the spider heads.Meoga them tells Kagome not to move because the poison will circulate and kill him faster.Meoga then decides to suck out the poison.Inuyasha slowly wakes up.A few hours later while everyone is asleep Inuyasha asked Kagome why she was crying and she said that she was scared that he could have been killed.Well after that Inuyasha asks Kagome if he could lay on her lap and she let him.He tells her that she has a good smell and she tells him that he said that she had a horrible smell.She was going to ask him why she said that but she saw that he was asleep.Right before morning came the tetsigia feel out of the door and the spider head attacked them.Right before they thought that they would be killed Inuyasha is back to his hlaf demon half human form.He saves the day as always.The girl shows them back to the pond and tells Inuyasha that not all demons are bad.While they are sailing Kagome starts to think about that night and she stares at Inuyasha for awhile.He turns around to see her staring at him and asks her why she is staring.She thinks that now he is back to his regular old self.She tells him that she is just staring for no apparent reason.That ends my summary.
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After Inuyasha caught the girl,she took a look at his doggy ears. She screamed, slaped Inuyasha,jumped out of his arms and ran circles around him,still screaming.Inuyasha stood in the middle of the circle going,"What was that for you helpless human? I saved your life and all you do for a thanks is slap me!?!? I'm never saving you again! especialy if you fall here again,don't know how to swim!then you'll fall off, and drown and die!" he said."Nice catch," said Kagome as she got out of the boat and had laid Shippo down on top of her backpack (he was seasick)."She tottally doesn't understand what you do,I guess." "yeah,well,most humans are nuthin' but trouble!" said Inuyasha. the girl stopped running and screaming and put her hands on her hips. "1 heard that, you youthless demon!" "Ni neard nat nu nuthwess weemon!" he said in a "teasing" voice. "yeah,yeah,yeah!I hear that all the time!I don't care!" "!" he thought. Kagome heard him think.Can you guess what happened?......"Inuyasha,sit boy!" Kagome said. Inuyasha fell to the ground. "Owwwwwwwww!I thought guys hurt girls, not vise-versa!"he looked at Kagome confusedly.He saw a reflection of his mother."Mother?" he said gently."What's a Half Demon?" he said dizzily as he spun around and around and around then fell to the ground."He'll be here for awhile." Kagome said. Then it was night, the secret wasn't a secret anymore and Inu was still dizzy yet he beat the spiders and he was confused till the next 1st day of the month. "The End" everyone from the show said."And happy New Year Inu said (still confused). Then the told the next episode and Inuyasha acted weird.
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it starts with kagome hanging in her time doing her thing. the gang are now on a boat, inu is grumpier than usual, inu then saves a girl who is falling into some water, and she diclares her hate toward all demons. she then invites them to her place for the night. inu dosnt want to for some reason. but they do anyway. suddenly spider demons inter the house. inu fights them but his sword dosnt chang to it's battle mode, the spiders overpower him.? and kagome saves him(for once) they see that he's completely human. mioga the flea tells kagome and shippo, that thats wat happens to demons that are half human, they have one night a month when there completely human. for inu it on the night of a new moon. anyway there in a room now and the tecsigas using its magic to not let the demon in. inu is poisoned and mioga sucks all the poison out of him. hes still to weak to fight suddenly the spider breakes through and grabs inu, it turns day right then(lucky) and inu easily kills the demon. and sees that the shards that it ate from them were all pieced together.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts when Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo were on a boat. Shippo wasn't doing very well on water. Then they heard a scream as a girl fell of a cliff,into the water. Inuyasha jumps and catches her, then landed on the ground. The girl took one look at Inuyasha' dog ears and slapped him. Inuyasha fell into the water.
Later, Inuyasha mumbled to himself while Kagome was talking with the girl. She left angrily and tried to climb a vine up the cliff. But the vine broke and she fell down.
Dusk was coming and the girl took Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo to her temple. There, the master of the temple explained that the girl hated demons because her family was killed by demons, called spiderheads, in the area. After dinner,Kagome asks if Inuyasha was scared of spiders.He said no. Shippo turned into one. But instead, he got squashed by Inuyasha's foot. Inuyasha went outside to check to make sure that there weren't any demons close by.
But he saw pairs of red eyes glowing. He thought: Oh man. How come I didn't sense them before?
Inuyasha warns Kagome and Shippo and told them to run. He said that he will follow them. Hastily agreeing, Kagome ran into the forest. The spiderheads attacked Inuyasha. He fended them off with the Tetsusaiga. In the end, he ran after Kagome with his head covered in spider silk.
Kagome took off some of the cobweb and was surprised to find that Inuyasha had black hair. Myoga the flea explained that as a half-demon, there were days on which one would turn into a human. And in Inuyasha's case, it was during new moon, now.
Meanwhile at the temple, the girl found her master covered in webs. He seemed weak and told her to run. She obeyed and found Kagome and the others.
Inuyasha said: ya well, go find yourself another demon. Shippo said something that offended him. He said that Shippo should be glad that he lost his fangs and claws also. Then he handed Kagome the Tetsusaiga and took Shippo back to the temple since they left their jewel shards there. Shippo told himself to be strong while being carried under Inuyasha's arm.
In a room, Inuyasha found the temple master holding the jewel shards. He knew immediately that the master was a spiderhead as well. Inuyasha knocked the jewel shards away and fought the spiderhead. Shippo collected the shards in the distraction. But in the end, the spiderhead ate the shards. Inuyasha defended himself as best as he could as a human but he was pressed to the wall by his neck by the spiderhead, who had taken on him true form.
The spiderhead caught Inuyasha in his threads and held him. As a human, Inuyasha was powerless. The spiderhead sunk his poisonous fangs into Inuyasha's left shoulder. He cried out in pain. The girl and Kagome came in and was shocked at the sight.
The spiderheads that possessed the temple master said that it was too late. Inuyasha would die because he had injected a lot of venom into his body.
Inuyasha's head was upside down when he looked at Kagome. He was weakening. He told Kagome to leave. Kagome said she wouldn't leave him. She cried as she climbed up the spiderhead's limbs towards Inuyasha. Tears flew from her eyes as she leapt with the Tetsusaiga outstretched. She rescued Inuyasha and was led by the girl into a one way room at the end of the hall.
Myoga told Kagome to jam the sword into the door. This held off the spiderhead. The girl slept against the wall while Kagome watched Inuyasha as he lay unconscious. Myoga sucked out all the poisoned blood and became as big as Shippo.
When he woke, Inuyasha asked to sleep in Kagome's lap. She agreed. They stayed like this until dawn, when the spiderhead ripped away the roof.
The girl picked up the Tetsusaiga and hacked away uselessly at the spiderhead's leg. She cursed him for possessing her master. The spiderhead got hold of her and squeezed.
The sword fell from her hadn into Inuyasha's. The spiderhead took him. But in front of the rising sun, he turned back into a half-demon and slayed the spiderhead in one swipe with the transformed Tetsusaiga.
They took the jewel shards, which had fused into one in the spiderhead's body. Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo said goodbye and left. Shippo threw up on Inuyasha.
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One morning inuyasha, kagome and shippo were sailing and shippo was sea sick. A girl fell of a cliff because of a creature called a spiderhead. inuyasha caught her and the girl said thankyou but then she hit him because she noticed the dog ears. kagome sprayed some medecine on the girls leg and then the girl tried to climb up a vine that led to the top of the cliff, but she fell on her head( LOL ). inuyasha carried the girl on his back to the temple she lived in. The owner of the temple told the others about how the girl feared demons and her parents were killed by spiderheads. they had dinner in the temple and slept the night there, inuyasha was at the door of the temple looking outside, and kagome thought he was afraid of spiders, shippo transformed into a spider and said whos afraid of the big bad spider. Inuyasha squashed him to the ground and said hes not afraid of spiders. He went outside and saw a ton of red eyes from the spiderheads. he started batteling the spiderheads and he ran into a clearing in the forest and shippo and kagome followed. kagome asked what was wrong as she pulled off the webs and saw his black hair, she was relly amazed. Inuyasha had turned all human. shippo jumped on inuyashas head to feel for his dog ears. Inuyasha threatened shippo as she jumped off. Myoga explained what was happening to inuyasha to shippo and kagome. Inuyasha gave kagome Tetsuiga as the girl came back because the temples owner was being attacked by spiderheads. Shippo and inuyasha went to the temple because kagome had left the jewel shards in the temple. the owner was really a spiderhead and ate almost all of the shards and he poisned inuyasha,kagome came and saved him. they put the sword into the door so that they could get some sleep and be safe. Inuyasha became unconsius so they had to carry him and get out. later on inuyasha was raised in the air by the large spiderhead and inuyasha turned back into a half demon. he sliced off half of the spiders arms. and then he finished the spiderhead off. later that day they left on the boat and said goodbye to the girl, as they left shippo threw up on inuyasha.

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it's starts out with kagome at school. a guy asks her out on a date (name houjo). so before she can answer her hair band group shows up and asks her if shes been on a date before. kagome has not and her friends know it so they say that she has to go. so little kagome goes back and tells houjo yes. he tells her he'll pick her up saturday. kagome remembers that her and inuyahsa will be in the past by then so we click to inuyasha and her at the well she asks him if they will be back by saturday. he tells her maybe and asks her what so impoprtant she just keeps silent. then they are in a boat with shippou (how do they go from the well to a boat???? i'll probably never know will i?) shippou is gettin' sea sick and inuyasha is complaining how in the hell he could he get sea sick if he's a full demon.(he is just a kid inuyash so just lay off him [also he is a wimpy demon but he has he's moments]) in reponse shippou throws up on the side of the boat. suddenly kagome sees a girl falling off the cliff inuyasha (being the hero and due to the fact that kagome push him in water) saves the girl she says her thanks then she looks at inuyasha's ears and gets freaked out by them (hey every body loves his ears i mean i wouldn't be freaked out by them but then again im baised and i love inuyahsa...) she then says "unhand me demon" and knocks them both in the water. a littel while later kagome and the girl also shippou are by a fire and are talking. inuyasha is by teh river drying off groumbling (how wouldn't you i mean fall in a river after you went and save someones live and then get wet). she gets up and leaves saying "being obliged to a demon doesn't sit well with her" (stick up son of a b!tch) and starts to clinb up the cliff. then she falls (serves you right b!tch)of the cliff. so a while later inuyasha has her on his back going up some stairs with shippou and kagome comeing up behind him. (man inuyasha you let her on your back but why not me?????) the girl and inuyahsa aren't even looking at each other finally they get up to the temple or shrine and see a priest. then girl jumps off inuyasha's back and runs to the priest (why would she jump off the his hot back? man if i were her you would have to get the jaws of life to get me off of him) so the priest tells her to prepare a meal for their guests inuyahsa refuses but the dumb@ss kagome is screaed of the spider heads (chcken if you only knew how much i hate you!!!!!!!) so begs inuyahsa to stay here for the night. and inuyahsa (being the nice guy that his is. man i love you)says that they will stay. change sean. its night and inuyasha is worried while shippou and kagome are stuffing theirs faces. so kagome looks at inuyasha. inuyasha looks worried. kagome say "inuyasha i know whats wrong" inuyasha thinks to himself she figured it out? "your afraid of spiders aren't you?" shippou turns himself into a gooffy spider and making a weird noise. inuyahsa has a very relived and shocked expression. then he says "i an't afraid of no spiders" (good langauge inuyasha reminds me of home)he gets up and kagome asks him where are you going? inuyasha replies "going outside to sleep" then he sees some spiders heads and thinks to himsef again why didn't i sence thenm? meanwhile the girl is runing to the priest's room and she sees him all wraped up in spiders treads. he tells her that the spiders have gotten stronger and she should run away. all the girls say is master. back to inuyasha and co. he draws tetsiga and it doesn't transform. all are shocked but he trys to cut them down anyways so he gets trap in a web and shippou (for the 1st time ever) saves inuyahsa(go little fox dude). inuyasha still in the web runs off with kagome and shippou into the forest (kagome your bag with the jewels in it?? what about those????? idiot). inuyasha says d@mn it all. kagome is a little worried and asks him whats wrong. inuyasha goes all pissy and says that they shouldn't worry about him and start worring about themselves. kagome is confused(as always) asks whats wrong. and starts to pull apart the web and sees that inuyahsa's hair is black. then myouga shows up and tells everyone that inuyasha turns human once a newmoon and then he asks inuyahsa why he didn't tell anyone. inuyahsa said that if he did then myouga would be long gone by now. myouga says nothing (CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!! FLEA CHICKEN!!!!!!!!) then the girl from the temple/shrine comes and asks for help(yeah we all know that you sercretly want inuyasha you and every girl on the plant and Jatostu.) inuyasha says that she should get the priest to make some more wardings. the girls asks if inuyahsa is mad because his haircolor has changed. suddenly kagome gasps inuyahsa turns around and asks her whats wrong. she answers that she left her bag at the temple/shrine. (idiot now you relize that...you are worthless.) inuyash says so you can get another one back in her own time then she says the the jewels were in there. so inuyasha gets up and kagome flinches waiting for inuyashas words. he just hands her the sword and grabs shippou and walks off (d@mn he is so hot in his human form...GODS HE IS SOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!) they get there and the priest is going though kagome's bag and find the jewels and inuyasha throws a stake at him and shippou goes for the jewels. the spiderpriest is bitting into inuyahsa and then goes to shippou and steals the jewels that he has not grabed. inuyahsa is upsidedown, suddenly kagome comes in and asks shippou whats going on shippou tells her that inuyahsa is hurt and he points at him. kaogme looks up and inuyasha says run...away... (she has tears in her eyes) says that she won't run away from him she runs towards him and the spiderpriest spits some web at her but she blocks with the tetsiga. it wards off the web and jumps up to inuyahsa, cuts his bindings and falls on the floor on top of him(man kagome could you be a little more gentle with him please you don't want to hurt the precious cargo.)then she asks the girl if they could hide somewhere? the girl shows them a room and they take inuyasha into it. and close the door and with myouga's advise to wedge the door with the sword.the spiderpriest tried to come in but he can't (go myouga there is a first time for everything but you are still a CHICKEN SH!T). so he gets pissed off. back to our lovable inuyasha. he is gettin' worst and myouga sucks out some of the poison (and blood). so myouga goes to sleep along side of shippou and the girl. inuyasha is sweating and and kagome grabs a knapkin and starts to wipe some of it off when he opens his eyes. she says shes sorry if she woke him up. he says that she didn't and that he been thinking. then he asks her if he could put his head on her lap. she says okay. (i would inuyasha i would!!!!!!!!) so he is on her lap then he said that she smells nice kagome is weirded out and says that he couldn't stand her smell before. inuyasha says that yeah he did but he was lying. kagome is shocked and starts to asks him something but he is asleep. so time flys and the spiderpriest breacks in and steals the jewels inuyasha says no you don't and gets grab by the spiderpriest. and then turns into the half(hot)-demon that we know and love. he kicks the spiderpriests @ss. then we are back by the river(how we do that???) the say good-bye to the girl then back on the boat. inuyahsa and co. are on their merry way but back to the present houjo is at kagome's door getting rejected. she forgot about you houjo. back to the past. shippou is sea sick and inuyahsa tells him that he is a weakling and then shippou says inuyahsa here and then throws up all over dog-boy.

Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts with Kagome at school and a guy asks her out then she is at the well with InuYasha and asks if she can get back by Saturday and he said maybe if we are lucky and he said what's this Saturday of yours again? lolz and Kagome said uhh i should have known.
Then they were flowing down a river on a canoe and Shippou is sick again (jeez hes a demon) and then out of nowhere there were spider webs everywhere and then a spider demon pushes a strange girl into the water but InuYasha catches her ( go inu ^_^ ) then she gets
scared because InuYasha is a demon and hits him and they both fall in the water.
Then they go to the girls village where they meet the priest that has been taking ccare of her. (her parents died because of the spider demon) InuYasha hears something outside and goes to check it out. There are some giant spiders attacking him and they shoot spider webs at InuYasha's head.
They pull him to safety but then Kagome saw that his hair was black and he didn't have doggy ears anymore and she started to cry because InuYasha was snapping at her. Then the girl found the priest
covered in spider webs and said no master please don't go and then she ran back to InuYasha and sat at a tree.
Then Kagome left her bag in the room and InuYasha saw the priest (now a spider demon) sucking up the shikon jewel shards and InuYasha
started attacking him but he caught InuYasha in a poisynous web and Kagome broke the web with the Tetsaiga and ran into the next room.
Kagome jammed the Tetsaiga into the door so the demon wouldn't be able to get to them for a while. Myoga sucks the poiysn out of InuYasha and he starts breathing. InuYaha layed on Kagome's lap and then the spider demon broke through the door and said you are finished InuYasha and grabs him and InuYasha says you should have killed me when you had the chance... and the sun comes up and InuYasha turns half demon again! and since the tetsaiga cant transorm when InuYasha is human, he couldn't finish off the spider demon.
Then he grabbed hold of Tetsaiga and sliced the demon and they got the shards back.Then they took the girl back to her village and then it ends with Shippou saying " can we take a break?" then InuYasha says " yeah! when you get rid of your sea sickness" and shippou says "InuYasha..." and he says "what?!?" and Shippou throws up
on InuYasha hehe ^_^ that's how it ends!

Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode starts off with Kagome at school getting readdy to leave. Then her classmates told her that she has clean-up duty. Kagome tells them that she'll promise to do it later. When she went out the door, she ran right into Hojo(a hot classmate of hers, but not as hot as Inuyasha). He then asks her out on a date to the movies. Her friends told her to go for it and she accepts. Hojo said he'll come by her house at half past 6. Kagome thinks to herself: * the past is the problem.*
Then we see Kagome and Inuyasha at the well.Kagome says to Inuyasha:"what's the chance of us getting back by saturday?"
>>"fair to moderate if we're lucky. By the way, what's this saturday of yours again?" Kagome sighs.
Next we see Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo ona small boat searching for the jewel fragments. They see large webs ahead. Inuyasha grabbed some and seemed to inspect it."what manner of webs are these?" asks Myoga. "Nothing to be concerned about " Inuyasha replied. The they heard a scream and they see a girl pushed from a clift. Inuyasha caught her just in time. He thinks to himself:* must be some kind of demon that pushed her down* The girl thanked Inuyasha for saving her, then she realized that Inuyasha was a demon. "a demon! unhand me!" she said as she slapped Inuyasha's head and they both fell in the water.
Then we see Kagome talking to the girl about what attacked her while Inuyasha is figiting around being upste that he's all wet. "My name is Nazuna" the girl said.Then she explaind that what attacked her was a demon called a spiderhead. Then she quoted that she hates demons.
Kagome insisted the Inuyasha helps her get home to the temple. So Inuyasha carries her to the Temple. When they got there, the master of the temple insisted that they should stay at the temple. Kagome took their offer.
After a nice mael, Inuyasha was looking worried.Kagome said:"Inuyasha? is anything the matter?" "nothing" Inuyasha said. "I get it, your afraid of spiders" said Kagome."I am not afraid of spiders" Inuyasha said kinda annoyed.
"Now where are you going?" asks Kagome.
>>"I'm sleeping outside tonight."
The Inuyasha sees red eyes outside in the dark.*Dammit. Why couldn't I have pick up their scent?* Inuyasha thought to himself.
Just the the spiderheads attack. He took out Tetsusaiga and tried to fight them off, but the sword wouldn't transform. The spiderheads shoots out spiderwebs at Inuyasha covering him. Kagome and shippo pulled Inuyasha away to the forest. "Why are you acting so strange all of a sudden?" Kagome asks."Leave me alone!"Inuyasha shouted back at Kagome. He then pulls the webs of his hair that turned black."Inuyasha, is that you?" Kagome asks. "No, I'm a talking puppet" he said. Shippo landed on his Inuyasha's head and stated that his dog ears are gone too.
Kagome doesn't get how Inuyasha was human. Myoga explains that all half demons transforms into a human and lose their supper natural powers.
And Inuyasha turns human on the night of the new moon.
Kagome then remembers that she left her bag back at the temple. And the jewel shards are in it.
Inuyasha Got angry and gave tetsusaiga to Kagome to protect herself with because it wouldn't transform for him tonight.
Inuyasha and Shippo went back to the temple to get the jewel shards. Turns out that the master ther was a spiderhead all along and he only wanted the jewel shards.
Inuyasha tried to stop him but he was too weak as a human. The spiderhead manage to swllow some of the jewel shards and he injected a large amount of poison into Inuyasha. Kagome arrives with Nazuna and the spiderhead shoots spiderwebs at her but the tetsusaiga protected her.
Inuyasha says to Kagome"Go! it's too late for me now"
>> "Noway, I'm not leaving here without you." Inuyasha saw tears in her eyes.
Kagome freed Inuyasha from the webs with tetsusaiga and they went into a small room. Kagome plunged the tetsusaiga at the door, the sword can keep out the spiderhead for some time.
Myoga sucked the blood from Inuyasha.Kagome Wiped Inuyasha's forehead with a towel.
Inuyasha wakes up and asks why was Kagome Crying.
"I thought i was going to lose you, i though you were gonna die." Kagome said.
Inuyasha then asks if he can lie on kagome's lap and he said that she smells good.Kagome blushes.
Then the spiderhead broke in.
After awhile, Inuyasha wakes up and defeats the deamon.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Ok...so basicaly, inu yasha kagome and shippouare on a boat to lord knows where and shippou is sea sick.Inu yasha, having to pick on shippou,says"Come on Shippou! Demons don't get sea sick!" where as shippou glares meanly at inu yasha. so, any ways, suddenly you hear a girl scream for some 'creeps' to get away from her and she comes out of the forest and fall off a cliff. Inu yasha(i guess he wanted to be heroic)jumps out of the boat and catches her. The girl smiles at him and says"thank you. I thought i was.....AHHHHH!DEMON!I HATE DEMONS!"And squirms making inu yasha and her miss the boat and splash into the water.

fast forward to the beach where kagome is bandaging up the girl and shippou is off to a corner and inu yasha is ringin out his clothes,mumbling about something.The girl says her name is Natzuna or something(sorry!I cant remember! >:O)Any ways kagome insists on brining the girl back to her home despite inu yasha's many objections.

fast forward to inu yasha carrying the girl on his back looking quite mad. An old man steps out of the shrine and invites the IY gang to stay the night. Inu yasha refuses but kagome forces him to stay. Any way, the girl brings them some grub and either kagome or inuyasha says that"any one who is such a good cook can't be all bad."(lol...cute.=P)So anyway inu yasha senses some spider demons and goes to save the shrine when they attack but ends up getting webbing in his face and that covers his whole head.Kagome tries to take it off but inu yasha pushes her away.Kagome finally gets close enough and takes the web off to reveal....YEP!....you guessed it.....black haired inu yasha!(GOD IS HE EVER HOT IN HUMAN FORM)Kagome is confused and shippou jumps onto inu yashas head and digs through his hair exclaiming"His ears are gone!" in which inu yasha says"And your lucky my fangs and claws are gon too."Myoga explains that every half demon has a day where they lose their demon powers and inu yashas was on the night of the new moon.

Any way, inu yasha finds out that the priest is really a demon and getting the IY gang to stay was just a con to get the shards. Any way, Inu yasha gets poisoned and Kagome takes the tesuaiga to save him.He talls kagome to run but then sees that she is crying for him and wonders why. Kagome saves hi and brings him to a room and the tesuaiga(sorry if it's mispelled!) sheilds the room. Myoga sucks the poison out and inu yasha wakes up and tells kagome she smells nice. Kagome is confused and thinks inu yasha is lying."Whoa...whoa....whoa....You said that i smelled bad tho!"Kagome says. Inu yasha says he lied and gets bettere and saves the day.

In the end inu yasha back to his old self, does not remember a thing and picks on shippou again and shippou pukes on him. LOL!
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Okay.Well it starts off at Kagome's school and Kagome is about to leave but her friends says she has after school dutty.Then Kagome says that she will make it up to them.Then Kagome rushes to the door and hits Hojo.He asks her on a date and Kagome's friends kinda force her to so she says yes.Hojo says that he will pick her up around 6 on Saturday.Then you see Inuyasha and Kagome standing in the well temple and Kagome asks Inuyasha if they would be back by Saturday and Inuyasha says that they probably would.Then Inuyasha scratches his head and asks what a Saturday was.Kagome sighs and Inuyasha drops her down the well.The next thing you see is Kagome, Inuyasha, and Shippo riding in a boat.Shippo is seasick.Then they see a girl being attacked by a demon.Inuyasha goes and saves her.She thanks him then looks up at him and see's his dog ears.She slaps him and calls him an inncolent beast.Inuyasha and the girl fall in the water.

Then you see them all on land and Inuyasha is drying off.She told them about the spider heads.Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo take the girl back to her village.The girl goes up to an old man and calls him Master then asks for his forgivness.She tells him that she had to relye on demons to bring her back and then Shippo says that all demons aren't created equal.The man then says I suppose not.The man offers Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo to stay the night.They take the offer (even though Inuyasha doesn't want to).Then you see Inuyasha sitting by the opened door looking outside.Then he thinks "Their everywhere"Then Kagome asks him whats wrong and he say that nothing is wrong.Then Kagome says "I get it your afraid of spiders aren't you".Shippo then turns into a big spider and says "Oh who afraid of the big spider".Inuyasha smashes Shippo and says "I am not afraid of spiders.
Then spider heads come out and attack Inuyasha and the others.Inuyasha takes untransformed tetsuiga and fights the spiderheads.He tell Kagome and Shippo to run.then Inuyasha escapes with Kagome and Shippo.Then it show the girl and she walks into the room her master is in and finds that he is covered in spider webs.She runs to find Inuyasha and the others.You then see Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo beside a tree.Kagome looks at Inuyasha and says "Inuyasha".Inuyasha pulls spider webs off of his hair and then you see that his hair had turned black.Kagome then says"Inuyasha your hair is black".Myoga then shows up and says that every half demon has a night wheb the turn human and that Inuyasha's was one the night of the new moon then Myoga asks why Inuyasha didn't tell them.Then Kagome looks up to the stars and thinks "I get it now. Every month on the new moon Inuyasha turns into a human".Then she begins to cry and says "Inuyasha if you had only told us we wouldn't be in this mess right now."Inuyasha says"your not crying are you?Stop crying!"Then Kagome says"Well if you weren't such an air head.Then Inuyasha says "Your the air head".And they get into an arguement then Shippo starts talking about being the man and saving up all of his courage.Then there is rustle in the bushes and Shippo yells"Save me!" And then you see the girl.She points out how Inuyasha has changed and asks for their help amd Inuyasha tells her this isn't a luckly night.Then Kagome notices that she left her bag in the temple and that the jewel shards where in it.Then they rush back to the temple and see that he man was a demon and that he was decieving the girl.He was stealing the jewel shards then Inuyasha starts fighting him and Inuyasha gets poisionedby the spider webs.Kagome cry for Inuyasha then saves him. Then they all go into a room and seal it off by sticking tetsuiga in the door.Then Myoga suckes the poision out of Inuaysha's blood and rolls away and fals a sleep.Then when suposibly when everybody exept for Kagome.Inuyasha asks if he can rest his head on Kagome's lap.Then he says that Kagome smells nice and then Kagome gets confused after everything that he has been saying.Then Kagome notices the girl is still awake and gets embarised.Then the demon brakes in.Then the temple falls apart and they are all outside and awake now.The girl picks up tetsuiga and attacks the demon.(I forgaot to mention that her parents were killed by Spidderheads)The demon then picks up the girl and starts sqeezing her.She asks for forgiveness from her father.Then Inuyasha comes to the resque and the demon drops the girl.And picks up Inuyasha.Then Inuyasha starts pulsing and the demon figures out that Inuyasha is transforming back into a half demon.The demon says that he will devour Inuyasha before he turns back into a half demon.Then Inuyasha says "If it's one thing I can't stand it's a spider who doesn't know when to keep his hands off!".Then Inuyasha cuts the demons arms off.Inuyasha kills the demon.(AAAAAWWWW he's my hero)And then you Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo are in their boat again and the girl is waving as they start to sail awayand then the girl says "I will try to remember that not all demons are bad"Then Inuyasha says "Don't kid yourself all demons are bad".Then you see them still riding in the boat and Kagome is looking at Inuyasha and thinking"well he looks the same but.."Then Inuyasha sees her and says "Why are you staring at me?Because it's ticking me off"Then Kagome thinks"then again some things never change".Then Shippo is seasick again and he asks if they are almost there anr Inuyasha says he is supposed to be demon then shippo barf on Inuyasha.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
it starts off with a cute boy { not as cute as Inuyasha} asking Kagome out on a date, witch she agrees to. Then it shows Inuyasha, kagome and shippo{who is sea sick} in a boat looking for shikons. All of a sudden a girl falls down from a cliff and the brave Inuyasha saves her.Nazuna{the girl} is not that grateful because she hates demons. But she takes then to the temple were the important monk invites them to spend the night. He tells then of giant spiders demons that demolish towns and eat people whole {grosse}. That’s what happened to Nazuna's parents and why she hates demons. with a little convincing from Kagome, Inuyasha agrees to help fight the spiders. between you and me I think he is a bit scared of spiders but won't admit it. later Inuyasha sees the spiders in the dark and curses that he couldn't smell them coming. He takes Kagome and shippo into the forest for safety. Then he turns into a full human and loses his teeth, claws, white hair {it turns black}, yellow eyes, and the power of his sword. he say's that every beginning of the month a new moon appears and turns him that way. he will change back at the light of the surmising. Nazuna comes and tells them to save the monk. they go and find out that the monk is really the demon spider leader. He turns in to this giant spider and graves Inuyasha. Since Inuyasha doesn’t have his daemon strength the spider easily bite Inuyasha with poison. Brave Kagome graves the sword and frees Inuyasha. she drags Inuyasha into another room and sticks the sword in the door to keep them safe. She puts a wash cloth on Inuyasha head. Now this is where is gets really romantic. get this, Inuyasha asks to lay on Kagome’s lap and tells her the she smells very nice. he falls asleep on her lap and the night goes by quickly. the spider crashed through the door and is surprised to see Inuyasha alive and turning back to demon. Inuyasha slices the spired in half and gets some shikon jewels.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
after school kogome went to the feuderal era. there inuyasha and the gang (shippo+kogome) sail on a small boat along a river. then they see spider webs everywhere. they then hear a young girl fighting with a spider-head demon. she suddenly falls off the cliff and is in great danger but just in time inuyasha runs to the rescue. the girl thanks inuyasha. but after seeing his doggy ears she starts sceaming. they fall into the river. the young girl(i forgot her name)then tells the gang that she hates demons, and tells them how the spider-heads killed her parents and all the village people. she then tries to leave but needs assistants...so kogome pleaded to inuyasha to help her and check out the village. at first he refuses but evenutally he gives in. they arrive at a temple at the evening. when the girl sees the priest she runs to him. he knows that she was frightened by a spider-head. he then tells her to prepare a meal for her kind friends. kogome insists in staying just to make sure they don't come upon spider-heads in the mountains. inuyasha insists that they get accross the mountain befor night fall but kogome says to just stay. so they do. after dinner inuyasha goes outside and sees that they are surrounded by spider-heads. but he asked himself "how could i have missed their scent?"
inuyasha takes out his sword(but it doesn't transforms) he tries to fight off the demons but there are too many. he gets trapped in a spider web.. and shippo uses fox fire to help him get out. MEANWHILE the young girl went to the priest's room and found him being devoured by the spider-heads...she starts crying T__T
when inuyasha and the gang get out of the temple and into the woods inuyasha startes getting annoyed. kogome tries to take the spider webs off of his hair and notices that he has black hair. kogome and shippo are surprised buy this new form of inuyasha. the young girl then appears in front of them and asks for help. kogome then remembers that she left the jewels in her bag, which is back in the temple. inuyasha and shippo leave for the temple. inuyasha tells the girls to stay in the woods...when inuyasha and shippo arrive at the temple they see that the so called priest was actually the leader of the spider-heads.. he searches for the jewels and he finds it. he drops it and the glass cracks. he stucks in a couple of jewels and the rest shippo gathers. inuyasha tries to fight but he is not strong enough.so instead he gets caught in the spiders web and a lof of poison is put into him. kogome then comes to the rescue and saves inuyasha. then head into a small room..where they are safe for a little while.. inuyasha then starts to get all mushy and asks kogome why she was crying back in the other room.. she replies by saying
that she thought she was going to lose him.. he then asks to lay on her lap and she says okay. her heart then starts to pound. he then says that she smells kinda nice. in the morning he gets better and retrieves the rest of the shikon jewel. the jewels then were fused together in the demons body
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Okay, here is part 2...

Inu and Kagome start to fight, and while they do, Shippo ponders the fact that, since Inu is rendered mortal, it’s up to him to be the protector now, and that he’ll have to be courageous. The bushes beside him suddenly start to shake, and he runs in fear to Inu, yelling “someone save me!”. I just love Shippo. Nazuna comes out of the bushes, and Kagome remarks that she made it out of the temple. Nazuna kneels tiredly on the ground, and says they must go back to save the priest. She believes that Inu is strong and can handle the spider demons.

Inu reminds Nazuna of what she’d been saying before about not wanting to be obliged to demons, and tells her to get the priest to use more of his sutras. Nazuna then makes a comment about his “countenance being altered” and about his dark hair. Inu replies “It’s not easy being human”. That was a good line. Kagome suddenly remembers that she left her backpack in the temple. Inu doesn’t think it’s a big deal, and tells her to get a new one, but she reminds him that the jewel shards are in it. Inu freaks out, yelling “What!?”

Kagome says she’ll make it up to him, and she cringes when he suddenly thrusts the Tetsusaiga toward her. He tells her to take it, and that she and Nazuna should stay there and not move. The Tetsusaiga won’t transform for him on this night anyway, and he believes he can handle a few spider demons on his own strength. Kagome takes the sword, asking Inu if he’s sure. Inu tells Shippo that it’s time to go back to the temple, and Shippo asks why he has to go. We then see Inu walking away with Shippo under his arm (Shippo's telling himself that he can handle it).

Back in the temple, the priest is rummaging through Kagome’s backpack, and finds the jewel shards, but they are knocked from his hand by pieces of wood that Inu throws at him. The jewel shards scatter on the floor. Inu says that the priest (who looks kinda like a spider now) was planning this all along. The priest says that he was excited when he saw Inu, the half-demon rumoured to have the jewel shards. Shippo begins collecting the jewel shards, but only picks up a few before the priest knocks him back (by extending his neck). The priest then inhales the remaining jewel shards!

The spider-priest’s arm extends out to grab Inu by the neck, pinning him to the wall. He notes that it’s unfortunate for Inu that his powers have deserted him while the spider-priest completes his web of deceit. Inu says that even with his powers gone, he can still beat the priest. He escapes the priest’s restraining hand, but when he tries to charge the spider-priest, it shoots out a web that knocks Inu down and pins him to the floor. Shippo tries to use foxfire, but he's knocked away by the spider-priest. Now suspended from the ceiling in a mass of webs, Inu can only watch as the priest turns into a full spider demon! It then zooms toward Inu and sinks its fangs (and venom) into his shoulder. Ow! As Inu yells in pain, Shippo shouts up at him from the floor. The spider asks Shippo where he’s hidden the other jewel shards, and Shippo replies “over there” (pointing to his far left). The spider doesn’t believe him.

Kagome and Nazuna then show up. Nazuna can’t believe what’s happened to her master, and Kagome tells her that the spider-priest has been deceiving her. Shippo informs Kagome that Inu has been poisoned, and we see Inu collapsing in the massive web. Kagome tells him to hold on, she’s coming. The spider shoots webs at her, but she uses the Tetsusaiga to ward them off (she seems surprised that it worked). Myouga appears and tells her that the sword is protecting her as it did before. Kagome remarks that because Myouga is still here, they must have a good chance of winning this fight. Myouga is offended! Ha ha. The spider says that he’s injected Inu with a large amount of poison, and that he should be feeling the effects already. Nazuna asks her master how he could do such a thing.

As Kagome climbs up on the spider’s web, Inu tells her to save herself and that it’s too late for him. She disagrees, and yells that she’s not leaving without him! As she leaps up toward him, Inu notices tears in her eyes, and seems surprised. With a bright flare, Kagome cuts the webs with the Tetsusaiga, and she and Inu fall to the ground. She yells to Shippo that they have to get out of there, but it seems that they’re surrounded. Nazuna says that there’s another small room at the end of the hall, so the three grab the unconscious Inu and drag him to the room.

Once inside, Myouga tells Kagome to thrust the Tetsusaiga into the door. She plunges it into the wood, and it acts as a barrier to keep the spiders out. The spider-priest is infuriated! Kagome grabs Inu’s hand and says that he’s freezing. She tells him to stay with them, and tries to speak to him, but he doesn’t answer. Kagome believes that what’s happened is her fault, thinking it’s because she wanted to stay at the temple. Nazuna tells her not to blame herself. Myouga then sucks the poison out of Inu’s blood, and when he does so, he gets much larger (almost life size). This is really funny, because he looks at the camera and says “Nice to meet you. I’m Myouga. Always a beast, never a burden”. Go Myouga! He then collapses beside Shippo (who is already asleep), and says Inu’s survival will depend on his own strength now.

Kagome notices that Inu is breathing heavily and sweating, so she takes out a cloth to wipe his forehead. When she does so, he opens his eyes. She asks if she woke him up, and he replies no. He then turns his head away from her, and asks why she was crying in the other room when she saved him. She says that she was afraid she was going to lose him, and that he was going to die. Inu seems surprised (kinda tenderly) that she shed tears for him. He then asks that, if it’s not too much trouble, can he lie on her lap? Still surprised, she agrees.

While the others sleep, Myouga returns to his normal size. Sunlight then begins to peek through the window, and we see that Inu is resting his head on Kagome’s lap. She asks how he’s feeling (better than before?), and without opening his eyes, he says yes. He then tells her that she smells kinda nice. Kagome’s like “what”, and gets a bit annoyed, saying that she thought he hated her scent? Inu replies that he lied when he said that! Aww Inu! Kagome is quite surprised, and inwardly wonders if the poison has gone to Inu’s head. However, the way he’s talking has her heart pounding.... She tells Inu that she’s confused, but he’s fallen asleep! Figures.

Suddenly, the room begins to shake, and Myouga says that the spider priest is going to break in, and that they have to get Inu out of there. Kagome says they’ll have to carry him, because he’s unconscious, but before they can move, the spider priest breaks in. The Tetsusaiga falls to the floor, and the spider priest then destroys the rest of the temple! He grabs Shippo and shakes him upside down. The jewel shards fall out of Shippo’s pocket, and the spider priest grabs them. Kagome catches Shippo as he falls, and the spider demon then consumes the shards. Nazuna sees the Tetsusaiga lying beside her and grabs it, at the same time the spider priest sheds the rest of his human face. Nazuna approaches it with the Tetsusaiga, chastizing it for using the body of her master. The spider replies that there never really was a priest; it was all a trap to lure Inu out. Nazuna can’t believe that the supposed “priest” killed her parents and all the other villagers.

Angry now, Nazuna hacks at the spider’s legs, but it grabs her and lifts her up with one of its hands. It says that her fear of spiders will now be over, because it will consume her. Nazuna asks forgiveness from her father for ever trusting this monster, and she drops the Tetsusaiga. But guess who catches it? Inu! He’s now back on his feet and the sword practically falls right into his hand. He tells Nazuna that she has a lot of determination, for a human. She can’t believe he’s alive!

The spider demon grabs Inu with several of its arms, and Kagome calls his name. The sun starts to rise (pointed out by Shippo), and the spider lifts Inu up, saying that he’s a fine human specimen. Inu says “Don’t be so sure about that”, and in a pretty cool sequence, a pulse emits from Inu as the sun rises behind him and he turns back into a demon. The spider tries to devour him before he transforms, but it’s too late. Inu says “If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s an arrogant spider who doesn’t know when to keep his hands off!”. That was great. Inu slashes the spider’s arms away and then says “The moonless night has come to an end”. The Tetsusaiga transforms into its energy form (finally) and Inu destroys the spider demon. All of the other spider heads disappear too.

The jewel shards fall to the ground, and Kagome notices that they fused together while inside the spider’s body. The jewel looks not-quite-halfway completed. Inu remarks “Is that all we have?”, thinking they had a lot more. Kagome says that it’s enough to impress her.

The gang (now back in the boat) leave Nazuna on the shore near a village, and she thanks Inu for his help, saying she’ll try to remember that not all demons are bad. As the gang floats away, Inu tells Nazuna not to kid herself, and that all demons are bad. She yells back that she won’t forget him, and that she’ll keep him in her prayers. He turns his back, saying “whatever”, but he does give her a little wave! I thought that was cute.

As they travel back down the river, Kagome notes that Inu (who is silent) seems like his old self. She wonders if she heard him right when he said that she smelled nice. She sees that his body has transformed back, but she's unsure as to his feelings toward her. She wonders if she should ask him. Inu turns around and sees her staring at him, and gets mad, saying that if she has something to say, say it! Kagome decides that some things are better left unsaid. Shippo, hanging out over the back of the boat, asks if they can stop for a short rest. Inu says sure, once he gets over his seasickness! It then sounds like Shippo throws up on Inu (on purpose!)
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Okay, this is gonna be a really long one folks, but only because it's my favourite ep so far. This is part 1 of 2...

Present day, and Kagome is in her classroom. She grabs her bag and dashes for the door. Her friends say she’s on cleaning duty, so Kagome says that she has to meet someone and that she’ll make it up to them later. As she goes to leave, she bumps into someone. It’s Hojo! He drops something on the floor, which he claims is a remedial instrument that “hits all the pressure points”. Kagome’s friends marvel at Hojo’s persistence, and think he would have been better off with flowers (good one). Hojo tells Kagome that he knows “sitting bothers her”, but could she make it through a two-hour movie? Her friends surround her and pull her aside. While Kagome can’t believe that Hojo just asked her out, her friends say she should go, and that she’ll be the envy of all the girls. One of the girls mentions that it’ll be her first date, which the others can’t believe. Kagome says that she has so been out on dates before, but inwardly says “not!”.

Kagome agrees to go out with Hojo, so he says he’ll pick her up on Saturday at “half past six”, then he leaves. The word “past” reminds Kagome that she has to go back to feudal Japan, and worries that she won’t make it back to her time for her first date! Scene switch, and Kagome is in the well shrine with Inu. She asks Inu what the chances are of her getting back by Saturday, to which he responds “fair to moderate, if we’re lucky”. He picks her up and holds her over the well, then he asks her what exactly Saturday is again. Her hopes are dashed! Inu then drops a disappointed Kagome into the well.

In feudal Japan, the gang is travelling down a river in a small boat. Kagome is enjoying herself and the scenery, and the grumpy Inu tells her to focus. We see that Shippo is leaning over the side of the boat (seasick!). Inu wonders how Shippo can call himself a demon when he gets seasick, and Shippo replies that he’s not doing it on purpose. The grumpy Inu believes that they won’t find the jewel shards unless Kagome and Shippo get serious.

Inu then notices spider webs crossing their path. He stands up in the boat and hacks them down. He fingers the web strands in his hand and finds them strange. Myouga asks what kind they are, and Inu replies that it’s nothing to worry about. The group then hears a girl scream from the top of a nearby cliff, yelling for something to get away from her. A long neck extends towards her and she falls off the cliff. Inu leaps from the boat and catches her. He looks up and notes that the creature is some kind of demon. The girl then thanks Inu for saving her, until she realizes that he is a demon himself! She slaps him away and they both fall into the water!

Kagome sprays an ointment on the girl’s injured arm, while Inu mutters angrily to himself by the water. Kagome asks the girl what attacked her, and she replies that it was a demon known as a spider head. She says that they have been attacking villages in the mountains since springtime. The spiders trap humans in their webs and then devour them; a terrifying sort of monster. Kagome tells Inu that they have to do something. Inu only asks her if there was any sign of jewel fragments, and when Kagome says that she didn’t pick up anything from the spider demon, Inu says that they should get going, because he wants to cross the mountains by nightfall. Kagome tells him that they can’t just leave with a demon on the loose. The insensitive Inu says that he won’t go around killing demons every time a human comes running to him.

While Kagome wonders what has gotten into Inu, the girl gets up and says that she’s leaving, because she doesn’t like being indebted to a demon. Shippo tells her that faking some gratitude might sit better with them, and the girl then stalks away angrily. She thanks him for reminding her why she hates demons, then starts climbing up the cliff on a vine. She doesn’t get very far when the vine breaks, and she falls to the ground. Kagome asks Inu to show some “old fashioned chivalry”. (classic!)

At dusk, they reach a temple, where the girl lives. The girl is being carried by a still grumpy Inu, and she’s not happy about it either. They are greeted by an old priest, who asks “Nazuna” if she is okay. She leaps off of Inu’s back and runs to kneel before her master. He says he was worried that she might be attacked by a spider head, and she says that it attacked her while she attended the “gravesite”. She tells him that she had no choice but to rely on her “demon” companions, and apologizes to her master. Shippo points out that not all demons are the same, and the priest agrees. Inu says not to worry, because they’re leaving anyway, but the priest insists that they stay. Nazuna protests, but the priest tells her to go and prepare a meal for the guests. She agrees reluctantly and goes off.

The priest asks forgiveness for Nazuna’s rudeness, explaining that her parents were killed by spider heads and that she’s hated demons ever since. Kagome asks if they might run into any more spider heads when they cross the mountains, and the priest explains that, as the number of men who die in wars increases, so do the spider heads (by a lot). Now worried, Kagome asks Inu if they can stay at the temple, but he says that they’re on a quest and can’t slow down just because of spider demons. The priest asks them again to stay and reassures them that he has posted sutras throughout the temple to keep the spiders away. Inu agrees, believing that there’s no point in arguing with Kagome.

Later that night, the gang relaxes in a room of the temple. Shippo comments on the nice meal, and believes that they should stay a few more days, so they can get to know Nazuna better. Kagome teases Shippo about a nice meal changing his attitude, and he says that he liked Nazuna from the start anyway. Inu is sitting by the window, noting how late it is. Kagome asks him “why the long face?”, and he replies “it’s nothing”. Then Kagome comes right up to him, and he asks her what the problem is. She says she knows what’s wrong..... he’s afraid of spiders! Shippo shapeshifts into a spider and ridicules Inu. Inu smacks him on the head, so Kagome takes that as a “yes”. Inu says he’s not afraid of spiders, then heads out the door. He says that he’s going to sleep outside. He then suddenly realizes that the forest surrounding the temple is infested with spiders, and wonders how he could have missed their scent. The spider heads surround the gang, from both outside and inside the temple! Yikes.

Myouga tells Inu that the spiders are numerous, but not formidable, and is he up for some after-dinner exercise? Oh yeah! Inu pulls out the Tetsusaiga and remarks that the old priest’s sutras didn’t work. Meanwhile, Nazuna runs to find her master to tell him that the spiders have surrounded the temple, but she finds him already pinned to the ground by webs!

Outside, Inu starts eliminating the spiders. He tells Kagome and Shippo to run, and that he’ll be right behind them. When they start to protest, Inu tells them to do what he says, and that he can take care of the demons. Shippo wonders why Inu’s acting so strange, while Kagome wonders why the Tetsusaiga isn’t transforming (it is still in its steel form). The spiders shoot more webs at Inu, and he is overwhelmed by them. Shippo uses his foxfire to push the spiders back, and Kagome pulls Inu from the webs (although he is still covered in them). Meanwhile, still pinned in another room in the temple, the priest tells Nazuna that his sutras aren’t strong enough any more to keep back the spiders. She cries out for her master.

Inu, Shippo and Kagome have escaped into the forest. Inu is still covered in spider webs, and appears to be tired. As Kagome kneels beside him, he curses under his breath, and Kagome asks him what’s wrong. He tells her to leave him alone, but she then pulls back the spider webs on his head, revealing his black hair! Inu tells Kagome and Shippo that they shouldn’t worry about him and should worry more about themselves. Kagome remarks that he has black hair, but Inu just gets up and walks over to sit under a tree as he removes the remaining spider webs from his head. He tells them that they can’t rely on his strength this time.

Confused, Shippo asks what he means by that, and Kagome still can’t believe that Inu looks the way he does. She asks “Is that you?” (classic). Inu sarcastically responds “No, I’m a talking puppet”. Shippo jumps on his head and remarks that his dog ears are gone. Kagome says that he’s human, and Inu tells Shippo that he’s lucky the fangs and claws are gone (he pulls Shippo off of his head, forcefully). Kagome asks what the heck is going on, and Myouga then explains that all half-demons go through periods when they lose their powers for a short time. Kagome doesn’t understand, and Myouga says that during those periods, half-demons are no stronger than any other human. For Inu, the period falls on the first night of new cycle, when the moon is dark. Kagome understands now: it happens at the start of the month, when the moon is invisible (like tonight).

Myouga asks Inu why he didn’t tell them that his “period of vulnerability” was at hand, and Inu replies that he figured Myouga would take off. Myouga is offended by the idea. Kagome then asks why Inu didn’t trust her either. If she had known about what would happen to him, she wouldn’t have insisted that they stay at the temple. So much for leaning on your close friends! Inu angrily tells her that he doesn’t trust anyone, and she is taken aback by his comment. He then tells her that it has nothing to do with her, he’s just lived that way all his life, to protect himself. Kagome says she understands, but that she wished Inu had opened up to her more as a friend. She starts crying, and Inu feels bad, saying that it’s him who’s supposed to be down! (aww). Kagome says that because of Inu’s pride, they’re in a real mess now! She gets mad at him and calls him a doh-head (yeah Kagome!).

Part 2 to follow...
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha, Shippo, and Kagome meet up with Nizuna, a young woman whose family was killed by spider demons years earlier. She leads them to a shrine where the elder of the temple wants them to stay for the night in return for saving Nizuna from a spider demon. However, spider demons attack the shrine which Inuyasha couldn't sense. Also, the Tetsusaiga doesn't transform for him in battle. When Inuyasha and the others flee from the shrine, Kagome and Shippo are surprised to learn that Inuyasha has become human. Every new moon, a hanyou becomes human for one night. Despite this, Inuyasha and Shippo head back to the shrine to get the Shikone shards that were left at the shrine. Inuyasha gives Kagome the Tetsusaiga for protection. The shrine elder turned out to be a spider demon who wanted Inuyasha's Shikone shards as he swallows the shards and poisons Inuyasha. Kagome arrives and while crying, she frees Inuyasha from the spider demon's web with Tetsusaiga. Nizuna leads the three to a room and Kagome uses the Tetsusaiga to seal off the spider demons. Myouga manages to suck out the poison from Inuyasha's body and passes out after a humorous gag from his now enlarged self. Inuyasha starts to sweat heavily and Kagome takes out a cloth to wipe off the sweat which awakens Inuyasha. He questions Kagome about why she was crying in the other room. She says that she was worried that he would die. Inuyasha says that it was the first time that anyone had ever shedded tears for him and he asks Kagome if he could lie on her lap. Kagome lets him and Inuyasha says that here scent was nice. Kagome then wonders why he said that if he hated it before, but Inuyasha said he was lying. Kagome starts to blush from this comment before the spider demons begin to attack again. However, it proves to be too late as Inuyasha returns to his hanyou form and wipes out all of the spider demons.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts out when Kagome gets out of school and her friends accuse her of leaving cleaning duty to visit her "boyfriend". Then Hojo askes her out to the movies but she has to go the past so she asks Inuyasha if she can make on saturday and he says if they are lucky and he's confused to what a date is and he drops Kagome into the well. They are on a boat in a river and kagomes having fun and Shippo is seasick and inuyasha says that they have to be serious until inuyasha spotted giant spiderwebs and then he sees a girl being attacked by a demon who would've fell to her death if Inuyasha did'nt catch her. She thanks Inuyasha but suddenly realizes that he is a demon and asks him to unhand her and they fall into the river. They go to her home which is a shrine because her family is dead and killed by demons called spiderheads.The priest and the shrine offers them to stay and the gang accepts and asks the girl who's name is Nazuna to make dinner. That night Inuyasha was getting worried that its about nighttime and says he'll sleep outside. They get attacked by spiderheads and Inuyasha's hair gets covered in webs and Kagome and Shippo bring him to safety where Inuyasha's hair transforms into black and that he is virtually powerless in his state since he turned human in that new moon. Kagome gets mad that he didnt tell her and he said that he doesnt trust anyone and nazuna asks them to help her get them out. Shippo and Inuyasha go because kagome left the shards there and Inuyasha hands kagome the tetsusaiga because it wouldnt transform for him. He goes there when the priest who is actually the spiderhead attacks him because he sucked in some shards. Inuyasha gets poisoned and Kagome saves him and they bring him to a room in the back prtected by the tetsusaiga. Inuyasha is sweating alot and he asks kagome why she was crying in the other room and she tells him because she thought he was gonna die and inuyasha is surprised and uses her lap to sleep and tells her that she smelled good and that he waslying before that she stinked. it was about morning and inuyasha tranformed back defeated the spiderhead and surprisingly the shards inside fused together and he was angry that that was all they had.They returned nazuna to a village close by and Nazuna thanked and said that she will try to remeber that some demons are good but he makes a point that all demons are bad. meanwhile Kagome is thinking of that timw when inuyasha said that she smelled good and she was looking at inuyasha but then he said that her staring at him is ticking him off and kagome forgets it. Shippo gets seasick then he vomits on inuyasha. THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I didn't see the episode from the beggining (sorry)
but when I got their I saw Inuyasha in his human form (still cute) and he told kegome he didn't trust anyone. Then the next thing I remember was that he was trying to fight the evil spider deamon. He was suddenly in the spider's web and the spider had bit him. Next Kagome burst and blocks the poison and save Inu's butt. Then she heards everyone into the next room. and blocks the door the tetsaiga (some how). THen Myogua sucks the poison out of Inuyasha he's okay but weak.Kagome lays his head on her lap and asks her if she will stay with him all night.
Next seen it is very early morning and Inu wakes and saids to her(Kagome) that she smells good. She is confused inu said that she hated her scent. He replied I lied. Then the walls started shaking and the evil spider guy had broken in and then Inu turned back into the 1/2 demon inu and beat the shlt out of the spider guy.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
an gal ran as the spider head thing wanted to kill the gal as she ran she screamed for help..kogome and the others were walking heard the young gal called for help so kogome told inuyasha to help the gal..as inuyasha helped her she did not want help from an demon since her family was kill by an demon,shippo told her that all demons are not so mean but has an kind heart in them,she just doesn't knoew...as she went back to the temple where she is staying at there with an old man...he wanted inuyasha and them to stay for the night as when it gets dark the spider heads come out and kills,inuyasha did not care as he got his sord with him...but kogome wanted to stay for an night as she feared for the spider heads...so they sleep there that night but as they were sleeping the spider heads came and wanted the sheek-on-jewel,kogome hold the jewel tight so it wouldn't fall out inuyasha kill them with the sord but there were still more coming the old man was the leader of the spider heads wanting them to stay so he can get the jewel...the young gal was suprised,so the old man was the one that kill her family...some when the spider head hit inuyasha,inuyasha's hair turn did black everyone was suprised mostly kogome..as inuyasha is an human now he is lilo week..everyone was scared..the spider head got inuyasha,kogome got scared and did not want inuyasha to die so she ran to inuasha to help him her tears came down as she jump to inuyasha, inuyasha look at kogome's tears thinking y she ish cring for him..when she got to inuyasha they all ran into an room with inuyasha sord on the door way so there is no way any spiders could get in...inuyasha was hert and was lieing down...as he was sleeping kogome put inuyasha's head on her lap...inuyasha wake and asked y she cried when she jump...she told inuyasha that she did want to lose him...she told him that she likes him but he did not heard as he fall to sleep...in the morning kogome was still awake looking inuyasha sleep but it was morning and the sord fell as it couldn't hold it for long..but it was a good thing cuz inuyasha was back to himself again killing the spider head guy dead...as they went travaling again the young gal yell back at inuyasha that she'll remember inuyasha no that some demons has kind hearts like wat shippo had told her...inuyasha did not care but just went off with his mad face like always...but kogome look at inuyasha seeing how the human inuyasha and the demon inuyasha ish diffent...but as they went inuyasha did not remember wat kogome and himself were talking about....THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

Inuyasha and Kagome find a girl who was being attacked by a demon. She freaks out when she sees that Inuyasha is a demon. But Kagome convenses her he is a good demon. So they take her back to the shrine she lives at. Then they decide to stay the night there and leave in the morning. Around sunset Inuyasha says he needs to be aloan and leaves. Kagome follows him and finds out that every new moon he turns human since he is hanyou. Then when they go back to the shrine they find out that the prist at that shrine is a demon called a spider-head. So Inuyasha trys to fight him but he gets poisoned. They finlly hide in this little hut till morning when Inuyasha turns back into a demon. He then kills the spider-head and takes the jewel shards he had.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I this episode Inuyasha turns into a human because of the full moon. Too bad it's when they're attacked by a spider-demon who steals all the Skikon jewels. Inuyasha gets injected with some posion, and so Kagome takes his sword and frees him from the webbs. In this episode their relationship grows when Inuyasha asks Kagome if he can lay in her.(How sweet!) They manage to stay away from the demon long enough for Inuyasha to go back to normal, when he kills the spider-demon. When they get the shards back they all fused from being inside the spider-demon.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome, Shippo, and Inu~Yasha are floating down a river on a boat. Inu~Yasha at the front, Shippo at the side throwing up, and Kagome in the back enjoying the ride.

When all of a sudden a girl comes running out of the bushes screaming for help. She falls of the rocky cliff but luckily Inu~Yasha leaps out of the boat and catches her. He then lands on a little side bar just off the river.

Calm at first, she says "thank you". But when she sees that Inu~Yahsa has dog ears she screams "DEMON BEGONE" and slaps him. But unfortunately that causes Inu~Yasha to fall off the side bar taking her with him. Lolz.

Now on shore, Kagome is bandaging up the girl. While Inu~Yasha is tryin to dry off and saying to himself "why do I even try".. Back to Kagome and the girl. She asks her some question such as what is your name, where are you from, and what was that thing chasing you?. At first she hesitates to answer because she says that she does not explain herself to demons. But she answers "my name is Nazuna. I am from a temple up on the mounatain. The thing that was chasing me wis called a spider head. It has been living on the mountain since spring". Then she begins her story on why she hates demons so much. She says "that one day her and her father were walking through the wooods one day.

When all of a sudden out of the blue a spider head came out of the bushes and attacked her father". He told her "to run" she said "I won't leaave you papa". But she ends up running anyway. After her fathers demise ahe was takin in by a kindly old munk.

Kagome says that Inu~Yasha, her, and Shippo will take her home because it is not safe. Inu~Yahsa says "no we need to be past this mountain before the sun sets". Kagome answers "but…why?".

Nazuna half way up the cliff says "I'm goin home" Kagome says no it's to dangerous. We'll go with you.". Nazuna says "no thanks. I wouldn't put myself in a DEMONS care--If my life depended on it!".But just then the vine she is using to climb up the cliff brakes! Lolz.

Nazuna nnow riding on Inu~Yahsa's back is well embaressed and so Inu~Yahsa. WHile Kagome and Shppo are happily walking up the trail. lolz.
They finally reach the temple and are greated my Nazuna's master.
He says "Nazuna...wHo be these folk...?" As soon as she sees him she jumps off of Inu~Yahsa's back and greet her master. She begins to tell him what had happened. So the munk invites Inu~yasha and the gang to saty for the night. Inu~Yasha says "relax. We're not STAYING old man". He then somehow guesses that Inu~Yahsa is a half demon. This remark makes Inu~Yahsa very angry. So, Inu~Yasha gets ready to attck him when all of a sudden Kagome says sit! And appologizes for his behavior.
Later that night, Kagome asks if something was wrong and Shippo asumes that Inu~YAsha is afraid of spiders. So, he transforms into one and tries to scare INu~Yasha. lolz.
When all of a sudden the whole temple was surrounded by Spider heads. Inu~Yahsa and the gang flee to the forest. Until Kagome remembers that she left the shards in her back pack whish were inside the temple.
Then nazuna comes sliding down a cliff and asks Inu~Yahsa to try and save her master who was still at the temple. But as she looks up at him she sees that his hair has turned black and his dog ears have dissapered.
He then says that he will go back for the shards and try to help her master. SO he takes out some sticks from graves. ANd says "come on Shippo. Lets go" So they journey to the temple but first he gives the tetsuiga to Kagome seeing as it is worthless without it's transformation.
They arrive at the temple and find that the spider heads new where the jewels were alll along. SO with the stick and Shippo's fox fire the get rid of the little spider heads. And get the jewel's. They then go on to find the master. They find him and he tells him that he is also a spider head. ANd so he transforms. SOmehow he takes teh jewels and eats them except for a few that Shippo grabs.
Inu~yahsa readily defeats the leader. and turn back to his regualr self.

Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
kagome gets a date with a guy at school and has to meet him at a sertain time but, meanwhile she has to go to the fudeal era and help inuyasha. so she goes there and they stay at some priests place. at night time spiderheads show up but this is the time of month when inuyasha becomes human (black haired).so he has no super strenght.he gets hert and tells kagome his feeling for her. then when it becomes dawn he gets his powers back and becomes normal.(at the end shippo gets sick on him,lol).
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and Kagome are first on their boat to find more jewel shardz. And then Inuyasha sees spider webs all across the river. Suddenly a girl pops out of the forest and is being attacked by a spider head. As she falls from the forest into the river Inuyasha grabz her and saves her from falling. She then thankz him but then she sees his lil doggy earz and hitz him ((because she doznt like demonz)) After ward They go to her village and a guy ((sorry forgot the name)) invites them to stay with them in the village. Inuyasha says that they can't and they want to get through the forest as soon as possible. But Kagome says that they should stay . and the priest says that it will be safe for them to stay because he put thse demon stuffz ((so that they kant come in)) all around the village. Inuyasha finally agrees. That night Inuyasha sees spider heads and fights them but tetsaiga isnt working! He then says that they kant count on him tonight. Kagome and the others are shocked! He bacame human., When Inuyasha decides to try fight him with his own strength and he gets poisined, Kagome then frees him with the tetsaiga(( and crying to)) They go into a room and put the tesaiga into the door so that it will keep the spider head out from the room. Miyoga then suxz the poison out of Inuyashaz blood n sayz: now master Inuyashaz life depends on his strengtg" Inuyasha asks why Kagome was crying and she says it was because she was afaid that he would die. Then he asks if he kan lay on her lap ((aww)) and confesses all these other thingz like how he likes her scent. When the spider head gets through the door it is almost morning so Inuyasha is pretty stroung again. He turnz back into half demon and kills the spider head.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and Kagoem are on a wooden raft floating down a river and al the sudden a girl falls from a ledge and inuyasha springs into action and jumps to save her and right on time catches her.(I don't remember the girls name) She suddenly screams in his ear to see the dog-demon. She's a demon hating machine! And she jump out of his arms Kagome rushes over and tells little about inuyasha and not need to worry about the hanyou.

It then starts getting dark and they het back to the girls place for the night inuyasha goes outside to a tree and she then warns him about the little spider hanyous and all he says is keh. and heads to a tree. Suddenly attacked heads inside before getting injured. What did i tell you moron theres demons out there r u really as stupid as you look!? she says. all the sudden her master comes from behind the corner and traceformes into the spider hanyou og them all. inuyasha is humen and grabs kagome before she can get hurt sets her down on the ground and rushes to try and kill the worthless demon but them it grabs the girl and she says i thought you were my master and he laughs and says he knew his gang was coming so he ploted this so he could steal the fragments of the gatherd jewl. inuyasha grabs the girl and myouga jumps on kagomes shoulder. inuyasha sets her down by kagome and trys to defeet the ugly moron. but gets stuck in his web and is bitten in the shoulder and kagome grabs an untracefored tegnsiega and with tears in her eyes jumps to free inuyasha from the web he falls to the ground miroku shippo kagome and inuyasha are in a room where he cant get in for a while myouga leaps to inuyasha and sucks the posion out of is shoulder and rolls over. inuyasha gains conchesness and asks if can lay on her lap and miroku looks in jelousy at inuyasha. he tells kagome she smells nice. and he asks her why she had cried for him when he was bitten by he demon. she was afraid she would loose him cause in her mind she had deeply loved him in hope he coulsomeday return the same feelings back to her. he gets his demon powers back and the door that seeled the spider out had burted open and inuaysha kicks butt and the girl has thanked inuyasha and run off somewhere. kagome had wondering about inuyasha and thinking is it possible he has the same feelings for me. then inuyasha turns around and sees kagome starring st him ant says WHAT ina wierd exspession on his face and she thinks who am i kidding i'm dilerious!

Okay were dun! thank you for listening!

Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inu Yasha, Kagome, and Shippo are on a boat traveling down the river. (Not sure why, probably looking for more of the jewel shards). While Inu Yasha and Kagome are arguing over God knows what, they hear a girl scream "Get away from me!" The girl falls out of the woods, into the river. Kagome shouts for Inu Yasha to save her. He reluctantly does so. Leaping into the air to catch her, she screams and fights off Inu Yasha. They both land in the river, and climb into the boat. The girl tells Kagome that her name is Nazuna, and that she was attacked by a spider demon. She also tells her that she hates all demons, (including Inu Yasha, who just tried to save her... that brat!) She says that she lives at this temple, and that lately, the forest that has been full of these spider-like demony creatures. (Not exact words, but who cares!) She said the forest is no place to say. Nazuna has them "escort" her back home, to the temple she lives on. There they meet an old guy who tells Nazuna to be nice to Inu Yasha, even thought he is a demon. (I don't like the old man.) The old fart invites them to stay the night. They all except. Meanwhile, Inu Yasha is grumpier than usual. At night, the temple is attacked by spider-demons. Then the old fart finds out that Kagome has the sacred jewel shards. He transforms into this giant demon monster thing. (See why I don't like him?) the demon swallows the jewel shards. Kagome goes to get Inu Yasha. Only something's wrong... (hee, hee, hee!) Inu Yasha looks human! (Holy Cow!) I mean, he has BLACK hair, no doggy ears, no claws, and the worst, no demon powers! (Scary stuff!) While Kagome is wondering what is going on, in comes the flea. He explains that since Inu Yasha is only a HALF-demon, there is one night out of the month that he becomes totally human. (Explains the moodyness, eh?) It only happens on the night of a new moon. Which so happens to be this night. Kagome informs Inu Yasha of their situation. Inu Yahsa states that if she's counting on his demon powers to get them out of this one, she can forget it now. Then she tells him about the jewel shards. Inu Yasha gets pissed, and at the same time freaks. He leaves his sword to Kagome to protect herself. He goes after the ol fart/ giant spider-demon. Kagome is worried, and decides to follow him. The demon has Inu Yasha beat pretty badly. Kagome attacks it with the sword. She crys. Inu Yasha notices. She grabs him, snd they head into a room in the temple. She knows that the sword has a barrier. She sticks it in the door, so the spider-demon can't get in. She knows it won't last forever. Meanwhile, Inu Yasha is badly hurt. He asks Kagome to lend him her lap. He rests his head on her lap. "Is that better?" she asks nervously. "Yes, Kagome?" he asks. "Yea Inu Yasha?" she replys. "Why were you crying?" he says. "Because I thought you were gonna die." she replys. "Kagome... you smell... nice." he says. Kagome is almost shocked. "I thought you said you hated my scent?" she said. "That was... a lie." he says. No he is unconcious. "Kagome blushes nervously. The barrier breaks The demon comes in. He attacks Kagome and Shippo. Then suddenly. Inu Yasha is a demon again! (Just in time! YAY!!) Inu Yasha says some smart stuff, and attacks the demon. He kills it, and gets the shards back. The next day, Nazuna thanks Inu Yasha, and the others. (She'd better!) They're back on the boat, just floatin down tha river. Kagome thinks about what Inu Yasha said. "What are you atrin at?!" Inu Yasha growls. "Nothing." Kagome replys, blushes, and leaves it at that. So ends episode 13...
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The three, Kagome, InuYasha, and Shippo, meet a girl named Nazuna and stay over at her place for the night and meet a freeky old ggezer who's actually a spider youkai! And fortunately they end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time
when the geezers 'pals' show up and Inuyasha turns into HUMAN!!!! oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!! they escape into the woods and meet Nazuna again who was finding them because she has seen those 'pals' all surrounding that freaky geezer guy!!! so inu and shippo go back to the shrine/temple and meet the freeky dude again but he then shows his true form! ahhhh!!! the geezer hurts inu but Myuoga sucks it out! he's ifne don't worry! and well, yeah inu defeats the freeking dude once and for all!! YAY!!!
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and friends are going down a river when a human girl falls from a cliff. Inuyasha saves her, the girl panics and ends up knocking both of then into the river. Later the girl introduces herself as Nazuna, and tells them what happened to her. A group of spider demons atticked her village and killed her parents. so now she dosn't like any demons-including Inuyasha! Kogome offers to take her home but, Inuyasha disagres. After fighting about it they take her home. Nazuna introduces the gang to her master, and he tells them to stay the night. Now Inuyasha is walking around outside when the spider demons attack. Inuyasha tries to fight them but can't so everyone runs for it . When they are safe, Inuyasha's hair turn's black and he becomes a human. Kagome remembers that she left the Jewel shards in the house and Inuyasha goes back to get them.He can't fight all the demons ang gets poisened. His servent appears and sucks the pisen from him. Kogome takes care of Inuyasha until morning when he turns back into a demon. and kills the spiders.

oh yeah when Inu is poisened he tells Kogome he like her scent and he thinks she is pretty
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha turned into a full human (which he was really cute)!!! Then he almost get killed by a spider demon, but then Kagome rescues him. This is the part where their love for eachother beins to start. Awww!!!! it is so so cute. He tells Kagome that she smelled good and that he want to sleep on her lap.
Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Mystery Of The New Moon And The Black Haired Inuyasha. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome is trying to leave school to "keep a promise" when she’s waylaid by Houjou-kun, who wants to ask her on a date. Her friends encourage her, and Kagome decides to accept the date. Kagome and Inuyasha leave through the well in the next scene. Note: I really love this episode because Inuyasha looks so cute with black hair! Going along a river in a boat (with Shippou seasick), the Yasha gang is seeking another Shikon shard. They pass under huge spider web strands going across the river’s steep banks, and then see something shove a young woman off the cliff higher up. Inuyasha is gracious enough to catch her, and the girl, Nazuna, tells the Yasha gang know that that pushed her was a spider demon. Kumogashira, the spider demons' boss, and his minions are terrorizing the local villages. Though Nazuna says she doesn’t want any help from them, they at least take her home, where they meet the monk who has assumed the position of her guardian after her parents’ death.

They stay the night at the monk’s insistence, and Inuyasha looks quite uncomfortable the whole time. After Kagome incorrectly assumes that he’s scared of spiders, Inuyasha is about to go off to sleep alone, but sees that they're already surrounded by spider youkai, and says that "his nose had already failed him." (Foreshadowing!) Kagome, Shippou, and Myouga wonder why Tessaiga hasn’t transformed, and Nazuna finds the monk unconscious under a spider web. Inuyasha tries to fight for a bit, but is covered with spider webs. Shippou uses his Kitsune Bi [Fox Beauty] attack to at least get them away. As they stop to rest, Kagome asks Inuyasha what’s wrong, and pulls the web off his head...to see that his hair is now black! His dog ears are gone, too...hmmm...he’s human!! Myouga explains that a hanyou loses his demonic powers once in a while; for Inuyasha, it’s the first night of every month when the moon has disappeared (New Moon). Nazuna then shows up, asking them to save the monk. It’s at that moment that Kagome realizes the Shikon shards are still in her bag, which she left behind...so Inuyasha and Shippou go off to get them back, and hopefully help out the monk (Inuyasha leaves Tesseiga behind for Kagome in case she and Nazuna need it).

When Inuyasha and Shippou arrive, they see that the monk is Kumogashira. Inuyasha can’t do much as a human, and gets himself bitten by Kumogashira...the poison is starting to paralyze him and will soon kill him. Shippou, only able to rescue some of the shards before Kumogashira gets the rest, is by himself now. However, Kagome and Nazuna come to the rescue. Kagome uses Tessaiga to free Inuyasha from the web holding him in place, crying a little from fear, and pulls him into a room off to the side of the main hall. Placing on the door, they manage to seal the room off from Kumogashira and his minions so that they can recuperate. Myouga sucks out the poisoned blood, and in a seemingly well-placed bit of comic relief, says to the camera, "Nice to meet you. I’m the chubby Myouga." Inuyasha spends the night with his head on Kagome’s lap (kawaii!!!!) and sleepily admits to Kagome that he "likes her smell" (which definitely gets Kagome’s heart beating).

About a moment before sunrise, Kumogashira crushes the building in his attempt to reach the last of the Shikon shards. He shakes them out of Shippou’s pockets, and Nazuna tries to confront the spider boss with Tessaiga, but loses her will when she learns that there was no human monk at all...it was all a plan to draw out Inuyasha. She’s picked up by Kumogashira, and lets Tessaiga drop from her hand. Inuyasha, looking quite refreshed (but still with black hair), plucks the sword out of the air. Kumogashira picks him up in three of his many hands (eww), still thinking Inuyasha is human, but the sun suddenly rises behind Inuyasha, and in a cool sequence, his youkai blood returns with a few magical heartbeats. His hair fades to white, and Inuyasha proceeds to kick Kumogashira's butt!

Afterwards, Kagome and Shippou find that the Shikon shards had fused inside of the spider youkai’s body, and the Shikon no Tama looks about halfway completed. They drop Nazuna off near a town, and head down the river again, with Shippou hanging off the side, seasick (poor baby!).