Episode 130 - Roar, Shippo! - Arcanum "Kokoro no Kizu" Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 130 - Roar, Shippo! - Arcanum "Kokoro no Kizu". Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
We start off with five little cute fox demons (they look like animated foxes walking on two feet). The biggest one is the leader. The four younger foxes want to rest. So they complain that they are to tired. Of course the leader gives in and said they could have a little break.

Then suddenly a huge, but weak dinosaur looking monster jumps out running, trying to get away from something ( something kinda expecting). The monster stops turns around and roars, not at the foxes (but the foxes jumped right out of their skins). The monster yells "why you!" then right immediatly after a familier voice yells a familier attack "KAZE-NO-KIZU".

The monster disapears or evaporated into thin air. Then with perfect timing, guess who takes the credit, thats right Shippo. Of course the frightened little foxes jumped to the conclusion that Shippo was the one who killed the Youkai. They thought SHIPPO was their so called savior. Then coinsidently there was a legend that would save them from all monsters that tried to kill the little fox siblings.

Later we join Shippo with his current love interest, Mizuki. They were talking about Shippo's family and friends, then shippo changed the subject to Mizuki. Then Mizuki gave a necklace made out of flowers to shippo.(awwwww).

Sango wondered how Shippo always attracts a cute girl in every village they go to. (OOO a ladies man). Kagome says it is probably because of the influece shippo gets from the perverted monk.

up the hill the monk ask the old man to gather up all the pretty young ladies in the village as a reward for traking down another youkai!!!!! Then suddenly a angry sango hit the monk on the head with her boomerang thing (i keep forgetting what's it called).HA HA serves him right.

Kagome tries to calm sango down while the selfish Inuyasha complains that they should not be here, if the youkai has no Skikon shards. Itiotic inuyasha saying that while kagome is right beside him, AND he is sitting on a boarded up WELL. You know what happens. SIT . And of course he falls down a well at super high speed *sigh*.
He climbs out of the well and says "hey kagome!" with his usual crude attitude. And another "sit" for inuyasha. we turn to shippo and Mizuki, who are also watching how stupid, and rude inuyasha is being, in the background inuyasha yells "Kagomeee" and then "SIT" Shippo says that they always figt like this and needs to grow up.

Kagome, Kirara, the pervert and Sango go to find and capture the youkai, while shippo stays with inuyasha in the old man's home. Shippo goes out to make a flower necklace for Mizuki.

After he is finished those five little fox kids pop up from behind Shippo and one of them yells "OYABUN" which scares the life out of Shippo, it means boss. they all slide down the hill with shippo. The leader who's name is Ippou intoduces himself and everybody else. which are starting from the leader Ippou, Jippou, Sanpou, Gohou, and shihou.

They expect shippo to teach them how to use Kaze no Kizu!! later shippo and the 5 bully Mizuki who falls into a shallow river. Of course she tells shippo off and runs away. After shippo cries over Mizuki and how he scared of his "only" love the lizard demon appeares and shippo angry about his loss preforms a new attack called Kokoro no Kizu.

later when he is back at the old man's house Mizuki who serves shippo his dinner is still mad at Shippo and stick out her tougue.
Inuyasha bothers shippo asking him what did he do and laughing, of course shippo gets mad and uses his new attack on inuyasha right on the ass!!! (ha ha he he)

poor inuyasha, this kind of comedy is called slapstick, first sit and now this. But it was pretty funny.
Episode Summary for Episode 130 - Roar, Shippo! - Arcanum "Kokoro no Kizu". Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The Inuyasha gang come upon a village to deal with a lizard demon which has been attacking the area. Meanwhile, Shippo is being annoyed by a group of young fox demons who assume that he's a powerful leader. The fox kids try getting him to attack the lizard demon, but Shippo uses his crying mushrooms as a decoy to make a run for it. Then, the kids use him to pull a prank on Shippo's girlfriend, Satsuki (the girl from episode 55 now living with the village chief), which causes her to start hating Shippo. When the lizard demon approaches him for the mushroom incident, an angry Shippo heartbroken from Satsuki attacks him with the Kokuro no Kizu by biting deeply in the neck. The fox kid demons also bite the demon as he gets scared of the seven and is unfortunate enough to run into Miroku and Sango as he is wacked by Miroku's staff and reduced to the size of a regular lizard. At a celebration dinner, Satsuki is still angry with Shippo as she serves him his dinner. Inuyasha gets excited and wants to know what Shippo had been doing. Shippo gets angry at Inuyasha and does his new technique on him.
Episode Summary for Episode 130 - Roar, Shippo! - Arcanum "Kokoro no Kizu". Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
-Opening song,One day,One Dream-

We see 5 foxes being attack by this huge youkai.Then a kaze no kizu came and destroy it.Shippo appear and check around then left.The 5 foxes thought shippo did the kaze no kizu so they set a journey to find him to attack one of their enemy.

Then we see shippo with a girl named,Mazuki(something like that).She gave shippo a flower lei and he blushed.After we see miroku talking to this other person about something perverted and got hit by sango boomerang.Inuyasha was also saying something stupid and since he was sitting on a well,kagome sits him after fall after fall.he bangs down to the water,climbs back out,bangs back down,climbs back out,bangs back down.^_^.

Then we see miroku,sango,kagome leaving inuyasha at the temple with the person miroku was talking to earlier.

Shippo was sitting alone in the grass making another flower shape heart lei for Mazuki.Then all of a sudden the 5 foxes appear again and tackle him down.They talk and they ask shippo to do the kaze no kizu.Shippo of couse was freak out about what to do so he tells them to stay there while he went back to the temple to find InuYasha.

We see inuyasha sleeping on the floor snoring (SO KAWAII!)He woke up when shippo started to call him (GRR!) Shippo takes the tetsusaiga and trys to use the kaze no kizu but no use.Inuyasha then takes tetsusaiga ans shows him the kaze no kizu and tears up the floor of the temple.Inuyasha was shock at what he done and looks around for shippo and found he was gone and got very mad.

Shippo then walks along the trail.Mazuki then runs up to him and shippo gives her the lei he made and she thank him.SHippo then tells her that its dangerest outside and tells her to go back to the village.She nods and starts to run back.The 5 foxes who were pretending to be the rock in the background came out and they started to talk again.Then a lizard youkai appears and the 5 foxes tells the youkai that their "leader" (reffering to shippo) can beat him.Shippo got all scared and he uses his crying mushrooms and runs away.The 5 foxes runs away as fast as they could too.

Shippo is back by the river again breathing for air.the 5 foxes are behind him.They then see Mazuki and tells shippo to attack her.Shipo delines and then somehow accept somehow in another talk.Shippo turns into the pink blob thing with the 5 foxes on top of him.He floats over to Mazuki and the fozes starts to attack her with their mushrooms/rocks.Mazuki falls over and rolls down to the river,body facing down.Shippo transform back and went down to see if Mazuki was alright.Mazuki then gets up water all over her body,it was all shiny and beautiful.Mazuki looks over and shippo and felt betrayed and starts to run back to the village.Shippo was all sad and the 5 foxes was saying good job,you did it.

The youkai lizard appear again wanting another fight.Shippo back was turn agaist him and then he got fire around him and trys to throw a punch at him but got punch back from him.He then gets up still.His bangs are covering his eyes,looking down.He then looks back up all of a sudden with fire bursting all around him.He jumps on the liazard and bites him down hard.He tells the foxes to help him so they also jump on the liazard and bite him down.

The lizard is now on the ground looking dead.The foxes ahnks shippo and bows then leaves.In the background we see the lizard going back into the river.

The lizard starts to walk and ends up by the side of miroku.Miroku uses one of his charm on him and he turns back into a small lizard.Sango and kagome just blinks.

Everone is back at the temple again,its night.5 ladies comes to serve sango,miroku,shippo,inuyasha,kagome's dinner.Mazuki serves shippo's dinner.Shippo trys to talk to her but she says hmph and sticks touge at him.InuYasha realize what happen and says shippo got dump!Shippo got all mad and jumps on inuyasha and bites him!Inu jumps all over the place screaming.(cute!)

-Ending song,Come-
Episode Summary for Episode 130 - Roar, Shippo! - Arcanum "Kokoro no Kizu". Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Five little fox youkai believe Shippou to be their legendary hero, so Shippou takes them as his pupils to bestow upon them the knowlede of a sure-kill technique: the Kaze no Kizu. To keep up appearances, Shippou secretly asks Inuyasha to teach him the technique, but he can't seem to get the hang of it. Shortly thereafter, the five siblings pester Shippou to use the technique for a girl in the village.