Episode 133 - The Woman Who Loved Sessho-maru (the first part) Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 133 - The Woman Who Loved Sessho-maru (the first part). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
SPOILER EPS 133-134 the view shows seagulls flying through the sky. rays of sunlight peak through the clouds. the view slowly moves downward from the blue sky to an overview of the beach. kagome sounds very relaxed as she comments on how wonderful it is to be beside the ocean. inu yasha is lying down on a log complaining that he hates the smell of this place.shippou says he likes the smell. shippou is standing on the log by inus feet. kagome miroku and sango are standing next to each other gazing outward towards the ocean. kagome streches her arms upward and says happily that its wonderful she was able to bring her swimsuit. inu lifts his head up, glares at her, and says in an annoyed tone, dammit woman!!! we didnt come here to haev fun. kagome replies in an "awwww come on" tone saying, why not? we just got here. there is a closeup of inu's bored, annoyed expression. he turns on his side, lies his head on his palm and calmly complains, what does that got to do with it? you always act like a fool no matter where we go (you shouldnt have said that baka -_-). kagome sudden becomes very stiff. her arms are now at her sides, she begins shaking with rage, glaring at him saying, hey what is THAT supposed to mean? sango laughs nervously and asks kagome if she can feel and shikon shards nearby. kagome has calmed down, her intensity is gone, she puts her hand on her hips, looks outward and tries to sense any shards. she notifies them that she cant sense any. miroku comments that he cant feel any demonic energy either. kagome now has a large smile on her face as she says cheerfully, so lets kick back. she then runs over, kneels down and grabs a stick. (LOL here it comes folks) she waves the stick in her hand and calls out, HEEEEY INUUUUU YAAASHAAAA (she throws the stick) GO FETCH!!!! inu yasha suddenly changed into a ready position, shouts "YAAY", runs after the stick and kneels down to pick it up i his mouth. but he suddenly stops just as he is about to pick it up, abruptly stands up and swiftly turns around and yells at the top of his lungs, SEEE WHAT I MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL he fetched, i love it LOL ). rays of sunlight beam through teh clouds, the view slowly moves to the right showing the entire village. inside one of the building is a golden religious statue. now sobbing can be heard. several nuns are crying around a woman lying down covered by sheets. they continue to sob saying, my your soul rest my dear princess. the princess seems confused and says, me? i am not a princess, i am just a woman named sara. they nun continue to sob around her. the one closest to her on her right contiues to sob and begs, please sara, if the Asa no Jou (name of the castle) had not burned..... if you hadnt gotten this disease..... and even in a great place like this..... antoher sobs and comments on hos unfair this is. they show a closeup of the princess face. (she is young. she has a pentagon head and red ties in her hair, and bangs across her entire forehead. there is a purple and blue beaded necklace and flute next to her head on the right) she has a cheerful expression as comments that this is just the way thing are. she turn her head slightly to her right, smiles and says in a thankful tone, you have all truly been so kind caring for me. one repsonds , think nothing of it. another places her head over her heart and continues, we are happy to assist you in any way we could. sara smiles as tells them that she has been happy being around such kind people like them. she continues in a weak but cheerful, please allow me one last request, (the view gives a close up to the items next to her) i would be honored to play my flute for everyone one last time. inus group enters the village, they all hear the fltue playing and wonders what is going on. the villagers are all leaning up against the fence watching sara playing her flute inside. sara is sitting up now as she continues to play her flute. there is a close up of inu as he makes a "huh?" noise. he looks to the side curiously as he contiue to walk. there is a closeup of sara. she continues playing and looks up to see the villagers watching her and then see inu yasha gazing back at her curiously. suddenly saras eyes widen and she starts shaking. miroku, sango and inu yasha continue to walk on, occasionaly looking curiously at sara and teh villagers. kagome, with shippou on her shoulder stop. kagome looks gazes curiously at sara. inu walks by her and tells her to keep walking. kagome calls out to inu saying, WAIT INU YASHA. sara gasps and suddenly drops her flute. her fingers are still in teh same posistion as if she is still playing it. sara has a shock filled expression and begins shaking even more this time. she cant stop shaking as she slowly puts her hands down. one of the nuns looks very concerned, places her hand on sara's shoulder and says her name over and over in a worried tone. sara's eyes widen as she has a "i cant believe it" expression as she says, only one......wish still left in this world..... she suddenly grits her teeth, gasps, and looks like she is about to drop dead. back with inu's group, they are near teh beach. inu is infront of sango but miroku, kagome and shippou are no where to be found. sango turns around and asks miroku what is wrong. inu stops walking and curiously looks behind him. miroku, kagome and shippou are at the bottom of the hill. miroku asks, what was that?!?! he then asks if kagome can feel it as well. kagome nods. shippou asks them what is wrong. kagome explains that a powerful demonic energy just surfaced. sango wonder about it. kirara, in sango arms, suddenly shakes with rage as she growls. (there is an overview of the village but now there is demonic energy swirling around it, especially around the building where ara was.) miroku wonders why a large amount of demonic energy would appear and wonders what this could mean. shippou asks if this could be naraku. inu has a suspicious look and tells them that he doesnt think naraku has anything to do with this. kagome alerts them that she doesnt feel any shards. inu turns arouns saying that since this has nothing to do with there objective they all should leave. just tehn the ground begins to rumble and the building sara was in goes up in flames. kagome becomes very concerned and says that they MUST do something about this. inu yasha complains and scratches his head. all the villagers surround the convent, even the nuns are outside. inus groups arrives. some of the villagers are praying. inu aasks them what has happened. one villager, with his hands clasped together infront of his face, says that sara has been revitalized and suddenly the blaze appeared. inu says in a confused toen, sara? the villager continues still with his hand infront of his face and explains that this place was a home for the nuns. the villager next to him says that she was a great person who provided them with medicines. kagome eyes are wide open as she stares at the building and asks, miroku, is this blaze what i think it is? miroku confirms a yes and says that is does relate to the demonic energy. sango begins to speak, they all turn to face her. the view moves to the left now showing sango on the immediate left and kagome with shippou on her shoulder, on the right. sango sounds confused as she says, but there doesnt seem to be any demonic energy right now. kagome agrees and says that it must have moved on. teh view fades out and fades in showing the nun kneeling beside the remains, sobbing saying, sara sara, the light, the light. inus group are behind them. shippou suddenly alerts them all and points to a place on teh ground. he alerts them that it looks like someone has been lying there the whole time. there is a closeup of teh burn floor but there is a place where this no ashes. it forms the shape of a human lying down with there hands by there sides. one nun explains while sobbing, sara was lying there but then she vanished along witht eh light. kagome has a suspicious look and wonders what that could mean. there is a view of the sun setting around a mountain area. the sky turns from a beautiful purple with coral to the dark night sky. the view moves downward to a trail within the mountains and rins voice can be heard saying joyfully, hey jaken i have got a tongue twister for you ^^. jaken replies in an annoyed broed tone, what is it? rin says joyfully, here goes (she talks very fast now) aka_jaken ao_jaken ki_jaken ( red jaken blue jaken yellow jaken) the area is enshrouded in mist and you can see sesshoumaru walking infront, then jaken then rin then ah_un. they continue to walk on the incline. jaken tries repeats the tongue twister in an annoyed "god save me from thsi hellhole" tone. rin compliments jaken on a job well done and asks him to try again. rin speedily does the tongue twister happily. jaken sounds very annoyed and abruptly tells her to forget it. (view of sesshoumaru) rin whine to jaken about his promise to play with her. jaken sighs in a pitiful way (view of jaken rin and ah un). jaken looks exhausted as he thinks about sesshoumaru's long pursuit after naraku. he wonders how long this will last. jaken's head is down as he continues walking. sesshoumaru suddenly stops and jaken crashes into him. rin innocently asked sesshoumaru what's wrong. sesshoumaru has his cold glare again as he focuses his gaze infront of him. through the mist a figure approaches them, playing a flute. it is sara. jaken asks who that is. she stops, goes down on her knees and says, it has been so long sesshoumaru. jaken demands her to tell them who she is and if she is an aquaintance of sesshoumaru. she looks up, she has a focused gazes as she introduces herself as sara. mist swirls around them as jaken asks sess who this woman is. sara gazes deeply into sess' eyes and explains that they met at her castle. she asks if he has forgotten. sess repeats the castle name, he still has a cold glare. sara sounds like she is talking about a long lost love as she explains, when we first met there, Asa no Jou was in a precarious position..... *flashback of the castle surrounded by soldiers, one soldier alerts the leader that the enemy is approximately 12 kilometer away. the leader stands up and says that he didnt expect this situation to move so quickly. he continues that this battle will soon be decided and they have no choice but to die for the castle. the leader turns around and walks inside the castle. there are several soldiers sitting down, resting. he demands that they all listen up. he raises his sword (still in the sheathe)he bravely tells them that this is the time to defend what is theirs. the soldiers responds confidently, in our hearts my lord !!! with our life my lord !!! the leader tells them to stay strong and fight with everything they have. sesshoumaru has arrived. he attack 2 soldiers with his poison whip. he continues to walk along and whips another soldier behind him. one soldier rushes over to the leader. the leader asks him what is going on. the soldier kneels down before him and alerts him that a horrible enemy has arrived and they are all no match for him. the leader looks up and asks, what is he? back outside, a soldier is completely terrfied as sesshoumaru slowly approaches him, killing severl soldiers along teh way. the soldier backs away and nervously asks sesshoumaru, W W WHAT ARE YOU?!?! the soldiers entire body is shaking as sesshoumaru throws away teh last soldier and approaches him. he has the familiar cold glare as he demands that the soldier move away. the soldier bravely readies his sword and runs over to attack. sesshoumaru whips the sword breaking it in half. the soldier is horrified and gags as he falls down to the ground, sess continues to walk on. the leader looks at sesshoumaru from inside and says in a frustrated tone, if only someone like him would help us. just then a woman calls out to him. it is sara. he tells her to look closely at sesshoumaru and explains with a man like that, they would be unstoppable. sara approaches the window. Outside, sess easily swings his whip behind him knocking back 3 soldiers and then swings it infront of him knocking bakc 1 soldier. after sess finishes he looks up towards sara. sara gasps. flashback done* sara gets back up from her kneeling position and softly says his name. sess tells her that he doesnt know her and walks away. as he walks past her she turns to face him and tells him (she sounds desperate) to wait because she can fufill his greatest desire. (uh i just hope she dont mean sex O_O). sess stops and says slightly interested, my greatest desire? indeed. she responds in a desperate tone, yes. and by giving you that which you most desire, (she holds up her flute) i shall prove i am worthy of you. jaken walks up to her from behind and calls her a fool and yells while jumping, DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THAT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS?!! YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMI....... sess interrupts him and demands that he be silent. jaken is shocked for a bit, then turns his head away sadly and obeys. there is a close up of sara looking very confident as she continues, i guarantee i can make your wish com true, sesshoumaru. sesshoumaru looks over his shoulder towards her, again with the same cold glarem he turns away from her and tells her to do whatever she pleases. sara understands and slowly walks away, rin and jaken stare at her curiously as she passes by. she then disappears into the mist. jaken asks sess who that woman was. rin walks up to jaken looking at sess saying, she was very beautiful wasnt she? jaken responds, BAH if you say so. (sesshoumaru walks away and jaken looks at rin) what good are humans for anyway? sesshoumaru interrupts him saying, (close up of sesshoumaru's profile) is there something wrong with your eyesight? she was not human. jaken screams and asks what she was. sesshoumaru replies, she is a demon, (view of the path enshrouded in mist where sara disappeared) no, that one is human no longer, (close up of sesshoumaru) a withering shell and a devil's bargain to extend teh life.... jaken screams, SHE'S CRAAAAZY. back with inus group, they are all walking along the beach. sango wonders what the fire was about. miroku says that he remembers a simliar occurance to what happeneded today. he then wonders if this has anything to do with sara's disappearance. miroku feels bad about this. the view moves upwards showing the starry night sky then it goes to a closeup of inu yasha. inu looks over his shoulder and says, i still say screw this. it has got nothing to do with us. (inu looks infront of him now) we've got enough to worry about. he looks to his right and sees some sort of large demon in the water causing large waves as it swims. they all suddenly look towards the water wondering what it could be. miroku wonders if it could be a whale, sango disagrees and says its a monster. the monster charges towards someone, it is very dark with glowing red eyes. kagome alert everyone by suddenly pointing to a woman tied up ontop of the hill. it is sara, she has her head down adn has her eyes closed. kagome sounds very concerned wondering what she could be doing up there. inu looks over his shoulder towards kagome and calmly explains that he is more concerned with the monster because it seems that it is after her (sara). teh monster charges closer and closer towards sara. miroku suddenly yells out, I WILL RESCUE YOU LOVELY LADY. sango tells him to wait. she swiftly takes off her casual clothes, jumps ontop of kirara, and is now in her demon exterminator outfit. miroku looks very determined to reach sara. sango sadly looks down at him saying, always on teh job arent you miroku? inu yasha is very annoyed by all this and begins to vigoriously scratching his head (you can see kagomes hand upon his left shoulder) demanding to know why they always risk their lives for someone they don't know. inu looks up to find kagome on his back and says in an annoyed tone, what are you riding on?! kagome points towards sara's direction and both her and shippou demand that inu hurry up. inu complains again and shouts, ALL RIGHT ALREADY. inu rushes off. sara looks up and opens her eyes, she sees the mosnter approaching her. sango, riding on kirara, catch up to miroku. sango tells him to jump on. they fly over the monster, sango looks behind her towards it and unleashes her boomerang. the boomerang soars towards the monster, bounces off of the water and knocks the monster in the head. miroku is very impressed. sango catches her boomerang, the monster seems unaffected by the attack and continues to charge toawrds sara. miroku and sango jump off and land on the ledge where sara is. they are all in a defensive stance glaring at the monster. miroku tells sango to take care of the girl while he takes care of the monster. sango rushes to teh rescue. just as miroku is about to unleash his wind tunnel suddenly a bright light appears and then fades. miroku looks towards sangos direction to see what happens, he gasps and has a horified expression. back with inu and kagome, inu jumps ontop of the rocks and reaches sara from behind. inu calls out to miroku and sango. kagome is also horiffied by what she sees and wonders what happened to them. miroku and sango are completely frozen (they look like they are made of frosted glass), the expressions that froze are ones of shock. they are both facing sara. kirara is frozen as well but looking the other way. inu and kagome demand to know why they are frozen and what happened. sara looks behind her and makes an empathetic expression explaining that this was the work of the umigami (god of the ocean). shippou jumps off of kagomes shoulder and ontop of sango. he tells them that sangos heart is still beating so they are still alive. kagome looks determined and asks sara if there is a cure. sara shakes her head "no". inu suggests that they just beat the sh1t out of the monster. kagome asks if he means the sea god. inu becomes angry and yells, WHAT ARE YOU BABBLING ABOUT!?! THERE WAS NO GO...... sara interupts him and warns them that the monster is coming. inu yasha jumps and lands on a rock infront of them all. a large wave crashes upon the surface and the monster rises out of the water growling. inu yasha has his left hand in a fist and looks very determined. he yanks out his sword, jumps up into the air, and unleashes his wound of wind attack killing the monster instantly (he is so cool sometimes ^_^). remains of the monster fall to the ground, one falls down infront of inu. he picks it up and observes it. it is seaweed. shippou alerts inu yasha that killing the monster didnt work. inu, still gazing at teh seaweed, wonders what s going on and why they didnt change back to normal. sara closes her eyes and rests her head. there is a closeup of her necklace exspecially the blue orb in the center. sara is now untied. kagome walks over to teh frozen miroku, kirara, and sango, commenting that they look like glass. inu asks what they should do to cure them. sara has an empathetic expression and both hands over her heart as she explains that the umigami must still be alive and will return soon. she thanks them for trying to save her and tells them that they should not have gotten invovled. kagome gasps and become confused as she looks towards sara. sara has a saddened expression as she explains that she is not worthy of saving. now inu is curious and faces her. kagome asks sara why is she here. sara says that they can talk about that later because a great flow will come and break their friends (how would she know -_-). sara then asks if they can safely carry their friends to the village. there is a close up of glass miroku with inu next to him. inu says its no problem, he then looks at miroku. sara introduces herself as uminako. kagome asks her again what she was doing here. she explains that she was a sacrifice for umigami. (view of the entire beach) kagome is horified by that fact. (view of the ocean the sky is half mignight blue on the top and half pink on the bottom.) sara/uminako explains that on this beach, every 4 years teh monster appaers out of nowhere and they are forced to choose one amongst them to be sacrificed. they all arrive at the village. to their surprise everyone there is also frozen. kagome is horified and asks if this happened because they fought umigami that the villagers were punished. inu grits his teeth, glares, and says that they had nothing to do with this and that he swears he will do whatever he can to turn him back. kagome sound desperate as she asks if uminako/sara knows a way to cure this. sara/uminako places her hansd over her heart and has a very suspicious expression as she says, maybe....... (she opens her eyes widely ) there is a shrine of umigami....possibly. inu agrees that this is probably their best bet. shippou looks at his frozen friends, corsses his arms and looks very pensive. sara continues to explain that this village was a home to many fisherman, but many ships were destroyed due to the waves crashing up against the cliff. they are walking in a mountainous area (sango miroku and kirara are not with them) just ahead of them is a small opening. sara tells them that is the shrine. inside there looks like there is a large door that can only be opened by putting something thin and long into its slot. sara explains, a long time ago there was a legend that said if we can turn that vertical sign (the vertical slot is slightly curved) to a horizontal sign, the shrine with collapse and sink. inu goes over to the slot. sara explains that many villagers have tried, but they all failed. not even 5 men can move it an inch. inu cracks his knuckles, looks excited and confident saying that it is HIS turn. inu grabs the circular stone door and tries to turn it. kagome cheers him on. inu becomes very frustrated when he cant move it at all. sara says that she think strength wont open it. inu stops, gazes curiously at her ans asks her what she means. he walks over to her as she explains that his sword might fit into the groove. inu yasha places tessaiga into the groove, its a perfect fit. he tries turning it again and it begins to move. sara smiles mischeviously. shippou takes note of this. kagome cheers him on once again. shippou whispers into kagome ear, doesnt something about that woman seem strange to you? like how miroku and the others were frozen, they were facing her direction. (view of frozen miroku and sango) they werent facing the sea like a normal person would in that situation. (kagome becomes suspicious as well) and just now i saw her smile strangely when inu yasha started moving that thing. (kagome looks pensive) doesnt seem like something else is going on here? (kagome is shocked and says, it cant be O_o) miroku and the other were probably not frozen by teh umigami but her. (close up of sara and her evil expression). inu yasha is still using all his strength as he keeps turning the door. kagome looks from inu yasha to sara. sara's expression becomes even MORE wicked. the groove has almost become completely horizontal. kagome shouts, STOP INU YASHA. but it is too late it is comepletely horizontal now. inu brags about his "achievement". just then tessaigas barrier activates, it begins surging with electricity. inu jumps back and the shrine begins to collapse. inu yasha is about to go after his sword when a boulder almost crashes ontop of him. he grabs kagome and shippou and runs out of the shrine. sara stays, you can see her wicked satisfied smile. kagome calls after her, but sara turns into seaweed just as a boulder falls down upon her. inu wonders what just happened.kagome realizes that sara/uminako and umigami are the same. just then more boulders fall, about to crash ontop of them. inu jumps into the air, jumping off boulders as he goes until he reaches the top of the cliff. inu yasha looks down and wonders what the hell is going on. kagome asks where his sword is. inu explains that it is still within teh shrine. just then the rocks they were standing on begin to crack. they start to fall, they all back away in time. just as they are about to move more boulder fly upward into the sky adn a large demonic bird flies out, with sara ontop of it. sara has tessaiga in her hand (holding it at the sheath) she rips off her green robes revealing a white( on the top) and black (on the botom) top with a long yello skirt. she laughs evil as she grasps tessaiga in her hand. she thinks about sesshoumaru, sitting up against a tree in the middle of the forest. sess holds his left arm (well whatever was left of it at he time) saying angrily, damn you inu yasha....tessaiga....tessaiga will be mine. sara was hiding behind a tree watching him. sara tells inu yasha that his sword is now hers. she laughs menacingly again. kagome is worried that tessaiga was stolen. shippou is furious as he realizes that sara was after the sword all along. inu yasha grits his teeth and snarls. just then there is a gust a wind. kagome is even more worried and wonders what is happening now. sesshoumaru has arrived. sara gazes at him wondering why he is here. (close up of sess' cold expression, his hair swaying with the wind). the gigantic demonic bird with sara on continues to stay in one place flapping its wings. sesshoumaru glares up at her. sara is still confused to why he is here. inu yasha is furious and yells, I SHOULDVE KNOWN YOU HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS.....(he charges towards sess) SESSHOUMARU!!!!! inu yasha jumps into the air and attack with iron reaver. sesshoumaru all jumps into teh air (muuch quicker than inu O_o), catches inu's arm, and activates his poison b4 inu even had a chance to reach him. inu grits his teeth and tries to endure the pain. sess glares down at him. saras bird starts to dive towards them. sara tells sesshoumaru to keep inu there a little longer. inu yasha jumps back and sesshoumaru aims his poison hand at sara. a large amount of poison shoots from his hand. sara jumps off in time but her bird is now completely melted. inu is lying on the ground, he gets up slightly and calls sara a b1tch. sesshoumaru glares at inu from over his shoulder demanding that he shut up since this doesnt involve him. shippou is in shock and thinks that sesshoumaru is in league with her. kagome agrees to his assumption. sara gets down on her knees, tessaiga in hand, and presents sesshoumaru with the sword saying, inu yashas tessaiga, that which you desire. (didnt she get the memo, that was over 120 eps ago. LOL). sess explains to her that is not what he wants. sara looks up at him and gasps. there is a close up os sesshoumaru as he continues to explain, truly, you flatter yourself if you think you could possibly know my desires. sara is shocked by this and says, so... are you saying i was mistaken? (WELL DUH). sess replies, to take down inu yasha i dont need help from the likes of you. sesshoumaru walks away. sara begs him to wait. once sess gets to the edge of the cliff, his whole body is consumed by a bright white light (with a tinge of blue in it) until is forms an orb around him. then sesshoumaru flies off into teh sky. sara, still holding tessaiga, is saddened that he is gone. inu stands back up, calls sara a b1tch again, and demands that she give his sword back. he charges towards her and jumps into the air. sara gently lifts up her necklace, the blue orb in the center shines brightly and inu begins changing into glass. kagome quickly takes out her bow and arrow, and shoots the blue orb, it shatters. there is a close up of saras shocked expression with fragments of the shattered orb around her face. the glass around inu yasha breaks and this time inu calls her a b1tch at the top of his lungs. ( sheesh what a jerk. you know inu yasha all your female children will be b1tches anyway since your a dog demon, think about that.) saras eyes glow red. she reaches her hands out infront of her, purple energy starts to glow around each hand as inu yasha charges towards her about to use iron reaver. she then launches the orbs or purple energy towards him which knocks inu to the ground, he slides for a long time before finally stopping. kagome and shippou (he is off her shoulder finally) rush to his aide. inu yasha struggles to get up from the ground, there is pain pierces him with each movement. they both ask if he is ok. sara has disappeared. inu yasha is even more furious (if you can imagine) and says in an enraged tone, i am SO gonna KICK HER ASS!!! (yea just like you kicked sesshoumaru and her ass just now, oh please *rolls eyes*) kagome and shippou finally reach him. shippou jumps back ontop of kagomes shoulder and inu yasha finally stands up. inu tells them to check on miroku sango and the villagers. shippou realizes that sinec teh orb was destroyed that they should be back to normal. kagome is concerned and asks him if he will be alright by himself. inu is enraged by the comment (go figure *rolls eyes*) and yells in her face, DAMN RIGHT I WILL!!! I'M GONNA GET TESSAIGA BACK JUST WAIT AND SEE!!!! inu yasha runs off, jumping into the distance. back in the midddle of the forest, sesshoumaru in his orb lands. the orb disappears leaving sesshoumaru standing there. few rays of ligth beam down from the gaps in the leaves as sesshoumaru walks through the forest. he stops when he reaches a large tree. he gazes up at it and remembers it. (sess was jealous or something? he had to get his own tree just like inu. j/k). sess is standing at the right side of the tree. the view slowly moves to the left, smoothly transitioning into a flashback (the sess on the right disappears and now sess is lying down up against the tree, this time on the left). sess is remembering that this was around the time he fought to get tessaiga in his fathers grave. *flashback of ep 7 when sesshoumaru transforms into his dog form. then when inu yasha cut his arm off. sesshoumaru turns into an orb of light and flies off. he lands in the center of the village (the same village from earlier in this ep). the soldiers are suprised by his appearance. soaked with blood. the soldiers all aim their blades at him from all directions. sess is angered and says, you offend my eyes, get lost!! the soldiers demand to know who the hell he is. one soldier shouts out, ITS HIM!! ITS THE ENEMY!!! the soldier next to him says, I DONT GIVE A SH1T, WE WILL DEFEAT HIM BEFORE THE ASA NO JOU. all the soldiers attack sesshoumaru from all sides. with one simple swing of his poison whip he kills all of them. (daaaaaaamn O_O). he flicks off some blood calling them insects. back with a famliar scene when there was one, completely terrified, solder left. he demands to know (his voice shaking with each word) who or what sesshoumaru is. sesshoumaru slowly approaches him glaring at him coldly, demanding that he move away. the soldier bravely charges towards him, sess swiftly swings his whip once whips cuts the soldiers blade in 2. the soldier falls to the ground gagging. the view shows the soldiers lifeless body on the ground, the top tip of his sword sticking out of the ground infront of him. in that part of teh sword you can see sesshoumaru's reflection as he walks by. the next day, sesshoumaru is resting upon the tree, his eyebrows twitch with rage as he grumbles, damn you inu yasha,.... (sara is walking through the forest, she stops and gasps when she sees him) tessaiga.... tessaiga will be mine. just then jakens annoying voice can be heard happily calling out to sesshoumaru. jaken is happy to see him since he has been looking EVERYWHERE trying to find him. (sara hides behind a tree and continues to watch them). jaken is exhausted as he jogs over to sesshoumaru. sess asks jaken if that is him. jaken confirms that he is. he then complains and whines about inu cutting sesshoumarus arm off and taking the sword. sara smiles and gazes at sesshoumaru with a lovestruck expression
Episode Summary for Episode 133 - The Woman Who Loved Sessho-maru (the first part). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
We start the episode off with recap, just in case we forgot who Sesshoumaru is (hey, there's no such things as reruns in Japan, the series only runs once a week, and he hasn't been in it for ten episodes).

Therefore, we REALLY start the episode off at the sea. Kagome likes the ocean. Inuyasha doesn't. Kagome throws a stick. Inuyasha fetches. He then proclaims that he isn't a dog. Sure, whatever.

In this quaint little seaside town, a girl is dying. This would be Sara, the titular "woman who loved Sesshoumaru". She decides to play herself a funeral tune on her flute, but as she does so, Inuyasha walks by her house. She recognizes him! As that guy! With the thing! And then she dies. Oh well.

Or... maybe not. A little while later, she appears before Sesshoumaru, flute and all. She informs him that she has the ability to make all his desires a reality. My, how foreward. Sessho doesn't buy it, so blows her off.

So, how does she know Sesshoumaru? Well, immediately after he became an amputee, he wasn't feeling too happy, so wandered around causing random homicide for a while, muttering about Tessaiga. Sara thought this was pretty cool. Her dad didn't. So, in order to protect his daughter, he sent a bunch of riflemen after the already wounded dog. Sesshoumaru defeated them easily, deflecting all their bullets back at them with his glowy whip thingy that he hasn't used in ages. Later, Sara's father burned up in a fire, whether by his own hands or Sesshoumaru's hand, I have no idea.

So, with this sort of not-so-tragic backstory out of the way (Sara didn't seem to care much about her dad), back to the present. A water god is attacking Sara's village. A girl who looks an awful lot like Sara, even though she just died, is tied to a rock as a sacrifice. Miroku and Sango rush in to save her... and get turned to glass! Whoops. Inuyasha defeats the water god, who turns out to be nothing but seaweed. Sara, under the false name of Umineko, tells Inuyasha that he must destroy the water god's shrine to break the glass spell.

So, to the shrine. Inuyasha has to use Tessaiga to turn a stone to open the shrine. But, wouldn't ya know it, it was all a trap so that Sara could yoink Tessaiga. And so she does. She rides a giant crow and does a quick clothing change to look more evil.

Conveniently, Sesshoumaru shows up at this point, saving Sara the trouble of looking for him. He blasts both Inuyasha AND Sara, even when Sara presents the coveted sword to him. Sessho ignores her again and just flies off.

He returns to the tree where he had laid injured after he lost his arm, and where Sara first saw him. She relates to him the whole backstory thing that I stated above, but Sessho, of course, still doesn't care. It turns out that Sara pulled an Onigumo when she died, selling her soul to demons in order to regain life as one, and therefore be with her beloved Fluffy.

Inuyasha shows up at that moment, lashing out at his brother and the she-thief. Sesshoumaru nails him with Toukijin, but Inuyasha retaliates with his Hijin Kessou attack. The attack misses Sesshoumaru, but slices one of Sara's hands off. Out of her injured arm come demons that ensnare Inuyasha.

Surprisingly, Sesshoumaru intervenes! Apparently he's the only one allowed to pick on his little brother. He slices Sara in half, and she turns into an oni, spewing demons all over the place. Sesshoumaru hacks away at them, but to no avail. A sword like Toukijin, born of hate, can do nothing to this kind of demon.

Well, good thing Tessaiga's there! Sesshoumaru grips the sword, which still rejects him with its barrier. He deals with it and draws the sword, anyway, willing it to transform this one instant. He pelts Sara with a Kaze no Kizu, slaying the demons within her. The sword then goes flying out of his hand, leaving a serious burn on his palm.

Inuyasha reclaims his sword and finishes off the rest of the demons. Sesshoumaru kneels over the pile of dust that is the remains of Sara, and sticks the flute in it as a grave marker, telling her to continue playing that flute in the next world as well.
Episode Summary for Episode 133 - The Woman Who Loved Sessho-maru (the first part). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This is the Inuyasha fall special. It appears to be a one hour episode rather than the usual 30 min one. This summary is in chronological order rather than how they presented it in the anime and I'm skipping the unimportant things like Kagome playing fetch with Inuyasha (which was very funny). I don't really understand Japanese but from what I was able to understand, this woman who loves Sesshomaru first "met" him shortly after his battle with Inuyasha in which his arm was cut off (waaaaay in the beginning of the series). She is a princess of some sort (her father was probably the lord of a castle) and I think her name is Sara and she plays some weird flute. At that point in time, Sesshomaru was obsessed with Tetsusaiga and why his father left it to Inuyasha and not him. Sara overheard Sesshomaru talking to himself about the Tetsusaiga. Later on (i.e. present day so to speak), she is dying with these people around her (they look like nuns!) and Inuyasha and his crew happen to pass by and she realizes who he is. She kind of does a Naraku and sells her soul to a bunch of demons, presumably to get her hands on the Tetsusaiga and to become a demon (because we all know how much Sesshomaru LOVES humans). I'm assuming though that she is only half-demon like Naraku because she can touch the Tetsusaiga. She tricks Inuyasha and steals Tetsusaiga to present it to Sesshomaru but he appears to reject it and her. I guess Sesshomaru has too much pride to accept the sword as a gift and plus he can't touch it anyway because of the barrier. He takes off. She ends up going to where he is and tries to give him Tetsusaiga again. Inuyasha shows up to try and get his sword back and gets cut by Sesshomaru's sword Toukijin. He then uses his "claws of blood" attack which gets deflected by Sesshomaru and then hits Sara and these demons rush out of her wound and bind Inuyasha. Get this...Sesshomaru then steps in BETWEEN her and Inuyasha and uses Toukijin on her which releases all sorts of demon. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang arrive on Kirara. Sara then turns into an ogre with lots of demons spouting from her. Sango uses Hiraikotsu to free Inuyasha and Miroku uses his Kazaana to suck up a whole bunch of demons while Sesshoumaru fights the ogre and the demons. Within the ogre though, is the soul of Sara and she speaks out to Sesshomaru. He attacks the ogre and cuts off the hand that was holding onto Tetsusaiga and it lands in the ground. Kagome tries attacking the ogre with an arrow but this just spews more demons at her. Sesshomaru realizes that Toukijin isn't able to defeat all these demons and he steps up to Tetsusaiga and draws it from the ground despite the barrier. He uses it to kill a whole bunch of demons and the ogre and then the sword gets thrown towards Inuyasha. Sesshomaru looks at his hand which is burnt and smoking from the barrier. Inuyasha then picks up his sword. Kagome fires an arrow at the remaining demons and Inuyasha follows it up with kaza no kizu. Sesshomaru is still looking at his hand. Sara is turning into a pile of dust, has some last words with Sesshomaru and then...dust. He picks up her flute, sticks it in the pile of dust and then walks off.

Episode Summary for Episode 133 - The Woman Who Loved Sessho-maru (the first part). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I read somewhere that this lady is an otter demon named Kanta. He father gets beheaded by Hakudoushi, and if you didn't know he is the little kid that Naraku made from his human heart and he can posses people and look into thier souls. Anyway, her father gets killed and sesshomaru saves him with him tessiaga. I don't know why exactly though, so u may doubt me on this.
Episode Summary for Episode 133 - The Woman Who Loved Sessho-maru (the first part). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshoumaru holds the tessaiga in this episode, without the barrier rejecting him.
Episode Summary for Episode 133 - The Woman Who Loved Sessho-maru (the first part). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I found this in the IY forums, posted by herbkir:

There is a view of The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru on the Yomiuri TV Web site. The way to see her wasn't obvious but I found it. To view her, go to:


Look to the left side for 2 little boxes in English, one says "Narrow Band" (for 56K dial-up users) or "Broad Band" (for cable modem/DSL users). Click on the appropriate box and a Real Player window will appear (if you have Real One Player on your computer). It'll download a 13-second preview clip of the episode, where you will see the woman (dressed in blue) who loved Sessho and hear the Japanese description.