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Episode Summary for Episode 137 - The Ancestor's Name is Kagome. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I've seen the ep and I can tell you that Houjou-kun's ancestor gets pretty damn close to kissing Kagome. However he's interrupted, see after they both fell off the clif in ep 137 they ended up going down a river where Kagome's foot was injured. Houjou carries her until they reach a clearing. back with Inuyasha he's fighting some new demon that seems VERY strong. Anyways...(skipping a few bits) Kagome and Houjou fall asleep on a tree...Houjou-kun's ancestor is the first one to wake up and decides to kiss Kagome, but it interrupted by the sound of some people...who turn out to be identical images of Kagome's friends in the future (You find she lost one of her friends group pics in the forest, demons find it and look at it, minions of the VERY powerful one.) Anyways Kagome doesn't know whether or not to trust them..later with a slip of false information from the fake friends Kagome and Houjou-kun's ancestor get in their fighting stances. However Inuyasha is still occupied so he sends Miroku and Sango to find Kagome....however all they find is a piece of clothing in the river. During this Kagome is kidnapped....Houjou-kun's ancestor panics and runs away from the scene running head on into Inuyasha who asks where Kagome is angerily. Then you see the VERY powerful demon hovering above with Kagome in his arms.
Episode Summary for Episode 137 - The Ancestor's Name is Kagome. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

Kagome does go back to the warring era after she saw the family tree at her school with her name on it that Hojo brought. Once back in the warring era, Kagome meets Hojo's ancestor again who has a secret crush on Kagome. But before she arrives, Hojo's ancestor showed the Inuyasha and Gang the Jaki infested sword he carries wrapped up and tells them about his quest. Of course there were youkai after the sword, so they were after him too.

A few minutes later, Kagome arrives in the warring era and accidentally knocked him on the ground with her items she brought as well as stepped on him ^_^ (Hojo's ancestor was waiting for her at the well). Hojo's ancestor repeated his story to her as well. A few minutes later, youkai that were after the sword attacks Inuyasha and Gang two times; the first time youkai escaped because Kagome's purification arrows broke the bird-like "kite" they were using in the attack. The second time they were successful--in the process, they knocked Kagome and Hojo's ancestor off a cliff.

The episode ended with Kagome and Hojo's ancestor falling into the water at the cliff's base and Inuyasha calling Kagome...
Episode Summary for Episode 137 - The Ancestor's Name is Kagome. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I saw this episode raw (in Japanese with no subtitles)...so forgive me if anything is wrong. I know most of it is out of order, again I'm very sorry. This isn't exactly a summary, but it's an idea of what happens.

Kagome is at school, and sees her name on Houjo's family tree. She goes back to the past, and meets up with Akitoki (remember him from the 2nd movie? He's Houjo's ancestor). He has a sword with him that has a great evil aura around it and when he unsheaths it Inuyasha goes into a trance-like state.

Akitoki is definatly not the smartest or bravest of guys, and he has a huge crush on Kagome. She gives him alot of special attention, which makes Inuyasha very jelous and upset ^^

Now I'm very sorry, I had no idea what was going on around the begining of the episode. They end up travelling with Akitoki to who knows where. They stop to rest at a small hut.

Kagome is filling her waterbottle and Inuyasha approaches. They begin to fight about something, and it ends with Inuyasha saying something about Humans and Hanyous. I believe this is sort of a sweet moment between the two. He storms off and Kagome chases him.

A strange enemy who we see only in darkness causes a rockslide. Inuyasha uses a Kaze no Kizu to save the group and blasts all of the rocks to peices.

Soon after that there is a ninja-like enemy flying on a kite over the group dropping explosives on them. Kagome shoots an arrow, and the strange enemy retreats.

We see the group sitting by a river surrounded by rock walls. Akitoki tells them of two evil swords, that can merge and become one (So the evil sword Akitoki has is probably one of those). Kagome mumbles something and seems very worried. Suddenly Myoga (the flea) falls from the sky and tells the group something that seems very important regarding Totosai, and the evil sword Kaijinbou (sp?). Inuyasha gives a 'Keh' and it seems he doesn't care.

We see another scene of the strange enemies, a pink glowing 'boss' tells something to a small group of ninja-type underlings.

The group is camping at night. Suddenly many bombs are dropped. They start to run away, and Akitoki is caught in one of the blasts. Kagome runs to his side to help him, and she is caught in a blast as well. They are thrown off a cliff, and the episode ends with the pair falling into the abyss and Inuyasha calling out Kagome's name.

In the preview for next episode we see Inuyasha fighting the greenish looking ninja enemies, and a happy looking Kagome riding on Akitoki's shoulders. Then we see Kagome leaning against a tree, and Akitoki about to kiss her!!!

Episode Summary for Episode 137 - The Ancestor's Name is Kagome. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Episode 137: Gosenzo-sama no Na wa Kagome

The Ancestor's Name is Kagome

In the present era, Houjou-kun brings a document of his family tree

to school and Kagome is surprised to see a 'Kagome' listed on it!

After this, upon returning to the Sengoku Jidai, Houjou-kun's

ancestor, Houjou Akitoki, requests they go on a journey to purify a

spear that has been handed down through his family: the Halberd of

Heaven and Earth. (How I know after each episode there is a little

part that shows what will be happening in the next episode).
Episode Summary for Episode 137 - The Ancestor's Name is Kagome. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Every one knows that Inu-yasha loves Kagome & Kagome loves Inu-yasha.Of corse they don't admit it. Thay meet a guy that falls in love w Kagome and it make Inu-yasha gelos. Then later thay find out thay he is her ancetor.

Inu-yasha admithe loves her.
Episode Summary for Episode 137 - The Ancestor's Name is Kagome. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I think in this episode, that Kagome and the rest of the Inuyasha gang will make a stop at Kaede's village for some much needed r' and r'. Kagome will go back through the well for a while to see her family. While she is gone a visitor will come to the village, a monk (hint hint--Higurashi family history!)

Any way, Kagome returns to find this person who falls head over heels for her (eek!that is totally wrong, but It would be kinda funny) and makes Inuyasha jealous (of course-this guy better watch out!). In the end she finds out he is her ancestor (whew!) and He joins with them in their search for the jewel shards.