Episode 138 - Survival of the Two People in Demon Infested Lands Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 138 - Survival of the Two People in Demon Infested Lands. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
its nighttime. the view shows the rushing current below and then moves up showing the rocky area. meanwhile inu yasha is fighting with genbu, byakko, seiryuu and suzaku. inu yasha is very impatient and yells out while getting ready to attack as several projectiles come towards him, I DONT HAVE TIME TO WASTE FIGHTING SCRUBS LIKE YOU!! he thrusts his sword sending a large energy wave attack. byakko, genbu, seiryuu and suzako get blown away. they all become black energy and quickly jump back, some landing on trees. inu says in a demanding tone, whats your story? they all introduce themselves as, genbu (close up of him, bald head, green skin, yellow eyes) of the darkness, byakku (he is in a tree) of snow, seiryuu (he is in a tree) of the moon, suzako (close up of suzaku looking evil and fierce. he has a golden band across the tip of his forhead, red clothing, red hair, red eyes) of the flower. suzaku continues in a wicked tone, now get a load of our bunshin no jutsu, our ultimate ninpou (sorry but thos words werent translated). he smirks wicked as he slowly takes out his sword. the four become black energy again quickly circle around inu yasha miroku and sango. the 3 are all alert holding their weapons defensively preparing for hte worst. inu asks whats up with all this spinning. miroku says the obvious that the four demons are spinning around them. WELL DUUUUUUUH. sango begs inu to go rescue kagome. inu jumps into the sky and 3 blades suddenly fly towards him. miroku being amazingly cool throws his staff into the air, it spins destroying the blades just b4 they hit inus feet. his staff falls and he catches it. (GO MIROKU ^_^) miroku looks very determined, ready to take on ANYTHING as he says the moment he catches his weapon, you're gonna be rumbling with us!!!!!! sango then thrusts her boomerang, the scene suddenly switches to inu yasha. he is running and comes to the edge of the cliff yelling out kagomes name. suddenly a large amount of dark energy comes down from the sky and completely blocks him. the large amount of energy lights up the entire area and the four other demons recognize this as hoshiyomi's energy. all of their faces, including miroku and sango are lit up from the dark energy miles away. miroku and sango are shocked as they look on. back with inu yasha, he holds his sword up defensively and tries to hold his ground. infront of inu, a large verticle wave of dark energy emits and electricity surges around it. (the energy has such power and its so much its practically takes up the whole screen when the view is far back). in the wave of dark energy a shadowy figure shows hovering in the center. its hoshiyomi, his body is surrounded by a white glow as he smirks while looking down at inu. inu readies his sword and says calmly, so you must be hoshiyomi? (his tone fills with rage) now let me lay the smack down on you!!!!!! inu thrusts his sword and a yellow wave of energy come out. its destroys the dark energy but hoshiyomi is gone. inu smirks, and starts bragging that this was too easy. he is shocked to find that there are TWO hoshiyomis floating in the sky above him. both hoshiyomis say, demon ninja shoadow duplicate. (uh huh, yeah whatever -_-). back with akitoki ad kagome. they are both trapped in the raging current. akitoki come up from the water gasping for air as he is still being taken back by the current. the current sends him back and he hits a boulder. he then grasps onto the rocks next to him to pull himself up. he looks very determined as he says, there is no way i am giving them the blade of heaven >O. (he suddenly remeber kagome) kagome? kagome? (he look around the water but cant find her) KAGOME?!? (his tone get even more desperate each time) KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!?!?! his voice echoes and he finally gets a response from her. she is far behind as she calls out to him. she is also gasping for air as she continues to be taken by the current. akitoki reaches the blade of heaven out towards her telling her to grab onto it. she almost gets pulled away by the current as she passes but at the last second she grabs onto it and he pulls her out. there is a splash of water. there is a close up of him as water droplets surround him as he embraces kagome reassureing her that everything will be alright. kagome is in his arm as she thanks him for saving her. akitoki look very proud of himself (sparkles soar around him) and he also looks like he died and went to heaven as he continues to embrace her with a huge smile on his face thinking, ooooo does this mean the curse is finally gone ^_^? just then a large log beams him in the head. (LOL you just gotta love him eh?). he falls back into the water, he eyes are swirling (just like when inu smelled that ink in ep 17, yea that face). kagome asks him if he is ok. he responds in a " just my luck" tone and says, i better get used to the idea that it's not. his eyes return to normal as he looks out to see that they are about to plunge into the waterfall. they cant escape as the fall down into the watefall. they both start screaming their head off as they go down each bump. (its sorta like 3 waterfalls in 1). back with inu yasha, he attack hoshiyoki but it was just an illusion. inu strikes again, but this was also an illusion. the 2 hoshiyomis say in unision as the hover in the sky, just stop with your uesless attacks. (the view moves up and we see no just 2 but over 4 hoshiyomis standing on the mountain) i feel no pain. inu yasha looks terrified as he stares up at all hte hoshiyomis, his eyes open wide wondreing what in the world is up with this wacko O_o. juts then genbu,seiryuu, byakku and suzako suddenly appear out of nowhere and land on the ground and instantly bow down to hoshiyomi. the hoshiyomis order them to find the blade of heaven. all four of them say "yes sir!" and turn into circles of colored lights ( olive green, red, white, and blue) and they all swiftly soar of into the sky. the hoshiyomi watch as the disappear into the sky. miroku, sango and kirara have caught up with inu. miroku wonders which one is hte real hoshiyomi. sango comments that hoshiyomi is such a pain in the ass as she thrust her boomerang at one of the hoshiyomis. it turns out that that one was just an image, the boomerang lands right infront of shippou. he screams and is upset that it didnt work at all. now there are 6 hoshiyomis on screen as they continue to say in their monotone in unision, you guys still dont get it.... (the four circles of light fly down into the forest). miroku comments that this guy is on a completely different level. inu says that he will take care of hoshiyomi and asks miroku and sango to go after kagome and akitoki. miroku confirms and sango tell him that they should get going. shippou tells kirara that she knows the routine. kirara transfroms and the 3 of them jump on. kirara swiftly flies off to the rescue. all the hoshiyomis charges after them but inu yasha jumps into the air, lands on cliff and blocks them. he thrusts his sword in front of him telling them that he is their new opponent. ok I looks like there are over 10 hoshiyomis now as they each explain, in unison, in a monotone saying, I heard a blacksmith named kaijinbou fought a half demon over a weapon he forged named toukijin. and the name of that half demon was inu yasha. (the image of all the hoshiyomis are at the right part of the screen while inu yasha's image appears at the left part of the screen). inu yasha says that he remembers kaijinbou. now we see inu yasha pointing his sword at the hoshiyomis at the left side of the screen while a close up of one hoshiyomis appears at the right. they hoshiyomis continue, then why try to protect the blade of heaven which he forged. it shouldn't mean anything to you. while the large image of hoshiyomi fades inu responds, well, no one should let a demon like you have a weapon like that. the hoshiyomis ask what he is gonna do about that. inu answers by sending a wound of wind attack in their direction. the attack tears up the rocks below, the hoshiyomis scream in agony as the attack hits them. inu yasha has a very serious annoyed look saying that was way to easy. just then hoshiyomi laughs wickedly. inu yasha is surprised he survived and quickly turns around to find hoshiyomi, still laughing evilly, behind him, hovering in the sky. hoshiyomi says, so that is the swords move that defeated kaijinbou. That's quite some power you got. there is a close up of hoshiyomi at the bottom right of the sky, at the top left we see the clouds move exposing the full moon. inu realizes that the real hoshiyomi was there the whole time. hoshiyomi has a cold glare at he explains that that attack wont work on him, so inu yasha should retreat. the light of the moon casts as shadow as inu hold his sword defensively infront of him. inu yasha suddenly charges at him yelling, I'LL SHUT THAT TRAP OF YOURS AND THOSE STUPID BUNSHINS ALONG WITH IT. hoshiyomi simply lifts up his hand so its aligned with his chin (what looks like a thin knife is between his first to fingers) and says, demon nija attack, SHADOW BIND. he thrusts the knife towards inus direction. but it misses inu yasha and lands right behind him. inu gasps. he holds his sword over his head, desperately trying to get to a different position, but his body wont move. inu wonders what is going on and why he cant move (he looks confused). hoshiyomi smirks and laughs evilly as he watches inu struggle. back at the waterfall, sango, kirara, shippou and miriku reach the bottom. kirara lets them all get off and sango wonders if kagome could be around here. miroku agrees that they couldve floated down this river. shippou is worried saying that he wont be able to live with himself (he cries) if they both died. myouga jumps up and down ontop of shippou telling him not to be so negative. just then myouga, shippou, and kirara notice something. there is a red piece of cloth floating towards them in the water. miroku lifts it out in the water and is horrified to discover that is belongs to kagome. sango demands shippou to use kitsune-bi right away. shippou understands and uses it. 5 flames of foxfire lie ontop of the water, lighting the bottom of the waterfall dramatically. sango suddenly dives down. shippou and miroku are shocked by her actions. as sango comes back up from her dive she explains that she is going to check more closely around the waterfall. several ripples shining with light are around here. miroku tells her to be careful as he alerts her that several logs have come down this waterfall. sango says she understands as she dives again. the viwe shows the water and transitions into the moonlit sky. the 4 minions continue to move so fast that they just look like a cuhnk of black lines. they suddenly stop behind the bush. suzaku stands up and points in front of him alerting everyone else that the blade of heaven is that way. genbu grumbles tellings suzaku to stop because he is giving him the creeps. suzaku stops pointing, he has both of his arms up with his fists at the point of his chin, moving around like an idiot and whining like a baby saying, no, we go that way. (you know, this guy reminds me of jakotsu.) . as he is moving around his foot touches a piece of paper. he picks it up and they al surround him as they observe it together. genbu asks what that is. suzaku flips it over and it's the picture of kagome and her friends from the play. back with akitoki and kagome, he is carrying her on his back and asks if her leg is ok. there is a close up of her bandaged leg as she explains that its better thanks to the bandages. the view shows akitoki from the front carrying her. he looks very happy and proud of himself as he tells her that he is delighted that she is better. kagome apologizes (he smile fades and looks like he is really listening to her) for making this job harder for him. akitoki smiles and looks proud again and says, don't worry, I'll take good care of you (don't you wish inu yasha was like that sometimes -_-) even though you are a bit heavy (that's it, he's gonna die). (kagome glares at him) uh uh uh (akitoki looks worried now) don't take it the wrong way when I say you are heavy and ...... (he turns to her and crashes his head into a tree branch like an idiot). kagome isnt on his back anymore as she asks if he is alright. he has a sweatdrop moment as he is sitting on his ass grumbling, damn this curse! just then a snake falls on top of his head , he panics and ensd up sliding down the hill, on his stomach, screaming his head off and crashes into a bush. he holds his head, its has a huge bump on it, as he apologizes (for what O_o). just then he hears something grunting. it's a boar, it knocks him high into the sky. he starts screaming his head off again. he finally falls flat on his face with his eyeballs swirling just like last time saying in a weak tone, damn this curse @_@! a concerned kagome watches him from a tree far back. the view then shows the full moon shining brightly between the clouds. kagome and akitoki have set up a pile of sticks and leaves. kagome takes out lighter and starts the small campfire. akitoki is astonished by such cool technology. kagome says in a calm reassuring tone that they should be safe here. both her and akitoki move in closer to the fire to keep warm. kagome then continues, she sounds like she really misses everyone else as she says, even though we are seperated from everyone else, we still have to keep going to the furai shrine and seal the blade of heaven. akitoki gazes at her, then he has a determined look, then he has a calm look as he tells her that maybe inu yasha can. this catches kagomes attention. akitoki smiles big and says confidently, then, when we are in trouble i will be strong too! (he abruptly stands up straight and tall) say, i am pretty hungry!! (he raises his right hand high over his head as if punching the air up there) I'M GOING TO LOOK FOR SOMETHING TO EAT!! kagome simply reaches into her bag and is thankful she still has some food left. the images quickly cycle from just the fire, the fire with a pan with boiling water in it, then kagome serving the cooked noodles in 2 cups. ( and she was carrying ALL this in her backpack right? *rolls eyes*). akitoki smiles as kagome smiles back at him while offering him some food. akitoki overreacts as usual and is highly greatful as he bow down holding the cup of noodles over his head saying, to have the sole privlidge of having your food at such a place like this.......... kagome smiles in an embarrassed way saying while scratching her left cheek with her finger, uuuuh its just ramen... whats the big deal? the view moves back showing them eating from afar. as they continue to eat akitoki suddenly stops making an "uck" sound. kagome is concerned as she asks if this doesnt meet his taste. akitoki overreacts again screaming at the top of his lungs as he abruptly turns to her, NO, NOT AT ALL, IT IS REALLY DELICIOUS. ok now he abruptly turns away back to his normal position and starts eating extremely fast overreacting again sounding like he is with some wonderdul celebrity, TO THINK I'D BE ABLE TO EAT KAGOMES COOKING ^_^ (slurp) I ENVY YOUR FRIENDS WHO GET TO EAT THIS ALL THE TIME (sluuuuurp). kagome (she is holding her chopsticks in her right hand) starts thinking about inu yasha. an image of inu looking pissed off, with his arm crossed saying KEH. kagome swiftly shakes her head trying to forget him and says with a smile, they dont really. now the view shows them from the back, you can see them through the gaps in the trees. akitoki says, well..well since the men on your team are a half demon and a monk, i am surprised they dont like it. (close up of kagome from behind, she is surprised by his comment. now the view shows them from above) even so, under this neverending sky... there will be a man destined to be your hubby. (aww ^^) (the view shows the cloud filled night sky as a shooting star flies by). both kagome gaze up at the sky, akitoki with hope filled eyes, kagome with curious eyes. kagome ponders about destiny. she then turns to him and asks if he is taken (ooo la la, he might actually get some lovin >D). akitoki stops gazing up at hte sky and looks curiously into her eyes, he then looks away and sadly explains, well, as an heir of the houjou family, things like that... kagome holds her cup (its still full of noodles unlike akitokis cup) and chopsticks as she gazes at him saying, well maybe. at this era, to become a wife is really hard eh? just then he suddenly turns to her looking furious and shouts, NO WAY!! KAGOME COULD ALWAYS..... kagome is surprised by his sudden response as she gazes curiously at him, blushing. akitoki suddenly blushes as well and starts eating extremely fast again and then shouts, NO NOTHING!! akitoki then realizes he has eaten all his fod, he turns his cup upside down looking at it curiously, but nothing falls out. kagome kindly offers her cup. again he admires her kindness. some time later they are both resting upon the same tree, sitting next to each other. akitoki is sitting up, sleeping while kagome gazes up to the sky. she then smiles as she looks at him saying, if we rest a bit more then maybe the furai shrine..... but she notices that he is sleeping soundly hugging the blade. kagome gazes at him, looking tired. she reaches her left arm and puts it around his shoulder. she then gently moves him so that he sleeps on her lap. (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ^_^). she looks deeply into her eyes and then thinks about houjous family scroll. she suddenly opens her eyes wider looking shocked, thinking, OH SH1T! what is going through my head. (she turns her head to her right looking sad) but.... *flashback of inu yasha rudely explaining ot her that only demons and half demon can use the sword. inu looks at her from over her shoulder and says with more intensity, PEOPLE LIKE YOU COULD NEVER USE IT. (kagome looks confused) you still dont get it do you!! humans will never have any use for it. (inu yasha walks away) the flashback finishes but inu yashas words still race through her mind.* there is a close up of kagome still looking sad as she thinks about inus rude words about half demons, demons and humans. kagome looks up to the sky as thought looking for a sign or and answer, her bangs block her eyes as she thinks, i wonder if there is something deep that can never be overcome. just then akitoki stirs in her lap. she looks down at him and takes her hands away, putting them to her sides (akitoki says her name in his sleep) thinking, (the view quickly moves back until we see kagome and akitoki from the tops of the trees) it cant be that kagome is..... with this view we can see that the four minions are watching them from above. the says that this is their oppotunity to steal the blade of heaven. byakko suggests that they shouldnt rush. seiryuu is confused. byakku explains, (image of the covered blade of heaven glowing and sparkling with light purple/pink light) dont you fell it? the weapon is in a state where its demonic energy is too powerful. we cant handle it and we're going to have to wait for it to rest. seiryuu is frustrated as he complains that it will take too long for it to settle. there is a close up of both byakku (light blue skin and yellow eyes) and seiryuu ( a slightly darker blue skin and orange eyes), byakku explains that this is what hoshiyomi wants. just then genbu suddenly calls to suzaku. suzaku slowly looks at genbu in a confused way. genbu sounds like he has an idea and reminds suzaku of htat "thing" ha got earlier. suzaku holds up the picture of kagomes friends saying "this?" in a confused tone. genbu smirks evilly and says that they might be able to use that. back with inu yasha, the knife behind him still pierces his shadow which is binding him. inu yasha is frustrated as he tries to move, but with no avail. hoshiyomi is holding what looks like a sword wrapped in red cloth. hoshiyomi chuckles evilly as he slowly drifts down from the sky and lands on the ground in front of inu yasha. inu cusses as hoshiyomi approaches him. teh red cloth comes off and the sword is exposed, the tip shines in the moons light. hoshiyomi looks at it saying, the blade of earth, isnt it a sight? inu yasha is furious and replies, you bastard!! why did you get kaijinbou to forge that sword. why do you want that other blade!? there is a close up of hoshiyomi, as he glares at inu with such coldness and hatred saying, it doesnt matter to someone like you. (inu is surprised by his response) i'll say it one more time, the blade is a priceless thing to me...but for you, its something that you cant beat. you're always saving human lives, (he points the sword at inu) are you willing to waste your life like that? inu grits his teeth but then notices clouds coming in front of the moon. his shadow moves slightly enabling him his move just a bit. inu thinks to himself that he must distract hoshiyomi from teh shadows. hoshiyomi asks what inu will do. inu gaining a new boost of confidence says, KEH i'm not the type to throw away my life for a stupid weapon (he is such a hypocrite). hoshiyomi says in this evil monotone that that wasnt what he wanted to here. inu yasha jumps into the air and strikes. hoshiyomi quickly blocks, light and electricy blaze from the clash. there is a close of inu looking completely shocked. inu is then thrusted back. cloud of dirt and smoke stir up as he stands back up. hoshiyomi chuckles calling inu a fool. inu yasha back as he jumps and charges after him, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! SO WHATS CRAWLING UP YOUR ASS!?! (hehe, i would comment on that, but i wont, too easy). ok for some strange reason, as they show these 2 yelling at each other, they got lazy and didnt was to draw their mouths moving. hoshiyomi charges towards inu yelling, THIS CONVERSATION ENDS NOW. their swords clash again, the view suddenly moves back showing them from afar. the clash causes the whole area to light up with purple light. then a gigantic shockwave englufs them both(even though they show it from far back, the shockwave is so big it cant even fit on the screen, the screen just suddenly becomes white). back with akitoki, he wakes up and lifts his head from kagomes lap. he admires her while she sleeps and says with his voice trembling slightly(close up of kagome sleeping up against the tree), oooooooooooooooooooooh (yea i think akitoki is hard now *wink wink*) kagome is so beautiful as a bodhisattva. if i could get her to be part of my family, (image of a small house with akitoki outside, flowers all around him, kagome is amused sitting on the porch. 2 akitoki looking kids and one kagome looking kid are playing outside with akitoki) our family would be at peace. (close up akitoki blushing, a lot, with his fist up to his chest) houjou kagome, i like the sound of that :D. he stares at her, the view then shows them from afar and then another close of. this time akitoki is moving in for the kiss as she sleeps ( i wonder if he is the type that trying to screw you while you sleep too O_O or maybe he kisses dead people :P). just as their lips are about to touch something stirs in the bushes waking kagome up. akitoki panics, wuickly moving his hands side to side in an "i didnt do anything, i swear O_O" way, he is also sweating alot. kagome turns to look in his direction. akiotki conrinues to panic saying, AH!! YOU SEE....( he also notices something and looks behin him). behind him are kagomes friends, or ancestors of them at least. kagome notices this too as she pictures he friends from school within them. eri (holding a stick on fire for light), yukka, an ayumi are standing next to each other. the eri look alike has a welcoming smile and says that they are from a village nearby. akitoki just stares at them (i am sure he is thinking " damn thosees ruined my moment") as kagome wonders if those are her friends ancestors. akitoki asks them what they are doing here so late at night. the view shows each of the look alikes profile on the left side of their faces. eri LA (look alike) explains that they wree looking for firewood and met up with them. yukka LA says, you wandered from the road into the forest didnt you. ayumi LA says, come to our village where it is safe. akitoki is very appreciative as he stands up. kagome quickly explains that she doesnt feel right about this. she suddenly grabs the blde of heaven and point it at the 3 of them. they just blink, they are unaffected. kagome is surprised by this thinking that those were 3 of the 4 minions and wonders if she is just too paraniod. she thinks about how its evil energy didnt possess them like it did inu yasha, (she wraps the sword up again) she then thinks that they must be the real thing. akitoki kindly asks her whats going on. kagome smiles and says it was nothing as she hands him the sword. akitoki says they are ready to go. one of the LAs outstretches her hand saying she will take that "luggage" off his hands. akitoki is about to place it in her hands but then takes it back smiling nervously saying that since this is so valuable he should still take it. kagome has her bow and arrow saying that she is ready to go as well. from the treetops the 4 minions are there. genbu smiles wickedly as he says, demon ninja attack, puppet of darkness. if we use these puppets then we will have an easier time getting the blade of heaven. everyone else is behind genbu, suzaku starts doing those freaky movements again whining, oh so close, he seemed that he wanted to hand it.... genbu looks disgusted and annoyed as he grumbles, i thought i told you to stop with that disgutsing action. byakku says to be patient, and they will get the sword. seiryuu has his arms crossed as he waits in anticipation saying that they will wait til they (kagome and akitoki) get distracted, get the weapon and strike. suzako looks back at him, resting his head on his left palm (he sorta looks aroused) and says, oh you are so scary. genbu is now even more disgusted as he yells, DIDNT I TELL YOU OT STOP THAT!? I CANT CONCENTRATE. the puppets start to wobble left and right like freaky drunk idiot.. akitoki is carrying kagome again as she asks the puppets, eer is there something wrong. just then the all stand upright and say in unison, um no!! the eri LA looks over her shoulder and asks what their relationship is. akitoki looks up at them and responds, well, our relationship..... the yukka LA smiles as she says, i'm sorry, because you look so suit, i thought oyu guys were a married couple. akitoki is bashful as he replies, oh, not so suit. the ayumi LA *there is a close up of her mouth* says, akitoki and kagome, i am sure you will be a good couple. akitoki is blushing again and says in an excited tone, you really think so? (he laughs heartily). kagome calmly tells akitoki to put her down. he is confused by this, and then starts shouting, I'M SORRY, (he kneels down to let her off DONT TAKE IT THE WRONG WAY.... kagome explains that that's not what she means (close up of her arrow). she looks like she is ready to kick butt as she points her arrows at the puppets demanding to know how they knew their names. suzako beats genbu in the head calling him a moron. genbu yells back in his face, IT WAS BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID ACT. byakku covers his face with his hand saying that they are in deep sh1t. seiryuu laughs saying that it will just get a little harder now. suzako stil looks furious and screams (his arms are now by his sides, stiff with intensity), HOLD ON A SEC! DONT FORGET OUR OBJECTIVE IS TO GET THE BLADE OF HEAVEN!!! genbu is annoyed by all this complaining shouts, ALL RIGHT. darkness now surrounds the puppets as their eyes suddenly glow a bright pink/purple. akitoki asks what is going on. kagome says in a determined tone that those are puppets and that is why they did not react to the blade. she still has her arrow pointed at them. the puppets growl as the charge towards them. kagome thrusts the bow so hard as hte arrow shoots off and pierces one of them. the puppet disentigrates. akitoki has a large smile on his face, tears on the tups of his eyes as he is astonished by her power. kagome shouts to him to go take the blade of heaven to the shrine. akitoki takes out his own personal sword and holds it defensively in front of him looking determined saying that he refuses to leave her behind. kagome is touched by his response. the 2 puppets left attack him. akitoki screams as the pounce ontop of him (he tries to hold them up so they wont even touch him or the blade), he quickly yells to kagome, KAGOME, TAKE IT AND GET AWAY. kagome demands that he dont move as she points another arrow at the puppets. akitoki screams that he understands. kagome launches one, it pierces a puppet in the back, it then disentigrates. now the other puppet struggles to grasp the sword but kagome lauches off another arrow piercing it in the back. the puppet growls looking fiendish just b4 it disentigrates. akitoki sits back up and sighs with relief as he hugs the sword. kagome smiles with relief as well, she then reaches out to him sweetly saying hisname. but just then something takes a hold of her, its the 4 minions, they suddenly show up behind her. there is a slow motion sequences of kagome reaching out to him, akitoki looking horrified and the 4 minions behind her. the slow motion finishes and the 4 swiftly grab kagome. they move so fast they become black blurs again as the jump over the treetops until they are completely gone. kagome screams as she is kidnapped. akitoki screams, KAGOME!!!!! kagome screams back, HOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!! her voice echoes throughout the forest. back with inu yasha, he does his warcry thing as he quickly attacks hoshiyomi from the air. their swords clash and the earth below htem crumbles and rises from the strong blow. hoshiyomi says, you still dont get, your power is being swallowed by mine. the wohle screen is filled with electricity until inus sword transforms to its original state. inu yasha suddenly jumps back. all the energy hoshiyomi obtained swirls around him. inu yasha wonders what he can do now.hoshiyomi swirls his sword around a gigantic verticle wave of dark energy appears, he thrusts his sword high into the air and it creates a shockwave of catastrophic proportions. the view moves back, hoshoyomi and inu are dots and the shockwave still takes up 4/5 of the screen. it continues to grow and grow and grow, electricity emits around it, until it takes up the whole screen (the screen goes white). after the attack the view shows hoshiyomi again, everything behind him, trees and all are completely annihilated. inu yasha is kneeling down, looking defeated. then the view moves to the right shows the large aftermath from the attack. back at the waterfall a huge gust a wind shoot through the entire forest almost knocking, kirara, and miroku off their feet and almost lifting the trees out of the ground. they wonder what the heck was that. myouga explains that was the blade of earth. back with kagome, she is lying unconcious in the center os the screen while the 4 minions in their glowing balls of light form swirl around her. they lets hoshiyomi know telepathically that they have the girl known as kagome. large explosio burst in hte forest. inu yasha is running looking behind him, akitoki is running as well. they both crash into each other and fall to the ground. inu yasha abruptly asks him is he is ok and where kagome is. akitoki panics as he grabs inu yasha screaming (damn he likes to scream alot), KAGOME!!! (he cries out on inus chest) KAGOME HAS BEEN!!! inu yasha thrusts akitoki off him and they grabs him by his clothes demanding to know what happened to her. hoshiyomi laughs wickedly as he hovers in the sky holding kagome. ihs 4 minions in the ball of light forms swirl around him. inu calls out to kagom
Episode Summary for Episode 138 - Survival of the Two People in Demon Infested Lands. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Four shadows streak through the trees and attack Inu-Yasha, Miroku and Sango, blocking their attempt to rescue Kagome and Akitoki Hojo. Frustrated, Inu-Yasha blows the four specters out of the trees using the Kaze no Kizu. Grounded, the four sinister creatures reveal themselves as Genbu, Byakko, Seiryuu and Suzaku. The evil quartet harasses Inu-Yasha and the others until their master arrives - a yokai named Hoshioni. While Inu-Yasha faces a new foe, Akitoki and Kagome flounder helplessly down the rapids of the river where they fell. Akitoki panics when he doesn't see Kagome in the torrent, and calls to her. She finally answers as the current washes her towards him. Akitoki pulls Kagome to the safety of his eager, waiting arms. Akitoki's romantic reveling ends abruptly when a log, driven by the white water, knocks him senseless, dislodging his grip on the bank. Both teens are swept back into the rapids and over a spectacular three-level waterfall. Hoshioni proves to be a formidable opponent, prepared to do whatever he must to obtain halberd Akitoki possesses. Dispatching his demonic thugs to find the halberd, Hoshioni turns his attention to Inu-Yasha. Inu-Yasha tells Miroku, Sango and Shippo to find Kagome before the bad guys do, and prepares to fight. As he engages Hoshioni, the yokai casts a spell on Inu-Yasha, paralyzing him in his tracks. Miroku, Sango and Shippo arrive at the falls fearing the worst, but are relieved to find Kagome's uniform scarf and nothing else. Others search, too. In the woods, Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryuu and Byakko look for clues to the halberd's whereabouts. By accident, they find a lost photograph of Kagome and her three friends. Recovered from their aquatic mishap, Akitoki and Kagome trek through the forest. Kagome's ankle is injured but Akitoki is deliriously happily to carry her on his back. Distracted and babbling cheerfully, Akitoki walks painfully into a low hanging tree branch. The situation compounds as a snake falls onto his head. Alarmed, Akitoki trips and slides down a hill and into a thicket of brush. Akitoki's string of disaster ends with a close encounter with a wild boar. Although Akitoki is lavish with his praise and chivalry, Kagome is conflicted. Akitoki is a nice guy, but he is awkward and uncomfortably fervent Ö but what about her name paired with his on the old scroll? Kagome recalls her confrontation with Inu-yasha: his problem with Akitoki wasn't his normal jealousy - he was hurt and afraid. Did she prefer to be with her own kind, like Akitoki? While Kagome searches her heart, the demonic foursome has located their target and hatches a plan to steal the halberd. Spell-bound, Inu-Yasha listens as Hoshioni reveals the reason for seeking the Hojo blade - he has the other half of the weapon and wants to make it whole. Inu-Yasha manages to break free and charge Hoshioni, but his attack has little effect. Back in the forest, Akitoki marvels at Kagome as she sleeps, and makes plans for their future together. Akitoki tries to steal a kiss from the sleeping girl, but he is thwarted by the arrival of three young ladies resembling Ari, Yuka and Ayumi, Kagome's friends from the photo. Kagome wakes and realizes something is wrong even though Akitoki thinks they've been saved. Kagome plays along and, while they travel through the woods, the three imposters ambush Kagome and Akitoki. Kagome dispatches the trio quickly, but the victory celebration is brief; Hoshioni's yokai thugs appear and kidnap her. Inu-Yasha's battle with Hoshioni ends explosively and Hoshioni disappears. Playtime is over -Hoshioni received word he has what he needs to get the halberd. No further need to stall. Unaware of this, Inu-Yasha pursues Hoshioni to finish the fight. On the way, he collides with Akitoki. When Inu-Yasha doesn't see Kagome, he grabs Akitoki demanding to know where she is. The answer isn't what Inu-Yasha wants to hear and, as Inu-Yasha prepares to brain Akitoki, Hoshioni interrupts. Inu-Yasha looks up and, to his horror and outrage, spots Hoshioni hovering above him, holding an unconscious Kagome.
Episode Summary for Episode 138 - Survival of the Two People in Demon Infested Lands. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Okay, just watched this episode raw, so I'm guessing at almost everything....

This episode begins with a "reminder" of episode 137, where Hojo-kun showed Kagome and friends his family tree, and one of his ancestors was named Kagome (married to Akitoki, Hojo's ancestor). Back in the warring era, she and the IY gang run into Akitoki, who has been charged with purifying or destroying the Halberd of Heaven (there is an Earth part), but since Mt. Hakureizan no longer exists, um..yeah.

This episode, after Kagome and Akitoki fall from a cliff into a river, Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku meet the four new bad guys after the halberd. They then meet the leader of these guys, someone who looks an awful lot like the villan from the first movie (IMO). Akitoki pulls himself onto a rock and saves Kagome from drowing (then gets a little too happy cuz she's hugging him), they then are swept down a water fall (all three stages, screaming in three stages).

Miroku, Sango, Shippou and Kirara go in search of Kagome, while Inu fights with the bad guy (who has multiplied thanks to a few slashes from Tessiuga). Kaze no Kizu gets rid of the multiples, but the original is still as bad & ugly as ever.

The four ninja youki find a picture of Kagome and friends from the culture festival and devise a plan for getting to them. (K & A). In another part of the forest, Akitoki is carrying Kagome on his back (ala Inuyasha) because she has a bandaged leg. They make a campfire and eat instant noodles, and when he falls asleep Kagome leans him over so he'll be more comfortable (his head on her lap). She remembers seeing her name on the family tree, and then remembers her last arguement with Inu, and Akitoki says her name in his sleep.

The big evil guy then reveals that he has the Halberd of Earth, which, when combined with the Halberd of Heaven (in Hojo's possesion), becomes a formidable evil weapon.

Back to Kagome and Akitoki. She's asleep against the tree, and Hojo starts to imagine a life married to kagome w/lots of kids. He leans in for a kiss (she's still asleep) when a rustling of leaves wakes her up. He jumps back and looks really embarrassed, but she has no idea what he was up to. Three girls who look just like her friends from home show up and invite them to their village. Kagome doesn't trust them, but follows Akitoki anyway. It turns out the girls are demon puppets being controlled by the four ninja-like youkai. They are attacked by the three, and Kagome saves the day with purifying arrows. As soon as they think everythings okay (for about 1.5 seconds), the four youkai kidnap Kagome.

Inuyasha barely avoids an attack with the Halberd of Earth, which rips a huge valley in the rocks. He is then running, trying to find Kagome, and Akitoki is running back, looking for Kagome and they both crash into each other. Inu askes where Kagome is, and Akitoki says she's been kidnapped (or maybe just that she's gone, I dunno). Big evil guy shows up with Kagome in his arms.

Episode Summary for Episode 138 - Survival of the Two People in Demon Infested Lands. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Bear in mind that I donít speak Japanese, so I canít tell you exactly what they are saying. But I have the episode in its raw form and Iíve watched it.

It begins with Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku still dodging the fire bombs. The fire bombs then turn into 4 youkai. They consecutively attack Inuyasha and the gang. Sango says something to Inuyasha about Kagome and right after he tries to leave. However he is stopped by the 4 youkaiís leader. Inuyasha attacks with Tessaiga, but that just makes the youkai split into 2.

In the meantime, Hojo surfaces in a river. He gets stuck between to rocks and manages to grab hold on one of them. He calls for Kagome, and she answers. He manages to stop her from being swept downstream by holding out his half of the Halberd which she grabs and he pulls her to himself. Heís thinking very much of himself as he holds her. Heís so distracted that he gets slammed with a floating log and they both go careening downstream again. They go over a waterfall that has several smaller drops, bouncing down each one.

Back with Inu: every time he attacks, the leader youkai splits until thereís a whole bunch of him. The leader sends the other 4 youkai after Kagome and Hojo. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo go off on Kirara, leaving Inuyasha to fight this new enemy. The leader tries to follow but Inu jumps into his path. The leader says something about hanyou Inuyasha and Kaijinbo. They exchange words, until Inu nails the leader with Kaze no Kizu. You hear the leader scream, but when the dust clears, heís still there, but thereís only one of him. The moon comes out (itís full). Inu attacks but the leader tosses a small knife that freezes Inu in mid-swing.

Meanwhile: Sango, Miroku et al are at the bottom of the waterfall we saw Kagome and Hojo go over. Shippo makes foxfore to light the water, and Sango goes diving to look for any signs of them. The 4 youkai are also looking for Kagome and Hojo. One finds a photograph of Kagome with her school friends (the one we saw in epi 137)

Switch to Kagome and Hojo. He is carrying her because she hurt her ankle. Heís not looking where he is going so he walks into a tree. He drops Kagome. Then a snake lands on his head and he falls down a hill, right into a wild boar, who attacks and sends him flying back up to Kagome. Itís a funny scene. Kagome lights a fire and makes food for them. They eat.

Now this is the scene where I really wanna know what they are saying! Hojo clearly says the words hanyou and Kagome. Whatever he says, it affects Kagome. The Inu-Kag love theme starts playing in the background. Kagome asks Hojo something and he replies with her name, then looks embarrassed and tries to gulp his food but itís empty. Kagome offers him hers. Then Hojo is sleeping and Kagome is looking at the sky. She speaks to Hojo but sees he is asleep. She puts his head in her lap. The Inu-Kag love theme is still playing. She thinks to what Inu said in the previous epi about hanyous and humans. (I really really wanna know what he said!) Kagome is sad, thinking about what Inu said. Then she remembers that her name was on Hojoís ancestor list.

Cut to the 4 youkai. They have the photograph, and theyíre gonna do something with it. (Youíll find out in a bit)

Cut to Inu and the leader. You find out the leader has the other half of the Halberd. The moon goes behind some clouds and Inu can move again. They fight. They fight hard. But itís a stalemate.

Cut to Kagome and Hojo. Hojo wakes up to see Kagome still sleeping. He has a fantasy of marrying her and the kids theyíll have, He goes to kiss her, but she wakes when she hears a sound. Itís 3 women in traditional Japanese clothing BUT they look like Kagomeís friends from school. Hojo goes to them, but Kagome jumps between them, revealing his half of the Halberd. When it doesnít react to them, she relaxes, but it turns out that they are puppets being controlled by one of the 4 youkai. They give themselves away. Kagome tells Hojo to put her down and faces them with her arrows. They attack and she kills one. She tells Hojo to get out of there, but he refuses. He unsheathes his own normal sword and looks like he is going to fight, but when the other two go to attack him, he panics and starts screaming. Kagome saves him by killing the remaining two with her arrows. He sees her standing over him, goes to thank her, but then sheís grabbed by the 4 youkai and carried off.

Cut to Inu still fighting. The leader tries to nail him with a massive attack but misses. Inu is running, dodging explosive attacks, but he slams right into Hojo. Hojo tells him that Kagome has been kidnapped. The leader appears above them holding an unconscious Kagome.

Inu thinks ďKagome...Ē

End of episode.
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In this Episode. Its starts off with recapping with what happened in last episode. Kagome and Hojo are being washed down stream. Hojo catches Kagome at a rock... and he lets he guard down because he feels good because Kagome is clinging onto them. They get washed farther down stream. Over some waterfalls.. which is really funny when you hear them scream.But Inuyasha sends Sango,Miroku,.. and what not a head to look for Kagome. Some bad ass dude appears. And he seems to know Inuyasha but inuyasha has no clue who he is... They exchange a few words and fight for a bit. The guy multiplies but inuyasha stops that by through KAze no Kizu at him. The dude throws cutry at inuyasha ( a small butter knife it looks like) it lands behind inuyasha and he can't move. Oh no... Back to Kagome... Kagome is wounded at her ankle and hojo is carrying her... He tries to be strong like inuyasha but with no prevail. He ends up hurting himself even more. Sango finds Kagome's red scarf that was in her school uniform and They all are pondering where she is...Hojo and Kagome settle down, but those four evil dudes we saw in the last ep. Have caught up to Kagome and HOjo.. they found a picture of Kagome that she dropped from her bookbag, Its a picture of her friends and her at the concert (during the festival).. Well Kagome gives hojo something to eat and he eats it up.. he thanks her and she has a flash back of inuyasha 'Keh' she shakes the thought out of her head. And then has a flash back of what inuyasha said in the lasy episode. She begins talking to hojo but he is already asleep against a tree. She crawls over next to him and lays his head down on her lap. She thinks about the scroll of Hojo's family and she thinks about her marrying him.. Then hojo walks up while Kagome is asleep and he thinks about them having kids... YUCK! and he moves in for the kill.. slowly getting closer to Kagome.. he hears a sound in the back ground. Kagome awakes and see's three girls standing behind hojo.. they look like her friends.. but they are being controled by the four evil and strange dudes. Kagome doesn't really trust them and good thing she doesn't.. she fires an arrow at the three girls and poof they disappear.. as she turns to hojo to talk to him.. the actual four evil dudes appear and take Kagome... Oh no! Inuyasha gets free from the big evil dude.. and follows him. He dissappears and Inuyasha runs into Hojo.. Threating Hojo where Kagome went to.. Hojo falls into INuyasha and begins to cry that Kagome has been taken... Then the big bad dude appear but this time with Kagome in his arms.. Inuyasha freaks out and stands there staring at this evil dude, as kagome is being held in his arms. Inuyasha shows that little worries look, 'Kagome' and then it fades out.. and bang That the end of that episode.. its a TBC (to be continued)
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After kagome and Akitoki(spelling) Houjou felt in that cliff in episode 137, it seems that akitoki wants to kiss kagome while she is sleeping (or unconscious), I don't know what happen next because I saw it in the previews of the episode 137, it seems that the two persons there, are Kagome and Akitoki(spelling again)
Episode Summary for Episode 138 - Survival of the Two People in Demon Infested Lands. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
ok... in the summary of ep.137 someone said that kagome and H.A.(Hojo's Ancestor, i dont know his name)both fall into a canyon or something like that, so i THINK that kagome and H.A. have to ruff it out with all the demons that are chasing H.A because of the sword he is carring.... well untill inuyasha comes to save them ^_^
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In the last episode, someone commented that the episode ended with hojo and kagome falling down a cliff. If that is the case, than this episode might be the continuation of that episode. Which kagome and hojo (two people)would land on land infested with demons.

This is only a sugestion and I am not sure. But if this the casethen in the end those two will survive.Also if this is true than i wounder what hojo would say since has a crush on kagome.o.O
Episode Summary for Episode 138 - Survival of the Two People in Demon Infested Lands. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
this episode is extended from the last episode kagome and the hojo from the past (inuyashas time) fel off a cliff in the last episode and they are the ones who are stranded alon together and inuyasha dosnt tell kagome his feelings in l37 i think it may be a few eps further people!!