Episode 139 - Big Duel at the Sho'Un Waterfall Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 139 - Big Duel at the Sho'Un Waterfall. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha tries to kill the demon but no use.Then when the demon was about to kill Kagome she transformed into a women I believed to be the demon's wife. The it is a flash back and you see the two husband and wife killing demons.They were about to kill them when the gurl used a spell to kill them all. Later it saws the the man talking to the evil forger telling him to forge a sword using 222 demons fangs he had slain. But wheen he used it he turned evil. Her wife used a spell to kill him but got killed by the spell as well.

Later in the present he attacked Kagome and she fell. Inuyasha used Ultimate attack and Kagome used arrow and killed him.
Episode Summary for Episode 139 - Big Duel at the Sho'Un Waterfall. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
the whole group is there. its still nighttime. akitoki is right behind inu yasha. miroku, shippou, sango and kirara are behind him. inu takes out his untransformed sword and charges towards hoshiyomi shouting kagome・s name. he jumps into the air and attacks but hoshiyoki puts up a barrier just in time and inu get thrown to the ground. he rolls for a while and eventually stops, he untransformed sword lands in front of him. inu is in pain and miroku rushes over and asks if he is ok. the view shows mirokus back to us checking on inu yasha. while hoshiyomi is high in the sky in the backround with the four other demons circling him in their bright colorful circular form. inu gets up a bit (is isnt lying down on the ground anymoe he is on his knees) and hoshiyomi taunts inu about using his rusted sword to hurt him. inu grasps his sword and puts it away. behind his yellow barrier, hoshiyomi has a confident smirk on his face as he says, if you value this girls life, its best that you come to the furai shrine. (inu glares at him and ALMOST pulls out his sword. there is a close up of unconscious kagome in hoshiyomi's arms) but, don・t you forget the blade of heaven. sango then steps forward and calls out to kagome. hoshiyomi rises into the sky with his four allies circling him. he suddenly stops (they circle him even faster) and zooms off into the distance. the four demons circle even faster and then follow him off into the distance. inu yasha is angry that they escaped and curses some more *rolls eyes*. he then runs demanding that they get back here. akitoki rushes over grabbing inu at the waste stopping him. inu looks over his shoulder with an angry expression, akitoki remind inu that they are in this TOGETHER. inu pushes him away and yells that they will only be in the way. akitoki has both hands in fists and responds in a demanding tone; you've got to take me with you!! miroku then interrupts their argument demanding that they stop this at once. they both turn to face miroku. miroku and sango walk over to them. miroku reminds them that kaede told them that the only place to seal the weapons power is at the furai shrine. he then ponders why hoshiyoki asked them to go there. inu asks miroku what he thinks about this. miroku tells him that he thinks this is a trap. inu glances at akitoki as akitoki explains; we don・t have time to think of alternatives especially when kagome is involved with this!! inu responds :no!" and then runs off ahead of everyone. akitoki then runs after him demanding that he wait up. miroku glances at sango in a serious saying, we're going too. sango nods and runs off to get kirara. shippou is already on kirara (practically sitting on her head) sango jumps on with miroku just behind her. shippou says, let・s go!! and kirara soars off into the sky. the view shows a rushing waterfall. as the view back away we can see hoshiyomi and his 5 minions landing at the furai shrine. hoshiyomi in his yellow barrier lands first while the others follow. when hoshiyomi lands his barrier disappears. he is facing his minions in their circular form hovering just above the ground. the 5 form slowly transform into their human form keeping the colored light (from their circles) around them. the light fades and they are all on one knee awaiting the next order. the view shows each of the minions as hoshiyomi explains, for now i will perform the ceremony of restoration of the halberd of heaven and earth, (hoshiyomi has his half of the halberd at his side and then he gets a close up of his left profile and his cold expression.) don・t let them come anywhere near here. his 4 minions punch the ground at the same time and say in unison " YES SIR". hoshiyomi turns around and walks into the shrine holding kagome between his side and his right arm. genbu says that he will go after the half demon since his rusty sword wont be a problem. byakko is next to him smiling evilly as he listens he then says that he will go after them monk. seryuu laughs evilly and says he will go after the girl, suzaku puts his hand to his mouth as he giggles and says he will go after the samurai ( is that shippou XD j/k). suzaku quickly turns into his red ball form and soars into sky. (don・t forget their balls forms are.....suzaku is red, seiryuu is blue, byakko is grey, genbu is green) then the rest follow and they all soar in different directions. inside the shrine hoshiyomi has laid kagome down on a table with a symbol next to her ( a star inside a circle). he then gently places the sword next to her. he then places his left hand to his chin (the pointer and middles finger are the only ones sticking up) and then he moves his right hand in a circular motion. suddenly all the candles around light up with green flames. the candles are in a pentagon formation around them. the view moves back showing this. kagome and hoshiyomi are in the center. suddenly the same symbol in light blue (the star inside a circle) appears on the ground, the candle stands are at the tip of each point on the star. back with the rest of the inu gang, inu (carrying akitoki on his back) lands and kirara lands next to him. inu asks if this is hte place. ahead of them is the same waterfall from before. just then that same light blue symbol appears, growing larger in the sky. inu leaps into the sky and lands on some rocks above, kirara close behind him. inu leaps again and reaches the symbol, shippou miroku and sango are blinding with light and are worried for inu as they all say " A BARRIER !?". inu crashes into it and the barrier repels him sending him flying back. the same happens with kirara. they all scream as they fall to the ground. the barrier surrounded the entire shrine atop the waterfall, the symbol shines in the center of the barrier. kirara growls as she crashes to the ground and transforms back to her small form. inu tumbles as he falls to the ground. miroku yells as he crashes on top of a rock above and rolls almost of the edge holding on for dear life. (what about sango X_x). back with inu yasha, he grits his teeth as he slowly gets up, just then someone is laughing wickedly behind him. he looks behind him and is shocked to see genbu. genbu is holding his weapon looking ready to kick ass, telling inu that this is his burial ground. just then we finally see sango slowly getting up, looking in pain. just behind her is seiryuu saying, you smell kinda nice. sango turns around and is shocked to see him. seiryuu introduces himself (he smiles) and says, pretty cool eh? sango grits her teeth as she stares up at him. meanwhile, back with miroku he saves his own ass by pulling himself up. when he is finally on top he immediately shouts, SANGO...WHERE ARE YOU? he desperately looks around and almost crashes into byaako. byakko smirks and stares into mirokus eyes telling miroku that he will be fighting him. miroku is shocked and backs away holding his staff defensively (for all you sickos, i don・t mean it like that :P ). back with shippou, he has landing in some bushes and his entire body shakes. myouga is on shippous belly jumping up and down telling him to wake up. myouga grumbles and gets very frustrated when shippou doesn・t respond. he jumps into the air and starting sucking some blood out of shippous chin. myougas body grows 5 times his normal size the more he drinks, shippou slaps him and wakes up. as shippou gets up he sees myouga slowly floating down into his hand. myouga goes back to normal and tells shippou that he is happy that he is awake and notifies him that everyone has been seperated. he sounds determined as he explains that they MUST find inu yasha and the others. shippou sounds determined also as he says " no problem". just then they get interrupted when they hear akitoki groaning. akitoki is kneeling down, rubbing his ass. shippou jumps over and asks if he is alright. akitoki looks over his shoulder and explains, my ass is in pain (LOL, gotta love him LOL). akitoki turns back around groaning in pain, still rubbing his ass (the sword isnt wrapped inteh grren cloth anymore, just the purple on as it lays in front of him). finally the view shows him from the front. shippou stands next to him and shouts, BE A MAN!! shippou then slaps his ass (AAACK THE NEXT MIROKU O_O). akitoki screams in agony. just then suzakus voice is heard saying, my..... you have a nice ass (LOL). akitoki looks up in horror, shippou looks up curiously. suzaku starts laughing heartily (he is sitting on a high branch in the tree in front of them) and says, you're pretty cute for a samurai, i am suzaku, (add seductive tone here) pleasure to meet you ( he blows him a kiss and winks). akitoki has the most hilarious "WTF EWEWEW!!" expression while shippou has the funniest " oh sh!t....GOD SAVE ME FROM THE PERVS OF THE UNIVERSE" expression. akitoki hunches over, still freaked out, rubbing his ass. back with genbu and inu yasha, genbu laughs confidently and says, too bad you are fighting me, genbu. inu takes out his rusty sword and demands genbu to get out of his way. there is close up of inu right hand holding his sword with genbu in the background. genbu taunts him saying, how can you fight the power of darkness? inu harshly responds, simple, (he charges at genbu) JUST LAY THE SMACK DOWN ON YOUR AAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (gotta love him LOL). he trusts his rusty sword at genbus shoulder. its has no effect and genbu taunts him again saying, was that supposed to hurt? inu yasha becomes very frustrated and starts gritting his teeth. he then quickly attacks genbu constantly but genbu uses his weapon (a long thin brown staff) to block all of them. inu becomes more and more frustrated with each strike. he continues to attack and then genbu blocks his last strike with his left arm. he smirks as he tells in that he cant hurt him. there is a close up of inu looking frustrated, he does 2 back flips back and puts away his sword saying he cant rely on that now ( DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH). inu flexes his claws and charges again shouting, EAAAAT THIIIIS. he uses iron reaver on genbus right shoulder. his eyes continue to watch genbu even though he is behind him now, blood gushes from his fingers, he then lands behind genbu. genbu stands motionless, un harmed, just his clothes torn explaining again that inu cant hurt him. he then looks over his shoulder at inu and smirks. inu looks at his claws, the tips are drenched in blood, wondreing what he should do. genbu taunts him again saying, is that all you've got? well then..... just then his body expands, and it looks like a large turtle shell has expanded from his back. you can see al his muscles as he turns around saying, let's get is on! 9for all you pervs out there, no he didnt mean it that way). just then he puts his head all the way back O_O(inu is disgusted for a bit), he jumps into the air and puts his arms and legs back into the shell (ok a weird turtle man :P ) and shouts, YOU- NINPOU KIKKOU JIGOKU GUMA. ( in the sky genbu, inside his shell starts spinning at top speeds). the spinning shell hurtles towards inu yasha. inu runs and leaps out of the way in time just as genbu hits the ground. genbu brags that he would get away that easily. now genub is rolling on the ground (just like how a coin would on any surface) and charges after inu yasha. meanwhile with sango, seiryuu has his arms crossed as he laughs mischievously saying that it has been a while since he tangled with a woman. he then sticks out his tongue, it moves exactly like a snakes tongue, he smiles evilly and says that he will have a lot of fun with her, he sticks out his tongue again. sango is disgusted and yells, YOU SICK CREEP!! she then thrusts her boomerang at him, he dodges by leaping back, her boomerang sticks out the ground. as sango runs over to her boomerang she becomes confused. she looks everywhere but seiryuu is no where to be found. just then seiryuus voice can be heard laughing wickedly. sango looks behind her to find seiryuu stans on a ledge. he thrusts off his cloak and we see his armor, and his fish like skin. his green hair is sticking up. he outstretches his arms, his fingers hanging down limply, and says, YUO NINPOU UROKO NO MAI! (sorry but these attacks weren・t translated). just then all the scale like parts of his skin lift off his body and swirl around him. he then shouts, ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!!! sango has her boomerang across the front of her body as she prepares for the worse wondering what those could be. he sticks out his tongue again as he laughs evilly, he places one of his hands to his face ( just the index finger sticking up) and says, YOU NINPOU YUUKYUU RIN!! he then thrusts his finger down, pointing it at sango. the weird, tiny, scale- like objects obey and attack her. sango stands there, shouts, turns and looks away hoping for the best. meanwhile, miroku is still desperately looking around says passionately, sango...... (he then shouts at the top of his lungs) I'M COMING FOR YOU!!! just then byakko suddenly makes his hands into fists and harshly reminds miorku that he won・t without defeating HIM first. byakko looks very confident as his cloak bursts apart and we see his bear chest with shoulder armor and armor on his shins and arms. his light blue hair sticks up as well and his tail is exposed. miroku looks determined and and grumbles saying that, i have my wind tunnel . byakko charges towards him and attacks using his claws striking in an X motion. miroku screams in agony, his staff falls to the ground and he falls to his knees hunched over, with his arms crossed over the place where he was struck, groaning in agony. byakko laughs wickedly and taunts him saying, what・s the matter monk, finished already? miroku looks to his right side (where byakko is obviously) as he grits his teeth. back with akitoki. back with akitoki, he is clutching onto the blade of heaven as suzaku pulls him from behind. (it looks like suzaku is trying to give akitoki some lovin in the ass O_O). akitoki demands that he get off him. suzaku smiles mischievously and says in somewhat of a seductive way O_O, don・t be so resistant, if you give me the blade of heaven (he is still pulling akitoki during all this) when i kill you i promise to take care of that pretty face whe i skin it off (remind you of anyone *rolls eyes*). akitoki responds, NO ON A COLD DAY IN HELL!!! suzaku pulls faster and faster. shippou is watching in the bushes far back rolling his eyes. suzaku stops pulling and steps back. he is surprised by his attitude and comments that he is not very coopertive. he then quickly walks up to akitoki again (too close for comfort) he stares at him like he is some thanksgiving turkey he is willing to chow down on and suggests in a horny tone, how about every morning, (he embraces him, comes even closes and sticks out his tongue. akitoki is completely terrified.) i give your face some gooood lovin. he then grasps akitokis face and gives is a gooood lick. akitoki screams at the top of his lungs, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! DISGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSTTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!! myouga watching from shippous shoulder is also disgusted saying that this was gonna be harder than he thought. shippou has his hands in fits, looking determined saying that he MUST hold his ground. he leaps into the air and throws foxfire on suzaku. suzaku is engulfed in fox fire and screams, ITS HOT!! ITS HOT!!! ITS HOT!!! shippou is very proud of himself. akitoki, still cuddling the sword up against his chest, just stares for a while and then looks very relieved saying, i'm saved........ there is a close up of suzaku engulfed in fox fire looking furious, he has his head down and his arms at his sides as he says angrily, don・t think you can sneak attack MEEEEEE!!! The flames fly off him and fill up the whole screen and suddenly suzaku has transformed into a large fat red bird screaming, YOU LITTLE FREAK!!! Shippou screams and runs for his life. They chase each other running all around akitoki. As shippou continues to be chased he whines loudly, IM SORRY IM SORRY IM SORRY IM SORRY!!! Akitoki turns to watch them every time they run around him, he looks horrified. Back with hoshiyomi and kagome, kagome stirs and finally opnes her eyes. He is standing next to her staring down at her but this time he doesn・t look evil and angry like before but sad or content. Hoshiyomi calmly says, you・re finally awake? Kagome gazes into his eyes (the view gives hoshiyomi a close up moving closer and closer to his face as she makes this observation) and thinks , his eyes look so sad. Hoshiyomi blinks once and asks her, why? Why do you do such things? (the view shows kagome lying down on the table, her eyes open wider as she stare at him curiously.) why do you travel with these people and a half demon? What・s your story with that half demon? Kagome immediately turn her head so that it completely faces away from him asking him why does he care and tells him that its none of his business. The view shows the back of kagomes head and hoshiyomi in the background staring down at her as he continues to say coldly, there is no love between humans and demons. From the beginning there is not such relation between humans and demons. (for a brief second the view gives kagome a close up as she gasps, she is still not facing him. Then the view goes back to the previous one showing hoshiyomi staring down at her) and also someday, humans with betray demons. There will come a time when one of you betray the other. Kagome (her arrows are on her right shoulder) suddenly gets up saying that such a thing could never happen. Now she looks irritated, hoshiyomi is in the background you can see his cold stare as he continues to explain, humans live such sad lives. (overview of them, view slowly moving to the right) Their body and heart are weak,, but still that weakling tries to live with full shamelessness. That・s why humans try to protect themselves and become a betrayal in the end. Kagome is facing forward saying sadly, you don・t know anything about humans (she comes to a realization and finally looks at him. She uses a more curious tone now) . did something happen between you and one though? I bet I am right. (there is a close up of his face, he is in shock ) that・s why you are saying all this. ( I knew it, some hooker abandoned him I KNEW IT !! j/k ^_~ ) . he looks to his side then looks up. Kagome follows his gaze and see a large picture of a beautiful woman next to her, on her right. The woman has a bow in her left hand, a sword resting on her right shoulder. She is surrounded by demons. The view moves back showing us the entire pictures. Kagome stares curiously at the painting and asks who that is. There is a pause and he simply responds, tsukiyomi. There is a nice transition from tsukiyomi in the painting to the real tsukiyomi in a flashback. She has short brown hair that stops at the tip of her shoulders. She is wearing brown armor with a white kimono under that. She looks like she is in a shrine or temple, candles are around her. She has her right hand up to her face (vertically the thin part to her face), her index thumb and middle finger are the only ones sticking up. Just then there is a creek of the door and it turns out that hoshiyomi has entered behind her. She slowly puts her hand down. There is a close up of her (she looks like she is having conflicting emotions) he asks her what she is doing her. Her back still faces him as she glares saying with some intensity, hoshiyomiKK. (she suddenly grabs a small, thin round object. It・s the same symbol that hoshiyomi used earlier. She abruptly turns to face him and shoutsK) FORGIVE ME. (she points the object at him, he is in complete shock. Each of the next syllables are said with such intensity very quickly.) RI.. KYO.. TO..SHA..KAI..JIN ..HENKZAIK (hoshiyomi backs away holding the haleberd of heaven and earth. He still cant believe what she is doing as he says her name) . there is a close up tsukiyomi looks angry and determined. The moment she shouts ZAI the object glows with white light and a large barrier appears around him. Hoshiyomi cant get over this and shouts, WHY , WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! He sounds desperate and completely hurt. He tries to fight the power but it takes a hold of him. It looks like someone is squeezing him, pulling him apart. He screams in agony, the sword shakes in his hand. He tries his best to hold onto the sword but eventually he cant any longer. The view moves back showing the back of her and him being tortured in the barrier screaming in agony saying, TSUUUUUUUUUKIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! He gags and his figure begins to be sucked away within the barrier, he swirls around, the barrier begins to shrink faster and faster. The shadow of his figure spins around in the tiny barrier as he shouts with his last breath, WHY (he gags weakly) WHY why!!!!!???? There is a close up of her, she looks like she is pushing herself, using all her strength for this. Back with him and kagome, he just stare at the pic of her(kagome stares at the pic as well looking somewhat sad). He explains to kagome, this is where tsukiyomi sealed me, and she separated the halberd of heaven and earth. (view of the pic from afar). One end fell into the houjou family・s hands and the other was sealed in mount hakurei. (flashback of mount hakurei. Its completely surrounded by red/purple mist. It then collapses) when mount hakureizan collapsed, I finally got back the blade of earth. he grabs the sword lying beside kagome, turns around and walks away. Kagome has an empathetic expression as she know understands why kaede said that the swords had to be sealed here. Hoshiyomi interrupts her thoughts by saying in a tone sounding like he is trying to suppress his rage, tsukiyomi betrayed me. She said that we would be together foreverKK kagome suggests that tsukiyomi may have had reasons for her actions. Hoshiyomi sounds like he is about to cry (awww *gives him a teddy bear*) as he says, see you humans are weak. People who are weak tend to betray the other in the end. (he calms himself and turns around to face kagome,he has that evil look again) my true desire is to save people from suffering. Kagome looks like she is terrified of what he will say next as she asks, save people? How? He smirks evilly and responds while holding the blade of earth, when the halberd of heaven and earth, which is created with..222 corpses of demons is resurrected, all living things will die. Kagome is shocked by his response and replies, YOU WANT TO SAVE PEOPLE LIKE THAT!!??! Another close up of evil hoshiyomi as he smirks with confidence saying, those are the kind of lives humans live and that is why they die. He is enjoying this a little TOO much. Kagome screams , YOUR WROOOOOOONG!!! Suddenly a very thin flash of light purple light flies across the room putting out all the candles. In the darkness kagome is confused but hoshiyomi smirks saying he expected this. Kagome has a forlorn expression as she gazes behind her. He faces her explaining that when he first saw her he felt a power equally great as tsukiyomi・s within her. Kagome looks at him surprised as she gasps. The view just shows him smiling evilly as he looks at her explaining, do you know why I lead you guys here? (he smiles even more wickedly) that is because I want to use your soul power to restore the halberd of heaven and earth. kagome leans back in shock saying, but that cant be O_o. he holds the sword horizontally near her. It begins to glow with purple energy. Suddenly kagome becomes exhausted saying, my powerKK hoshiyomi has a psychotic grin as he places his hand to his face just like tsukiyomi did before and growls. Kagome looks tired as she closes her eyes and falls back with a thud. The blade of earth begins to tremble. He smiles evilly as he looks at the sword saying wickedly, are you loved that much? Just relax, I will soon reunite you with your other half. Back with akitoki, his half od the sword begins to glow with dark energy as well and trembles in his arms. He is curious to why this is suddenly happening. A stream of dark energy soars into the sky form the sword and clashes with the barrier. The barrier is destroyed and now the sword tries to force itself out of his arms. Akitoki fights with the sword, he tramples everywhere all around the bushes and into the waterfall sayng, wha wha wha wha wha wha wha what・s happening? The sword continues to pull him as he dips into the bottom of the waterfall. Then suddenly the sword pulls him up the waterfall O_O as he screams, WHAT IS HAPPENEING NOOOOOOOW!!!??? Shippou is in shock that that akitoki is climbing up the waterfall. Back with inu yasha, he dodges genbus attack by leaping over him.genbu stops and puts his right hand to his face just like hoshiyomi and tsukiyomi preparing for his next attack saying, YOU-NINPOU KIKKOU KURUSHII. Now he starts spinning like a top and hurtles towards inu with amazing speed. Inu is cornered up again the rocky wall and has no time to react. He screams in agony as genbu continues to spin up against inu pushing him into the wall. He suddenly stops and smirks confidently saying that he wont let a half demon escape him. Genbu continues to push into up against the wall. Inu continues to scream in agony. Back with sango those weird scale objects continue to fly towards her. She falls to her knees and we see the scales circling around her. Seiryuu calls the scales back to him, they swirl around him as he laughs evilly with great pride. His snake like tongue is sticking out as he says evilly, just relax, it・s gonna be slow and painful. The view shows sango, she is panting holding her weapon, she has run out of energy as she says desperately, mirokuKKK back with miroku, he leaps back and immediately thinks of her. He looks around but byakko taunts him saying, are you worried about your woman? (he prepares for his next attack) you don・t have to worry because soon the 2 of you can reunite in the next world. Miroku grumbles furiously, you bast@rd... TAKE THIS!!! The moment miroku tries to use his wind tunnel byakko strike his arm with incredible speed and continues biting it saying, monkKwhat is it you are trying to pull of there huh? (close up of byakkos teeth digging into his arm) just accept your defeat. (close of miroku trying ot fight the pain). Back with myouga and shippou. Myouga is pulling on his hair saying that they must do something. Shippou is determined saying that he must do something before something terrible happens. He transforms into his balloon form and soars off into the sky saying, AKITOKIIIIII, I AM ON MY WAY TO HELP YOU! Akitoki is clinging onto the sword for dear life. The sword is in the middle of the waterfall. Akitoki calls down to shippou. Shippou reaches him and tells him to get on. Akitoki tries to reach but just then water squirts into his face. Suzaku is still in his bird form on the ground saying that he refuses to let the cute samurai escape. He flies into the air until he reaches shippou. He begins to peck at balloon shippou, shippou become cross eyed whining in agony demanding that he stop this. With a pop shippou goes back to his normal form and falls down into the bushes below. Suzaku laughs evilly. Back with inu yasha, genbu is pushing him up against the wall. Inu tries his best to fight it. Genbu stares evilly into his eyes saying that this will be all over really quick. Inu yasha is still in pain bu look up to see miroku. Inu suddenly starts to each for something. He calls genbu a bast@rd. inu secretly takes his bloody claws and raises them up to his necklace and uses blades up blood. He doesn・t attack genbu but byakko. Byakko flies off of miroku and miroku uses this opportunity to suck him up. Byakko is shocked by mirokus power just before he gets sucked into the void. Miroku quickly gets up to find sango. He says that he will save her and tells her to hold on. Sango places the boomerang into the ground to protect her. Miroku unleashes his wind tunnel. Seiryuu goes :what the hell?!; the moment mirokus attack strikes him. Both he and several rocks fly into the void. Miroku doesn・t close it just yet, he aims it at genbu. Genbu soars towards miroku screaming in agony. Inu yasha holds his ground. Genbu finally gets sucked up as well and miroku closes the wind tunnel. Suzaku is still in his bird form, he says that this is not good at all and tries to quickly fly away. Miroku sees him, suzaku tries to resist but eventually gets sucked up. W00T W00T GO MIROKU ^_^ . there is a close up of miroku closing his wind tunnel panting heavily. Sango looks relieved and exhausted as she kneels down on the ground with hre boomrang in front. Shippou calls out to her, we see that both shippou and kirara rush over to her. He asks if she is alright. Sango thanks im and says she is fine. Miroku slides down the rocky hill and lands where inu is inu rushes over to him and asks if he is alright. Miroku quickly says he is and (miroku looks over his shoulder, he has a very determined look) that they have no time to waste, they MUST save kagome. Back with akitoki, the blade continues to pullhim up the waterfall. He flies off the waterfall and hovers into the air still fighing with the sword. She sword manages to get out of the cloth surrounding it and flies out. Since the sword is gone akitoki begins to fall to the ground with an : oh sh1t O_O; expression. He screams as he falls and lands on his ass. He is at the shrine. The sword floats through the doors towards hoshiyomi. The to blades are floating in front of him the edges about 1 foot apart. Electricity surges between the swords and the connect themselves. The sword glows with dark energy and hoshiyomi grasps it. He groans as if he is powering up. Meanwhile the rest of the inu gang reach the shrine and see akitoki hunched over at the entrance. Inu asks is he if ok. Akitoki stands up, turns to him, he looks and sounds defeated as he says, there I was nothing I could do. (close up of akitoki and his defeated expression, inu walks next to him) the blade of heaven just flew into the shrine. (the view shows all of them from behind) Inu gasps as he looks into the shrine, he says that he has a bad feeling about this. Just then, hoshiyomi steps out. There is a close up of inu・s shocked expression as he gasps saying, kagome? We now see that hoshiyomi is carrying her as he laughs wickedly. He has an evil confident expression as he holds the halberd out saying he is finally back in business. Akitoki cant believe his eyes. Hoshiyomi says that he will explain everything. He says, (view of half the halberd) the halberd is like positive and negative. (the view moves down showing the rest of the sword) meaning the same as heaven and earth., and all dead souls are brought to opposite poles. Both powers are mighty. (view kagome unconscious kagome) Using the halberd of heaven and earth both powers are divided and invisible walls are sliced. What do you think will happen? Inu yasha demands that he stop with that philosophy crap and just give kagome back. Hoshiyomi says coldly, we care for humans and then we betray them. (the view shows the group at the entrance and hoshiyomi standing on the stairs of the shrine. He is still holding his sword in the air). He continues, that is the destiny we share with them. The view shows his left profile, he smiles wickedly but suddenly his face transforms into a truly vicious look. He then becomes enshrouded in the dark energy as well. His hair is a bit wilder, his eyes turn red, and he has long fangs. The dark energy on the sword disappears. Hoshiyomi quickly spins the halberd, inu gasps. There is a close up of hoshiyomis creepy face as he then unleashes a powerful wave of dark energy. Inu and akitoki almost get hit but quickly move out of the way. The wave of energy soars into the sky a
Episode Summary for Episode 139 - Big Duel at the Sho'Un Waterfall. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
At the beginning, the scene shows Kagome being taken away by Hoshiyomi to the temple. Hojo (I think that's his name...) tells Inuyasha what happened and the group runs to the temple to save Kagome.

Meanwhile, Hoshiyomi converses with his fellow evil-doers (^^), Genbu, Byakko, Seiryuu, and Suzaku, and these four youkais places their dibs who they're going to attack. Genbu choose to battle Inuyasha, Byakko chooses to battle with Miroku, Seiryuu chooses to battle with Sango, and Suzaku battles with Hojo (who he refers to as the "samurai").

During Inuyasha and companies' fiersome battles with the four youkais, Hoshiyomi creates a pentagram around Kagome and Kagome soon wakes up from her unconciousness. She asks what Hoshiyomi's planning to do, and Hoshiyomi tells her that he will rejoin the Halbred of Heaven and Earth.

He also does notice Kagome's feelings for Inuyasha, and he tells her that humans and youkais, even half-youkais, are not meant to be together. Kagome realizes that Hoshiyomi had past experiences with a human woman before, and asks him about it.

Hoshiyomi told Kagome about Tsukiyomi, a human woman/priestess, whom he used to love, until she sealed him in the temple that Kagome and him were currently in and then Tsukiyomi seperated his weapon, which was the Halbred of Heaven and Earth.

Inuyasha and the gang finally gets rid of the four youkais by Miroku's Kazaana, even though they do not escape without difficulty or without injuries. Only Shippo and Hojo are the only ones who weren't really hurt badly.

They run to the temple, hoping to save Kagome, but realizes that Hoshiyomi had already combined the Halbred of Heaven and Earth together, and had put Kagome's pristess power into the weapon. Kagome is unconcious again during this time. Hoshiyomi opens a big hole in the sky, attemting to suck Inuyasha and the others into that hole. Inuyasha finds out that Kagome will soon be sucked into that hole, and wants to save her.

The episode ends here. Look forward to episode 140.