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Episode 141 - The Released Demon Horse, Entei Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 141 - The Released Demon Horse, Entei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The land is engulfed in darkness. You can barely see the mountains and the trees as you hear thunder in the background. The view shows a large statue (it looks like a lion with its chest out looking proud), then the view shows a temple. Within the temple is a monk praying by a candle. Suddenly the candle blows out. He suddenly opens his eyes, looking alert, as he looks behind him. The view shows the monk from the back from a far doorway, then it shows a closeup of the monks left profile, he suddenly senses something. The monk suddenly opens the two sliding doors and walks outside. He looks around (view of the monk from the back) but he doesn’t find anything, he just hears the rumbling of thunder in the background. He lets out a sigh of relief (which relaxes his shoulders) as he says, it must have been my imagination. He turns around and walks back into the temple. Suddenly you can hear kaguras voice in the background saying, actually it’s not. He suddenly has a look of shock on his face as he turns around. Kagura exposes herself from behind a platform and his expression of shock turns to terror. Kagura laughs mischievously as she holds akago in her arms. He demands to know who she is. Kagura has a mischievous smile as he slowly approaches him telling him wickedly to stay quiet because it will be all over soon. She suddenly takes out her fan by thrusting it right infront of her chest. Then she suddenly thrusts it downward which opens it. The monk is horrified and confused by what she is doing (RUN IDIOT). Kagura unleashes her fuujin no mai attack (wind blades). The man doesn’t run but is frozen in terror. The view shows him from his left side as he is pierced with several wind blades flying towards him. The moment the blades hit his in moans in agony, he then falls to the ground (close up of him on the ground) looking like he is in extreme pain. Kagura is standing right above him. She smirks evilly as she puts away her fan, laughing wickedly. She walks closer to him and then kneels down on his left. She gently places akago upon his chest. Akago has a blank expression as pinkish/purple energy surrounds him. Kagura is in the background looking bored. But then the view gives her a close up, slowly moving closer and closer to her face. Its daytime, the birds are tweeting, there are white puffy clouds in the ground and white flowers blossoming on the ground near a mountainous area. On the pathway inus groups appears walking slowly. Shippou is on mirokus shoulder who is on the immediate right. Kagome is next to him as she is holding her pack of bows and her arrow on her back inu yasha is next to her, looking bored, with his arms behind his head. Sango is walking next to him. There is a close up of kagomes hand rubbing her stomach as she whines that she is hungry. Inus eyes are close as he complains that they just ate fish a little while ago. Kagome looks at him and complains that they didn’t have any rice. (get over it -_-) . inu yasha stops walking, hunches over, glares at her, he has a hilarious annoying expression. He has a “ you annoying little” threatening tone as he says, you know what…… Just then miroku interrupts him. Miroku walks over to them (shippou is still o his shoulder) and says that they can count on him for that. Sango walks over to them as well, she ends up next to kagome. Kagome suddenly becomes excited as if miroku saved her from the fiery depth of hell saying as she clasps her hands together, REALLY? DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING? Inu yasha stands straight up again as he crosses his arms. The view shows miroku and shippou standing right in front of her, it shows kagome from the back. Miroku has a funny embarrassed expression as shippou has a funny glaring expression as miroku explains , well….no… (miroku has a hopeful look in his eyes as he looks over his left shoulder) but look over there (shippou follows his gaze and has a funny confused expression). Kagome looks curiously in the same direction. The view shows them all from behind and a village in front of them way in the distance. STUPIDASS TIME *rolls eyes* kagome says calmly, it’s a village. Sango replies , yea its definitely a village (see what a imean by the stupidass part -_-). Kagome celebrates by throwing her left hand in the air cheering, ALL RIIIIGHT!!! (miroku and sango look at each other, but miroku suddenly looks curiously at kagome when she suddenly grabs his hands) I am counting on you miroku (miroku and sango close their eyes at the same time having the same happy expression. Freaky eh? O_O). miroku smiles saying that its no problem. The view gives inu yasha a close up. His back is facing them, his arms are still crossed. He looks very irritated as he opens one eye to glare back at them over his shoulder. In the background you hear everyone else celebrating saying, YAAY FOOD FOOD!!! Inu yasha smirks as he goes, KEH!! There is a close up of sango, with kirara on her shoulder, as she looks curious saying, hey, isn’t there something weird ( the view pulls back and shows them all from the front standing beside each other) about that village? This catches everyone elses attention as they start to look more focused as they stare curiously at the village. The view shows the village, its completely ruined. You hear mirokus voice in the background saying in a horrified confused tone, kannushi? Then you hear a villagers voice as he explains, yes, he was killed. The view moves slowly to the left showing the wrecked village. The view shows a close up miroku and sango (sango is in the back) they both loos furious about this information as miroku says intensely, it happened again…… Sango looks curiously at him and says, that thing about the monks and shinkan being killed? Miroku places his left hand to his chin as he beings to ponder, looking pensive as he replies, I’m not sure who is behind it…. (ok for some STRANGE reason, during this line, the animators forgot to draw sangos mouth. LOL) but if it has gone this far it cant be overlooked. The view shows the entire group from their left side, miroku is in front. The villager is a hunched over old man as he continues to explain, and because of this… the youkai (demon) sealed at the shrine has been set free and is now wreaking havoc. (the view quickly moves to the left showing several villagers behind the old man). All the villagers behind him look very desperate and afraid as the all bow to them in unison. Inu is interested to find out more about this demon. Kagome seems distracted as she looks to her right. She is holding shippou. Shippou’s eyes are opened wide as he comments, oooh so that’s why this village is in ruins. Everyone is no alert as the look around the village. The view shows more buildings in ruins, but this time there is a close up of a pinwheel on the destroyed fence, spinning once in a while with the breeze. Suddenly the pinwheel spins extremely fast. At the same time inu yasha catches a scent as he sniffs the air. Kagome asks him is there is something wrong and if he sensed something. Inu relaxes his arms (they aren’t crossed anymore) and smirks saying, over there. Inu looks straight ahead, kagome curiously looks in the same direction. There is energy surrounding a destroyed shrine. They all run up the stairs to check it out. Once they reach the top they all suddenly stop. Inu smirks looking like he is ready to kick butt as he says, I definitely smell something (yea maybe someone farted X_X) even though its some low level demon. Miroku holds his staff defensively in front of him as he comments that the demons are hiding. Suddenly there is a loud rumble coming from the shrine’s ruins. Sango alerts them that they are coming out, inu yasha smirks confidently telling them not to let their guard down. Suddenly the demons burst from the shrine and miroku tells inu to get ready. 3 demons charges towards him, but inu yasha unleashes his wound of wind attack. The strike the demons, they all scream in agony as they disintegrate. The view shows them all from above, you can see the aftermath of into attack in the ground. Golden sparkles shine in each line of he aftermath then disappear. Inu yasha smirks in an “I’M DA MAN” way as he swooshes his sword to his left and then swiftly puts it away. The view shows an unharmed building, the pathways leading to it are next to streams of water. Inside the building you can here kagome thanking someone. Inside, the view gives kagome a close up. She has a bowl of rice in her hand as she uses her chopsticks and takes a bite. She sounds like a piece of heaven is in her mouth as she smiles widely and comments that the food is delicious. Sango is sitting next to miroku on his right enjoying her bowl of rice. Miroku puts his bowl down and becomes serious as he says, there have been similar occurrences around here as of late? Sango puts her bowl down and stares ahead. The view shows inu yasha and shippou acting like pigs as they quickly engulf their food as the villager explains, yes its the talk of the town in this area. inu yasha steals some of shippous food and shippous yells, HEY DON’T DO THAT. Inu yasha looks proud as he engulfs more of his food. Shippou begins jumping up and down, holding his bowl and chopsticks up demanding that inu yasha give it back. Inu yasha ignores him and keeps eating, proudly. The view shows them all from above. Inu is looking at shippou who is still complaining jumping up and down. Kagome rolls her eyes as she looks at them. Miroku and sango have ignored them completely and are focused on the villager infront of them. There is a large pot in the middle of the room, fire burning under it. The villager is sitting right in front of it. The old villager continues to explain, monks and priests are being killed one after the other. As you hear this line, in the background you hear shippou screaming, IT’S MINE, GIVE IT BACK. HEY!! THAT’S MY SIDE DISH, YOU STUPID DOG!! Miroku asks who could be doing such a thing. The view shows a close up of the fire below the large pot as the villager continues, well, there has been talk that the culprit… (close up of the old villager as he lifts his head up) is a woman holding a baby. During this line shippou screams, SPIT IT OUT SPIT IT OUT!! (why would you want the food back after its spat out X_X). this statement shuts up shippou, catches inu and kagomes attention. There is a close up of each of them looking shocked. Sango says in a shocked/worried tone, it couldn’t be you know who, could it? (what is this a voldemort thing X_X). kagome looks concerned as she thinks that the baby is akago. Inu disrupts the silence by calmly saying that the woman must be kagura. Kagome looks at him curiously asking “why”. They all then face miroku as he ponders what kagura and akago could possibly need from humans at this point. Inu yasha has an intense look in his eyes as he looks at miroku abruptly exclaiming, WHO CARES ABOUT THAT?!?! As long as we know naraku is behind this (close ups of kagome , miroku, sango, the view moving to the left quickly. They all have focused looks as they listen to him) we cant let this go. Right? Miroku looks away and rest his down saying that inu does have a point ( score one for the moron XD ). Sango stares curiously at miroku asking where kagura is now. Miroku turns his head to her saying that this shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Sango looks surprised for a second then looks back at the villager as miroku asks, who is the most powerful sou and shinkan in this area? The old man ponders and then asks, you mean one that’s still alive? ( DUH). Inu yasha abruptly says in a *what else you moron* tone, OF COURSE. They view shows the back of the old man and everyone else sitting in front him paying close attention. The old man stirs something in his cup as he says, the most powerful and virtuous shinkan…. Who is still alive and lives around here… (he looks up at them) is probably shinsen- oshou of the Mangan temple. There is a close up of mirokus left profile as he is in complete shock, his eyes opened as wide as they can go saying, SHINSOU-OSHOU??!?! THEEE SHINSEN-OSHOU O_O?!!? shippou, who is on inus shoulder, ask miroku is he has heard of him. Miroku has his hands resting on his lap as he looks at shippou explaining that shinsen-oshou is quite famous. Everyone is looking at miroki with interest (to all you perverts I don’t mean THAT kind of interest) as they listen to him. Miroku looks at shippou as he continues to explain, it’s said that once he seals a demon there’s not a single person who doesn’t hear about it. Kagome and inu yasha make confused noises as sango explains, while holding kirara in her arms, that even exterminators like her know of him. She explains that THAT is how famous he is. The old villagers explains (close up of him), among those he sealed, the story of him sealing Rengokuki, an oni (ogre) who devoured humans, and Entei, the demonic horse (close up of inu yasha with an intense stare as he listens) , is quite famous. inu looks surprised. The day is over, the leaves of the trees rustle with the wind as the view shows another temple. Inside is another monk sitting in front of a single candle. Suddenly the view shows someone slowly opening the sliding door, trying not to make to much noise. (close up of the monk)But the monk hears it and turns around with a suspicious look in his eyes. It turns out to be a small little bald boy carrying in a drink. The boy asks, is something wrong shinsen-oshou? He grumbles saying that it must have been his imagination and that he thought he just heard Entei. The boy is confused and asks about entei. The view shows a mountain next to a temple as shinsen explains, Entei is the demonic horse that I sealed in the mountain behind this temple. (an image of a large horse, galloping in the sky, fire blazing on its feet and surrounding it) Entei just as his name implies, it’s a demonic horse with his hooves engulfed in flames. (the view shows him placing his cup down a small coaster. Then the view gives him a close up, he has an intense expression) It is said that he is a tremendously fast demon; (the view slowly moves to the left) one capable of traversing one thousand ri in a single day. Back with inu yasha, he is shocked to hear about this demon. The old man confirms that it was a demon and then explains, there is a legend saying that every 100 years, if a horse dies engulfed in flames, (the view shows the whole group, starting with sango on the immediate right, staring at the old man, listening with great interest) its vengeful ghost will transform. (shippou is on inus lap now) However, it also said that Entei was born in a volcano blast. Kagome stare at him, eyes wide open saying, in other words, you are not sure? The old man smiles in an embarrassed way and says in the same tone, well, yea, I guess you could say that. (the view shows them from above on the left side of the room. He continues to explain) those aren’t the only rumors. Actually, there is one more ledgend surrounding Entei. Back with shinsen, there is an older bald man looking shocked as he asks, if one rides entei they will be able to conquer the world? Shinsen confirms a yes. The view shows shinsen from the back an the two boys (in white robes) sitting next to each other. Shinsen explains, I’m not sure who started it, but such a rumor has been spread. The view suddenly shows Entei, hooves a blaze, eyes red, long hair, as it raises 2 of his hooves into the air roaring. The image freeze entei in tha position, with his hooves covering his eyes. Shinsen continues to explain, of course it’s probably nothing more than superstition, (the view then shows several vengeful demons growling as they attack) but the number of humans and demons that fought to capture entei is uncountable. (the view shows 2 people fighting each other, one strikes the other blocks. Another pierces a demon in the back. Then it shows several demons biting each other) After countless battles between humans and demons to capture entei, (view shows one large demon, using its claws to tear several demons into pieces. The view then shows all the demons dead bodies on the ground but one standing above them all, named, rengokuki ^_~) the only one left standing was rengokuki. (rengokuki turns around, he has glassy like red large eyes, long fangs, tough armor and a horn in his forehead. Entei hovers down in front of him) and it was rengokuki whom entei allowed to ride on his back (close up of entei, a white horse ^_~, then a close up of rengokuki. Entei turns to the side a bit as he lets out a loud neigh. Rengokuki gets on him and they fly off, fire blazing below them) After rengokuki won entei, the force of his rampages grew. (images of entei and rengokuki *holding his weapon, a long wodden staff with a blade at the end* attacks the villagers. The villagers scream in agony. ) Back with the old man and inus group, the view shows the fire and them the side of the room where inus group is seated. The old man explains, the villagers that were troubled, (view moves to the left showing the old man) by rengokuki’s relentless attacks, asked shinsen to exorcise the demon. (he lifts his cup and drinks from it). This gives a perfect scene transition of shinsen drinking from HIS cup. Shinsen has another intense look at he looks up at the 2 guys explaining, my battle with rengokuki went on for 3 days and nights. *flashback of shinsen looking determined as he glares up at rengokuki on entei* I needed an additional three days and nights to seal entei. *shinsen holds crosses the prayer beads he is holding an dpulls them out (it doesn’t break) . entei roars and a stream of flames flow from his mouth which hits shinsen. Shinsen, engulfed in the flames, is screaming, but its sounds like he is powering up rather than I pain. A barrier surrounds him and the flames disappear. Entei, in the sky, is taken a back, rengokuki is shocked as well. Entei shakes his head and body then charges towards him. Just then shinsen takes out another powerful item (it looks like a large 2 sided fork XD) and thrusts it in front of him as he does his battle cry. The item glows white and blinds both entei and rengokuki. They both scream in horror as they get sucked in. renogkuki’s blade spins in the air and lands in the ground in front of him. Entei and rengokuki have been sealed. Shinsen is panting as he holds up the item. Every few seconds the item gets surrounded by electricity* shinsen explains that he was finally able to exorcise both of them. Then he sealed them in different locations. The view shows rengokuki’s blade next to the rocky area where he was sealed. And then the view shows the mountainous area, next to the temple, where entei was sealed. The view shows the 2 guys sitting beside each other looking interested. The younger one says, so that’s whats in the shrine. Shinsen confirms a yes and explains that this was all in the past. there is a close up of his cup, he is drinking green tea, then it gives a perfect transition to the old man’s cup. He smiles as he explains that shinsen is a very distinguished priest who was able to seal away such dangerous demons. everyone focus turns to kagome as she says, meaning, if he is that powerful a priest….. sango continues, it would come as no surprise that kagura would go after him. Inu yasha looks determined as he stands up telling everyone to get moving. He then looks out in front of him saying that they don’t have much time to waste. The view shows the dark eerie sky, dark clouds loom in it. Then the view moves down showing another temple, kagura appears through the darkness of the forest. She looks up at the building, then stops. Akago in her arms asks her what is wrong and tells her to hurry up and get going. Kagura looks irritated sa she says in an annoyed tone, I know already. (she starts walking.) Damn. There is a close up of akago, smiling evilly as he thinks that kagura sure doesn’t know how to treat people. Shinsen is holding his prayer bead in his right hand as he suddenly gets up, looking around. The 2 guys are curious about his actions and the younger one asks why. Shinsen grumbles, do you not FEEL ANYTHING!?! They 2 guys are still confused. Shinsen looks at his beads and alerts them that there is a strong demonic power approaching this temple. He abruptly tells them to hide. They quickly obey. Shinsen looks around suspiciously demanding that they show themselves. Kagura says mischievously, well, it seems that you’re a little more impressive than the others. Suddenly the door are burst apart by her wind blades. The 2 boys hiding gasp. Shinsen is furious as he readies his beads and yells, SO YOU ARE FINIALLY SHOWING YOURSELF, DEMON!!! He stretches his beads and a barrier appears surrounding him. Kagura and akago enter (she is holding her open fan in front of her chest) , she taunts him for putting up a barrier. A candle blazes in the background (the 2 guys are hiding in the background too) as shinsen responds in a tone as if he was trying to surpress his intense rage, I heard that the demon was a woman carrying a baby. (close up of kagura and akago) So, you 2 are behind the death of all those sou and shinkan? (there is a close up of akago and shinsen thinks the next line) but that child… (he glares at them and continues thinking) is even more ominous than the woman. Akago laughs wickedly (he has an evil smile) and says, with this priest, we may be able to find the border between this world and the afterlife. Shinsen and the 2 boys are shocked that akago can speak. Shinsen demands that they stay back. Kagura taunts him again saying, I wondr if you can dodge that attack again monk. Shinsen glares at her with such intense rage as he grits his teeth. Kagura once again unleashes hre wind blades, but once again he sets up a barrier. Some wind blades slice his cup, others almost strike the 2 boys. Kagura taunts him again saying, nooot baaaad. There is a close up of shinsen looking very determined and ready to take on ANYTHING. Akago smirks, and kagura looks down at him for a second and says, then how about this? She then unleashes her ryuuja no mai (wind vortex) attack. Wind circles all around her. The 2 boys suddenly become worried about their beloved master. Kagura attacks with tornadoes as shinsen tells her that this is futile. But suddenly he has an expression of shock as both of the boys lean back in horror. 4 tornadoes come at the boys from every direction as he yells, WHAT !?!? CURSES?!?! He rushes over to the boys the puts up a barrier just before it strikes them. The tornados don’t give up, they keep pushing and pushing trying to break the barrier. But shinsen holds them off. But suddenly his beads break, he is completely horrified as his barrier disappears. The tornados hurtle towards him and strike him from each direction. Kagura smirks as shinsen screams in agony. The tornados suddenly disappear and shinsen falls to the ground stricken in pain. The 2 boys hiding are horrified to see their master defeated. Kagura smirks as she walks over to him. Shinsen moans weakly as he reaches into his robe for something. Akago smiles evilly saying that he will take a look at his soul. Kagura places akago on top of him and purple/pinkish energy surrounds him. Suddenly a bright white light appears from within shinsen’s robes and it blasts akago back slicing him in half. One half goes to shinsen’s right and the other to his left. Kagura is surprised. Shinsen is holding to 2 sided fork looking item above him (again electricity surrounds it every 2 seconds or so) weakly asking himself, have I done it? Appartently I am not as young as I used to be? His right hand, which was holding the item, limply falls to the ground, shinsen closes his eyes and dies. The 2 boys are surprised and sad to see him die, the younger one has tears pouring out of his eyes. The view shows each half of akago on the ground then a close up of kagura (her fan is closed and resting upon the back right of her head) as she thinks, you know what, this cant be good. Back outside, you hear the rustling of the trees just before they show inus group on the move. Miroku alerts them of the smell of blood as he rides on kirara with sango and shippou. Inu confirms that the scent has been split. Inu yasha leaps to gain more speed, there is close up of his left profile as he alrets everyone that there is also the smell of incense and its coming from the temple. Next to shinsen the 2 boys are siting beside him crying and mourning over his death. Suddenly inu yasha arrives which catches them by surprise. The younger is terrified as he says, NOT ANOTHER DEMON O_O?!! the view shows inus group standing in front of them. Inu is on the left and miroku is on the right, they are both in front. Kagome is behind inu and sango is behind miroku. Miroku tries to calm them by saying that they are no one suspicious. Just the inu realizes something as he looks at the aftermath on the ground beside shinsen. They all realize that kagura has been here. inu agrees and tells them that he caught onto her scent. Miroku has a serious look as he kneels down in front of the 2 boys saying, the person who did this, was a woman holding a baby, correct? The young one confirms and sadly lowers his head. The older one explains that shinsen fought bravely to save them. The younger one wipes a tear from his right eye (his eyes are closed and his head is still down) as he explains that somehow shinsen was about to kill the baby. The viw shows a close up of kagome and inu, they are both shocked to hear the news. There is a close up of kagome, she is shocked as she thinks, he managed to kill him? (behind kagome is a black background, within the black background, akagos image appears behind her). Miroku demands to know if they are sure about this. They confirm tht its true and that he was halved by shinsens power. Mirou stands back up, looking pensive, as sango asks him what he thinks about this. Miroku looks serious as he says, that baby is a detachment, *flashback of all the white globs within mount hakurei* that naraku created within hakureizan, *back to miroku and sango* And when hakureizan was destroyed he was allowed to escape. Sango replies, so that means he is something vital to naraku. Miroku agrees. There is a close up of kagome from her left profile, she looks very worried as she thinks that this is all too easy. Inu yasha yells, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?! Back with kagura, she is soaring through the night sky on her feather holding the pieces of akago. Several of the saimyoushou (narakus bees) appear next to her (about 4 or 5). Kagura is curious about their suddenly appearance and wonders where they are leading her. The bees fly ahead of her. The thick mist thins out a bit and kanna is standing on a Cliffside. Kagura lands and asks if naraku ordered her to come here. kanna nods and kagura throws the 2 halves onto the ground explaining that akago just ended up like that. Kagura then asks, did you come here to give me a lecture in naraku’s stead? Kanna doesn’t respond and slowly picks up the half of akago that is on the ground on the right. Kagura picks up the other half asks her where she is going and why she didn’t take the other half. (kanna is like invisible in all this white mist). Kanna looks over her shoulder and says in her normal empty whisper, please protect that half, kagura. (kagura is surprised and confused, the there is a close up of kanna) this was meant to happen eventually. The view shows them from way above in the sky, the mist thickens until the screen is completely white. There is a close up of inu yasha as he asks what they mean about ‘the border between this world and the afterlife”. They explain that that was what the baby said before they killed shinsen and that he was going to look into his soul. Sango looks at miroku and asks what tat means. Miroku is serious and pensive again as he explains, I thought that the reason kagura and the baby, were killing kousou and shinkan was to release sealed demons, but… (he looks down and then there is a close up of his left profile again. All you miroku fangirls will like this one ^_~) Appartently that’s not the only reason. There is a close up of kagome looking pensive and concerned thinking about akagos words about the border, she wonders what could possibly be there. Suddenly the entire ground rumbles beneath them. They all look up in the direction the rumbling is coming from. The 2 guys wonder if one of the seals was broken. Shippou is on inu yasha’s shoulder asking about the the demon’s seal but he falls off when inu yasha decides to run off. Everyone is on the move, the 2 guys follow them as they guide them to the mountain shinsen was talking about. They explain that shinsen used all his power to seal them. They also say that Entei is in there. Shippou is on kagomes shoulder as he asks if Entei was that horse that allowed rengokuki to ride on him. The older one confirms it. They reach the seal, more rumbling occurs as the seal is suddenly destroyed by flames. Everyone is shocked by what they see. The entire mountain light up in flames and suddenly bursts into piece when a large think stream of fire rises into the sky. Entei neighs as he rises into the sky, a HUGE fireball below him with electricity circulating. Also below him is a large ring on light yellow light. There is a close up of the group. Inu looks shocked, kagome looks curious, shippou looks terrified, miroku and sango look horrified. The entire screen is covered by flames until entei bursts through them. Inu smirks confidently as he takes out his sword. But before he has a chance to react entei releases his steam of fire from out of his mouth. Inu yasha is shocked and alert everyone to get back. Inu yasha runs, grabbing kagome in the process and saves her from the flames. Kagome is n his arm as he gazes at her in a concerned way asking if she is alright. Kagome nods. Inu yells asking if miroku and the rest are ok. Miroku confirms that they are fine, they are all behind inu and kagome on their right. The 2 boys are holding each other, shippou is on miroku’s shoulder, sango is on the left of the 2 boy with kirara behind her. Miroku alerts inu about the horse but inu stands up and interrupts him saying irritatedly that he knows. There is a close up of inu as he rests the sword upon his right shoulder as he yells, I’LL MAKE SURE WE KINDLY RETURN THE FAVOR. TAKE THIS!!! Inu yasha sends his wound of wind blast hurtling towards entei but entei easily dodges at the last moment. Miroku, shippou and inu yasha are in shock. Shippou comments that he is extremely fast. Entei suddenly starts galloping towards the. Sango screams, MIROKU WATCH OUT!!! But Entei just runs right between them, kirara transforms and chases after him. Sango leaps on top. Entei ahs already made it high into the sky in no time. But kirara dashes and catches up. Sango unleashes her boomerang attack. Again, just as it’s about to strike entei completely disappears this time (like instant transmission in DBZ). Sango is in shock. Sango catches her boomerang and both hre and kirara hover in the sky, in the open, searching for him. Inu yasha yells, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SANGO?!!? HE IS ABOVE YOU. Sango is looks up and is shocked to find him there. Entei charges towards them and strikes. Sango screams as both she and kirara fall to the ground. Sango and kirara rolls once they collide with the ground and kirara roars in agony. Miroku and kagome are very concerned, kagome rushes over to help while miroku is now furious as he is just about to unleash his wind tunnel. But just then purple smoke emits from Entei in the air. Miroku stops, the smoke is poison, inu yasha and miroku leap out of the way. Inu yasha is covering his nose in the air, he has become very frustrated as he thinks, you stupid horse, stop jumping around!!! Inu yasha unleashes another deadly blast, but just as before entei easily dodges the stream of energy. Entei flies downward unleashing his stream of fire from his mouth. The second before it strikes inu yasha, he cusses and dodges it by leaping into the air again. In the background man trees are blazing. Meawhile, kagome is checking up on kirara and sango. Sango says that she is ok but they have to worry about the horse first. They both look up, Kagome readies her arrow. But the horse is jumping around through the air at extreme speeds. Kagome cant shoot him because at that speed she cant get a clean shot. Inu yasha looks pensive as he tries to think of a way to stop Entei’s movement. Just then, Entei has stopped high in the sky. Inu yasha smirks with confidence as he takes the opportunity to strike but miroku stops him. Inu is furious that miroku stopped and demands to know why. Miroku look serious as he says that something is wrong. Just then they all look up to find electricity circling entei. They sky becomes darker with dark energy. There is a close up of entei forming a white orb of energy within his mouth which lights up the entire sky. Inu yasha looks up into the light and alerts everyone that this CANT be good and yells, EVERYONE RUN!!!! Sango, kagome and kirara rush to get away, then miroku and the 2 boys and then inu yasha leaps to get away. There is another close up of entei, the white orb of energy has gotten bigger. He unleashes the attack and a large stream of white energy emits from his mouth. It crashes on to the ground which causes a gigantic shockwave. The view moves back showing the forest miles away, the shockwave is so huge that it still manages to reach that forest and annihilated anything in its path for miles in every direction. Entei looks down and sees the large ditch he made within the ground, electricity circles that too. There is a cloes up of entei glaring down at the ground. The sky behind him is a beautiful golden orange with purple clouds. Entei stares down for about 10 seconds before he flies high in the sky, disappearing in he distance. On the ground, there is a pile of boulders, just then one of the boulders starts moving. It turns out that inu yasha has kicked the boulder off him, kagome is behind him as he check to see if she is ok. Kagome nods. Inu yasha then yells out to check if everyone else is alright. Miroku lifts the bould off him, shippou appears next to him and the 2 boys behind them. They are all scarred up as miroku responds, err yea somewhat X_X shippou comments that he thought he was going to die. They all walk forward, looking up into the gorgeous sky. Inu yasha comments that entei ran off. Miroku, kirara and sango walk up just behind them. Kagome sounds worried as she says, he probably wants to reuinite with his ogre master, rengokuki. Miroku sounds determined as he tells inu yasha that they should pursue him. Inu agree. The moon glows brightly in the night sky as the view shows a very mountainous area. Within a cave of the mountains kagura lies, looking outside. She looks at her half of akago, her arms are crossed as she wonders what she is supposed to do with this thing, and that its not even breathing. Just then the half rolls, this catches her attention as she curiously stares at it wondering if it just moved. Kagura walks over and kneels beside it asking, hey, did you just revive or something? Just then its heart begins beating. There is a close up of Kagura as she starest at it commenting, he’s alive…. Suddenly, its hair begins to grow out, and it begins pulsing. After it pulses a gooey arm reaches up high out of the cloth. Goo drips down from its hand and arm. There is a close up of kagura’s shocked expression as she wonders about it.
Episode Summary for Episode 141 - The Released Demon Horse, Entei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
the gang is traveling and they find a village that was all torn apart. the chief of the village tells them wat happened. a woman and a baby has been going around towns killing monks. then inu asks is there a famous monk around, the chief them that there is in a templae up ahead. he also tells them the story bout entei, the fire horse. demons and humans fight for the right to ride it. a demon won and went terriosting towns. then a priest sealed it in 3 days and nights. Kagura and akago(baby) goes into that templae where the famous priest was. they had a fight but then the priest was knocked out. wen kagura placed the baby on the body, the priest brings out the same thing he used to seal entei, but this cuts the baby in half. kagura in shock left. inu and gang comes now and hears the story from two other people who was watching the fight. then entei broke out of the seal and started attacking everyone. after shootting its speacil attack, it left. back with kagura flying on her feather, she meets kanna who takes one of the bady of the baby. later, kagura finds out that the baby body was still alive, his hair starts growing longer and a hand covered with slim shoots out. then thats the end. (if u want to noe wats happening, hes growing... YUCK)
Episode Summary for Episode 141 - The Released Demon Horse, Entei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku wanted the last shikon shard and he was told by Memisenri that it was in the world of the dead.. or somehting like that. so he sent Hakudoushi (the little baby, who is now a young kid like Kanna)to get the two spears because together they could open a portal to the afterlife. Hakudoushi goes to where Inuyasha and the gang and those demons are all fighteing for the spears. To help him fight Hakudoushi releases a giant white demon horse from himself. He gets both spears and then he gets the portal open. Narkaku appears in his head telling him to take Kagome (since she can see the shikon shards) and take heer into the world of the dead to get the last shard.( im guessing inuyasha and them go after him. DUH
Episode Summary for Episode 141 - The Released Demon Horse, Entei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Chapter 293 Bundan

Rumors of Buddhist and Shinto priests being murdered across the countryside have piqued Inu-Yasha and the other's interests. A villager tells them that supposedly a woman carrying a baby is the one doing the killings. In a temple Kagura and the baby attack a high ranking priest, once again hoping that the baby can find where his soul enters the next world. They mortally wound the priest, but while the baby attempts to look into his heart the priest is able to let out a powerful blast of holy energy which splits the baby in two. The scent of blood leads Inu-Yasha to the temple where they hear the baby was killed. Elsewhere Kagura meets up with Kanna to tell her what has happened. Kanna takes one half of the baby and tells Kagura it was for the best. She asks that she protect one half of the child while she takes the other.

Chapter 294 Entei

The boys that were present when the priest slew the baby tell Inu-Yasha and the others that the baby was trying to find the boundary between this world and the neatherworld, according to the priest. As the boys talk, they hear a loud sound. One of the demons that the priest had sealed has escaped, Entei, a large demonic horse. The horse flies out of its mountain prison and soars off before he can be stopped. Elsewhere Kagura watches as the half of the baby she was caring for returns to life. Now he is a somewhat older boy. The demonic horse Entei comes to him and he rides it into battle against Inu-Yasha.

Chapter 295 Hakudoshi

The boy introduces himself as Hakudoshi and tells them that a mere human priest would never be able to kill him. Hakudoshi spills the beans regarding the border between the two worlds being the location of the Shikon shard. Kagura thinks it was a bad idea to tell them, but Hakudoshi realizes that the more people searching the better his chances are of finding it. Hakudoshi and Kagura quickly make their escape though and continue their search for the barrier. Later a headless demon roams out of the woods and almost attacks Kagome when Inu-Yasha kills it. On the back of Entei, Hakudoshi has a large collection of demon heads that he has cut off.

Episode Summary for Episode 141 - The Released Demon Horse, Entei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I'm guessing this episode is about a new demon Inuyasha has to deal with. Probably another episode in which includes action and surprises.
(when is it never action)
Episode Summary for Episode 141 - The Released Demon Horse, Entei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Entei, the demon horse, belongs to Hakudoushi, one of Naraku's detachments who appears as a lavender haired baby, the one who tried to take over Kagome's soul in previous episodes. (he seems to also be the only living detachment that doesn't mind working for Naraku)

In this episode, he seems to have aged a few year, tranforming now into a young boy. Hakudoushi releases a further detachment of hiself, Entei, to destroy Inuyasha and retrieve the last of the Shikon no Kakera.

Episode Summary for Episode 141 - The Released Demon Horse, Entei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well it begins with some short kid with a cap-like hat (baseball caps didn't exist back then, so i'll just call it a cap-like hat), walking with a yellow rodent. They encounter some youkais and the yellow rodent shoots electricity from his cheeks, and after the youkais became weak, the short kid threw some balls which then are somehow captured into them. IY and gang end up meeting the short kid and his lil yellow mouse thing. He introduces himself to them, he tells them that his name is Ahs (a-has) and his little friend's name is Onichu. Onichu is a youkai that has been cursed, which dissallows him to say anything but the syllables of his own name. Later, Ahs explains that the one responsible for cursing Onichu is Entei, one of the 4 legendary horse demons. Of course, IY acts like the tough guy and says that Onichu's curse is nothing. I guess you can guess the rest...
Episode Summary for Episode 141 - The Released Demon Horse, Entei. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Mayby Entei is Kirara's old enemy or old Friend

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