Episode 142 - Runaway Entei and Bloodcurdling Hakudoushi! Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 142 - Runaway Entei and Bloodcurdling Hakudoushi!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

Back with kagura in the cave, she is kneeling down beside her half of akago, when all of a sudden an extremely gooey arm comes straight up from his remains. There is a close up of kagura looking shocked by what she sees. Then the view switches back to the akago half, which is wrapped in cloth, and suddenly a pinkish purple light begins to shine brightly around it. Within the hole in the center dark energy begins to spread. The view moves back showing both him and her in the cave as the dark energy continues to spread out of the cave and all across the mountainous area. The view shows outside, as the dark energy spreads the bushes and trees crumble looking like the life has been sucked out of them. The view shows even further back now showing the large mountain from afar and the forest in front of it. The dark energy completely takes over that area and keeps eerily moving forward passed the trees (whats left of them -_-) and across a stream. As it moves across the stream, the stream begins to bubble. Then the dark energy goes into the sky, swirling around making a void, then suddenly there is a boom and all the energy hurries downward back inside the cave. Kagura watches curiously behind her as all the energy comes right back to the half of akago, the glow around it is brighter now and it begins to pulse again. Kagura gasps as she looks back at akago. The view shows the cloth as it comes down, and low and behold akago is completely revived but looks like an older form. Kagura is in complete shock. The view shows this new version up close (he is naked) the bottom half of him is brighter and the top of him is covered up by darkness so his face will remain a mystery. Back with entei, the view shows his soaring ahead just above the tree tops. Kagome is on inu yashas back as they follow entei. Inu yasha leaps off of the tree tops while everyone else, on kirara, soars just behind him. But no matter how fast they go they still cant catch up. Kagome yells out in frustration that entei is too fast. Shippou loses hope as he says, we’ll never catch up. Everyone is becoming increasingly frustrated. Just then sango gasps as she makes an observation that entei is descending. The view is just above the tree tops and the night sky in the background in the center of the screen is a tiny white dot (entei) as is soars downward. There is a close up of sango (who is gritting her teeth) and miroku (looking focused) on kirara as miroku says that the village where entei descended on must be where his master is. Inu has a ravenous smile as if he cant wait to kick this new demons ass as he says in an excited tone, you mean the sealed man eating demon? I’ll slice him up along with entei!! Back at the other seal, in a very mountainous area, entei is waiting beside it. The seal shines with a bright red orange and gold light. The seal disentigrates, and the rock that is was on burst apart. The light still shines brightly and a fist bursts through the ground. Its rengokuki, he jumps out of the ground and grabs his weapon, spins it and strike next to him as entei waits patiently in front of him. He asks entei, that bouzo is dead isn’t he? Entei stamps his hoove down twice meaning yes. Rengokuki laughs wickedly and says, you DO have a soft spot, coming back to get your master like this. (he walks over to entei) shall we go enjoy ourselves like in the old days? Just then inu yashas voice interrupts their conversation saying harshly, YOURE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!! From the top of a cliff inu falls down to their level and lands in a squatting position. He gets up and says in an intense tone, you must be rengokuki. Entei is glaring at inu yasha over his shoulder as rengokuki demands inu to tell him who he is. There is a close up of inu as he harshly responds, that none of your business!!! Get back in your grave!!! The view shows rengokuki on the left and entei standing right next to him on the right. Entei is glaring at inu yasha while rengokuki stares curiously at him asking if he knows who he is and says, I am the great rengokuki, the only one permitted by entei to ride him. (he readies his weapon as he grumbles) you’ve got guts fighting me!!! He charges towards inu with his weapon pointing right infront of him. Inu yasha charges towards him as well as he immediately takes out his sword with an “ima kick your ass” expression. They both strike and their sword clang as they clash. They both jump back but rengokuki surprises inu yasha by unleashing a large amount of energy (in a ball shape and a orange, red, gold color) straight at him. It makes a direct hit right on inus stomach and he lets out a scream of pain for a brief instant as he is being thrusted back by the blast. The blast disappears and inu flies backwards landing on his back. Rengokuki gets on entei and entei races off towards inu yasha. Inu yasha has gotten up sayig “ DAMN YOU!!” as rengokuki reaches him and strikes several times. Inu yasha uses tessaiga to block each one saying in a frustrated tone “damn you!!” again -_- rengokuki is having the time of his life attacking him and strikes inus sword almost taking it out of his hands. Rengokuki taunts inu yasha saying in a highly amused tone, whats wrong? Just then entei senses something (his ears sudden go up), sangos boomerang comes hurtling towards them from behind. With great speed entei dodges the attack by flying straight up. From up in the air rengokuki looks down curiously to see where this attack has come from. Kirara lands on the ground the moment sango (in the front) catches her boomerang. Kagome is relieved saying , that was close. Miroku sounds determined and focused saying, the demonic horse entei will not be defeated that easily. Rengokuki is highly amused again as he brags that a humans attack cant even scratch him (entei nods). (the view shows him on entei in the sky)He continues to sound proud as he says, I AM DESTINED TO RULE THE WORLD!!!! (yea ok buddy *rolls eyes*. Lack of watching lesbian sex can make a male crazy. I can understand that, but still……. -_- ). The view goes back to inu yasha down on the ground looking angry again demanding that rengokukki shut up. He stands in a ready position and wind swirls around his sword as he unleashes kaze no kizu (wound of wind). Rengokuki gasps when he sees the attack hurtling towards him. the wound of wind attack approaches closer and closer as rengokuki spits out another energy ball but it’s overcame by inus attack. The moment its about to strike entei uses his amazing speed (everytime he dodges he looks like a blur on the screen. So fast O_O) and dodges it. There is a close up sango and kagome next to each other (kagome is on sangos right). Sango is looking frustrated while kagome looks nervous and concerned as she yells out, he dodges it again!!! Sango explaining the obvious *rolls eyes* says in a concerned tone, his speed is going to be a problem (DUH!!!) . there is a close up of inu yasha looks irritated and frustrated as he decides to unleash ANOTHER wound on wind attack. The view shows a close up of rengokuki looks terrified and nervous as he order entei to run before inu can do anything. They both escape in the opposite direction they were before. Inu turns around still holding his sword up. He lowers his sword , runs for a bit demanding that they stop and get back here. (*sigh* what else is new *rolls eyes* ) . entei and rengokuki soar off into the distance and the view gives them a close up as they soar in the sky. Rengokuki has a ravenous look as he tells entei that he is hungry and that’s why he cant fight well because he would NEVER lose to someone like him(inu yasha) (excuses, excuses. Maybe it’s due to lack of whores -_-). Entei has a furious look as he speeds up riding into the distance. Inu yasha leaps up onto a cliff being frustrated again. Once he lands on top of the Cliffside he stops and sniffs the air, grits his teeth and cusses again. Just then kagome calls out to him. kirara appears, finally getting up to inu yasha’s level. Sango asks him where rengokuki and entei went. Inu turns to his side and looks at them saying in a “shucks I had them” tone, it’s no use, they shook me off. Kirara lands next to inu yasha as miroku says in a determined tone, we must find them at all costs! There will be casualties if we do not pursue this matter. There is a close up of the four of them (shippou on the immediate left followed by sango then kagome then miroku on the immediate right) sango and miroku look ready to challenge anything, kagome looks concerned while shippou looks confused and curious. Sango explains that rengokuki is a man eating demon. Kagome says that they need to do something fast. Then there is a close up of inu yasha (ok for some reason his left eye is drawn tanish and his right eye golden *shrugs*) as he suggests that they follow in the direction they flew off in. If they get close enough he can track them with their scent. Inu yasha turns around, puts his sword away, hunches over and tells kagome to get on. She jumps off kirara and goes on his back and inu yasha rushes off. The view shows kagura flying across the sky on her feather and then it gives her a close up from her left profile as she thinks, “bring me new clothes?” geeze, that brat, ordering me around the second he wakes up….. Just then he eyes widen and she notices something up ahead. The view shows an overhead view of a burning village. There are large puddles of water on the ground, you can still here the sizzling of the fire in the background. Kagura comes out of one of the buildings and says curiously, aside from that, (she puts the tip of her fan to her chin and then take it off) what happened here? ( she looks to her left side). Dark smoke rises as she hears a growling sound. She looks to her left and there is a burst of sparks . entei and rengokuki come riding out. Entei stops and rengokuki stares at her asking who she is and what kind of demon she is (he wipes his mouth). Kagura harshly responds that its none of his business. Rengokuki explains coldly, let me tell you this: all the humans who were here are mine. Kagura looks away and walks away telling him to do whatever he wants. Rengokuki shouts at her telling her to wait. Kagura stops walking, there is a very close closep up of kaguras right profile as she gives him a cold look asking, what? There is a close of rengokuki as he asks her to be his wife. ( oh brother *rolls eyes*). Black smoke goes passed her face as she says, huh? The view goes back showing rengokuki and entei on the left and kagura on the right as he explains in an enticing tone, sooner or later I’ll take over the world; you’ll be the wife of that man.(she looks at him) (oh brother, his lack of hoes is becoming more and more evident -_-) Its not such a bad offer. Kagura says that he doesn’t look like he has the ability to take over the world. He is in shock by her response. The view shows kagura with a proud mischievous evil expression as she takes out one of the feathers in her hair saying, later. There is a huge gusts of wind and kagura flies off into the sky on her feather. There is an overview of rengokuki looks up saying harshly, don’t screw around with me!!! Entei takes flight and the chase begins. Kagura looks behind her, entei is closing in the gaps. (now that is a kind of stalker I wouldn’t wish on ANYBODY -_- ). Rengokuki spits out another blast of energy, kagura dodges by flying to the side. Rengokuki tells entei to speed up, entei obeys *evil grin*. Rengokuki says angrily, I will show you how strong I am! Kagura grumbles saying, now he is starting to get on my nerves…….. So she opens her fan and sends several wind blades towards them but entei in the blink of an eye, dodges them with ease. There is a close up kagura, still holding her fan, looking very frustrated as she says, that horse….. Rengkokuki launches several more balls of energy from his mouth kagura dodges them all with ease and speeds up. Entei gallops faster continuing the chase in the sky as rengokuki demands that she stop. Ther view shows kagura right in front of us with entei and rengokuki in the background still laughing energy balls from his mouth. Kagura is becoming irritated commenting that rengokuki is really annoying as she dodges all his attacks flying side to side. He launches more energy balls kagura flies upward and gets too far ahead for them to reach her. Kagura looks down and notices the cave where the older version of akago is. She looks over her shoulder and tells rengokuki that she will fight him if he comes down now (she tosses the clothes she got for the new akago down). The wind rustles the grass and blows kaguras kimono to the right.( he back is facing us). Rengokuki says that he will forgive her if she apologizes (the view moves to the right eventually showing entei standing across from her with rengokuki on him) and asks to be his wife. There is a full body view of kagura as she responds, HMPH! You’ll regret picking a fight with me. She readies her fan and rengokuki calls her aand brags about enteis power. There is a close up of her holding her fan up telling him that he STILL doesn’t look powerful. Kagura opens her fan and you here the new akago speak telling her that he will do it. Rengokuki and entei looks curiously over on their right side and see him approaching coming out of the darkness. Rengokuki lauches a blast onto the ground and the grass erupts in flames. There is a close up of kagura with an intrigued expression. Dark smoke covers the screen and you see his silhouette walk through it. He has a very cold emotionless expression as he asks, is that all? Rengokuki is enraged and calls him ay kid. Entei has stopped moving and rengokuki asks him whats wrong. Entei neighs leaning back standing on his hind legs, which knocks rengokuki off. He lands on his feet calling out to entei. Entei does it again and stands back on his 4 hooves, staring at the new akago. The new akago simple goes, oh? Rengokuki cant believe this and yells, I am your master! Have you forgotten! There is a close up of kagura looking pleased about this situation as she says evilly, that seems to be the case. Rengokuki demands that she shut up and harshly explains that the only ones permitted to ride entei are the ones he chooses. He continues to shout, I AM THE ONE WHO’S POWER WAS CHOSEN!!!!! (get over yourself baka -_- ) . there is a flashback of renogkuki and several other demons and humans fighting each other. Entei slices them down with his weapon and blows them up with the blasts he shoots from his mouth until he is the last one standing. He says very proudly that he has won. Entei descends from the sky facing him. After they stare at each other for a couple seconds entei turns to the side allowing him to ride. He gets on entei and laughs wickedly shouting to the world, LOOK I AM ENTEI’S RIDER!!! Entei takes off leaving the ground full of dead bodies. Rengokuki has an expression of disbelief as he looks at entei, but entei’s focus hasn’t moved from the older looking version of akago yet. He stares back. There is a super close up of entei’s red eyes and a close up of the older akago staring with his light purple eyes. Rengokuki asks entei what he expects from a “little whelp”. He looks at him for a second and shouts, JUST WATCH. He charges at the new akago holding up his weapon (battle cry and all *rolls eyes*) . he smiles deivilishly and simply goes, hmph. Rengokuki lands a perfect strike but he has complete disappeared as if he hit a hologram. Rengokuki is in completely shock as he frantically looks around wondering where he went to. he simply responds, right here. Rengokuki looks back to see him standing on the tip of the blade of his weapon. Rengokuki calls him a bastard and spins the sword. The new akago lands on his feet as rengokuki thrusts the unbladed part of his weapon at him. He easily grabs it, spins rengokuki on it and thrusts the weapon to his left which sends rengokuki flying in that direction. He looks like he has barely even breakin a sweat. Rengokuki goes sliding and gets up calling him a bastard but the moment he does, his weapon gets thrusted through his throat and blood splurts everywhere. The new akago takes the weapon out and slices him in half. O_O daaaaaaaaamn O_O. rengoku moans in agony as he says gaging on his blood, am I going to be killed? By a whelp like him? ( no really? Do you think? *rolls eyes*). There is a close up of the new akago with a sinister satisfied smile. He FINALLY falls to the ground. The view shows his hand at the front of the screen with the new akago in the background. He spins rengokukis weapon (which gets all the blood off) and thrusts it to the side saying, not bad. Kagura walks over to him asking, aren’t you too big? He responds harshly, don’t kid with me!! (he tone calms down) Anyway I would like to get used to this body. (he walks off). There is a close up of kagura (slowly getting closer and closer) as she thinks, this brat, he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, unlike naraku. (she glares). He walks over to entei and looks up at him. There is a close up of his right profile as he says “now……” then there is a close up of entei. Back in a destroyed village, inus group has arrived. Sango says in a horrified tone that everyone was killed. Kagome asks if rengokuki did this. Inu yasha rests his head and looks very focused. Shippou is in front of all of them and alerts them that he found something. The view shows the close up of the ground and there is a large hoofprint in the center of the screen. Sango, miroku and kagome hunch over a bit to get a good look at it while inu yasha kneels down to examine it even closer. Sango comments that its very big. Miroku says that they must find them as soon as possible. Shippou has a very focused expression as he is kneeling down examining the hoofprint sayinf in a serious tone, entei’s prints are heading that way (shippou looks up in a determined way and inu just looks up as well), but they stop right here. inu assumes that entei must of flown from there. Kagome looks out asking (yup baka moment coming up), does that mean he flew in this direction? (didn’t inu just say that -__-) . inu yasha stands up and there is a close up of inu yasha in the front with a horrified expression and kagome right behind him. Inu yasha asks, what is this? Kagome looks concerned asking him what is wrong. Inu yasha grits his teeth saying, this scent……… miroku is terrified as he steps back telling everyone to be careful because demonic energy is heading this way. The view shows inu yasha from the back and a LARGE amount of demonis energy moves towards them covering all of the land as it approaches (its like a large dark cloud). The sky dakrnes, the clouds split, rays of light from the middle beam downward (close up of inu yasha at the front gritting his teeth, followed by miroku on his right looks up curiously and sango on his right staring upward) and from the rays of light entei rides downward towards them neighing. There is a close up of inu yasha at the front of the screen and kagome in the background. Inu yasha has an expression as if he is preparing for the worst while kaogme gasps. Then there is a close up of entei (glaring with his evil red eyes) he lifts his head up, the view moves back, and entei launches a firey blast from his mouth. Inu yasha quickly dodges the blast, he has kagome on his back. Kirara dodges as well with sango, shippou and miroku on her back. ( yaay another stupidass moment). Miroku suddenly asks, is that entei!!?? (no really? Its jesus -_- such a baka) . the view shows a close up of entei hovering in the sky, fire blazing on each of his hooves. Inu yasha has a confident smile as he says in his proud tone, HEH!! You’ve got a lot of guts coming to meet me. Inu takes out his sword and unleashes his wound of wind attack. Entei doesn’t move as the attack hurtles towards him. Shippou, on mirokus right shoulder, thinks the attack will hit this time. The attack hits, but as it disappears we see that there is a barrier around entei this time. There is a close up of miroku and shippou looking completely shocked about the barrier. Kagome, behind inu, looks concerned while inu yasha gets back up gritting his teeth. Entei hovers in the sky while the new akago laughs in an evil amusing way saying, that’s quite a greeting inu yasha. Inu yasha is surprised as kagome is confused saying, its not rengokuki. The new akago explains in an evil proud tone that he killed rengokuki. Kaogme shouts, WHAT IS HE!?!?! He explains, it seems that entei here chose me as his rider, (entei turns to the right a bit) after acknowledging my strength. There is a close up of him and inu yasha is surprised to see that he is just a kid. On entei, he looks very pensive saying, or, was it gratitude for releasing him? Inu yasha demands to know if he released that “monsterous horse”. There is a close up of sango, miroku an shippou as miroku saying in a realization tone, those who releasedthe seal were kagura and the baby. Sango continues, but that baby was split in 2 by oshou’s power. The new akago explains, I refuse to be killed by the houriki of some human bouzo (bouzo = is an insulting term for a Buddhist priest). Inu yasha is surprised by this and demands to know if he was that baby. There is a cloes up of the new akago, fire blazes in front of him and then disappears as he introduces himself saying, I am hakudoushi ( FINALLY. Typing “the new akago” was very annoying -_- ) as you guess, I am a detachment of naraku. Kagome and inu yasha are shocked to hear this. The view shows the entire group from the back, with entei hovering in the sky above them and you hear miroku saying in a demanding tone (as the view scrolls slowly to the left), I heard that the reason you have been killing sou and shinkan is to find the border between this world and the afterlife. What is there!!!?? There view gives hakudoushi a close up of his right profile as he looks down at them, laughing evilly saying in a mischievous tone, why don’t you search for it too? (the breeze blows his hair gently) the shikon shard. (DUN DUN DUN). Inu yasha is in complete shocked when he hears about this asking about the shikon shard. Just then, kagura on her feather with naraku’s bees surrounding her, flies over to hakudoushi behind him asking, hey, are you sure its ok to talk about that? Hakudoushi has an emotionless expression as he explains that this is not something he needs to hide. Kagura is curious and asks him why. Hakudoushi smiles in a evil way and says simply, the more the merrier. (he glares at he looks down at them) you should thank me for giving you that clue. Sango’s face (looking surpised) is closest to the screen and miroku (with a serious pensive expression) is behind her with shippou (looking up at him looking like he is intensly listening to him) on his shoulder as miroku concurs that this information about the shard is true. Sango looks at him from over her shoulder. Both kagome and inu look furious as inu grits his teeth saying harshly, KEH!!! I could care less about the afterlife, (he lifts up his sword) but if that is where the shard is…… (he leaps into the sky) THEN GO FETCH IT YOURSELF YOU BASTARD!!! Inu unleashes an energy attack and makes a directed hit. The attack covers pratically the entire screen and disappears. There is a barrier surrounding hakudoushi, kagura, and entei. Inu yasha lands looking enraged by this, as they fly off, disappearing in the night sky. Miroku grumbles that they ran away. Inu looks focused as he says that he WONT let them get away (kinda late for that stupidass -_-) and says that he will find them no matter what. (yea whatever -_-) . back with entei, he is galloping in the sky with kagura on her feather behind. Kagura catches up until she is right next to them and asks, what are we going to do now? Kill more bouzu? Hakudoushi responds in his usual intense evil tone, no. humans don’t have enough strength. (there is a close up of his left profile, he looks very focused as he THINKS the next lines) what I saw in that bouzu’s soul, before I was halved by him…. (*flashback to akago on top of him before he was halved….surrounded by a purple/pinkish light) Was that the border between this world and the afterlife? *close up of akago in the flashback, there is a fade out, the screen is completely white now* What I saw was a world of white mist. *flashback done and shows hakudoushi’s left profile again as he looks very focused and pensive* I want to know more about what I saw. (he rests his head down a bit and looks even more pensive) then…. (he holds out his weapon, that he stole and used against rengokuki) youkai….. Kagura asks him what this is all about. He explains in his usual tone that she should look for demons that seem strong. There is a close up of kagura, she look pensive and slightly angered. There is a close up of hakudoushi, smiling evilly, the blade of his weapon takes up the bottom half of the screen. His light purple eyes are very eerie too look into. It’s daytime, and the view goes up slowly, showing the steps of a temple. At the top miroku and another monk are there. The view gives them a close up, the guy is VERY old. Miroku asks him, there was nothing in that area either? The switches his gaze from miroku to outward right in front of hi explaining that it has been very peaceful here. miroku also looks outward. The view shows their view from where they are standing. There are mountains in the distance, with clouds in the light blue sky, with a lake in the middle followed by a village. Miroku asks him if he saw a demon horse with a child. He confirms that he has never seen them. He turns to face miroku and apologizes for not being able to help and bows. Miroku reassures him that its alright. Miroku also bows. Miroku is back on kirara with sango saying that they haven’t found any clues since that day. Miroku has a determined look as he looks downward. Sango has a suspicious look as she says, but, isn’t that odd? We’ve stopped hearing stories of temples and shrines being attacked since we saw hakudoushi. Miroku agrees and says that he still senses a strange evil energy. He turns to sango and tells her he feels more than one too. Sango sounds alert as she asks him, strange evil energy? There is a close up of miroku look serious again explaining, they’re not that great by themselves, but their movements are chaotic. The view shows kirara soaring through the sky from far back as sango asks, are they heading for someplace? Miroku replies, yea, it’s like they are camouflaging something. Back with shippou, he is on his hands and knees as he crawls over to the fish, on sticks, that are cooking in the fire. He closes his eyes and sniffs them saying that they smell very good, he suddenly starts coughing. The view moves back, kagome is sitting near him, smoke is rising out of the campfire, her bag and arrows are resting by a rock behind her. Kagome asks shippou if he is alright as he continues to cough by the river. He eventually stop and lets out a deep breathe (which increases the volume in his voice) as he tells her he is fine. He is on his knees saying that it is about time for miroku and sango to get back. Shippou stares up at kagome looking surprised saying he didn’t expect to hear such info from a friend of naraku. There is a close up of kagome as she nods. The view slowly closes into her face as she says, the other remaining shards are held by kouga and kohaku. (image of kouga with balls of shikon light around his legs, kouga is in a running pose. Kohaku has his soul-less look as balls of shikon light surround his back, the view then returns to kagome) and the rest are in naraku’s hands. (image of the left profile of naraku looking extremely evil, holding the shikon jewel in his hand glowing with dark energy. The view returns to her again. But this time its her right profile, looking alert and determined) we cant let naraku have anymore shards!!! ( well DUUUUUUUUH!!!!!) . shippou interrupts her back asking where inu went to. Kagomes eyes widen with an “oh yea O_O” look. Shippou curiously looks over his shoulder as kagome smiles saying that inu probably couldn’t sit still. Back with inu yasha, the view shows his feet as he runs at high speeds. He suddenly leaps into the air over the ttreetops. There is a close up of him looking very pensive (the view slowly closes in on his face) as he thinks, dammit! I cant sense hakudoushi at all, and I don’t understand this bored between this world and the afterlife. ( he grits his teeth looking very frustrated) Aren’t there any leads? Anything……? Suddenly inu yasha looks shocked by something. He lands on the ground in the center of a trail in the forest. The leaves of the trees start rustling as inu turns to look over his shoulder asking, what’s this? Back with shippou, he is holding the fish on a stick in his hands as he blows on it exclaiming with a large smile, they look great!! Just then there is some loud rustling of the bushes behind him. Shippou looks over his shoulder curiously, kagome stares in front of her and says, inu yasha? It’s a huge brown headless demon (wearing some dark blue clothing over his……err area XD. Looks like a tied skirt to me XD) as it destroys the tree in front of him with his claws. It lets out a very loud roar. Shippou has the most hilarious terrified look (all his hair is standing up on end, and his tail does the same. He is doing a split pratically and BOTH his eyes and mouth each take up a half of his face) as he screams leaping onto kagomes shoulders. Kagome is calmer than shippou, but she is still terrified. The demon towers over them swinging his arms around. Kagome asks in a loud nervous/scared tone, w-w-what is this guy!?!?! The demon continues swinging his arms around violently as shippou shouts, RUN KAGOME!!!! (yes kagome, just stay there and watch as it chops ur head off *rolls eyes*). But of COOOOOOOUUUUUUURRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSE, she just HAAAAAAAAAAAAAS to trip in a small hole on the rocky ground the first freakin step she takes >_> and falls to the ground holding shippou in her arms. The headless demon closes in on them as they sit there, staring up in terror (again shippou has the most hilarious terror expression, this time with tears in his eyes), preparing for the worst. The headless demon begins to attack them with his claw when DUN DUN DAAAAH inu yasha comes to the rescue yellings her name. there is a close up of kagomes terrorfied face (2 sweat droplets on her right check) as she nervously says his name. inu yasha hurtles towards him and strikes him upward from using iron reaver. ( boom baby!!! Go inu ^_^). The view shows the claw lines where inu struck as inu begins to fall from the air (yup this is an ass shot >_> you’d think they’d show him falling from a different angle O.o) and the demon falls onto his back, moaning in agony, and his arms, outstretched, fall down last. Inu yasha lands on his feet and immediately turns around, looking high concerned demanding to know if she is alright. Just then shippou suddenly jumps at him, looking insanely furious, with his fists ready shouting at the top of his lungs (inu looks completely clueless now), WHERE WERE YOU WANDERING, YOU STUPID FOOL!!!!!?!????!? (shippou punches him hard on the head, inu is unaffected still witht hat dumb look on his face *rolls eyes* .) The view shows kagome getting up from the ground, inu is holding shippou by his tail. Shippou is struggling frantically still complaining, WHAT WOULDVE HAPPENED TO KAGOME I HAD MOT BEEN THERE!?!?!?!? (stupidass *rolls eyes*) . as kagome gets back on her feet, inu just stares at her with that same dumb look, she stares back. Inu apologizes saying, yea, I’m sorry kagome. Kagome walks over to him, but doesn’t look at him, it looks like something else has caught her attention saying that it’s alright. Inu turns in the direction she is looking in, dropping shippou in the process. The view shows the dead demon on the ground, with claw marks all up its belly. Then the view shows inu staring curiously at her on the left and kagome, not as close to the screen as inu, walking forward asking, what is up with this demon? Suddenly sango’s voice is heard in the background calling, KAGOME!!! Both inu and kagome turn around. Kirara lands right in front of them. Miroku and sango rush over to them and see the dead demon behind them. Miroku asks if inu killed it ( no it was jesus *rolls eyes*) . inu confirms he did. Sango looks up at him, eyes wide open commenting that he caused a lot of damage again. Inu turns to face her asking what she means by that. Sango simply explains, taking off his head. There is a close up of kagome’s right profile and sangos right profile (closer to the screen than kagome) as kagome explains the demon didn’t have a head from the start. Sango and miroku cant believe their ears. Shippou, coming out of no where, leaps onto mirokus right shoulder (he has another freaky expression) yelling, ITS TRUE!!! THAT’S WHY IT WAS SO SCARY!!! Miroku stares curiously at shippou as sango looks over her shoulder at miroku asking if this might be connected with the camouflaged evil energy. Miroku looks at her with a serious expression confirming that it must be connected. Inu with his eyes closed, sounds very bored as he says, this guy looks like he was killed by someone with a blade. There is a close up of kagome looking alert as she asks, then it was cut off? (DUH!!!!). there is a close up of inus right profile, he looks serious for once as he explains, yeah, but demons can be hard to kill. The body was moving around all by itself. Sango makes a horrifying realization saying, then the evil energy must be….. Miroku interrupts her by asking, but, why? Inu directs all their attention to the cut. He explains that whoever did it was ridiculously unskilled. Shippou is confused asking if that is a bad thing. Inu simply replies, yeah. The view now follows another large demon (red hair, grey skin) through the forest. It is very dark with only few rays of light peeking in from the tree tops. The view shows a close up of its face for a second. It has red eyes and a horn in the middle of his forhead as he curiously looks ahead. Its hakudoushi surrounded by darkness, standing in the center of one of the beams of light. The demon approaches him, and has a very mischievous smile asking, what do you want brat? Do you know that this is part of my territory. There is a very cool view of hakudoushi slowly raising his head to look at him, everything else in the background is dark except for him standing in the white light. He leaps into the air, and is still surrounded by white light (which highlights his white outfit very nicely), he has an emotionless expression as he strikes. The demon falls to his knees and his head falls to the ground in front of him. Its red eyes gleam brightly as the demon moans in agony saying, y-you brat…. Hakudoushi lands right in front of the head, and the view shows him from his left side with kagura hiding in the background. Hakudoushi walks, dragging the head of the demon by its hair. Now the view is above the clouds showing the crescent moon shining in the sky in the top center of the screen, with hakudoushi (on entei) and kagura ( on her feather) waaay in the background. Hakudoushi looks to the back of entei, which has a huge pile of demon heads on it, all with the most pained expressions. Kagura flies behind him. There is a close up of her left profile, looking very pensive wondering what “that brat” is thinking. Hakudoushi with his usual eerie emotionless expression look back and then to the front simply saying, we’re going. Entei gets on his hind legs and lets out a long neigh. They both speed up and disappear into distance.
Episode Summary for Episode 142 - Runaway Entei and Bloodcurdling Hakudoushi!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

The show begins with a recap of the previous episode, Inuyasha and the gang battling Entei and Hakudoushi looking into the Enlightened One's heart for the border between the world of the living and the world of the afterlife. There's a recap of Kagura sitting with Hakudoushi as he comes back to life as an older child.

Entei travels back to the cave where Rengokuki was sealed. He releases him, but before he can begin his reign of terror once more, Inuyasha finds the two. They battle, but as Inuyasha tries to kill him with Tetsuiga, him and Entei run off.

Rengokuki and Entei come across this village and burn it to the ground. Kagura is there to get Hakudoushi a kimono that would fit him and runs into Rengokuki. He tries to hit on her and impress her with his power, but she blows it off. This pisses him off and he follows her all the way back to the cave where Hakudoushi is. She goes off to fight him. Hakudoushi shows up, kills Rengokuki without any real problem, and becomes the new master for Entei.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha and company try to find clues that would lead them to Entei. He comes up with Hakudoushi on his back and Kagura in the background. They try fighting the three, but they're able to stave off any attacks with a barrier. Hakudoushi reveals that the last shard is in the world of the afterlife. Then they leave.

Later, Kagome and Shippou are cooking when they're attacked by a decapitated youkai. Inuyasha, of course, kills him, but no one can figure out why it was headless when it came to attack. The episode switches over to Hakudoushi killing a youkai in the same manner and taking the head with him to some place in the sky. He's trying to figure out a vision of a place made of white fog just before he was sliced in half by the Enlightened One's powers.

Preview for 143: Inuyasha and co. find another demon that was defeated in the same way by Hakudoushi. To try and save him, they search for his body.
Episode Summary for Episode 142 - Runaway Entei and Bloodcurdling Hakudoushi!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Once the monk Shinsen splits Naraku's baby, it returns to life as a somewhat grown white child. Meanwhile, the released demon horse, Entei, is reunited with its master, Rengokuki. However, the child from before kills Rengokuki without any trouble. Inuyasha's group hasten to the scene, only to find the child riding Entei...