Episode 143 - 3000 Leagues in Search of Father Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 143 - 3000 Leagues in Search of Father. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Earlier on, Naraku's offspring has been chopping of heads of youkais to gather information of the borderline between the 2 worlds and in this episode, Inuyasha and the group comes upon a girl who turns out to be an otter youkai (around shippo's age) whose father has been a victim too. She only has his head and is trying to look for his body to put it back together in hopes bringing him back. Feeling sympathetic towards her because he knows how it feels to lose a father, he volunteers Inuyasha to help her. Together, they all set out to look for his body. A village fight catches their attention and they go to investigate. They soon find his body in a desolated field not far off. Surprisingly, Sesshoumaru is next to him. Inuyasha demands to know why he is there, but as usual he does not care to answer. They try to piece the father back together, but it does not work. Kagome pleads and Shippo begs Sesshoumaru to wield his tesseiga, which can bring people back from the dead to save the father's life, but he refuses. But as he turns to walk away the tesseiga vibrates and pulses, telling him to save the dad's life. Feeling confused about why, Sesshoumaru does it anyway and soon the father's life is revived. Upon waking, he tells them of the place where his head had flown in when he had been dead. It was a place full of mist, other flying youkai heads and a big skeleton. This seems to be the place where the last shard is and it seems like Inuyasha has been in this place before too.
Episode Summary for Episode 143 - 3000 Leagues in Search of Father. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The last of the of the shard is at Inuyasha's Father's grave when they got there Kagome sence the shard when the gang follow they saw half breed girl and she haves the shard Inuyasha said who are you then the girl said huh you dont know me lil brother Inuyasha was shock she said she was in a journey when she came back she saw father dead then there was a barrier that just come that only me cant get out
"Is that so" Inuyasha said Then the she said go away Kagome said why Then she said Go away all of you then Inuyasha sisters eyes got redder then Naraku came you were controling her this hole time Inuyasha said Inuyash was trying to hurt Naraku But his sister is blocking his ataks Inuyasha does not want to hurt her but planing how to save her sister now its Inuyasha and his sister