Episode 145 - Bizarre Sentries to the Gate to the Next World Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 145 - Bizarre Sentries to the Gate to the Next World. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
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The episode starts out as a sweet "how Inuyasha and Kagome met" scene. She grabs lunch from her mother for the group, heads down the well with Inuyasha, and is greeted by everyone.

They begin their journey out to the Fire Country, escorted by Naraku's poisonous bees. They head into meet Gozu and Mezu, the gatekeepers between the world of the living and the world beyond. They're nothing but huge statues. They ask if Inuyasha would like to enter. Despite Myouga's warnings, he tells them he does. This brings them to "life," so to speak. They're not really living, but they're not statues anymore. They're no trying to kill him, as the only way in the gate is to die at their hands. Inuyasha hits them with Kaze no Kizu, but it does no good. Neither does Miroku's kaazana. Worldly weapons cannot hurt them since they aren't from that world. Inuyasha continues to try, and ends up breaking the chain with Tessaiga.

At this point the gates open, and Kagura comes flying by on a hoard of demons. Each one turns to stone, though, and she jumps off and out of the way. There's a bright light, and Kagome senses the final shard. Mezu and Gozu ask Kagura if she wants to go in, she tells them no and flees. The gates close and they turn back to stone.

Kagura goes back to Hakudoushi, and angrily demands to know why he sent her there. He told her he'd heard a rumour that the gate turns youkai to stone, and he'd wanted to see if it was true. She slices him in half, but he hurts her heart for doing so and lazily puts himself back together. He warns her that him and Naraku are still connected in every way, so be careful.

The episode ends at a campfire, with the group making sure what she'd seen was really the final shard. She confirms it, and the episode ends.
Episode Summary for Episode 145 - Bizarre Sentries to the Gate to the Next World. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
the episode starts with Kagome talkin about how she met Inu and how they are searching for the shards. then she picks up lunches for everyone from her mother and Inu comes to pick her up. then they retrun to the past and are greted by everyone and Hachi the racoon is also there. then the whole gang is flying to he fire city and they see that they are being followed by Naraku's bees, this shows a flashback to the last episode in which Kagura gave the gang the info and they think whether this is trap or not. they also find out that the bees are showing them the way so they follow them to the fire country. once they get there the bees go underground and the gang follows. they are runnig in cave when Shippou notices that the floor is full of demon bodies. the gang finally reaches the gate and finds two huge statues guarding them. they all wonder what to next and all of the sudden they hear someone say"do you want to enter". all of the sudden Myoga pops up and tells Inu to not answer, but being the stubbren guy he answers anyway. then the statues come to life and say that if he wants to enter then he must die. this pisses Inu off and he gets his sword out and starts figting. after a few hits that have no effect he uses Kaze no Kizu which also has no effect. then Myoga tells them since the guardians are out of this world thier weapons have no effect. he also says that the only way to turn the guardians back is to open and close the gate and tells Inu to use his sword to break the chain holding the door. so Inu trund the red Tessiga to break the chain and the door opens with alot of ligt. then all of the sudden Kagura apears with all these demons but they all get turned to stone by the light. Kagome also sees the last shard in the light. Kagura and everyone else hide behind rocks until the gate closes and the guardians turn back to stone. by this time Kagura has escaped and she goes and slices Hakudoshi in half but he jions back together and tells her that Naruku is watching them and she better not try that again or she will die. the episode ends with everyone sitting by the fire and Kgome telling them that she saw the a last shard beyond the gate.
Episode Summary for Episode 145 - Bizarre Sentries to the Gate to the Next World. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagura’s information about a portal to the boundary world leads Inu-Yasha and the team, including Myoga, on a perilous journey to the desolate Country of Fire. On the way, they notice they have an escort - Naraku’s Saimyoushou. Although they know they are being watched, and suspect a set-up by Naraku and Hakudoshi, they continue their quest for the final shard. The team’s sixth sense is accurate. Hakudoshi is plotting something rotten and he dispatches Kagura to the Country of Fire with an assignment! The Saimyoushou lead the group to a cave inside the caldera of a volcano. Once inside, the passage opens up into a mamoth chamber. The team follows a grotesque path littered with the bones of dead demons. The path terminates at a huge chained door, guarded by two enormous, ancient statues. Inu-Yasha moves towards the door but is frozen in his tracks when a booming, disembodied voice asks” Do you want to pass?” Inu-Yasha’s ill-advised answer is obvious … yes, he does. The ‘”statues” posing the question are Gozu and Mezu, gatekeepers of the underworld. The only way to “pass through the gate” is to become one of the dead and the behemouths are ready to help Inu-Yasha fulfill his request. However, Inu-Yasha has other ideas. He battles the giants but discovers that Tetsuaiga is powerless against the two supernatural giants. (Tetsuaiga is a weapon of the living world and poses no threat to the gatekeepers of the dead!) Finally, with the help of Miroku’s ‘wind tunnel” as a distraction, Inu-Yasha slows the pair down long enough to break the thick chain, unlocking the door to the nether world. As the heavy doors creak open, Kagura appears, charging the doorway flanked by low-level demons. The evil gaggle is suddenly bathed in a dazzling bright light. Sensing the worst, Inu-Yasha gathers the team and heads for cover! They watch from the protection of sheltering rocks as the creatures are turned to stone by the light and Kagura plummets to the cave floor in a hail of petrified demons. Gozu and Mezu turn their attention to her and ask, “Do you want to pass?” Since no one wants to enter the portal, Gozu and Mezu shut the door. But, before the heavy doors swing shut, Kagome senses the presence of a jewel shard just beyond the portal on the other side. Later, a furious Kagura confronts Hakudoshi. Angry over being set up by the vile youngster, she attacks Hakudoshi, discovering the hard way Naraku is protecting the brat and still keeping a very close watch on her. Inu-Yasha and the others unwind at camp where Kagome reveals her vision of the Shikon shard in the netherworld. The fragment really does exist in that remote and dangerous place. All they have to do now is find another way into the boundary world between this world and the next!
Episode Summary for Episode 145 - Bizarre Sentries to the Gate to the Next World. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
inuysha's group tries to go through this dor leading to the next word, where inu's dad's tomb is.(cuz that's where the LAST SHARD is. there's two stone gardians guarding this door. they say "DO YOU WANT TO PASS?" and inu answers "YES, Y DO U THINK I CAME HERE FOR?" (althoug myoga warned him not to answer them) then the gardians came to life and start attaking inuyasha. inuyasha's tetssaiga cant hurt them cuz tetsaga's a sword from the living world. not even kazzana (wind tunnel) works. myoga says "IF U BREAK THE CHAIN ON THE GATE TO THE NEXT WOLRD, THE GARDIANS WILL GO BACK AS STATUES AGAIN" so inuyasha uses read tetsaiga(i think. cant remeber) and breaks it. and the gate starts to open and the gardians go back as stones. then suddenly out of nowhere, kagura and lots of other demons come and they fly to to the opening gate kagome senses a shikon shard from the next wolrd. kagura say"THNKS INUYASHA" but when the lite from the next world shined on the demons, the demons turned into stones (but kagura avoided the lite..whew..) and the gate closed back. kagura go to hacodoushi and say "U KNEW ABOUT THAT LITE THAT MAKES U A STONE, DIDN'T U Y DIDN'T U TELL ME?" n kagura whips her fan to cut hacudoushi in half. But then kagura falls saying that her heart hurt. hacuodoshi says sumthing like "ur heart hurts don't it? im connected to naraku u know"
Episode Summary for Episode 145 - Bizarre Sentries to the Gate to the Next World. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It's sort of about how Inuyasha and the gang try to get to the other world, where Inuyasha's dad's grave is. They try going through this entrance, but two stone gaurds gaurds it. They wounldn't let Inuyasha through unless he's dead. So the stone gaurds try to kill Inuyasha as to let Inuyasha pass. And then something happened, kidda hard ta explain, the rest of the gang go through the gate, Kagome senses the last jewl shard on the other side, but these rays of light or something shine, and if they hit you, you turn into stone. Inuyasha and the gang got out before that happended.