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Episode Summary for Episode 146 - The Wild-Tempered Bird User, Abi. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
!!Spoiler Warning!!

Starts out with a recap of the last episode, the campfire scene where the group is making sure what Kagome had sensed was the final shard.

Inuyasha and company continue their journey and come across a village. At first it appears empty, but they soon see the villagers, all dead. Their blood had been drained (the word for this is exsanguination, my "name," you prolly don't care but *I* thought it was cool).

There's a cut to a scene of a village in flames, while thiefs complain about lack of things there for them. They see a strange flock of birds, but they are some sort of youkai and immediately attack them and drink their blood. The head of them, the Princess Abi, enters. Naraku joins in a moment later. We go to Naraku and Abi, though now at her cave. He lends her a staff made out of his bones (ick) to carry out a task. If she does this, he will give her blood to heal her poisoned mother. He kills off enemies of her mother, then leaves.

Inuyasha and co. have been to several villages, but have come across one that has not been raided and pillaged. They promise to save them from the youkai. At night, the birds come. They destroy them, but only after the fire birds set their village on fire. The insects show up, along with a wicked mad Abi. She transforms and sends more birds after the villagers, but Inuyasha wipes them out with Kaze no Kizu. Him and Abi get into a very difficult, high-powered battle with her fire and his sword. He almost gets her, but the staff Naraku makes a barrier for her. She leaves.

Naraku is watching the cave, then happily announces to Kanna and Kohaku that they'll soon have their path to the next world.
Episode Summary for Episode 146 - The Wild-Tempered Bird User, Abi. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Episdoe stars with a recap of what happened last episode. WE then find Inuy and co. sitting by a river and discussing what happened and that Kagome senced the final jewel shard in the other world.

Scene changes to a dark screen, and from it, emerges Naraku all evil looking in his armour. He stands there looking up towards a sheer mountain and chuckles.


We see inu and co, heading towards a village. Upon arival, they find it empty. Until sango pointed out some dead corpes. They all discuss what happened.

Sceen changes to a village on fire and besiged with flying demon birds. From the firey background we see Princess Abi emerge. From the sky, Naraku comes and provokes ABi, Abi then retaliates with chucking fire at him. Naraku protects himself by a barrier.

Sceen goes back to inuy and co. where they're still at the village talking still about what happened.

Sceen goes to the mountain where Naraku was previously at, except Princess Abi and Naraku exchange quite a lengthy dialogue. We then see an eye open in the background. Then from Naraku's bone armour, comes a trident that Naraku bestows on Abi to use. Right after, 3 spider-like demons emerge from the mist that suddenly appeared. They get angry at Abi and Abi just taunts them. The 3 attack, she destroys one with a flame attack. We then see more come out. Naraku then decides to take it in his own hands and goes down to deal with them. His bone armour produces a whip-like weapon, and he goes about slaying all of them. When the mist clears, we see naraku standing there. He turns around, throws the bee-hive up to Abi, talks a bit more and then leave. Abi then talks to the eye behind her.

Sceen goes to Kagura watching over entei and the little kid(the name escapes me right now). She has a flash back to the part where she tried to kill him and the things the lil kid said. With that she leves. Entei wakes up and watches her go before falling asleep again.

Sceen goes to inuy and co. in a village talking to the elders. WE then go out to see a farmer working on his field. Tired, he looks up and sees a flock of birds come towards him. He dismisses this and goes inside. The birds then land on a tree that 2 crows were occupying before. 3 more birds land on a roof of a house. They scare a lil kid playing outside and he runs in. Inuy hears this, and rushes outside, with the others in tow. They find themselves surrounded by a huge group of birds. The birds start screeching.


The birds continue to screech a bit more then stop. They fly up and inuyasha takes out his tetsiga and starts killing them. Kagome fires arrows and she spots a flock of birds that start burning. The birds kami into the village lighting the village on fire. Kagome then proceeds to killing the birds with her special arrow. While Sango uses her bomerang and mirkou, his wind tunnel. Out comes Narakus bees and hes forced to close his wind tunnel. Abi appears on a flame cloud escorted by an envoy of birds.

Abi and inuy exchanges word. Getting angry, Abi's hands turn to claws and her face and mouth turn evil. While inuy stands defiant, she proceeds to roast inuy. He dodges, tells the others to get safe. The birds attack, inuy kills them effortlessly, and Abi chucks mroe fire at him, hurting him a bit. He emerges unscathed, and abi gets angry and chucks more fire at him, he counters with his attack (cant remember the name:p) and effectivly destroying her attack, but just as shes about to take the attack head on, the trident naraku gave her kicks in, and saves her. It falls, she grabs it and just as inuy's tetsiga turns red she hightails it out of there, thinking why it saved her and the like as the village burns to crisp.

Sceen changes to a house where inuy and gang takes shelter in. There they discuss Abi, why Naraku gave her that trident, and why is he helping her.

Sceen changes to Naraku and his posse looking up at that mountain again.

Episode Summary for Episode 146 - The Wild-Tempered Bird User, Abi. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Myoga finds himself in deep trouble when Inu-Yasha accuses the old flea of withholding information about the portal. The elderly flea admits to knowing about the doorway, but not about the risk - would he have joined the gang if danger were involved? Sango and Miroku steer the discussion back to the real issue - finding an alternate path to the netherworld. It’s the only way to retrieve the jewel and beat Hakudoshi and Naraku. The next day finds the team on the road outside a small village. They discover that all the villagers have been slaughtered and their bodies sucked dry of blood. Elsewhere, bandits pillage and burn a neighboring village when they are attacked by a flock of demonic birds. The pterodactyl-like creature’s land on the bandits, pecking and sucking their blood away in a squabbling feeding frenzy. The silhouette of a woman appears against the backdrop of the burning village, and a cultured voice admonishes the birds to behave themselves. The woman elegantly approaches the carnage -- she’s the lovely and lethal Princess Abi, demon mistress of the birds. As the birds continue their feast, another shape emerges from the shadows; Naraku. He follows Abi back to her roost and offers to help her collect massive amounts of blood if she’ll help him in return. The demon tells Abi he knows her mother is dying from poison and that blood is the only thing that keeps her alive. As a show of ‘good faith’ Naraku presents Abi with a three-pronged halberd made from his own bones. He also tosses in a nest of Saimyoushou to sweeten the deal. With these tools, Abi can collect all the blood she needs for her mother. She reluctantly accepts, secure in the knowledge that Naraku is a mere half-demon and, if the impertinent halfling gets out of line, Abi will gladly destroy him. While Naraku collaborates with Abi, Hakudoshi takes a nap. Kagura observes the boy, angrily recollecting his earlier threats on her life. She hops on her feather and takes off for parts unknown before she’s tempted to hurt him again. The team meanwhile has located a village with live residents. Miroku and Inu-Yasha warn the headman about the mysterious blood-sucking threat that may headed their way. Miroku and the village elders agree on an exterminator’s contract and he just seals he deal when Abi’s ravenous flock attacks the village. The lead bird’s terrifying screech whips the other birds into a killing frenzy and they tear the village apart with the claws, beaks and fire. The team’s formidable skills barely keep pace with the torrents of incoming birds as wave after wave flies into the town threatening citizens. When Miroku opens up the Wind Tunnel, sucking up birds the others missed, a sudden swarm of Saimyoushou appears, flying towards him forcing him to retreat. Observing the battle from atop her cloud of flames is Abi. Inu-Yasha notices her too, and calls he out. Abi laughs at his audacity, accusing him of being a measly half-demon. Transforming into her demon form, Abi hurls a fireball at Inu-Yasha, but he dodges and comes back strong with a Wind Scar attack, blasting dozens of birds apart in it‘s path. Now she understands why Naraku gave her the halberd - to fight Inu-Yasha. Abi needs time to consider this new weapon and it’s implications so she retreats just as Inu-Yasha powers up the red Tetsusaiga. Later, the team discusses the nature of their new enemy. They all come to the conclusion that Naraku is using Abi to collect blood, but why he needs that blood to connect to the other world is a mystery!
Episode Summary for Episode 146 - The Wild-Tempered Bird User, Abi. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
(Its basiclly all Japanese and im still trying to learn it so im sorry)
*It flashesback to to last epi. where kagura tries to kill Hakudoushi but ends up hurting herself in the matter. The show Naruku looking up at the mountain where Abi Kishouarai and her birds are staying.

Then Inuyasha and the gang come upon a village and see that no one is around till they turn and find a swarm of villagers lying dead on the ground. Kagome and Shippo stay behind and let the others figure out wat happened*Shippo has a vison that an army of myougas were the ones who killed the villagers*

The scene goes to the village army and they see a swarm of birds and the birds kill the entir army while Abi is happy at her birds doing, Naruku comes and sumwat congratulates her and she tries to kill him but since hes too powerful it doesnt work and now there at her mountain and while their talking a huge eye looks and sumwat fears Naruku.

Then suddenly a Spider army comes to kill Abi and her birds, but before she can try to kill them Naruku shows her, his powers and defeats the whole army in a matter of minutes bids Abi farewell and leaves Abi with a sword kinda made from his boney backplate spikes,

It then swithches to Kagura watching Hakudoushi sleep and remembers when she tried to kill Hakudoshi and she was wondering why it effected her and not him, if Naruku did make them all better than she could ever be so she decides to leave while Entie watches her and falls back to sleep.

The scene changes to Miroku and ever1 else talking to sum of the villagers and wat possible info they could find to who did this. They come to a scene where 2 crows are sitting and a boy is playing then suddenly Abi's birds come and the boy runs and yellls.

Inuyasha and the gang run to see wat is happening warning everyone to stay in place, Suddenly a huge swarm of Abi's birds come flying around and Iny tries to kill all of them but they still keep on coming and Miroku uses his "wind tunnel" to as well,

Then suddely Abi comes and says they will all die! Iny swings Tetsuiga and just when Abi was going to die Naruku's sword saves her and she is stunned that it worked fer her and instead of fighting she retreats and InY is yelling at her.

The scene ends with the gang talkin bout why Abi came and then left so sudden *Shippo makes a remark to InY and gets mad and starts pulling Shippo's ears* lol, Kagome breaks it up then scene changes with Naruku looking onward where Abi is, with kohaku and the little white girl by his side I think he was saying that Abi will get him the last shard fer him, one way or another.
Episode Summary for Episode 146 - The Wild-Tempered Bird User, Abi. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well, I watched this raw so I don't know what was said, but it happens like this:

It starts from the end of 145, where InuYasha and gang are sitting by a fire by a river discussing the next world. Then it shows Naraku staring up at a mountain with vultures at the top, as he laughs.

'EPISODE 146: The Rough Mistress of Birds, Princess Abi Kishouarai Toritsukai Abi-Hime'

InuYasha and gang show up at a villiage full of dead people and wonder what happened. Then it shows shippou thinking about what happened, as he thinks about an army of myouga's, LOL.
After that scene, it shows some bandits or a village "police" force. They look to see vultures coming from the sky which devour them in the currently burning village. The mistress of the birds shows up after her birds kill the humans. Naraku shows up as well and probably asks her to service him in defeating InuYasha. She tries to flame him, but his barrier stops the flames and she gasps. They have a small conversation and then it cuts to InuYasha and the gang analyzing the dead bodies the next morning. InuYasha thinks its a youkai or something. (assuming since he says youkai, and that usually means he blames one..) After that scene, it goes back to the mountain where Hime is sitting up top then naraku appears floating with his barrier looking all suave and powerful. They discuss some things for a bit, then naraku detaches part of his body which turns into a pike for Hime to use. A wierd eye opens in the cave to analyze naraku, then it closes and some gremlins or something show up and try to kill Hime but naraku dispatches the whole army without breaking a sweat. He then leaves and Hime chuckles and the eye in the cave talks to her, which im going to guess it said that he is unmistakenly a Hanyou, but i could be wrong since i dont know much japanese. Then a scene shows Entei and Hakudoushi sleeping as kagura watches and has flashbacks of the previous episode when she 'Fujin no mai' hakudoushi and he made her heart hurt. she then flys off with entei watching then went back to sleep. [Rather pointless scene at this present moment.] Then InuYasha and crew are talking to some villagers about rumors of vultures destroying villages, etc etc. Then you see vultures landing everywhere in that village and InuYasha hears them and they all run outside. They let out some loud screaming and then Hime shows up. She tries to flame InuYasha but he maneuvers easily and talks to her probably asking why the Saimyoushou are with here and what she has to do with Naraku. This is after the crew wipes out a lot of vultures. He uses Kaze no Kizu and the pike Naraku gave her from his body earlier reacts and shields her. They have conversation then InuYasha gets mad and turns his Tessaiga red and she flees as he is doing so. [Maybe she is scared or senses danger.] It shows her thinking on her way back to her mountain, pondering about Naraku. Next it shows InuYasha and the group discussing what happened and making speculations about her and Naraku. Episode ends showing Naraku, Kohaku, and Kanna standing on a plateau right by Hime's mountain with Naraku talking to them about something. [Im not sure what because i dont know japanese.] There was no preview of the next episode in the RAW i downloaded, it was just about the first inuyasha movie and some random stuff.